8/30: Already mud-free!

8/30: Already mud-free!

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  1. Thank you Mary Alice for this wonderful Lift and prayer! As we cultivate our spiritual sense of life, and cherish this new insight, we begin to see all that is unlike God, good begin to melt away. We become free from the dream (belief) of life in matter. This new freedom is ours today, now. Our prayers can help others gain a sense of freedom from whatever limitation they may be dealing with. One of my favorite titles of a Christian Science lecture, from many years ago, was "Trust In God And Live", I would add and "Be Free!".

  2. Thank you for the great lift and your prayer Mary Alice. A wonderful start into the new day.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mary Alice

  4. Thank you for reminding us that we are already God's perfect children and that we just have to wake up from the dream and see that all the muddiness and error has already been washed away, -because it was never real to begin with.

  5. Mary Alice, thanks for your Lift, thanks for your prayer, and thanks for the re inforcement of the spiritual fact that I am upright, pure, and free. What a fitting Lift to this wonderful week of Martin Luther King week, and his inspired Dream speech...I am free, we are free, at last, we realize, we are free, every last one of us!

  6. Yes. All suffering of any sort is a dream. Thanks so much.

  7. Dear Mary Alice,

    Thank you for this Lift. Interestingly I awoke a few hours ago reeling from a 'bad dream' and I was glad to have realized that that dream was not part of my reality.

    I enjoy walking in the rain so when you had said there was mud on your shoes, I thought immediately of something trying to ruin the beautiful experience of walking in the rain.

    Often I find myself working with Prov 10:22 "The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it" because, like the walk in the rain, we may find suggestions that there is 'mud' on our feet spoiling our beautiful experiences. We do need to see reality and awaken from the dream.

    Tuesday morning was very dark and rainy. Emotionally I too felt a bit 'dark and rainy'. I kept praying for direction. I had been looking forward to the evening because when the rain clears up, we have the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. As the evening approached I felt worn and was heading home when a thought kept pushing me to go to the beach for the sunset.

    I obeyed and it was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen and people in Barbados are still talking about it. I have included a very small sample of what we saw below via a link.


    The same way I expected a beautiful sunset, went to look for it, and saw it, I needed to work with expectation of a healing and head in that direction. I obeyed and was healed.

    Thanks & much Love to All!

  8. Thanks for that. Dreams can seem so REAL and in your face, it is lovely to know we can wake up and know that nothing has really changed.

  9. Mary, Thank you.

  10. Thank you, it's good to be reminded that we are ALWAYS mud-free, not even a smidgen adhering to us, we are non-stick to any, and all, so-called types, of error. Carol in the UK

  11. It is often a challenge to believe the difficulties we face are not "out there" but rather are within thought, where we have dominion.
    But just one instant healing of a " material" condition that mortal laws claim to govern,just one, is proof of the mental nature of all evil.
    I became a student of Christian Science after being healed in 3 hours of pneumonia....I wanted to understand how this could happen...
    In the decades since I have proved over and over again that we can awaken from any error the beliefs of mortal thinking can throw at me...
    And that gives me patience when healings aren't quick...when waking from the dream is a slow scary process.
    Thank you Mary Alice for this inspiring wake up call. Jacqui Hubbard

  12. This is so touching to me, to think of my chief problem being like the mud of your dream.
    And to think of your praying that we all wake from our mud dreams.

  13. A dream is deceiving, we might wake up with the certainty that it was reality, we might even want to fix a problem that occurred in that dream.
    When we wake up we realize that there is nothing to fix.

    What if a problem presents itself when we are awake?
    Is no less a dream: A material dream.
    The human dream: the lie that we have to fend for ourselves.

    “O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking, O captive, rise and sing, for thou art free; The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking, Unloosing bonds of all captivity” CS Hymn 412

    El sueño engaña, podemos despertar con la certeza de que había sido realidad, hasta podríamos querer arreglar un problema que ocurrió en ese sueño.
    Cuando nos despertamos nos damos cuenta que no había nada que arreglar.

    ¿Y qué si un problema se presenta cuando estamos despiertos?
    No deja de ser un sueño: Un sueño material.
    El sueño humano: la mentira de que tenemos que hemos sido dejados a nuestra propia suerte.

    “Oh, soñador, despierta de tus sueños, Levántate, cautivo, libre ya, Que el Cristo rasga del error el velo Y de prisión los lazos romperá” Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº412

  14. Thank You Mary Alice, for this good and clear message.

  15. Many thanks Mary Alice for reminding us that: "Christ awakens us to our pure nature." "I awake each morn to a brand-new day,/ Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way,/ For my heart is fixed on this one guarantee:/ The Love that is All holds me tenderly." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #445).

  16. Thank you Mary Alice for this powerful ,encouraging and healing spiritual reminder .

  17. I awoke this morning from a really ludicrous dream - so ludicrous that when I realised it was a dream - although it seemed very real at the time - I just had to laugh out loud. Then I thought, as (Elena) mentioned, the waking dream of various seemingly physical problems that have been haunting me for such a long time, are just a waking dream, so I can laugh at them too. God is not in anything that is not entirely good and loving, and as He is All-in-all, we can laugh them away - much as we do when we look at ourselves in a distorted mirror. Laughter can break the spell - it means we have discovered the lie and it has no more seeming power over us. We can shake the dust, or mud, off our feet and continue our spiritual journey from darkness into light.

    Thank you Mary Alice, and all the wonderful insights from all the lifters, and for sharing them.

  18. Thanks everyone and Thanks Mary Alice for these helpful gems!

  19. Thank you, that was a great Lift and can carry us through this weekend. May all the Lifters have a wonderful weekend.

  20. What a lovely reminder Mary Alice of dream's unreality and how I can share your "need" to have to return to a dream to finish it off. Happens to me all the time. Thank you for quoting Hymn 412. It is so right on, a lesson for life and will learn it by heart. Thank you and be blessed always.

  21. A great "lift" Mary Alice. Thank you so much.

  22. One of my favorite hymns - beautiful lift. Thank you.

  23. I have found the second verse of the hymn you quoted, #412 very comforting. It starts with:

    He comes to give the joy for desolation,
    Beauty for ashes of the vanished years;
    For every tear to bring full compensation,
    To give thee confidence for all thy fears.

    Anything in the past that is not good, not from God, is the waking dream and is no more real than the dreams in our sleep. And we don't need to be captive of either of them.

  24. Thank you

  25. Thank you Mary Alice and thanks to all the Daily Lifters Family out there. Yes, when we awake from the dream of error and realise that we are already free, that all discordance is not true but a dream, we can master the situation with the Christ´s power within. I look forward every morning to these Daily Lifts and all the different insights from the different people that submit their comments because I find them so varied and enlighting that make me marvel at the amplitude and variety of God creation and the Christ manifestation in each of us. Blessings to all!

  26. Thank you!

  27. Blessings realized to all this day! It's so wonderful to start the day with these lifts from our wonderful lecturers and fellow lifters! Today's lift is something we can all relate to and it is such a powerful example of the reality.

    Troy, thank you, too, for sharing that photo you took of your glorious Barbados sunset. Stunning! And so appropriate to remind us of the glory and harmony here for us from God. If it is okay with you, I will put it in my computer desktop to remember this lift and the global lift we all receive from them. Thank you!

    Much love to all,


  28. Free! That is the description so needed for the reversal that Mrs. Eddy talks about in Unity of Good, the section Rectifications when she talks about rectifying a mistake (error, disease, sin). She says, "By reversal or revisions ― by seeing it in its proper light, and then turning it or turning from it." It's the kind of perfect love that casts out fear and oh the sense of freedom, joy and relief you feel when all fear is gone. Thank you so much Mary Rose for this wonderful lift today and your dream analogy. I had a dream just the other day where things were going awry and no solution seemed possible. As I began rejecting the dream and realizing it was just that ― a dream ― I woke up.

    Also Troy from Barbados # thanks so much for sharing your photo of that breathtaking sunset. It is stunningly beautiful.

    Thank you Jacqueline Heriteau Hubbard #11 for your healing testimony reaffirming that "the difficulties we face are not out there but rather are within thought, where we have dominion" and that we can "awaken from any error." The way you expressed this truth really struck a chord for me. Also, Elena #13, realizing "that there is nothing to fix" is so to the point and Pearl #17 about laughing to break the spell. We so feel like laughing when we're "free" -- back to the thought I began with in this post.

    I love these daily lifts and am so grateful to everyone for sharing your insights ― from the lecturers to the lifters who post replies.

  29. Thanks so much for this analogy and the reference to this wonderful hymn, "O Dreamer.....", Nos. 202 and 412.

  30. Wonderful lift, thank you! And Troy, thank you for sharing the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen!

  31. Thank Mary Alice. That thought went wide and deep ... a thorough re-awakening of separating the tares from the wheat. Excellent Thought!

  32. Thank you so much for this lift. The Bible says "awake, awake and Christ shall give thee light". May we all truly awake t the Christ light and live as God's mud-free children. Love to all...

  33. Thank you Mary Alice for this lovely lift. I am often deeply moved by these lifts and sometimes even more by the comments. So today I express my sincere gratitude for the daily lift family, world healers! Love and happy weekend to everyone!

  34. One evening I had come in from gardening quite late, and was thinking of having dinner when the phone rang. A huge electrical storm was flashing and grumbling in the east, and the caller had phoned me to offer help, but really wanted to tell me of her many problems. Finally the call ended, and as I walked to the kitchen my eyes simply saw the Daily Thought I had written in my diary"The starting point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, - that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle," In the east the storm was no more. In my home I was calm, and simply had my shower and prepared and ate my dinner, rejoicing, and full of gratitude. And all those mortal dreams dispelled simply by realizing the Truth from Science and Health as I walked past the diary on the table. Thank you so much Mary Alice. And the mud is simply washed away.
    Thank you Nate and the production team, and the musicians, and our mud free Lift family.

  35. Thank you, Mary Alice, for “Already mud-free … ‘O dreamer, leave thy dream for joyful waking’ … your divine right to be free.”

    As a child, I was once awakened by a very scary nightmare, which proved to be a turning point for me. Every time I closed my eyes and tried to get some rest, the nightmare recurred. I asked myself where this nightmare was coming from, finally reasoning that it had to be coming from my own thinking. I then realized that if I could think up a bad dream, I could think up a good dream. So I did and still do. What power we have over our “night dreams!”

    Christian Science introduced me to the power we also have over our “day dreams!”

    “Mortal existence is a dream of pain and pleasure in matter, a dream of sin, sickness, and death; and it is like the dream we have in sleep, in which every one recognizes his condition to be wholly a state of mind” (S&H 188:11 ).

    “Awake, awake; put on thy strength … Shake thyself from the dust; arise …” (Isa 52:1,2)

    Even if “the dust” seems to have turned to “mud” and shaking isn’t enough but scrubbing seems necessary, it’s good to know that we are already free! We need only to wake up from our “nightmares” and even let go of our “sweet dreams,” which based in mortality, are “sometimes beautiful, always erroneous” (S&H 277:31).

    “Already mud-free!” I love it!!! And so I will playfully rouse my thinking with a, “Wake up, Sleepyhead!” to “accept the ‘glorious liberty of the children of God.’ and be free” (S&H 227:24)!

  36. Thanks so much!

  37. Thanks, Mary Alice. Such a good reminder of how we can pray for ourselves and our world. Before I woke this morning, part of a detailed dream, of being in a place I no longer lived, driving around without my wallet( so no drivers' license) meeting with a critical friend, climbing up steep slopes was going on in full color. When I woke up I remembered the feeling that "there goes my friend again being negative." After being up a while I understood that the dream wasn't in any way real, so I could let go of the idea that this friend had ever been negative in any of my waking hours. Nice to be able to get the Christ message. In hymn 283 in the Christian Hymnal the words "Even while we sleep/ Watch doth He tenderly keep;/ Ever new mercies providing," might be a way of looking at the things we can learn from the thoughts that come to us "even while we sleep," reminding us that while we rest God, Love, is always with us.
    Also, thanks to all the lifters this week. The messages helped me see more of the power,of Christ to heal everyone.

    Many blessings.

  38. Thank You Mary Alice, for a wonderful lift!

  39. Such a clear and helpful analogy, Mary Alice! Thanks so much!


  40. A great lift....thank you!

  41. Thank you Mary Alice. This Lift is an answered prayer. I woke this morning with a sharp pain in my back. I lay in bed praying until the dog insisted that I get up to let him out. Now after pondering your words I have awakened from the material dream and am pain free.
    Thank you to Nate and his team for their part in these healing messages. And thank you to the Mother Church and the lecturers for these daily blessings.

  42. Thank you Mary Alice for your message. Dreams often teach good lessons.

  43. Thank you, Mary Alice!
    I appreciate the wake-up call!

  44. Very helpfu and clear. Thank you.

  45. Thank you Mary Alice for the clarity of your message and for your prayers. So grateful too, for all who share these healing insights.

  46. Quite a while ago, I believe it was during this year of 2013, I had a very vivid unusual dream of myself ending up at the southern tip of Manhattan N.Y.C. and some how got separated from the island and floating out onto the Atlantic Ocean. This was part of the island of Manhattan that got separated. And it was really suspenseful until I woke up in a fearsome sweat thanking God that it never happened. The waking dream is just like the above adventure, IT NEVER HAPPENED! Thanking God for the sleeping dream as never occurring is the same of thanking God for the waking dream, with it's false adventures into chaos which God never created in the first place. Mary Alice Rose woke up mud free in her adventure and I woke up on dry land in my home in my dream adventure.

  47. Thank you for all the lofts today.

  48. That was great. Thanks Mary Alice for sharing a "wake-up" call!
    We are already free of mud!
    Thanks for the whole Daily Lift team, and the family of listeners. We are on this LIFT together, daily lifted up.!
    Every detail of this wonderful program is God-given!

  49. Thank you for your Lift, insight, and prayer, Mary Alice. The world receives it all with love for sure.
    A great way to deliver the Good News today from the Board of Lectureship through the DL team.

  50. Thank you Mary Alice...for pointing out that we are always mud-free and full of beauty and light. Just wash away that Mud/errror with the cleansing power of Truth.

    And Troy -- Wow! What a beautiful picture. It brought Hymn #65, words by Frances R. Havergal, to mind. All verses fit so well, but I will quote just one:

    "From glory unto glory,
    What great things He hath done,
    What wonders He hath shown us,
    What triumphs Love hath won.
    From glory unto glory,
    From strength to strength we go,
    While grace for grace abundantly
    Doth from His fullness flow."

  51. Thank you Mary Alice for reminding us that "the dream" of error is just that, a dream, not the perfect heritage of peace and understanding that God insists upon for his/her children. On p567 in "Science and Health" Mrs. Eddy explains: "[The] ...false claim...that there is intelligence in matter either to benefit or to injure men--is pure delusion...and...proved to be powerless."

    I very much liked your comparison of dreaming and waking too with the freedom that comes with understanding.
    Hymn 253-- "Then His unveiled, sweet mercies show Life’s burdens light./ I kiss the cross, and wake to know/ A world more bright."

    Thank you too to the many lifters and The Daily Lift Team.

  52. Thank you! I will endeavor to see myself the way God sees me...mud-free!

  53. Thank you Mary Rose for this vivid description of your awakening.
    I pray to awaken from the sense of pain and overwhelming feeling of burdens. I pray to hear God's voice guiding my every step. It seems lately I take one step forward and 10 back. This cannot be. I need to wake up. Our Father knows all our needs. I opened the Bible to Psalm 3:3-5 "But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah. I laid me down and slept; I awakened; for the Lord sustained me."
    I am hopeful; and grateful for God's constant reminders of His Love for each of us.

  54. Love this DL, Mary Alice!! Thank you!! I will think about this all day.
    A big thank you for all comments! I'm so appreciative for these daily messages!!!! A big hug for all involved from me!!!!

  55. thank you for that wonderful "dream" awakening. Sometimes I have very lovely dreams, and don't want to awake from them, but they to are not "real". for the person signed "hope" Just want to tell them ,that Mary Baker Eddy said, in Science and Health. " there is no retrograde step", so you cannot go back. We are all free. Barbara

  56. Well what is mud but wet dust. And how freeing to know that we're not that 'wet-dust ' dreamer from Genesis chapter 2
    We are all God's beloved
    Thanks for the reminder. And thank you other commenters and the DL team.

  57. Thank you Troy #7 for listening to God and going to the beach.


  58. I hope this comment doesn't sound morbid, but they are my beliefs. Recently I had been gravely ill and have recovered. But about 45 years ago I lost a dear friend we were both in our early teens. I have not thought a lot about this friend for a while and never dreamed about her until the other night. The night before I dreamed about a friend who I lost about 12 years ago and who I dream about often. This to me let's me know that life is eternal. To paraphrase what Mrs. Eddy says about dreams, that our sleeping dreams are more real than our waking dreams because they are not tangible. Since studying Science I have not been afraid of death, because I know there is no death.

  59. Hey Troy, fabulous sun set.
    I often wonder who it is that wakes me up? Unless I set an alarm, I don’t have much to do with it. Yet, I awake when I need to be awake. Either a bazaar dream gives me a wake-up call, or on several special occasions, I was awakened 20 minutes prior to someone needing me. I really appreciate that.
    I am pretty sure that wake up calls are coming to us though out the day as well. If we over-load on the mortal cinema, wake up call! Or if someone else needs support, wake up call! The blessing is to realize that this is going on. We are being gently roused to spiritual reality. With each nudge, the dream loses its hold on us.

    God is the omni-present spiritual reality. Jesus referred to as the familiar name Father. I wonder who it is that wakes me up? – or sends us to the beach for a wake up call?

    Thank you Mary Alice. Good weekend all.

  60. Loved the analogy. Very helpful. Thanks! I had to learn this lesson when my mom passed on. I wanted to go back and fix things...the would-have, should-have and could-haves. Through prayer I realized that I didn't need to try to fix the dream of life in matter I just needed to wake up from it! Like your analogy I didn't need to get back into the dream to fix anything, just wake up and realize the dream was no part of my mom's history or mine. This freed me and gave me peace.


  62. Just what I needed to hear today -- that I am pure and free of any error that would stain me.

  63. Gotta scoot for a family gathering, but I'll definitely be back to read all the comments. Just a skim of them shows me some deeply healing thoughts. Troy, I so appreciated your comments (as always) and specially enjoyed that photo.

    Mary Alice, this lift was sooooooooooooooooo strong and good. Mud-free indeed!!

  64. Our Father's house in the kingdom of heaven has no mud rooms. He never dug up dirt to make man.

  65. Waking up from the material dream of life in matter requires a strong commitment to serve God, to be a friend of the Christ. How did we get this mud on our feet? No matter how it got there or how much is there, one of Jesus final examples was to wash his disciples feet clean. So we can follow his example by washing the feet of others, even those who like Peter strongly objected. Jesus overcame the objection with compassion and friendship, and washed his feet clean. (John 13)
    Thank you Mary Alice for sharing your dream and washing all our feet!

  66. Love the Muddy Feet Dream! Sometimes I can learn a lot from my night dreams.....just as I can learn a lot from my "day-time dreams"! I often get clues from my night dreams about what I'm working on in my waking Journey here. I believe God's Angels and Guidance are present when asleep and when awake - to comfort, guard and guide. In the Bible, Dreams were often used as Guidance to some of the characters. Happy Weekend to All!

  67. Your prayers are answered, as I am not in the mud. Appreciate your prayers Mary Alice and your daily lift. And I want to extend my thankfulness to the Mother church and the Christian science lecturers and daily lift team and the beautiful daily Lifters.

    Remember the radio talk show hostess that says, "Now Go take on the Day!" well I say, "Go take on the Prayer!" and further more,
    "There's not a spot where God is not" and that includes Syria and Iran and the whole world! "Go take on the Prayer!"

  68. I am slowly. waking from a very long dream.

  69. Such a comforting message, when lately I have been feeling "contaminated" by the world! Bless you.

  70. God does not. want us to have unsettled dreams. He wantsus to have seamless sleep. Relax let go
    Let God both day and night .

  71. Thank you.

  72. Excellent lift and i am also waking up slowly as Sue #68 . Thanks all fellow lifters and the DL team. Asante sana

  73. Thank you Mary Rose and to all the "Lifters" for such wonderful and helpful ideas. It brought to mind the Children's prayer by Mary Baker Eddy, "Father Mother God, Loving me, Guard me when I sleep, Guide my little feet, Up to thee." I like the idea that God is guarding me and loving me and guiding me even when I sleep. I have often thought that includes being asleep to the truth. God is always there. Asleep or awake, I am protected and loved. I pray to be awake to the truth of my being, and not asleep in the mortal dream. Thank you all for this healing lift.

  74. And what did a friend send me today? An email of "healing experiences related to the poem "O Dreamer" by Rosa M. Turner.

    Yikes! I feel like an alarm clock is going off saying "It is high time to awake out of this dream of life in matter (life constricted and limited by the false sense that we are merely mortal.)"

    Oh, Father help us to do so, especially extricate us from this dream of the hatred and fear of loving those who may have different views!

  75. OUr Guide gives,"We send our best detectives to whatever locality is reported to be haunted by Disease, but on visiting the spot, they learn that Disease was never there, for he could not possibly elude their search." (Science and Health, with Key tot he Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, pages 439-440)

  76. Thank you for reminding us not to take our dreams seriously!

  77. Thank you for this dream-buster. It is very helpful.

  78. Thanks, Mary Alice for your wake-up call. 'The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak' [Matt 26:41]. And so, 'Here am I' - seeking to wake up from the dream.

  79. Sorry everyone, but I am a day late. When I was very young and sleeping in a youth bed with bars up to protect me from falling out, I vividly remember waking up crying because I dreamed a tiger had jumped in bed with me. My mother was there and immediately, lifted me out of bed, turned on the light so I could see that there was no tiger. I was OK right away and went back to sleep. We talked about dreams the next day and how God is always with us whether asleep or awake and I have never had another scary dream in my long life. If I do have a dream, it is usually a silly, funny, stupid one, ha. God does have a sense of humor too. The old saying, If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Happy Labor Day everyone. El Paso Patt

  80. Dreams are for humans w/money ,always be flexible and patient w/ my neighbors.

  81. Thank you Mary Alice. Sonhos são sempre sonhos e não fazem parte da realidade que é espiritual,harmoniosa e perfeita.

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