8/29: God guides us

8/29: God guides us

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  1. Thankyou, just what I needed

  2. Lovely. Very helpful, Ginny. Thank you.

  3. Listening ....... such an important lesson ..... and a wonderful example of its effectiveness ......

    Thanks, Ginny

  4. Lovely
    Thank you

  5. Lovely start to the day, thanks! Good to hear more of Stanley too .

  6. Thank you thank you Ginny. Wonderful and perfect. Love you.

  7. This Daily Lift could not have come at a better time in my life when I feel at a crossroads. "I will listen for thy voice lest my footsteps stray..." My grateful thanks.

  8. Thank you for your sharing. My listening for God's guidance came when I was offered a teaching position in Salem when I never submitted an application for it. My friend had been interviewed, and she suggested that I go in for an interview. Due to two reasons, I was interviewed but declined the position. The principal called my home a few times that day. I knew he wanted me to take the job, so I prayed "thy will be done" and accepted the position regardless of my reasons. I worked there three years when my mentor left her teaching position in Gresham. I was hesitant in applying, but again the divine guidance directed me to apply, and I got that job. My whole years of college instruction was without any intervention because I kept my thoughts on the guidance I received. It is with joy that I submit this comment which you inspired with your testimony. I am now retired and have been elected Second Reader in the Gresham Church. I thank God for all your inspiration.

  9. True that angels come in many shapes... I don't believe in winged people, but it's been my experience that when I really needed help and got in contact with God with my heart and mind, I always received an angel-thought that rescued me.
    “He knows the angels that you need, and sends them to your side, to comfort, guard and guide. CS Hymn 9
    Cierto que los ángeles vienen en muchas formas... Yo no creo en gente con alas, pero ha sido mi experiencia que cuando realmente necesité ayuda y me puse en contacto con Dios con mi corazón y mente, siempre fui rescatada por un pensamiento-ángel.
    “Él sabe qué necesitáis; Sus ángeles vendrán y a todos guardarán“ Hymno 9 de la Ciencia Cristiana

  10. What a lovely example of how guidance can come in such varied and appropriate forms unlimited by preconception. Thank you for this gentle reminder to listen and follow the direction indicated. It will always lead us home.

  11. Thank you very much for lovely lift. Thank you for James NO. 7 comments. Thank you to team, Nate and little child.

  12. Thank you so much, Ginny, I often think of Stanley when the caller arrived on your doorstep. Dogs know our thoughts, even before we think them! I took a group of Girl Guides to England and Europe, and we were in Switzerland at a Youth Hostel. We were almost at the end of our fabulous holiday, and there were some rumbles of vague discontent, and the thought that the leaders could have done a better job than the one who was the leader. So I suggested it might be a good idea to go for a walk. Snow is something none of these girls and leaders had ever experienced, so we set off with great enthusiasm. And I took careful note of the bridge, and following the bank of the creek on the other side. But then I noticed it was already 4 o'clock and it would be dark quite soon. I was beginning to see headlines in the world newspapers! So I was praying, and keeping note of where we were, and looking up I saw the Youth Hostel sign post right in front of us! There was great relief, and joy (and gratitude from me since we hadn't re-crossed the bridge! )
    Thank you Nate and producers; the lecturers and Lifters.

  13. What a dear dog. How comforting!

  14. like a Christian Science lecture that serves as a signal for those that are seeking their spiritual home

  15. ... which is everyone

  16. THANK YOU!

  17. Thanks Ginny' that was quiet enlightening.

  18. Thank you Ginny. And yes, Gods angel thoughts always come to us in the appropriate form that we need at that moment, something we will recognise and respond to.

  19. Today, I have really felt that those " Daily Lift" are uplifting, with their short experiences related and the lessons drawn: really uplifting early in the morning !!

  20. I dearly appreciate this Lift! I cherish the promise in Hymn 148 ~ Wherever He may guide me,
    No want shall turn me back;
    My Shepherd is beside me,
    And nothing can I lack.
    His wisdom ever waketh,
    His sight is never dim;
    He knows the way He taketh,
    And I will walk with Him.

    Be it unto me according to Thy will, dear Father. I am listening and I will follow!

  21. I work closely with Hymn 169 when I am driving in new areas or searching for something...Love always shows us the way. All the while I am remembering "Love owns each waiting hour" (from Hymn 207)...

    There is something about singing in joyous gratitude....You feel the presence of God, right there.

    "He knows the way He taketh,
    And I will walk with Him." (from Hymn 148)

  22. Thank you Ginny and Stanley. I firmly believe that dogs are here to remind us of our humanity.

  23. Thank you, Jinny.

    Great Wake up Call!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  24. Many thanks Ginny for sharing that inspiring experience. Yes. "Listen to God's [Love's] angels!" "All unafraid I wait, the while/ Thy angels bring release,/ For still Thy presence is with me,/ And Thou dost give me peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #136).

  25. Thank you Ginny,such a helpful lift and what I needed right now. I especially love hymn 148, and to me the first verse is pure Christian Science. LOVE to ALL June uk

  26. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. I have had to stop and listen for directions when learing to find my way in a new area. "Shepherd show me how to go" (Christian Science Hymnal #304). Many thanks to all the Lifters.

  27. Thank you Ginny for this truth that also showed me "This is the way walk ye in it." I was at sixes and sevens until I realized that there was only one answer to my dilemma, which was turning in prayer to God. The answer, which hadn't occurred to me materially, came and with it came the peace that I always feel after listening to my heavenly Father's direction.

  28. Thank you for such a timely reminder. I have just been studying rail maps for an important event and wondering which will be the best given the times of travel and had decided to stop and check out the Daily Lift and there was this lovely reminder that Love is always guiding us. So I have put away the maps and will listen for the right way

  29. Thank you Ginny & DL team! This lift is actually just the angel reminder I needed today. I'm declaring God's (Mind's) angels are with me & guiding me today as I give a presentation to some wonderful teachers about to kick off their new school year.

  30. Ginny! Thank you! What an excellent example that reminds us that God speaks to us in a way that we can understand.

  31. Thank you Ginny for this lovely DL. I am going through a special time of my life when I feel I need more guidance than ever so I will put it into practice today. I will stand still and listen.

  32. Thank you.

  33. Ginny,
    Thanks for the reminder of a simple phrase I learned in Sunday school as a child; God, good; guides, guards, and governs. I am so greatfull for thjs and many of simple truthes i was tsught to demonstrate as a child, that, as Trurt, are as applicable todays, as they were then!
    Thanks again Ginny!

  34. I so appreciate this beacon and all the comments along the way. It will help me with a big project today that I did not know how to proceed with. Love to all who provide this daily lift.

  35. Thank you Ginny I needed that lift today

  36. That is often the case, that our animals come to our rescue in one way or another. I love to read books and stories by men and women who have written about their experiences with animals, and I like both the accounts that are considered mythical tales and those that are true to everyday routines. Right now on my desk I am reading a used paperback book I bought by an artist who illustrated as well as wrote about training and working experiences. I recently read one recommended by my sister-in-law about a woman who gave her honest experience about raising an orphan wolf.
    But animals, God's creatures--ideas, help us by supporting Christian healing. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, Page 514-515.) Often we are comforted by animals who may be the source of encouragement or inspiration, which of course comes from God who is Mind, Spirit, and Love. Thank your for the inspirational lift today.

  37. Thank you for this wonderful lift!

  38. No hay duda que Dios es el guia, y los hechos Biblicos puntos sustanciales y referentes para un desarrollo sostenido son los ángeles porque son los que nos hacen pensar y reflexionar sobre el desarrollo que a traves de los años se fue generando hasta nuestros días si vemos las historias Griega y egipcia nos encontramos con similitudes que hacen pensar no para dudar si no para fortalecer porque muestra con más claridad la maravilla de la guia espiritual que nos viene a veces si, ángeles pensamientos, ideas que se van desarrollando y crecen hasta dar con un mensaje sublime como Cristo donde pululan ángeles por doquier, y solo hay que escuchar y despertar del sueño morta y material como así nos lo hicieron saber Cristo con sus obras como otros anteriormente también lo hicieron quizás no con tanta claridad como Cristo.Jesús lo hizo y sus perdurables obras que derivaron para comprovación en los escritos de Eddy y la Ciencia Cristiana.
    Maravillemosno ellos mantuvieron una vigilia y un peso enorme del mundo imposible de aquilatar pero posible de seguir.

    Muchas gracias Ginny así se enrriquese la comunicación.,

  39. Thank you for your wonderful stories of guidance and your expressions of gratitude. Your comments are what give the daily lifts such beautiful color.
    First thing in the morning and many times during the day on the days a lift I've done is up, I read them and I feel the universal love expressed in your kindness.
    You are all such a blessing..
    Have a joyous guided day..

  40. I love the fact that the dog did not leave calling you until you got home - isn't that great?! Thank you for this lovely example of a clear angel message being exactly what we are able to receive, understand and follow, never doubting. Beautiful lift today!

  41. A wonderful and inspiring Lift . Mrs Eddy,s poem ; " Shepherd show me how to go ........" becomes immediately relevant . Whether facing a business decision , or a seemingly unyeilding health problem , prayerful acknowledgement of God,s presence and quiet listening is the answer. Thank you Ginny for this ,personally, timely reminder .

  42. Ginny, I always enjoy your articles and Lifts. Today was another good reminder to listen for God's voice moment by moment. My new resolve for the day! Thank you.

  43. Thank you Ginny! A great message as my job situtation seems to be jeopardized, I know that all the listening I did to get this job cannot be in vain. God will direct me to another job, or the situation will improve for me to stay. All needs of everyone involved will be met. On to more listening!

  44. Thanks Ginny for another thoughtful and inspiring lift. And as several others have said, Hymn 148 has been a constant companion of mine along with many others. They bring such comfort. A few years ago we took a trip by ferry boat to Alaska - my dream vacation as it was the only one of the 50 United States I had never seen. I made all of the arrangements over the internet (I'm not especially proficient there) and everything worked out beautifully. Without knowing in advance, the first bed and breakfast we stayed at in Ketchikan was owned and operated by a Christian Scientist and we had a lovely visit there and what a special beginning to a very memorable adventure with God's guidance all of the way. Listening to that still small voice for direction in our lives really pays off.

  45. Thank you, Ginny....and the affirmation that really listening to God leads us in the right direction...so helpful.

  46. This is just great

  47. Love it!

  48. I found myself reviewing Job this morning. Job fell upon tough times. He respected God completely and he just couldn’t understand why God would allow terrible difficulties and did not intervene to correct them. Several friends suggested that these troubles must have originated in some error or sin committed by Job. Job felt in his heart that he was innocent. He was sort of lost in the woods, so to speak.

    A third friend finally suggests that Job might stop accusing God and start appreciating God’s goodness. He demonstrates this by saying to Job “The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” (Job 33:4). This more insightful friend (like a familiar dog barking) gave Job the right direction to go. Mrs. Eddy says (S&H264:13). “As mortals gain more correct views of God and man, multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible”. Job found this quite true and good became evident in his life.

    Some 900 years before Jesus made his mark, Job was lifted out of loss and illness by discovering God’s guidance system! Job’s friend began by affirming “there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” (Job32:8)

    I, too, appreciate help from my friends... no matter how many legs they have!

  49. Lovely....thank you, Ginny.

  50. The still, small voice is always there, guiding and guarding. Many times, the words to Mrs. Eddy's hymn, "Shepherd Show Me How to Go", come to thought as I look for direction. I like that it includes the directive to "feed Thy sheep"-- to help others by seeing them in their spiritual light.

    Shepherd, show me how to go /O'er the hillside steep,
    How to gather, how to sow, — /How to feed Thy sheep;
    I will listen for Thy voice, /Lest my footsteps stray,
    I will follow and rejoice /All the rugged way.
    (Hymn # 304)

    Thank you, Ginny!

  51. Thank you so much for such a simple and effective illustration of Mind guiding us. My gratitude too for these wonderful lifts!

  52. Thank you! I needed that today.

  53. Just what I needed today, dear Ginny....your Lift reminded me of so many times in my life when I've felt compelled to just stop and listen for the Voice that would tell me what I needed to know aside from the clamor of ongoing outside influences or in regard to an immediate challenge in my experience. There is never a time when the Voice is silenced -- we just have to become still enough within to allow ourselves to HEAR what it is saying, and then to act on what we hear. Thank you.............again.

  54. Thank you very much for this guidance. I appreciate many of the fine comments as well. And I love the music this week. I begin to see the way to solve a discouraging situation.I love Christian Science!

  55. Thank you.

  56. Thank you Ginny! Your daily lifts are always wonderful! Dogs are the spiritual idea of unconditional love and loyalty....Atta boy Stanley for being an angel that day!

  57. Thank you for this healing.
    I like the music this week.

  58. Such a beautiful and perfect message for today, and everyday.
    Thanks so much, Ginny!

  59. Thank you Ginny! Love does practically guide us in the right direction if we quiet down and listen...those angel messages are always telling us what we need to know in order to handle every aspect of life, be it relationships, job/school choices, or finding our way. We are never alone. Thank you God! And Thank you sweet Ginny for this beautiful lift.

  60. Thank you, Ginny! I was reminded of a time when driving to a friend's house, I came to a newly opened road. Thinking it would cut off a few miles, I turned into it. A few minutes later I realized I had no clue as to which way to go or how to go back. I began praying at every crossroad [country roads, trees, few road signs/markings.] Feeling divine guidance, I began to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season as people had filled their yards with lights and decorations. After several turns, I was brought me back to a familar street. For me, it was definitely a love-filled adventure. I am most grateful to Christain Science and learning the nearness and help of God's presence. Thank you all!!

  61. You can never have too many Stanley's (aka angels) in your life. Thank you so much for your dear message, it is particularly helpful in light of a situation my son finds himself in the workplace. It also reminded me what Mrs. Eddy writes in Prose Works, Miscellany 149:29 "Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee. Therefore despair not nor murmur, for that which seeketh to save, to heal, and to deliver, will guide thee if thou seekest this guidance." Thanks again!

  62. Absolutely beautiful.

  63. Thanks, dear Ginny! Sometimes God speaks to us through other people, like Job's friend in the Bible! If we're seeing everyone in their spiritual light, as #50 Kathleen said, then they can be Angels for us and will have messages from God for us! And this applies to animals, too! It's always, what lens are we looking at our world through......the lens of Spirit or the lens of Matter? If we look through the lens of Spirit, then we see God in every moment and in everything and in everyone! It's all one Big Message from God!

  64. Just loved your "Angel" message. Thanks, Ginny

  65. I liked how you recognized the wave of fear that comes when you feel lost in the wilderness, and handled that fear. It reminds me of the man who claimed "I've never been lost. I was once bewildered for three days, but I've never been lost."
    Thank you Ginny. I loved the comments.

  66. Thank's Ginny,
    Guide dogs, dog spelt the other way round says God.

  67. How clear, colorful, and direct and memorable. Thanks so much. It reminded me of what Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Miscellaneous Writings, page 347:

    Two individuals, with all the goodness of generous na-
    tures, advise me. One says, Go this way; the other
    says, Take the opposite direction! Between the two I
    stand still; or, accepting the premonition of one of them,
    I follow his counsel, take a few steps, then halt. A true
    sense not unfamiliar has been awakened. I see the way
    now. The guardians of His presence go before me. I
    enter the path. It may be smooth, or it may be rugged;
    but it is always straight and narrow; and if it be up-
    hill all the way, the ascent is easy and the summit can
    be gained.

    God is responsible for the mission of those whom He
    has anointed. Those who know no will but His take
    His hand, and from the night He leads to light.

  68. Thank you for your lovely message. It is one that I trully love.

  69. thank you Ginny! I spent a lot of time hiking in forests around my home with my two dogs. One time when we moved...to another rural forested area.....I started out for an evening walk with my dogs. This forest was completely new to us. The sun set and too late I realized I did not have a flashlight nor know how to get back to our house. The dogs were having too much fun to go back. I stopped and asked God for guidance. The answer came immediately to take off my shoes and socks. ????? I was obedient. I could "feel" the path, even though I could not see it in the darkness, and I "felt" my way along the trail to the road where our home was. I love the immediate specific help God's angel messages bring to us!!!!! Susan Darling

  70. Thanks Ginny!

  71. Thank you Ginny
    Trusting God's promise for us have led us to big changes in our lives and His angels
    still lead us daily as we listen and trust
    SAB from Cheshire UK

  72. Listening for God's direction doesn't mean you can't listen to an opinion coming from a loved one in your family, or your best friend. It does mean that hearing all the opinions, you must ask God first, "How should I go?" And the right feeling will tell you what is from a human, and what is from God. I have done this, and came out successful in every case. Sometimes I had to go through an entirely different direction other that what some one advised me to go.

  73. Thank you Ginny, just what I needed to hear today, to guide us in our work in Church. God is everpresent.!!!

  74. Knowing that God guides us doesn't mean that you can't listen to an advice given by a family member or a friend. It does mean that before taking the advice, one should ask God which direction one should take. This is what I do all the time. Sometimes I am led to a completely different solution than that I was advised to take. For me it works every time when I put God first.

  75. Dear Ginny, I was feeling very impatient over a situation that I felt should have been completed until your Lift reminded me that God is in charge and I need to listen to Him. The task will be completed when the time is right, now my time, but God's time.
    Hymn #148 as mentioned by other Lifters was so comforting to me after my husband passed on. I knew both of us had a journey to go forward guided by God. I have since sent the word to others who have gone through the same experience.
    How wonderful to know that God is always guiding and protecting us, whatever the circumstance.
    Thanks Nate and team. I love your music.

  76. Always helpful,Ginny.Thank you.
    I recall a time when I needed to catch up with someone who had left something behind when daparting from our Christian Science Reading Room,an dshe lived a fair diatance away. All I knew was that she was heading to a local park.I got into my car and headed that way,singing," Shepherd show me how to go"...As I reached the park I could see there were well over 100 cars and many people there,but I kept on singing.
    Just as I drove around a curve I saw the lady I was looking for,right there croosing a path ahead of me.A lovely memory.Am still grateful.

  77. Thank you Ginny, this is so true.

  78. thank you much needed words this morning, a reminder to keep connecting to spirit, trusting that angel thoughts will be available always.

  79. I loved your Lift- Stanley the angel... Stanley was listening and responding, as were you- I just had a similar experience, and while I didn't have a "Stanley", I had God's silent hand in mine, guiding me out of an increasingly frightening experience. God blesses all of us- all of His/Her children, and guides us all- Thank you Ginny!

  80. Thank you Ginny.
    Angels come in many forms, and Stanley's voice was one of them!

  81. Thank you, Ginny for the lovely message. One time when I was very ill with the flu, I woke in the middle of the night, and in that perfect stillness I reached out to hear God's voice. What followed was what seemed like a multitude of angels - clear, fresh ideas from God seen and felt very vividly. I felt perfectly at peace, began to breathe normally, and fell asleep feeling mentally restored and free. When I woke in the morning, I was perfectly well, and stayed so for the rest of the year. For this and other angel experiences, I am truly grateful. A favorite hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal says, O longing hearts that wait on God/ Through all the world so wide;/ He knows the angels that you need,/ And sends them to your side,/ To comfort, guard and guide. (Hymn 9, Violet Hay)

  82. THANK YOU GINNY a great reminder
    to listen!

  83. Thank you for this simple yet profound evidence of God's direction. For many years I planned meetings a year or more out for the company I worked for and found that when I quietly prayed and listened for God's direction for the best dates and locations the weather would always be fine and the locations most satisfactory.

  84. Thank you, Ginny. A great way to clear the cobwebs of mortal, miscalled mind away and get going with my day. It also brought tears to my eyes to hear the sweet, innocent voice at the end announcing this lift coming as the result of the outreach of our Mother church.
    What a wonderful religion we have, and to know that nothing can erase this effective Science we have with which to practice.

  85. God's angels guiding us even through a barking dog. That helps me be alert that guiding thoughts come in the way we can understand and recognize. Thank you.

  86. Thank you.During moments of indecision,praying for direction has helped me from making "moves before God does".This lift is proof of God's protective care.

  87. Thank you, Ginny.

  88. Yaaaay Stanley!! It's no wonder he holds a special place in your heart. the wonderful part is that what we love in Stanley is the Christ presence, the God-idea, that just shined out of him like a light guiding you home. God is truly All-in-All. How can we ever be lost? thanks for the lift and thank you Father for Stanley.

  89. thankyou Ginny.....this hits the mark for me today...

  90. This Lift reminded me of a time when I was a small girl in the 3rd grade. We had moved to a new state and my school was across a boulevard. My mom walked me to school and asked me if I remembered how to get home. I assured her that I did, she kissed me good bye and we parted.. After school I started home and was turned around wandering in the neighborhood! I started singing Shepard Show Me To Go... from the Christian Science Hymnal (#304) I got home!! No fear was experienced. 50 years later the same words comfort and guide me. Thank you Ginny and all of the Lift Staff and of course Sunday School.

  91. God's angels come in so many forms—even a barking dog! Super!

  92. In the past when I have relied on the material senses to direct me I have lost my way. Once when I started a new job, I went the wrong direction and ended up approximately 50 miles out of the way and almost in tears. A very kind woman directed me back to the highway and finally made it to my new job. These days I rely on Mind; one phrase that has helped me before I get started is from Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, "Spirit inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way."

  93. Thanks, Ginny, for "God guides us." When I've listened, I've realized that as home is a place of God-centeredness, I can appreciate always being at home, no matter what my physical location, especially when I seem far from home spiritually...and there are always the angels reminding me of the NOW-ness of home.

  94. En juin, j'avais un rendez-vous dans une ville de 120000 habitants et je n'avais trouvé qu'un petit morceau de plan de la ville, mais en roulant sur une route à 4 voies remplie de voitures, impossible de voir le nom des rues ! Je décidai de confier la direction et l'itinéraire aux bons soins de Dieu, lui faisant totalement confiance. Je me tranquillisai et attendis les instructions. Les idées me vinrent de prendre la file de gauche puis de tourner à gauche et ainsi de suite. Finalement, un sursaut d'inquiétude me fit arrêter la voiture et me garer pour voir dans quelle rue je me trouvais et si je n'étais pas perdue. Levant les yeux pour lire le nom de la rue sur le panneau, quelle ne fut pas ma surprise ! J'étais arrivée à destination, dans la rue exacte de mon rendez-vous ! Nous n'avons pas besoin d'un GPS matériel, nous avons beaucoup mieux : un GPS spirituel , notre Père tout puissant qui prend toujours soin de nous et nous guide de façon parfaite ! THANK YOU DEAR GINNY and LOVE TO ALL !

  95. I loved this. Thank you so much. And the little lady who comments afterward has a darling voice.

  96. Thanks so much, Ginny. Such perfect, practical thoughts to use right where we are!

  97. I already commented but wanted to add something. I seem to be walking through a storm of emotions, fear being a pretty big one right now. Last weekend, I was stuck in backed up traffic due to a fair going on in our area. I hadn't filled up my tank and as I sat amongst all the cars in front of me at a standstll and time was passing. I noticed alot of cars behind me, I feared inching along at the rate we were moving, with my tank near empty, I had better find an alternate route, The area is fairly new, to me, and unfamiliar but I made the move and found myself on unfamiliar country roads, becoming ever more afraid of being lost without cell phone or company. It didn't look good. I kept praying and when I came out on a familiar road, having bypassed the traffic jam, I couldn't stop praising God for getting me home. I need to remember that feeling of gratitude and faith, and believe as Ginny did that if I stop, to stay calm and wait, He/She will show up and help me. It just may not be in the way I expect.it. thank you again for the lifts and all the people who contribute to my faith walk

  98. Thanks nela, yes, we do find home in God centeredness, not self centeredness. In a class I was taking, the teacher was saying that, we should picture ourselves as the center of the universe and etc. I was able to say that perhaps that is the human problem and we should see God as the center. It changed the tone of the discussion. I love the Hymn #95, He Leadeth Me. Thanks for the comments,I learn so much from them.

  99. Thank you.

  100. Ginny, thanks for sharing such a poignant example, proving that God works in wondrous ways and there's no need that can't be met when we turn to our Father-Mother God. Since the one divine Mind is the only Mind of man, there's never any need for telepathy or a cell phone!! Mind knows best just how to get our attention so as to save, heal, bless and delight! I can just see you happily skipping back home down the lane.
    Thank you God, for the all the fuzzy, furry "Stanley"s in Your universe of Mind.
    I also love the sweet, gentle childlike thought expressed by the little one at the end of these lifts.

  101. I had a similar experience where my neighbor's dog barking and saving me from my home being broken into. I was away for the week-end and my neighbor's dog kept barking and they could not understand why. He was in to basement with no windows or doors open. The neighbor looked outside and they discovered two men trying to break into my home. How very greatful I was to know I was being protected. Thank you for your experience and Lift for today.

  102. Thanks, Ginny, I needed that reminder today to listen to the Angles of God's guidance. Getting 'me' out of the picture!

  103. Oops, I meant to clarify that the divine is man's/our only Mind, BY REFLECTION as the image and likeness of God; not telepathy, not begging God, or trying to get there through the human mind or other's opinions, albeit loving and well-meaning ones, but by quietly, humbly turning to God and acknowledging HIs/Her presence and pausing for a response. Then, regardless of how the answer comes packaged, as a dog, a friend or a thought, we have the inner assurance, the "spiritual sense or inner feel/conviction" that it is from God. Thanks also to Marilyn from Maine #67 for her quote from Prose Works - Mis. 347. How perfect is that??!!

  104. Dear Ginny,

    Thank you for your Lift. Thanks to all of the Lifters and the DL Team for the wonderful comments and work that went into this Lift. Absolutely beautiful and not just not because I have dogs who themselves have helped me along the way but because of what the Lift expresses - the beauty of Nature.

    These peaceful thoughts of Nature help to reverse the aggressive thoughts often used to describe Nature around this time of year in the Caribbean, where Mother Nature is seen as being destructive with hurricane force winds, rather than being a loving guiding voice calling us to listen, obey & be free; as evidenced by you Ginny.

    I told someone the other day that when we say "the keys are lost" we are rather inaccurate in our statement for the keys are right where they were left, whether by you or someone else. What has happened is that our thought about their presence or whereabouts is what has been misplaced.

    To find the keys we have to align our thinking to where the keys are; just as Ginny had to in order to return home. Listening for that sense of Direction can then place us on the path that we ought to be on, but we must listen (remember the Prodigal son?)

    In Barbados, we have a saying "The Lord don't come, but he sends" which may not fully accord with the teachings of Christian Science as we know God is all around. The point being made however is that we are to be open to seeing God and all that He creates to help guide & heal.

    Thanks again Ginny.

  105. I woke up this morning to my cellphone ringing it's lovely little classic tune. When I listened to the message, it was from a little girl I used to know and whom I have reconnected some 40 years later.
    This little angel of light, with her bubbly and effervescent voice and greeting, started my day with a huge uplift of soaring spiritual feeling. I needed this. Imagine my pleasure upon opening your message, Ginny, speaking of daily direction and points of light and angel messages! How very synchronistic, and how this added to both sides of my "daily dipper". This is what I love about Christian Science: it is always so timely and down to the minute in synch. The daily message is an angel thought for sure. Thanks so much.

  106. Ginny, you are right! Thanks! In 1978, we needed to buy rural property closer to our then still living parents. With prayer, we were led to look in a county we'd not previously considered. We loved our rented land in a distant county, and a realtor told us of a place that looked like that county. It did. However, we checked with another realtor who had land next to, and beyond it. He showed us a larger piece with so much to offer (it seemed). By a creek (we wanted), it had big, valuable timber, and several home sites. The first piece only had a spring run down the mountain side, and timber wasn't as old, as it had been cut long ago.

    My husband & I prayed for guidance. Both, to our surprise, were led to select what seemed to have less (didn't plan to cut timber, but have for cooling, water retention, etc). As soon as we bought it, multiple advantages were noticed! Privacy, our own hollow had more timber growing on both sides, the other had a single side. The road, when paved, was not put where we were told it would be, so we wouldn't have had front space we were led to think. There were more nice blessings. Not Scientific, but we soon discovered the other realtor wasn't honest. We saw none of the advantages before. Land next to the other place sold to a hunting club, so traffic on weekends wasn't desirable. We never regretted our purchase. I hope to move back to it when I can replace fire & age damaged mobile homes. This Lift is true!

    48 Jenn, prayers 4 U! #69 Susan, Wow!

  107. This Lift brought so many extra precious testimonies and insights. As usual, I said too much and ran out of room. Even here, if I listed all I'm grateful for, it would fill the space. To each commenter, Your # & name is included in this expression of thanks. Always I am thankful in my heart to Nate, and to all the lecturers who take time from busy lives to Lift us, and to any I don't know who have even a tiny part in these lifts, from custodians all the way through every role & task. I'm grateful for the Mother Church for this priceless outreach. Last, but not least, everyday I appreciate those who share comments. I get smiles, and grow spiritually from them. This includes the ones in another language. I google them to translate so I didn't miss # 38 name's special thoughts, or # 94 Michèle's awesome testimony. I found if I only highlight the # by a name, the entire comment for it is highlighted to take to translate. Saves time from trying to carefully highlight the same message, as I used to do. Hope this tip helps others.

  108. Our college org advisor at Ga Tech told of being offered a promotion and large increase in salary to relocate and help start up a new plant. After praying, he was led to decline. Most of his coleagues accepted. This took place near the end of WWII. Soon after the new plant began production the war ended and the plant was closed. His friends were all out of work, but he still had his job. He told us that all normal reason directed him to take the new position and accompany his friends --- but prayer led him to make the correct choice.

  109. Thanks a lot Ginny for your helpful message.

  110. Thank you for the story about your walk! Easy to identify about some of our own paths and decisions, Thanks again!

  111. Wonderful! Thank you! This is lovely.

  112. Hi Ginny,
    I always follow your articles.
    This one is really a good lift for my day!
    Be blessed and be a blessing
    Ronald, Jakarta - Indnesia

  113. Thank you so much! I just got home from Wednesday evening service and this was the same theme "trusting God's wonderful guidance and letting God direct our way". One Mind,divine Mind :-)

  114. Thank you, Ginny, and all the Lifters for great comments on guidance. My husband and I have been "listening for His voice" as we consider options on retirement location and a new home. We are taking the human footsteps to visit certain areas, but we know that the needed answer will come to us at exactly the right time. It can seem a bit overwhelming at times, as we want to "get it right", but knowing that God never gets it "wrong" is so comforting. Our perfect place is waiting for us with the checklist to meet our needs. We are so grateful to Christian Science and MBE for teaching us about listening for those angel thoughts to show us the way!

  115. Wonderful message. Thank you for sharing it.

  116. Thank you for such a lovely message. It's so important to "listen" for God's guidance and direction through angel messages how ever they come.

  117. Thanks Just what I needed. Having to listen for direction right now.

  118. Thank you very much for that great lift!

  119. Listen and one will hear the Angels. Thank you so much.

  120. I love this. I love how the guidance came in the form of your dog barking. That to me shows that everything is God, showing us the way home. Guiding us home to our true selves.

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