8/6: Unfoldment, not accretion

8/6: Unfoldment, not accretion

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  1. What a practical and beautiful insight. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. WONDERFUL! Thank You Frank...

  3. Thank you, Frank. Perfect. Timeless.

  4. Unfoldment is such a wonderful spiritual concept. Thank you for the timely reminder.

  5. What a sense of freedom todays Lift gives,no hanging on to a verse or a line or keep repeating
    something !God.s unfoldment maintains itself. wonderful realising just what this means,
    I am acknowledging God's unfolding everything.joyfully today.
    Thank you Frank just great.

  6. Wow, this may be one of my favorite daily lifts. I love the explanation given to differentiate between unfoldment and accretion. Thank you for the reminder that God's creation maintains itself without our help. It's so tempting to think we are the creators, collectors, developers and custodians when in fact we are simply God's reflection .... so we express His qualities naturally and effortlessly in the employment He provides for each of us where supply and good are continually unfolding.

  7. Frank, Thank you,for a very helpful lift on God's unfoldment of good to all of us

  8. “Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion” S&H 68:25
    We must acknowledge God’s unfoldment in order to experience God’s abundance in our lives.
    “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, — is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal” S&H 306:25
    How is that for a life of peace?
    “La Ciencia Cristiana presenta desarrollo, no acrecentamiento” CyS 68:29
    Debemos reconocer el desarrollo de Dios para tener la experiencia de la abundancia de Dios en nuestras vidas.
    “Imperturbada en medio del testimonio discordante de los sentidos materiales, la Ciencia, aún entronizada, está revelando a los mortales el Principio inmutable, armonioso y divino —revelando que la Vida y el universo están siempre presentes y son eternos” CyS 306:28
    ¿Qué tal eso para una vida de paz?

  9. Thank you, Frank, for the reminder that accretion comes from a sense of lack. In modern times in the Western world, there may be a tendency to acquire lots of "stuff". Then it all has to be stored, taken care of, thought about and organised! Sometimes, mistakenly we expect an accumulation of things to make us happy and then we find it is unsatisfying. The order Jesus recommends is much more likely to succeed: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you."

  10. Thank you for a wonderful way to start the week.

  11. What a wonderful lift! Thank you for this clear and concise thought of letting go and listening to what God is unfolding for us each and every moment. God certainly does not need our help in getting a flower to bloom. It's own identity is unfolding in its reflection of Soul. God has already performed it through to completion! From thought to bud to bloom and He even threw in fragrance as a bonus!

  12. Thank you and may your message remind us all that today will unfold effortlessly and with God's grace.

  13. What a great 'Lift' for the London Olympics!
    The Olympic flame is made out of petals, one for each participating country, which when lit by up-and-coming young athletes at the opening ceromony, rose together in unison to form the flame - such a great image of unfoldment and abundance. We are seeing wonderful examples of just what can be achieved when there are no limits in thought. Makes me think that in our own individual ways we are all capable of olympic activity in any area of our lives: it takes the qualities of the dedicated athlete: focus, commitment, practice, and the willingness to let go of all sense of limitation. Thanks Frank!

  14. Thank you, Frank, I have a daughter who is concerned about her lack of funds at the present time. This Daily Lift is for her, too, and she will find it tells her that God's love for her and her family and their property are assured. The unfoldment of God's love will maintain and sustain them, and all good will be available, even as it is now.
    Thank you Nate and the production crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  15. Thank you, Frank! Yes, we must acknowledge God´s creation unfoldment in order to experience God´s abundance in our lives. God´s creation maintains itself without our help and is not subject to limitations. I will keep it in mind today knowing that I can do it effortlessly. God has a purpose for each one of his creatures and there is no need to hold on to anything or try to multiply anything. God is in charge.
    What a wonderful DL for this day.

  16. Thank you, Frank. What a beautiful idea- just allow God's unfoldment. This is such a helpful thought as I head into my day today!

  17. Thank you.

  18. vielen, vielen, vielen Dank, Frank. Wie immer....sehr schon.

  19. "Unlimited unfoldment in our lives"..glorious thought! As a teenager in Sunday School, I didn't like the concept of unfoldment as I wanted it "now". What meant the most to me was the analogy of trying to open a rose bud prematurely, pulling apart the petals, and in the end destroying what could have been a beautiful rose. This taught me patience and trust in God. Thank you for this message.

  20. Siento que se hace necesario un desdoblamiento de todo concepto material y humano hacia lo espiritual y verdadero siguiendo la senda que Cristo y la Ciencia Cristiana nos señala, es una necesidad diaria, cada hora cada minuto se hace indispensable el alejamiento de esa estructura material tan bien armada para confundir, y que nos entrampa con su sutileza cuando sin darnos cuenta caemos en su maraña, pero defensa tenemos y no hay escusa para someterse al error estamos como dice Eddy: "Revestidos con la panoplia del Amor" y nada puede salvo que nosotros mismos lo consintamos ser atrapados por un sentido humano esforzándonos en escapar de la tentación de rendirnos ante la falacia del error, es una tarea ardua pero bella como ninguna otra y no la cambio por nada que sea ajeno a Dios y a Cristo, y a la Ciencia Cristiana.

    Muchas gracias Frank, desdoblemos el manto indiviso y cubramosno con él y nada nos será imposible.

  21. Thank you!
    I was pleased to hear the reference to page 506 in Science and Health,"...He opens the petals of a Holy purpose". The first time I read the word "unfoldment" in Science and Health the image came to mind of a rose unfolding its petals, revealing more of its beauty. But, thinking further, I had to realize that once the center of the rose was revealed, that was the end, no more unfoldment possible, so the petals drop off.
    So I went to the dictionary. Among the several definitions for unfold are: EXPAND, REVEAL and DEVELOP.. That last one caught my attention; development is a continuous process, without beginning or end; for me, it implies progress, and is consonant with the idea of infinity and that progress is the law of God,
    Thank you for this thought-provoking Lift.

  22. Thanks for the wonderful message. Unfoldment implies unlimited supply, and unlimited being.

  23. Very nice... thank you!

  24. Thank you, Frank! And thank you, Nancy (21) for that insight!

  25. Absolutely true!

    Thank you for the light.

  26. Thank you!

  27. Thank you Frank, this is a deep comforting message. I loved to hear it in German too. Much love and gratitude to all.

  28. Thanks Frank!

    This quote was a life rope for me when I was in college. I had received a BFA in painting, and went on to graduate school. In the last year of graduate school everything seemed to fall apart. A new professor came to the school with ideas that art should shock the viewer. My art was more peaceful, and I felt that art should be uplifting. For the first time in school I was at odds with my professor. Half way through the year I found that I did not pass a needed review of my work and graduation seemed threatened.

    Over the break I needed to retool my thought so that I could make art that fitted my thinking, yet have merit in the instructor's eyes as well. Studying the quote,"Spirit, God gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear"(p.506), washed away any doubts I had about my purpose and having art as my college major. I was able to listen for God's directing and come up with a way of painting which is the basis of my work today. When the review came again six weeks later the committee told me that the work was just fine and then they asked how was I able to do a year's worth of work in six weeks. A wonderful side benefit was that I was able to share this testimony at a Youth Biennial in the Mother Church.

  29. Thank you Frank, this is just what I needed today.

  30. Thank you, Frank, for this Unfoldment - so clear and effortless! The further I travel on my path, the more I see my real and only job is to Let Go! To Allow - to get out of God's way. The World says it's all about getting and efforting and trying, but Reality says, "Not my will, but Thine be done." Hardest thing for Humans to do is to Trust, Let Go, drop the ego demands and Trust that God has our Best Interest at Heart. Prayers for the Sikh Community in Wisconsin after the senseless shooting yesterday at their temple outside of Madison! I had been exchanging comments all weekend on a Blog on the very topic of letting go of the labels of Christian, Muslem, Jew, Hindu, etc. and seeing beyond Religion and Customs to the common Humanity we all share - all Loved by our Father. God doesn't know or see who is a Christian, Buddhist, Christian Scientist, or Sikh. Love embraces All - beyond labels and religions. Too many wars and killing have been played out over the labeling of religions and sects. Can't we all just get along?

  31. Thank you for the fresh thoughts

  32. I remember trying to understand about Accretion, and here Frank you make it so clear. Letting God unfold, as He naturally does, I find far superior to my thinking that it's up to me. I'm so happy to find that day by day, and through listening for direction, has improved my forward steps in Christian Science!

  33. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of Not subject to limitation

  34. Thank you, very much needed in order to let go "things" no longer needed or used.

  35. Perfect! I just saw a TV show explaining the newest theories on the expanding universe! Today’s theory is that there might not be just one universe, but several affecting one another! I love the logic of physics, but I also realize that this great logic is applied to finding causes for an energetic but material universe.

    Spiritual facts (divine Science) seem much more inclusive and certainly less complicated. Facts like - the nature of God, good, is infinite, complete, and yet also, ever unfolding.

    I am reminded of a kaleidoscope. The same glass chips unfold new and different views at each turn. Each view looks like it is expanding, but is really a manifestation of all of the parts which are already there and complete.

    Thank you #8 Elena for the quote from S&H 306:25

  36. Frank -- Super message - i had MUCH growth from this/loving thanks/jim.

  37. Thanks so much, Frank, for this inspiring insight into unfoldment. And also for your lecture "Life without fear and addiction" which I just listened to again. At first the title lead me to believe it wasn't really for me as I have never been addicted, in the normal sense of the word, to anything. But the enlightened view was very revealing and I found answers to some of my problems. Your question regarding the first sentence in Science and Health made me refer to my copy as I thought I knew the answer, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." This happens to be the first sentence in the Preface, but the first sentence is actually "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John viii. 32." What a revelation! There is always something new to learn and Science and Health has the answers. I am so very grateful for this revelation Mary Baker Eddy, through much dedication, gave us. And to lecturers like you who give us inspiration and encouragement.

  38. I am very grateful FOR THIS LOVELY INSPIRING Truthful expression.One of my favorite quotes ever
    based in practical workable steps of letting go and giving all the credit to grace the one power.

  39. Frank, Thank you for your beautiful, warm and wonderful lift, and thanks to all the other responders today, everyone's comments were inspiring and I am very grateful!

  40. Many thanks Frank for this great reminder that: " Everything good and true is divine Love's unlimited unfoldment." "Each morn unfolds His blessings new,/ I take in trust my road;/ And rising freshly to my view,/ Shines forth the thought of God." (Christian Science Hymnal #260).

  41. Excellent! And much appreciated. Thank you very much. "Effortless unfoldment" takes away all the stress and anxiety that is born of a sense of lack of any kind. We really can delight in the fullness of His blessing every moment.

  42. I love the word unfoldment rather than discover. When faced with a problem I like to let Mind's unfoldment and direction show me what I need to know so that I can accomplish a task, one step at a time, that I didn't think was possible. All things are possible with God. We need the patience to let them unfold.
    Thank you so much Frank for this reminder and to Nate and team for the right music to unfold with each daily Lift.

  43. Thank you for this lift, Frank. Unfoldment is a beautiful concept because it means we can give up personally striving, and let God show us what we need to know and do. All the stress is taken away.

    Thinking about Nancy's ideas about the unfolding of a rose - I have always loved that analogy, and I love her definition of unfoldment - expanding, revealing and developing. That is very helpful.

    However, thinking further about the rose, it comes to me that the rose bush is bearing the rose, and if it is a mature bush, there are many roses - each one unfolding and making the rose bush glorious.
    When the season for flowering is over, the bush has a rest and gathers itself together to be ready to produce another flourish in the next appropriate season. So it continues pouring forth its treasures for everyone's delight. .

    Just a thought! I love all the comments as ever.

  44. thank you to "all in ALL"

  45. What a lovely sense of abundance! Certainly a key thought in Mary Bake Eddy's book. Thank you!

  46. Thank you, Frank, and all the comments so far. Wow - whether it's stuff, a plan, a relationship - even an inspirational verse, as #5 Pat commented - there's a lack of trust in the constant flow of good when one tries to hold on tightly because that holding on means fear has crept in. This sense of attachment to things and situations creates unnecessary anxiety when gratitude and a realization that the good in your life is evidence of more good to come (unfolding in new and wonderful ways!) is sure to bring peace. Thank you - I needed to think about this.

  47. At work now. My morning short drive to work includes a country road and one stop light. I must confess, the words only hymnal comes out of my console and contributes to my morning queries. I just had to tell you that today it sliced open to: Hymn 260

    Each morn unfolds His blessings new,
    I take in trust my road;
    And rising freshly to my view,
    Shines forth the thought of God.

    It just tickles me every time! Had to share.

  48. What a wake up call! Thanks!!

  49. What a wonderful lift to start my day!
    Thank you

  50. With my young son away in family based foster care, I am so grateful for #21 for sharing a clearer concept of unfoldment, that does not stop. Both his development and mine are in God's tender care. What a true blessing to lift my thought up from despair.

  51. A truly wonderful lift. Thank you very much.

  52. Wonderful thoughts .. .and especially inspired by the reference to the kaleidoscope (#35) . . . . Thank you, Daily Lift!

  53. "Always room"
    What a treat to hear this Daily Lift, Frank, knowing you have that joyful twinkle in your eye. Accumulation and limitation being synonyms! Except for those collecting rent for storage lockers!
    I've been working on this problem of too much stuff, too, and need to roll up my sleeves and get to
    work cleaning up. "Consolidation" alone doesn't work.
    Looking for a spiritual basis for the work, this lift on "unfoldment" hits the spot.
    It brings to mind a phrase from a hymn that can be helpful:
    "A grateful heart a garden is,
    Where there is always room
    For every lovely, Godlike grace
    To come to perfect bloom."
    (Christian Science Hymnal #3).
    Thanks for this daily lift, I have room for more.

  54. Thank you.

  55. Thank you, Frank, for “Unfoldment, not accretion… God is eternally unfolding His creation… ‘even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose… not subject to limitations’ … everything is actually God’s unfolding effortlessly expressing itself … God’s creation maintains itself…within our lives.” Wow! I deeply appreciate your inspired explanation. I understand more clearly now. Unfoldment is about God’s/Mind’s infinite possibilities always being revealed. Accretion is about mortal mind’s limitations, like the “zero sum” approach in which there’s only so much to “go around;” “winners” and “losers;” and unloving “survival of the fittest” behaviors. Unfoldment/Love/Truth of being/always enough and even abundance. Accretion/fear/lies/never enough or just enough – for now. I have a choice. Puts birthdays in perspective, too. Celebrate the unfoldment of Life day after day in expectation of “holy purpose” revealed; or, count the number of “beginning to end” years on a calendar in which we’re never the right age, anyway. Also, you have given my de-cluttering project a spiritual boost! Keep, recycle, donate, or toss? “What if I might need ‘this’ some day?” I smile… “if I can remember where I put ‘this’ by then…” If I need it some day, God will supply it some day. What a burden has been Lift-ed. The game of “Musical Chairs” comes to thought. Unfoldment adds chairs, so when the music stops, there’s more than enough to even invite more players. :-) Thanks again, Frank, and all Lifters!

  56. Mrs. Eddy also wrote about "radical reliance" on God; for He will never let us down.
    Thank you so much for this uplifting reminder.

  57. "I shall not want." (Psalms 23). I stand under Niagara Falls with a cup in hand and it is more than overflowing. Enough for everyone who holds out a cup. God is Spirit, so my only expectation is spiirtual supply.

  58. How beautifully said. Perfect unfoldment and consciousness of it = Love and ideas, angel thoughts. Danke.

  59. All the comments unfolded beautifully. Thank you all

  60. Thank you Frank.

  61. And a note to #50, your son and you -- and God's whole family, including people who are grieving, like the
    shooting survivors . We can all feel the power and love of Father-Mother God who is Love. Love reaches through time and circumstances. Love heals...and this is what is unfolding, like Frank said.

  62. Thank you Frank for the reminder of this quote from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. Whether big problems to solve such as faced by the Countries of the World, or just in individual families and churches, the spiritual ideas are unfolded to man from God---through the Christ idea. I often think of this when I try to straighten out a knot in my knitting yarn. As your eyes move accessing the problem, the answer comes as to which way to unwind the yarn through the maze of knots. A great reminder for this day of church meetings. Ann Botts, Banning, CA


    Thank you Frank !

  64. This is really making me think today, in a good way. Wonderful helpful ideas. Thank you very much.

  65. Thanks for this wonderful reminder of unfoldment, not accretion. Unfoldment feels so gentle, graceful, and soft. Stress free! I have been through the accumulation of "stuff" and it does not satisfy. The thought of" if I only had this...then I'll be satisfied" never happens. When you get "it", another "if I only had this" pops up. Happiness does not depend on accretion!

  66. Accretion to my of thinking is the mass accumulation of material things, which go no further. Such having lots of money, which really doesn't solve the thought of lack. For one who has lots of money could still lack the ultimate gift of life which is Love. Unfoldment to my way of thinking is the spiritual step by step of learning spiritual understanding which culminates to a more abundant life based on Love which accretion could never do.

  67. Thank you Frank, so helpful!

  68. This is a strong look at supply. Thank you Frank. I'm one who 'holds on", so I need this. Also, financially facing the toughest month yet, with no way to stretch to cover ordinary basic needs, and costs rising daily on top of that,, this Lift is treatment. I feel like this Lift is more than the topic for just today (well, they all are!). To work with this is like signing up for a course in Unfoldment, and the homework assignments are to find this demonstrated in and around me and those I know each and every day until I never need to listen to, or remind myself of the lecture again, because I will have mastered the subject. This is about provision and simplification and I need both, and see more clearly how connected they are. It also is about anticipation and expectation, which I should make special efforts to exercise even more than I already do, as I face each day and whatever turns up later during the day. #21 Nancy, Thanks for the definitions. #28 Tom, Thanks, for the wonderful testimony. Prayers for # 50 name. #57, Robert, Thank you, Niagara can't be a more abundant supplier than our Father! To All, thanks for such good thoughts, so well put and shared.

  69. What a blessing for today and everyday. Thank you Frank and thanks for all the comments. A big Danke to the DL team also for putting these on. This message so applicable in so many ways.

  70. The last time we had the Bible Lesson on "Is the Unverse Evolved by Atomic Force?" I replaced the word "evolve" with "unfold." It was a milestone. For the first time I liked the concept of evolution. I love what you say about the effortless nature of unfolding good. It's so peaceful!

  71. Thank you, Lift workers and Frank - and all the commenters who add a lot to the Lift experience. This is a wonderfully helpful idea to work with. I'm so grateful to have it today.. And thanks for the clarification of "accretion" and how it contrasts with the natural unfoldments of God. It's so peaceful and powerful to live under the law that God knows everything we need and is not withholding any of it - we just need to do what we need to do to be awake to it. :)

  72. Thank You #21 Nancy I love how you brought in the word develope. That expands into the possibility of eternal unlimited ideas from the one mind and those ideas unfolding, developing, thus providing all things. Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.(S & H) The photo of the perfectly focused rose is developed into the perfect image.
    Thankyou Frank I didn't understand the meaning of the word accretion before. Holding on to the material.
    Need to let go and let God.

  73. This lift reminded me of Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, to "seek first the kingdom of God...and all these things shall be added unto you." Many thanks for a wonderfully enlightening reminder of letting and seeking God's unfoldment of reality in our experience instead of humanly trying to make things happen. I feel this lift is a perfect and timely corrective to the worldly focus on accretion - the accumulation of things, wealth, power, resources. The underlying desire is for happiness, wholeness, peace etc. yet we seem to be going about it all the wrong way. Thanks for reminding us of Christ's way!

  74. God's work is done! Although the revealing of His work is forever, "due to the nature of Its inexhaustible source." therefore, the metaphor of the blooming rose never stops, and we each represent an individualized "line" of good that never stops unfolding, either.

    I used to think I had to go out into the world and "get" experiences, and attach them to myself as badges of who I am, and who I am becoming, accretion. But through "the wholesome chastisements of Love," I realize this is the exact opposite of the Truth, and that my Life is God expressing Himself, whole and complete, lacking nothing, "every dewdrop reflects the sun." I have the privilege of bearing out this spiritual fact through EVERY trial and tribulation! (which is unfoldment)

  75. So TRUE! Thank you so much!

  76. Again, deep prayers of comfort and Love to the families of the dead and wounded ones at the Sikh Temple outside of Milwaukee. Let's all join in sending them our prayers and encouragement, as they have asked us to do. Their religious beliefs include allowing everyone to worship God as they see fit and to be of service in their community. Sending Prayers of Peace and Love to the Sikhs and to all peoples of all faiths! Perhaps this is the true meaning of Unfoldment (letting our Love unfold and flow forth) and not accretion (focusing on merely our own selfish accumulation of wealth and power.)!!

  77. Thank you Frank for your helpful daily lift. I allso appreciated your lecture,it was full of reassuring thoughts.I am so grateful to you and all the wonderful lecturers and practitioners.

  78. I liked being refreshed on meaning of "accretion" and knowing it need not be law.

  79. Bonjour
    This is absolutly WONDERFUL! Thank you soooooo muuuuuchhhhhh! So clear!

    merci beaucoup


  80. That is a very lovely Lift Frank, and very helpful. We need to trust God's unfoldment in our lives.

  81. I loved working with this quote when, as a young college student, I was given this by a practicioner who was helping me sort through the myriad of issues involved in finding a major, a college, etc.

  82. I have read this Lift over and over. Thank you for this unfoldment of ideas.My husband recently passed on suddenly and this is helping my children and me since unfoldment is taking place for all of us even my husband. He didn't read the Lessons etc but attended every Wednesday and Sunday with me so I know God's thoughts came to him too. Thankful our Son was home from Bahrain and was able to be here a short time for the funeral. Also our daughter was here a lot during the summer but now has gone back home as her school, teaching 5th grade starts today. The July Journal article "the Language of Spirit: Peace, Be Still" by John Quincy Adams is so very helpful to me now as it seems there are many things to take care of. Now I think only 2 are left to do as I Keep Knowing With God all things are possible. Then I say Peace, Be Still to any other thought as I Pray to do what Gods directs me to do.Thaks for The Lifters, the Lectures and Services on the computer and especially The Mother Church and most of all MBE.

  83. J.P. in New Jersey
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Frank for the healing I have received, and gratitude for all the comments. Blessings.

  84. I tried to keep a notation of the contributors to this Lift. But too many to individually reply. This Lift will be with us all always. I just want to mention to Lil, no 82, how much we all love she and her family. I have had to walk your path and the following sentence helped me 'muchly'
    Nothing is going to separate me from Truth.
    I also substitute Truth for Love , etc. that's all death wants to do is separate . But the belief can't. Hugs forever . Jan

  85. God's work is done! Although the revealing of His work is forever, "due to the nature of Its inexhaustible source." therefore, the metaphor of the blooming rose never stops, and we each represent an individualized "line" of good that never stops unfolding, either.

    I used to think I had to go out into the world and "get" experiences, and attach them to myself as badges of who I am, and who I am becoming, accretion. But through "the wholesome chastisements of Love," I realize this is the exact opposite of the Truth, and that my Life is God expressing Himself, whole and complete, lacking nothing, "every dewdrop reflects the sun." I have the privilege of bearing out this spiritual fact through EVERY trial and tribulation! (which is unfoldment)

  86. I thank you very much for the helpful message.

  87. Sincere gratitude, helping me to Be Still and let go of unneeded things, thoughts and find peace in all that I, as God's child already have.

  88. Thanks so much Franz for this wonderful expansion of the quote by MBE "Spirit, God gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels and unfolds these thoughts.... in order that the purpose may appear." Reading all the comments is unfoldment - so loving, caring, kind, honest. Vielen dank.

  89. love the clear logic expressed and how wonderful to contemplate progress as unfoldment

  90. Very nice! Thank you.

  91. wonderful

  92. thanks, Frank! I've often thought that the command in Genesis to "be fruitful and multiply," has nothing to do with human generation or accumulation, accretion, as you bring to light this word, but to see and witness and understand the fullness of God's ever-abundance ever-unfolding...

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