8/6: God's closeness

8/6: God's closeness

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  1. Thank you Enrique for this very important Lift. No matter how loud error shouts in trying to get our attention, it is the divine message which comes to us with such conviction and clarity, that not only stops error in its tracks, but leads us on to walk confidently with God. Error can yell and scream with all its might, but it cant drown out both the gentleness and might of that "still small voice" whispered into receptive thought.

  2. Thank you for that lovely message and welcome on board!

  3. So true - God is always speaking to us. All we have to do is 'be still' and listen.
    Thank you for this lovely message.

  4. Thank you Enrique!

    What a lovely analogy for a spiritual insight into God's ever-closeness and gentle and caring thoughts.

  5. Thank you Enrique!

  6. Thank you for that message of how close our Father's Love and Care are to us every day.
    It reminds us to listen for the still, small voice that is always near and dear.

  7. What a lovely picture this paints. Thank you :)

  8. Thanks Enrique, this is immediately helpful through the vivid imagery..

  9. Hi Enrique welcome aboard the DL team. I love your Lift its just what I needed to hear that reassurance of God's continual communication with each of us and I look forward to hearing many more Lifts from you.

    Karen NZ

  10. Dear Enrique, I am sure this message of the closeness of God to us will reach the heart of all of those who listen to it, including those who do not hear it, and it will benefit them immensely. Many thanks for the inspiration. Welcome to the 'Daily Lift'.

  11. “The effects of Christian Science are not so much seen as felt. It is the "still, small voice" of Truth uttering itself.” S&H 323:28

    “…the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion.” S&H 97:23

    But don’t worry, when you are ready to listen for God’s voice, —even in the middle of a whirlwind—you will!
    “Los efectos de la Ciencia Cristiana se ven menos de lo que se sienten. Es la "voz callada y suave"*de la
    Verdad, expresándose.” CyS 323:30

    “…cuanto más levante su voz la Verdad, tanto más alto gritará el error, hasta que su sonido inarticulado se pierda
    para siempre en el olvido” CyS 97:25

    Pero no te preocupes, cuando estés listo para oir la vos de Dios, —aún en medio de un torbellino—¡lo harás!

  12. Perfectly helpful and beautifully expressed ! Thank you so much!

  13. “Los efectos de la Ciencia Cristiana se ven menos de lo que se sienten. Es la "voz callada y suave"*de la
    Verdad, expresándose.” CyS 323:30

    “…cuanto más levante su voz la Verdad, tanto más alto gritará el error, hasta que su sonido inarticulado se pierda
    para siempre en el olvido” CyS 97:25

    Pero no te preocupes, cuando estés listo para oir la vos de Dios, —aún en medio de un torbellino—¡ lo harás!

    “The effects of Christian Science are not so much seen as felt. It is the "still, small voice" of Truth uttering itself.” S&H 323:28

    “…the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion.” S&H 97:23

    But don’t worry, when you are ready to listen for God’s voice, —even in the middle of a whirlwind—you will.

  14. This is indeed a very welcome Lift! During the "100 Looms moments" I am humbly grateful to hear God's "legions of angels" messages pouring into thought. Thank you for this Lift!!

  15. Lovely LIft, Enrique, and welcome to the DL team. what you said reminded me of Mrs Eddy's words in Science and Health, where she says..... "the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream,..." adding "until its in-articulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion" which shows us that however loud error appears to yell at us, the truth obliterates that which has no voice with which to speak! The quote is on page 97

  16. Many thanks Enrique for this great reminder. Yes. "The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea." (Ps. 93:4). "Father, hear the prayer we offer;/ Not for ease that prayer shall be,/ But for strength, that we may ever/ Live our lives courageously." (Christian Science Hymnal #55).

  17. Enrique, Thank you

  18. What a sweet, but powerful message your Daily Lift has been, Enrique. Welcome and thank you so much. God's still small voice is the communicator.

  19. Thank you so much Enrique for that beautiful message. I love the feeling of God's chin on my shoulder! Bless you! Xx

  20. From "personal" experience I do know that God speaks to us and at times when we least expect it. Working as I've mentioned before as a medical nurse in a hospital and just learning about Christian science, a friend had said about the devil being spoken of in Genesis as being very subtle. I replied immediately "Oh I don't believe in the devil" imagining some horrid little creature running around with horns! As soon as I'd said it I knew that I'd said something quite wrong, but had a feeling that if I had then I wouldn't be left for very long "in the dark". On duty the very next day someone made me very angry by stating an awful untruth about me, I was about to retaliate when I heard these words quite clearly "BE WATCHFUL"....and nothing could have made me disobey those words, but the battle that waged in my thinking until I went off duty taught me without a shadow of doubt that the devil is in thought and as Jesus tells us is a liar and the father of lies. I would never have understood what he meant without Mrs Eddy's wonderful book Science and Health with key to the scriptures. I could write lots more about that occurrence but suffice it to say, that the out come was PEACEFUL, and I learned the greatest lesson of my life, that despite all outward appearances GOD (Good) reigns supreme! Thank you to all the Daily Lift team for this opportunity to share our thoughts with each other. LOVE to ALL June M.

  21. Excellent Enrique, spot on and true in every way, thank you!

  22. Thank you for this wonderful and reassuring message. It paints a beautiful picture of the closeness and comfort of God, Love.

  23. Lovely and up lifting

  24. Thank you, yes God is always there with us we just need to be still and listen.

  25. Muchas gracias, amigo.

  26. Welcome Enrique! This was the message that I was praying for,it fit my need perfectly. Thank you all for your comments and thanks to the DL team. Love to all


  28. Very beautiful uplift, thank you!

  29. Thank you Enrique for an inspirational Daily Lift, that also brought back memories that made me grateful to my mum. She had to leave school at 14years and the only employment for girls was work in the woollen mills.I can remember being taken in as a young child to meet her friends, and the noise of the looms was deafening. The workers used their own sign language to communicate and it was in this atmosphere that mum was introduced to Christian Science by a fellow worker. She never looked back.
    Humble beginnings,with big blessings!
    I look forward to more of your Daily Lifts.

  30. Thank you.

  31. Thank you, Enrique, and welcome. What a mighty message! Our spiritual sense is greater than our material senses and can put the mortal mind and body behind us!

  32. I too recall my grandmother's stories about the hardships of working in the wool mills in England when very young and literally running between multiple looms to keep them going, 14 hours a day, not dissimilar from the US cotton mills stories.
    Your story is perfect for me, my goal today is to listen for that voice on my shoulder and obey its message starting right now! Thanks you Enrique.

  33. Thank you this is s great lift.God is always there His still small voice rises high above the daily noise.

  34. Thank you, Enrique, for "God's closeness ..." When I imagine a noisy "room of a hundred looms," I am reminded of "many mortal minds" clamoring for my attention. It is most healing for me when I prayerfully shut the door on that clamoring (going into my "closet," as Jesus suggested) and listen for the one Mind that assures me of God's great goodness unfolding, uninterrupted to bless me and mine and all. I accept that God is Love and that God/Love-itself! is the only "powers that be." Then I listen for Love's leadings in which is the only real protection from "every ill that flesh is heir to."

  35. Welcome to the Daily Lift, Enrique! Thank you so much. Such a simple and loving thought...God resting His chin on my shoulder and speaking to me for all time. How comforting to know the 'still small voice' is so close by. No matter how much the world wants to drown out the voice of good, God, divine Love, is all there is.

  36. Enrique, very nicely stated and comforting. I will remember this and use your message throughout my day. Thank you.

  37. Dear Enrique, welcome! Such a good lift. I remember you from the video Bible Lessons. Also, one of your articles, about the importance of persistence, is an all-time favorite of mine. Here is a link to it that I hope other listeners can use. It's from the April 16, 2001 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.


  38. Thanks!

  39. Welcome, Enrique, to our international family of lifters and thanks so much for your inspiring message. I can just imagine the amount of noise 100 looms would produce. Error can sometimes seem as deafening and we must shut out all of the erroneous thoughts to hear the still small voice of Truth which is always there. God's angel messages are constantly flowing, we just need to be receptive.

  40. "Room of Looms" - inspirational message and poetic expression. Thank you Enrique!

  41. I just love your story and the thought of God's chin on my shoulder!
    Thank you for this comforting message!

  42. Comforting. Thank you.

  43. Welcome Enrico! Love your subject today.
    When the temporary sense of things is noisy and troublesome, we know we are due for a change of consciousness. No point crying over that, best to go with the flow. The Psalmist helps by reminding us that God is mightier than any noise. Mrs. Eddy expressed the idea that it is Spirit which imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness (S&H505:16). That is pretty mighty and we can count on it!
    Thank you Enrico.

  44. Hi Enrique , thank you for opening that Truth Door for me
    it is just what i needed thank you ,
    from Frank in Australia

  45. good morpning all and along with my thanks, WELCOME Enrique!

    The very bible verse you quoted (Psalms 43) fhas been my prayer many times, and following immediately my answer in a hushed voice on my shoulder "so be still, dear one,and know that I am God"

    It was a lovealy graphic reminder,Enrique

  46. Thank you, Enrique, and Welcome to the Daily Lift! I know that God is always speaking to me, and yet sometimes I claim that I cannot hear Him/Her. That's when I realize that I have my fingers in my ears and my tongue is babbling and I'm saying, "I can't hear You, I can't hear You!" Then I realize that I need to pray for the Williingness to Listen, Hear, and Obey God's messages to me. Sometimes I don't want to hear God's messages, especially if they go against what my Human Will has already planned out! That's when I end up in the belly of the whale - just like You Know Who! Thank you for giving us all such a clear picture of God's voice, gently speaking, perched on our shoulders! And Thank You, God, for giving me the willingness to Listen!

  47. Thank you for reminding me about how close God is to us.

  48. How sweet and great a message Enrique, and soooo true! Thank you.

  49. Ideas I'm using immediately. Thank you very, very much for sharing them... And to others with their helpful "loom stories."

  50. Welcome Enrique! Yes, God's near and dear voice can be heard over any amount of noisy interference of any kind. No contest, as it is supreme and superior. Muchas gracias, amigo mio. A precious and needed message for the world, and it is getting it today, via your story, the BoL, DL, and Lifters. Good!

  51. Thank you for the great imagery to illustrate your uplifting message. It's good to have you active in this new role!

  52. Thank you, Enrique, for this very clear example of how we can listen. And it's great to hear the voice of many Herald broadcasts again, too.

  53. Welcome, Enrique, and thank you for the peacefully spoken reminder of the ever-presence of God; and thanks for all uplifting comments.

  54. So many thanks Enrique!

  55. When I think how easy it is to hear God's message right there with me, regardless of what I am doing, I realize there is nothing that can be more than His tender, loving care. On the freeway, in church, here at home, or even when I am with another, then I realize how important it is for me to keep my thoughts uncluttered and to refrain from always thinking about myself, or from my point of view. Everyone is able to hear these same loving and joyous thoughts, and nothing can intrude or disrupt God's consciousness.
    Thank you Nate and the team; welcome Enrique, and how I do enjoy this Lift, and what a tapestry we would weave if we were all in the one room!

  56. Welcome and thank you Enrique. Listening for God's/Love's messages always silences the turmoil and sets us on the right path and brings the answers and comfort needed.
    Thank you Lift team and all commentators for bringing us and sharing/expanding these messages.

  57. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for this uplifting and strengthening message.

  58. Thank you!

  59. Thank you Enrique...a lifting analogy that I will keep with me...always listening for God's message thru all the "noise". Welcome....

  60. To feel "God's closeness" takes practice and lots of it. I know because it happened to me. I have studied C/ S for a very long time, and never, even when I had a Practitioner help me in prayer, felt as close to God as I feel now. It takes RECEPTIVITY to arrive to that state of thought, and boy! oh boy, when you arrive, no one, no thing, no place can take that joy away fro you.

  61. Precious, relevant and timely. thank's Enrique and everyone who has shared.

  62. Thank you Enrique.

  63. How beautifully simple and uplifting! A "chin on my shoulder" is a comforting and powerful image that I will call upon whenever fear or doubt enters my thought. Many thanks for this wonderful message today, Enrique!

  64. Dear Enrique,
    Welcome to the Daily Lift family. Thanks for sharing the Loom Room story with us.
    What amazing closeness and so necessary - the workers cpmmunicating with theirr chin on the other worker's shoulder ! I love it to know God is closer than that -- speaking so close that I cannot fail to hear His voice.

  65. I've been praying about the "noise" of terrorist attacks. What came to me was to see through the claim of mesmerism itself. God's man/God's woman/God's children are not subject to mesmerism, in the form of groupthink, retaliation, or trust in carnal weapons...whether seeming to use them or be victimized by them.

    Since "death" is a non-event, suicide is impossible and so is killing, and we cannot be tempted to use it as if it were a real weapon. Paul writes (II Corinthians 10:3-4) "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;).

    God is Mind, the only Mind there is, anywhere, and this Mind is tender, constructive, always imparting angel messages about where to find food and water and friends. This is the loving God whose chin is on the shoulder of every brother and sister in Yemen, North Africa, and elsewhere.

  66. I am appreciate your thoughts, Enrique and commenters, pointing to divine Love resting a chin on every shoulder sharing with one and all what is needed to be heard. May we hear no other voices. May we heed no other call. Love and blessings to everyone everywhere right now and always!

  67. thank you

  68. Thank you, dear Enrique! What a beautiful message of the closeness of God and his constant, loving guidance.Very comforting!

  69. Thank you for this Lift which is so true and helpful. I turned to God for something to share in response and immediately the idea came that God is not waiting for me, or anyone, to 'get it right'. He is already doing all the right thinking and being which any of us will ever need, and He is including us all.

  70. Yes! What a memorable Lift. Thanks Enrique!

  71. Beautifully expressed. Thank you!!

  72. Thank you! I love these Lifts that make God feel so real and close. It starts my day from a wonderful place.

  73. Wonderful analogy, Enrique. It answered a question within my thought this morning and clarified that the noise needs to be left way out of thought and the inspirational thoughts directly from our ever-near God be cherished.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

  74. Noise can't stand silence and usually when it meets no response it ceases. It has nothing to feed off of or on. Error meeting no response turns into air (no tangible substance). That still small voice of God is the most powerful force in the world. Welcome Enrique, enjoyed your lift and all the other contributors' unfoldment. El Paso Patt

  75. How incredibly noisy mortal mind can seem to be at times. Thank you so much Enrique for your clear comparison between error and the huge sound of many loom shuttles. How very apt! As Mrs. Eddy states, "The spiritual universe, including individual man, is a compound idea, reflecting the divine substance of Spirit" ("Science and Health" p 468). And it is the "...substance of Spirit..." (God) that speaks to us. All we have to do is listen to the "chin on our shoulder" as you say. Thank you for this inspiring idea!

    Thank you lifters all and The Daily Lift Team also.

  76. Yes, how true is your lift. Monday morning while marking our books for the Bible lesson, the thought came to me clearly that a healing of an inoperable, fatal disease took place in my family that was never recognized nor acknowledged but the family member lived another 50 years after I had heard of the disease. The "looms" of thought were spinning routine negative thoughts, when, it was like God on my shoulder saying, 'Uh, uh, many years ago when you joined the church you wanted Me to heal your dad and evidently he was healed because he lived another 50 years without that complaint.' God's abundant goodness and truth can't be hidden or drowned out by 'looms spinning' fear and evil about our world.

  77. Enrique, what a terrific message! I can't begin to image the deafening, penetrating roar of 100 textile looms...but it does reminds me of the Bible narrative about Elijah's experience, standing on the mountainside as an earthquake, wind and fire rumbled through. God wasn't in any of them, but what Elijah heard afterward was the "still, small voice" of God...as close as his shoulder.

    I so appreciate your message today. Much needed! Thank you!

  78. How beautiful!!! Woven in the tapestry is the voice of God!. Thank you for this lovely analogy!!! Merri

  79. Thank you, Enrique. What a healing lift! God's messages are mightier than all the chatter from the media, etc.

  80. Thank you and welcome to the daily lift team Enrique.

  81. Welcome,welcome.Thank you for this great lift that demonstrates the power of that"still small voice".

  82. The beginning of our day, of a project, of a school year, even of a new stage in life for us or our brothers and sisters is , when we feel we´ve been able to listen God´s loving voice guiding us. Is really a heavenly gift today and whenever paying attention to it. Thanks for this timely message specially today, dear Enrique.

    clara e. guerrero from Cuernavaca, México

  83. Excellent ,,, Thank you !!! :-)

  84. So very clear. Thank you, Enrique.

  85. So simple, beautiful and clear.

  86. THANK YOU. We used to hear about an angel on our shoulder. It's God with us. Closeness and immediacy. No far away sky, no beard. Sweet assurance. Peace, be still.

  87. Thank you Enrique, and welcome to the Daily Lift! Your message was wonderful, a helpful reminder to listen to the voice of Love that is always speaking to us of harmony and goodness, and rightly directing us to the thoughts, activities and blessings that are constantly, divinely provided for each of us.

    Thanks also to #20 June for your encouraging story, and #65 In Progress, for your thoughts about terrorism - very helpful.

    Love to all!

  88. Mil gracias, Enrique. Just what I needed today. This reminds me that God's articulate voice, however still and small, always mightily outweighs error's inarticulate noise - no matter how loud it appears.

  89. Many thanks, Enrique, for sharing the image of God's chin resting on our shoulders and speaking to us amidst the noisy din of world belief. We simply have to become aware and listen, at any time and anywhere. A wonderful healing message!

  90. As I listened to your message, Mary Baker Eddy's references to angels in Science and Health came to thought: "...angels, God's divine messages" p. 566:29 and "Angels. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality, and mortality." ibid p.581:4. It is so comforting to know these angel messages are coming to us constantly and we can hear them over the "noise of many waters." Thank you Enrique. (=

  91. What a lovely, visual reminder of God's closeness. Thank you, Enrique.

  92. So nice - thank you, Enrique!

  93. To listen fully to some-one else takes complete, embracing focus.
    There is literally no space at that moment to heed our own thoughts.
    How salutary that is, for us, for no train of negative thoughts can enter at that point in time.
    It is then that Perfect Love speaks and we are made whole again.

  94. Muchas gracias, Enrique!
    Tu mensaje me recuerda que la voz de Dios llena de ternura puede ser oida a pesar y en medio de cualquier tipo de tormenta.
    Your message reminds me that God's voice, full of tenderness, can be heard in spite of and in the midst of any kind of storm.

  95. Thank you Enrique - & welcome to the team! :) WOW, I really needed your message today! I work in a call center selling/servicing insurance plans & some callers can be QUITE challenging! This afternoon I had one person who was a screamer; he would not listen to a word I was saying or would give me enough information to pull up his account so I could help him. He just persisted in screaming & cursing; I ended up having to release his call (after several warnings were given him regarding inappropriate/threatening language; only 1 was needed); I said a prayer for him afterwards.

  96. Your voice and its message really touched my heart. such a sense of love in your Lift!

  97. Good, vivid imagery, Enrique!

  98. i am so pleased to get these talks and it is so true that when we listen we can hear Gods voice talking to us thank you

  99. Yes, let's listen for His voice lest our footsteps stray.... Thank you for this important eternal reminder....


  101. Another welcome to you, Enrique! Grateful that you share in Spanish. I agree with #46 in Idaho!! So, today's message to myself--get my fingers outta my ears!

  102. Thank you❗

  103. Thank you so much - I just loved it. Blessings

  104. Thank you for that comforting message.

  105. Thank you Enrique. And a big Welcome!

  106. Most excellent! Just what I need to hear today. Thank you so very much!

  107. That's lovely, thank you

  108. Thank you

  109. Lovely! Thank you, Enrique.

  110. thank you

  111. Your inspiring Lift that I just re-listened to reminded me of the statement someone shared a long time ago and that is the God is closer than hand, nearer than breath. Welcome Enrique!

  112. Thankyou - that is so important to know and be grateful for.

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