8/29: Follow the Christ

8/29: Follow the Christ

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  1. Thank you Jose for this comforting Lift. To follow Christ means to trust wholeheartedly in the one infinite Divine Mind. Part of the mortal, material sense of life tells us we must venture out on our own. The spiritual reality is that we are never alone, God never leaves us, in fact we are the very expression of God's being. Following the Christ leads us on the pathway not just of existence, but rather a life filled with a sense of power and dominion- a life divinely inspired, and in its highest demonstration, one that blesses others.

  2. Thank you Jose!

    I love the idea of making our way out of the material muddle with a clear sense of "the present abundance of good".

    That's beautiful!

  3. Thank you for your perfect msg today!

  4. God communicates with us constantly, but our limited sense of right impedes us from paying attention to what is spiritual—which requires constant attention.

    Trusting the Christ, the saving Love of God, we let Him guide us toward our innate supply of correct ideas which fill all human needs.

    Following Christ we realize that we could never be in a maze without an exit… and that the Christ is always ahead of us preparing the way wherever we may go.

    Dios se comunica con nosotros constantemente, pero nuestro limitado sentido del bien nos impide poner atención a lo espirtual—lo cual require atención constante.

    Confiando en el Cristo, el Amor salvador de Dios, nos dejaremos guiar por Él hacia nuestro innato suministro de ideas correctas que llenan todas las necesidades humanas.

    Siguiendo al Cristo nos daremos cuenta que en realidad jamás podríamos estar en un laberinto sin salida… y que el Cristo siempre está adelante nuestro preparándonos el camino dondequiera que vayamos.

  5. Thank you for reminding us that not only is the Crist always with us, showing us the way, we are actually perfectly capable of hearing his instructions and seeing the path he has prepared. What better way to spend the day than to follow Christ.

    And what lovely music! Lovely all week, but particulary befitting of todays lift, I find. Thank you very much.

  6. Wow, I needed to hear Jose's clear understanding of Christ's presence, always! Thank you, Holger

  7. Hello Jose´,

    Following the Christ - out of darkness, and into the light - is a divine impulse with heaven-on-earth results. Since this is a spiritual journey, we can use our spiritual compass to direct our paths and help us find our way.

    This progress in Spirit lifts human thought higher, with healthy results along our pathways. I'll be following this path in the morning at my Major World's Religions college class.

    What a great Daily Lift!

    Muchas gracias, Jose´


  8. How liberating! Thank you

  9. I'm so grateful for this reference to following the Christ. After a great Wednesday evening church meeting last night where the topic was on "the messengers of Christ", and testimonies of the Christ activity and healing were shared. The peace and joy of it were so good to take home. But within a few hours I found myself in a state of frustration struggling unsuccessfully to complete an online money transfer because of an "invalid access code", even after resetting it. How quickly I had lost the peace of the evening in the face of this computer error!
    Finally I noticed the access code box at the top of the form would erase itself when filling in a box near the bottom of the form, so it was just a matter of going back and filling in the access code a second time before submitting the form. It was a relief to finally succeed.
    My problem came about because of something unseen, but when we follow the Christ,
    and patiently wait for his answer, the unseen will become seen.
    Thank you so much José for your reference to follow the Christ. We don't have to lose the peace and joy he has for us.

  10. Many thanks Jose for reminding us that "The Christ is our liberator." "Love one another, — word of revelation;/ Love frees from error's thrall, — Love is liberation." (Christian Science Hymnal #179)

  11. With the Christ comes the articulation of Truth, and with the Truth there is no confusion, only clarity. In the Bible, Isaiah, God says! , "...I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known."

    Thank you very much Jose!

  12. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear Jose, this daily-lift is full of LOVE, CHRIST-LOVE, a great healing moment, many thanks.

  13. Thank you so much for this practical Lift applicable today and always. And thank you to all for inspired comments. Each one is valued. Together we are a choir singing God's praise and embracing the world.

  14. Thank you. It is always wise to listen for God and then follow His directions.

  15. Thank you so much, Jose. Your message is exactly what I need today.

  16. A really practical Daily Lift Jose, thank you.

  17. Thank you Jose, wise words indeed! When I find my thoughts going "haywire" as often happens,I try bringing to mind quickly the first verse of the lovely Hymn written by Mrs Eddy, Affectionately known as "Shepherd" (304 in the christian Science hymnal) It soon gets me back on my spiritual track and the journey seems much lighter! LOVE to ALL Mankind, wherever you are!

  18. In the moment of silencing the false sense of self and turning away from the material confusion, discord is replaced by calm, and confusion is replaced by quiet. So often I've had experiences and demonstrations of overcoming unhappy circumstances with prayer and hymns and gratitude, and I know, too, I must give my whole heart to deny distractions in favour of honesty and humility. "Letting that Mind be in us that is also in Christ Jesus" is the way we are to follow.
    Thank you Jose, and all who produce each Daily Lift.

  19. What a lovely lift today, it would be so good to share with others, unfortunately they may not appreciate in the way I do, thank you. A cup of cold water in Christs name never mind the result. at least one has tried .

  20. Thank you very much, José.
    This was exactly what I need. :-)

  21. A very special lift, José because we have to work our way through every turn, but the way is already established. Thank you for this simplicity.

  22. Truly beautiful! Just what I needed to start my day. So gratiful.

  23. Thank you for this precious Lift. It spoke to my heart.

  24. I can relate to Gary at no 9's computer problem. I recently spent two sessions trying to complete a form, only to find that I had not read the instructions thoroughly. I prayed about understanding, and was led to go back to page one and once I'd read the instructions again, I completed the form quickly.-Why is it that we rely on our own understanding of something, instead of turning directly to the Christ to show us they way? I learned this lesson the hard way, so thank you Jose' for telling us so clearly how we should go about it.

  25. As others have said, this was just what I needed this morning. My computer problems can be so frustrating and overwhelming at times. Following the Christ and listening for God's thoughts, while quieting mine, has resulted in answers I could never have come up with humanly. I keep praying with "All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause and effect belong to God." (Science and Health) I am still working with computer and health related problems and will hold to your inspiring ideas. Thanks so much!

  26. Such a calming lift Jose. Thank you so much. Being reminded that the spiritual path already exists for us to find our way out of this world's confusions and harsh falsehoods is very uplifting. Letting the Mind be in us that was in Christ Jesus is the path out of the maze. I'll pray with this thought today and know its truth will bring many blessings.

  27. Thanks so much. This was helpful, and I have seen these ideas be true in my own life. Humility is often the way and yet the thing that seems hard to achieve. I like hymn 124 from the Christian Science hymnal, especially the last verse:

    How gentle God's commands,
    How kind His precepts are;
    Come, cast your burdens on the Lord,
    And trust His constant care.

    Beneath His watchful eye
    His saints securely dwell;
    That hand which bears creation up
    Shall guard His children well.

    His goodness stands approved,
    Unchanged from day to day:
    I drop my burden at His feet,
    And bear a song away.

  28. Thank You, lovely.

  29. Such a great lift!
    Thank you Jose for sharing this inspiration.

  30. Thank you José for this great Lift .Last night Last afternoon we were in our weekend house out of town and when we finished what we had to do and decided to return home, we could not find the keys to our car. At first we searched in the normal places and when we did not find them, we searched around the garden and then we called the man who had been reparing the stove and asked him if he inadvertently had taken our keys. We searched and searched; it was already dark and when our lantern went out of battery, my husband called a taki to take us back 70 km back to town to get the replacement keys. In that moment I decided to sit down with my Science and Health book and started reading the chapter of Prayer. One minute after that my husband cried out loud "I´ve got them". All the time they had been in an inside pocket of his jacket. This taught me a lesson: How many times in our lives we search in the wrong direction, and then when we are tired, only after we have failed many times, we quiet down and we follow the Christ, the Way Shower. We believe we must take ALL the decisions instead of humbly listening. "Shepherd show me how to go... I will listen for Thy voice.... " Hymn 304 by Mrs Eddy.

  31. Thank you, Jose, for sharing with us how to follow the Christ! We have a Hymn #202 that says, "....The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking...." All we have to do is to leave our dreams of material sense and wake to hear God's guidance, leading us into Peace and Joy and Power.

  32. What a sweet message of assurance, progress and guidance. This Christ message is speaking to everyone at every moment. Our knowing this brings the Christ Truth to the whole world. It brings the Christ Truth to Syria, its government and its citizens. Knowing this changes a "painful situation to a natural sense of harmony," as José tells us.

    Thank you, José. Thank you dear Mother Church for bringing these messages of truth to the world.

  33. What a fine message. It is a helpful companion to this week's Lesson Sermon, "Christ Jesus".


  34. Lovely insight, Jose, that clarifies some thoughts I had while praying for world leaders as they contemplate appropriate actions in the Middle East. The Christ is here and able to guide us out of the labyrinth of tyranny, violence, and discord into freedom, peace, and harmony.

  35. This was so beautiful! Thank you!

  36. This is PERFECT for today. Thank you Jose and everyone!

  37. Christ is generally treated as a synonym for Jesus of Nazareth, but scholars say that Christ originally meant “anointed” (Christos in Greek). The title became his because he demonstrated so well in teaching and healing that he was completely covered, “anointed” in divine influence.

    I love how Isaiah saw the divine influence on someone who would be a savior: (7:14) “… that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.” Isn’t that true always? The anointment or showering of divine influence means that we may know to refuse the evil and choose the good – and can do so.

    Following Christ is a catchy expression; sounds like we should go somewhere. But I am thinking it is more about taking showers.

    Thank you José for a bar of soap. - I am back from weeks of trade show stuff... and rested. Can you tell? Catching up on some great lifts too. Thanks all for wonderful contributions!

  38. Lovely inspiring lift. Thank you José.

  39. Yes, "the way out of any labyrinth we THINK we are in" You got it right, Jose!
    As a man thinks in his heart surely does determine his experience. Hence need for Christianly Scientific thinking. Thanks to all who get the Good News of Truth and Love out to the dear world with the blessings of Christ's salvation.

  40. A very good message to go along with this weeks lesson. The Christ presence is always with us, showing us the way out of large or small challenges. We have to just see and acknowledge this presence.
    I guess keys and computers and eye glasses have caused the most stress and discord in modern day lives, but when we quiet the static and turn off the panic button, we will see the guiding light to show us the way, and the Shepherd will show us "how to go over the hillside steep." I am forever grateful for our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, who founded our Mother Church and gave us Science and Health to give us the Key.
    Thank you, Jose for this much needed Lift.

  41. Your message is a wonderful aid to me today. Just what I needed to hear and the reason why these daily lifts are so important. Thank you Jose'

  42. Thank you Jose for your message today. I drive by an open field every day which becomes a corn
    maze in the fall. The corn was recently planted and is becoming visible. Now when I drive by
    it will serve as a reminder that I unintentionally make up complicated mazes out of events in my
    life that really have a simple solution if I would turn to the Christ instead of human reasoning and

  43. Thank you, Jose, for this very powerful and healing message.

  44. Thank you, Jose! One of the things we're asked to do each day is to "pray that the divine presence may still guide and bless our chief magistrate, those associated with his executive trust, our national judiciary; give to our congress wisdom, and uphold our nation with the right arm of His righteousness."

    Regardless what country we live in, we can know that the same Christ that supplies us with right, spiritual ideas and direction, is the same divine influence that speaks in every ear in every nation. Seeing this, we can pray, not only that "I will follow and rejoice," but that WE, the whole world, is following the leadings of divine Love to the end that we all can see that the omnipresent, divine laws of harmony, peace and Love prevail universally. Right now. Today.

    Thanks for this lift!

  45. Dear Jose
    Thank you for this message to lead us out of any labyrinth of frustration or discord.
    This is a prayer also for peace in the war zones-- of individual lives or in the suffering countries.

  46. Thank you Jose, Jesus, the Christ truth leads in light. "The path of the just is as the shining light,
    that shines more and more unto the perfect day." Proverbs: 4:18

  47. Thank you, Jose!

    Each day we are asked to "Pray that the divine presence may still guide and bless our chief magistrate, those associated with his executive trust, and our national judiciary; give to our congress wisdom, and uphold our nation with the right arm of His righteousness."

    As we do, we can affirm that the Christ is speaking in every ear--and that we are all listening and hearing--as it supplies each and every one of us with an abundance of good, right ideas and
    direction. It's not just I who will follow, but mankind will follow, rejoicing as the Christ brings us all into conformity with the universal, divine laws of unity, harmony, prosperity, brotherly love and peace.

    Again, thank you for the inspiring message this morning.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Christian Science versus Pantheism" (p.14) by Mary Baker Eddy.

  48. Oh, this is a wonderful lift. I love the idea that we can look for "other signs" right where there seems to be signs if difficulty. That our true spiritual sense can discern those signs from Love that lead us out of trouble.
    Jose, your presentation was especially sincere and touched my heart. Muchas gracias.

  49. Thank you Jose for your assuring comment today! Since the "Christ-principle" is "the way" as Mrs. Eddy states, following its guidance through any labyrinth we may encounter, resolves in peace and a clearer understanding of God.
    Tenent #6 from the Christian Science "Church Manual", states: "And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure"(p16). Divine Mind (God) always provides. When we come to the ends of our labyrinths, we feel His guidance.
    Thank you for your comments lifters and the Daily Lift Team for your diligent work...such a lovely forum for thinking/discussing Christian Science topics!

  50. Thank you for this beautiful lift on how hear and follow Christ, Divine Mind. Very good.

  51. How many times do we humans make the same mistakes over and over thinking that this time it will come out alright. Thank God for Christian Science that teaches us to always start with Christ before the action, then it will always come out alright. Pray first then follow the human steps with Christ right behind you leading the way. Isn't this what happened to Moses when he led the children out of Egypt, and isn't this the way to help both Egypt and Syria today? The Christ can accomplish every thing.

  52. Thank you for this message today!

  53. I am so grateful for this
    I am so grateful for this DL that reminds us to 'follow the Christ first' before rushing around looking for a human solution to a problem. "Be still and know that I AM GOD" Thank you, Jose!


  54. Thank you so much, I forwarded this to many people that would like it. So many good comments also.

  55. The 51 comments so far have already said all my heart would say . . . so I will just add my deep thanks to the chorus. Truly, God spoke, via this Lift, Jose, and all the comments, straight to my heart.

  56. Thank you, Jose, for “Follow the Christ … trusting the Christ, God’s saving love … we are always guided to our innate supply of right ideas …”

    I first heard of Christian Science in 1969, when two dear friend gave me Science and Health. From that first sentence in the preface, “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings,” I recognized a reliable way to explore my relationship with God, the way Jesus explained and demonstrated.

    At that time, cults were "popping up everywhere." Common terms of the day, were “brainwash” and “de-program.” Some friends and family members, never having heard of Christian Science, lovingly warned me to beware that it might be a cult. I was grateful. I certainly didn’t want to be tricked into worshipping a person, when I only wanted to “follow the Christ.”

    Cautiously, I read, studied, and practiced Christian Science to discover what I had been looking for since childhood – how to actually live like Jesus by deliberately applying God’s laws to overcome “every ill that flesh is heir to.”

    When I came across this in Mrs. Eddy’s writings: “… follow your Leader only so far as she follows Christ” (’01 34:20) and “I again repeat, Follow your Leader, only so far as she follows Christ” (’02 4:3), I was permanently healed of doubt - free to follow the Christ with scientific certainty, guided by one, who had consecrated her life to do the same.

    Consecration turns profession into proof of the power of Christ's Christianity.

  57. I lost some peace yesterday, but have found it, as well as renewed focus, through submitting to God's order. Thank you, José, for your comforting message, which strikes so clear.

    Christian Science always has the right instruction for me. Yesterday I attended a lovely Wednesday testimony meeting, where the Sermon on The Mount was featured, along with spot-on correlative passages. I am always grateful for the refeshing experiences I have there.

  58. thank you Jose , i now can only listen to the voice of Jesus the Christ that will never let me go yes , from Frank in Australia ,

  59. Muchas gracias Jose for the helpful lift.

  60. Thank you, Jose and commenters, for an abundance of good thoughts.
    Love and blessings to everyone everywhere all the time.

  61. The Christ guides us every moment. Thank you for bringing out this fact so clearly. Becoming conscious of this fact takes away fear, liberates and comforts, softens.

  62. How comforting!!! Thank you Jose and for all the comments,so helpful. Love to all

  63. Thank you. Thank you. That was exactly what I needed to hear.

  64. A much appreciate message to antidote the complexities of modern day life. Thank you.

  65. Thank you.

  66. Thanks for the reminder to focus on the Christ, not the seeming insurmountable problem. That's the only way to a solution! (=

  67. The labyrinth does not exist; the worries do not exist. Only God's love and goodness to us exist! Praise be to God!

  68. I like to hear a lift with someone in it. I also look for signs imperceptible to the material senses, because they are always illusions of the true state of being. Who stopped us: what stopped us? Nothing but a belief in a different life that will do nothing but strangle & stultify you & put you to sleep in one way or another to keep it's hold on your thought to keep itself alive in you. Remember Invasion of the body snatchers?! My favorite prayer is "NO!"

  69. Thank you!

  70. Many,many thanks for the reminder of the importance of the power of the"Christ,Truth".

  71. a belated thank you.........

  72. This is an inspiring Lift!! It covers everything I have been working on not only with myself but with others.

    Thank you!!

  73. Thank you! Great message to lift above limitation. I needed this reminder there are unseen opportunities to reflect the good that God has makes available to each of His beloved children.

  74. Another impeding war? What can I do?

    I can see the Christ, the real man, everywhere and not hopelessly lost in some labyrinth of gloom and inevitable destruction. The Christ cannot be mesmerized by a falsity even if there seems to be no way out. There is a way and Christ shows us this way.

    My gratitude for this lift is immense. Muchisimas gracias, Jose and our Lifter family.

  75. Thank you for the soothing message!

  76. Thank you, Jose, for your inspiring words of comfort and positive thoughts for progress and well-being leading out of the 3 words you mentioned that lead to dead-ends: (no self-justification, no frustration, no discouragement). I knew LABYRINTH is a maze, but wanted to look it up in my old dictionary, which says Labyrinth 1. an intricate structure of interconnected passages and dead-end alleys through which it is difficult to find one's way: maze. 2. Something highly intricate or convoluted: perplexity. I thought of President Obama, bless his heart! I agree with you: "Let's follow Christ. It will lead us out of any labyrinth we think we are in." "Trust the Christ: God-saving Love! We are always guided to our innate supply of right ideas that meet our human needs." Thanks Jose. I very much appreciate your positive words: "We are impelled to forgive & exhibit moral strength and humility in the face of struggles." "Christ is our Liberator." "Jesus lived it perfectly." Additionally, this CS website is a liberating opportunity for free expression and healing from messages worth hearing and from which one can learn. Thanks to everyone.

  77. To No. 68. I need more explanation of what you are saying. Please explain more! Thanks

  78. I just want to say thank you Jose. And thanks to the kind and helpful daily Lifters who share so generously.

  79. God is my life, I love God ! Mérida Venezuela

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