8/5: Prayer and Copernicus

8/5: Prayer and Copernicus

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  1. Thank you, I often wake up during the night and pray and it certaintly does give me a sense of calmness and then I can go back to sleep knowing that all is well and Our Father Mother is watching over everyone . Thank you again for this wonderful Lift.

  2. Many thanks Beth for this great reminder. Yes. "Everyone is safe and all is in perfect order..." "Assured and safe in Love's protection,/ Great peace have they, and unsought joy;" (Christian Science Hymnal #381).

  3. Perfect!

    Thanks Beth

  4. Thank you so much for your orderly reasoning. You make it sound so easy that I hear myself saying,
    just go do it.

  5. Great analogy! Thanks Beth :)

  6. Thank you Beth! Just what I needed to hear this morning. I have been praying about an apparently scaring health condition with a very close relative and last night and early this morning I felt sort of responsible for not seeing the healing achieved. Well I am sure Copernicus did not feel responsible for making the Earth rotate around the sun, he just had to rely on his scientific understanding of what was really going on!!! God does not require my effort to maintain universal order. If I don´t understand the truth behind the situation, I know that all is well. God is taking care of His creation.

  7. Thank you, Beth!

  8. What a lovely , clear, comparison of the True reality that we are not off somwhere in our own orbit...but in True operational omniactive reality.

  9. Thank you, very much, wonderful truth to start the week off with, made me smile......

  10. I knew a humanities professor who liked to ask on tests: who is responsible for the Egocentric Revolution: Ptolemy, Kepler, Copernicus? The answer of course was none of the above. I like to remember that it's not about me and its freeing to put eternalTruth in the center and rest assured that no chaotic ego-tripping can pull me down into self-absorbed pettiness that disturbs our views of the universe, that it includes man. Thanks, for this most original Lift.

  11. lovely and helpful! thank you!

  12. Thank you, Mary, for this wonderful lift. I am so grateful to have this reminder at 3:30am as I have been lying awake for an hour presented with a belief that I should be asleep. However, the storm of complaints, worries, and human reasoning has had to roar without my full attention as I was lovingly directed to take this opportunity to pray, giving thanks and expressing my love to God, not because God needs to hear these prayers but because I need to be brought into harmony with the Science of being. Hymn #94 expresses it like this: "It was the voice of God which spake/ In silence to thy silent heart,/ And bade each worthier thought awake,/ And every dream of earth depart." Then I was led to get up to check in to see what treasure the daily lift might have to offer this morning. And I am delighted with what I've heard and for the comments already posted. I am thankful for the listeners, commenters, readers, and Daily Lift staff.. all who join in this fellowship. Love and blessings to everyone everywhere now and always!

  13. Thank You

  14. Just the line of reasoning I needed this morning and I am so grateful for the illuminating way it was expressed. Many, many thanks for your true lift...

  15. So precisely accurate and exact, Beth, and thank you very much. How often I've been running around in circles and flapping my arms in the air. But it's when I stop all that, and just still all the other intrusive thoughts that answers are heard and can be acted on. Then we're back to peace and harmony again. There is certainly nothing to be gained by staying with the flat earth policy. Much better to "...be not afraid nor dismayed for this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God's."
    Thank you Nate and the team, for a great Lift to start the new week.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote is from the Bible, II Chronicles 20: 15

  16. What a fantastic lift! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful idea that is applicable to absolutely every situation!

  17. Thanks, Beth.

  18. Robert in Brooklyn, NY

    Just what I needed to hear today. Humbly grateful for the reminder.
    Thank you.

  19. Thank you, Beth, for "Prayer and Copernicus ..."

    Inspired and inspiring. Just what I needed this morning to help me overcome an inclination towards a false sense of responsibility. Christian Science is as radical (and more so!) a discovery as was the Earth revolving around the Sun. It offers a spiritually healthy perspective on and understanding of only God as God and leads away from a convenient but erroneous belief in an anthropomorphic god - god made in man's image (the Sun revolving around the Earth, which is as it seems but is not). The order is established and we are under the Universal Law/Truth of being as a fact of Life that is provable. What a privilege it is to be a Christian Scientist at the cutting-edge of spiritual science as it dawns on and awakens humanity.

    Thanks again, Beth, for the reminder that what we take for granted today was at one time difficult for human understanding to grasp. It takes a Copernicus courage, a Mary Baker Eddy consecration to find and share the Truth, especially when at first it's difficult for human understanding to grasp.

    Thanks to all, who courageously have and continue to consecrate their lives then, now, and forever.

  20. Wow! How true! Thank you, Beth and everyone.

  21. Such a calming, wonderful lift. Thank you so much for this clear insight Beth. God's perfect harmony already exists. Thank goodness it's not up to us to create it -- our job is to let God show us, to experience what God has already created and to align our thoughts with God's goodness. If we're "fixing" anything, it's that we're pulling the weeds in our thought and throwing them away-- rejecting the errors and lies. But as far as the truth, God already created the truth. Truth just "is." We only need to be aware of it. Your example with Copernicus brings the truth home so purely and simply. Many other lifters posted that it was exactly what they needed to hear, and the same is true for me. I can't thank you enough. Your lift has shifted my view in a most needed way.

  22. Perfect illustration, Beth Even when people believed the earth was flat, they were in no danger of falling off. And we cannot fall out of the divine order and present perfection of our being and the harmony of God's heavenly universe. It is already within us.

  23. Thanks so much, Beth, for beginning my day on a sound foundation. I clicked on the link above and listened to your lecture given at the Church Alive Summit in Australia before listening to this lift. There is always an infinite, unlimited supply forever available to meet our every need. I like how Mary Baker Eddy explains it in Miscellaneous Writings on page 307, "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment." The "NEVER DOUBTING" here is so important. We must have COMPLETE confidence and all not only will be well, but is well right here and now. We have only to realize it - be at one with God the source of all good.

  24. Thank you for that clear example. God maintains perfect order.

  25. As always I gain so much from the comments shared with such love and inspiration. It is indeed God uttered and echoed around the world. How greatly blessed is that world for your sharing.

  26. Lovely Lift - so very clear, helpful, comforting! I've replayed the Lift several times this morning and will ponder, pray, and practice with the truths shared. Sincerest thanks, Beth, DL Team, and Lifters!

  27. O' Joyeous Day! The Truth is Here! Jesus didn't come to say, "I've been appointed by God to come to Earth to create a New Physical Heaven and Earth!" No, he came to say, "Wake Up to the Truth that's been here all along! Everything is Already Whole, Perfect and Complete! You just haven't been viewing it from the correct perspective. And once you do - you will See the New Heaven and New Earth!" Mrs. Eddy caught Jesus' Message and saw how we can, today, put it to practical use, to start seeing our Universe, our Earth, and all Mankind the way God created them - Precious and Free! And Healing Happens! Thanks, Beth and all Lifters! Joyeous Day!

  28. Indudablemente, no importan los descubrimientos o teorías relacionadas con el Universo, es tan basto e imprevisible. Se escriben tantas cosas sobre él y es tan poco lo que se puede comprobar, que lo que se conoce de él, es una muestra de lo ambiguo e insustancial de él.

    En una charla sobre ovnis, dije: Que si los viera y me dan pruebas podría creer y se me preguntó: ¿Cómo crees en Dios que nunca has visto? contesté: A Dios no lo he visto, pero lo siento, a los ovnis ni los veo ni los siento.

    Esa es la diferencia sustancial de lo humano y de lo divino, no vemos, no hemos visto, pero sí hay un sentir espiritual que sobrepasa a lo que podamos creer, o ver. Es el sentir a Cristo que nos guía hacia Dios en un Universo que parece ajeno y lo es, en cuanto a lo relacionado con un mundo caótico lleno de teorías que no sabe a donde va. Por lo tanto es la convicción del ser espíritual lo que da la certeza y el Orden.

    Mi vida no estaba girando en ese Orden estaba girando en otra órbita, mi alrededor se trasformó en caos, como el Universo de la teoría, por ello la importancia de estar conectados con el infinito Amor, sentirlo, vivirlo, para que nuestra vida, entre en el orden verdadero, donde reina la armonía, y el caos desaparece, porque es absorvido por Un Orden superior que realmente, gobierna, el Orden divino que no es teórico, es real.

    Muchas gracias Beth, sintamos el Orden donde gira la Verdad del elevado pensamiento.

  29. Beth that is j\spot on ... just what I needed ... Thank you

  30. Thank you, Beth, for this very cool explanation of prayer in Christian Science.
    We don't have to make it true ... it's already true!

  31. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you very much Beth, this lift is so clear.

  32. Dear Beth,

    This lift touched me so deeply. I have played it several times in order to truly hear it, and the comments from the Lifters were just wonderful. I will listen to the lecture after work. I keep reminding myself that God's work is done, and i can lean on it, rather than struggle to "Make the truth true." What a relief as I begin a busy day.

  33. Clear! Not our efforts, but God's perpetual universal maintaining of His/Her creation provides the appearance of healing. Whereas, man is actually ALWAYS perfectly maintained. Thank you for the very useful reminder.

  34. Thank you for reminding us of this perfect order.

  35. Copernicus was (and still is) a Hero for taking a stand for TRUTH while about him, many were NOT!
    Ditto for MBE !! Where do we individually stand on critical issues??
    These kinds of predicaments can keep us awake at nights, but needlessly...TRUTH (Divine) operates
    unspent; GOD does not need our opinions about anything ! But we need GOD's everpresent WISDOM
    to have a successful and productive life-span.... let's just get REAL HUMBLE and accept Divine wisdom
    wherever we find our thought(s). Humility is lens and prism !!........thanks all heros/heroines !! and all

  36. There was an old saying that the camera doesn't lie. That saying was proved long ago to be a lie, for anything could be made real by our knowledge of special effects and some academy awards given to those men producing them. Doesn't the human eye itself produce special effects of little 6 floor apartment buildings that look like toy houses from afar. Sure it does. False beliefs does the same thing. It produces illness, discord, criminals, when there aren't any as far as God is concerned. just like Copernicus used scientific truth, we rely on God to tell us what is true.

  37. What a helpful message Beth. Thank you!

  38. Thank you Beth for your spot-on comparison of Copernicus and ourselves with prayer! Our divine inheritance dictates that we are already perfect in God's care; there can be no discord, nor wrong reasoning, because God moves in harmonious order. "Bringing ourselves into harmony" with God's order with prayer solves everything! How wonderfully simple and profound.
    "From sense to Soul my pathway likes before me,/ From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day;/ The dawn of all things real is breaking o're me,/ My heart is singing: I have found the way. (Violet Hay, Hymn 64.)
    Thank lifters and The Daily Lift Team also.

  39. What a LIft . . . simple. Profound. And just right. Thank you.

  40. A wonderful way to start the week and the month...a realization that God is in control of His creation and is constant in
    keeping everything in order no matter what the material senses tell us.
    I have to remind myself that it is not my constant prayer that is needed in order that everything keeps running properly, but I need to be conscious of the
    Infinite Mind and the Allness of God.
    " let not my will, but Thine be done".

    Thanks for the Daily Lift and for those who bring it to us.

  41. Thank you for this reminder. Very helpful.
    Gratitude to all!

  42. Copernicus' theory was accepted when instruments allowed for more precise MATERIAL observations, not appeals to spiritual authority or revelation.

  43. Thank you for this lift today! And a special thanks to #22 for making it clear that even if we don't quite "get it", we're not in any danger of "falling off the edge". There isn't any edge! There isn't a reality option...just Truth. So we can humbly pray to get our thought aligned with this spiritual truth, which brings a peace and assurance into our present experience. All is well! Really!

  44. As a lifelong physicist and Christian Scientist, I heartily endorse the analogy of Copernicus's thought and prayer. Fine idea, Beth, thank you!

  45. Infinite thanks for this great lift today Beth.

  46. Beth, Excellent! I really enjoyed your lift this morning. Thank you.

  47. What a great lift....the practical perspective I needed to hear today. Thanks Beth!

  48. Thanks Beth - an excellent explanation showing just how we are an essential part of God's creation.

  49. Thanks. So very helpful. I have always loved this quotation from Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 209: "Mind, supreme over all its formations and governing
    them all, is the central sun of its own systems of ideas, the life and light of all its own vast creation; and man is tributary to divine Mind." It is so reassuring to know that intelligence governs all. This morning I have been praying to see more clearly that this intelligence, Mind, is perfect Love. It could never formulate a plan to injure anyone or any thing in its own creation. Since God, Mind, is really all, there actually is no counterfeit, evil mind to threaten anyone or any thing.

  50. In a book called "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," Thomas Kuhn described what he called "paradigm shifts" in science over the centuries. He credits Copernicus for one of these new paradigms.

    I think it's legitimate to think of Mary Baker Eddy in this light, too: Instead of any material body being at the center of anything, she showed that God (Spirit) is both center and circumference, and that in fact that there is no matter anywhere. Creation is altogether spiritual.

    God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost so he could heal anything, feed multitudes, and even walk on the water to be where he needed to be. Metaphysical laws, such as health and provision, trump the material laws that so many of us think of as inviolable. By relying on God as the sole power without any opposite, Jesus was able to go about doing good. He taught others to heal, too, and to feed the world with the gospel.

    The world is still coming to grips with this revelation...but when it does accept that the Holy Ghost is still available to everyone....WOW. Mary Baker Eddy's presentation of this systematic, provable Science is a gift to the world that results in healings of animals and people of all ages, and even weather, water, and trees. Visit your local Reading Room or jsh-online to see documentation of all these results.

  51. Thanks to the order that Copernicus brought to astronomical science. Without it we could not have put a man on the moon, or built a space station or even thought of going to Mars. He revealed a truth that the whole world could agree on and thus bring unity of thought and new views to the human species.
    Thanks to the order that Mary Baker Eddy brought to theological beliefs. She states
    "Astronomical science has destroyed the
    false theory as to the relations of the celestial bodies, and
    Christian Science will surely destroy the greater error as
    to our terrestrial bodies. (Ptolemaic and physical error}"
    Out prayers, our growth in understanding of Spirit, our testimonies of physical and mental healing through the application of divine Science are highly important.
    Thanks also for all these good comments.

  52. Mrs. Eddy claims in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that Jesus was the most scientific man that ever trod the globe because he could mentally plunge beneath the material surface of a problem and realize the spiritual fact that actually resulted in healing the problem and that's what Jesus expected of his students. The science of psychology attempts the same but makes more of a reality of the problem, whereas the Science of Christ knows only God and His universal wholeness, health.

  53. Thank you so much Beth and all who provide us with these lovely daily comforts!!!

  54. Excellent Beth and just the logic I needed to aid in my prayer out of a horrific lie. Thank you so much and to the daily lift team for bringing us these great lifts.

  55. So grateful I stumbled onto this this morning !

  56. Many thanks for another wonderful 'Lift' to begin our week. I feel grateful and blessed to have these 'words of wisdom' available to us in this way. My gratitude goes out especially to the many contributors from all over our globe, and for all those responsible for this activity. Love to ALL!

  57. Thank you, Beth. In view of what seems to be going on in the world today this is a very comforting and upholding reminder of what is really going on. The strength, power and presence of His goodness cannot be circumvented.

  58. Thank you.

  59. Thank you ever so much, Beth
    The time for thinkers has come to quote Mary Baker Eddy; and
    reflected in each one of the Daily Lift listeners' responses.

    Love you, DL team!

  60. Right on the Principle. Thank you.

  61. Thank you for the reminder of what is true...and what isn't.

  62. Hi Beth,
    As I listened to this Lift something occurred to me. I'm a man, living in Florida, it's Monday, the middle of the day, in the middle of the summer. From a material viewpoint we are complete opposites as you are a woman and live "down under" (an affectionate term for the other side of the world) in a different hemisphere and for you it's a different day the middle of the night in the middle of winter. We couldn't be much more different, but we are only opposites from a materially scientific viewpoint.

    God sees us (all of us) in perfect harmony, no separation, no delineation, changeless and perfect. Emphasis on "changeless" because nothing changes here, no birth, growth, maturity, no decline. There is no rotation or permutation in God or in His reflection or His universe where we abide.

    As Christian Scientists, we have discovered a new world, New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Heaven where no night dwells, no seasons occur, no springtime and harvest, no grave or gravity, but constant perfection of being, OUR TRUE BEING.

    Thus we are never opposites, but always the same, the image and likeness of God. This is universal Truth, the only universe that exists.

    So, how's the weather where you are? The answer is "Always Perfect" as we live in perfection.

    Thanks for making this evident this day, here and now. The only ever-presence there is or ever can be, since God is All in All.

  63. Thank you Thank you!!

  64. Wonderful !!! Thank You ! :-)

  65. Beth, this is so completely thought through. Excellent illustrations that I can use not only to freshen up my own sense of prayer but share with those learning how to pray. Great style, too. Many thanks!

  66. My first realization of Copernicus was in A.A. where I saw that, "It's not like that!" It's just the opposite of what I think is so. A.A. taught me that it was Copernican.What an enlightening moment! That, and the Father doeth the work. The promises are fulfilled. Understanding improves.Petty thoughts don't matter. Mood & delusion disappears like the morning dew. That's that.

  67. Excellent and helpful analogy, Beth. Many thanks. One minor technicality, however: the Earth rotates on its own axis but revolves around the Sun.

  68. Than you Beth! I have a tendency to self blame for anything that goes "wrong" in my life.
    When I read the Daily Lifts such thoughts loosen and I find a calmness descends on me!
    This soon turns to joy and happiness.
    Let us all remember that we live complete robust continuous health. If we allow ourselves to trust God completely, oh how the rewards will come!

  69. Lovely, thank you!

  70. This was especially helpful for me today. I can finally relax from telling God how to handle a problem.

  71. Thank you for the "back-to-basics" of God & His creation. Simple & pure it is. Truth is just true. Life is just life. Love is just lovely.

  72. Thank you, Beth. What a beautiful illustration.

  73. What a clear example - thank you!

  74. Thank you, Beth, and all upLifters! This truly helps me dismiss with an abiding conviction of the omnipresence of good, the only Presence, the current threat of violence. Divine Science is the only way to the Truth which heals.

  75. Thank you so much for this so-helpful Lift, Beth. These ideas expressed in this way were just what I needed to hear (as many others have commented) in order to wake up out of stress over a work issue and financial worries. Your thoughtful Lift and the many great comments (thank you, everyone!) have provided much support. Thank you to K James, #22, for the calming, comforting reassurance that "we cannot fall out of the divine order and present perfection of our being and the harmony of God's heavenly universe." Thank you, Nate, the team and the band, as always :)

  76. Thank you Beth and to everyone for all their helpful and inspiring comments. They all bring to mind what .it says in the Bible "Be still, and KNOW that I am God". How wonderful to know too, that we cannot "fall off" or rather fall out of God's care, I love it! June M. UK. LOVE to ALL.

  77. Best Lift Ever!

  78. Thank you, Beth! The Universe moves according to God, doesn't it? Great to be reminded again.

  79. What a thought provoking and useful lift for me! Thank you, Beth, and all.

  80. I love the inspired perspective of what is really true! All IS well. Thanks so much, Beth.
    It is a big help to me today.

  81. Great !! Thanks Beth. :)

  82. Columbus discovery didn't make the world round, it just revealed the fact that it has always been so —and took away the fear of falling off the edge of a flat world; thus opening the way for progress.

    Mrs. Eddy's discovery didn't make us God’s children, it just opened a world of possibilities by freeing the thought once we see our relationship with the divine.

    El descubrimiento de Colón no hizo redondo al mundo, solo reveló el hecho de que siempre lo había sido —y borró el temor de caer de un mundo plano; abriendo así el camino al progreso.

    El descubrimiento de la Sra. Eddy no nos hizo hijos de Dios, solo abrió un mundo de posibilidade al liberar el pensamiento una vez que descubrimos nuestra relación con lo divino.

  83. Dear Beth,
    Thankyou, THankyou.....that was just what I needed to hear tonight after a busy day.
    God Bless you as always for sharing
    Pam Gasteen

  84. Belated but grateful. thanks.

  85. love the daily lift starts my day

  86. thank you. and thank you to no.23 and no. 27. much needed today

  87. Wow! Excellent delivery! Stated so clearly and with so much understanding and conviction. Most helpful! I can't be reminded enough about this point. Thank you Beth. (=

  88. Thanks Beth , great analogy and reminder of the perfect order of all things .

  89. Thanks Beth.

  90. Hi Beth,

    Yes, that's a lovely lift. Thanks Beth. Lisa Stallard

  91. Thank you Beth and #22 and Michael. Thank you ALL.

  92. Thank you Beth I am, all are, well now and always have been World without end, Amen

  93. Thank you Beth for this talk. It's a great explanation of how prayer works, and I've been thinking about it all week.

  94. Thank you for explaining so clearly and taking this metaphor to a deeper understanding. I shared this with my daughter who was wondering about her responsibility in healing. I am so glad to have found it.

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