8/9: Still or troubled waters

8/9: Still or troubled waters

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  1. God is forever with His spiritual creation, man- guiding , guarding, and loving eternally. Even though we may pass through troubled waters, God's love is no less real to us. His presence and power is as close to us as the turning of our thought. God is superior to our belief and dream of material existence. Mary Baker Eddy says, in S&H page 99, "The calm, strong currents of true spirituality, the manifestations of which are health, purity and self-immolation, must deepen human experience, until the beliefs of material existence are seen to be a bald imposition, and sin, disease, and death give everlasting place to the scientific demonstration of divine Spirit and to God's spiritual, perfect man." Thank you Leide, great Lift.

  2. Thank you. That was very helpful.

  3. Danke liebe Frau Lessa. Ein sehr schönes Beispiel, und so schön auf deutsch!
    Manfred Söllinger

  4. Many thanks Leide for this great inspiring lift. Yes. "Divine Love anoints my head with oil, the oil of inspiration, freshness and new ideas - good ideas and solutions." "Our God is Love, and all His sons/ His image bear, we know;/ The heart with love to God inspired,/ With love to man will glow." (Christian Science Hymnal #266).

  5. Leide, Thank you

  6. I fully understand your feelings when you visited the Iguazu Falls, Leide: AWESOME! Our falls here in Australia are very small in comparison. But this is simply not to compare but to appreciate the spectacular immensity of the Iguazu Falls. I can understand why they are known as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World: Because places like these falls were simply not accessible until helicopters and roads were available to welcome everyone. And until Mary Baker Eddy discovered the Christ Science and wrote of her understanding in our Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, it wasn't possible for everyone to study and understand for themselves the beauty and divine logic of the Truth we know to be the explanation of God and our relationship to Him. Men, women and children are equal in the understanding of man as the reflection of our Father-Mother, Good.
    Thank you Liede for an amazing view of a small piece of our world; and thanks to Nate and your team for another week of impressive Lifts brought to our own inboxes every evening. A pretty amazing achievement of itself.

  7. Is interesting to see how a river’s quiet waters can precipitate into a cataract to fall with enormous strength … to regain its peace and keep on going on its way.

    When my life seem to be falling with the strength of a cataract and I don’t see help anywhere, I lift my eyes to heaven and remember the words written on the walls of a Christian Science church: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” S&H 494:10

    …and God shows me I never lost my peace and can go on my way.

    Interesante ver como las aguas de un río tranquilo se precipitan al llegar a las cataratas para caer con una fuerza atterradora… para luego recuperar su paz y seguir su camino.

    Cuando mi vida parece que va en camino a caer con la fuerza de una catarata y no se de dónde agarrarme, elevo mis ojos hacia el cielo y recuerdo las palabras escritas en las paredes de una iglesia de la Ciencia Cristiana: “El Amor divino siempre ha respondido y siempre responderá a toda necesidad humana” CyS 494:11

    …y Dios me muestra que nunca perdí mi paz y puedo continuar en mi camino.

  8. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

  9. Thank you Leide and #6 Elena for the thought "to regain its peace and keep on going".

    Sometimes water can seem peaceful at one moment and then take a fearful destructive form the next. Or it may seem peaceful on the surface and hide an dangerous undertow below.

    Shallow or deep, hot or cold, still or troubled, these descriptions comprise a material point of view, but how about from the point of view of a single drop of water? Each single drop is right at home in its own element, always being led and working in harmony with the adjoining drops of water.

    The roar of the waterfall may seem intimidating to us, but I bet if we listen carefully we could distinguish the sound is nothing more than countless droplets of water shouting, "Whee", like a child on a roller coaster, enjoying the thrill of the ride.

    The water itself is untouched, it never gets dirty, but remains pure while simply pushing foreign elements along the way to be discarded later. It is not a victim, not injured by the fall, frost or fear, anymore than it finds solitude or stagnation in a pond or puddle. It is perfectly at home when guided by God's thoughts.

    What a great lesson for all of us to be flexible and responsive like the water, not intimidated by the outward appearance of things, whether it is turmoil, contamination or deception of rigidity and false sense of peace, but to be inspired by the inward peace of God's direction along the path of His righteousness.

  10. Thank you!

  11. Dear Leide

    A lovely message reinforcing God'd allies and claiming our dominion; whether we are working on stillness or rough waves. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Leide, for that Daily Lift. There can never be too many reminders of God's power, nor his constant gentle care for all of his creation. Thanks to everyone who contributes to bringing us these important reminders. Love to you all.

  13. Thank you

  14. Thank you for your inspirational message and grateful heart reminding us that our daily function is to be receptive to all the divine blessings and gifts that surround us this day and all days .

  15. Leide,
    Excellent lift, sometimes for me it is difficult to remember these important lessons in your lift. Thank you.

  16. Dearest Tia, thanks for this powerful and inspiring thought! =)

  17. Leide, I could visualize the falls you speak of having seen Niagara Falls and Yosemite Falls and also enjoyed the peace of paddling a canoe on the peaceful waters of a river. Our lives may sometimes be turbulent but I have found comfort in the last verse of Hymn 49:
    Drop Thy still dews of quietness
    Till all our strivings cease;
    Take from us now the strain and stress,
    A let our ordered lives confess
    The beauty of Thy peace.

  18. Great message here; have a good weekend, everyone

  19. Thank you Leide. This is exactly what I need today to help me with meeting my needs. Bless you.

  20. Es interesante, la analogía con las cataratas, algunas son con altas caidas, otras como las del Iguasú, son muy extensas son parte de tres paises y son diferentes entre si, y rivalizan en belleza.
    Pero veamos lo que nos interesa, la biblia nos dice que: Cuando Elías se quiso ocultar de Dios, se sucitó un gran viento que rompía todo delante de Dios, pero el no estaba en el viento, sino en un silvo apacible y delicado.En aguas que caén arrasando todo no está Dios, Él está delante en la calma de un manso río donde después de agitadas aguas viene la calma en la serena paz del Amor divino, que con ternura acaricia borrando lo que los vientos y las tempestuosas aguas hayan erosionado.

    Creo que cualquiera de nosotros alguna vez se ha sentido como arrastrado por las aguas, y también hemos sentido la presencia del silvo sauve del Amor divino delante nuestro reprendiendo las aguas hasta que vuelve la calma, remanso del río...Dios.

    Muchas gracias Leide, muy buen mensaje, que nos muestra donde está lo real y donde lo falso.

  21. Yes, thank you to all who bring these reminders of God's power. I laughed reading the description of the droplets of water by Michael, no.8. needed that this morning. I will return to it often today. thank you.

  22. Thanks so much, Leide, for this wonderful lift so joyously delivered. So grateful to all who send the Lifts out and to the comments that add inspiration!

  23. So helpful. Thanks.

  24. How wonderful to know whether our lives are in the midst of a roaring waterfall or in the calm pool, where nothing seems to be going on, we are always surrounded by God's Love, inspiration, and ideas.
    Thank you Leide. And thank you Daily LIft team for a week of inspiration and blessings.

  25. Thank you for your lovely lift.

  26. Thank you Leide for sharing the power of the Roaring Falls and the Peace of the Quiet River! I have always felt that God is like a "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" (Simon and Garfunkle's Song) and that no matter what I go through I can always feel the Touch of His Comforting Love! "He will keep thee in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee." The Bible. Thanks for just a Wonderful Week of Lifts, Nate, the DL Team, the DL Muscians, the BOL and all our Precious Family of Lifters! Happy Weekend to All! xoxo

  27. Thank you Leide for your cheerful lift! As you remind us, "...divine Love anoints...". I have found that our "troubled waters" are opportunities to find a deeper understanding of God. "...I will follow and rejoice, all the rugged way" ("Feed My Sheep, Mary Baker Eddy).

    Thank you #13 also for your message "...claiming our dominion..."

    "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands..." (Psalm 100). God's present help is eternal.

    Thank you lifters all! And the Daily Lift Team for bringing these inspirational messages to us.

  28. The Duke of Beaufort, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan all spoke of “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man”. Clearly, still waters are a good choice also, Leide.

    But when the horse (or water) becomes obnoxious, we might reverse the old adage. The inside of man is good for the outside of horse (or water)…knowing that the inside of man is actually the spiritual reality of God, good. Spiritual man (one perfect drop, Michael) is always part of the gentle flowing of good through God’s creation. There is plenty of evidence that God’s plan invites the realization of goodness for man, horse and water. . loving man, gentle horse, and still water. We know it when we see it, but the really wonderful thing is that we also see it when we know it. Man healed, horses calmed, waters turned. Well, that’s been the experience of this drop!

  29. Thank you, Leide, for "Still or troubled waters ..." What an inspired and inspiring reminder that God is everywhere. Christ is in the midst of every "mist," every human circumstance and experience - no matter what the appearance. Because of God's ever-present omnipotence, every circumstance and experience is an opportunity to rejoice and be glad. And healing happens. Amen! :-)

  30. Thank you Leide!! God with me always, how comforting!!
    Love to all

  31. Thanks Leide, Another way of saying "The darkness and the light are both alike to thee."
    In the words of hymn 148, "Nothing changes here." God is forever unchanging ever present Love.

  32. Thank you, Leide and all for your inspired thoughts. Still waters is the presence of God, and great waterfalls are the power of God. so, " Be still and know that I am God." And you have His power to understand that you really are made in His image and likeness and are filled with gratitude and love for this revelation.
    That old red dragon can't stir up the still waters any more than he can stop the waterfall, so we are free to be.

  33. Thank you Leide,Your lift has inspired me for the day ahead,....also Elena "Devine Love always has met and always will meet every human need"....its on the church walls for a reason...thx

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  34. This reminded me of the handicapped man waiting for some one to put into a pool which he believed would heal him, spoken of in the New Testament. He didn't understand the spiritual meaning until he spoke to Jesus, then he understood and was healed. The troubling of the water, to my sense, indicated the troubling of mortal thinking to be replaced by spiritual thinking which heals.

  35. With God's power, the power that "launched the Earth in its orbit," comes steadiness, stillness, and gentleness, "quietness and assurance forever." And with God's loving launching, a gentle push that makes "the rolling of a world," is wonderful power! And so it is on earth..."Enable us to know, as in heaven so on earth, God is omnipotent, Supreme."
    All quotes by Mrs Eddy

    Have a great week end DL Community!!

  36. Thank you!

  37. Dear Leide, thank you. And you to those who have shared. Each thought is a gem to cherish. Thanks DL team.

  38. God is right here with us right ever-present leading us to good ideas and solutions. Thank you, Leide, commenters #1-35, and Daily Lift production crew. I intend to listen to this again throughout this day and check in to find additional comments. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do so. Love and blessings to all!

  39. Thank you for this wonderful lift. I think of those troubled waters as the troubled thoughts mortal mind would try to use to enter the calmness of Being. It's not a possibility. Waters can't be troubled and calm at the same time and neither can Mind- the consciousness of our being is peace and harmony. We are never separated from from our home in Mind. For this fact, I'm very grateful.
    Thank you for the beautiful illustration.

  40. Thank you, When sheep drink, the water has to be still.

  41. Thank you Leide, for sharing your "heart's smile" with us this morning. When we feel the inspiration of God's love and receive an angel message that makes our heart smile whether we are near a roaring waterfall - a symbol of God's power, or beside the still waters - a symbol of God's peace we never forget that loving divine presence and where to find our refuge.

  42. Beautiful!

  43. Thank you. This is just what I needed to hear to help go forward with a creative project!

  44. Purrrrfect Lift this day!! I'm sailing with it!! Thank you!!

  45. Thank you Leide,
    Your ideas were so helpful.
    Sometimes it seems as if a waterfall engulfs us, but then the still waters calm.
    I need to see that the waterfall as necessary to awake to the still, calmness of Soul.

  46. Lovely Leide!!! Thank you.

    FYI: According to my Bible Classes w/ Charlie O'Goreman,
    Sheep being very schedish will only drink from quiet, still,waters--so to be lead by, still waters, is a promised assurance of God knowing the need and leading to the supply in the way it will be received.
    Don't we love our God!!!!

    Stephanie- from beautiful San Diego

  47. THank you Leida for this inspiring lift.

  48. Thank you so much for this inspiration!

  49. Thank you.No matter the situation,He is always with you!!

  50. Loved the lift,Leide, and Michael, Steven insights. Water brought to mind what everyone knows, that the H2O water molecule separated is reactive, even explosive, if the elements are not taken in context, together. Isn't that why Mrs. Eddy started the Christian Science Monitor in response to yellow journalism's snippet noncontextual reporting, so more in-depth, less reactive, troubling facts could reach humanity. Divine Mind sees all in context, working together for the purpose of God, Mind's, glory. H20 altogether is powerful, peaceful and necessary and some religions consider it Divinity itself.

  51. Isn't it wonderful, Leida, how nature holds such precious lessons which can either be ignored or become grace-filled opportunities of Divine intervention with soothing, teaching, healing moments which feed our souls with Light, Truth and Love. Thank you for sharing your 'grace for today, it is feeding my famished affections'.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is a paraphrase of the spiritual interpretation of "The Lord's Prayer" by Mary Baker Eddy (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures).

  52. Thank you.

  53. Whenever mortal concerns and self doubt and fear overwhelm us like rapids, we know we have a lifeline from God to cling to, until they pass over us and peace is restored.
    Drinking from the still waters is drinking from the never ending source of Divine love,the Cherisher, who restores our soul and brings healing and joy.
    Conversely, the very power of the rapids can be a symbol of God's power that races through us and washes away our negative thoughts and fears. We are cleansed and refreshed.
    But this is only part of it.The omnipotent purity and strength of God's waters, whether running or still, prove victory over the victim mentality and confirm the dominion of our spiritual birthright. We embrace God's love for us and we are stilled! What happiness, inspiration, joy!
    Thank you Leida.
    I am impressed with your multilingual talents!

  54. Hace poco tuve un sueño similar, soñaba que estaba en un precipicio de una montaña y abajo, bien abajo había un poquito de agua, se desmoronaba adonde estaba yo apoyado y caía al vació, pero era rescatado por El Padre y sentía el mensaje: no temas yo estoy contigo, al despertar recordé lo soñado y se manifestó la curación en mi situación de sentirme caído, desalentado y vencido, pero el Cristo me rescato y me puso en delicados pastos de paz y bendiciones.Gracias por este mensaje.

  55. Thank you very much for your comments! Danke, Obrigada, Gracias! :-)

  56. Thank you for this timely message. When I sat down to listen to it and read the inspired comments, I had a very rare headache for apparently no reason. It has disappeared, and I am very grateful. I think that the joy in the message was a big help.

  57. I love this fresh and inspired Lift and I have so appreciated all the helpful comments too. Thank you.

  58. Thank you, dear Leide, for the spiritual assurance that God's power and beauty is magnificent and always right there with us. I felt that at the Igazu falls many years ago and was ready to be taken home right there - I was the only one from our group which went right to the end of the trail, lifted my arms up and thanked God for the gift to see and feel him under the rainbow. I got all wet but my time wasn't up yet but I was long time in a kind of trance afterwards. We are so blessed under his care and love and trust in his never ending love is all what we should give back and to our fellow humans here. Thanks again to all of our Lifter family.

  59. Thanks dear Leide for this beautiful message

  60. Great Lift, thanks Leide!

  61. Thank you my dear Leide, Yes sometimes there seems to be just raging waters all around and there never seems to be an end. But at times like these which are pretty incessant my thoughts reach out to God and
    Davi's Psalm 23. The Lord is everyone's Shepherd and His stillness and in commanding the rough sea to be calm and even the sea obeyed...!!! The word "STILL" "STILLNESS'" in themselves have a tremendous force
    behind them... Many times my thoughts go up to the mountains to be alone and pray when all around me is discord and strife. Many thanks to you and do have a wonderful week. My thanks to DL team which is full to the brim.

  62. Wonderful metaphor, so beautifully explained; it was put to immediate use with great comfort. Thank you so very much...

  63. Thank you Leide, so lovely.

  64. It's. Saturday morning, Leide.
    I am prepping for tomorrow's day of rest.
    AND ive made a new weekly resolution......to bathe in every one of these inspiried, global respnses. to your graphic and symbolic uplift.

    thank you for this lovely treatment Leide

    Thank you Leie

  65. Thank you! We can drink deeply and be satisfied!

  66. Thank you, Leide, for your beautiful message, delivered with such joy! And to all who have shared their wise, funny, and heartfelt comments. Elena , Michael, Nancy, Steve, and liz, your thoughts comments especially "reached" me. Love this Lift!

    Sheep cannot close their nostrils like camels, nor snort water out of their nostrils like horses. and because of their heavy coats of wool, it would be very risky for them to fall into rough waters. So perhaps what has been attributed to them as skittishness because of their refusal to drink at any but calm waters is really something more - the wisdom to listen to their Father's voice,which is telling them "Come here to safely drink in peace, calm, stillness," and the meekness to follow that Voice unquestioningly and without fail. To paraphrase Jesus, may we be wise as sheep! :)

  67. As I am in a difficult situtation right now, it feels as though this message was written for me! I thank you so much and will hold to the 23rd Psalm to see me through thanks to your enlightening words!

  68. Thank you for this energizing message.

  69. II was traveling and "unplugged" last week, so I have been enjoying catching up this week on these Lifts. Such a treat. What's interesting is that I see how the themes of the Lifts were felt and experienced during my trip - literally and figuatively! On Saturday the 10th my family hiked "the narrows" the river trail in Zion Park where there were rough currents to hike through as well as calm areas where it pooled and kids swam. I prayed my way through it! I appreciated the metaphysics of this Lift and all the wonderful comments! #66 mentioned many outstanding favorites and then added the respectful comments about the sheep. Terrific! What a gift these Lifts are. Thank you, leide and Lift Team and do know many folks check in later and the Lift blessings continue like the flowing River!

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