8/28: Never give up!

8/28: Never give up!

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  1. Thank you Lorenzo for these words of assurance and spiritual conviction. As we go up higher in our thought and spiritual progress, it becomes more apparent that what we are pursuing is, in fact, pursuing us. Learning more about God and his reflection man is really what is behind every worthwhile goal.. How important is the pursuit of high ideals? I'm reminded of Mary Baker Eddy's words, found in Retrospection and Introspection, page 61, in regards to spiritual healing,"Unless this method be pursued, the Science of Christian healing will again be lost, and human suffering will increase." As Christian Scientist we "never give up" in pursuit of the Truth and its demonstration.

  2. Wonderful. Thank you!

    Your Lift made me think of this quote:

    "Never give in – never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense."

    -- Winston Churchill

  3. Great advice and encouragement. Thank you

  4. Excellent, Lorenzo! Much gratitude for these Daily Lifts and all who do the preparation.

  5. Thank you, Lorenzo, for “Never give up … in the face of obstacles when the goal is right and God-directed … watch and pray every step of the way …”

    This reminds me of when I taught a leadership class years ago and “never giving up” was included in our discussions of goal setting, initiative, industriousness, perseverance, and achievement. These should be admirable qualities. Yes? And yet, I came to understand that the answer is “Yes,” only if, as you say, “the goal is right and God-directed.”

    This became clear when one day I noticed a fly buzzing at a closed window inside a room, never giving up its pursuit to escape to the outside (to be free!) until it finally fell dead onto the windowsill. (I hadn't expected that!) Then I became aware of the screen door not too far from that closed window. The screen had a big hole in it through which the fly could easily have gained its freedom. How sad, after all that fly’s hard work and determination! The lesson for me in all this was to never give up; but to always be open to “God-directed” ways of achieving a “right goal.” God always directs us away from being trapped in undesirable or dangerous circumstances and always directs us towards freedom.

    To “watch and pray every step of the way” is necessary. So, if I find myself “buzzing at a closed window,” I'm open to “flying through a big hole in the screen.” Sometimes I even look for the “hole in the screen” first! :-) And Yes! Never give up “when the goal is right and God-directed."

  6. What a comforting thought! Thank you for this.

  7. What a great Lift, and what a lift it gave me - thank you!!

  8. Thank you Lorenzo, this is ALWAYS a good message..

  9. What a wonderful lift - just what I needed today. I'll keep working on my project, watching and praying. Thank you!

  10. The day I’ll give up I’ll be dead… but I don’t believe in death because there is no space for death to fill in a space already filled with God, good.

    MBE wrote, “Individuals are consistent who, watching and praying, can "run, and not be weary; . . .walk, and not faint," who gain good rapidly and hold their position, or attain slowly and yield not to discouragement.” S&H 254:2

    Press on and let's keep on singing, “The song of Christian Science is, "Work — work — work — watch and pray.”
    And never give up!

    El día que me dé por vencida estaré muerta ... pero yo no creo en la muerte porque no hay espacio para la muerte en un espacio ya lleno por Dios, el bien.

    MBE escribió: "Son consecuentes quienes, velando y orando, pueden "correr, y no cansarse;... caminar, y no fatigarse", que logran el bien rápidamente y mantienen su posición, o que lo obtienen lentamente y no se rinden al desaliento."CyS 254:2

    Adelante y sigamos cantando, “La canción de la Ciencia Cristiana es: "Trabajad — trabajad — trabajad — velad y orad."

    ¡Y nunca te des por vencido!

  11. But how do I know what ideas to pursue?

    Reply from Lorenzo Rodriguez:
    "There are no formulas. Examine the motive of the idea you are pursuing. Examine how you’re going about it. Follow the leading of the 'still small voice'."

  12. Thank you so much Lorenzo for your message and words of wisdom I really need that this day.

  13. Many thanks Lorenzo for this great reminder. "Yield not to discouragement." "To do Thy will is greater/ Than sacrifice can be;/ O give me needed courage/ Sweet with sincerity." Christian Science Hymnal #151).

  14. Dear Lorenzo,

    Thank you so much for this Lift. Much gratitude as well to the Christian Science Board of Directors, the Daily Lift Team, the Practitioners, Lifters and Seekers of Truth who press on prayerfully especially when the human condition or view of Life seems tainted with fear or trouble.

    The walk across the desert was clearly not about a physical journey, though it is represented as such. Every step of the way there was proof of God's love, but it was not necessarily seen and recognized as that. What therefore had to be handled was fear, doubt and lack of purpose...that was the journey.

    Last week's lesson spoke of a man who goes to Jesus to have his son healed (John 4:46-53) and in summary Jesus tells the man "Go thy way, thy son liveth"...and the man went his way. Can you imagine the faith that must have taken? Remember this isn't an hour's drive journey...this is at least a day or two of journeying...expecting a healing. For me the key here is the expectation of goodness, which we call a healing...that changed thought.

    Work in branch Churches can seem overwhelming especially when tempted to look at others that seem so filled with people and activity. I had been feeling rather overwhelmed with the amount of work we all have to do, and now on top of that we have to find funding to effect needed repairs.

    I however realize our work IS right activity and as we press on we learn and apply thus the true Light is revealed.

    Again, thanks!

  15. The song of Christian Science is, "Work—work— work—watch and pray."

    From Message to the Mother Church for 1900, page 2:7

    “La canción de la Ciencia Cristiana es: "Trabajad — trabajad — trabajad — velad y orad."

    Del libro, Mensaje a la Iglesia Madre Junio 1900, pag. 2:7

  16. Thank you. Never give up!.. because it is impossible for Truth (Father Mother God) to give up! ..on us!!!

  17. Just what I needed this morning!
    Sometimes it's not discouragement I find myself yielding to, but distraction.
    But overriding the world's yammering, with calm patience - achieved through prayer - is ownerfully interesting & progress is exciting.

  18. Thank you so much for inspiring daily lift in a voice full of strength which conveyed the message even more powerfully.

  19. Thank you. This reminded me of an article in the Christian Science Journal Nov. 2007. Never Give Up. Thank you one and all.

  20. Thank you!

  21. Thank you for this helpful Lift. The title of the Lift in Spanish is helpful too, as it is closer to "Never think of ourselves as defeated" and it reminds me of Paul's words "For in all these things we are more than conquerors" and he gives the reason why, as we do things "through him that loved us" (Romans 8:37)

  22. Thank you so much. It was the message I needed as I begin a challenging day!

  23. Dear Lorenzo, This means so much to me today. Many thanks!

  24. I needed to hear this truth this morning, thank you so much

  25. Thank you Lorenzo for this encouraging DL. Watch and pray every step of the way and never give up if the purpose is good, God directed. Discouragement is the biggest weapon against our spiritual progress so we must be consistent and persistent even if the goal is not attained rapidly. Thank you Troy # 13 for your comment. It is true, we must be also humble and list for His Voice all the rugged way. If one door is closed, maybe there is an open window. Blessings to all!

  26. BOY this is exactly what I needed this morning as I'm facing what seems to be an unsurmountable problem with my computer company. When I went online to get a corporate mailing address there was none, but there were comments from other very frustrated customers seeking an address also. My last letter sent to the address on the packing slip that came with my computer 7 years ago was returned not able to be delivered or forwarded. Not being alone isn't much comfort. I have been praying with the ideas of honesty and integrity and hopefully they will help us all. Your message has inspired me not to give up as I was tempted to do after receiving the return mail. Thanks so much!

  27. Thank you so much. So very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Excellent daily lift! Thank you Lorenzo, I need to hear that today.

  29. 1 Corinthians 13 "It (Love) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." That's right Lorenzo! We are God's reflections, the expressions of his love, and we never give up because God never gives up! Giving up is not in our nature because we are being the individuals God made us to be.

  30. Thank you for this inspiring lift today. Mrs. Eddy never gave up--neither did Martin Luther King, Jr. whose "I Have a Dream" speech is remembered today. I am reminded ot the need for staying power today, and forever. Each of us is important wherever we are. Thank you.

  31. The Daily Lifts are so helpful and wonderful!! For me, this one by Lorenzo Rodriguez is right on the money. Many thanks !!

  32. Thank you, Lorenzo! It sounds like you have learned the lesson of Never Giving Up! But even before that, I must learn how to trust that my goal is Right and is God-Directed. Is it just my Human Will? Am I acting out of Fear, Running Away? Can I trust that what I am hearing and feeling is Really God's Directing? When I start moving forward and obstacles come up - do I just assume that maybe I'm making a mistake.....or do I press on, trusting that I am being led into the Land of Christian Science? Can I trust that the obstacles are part of the Journey and will lead to the Destination.....?? Sometimes my prayer may be so simple as to say, "God, I am willing, show me how." "Shepherd, show me how to go...." Wonderful topic for a Lift!

  33. Great encouraging lift today when I needed to hear it. Thanks !

  34. Thank you for this powerful, helpful command to never give up .

  35. Thank you, thank you! I will never give up on anything.

  36. Needed this today for sure. Thank you so much! :-)

  37. I love this! Thank you, thank you. The "earthweights" that drag us down are things like resentment, harsh judgment of ourselves or others (usually on the basis of incomplete information), envy, comparison, etc. Following God's angels leading us forward is the best career imaginable.

  38. P.S. To #26 Lori in California. Your post made me think of something I've been learning: Sometimes persistence means persistence in prayer alone...dedication to a humility that lets things go forward in very unusual ways...God's "unsought path"...not necessarily the way that seems humanly right or "fair." Divine justice is so much bigger. Putting ourselves in the current of God's ways and means seems frightening at first, but is actually a lot of fun!

  39. Once you have seen the light, why would turn it off? Running water might run into a dam, but as it keeps flowing it will fill the dam and eventually run over. So our expression of un-selfed love might run into obstacles, but as it keeps flowing it will keep rising until it eventually runs over.

    In her poem, Mother's Evening Prayer, Mary Baker Eddy writes:
    "O make me glad for every scalding tear,

    For hope deferred, ingratitude, disdain!

    Wait, and love more for every hate, and fear

    No ill, — since God is good, and loss is gain"
    (Poems. pg. 4)
    Thanks to Lorenzo and all these uplifting comments revealing the universal affection for good.

  40. Nice, thank you.

  41. So good, Lorenzo. Thanks!

  42. Thank you, Lorenzo, for your very clear, simple, and practical Lift!

  43. Perfect timing!!!!!

  44. Absolutely, Lorenzo. Watch and pray every step of the way and don't ever give up. Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. This is the right boost for my day. Bless you.

  45. Thank you for this message which is EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning...so very helpful!f

  46. One moment of spiritual understanding dissolves the number of years put into its pursuit. Yes, never give up.

  47. Thank you for this lift. The awareness of His presence keeps us free from the great temptation to believe in two powers. The only thing we can truly give up is the material illusion, the temptation to believe in a selfhood apart from Him.

  48. Thank you Lorenzo for reminding us to not give up when we know our pursuits are "God directed". Actually it seems to me that if an idea is "God directed", it would behoove us to definitely not give up because to give up reading, practicing, working to understand God better would be disappointing God.
    Mrs. Eddy states on pg 520 in "Science and Health": "...growth is the eternal mandate of Mind." So growth is always happening even if we cannot see it just when we would like to see it, or in the form we would like to see it. God knows, God directs. "When we wait patiently on God and seek Truth righteously, He directs our path" (MBE "Science and Health, p254). "The Lord is my shepherd" (Psalm23) talks entirely about trusting God's way, God's path. And even if error manifests, Mrs. Eddy cautions "Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow under every circumstance" ("Miscellaneous Writings", p117). The rewards are always great!

    Thank you lifters and The Daily Lift Team too!

  49. Thank you. Lovely supportive message for me today.

  50. Muchísimas gracias Lorenzo por este mensaje tan inspirativo y confortante. Un abrazote

  51. Thank you for this Lift, Lorenzo, and for all the wonderful, supportive comments, particularly #21Eleanor who shared that the title of the Lift in Spanish is closer to "Never think of ourselves as defeated." Tempted to feel discouraged that the same problems need addressed over and over in my experience, this Lift really helped me see such as "fighting the good fight" - as evidence of striving and growth and of not giving up! I can better see the blessing in each challenge and the differences in the situations and the depth of the spirituality of my prayers regarding them. Deeply grateful for this Lift and for all involved in bringing us the Lifts & our faithful Lift community that cheers me on every day.

  52. These Daily Lifts are so powerful and for me right on time. I have a "God directed" idea that I am pursuing and today I remembered other "God directed"ideas and the outcome when I listened and obeyed God's direction. Thank you so much, Lorenzo.

  53. Is giving up an option? I haven't found that to be so.

    Gaining good rapidly and holding a position --- attaining slowly and not yielding to discouragement >>>> all things are possible with God.

    May we all recognize the good we are gaining whether quickly or slowly. It's there for us to enjoy, give thanks for, and rejoice about.

    May we continue to encourage one another to see the good that mortal mind's meanderings might seem to hide. Sometimes it seems like a game of hide and seek, but when we seek, we find.

    Thank you, Lorenzo and commenters, for the encouragement, the gratitude, and the love you're sharing today. Thanks, Nate and all who work to make this Daily Lift available to us today.

    Love and blessings to all mankind!

  54. The pursuit of learning to pray as taught in C/S is a "God directed" pursuit. Hard, yes for some, but should never lead us to give up simply because IT SEEMS HARD. For the seeming is motivated by Mortal Mind, not the Divine. As the Lord's Prayer tells us, "Lead us not unto temptation, but deliver us from evil." Or as paraphrased, "God pricks us not to give up for success surely is attainable."

  55. Thank you.I got a call from my daughter today that I must not miss the "lift"because it is so helpful....and it is!!

  56. Beautifully said with a great message. Thank you!

  57. Lorenzo, thanks for this idea! It reminds me of an article I read in the "Christian Science Sentinel" (08.26.13), "Public relations--and the divine relationship" by Susan Self. It is really wonderful how the author articulates how when she thought all possible solutions were exhausted yet she understood how much God loved her she could depend on Him. And the solution was right there--already at-hand. I know this can be found at a Christian Science Reading Room and also at www.jsh.christianscience.com at this link: "Public relations--and the divine relationship." Lori

  58. I never give up and the fruits of keeping on keeping on produces great benefits in my relationships; harmony, and peace prevail in my God directed amigos and amigas

  59. Great Lift as well as thoughts from Charlotte and Scott. When the world makes no sense and obstacles appear in your life never take them personally. Question every thought and feeling to see where it's coming from -- from God, Spirit or hypnotism. Evil thought can't hide from God or you. You'll detect hypnotism and it's insidious agenda. Our first lessons are self-control. If you detect a thought or feeling is foreign to God and you, you have the authority to realize you can't be taken over or hypnotized by it and divine Mind, God, will give you the prayer to claim victory over hypnotism's feeling and belief for yourself and your world. The structure of Truth and Love, the consciousness God gave man is not invaded, it is victorious.

  60. I feel like I've attend a fantastic pep rally!!!! And Lorenzo, you're the cheerleader!!!!! Thank you to all. I'm inspired and full of confidence!!
    Love to all

  61. Thanks to the Lift team and all the speakers we hear from. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. It stands out to me just now that the word way comes first. What is the 'way' we are seeking? Like in the Prayer for big children by MBE: To the Big Children

    Father-Mother good, lovingly

    Thee I seek, —

    Patient, meek,

    In the way Thou hast, —

    Be it slow or fast,

    Up to Thee."
    When we are unsure if we are aiming at the right goal, maybe the most important thing to watch is how we are seeking. Are we watching for the qualities of God to be expressed in us? Is this watching our only true goal? The human decisions will fall into place around this watching in ways we could never predict. Lately it has become more apparent that the lines of reasoning, the predictions, the estimations, conclusions, expectations are mortal modes of thought attempting to "pattern the infinite" (S&H). When we find ourselves unclear as to how to go, can we become quiet and listen for what God is expressing in us, His/Her idea? As MBE says " of two things fate cannot deprive us: of choosing the good and helping others so to choose." If we get caught up in human goals more than being God's expression, we can let ourselves off the hook of the fear this brings by knowing we can and do express God NOW. "What does God require of thee but to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God." Micah

  62. The perfect message of encouragement for this day (and every day!)

    Thank you so very much, Lorenzo!

  63. Thanks, Lorenzo. I needed this today.

  64. Lorenzo - thank you for such a concise and simple summary of this week's bible lesson on Christ Jesus! His daily demonstration was to act with moral courage and boldly against the testimony of material sense. To "never give up" in listening for God's direction and to express all of qualities with which God has endowed each of his children - including grace, expressed in patience, meekness, love and good deeds!

  65. Very timely and useful today! Thank you so much!

  66. 5 words! I simply love message.

  67. Thank you , Lorenzo. This is a wonderful message. I appreciate all of the comments ,too, especially #5, Nela's illustration.

  68. Thank you for the message to never give up what God endowed man with, Love and Truth.

  69. I've read with much gratitude all the above comments, and how often the thought came to me while so doing, "No matter how many times we give up (get distracted by mortal mind's insidious lies) God=Good remains" unswerving, loving, right where we are. Psalm 139 reassures us where it says "If I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there". We cannot give up, only mortal mind tries to tempt us into believing that we can. Does GOD give up on what's right, NO!...nor can we! Thank you Charlotte, (46) I like what you said. Thanks to Lorenzo and to the Daily lift team, and to Brothers and Sisters everywhere.

  70. Thank you

  71. Thank you for this great message and I always appreciate the comments. It is all so helpful!

  72. A Christian Scientist once said to me:"it took Noah one hundred and twenty years to build the ark".I will continue my quest to pursue my goal.Give up! (jamais)


  73. Uplifting, thank you

  74. Thanks Lorenzo. Great message Im still feeling sorry fot the fly in #5.

  75. Isn't this a great Lift, Lorenzo?! I remember in your interview you said you are from Cuba, and you had to have a visa to enter USA. The visas came, and so did you, and you said "Now I can go wherever I want without a visa." I gave grateful thanks yesterday at our testimony meeting for my mother, who overcame all the predictions and prognostications when she left our father and came to Brisbane. What a decision! God was tenderly watching over her every step of the very "rugged way." She was presented with Christian Science on a tram! It was an imperious order to be at church on Sunday. That angel swept aside all hesitation and timidity. We were at church on Sunday and she never left. How many women facing the first steps to the seeming insecurity and lack of provision go on to a vibrant life of providing for others! Inspiring, healing, praying for the world with none other than God as their Provider, God: infinite, eternal, all-loving, as their One Companion Supreme! A friend from Sunday School days said to me, "Thy Maker is thy Husband." And this has absolutely proved to be so. And what a generous, undemanding, patient and always one step ahead Provider. Thank you so much, Lorenzo. An immigrant from Cuba, but a Prince in Christian Science, taking your place in the Royal Court, with all of us right there with you! What a family we are! One with God is most assuredly a majority!
    It is just breaking day here on the east coast of Australia. A very good morning


  77. Hey, Hey! Just what I needed today Lorenzo. Muchas Gracias, Muito Obrigado!
    I am going through a tough time in my field of employment trying to move fore-ward into a teaching position. I can feel in my heart this pursuit has been God directed every step of the way through many obstacles. I have been feeling stuck now for almost 8 months. With interview after interview and no results. At first it felt right to try and move fore-ward where I have worked as an Assistant, hoping for a promotion. Instead I have been consistently passed by for many positions that seem to be a great fit for me. In listening to you, I thought "that's exactly how I have been feeling lately" like giving up. These experiences began to take a toll on my self-esteem and confidence. I began to wonder whether anyone valued what I had to give the students in the school I have so happily worked in for so many years. There certainly seems to be discouragement and the temptation to give up.

    I'm not sure how it will all work itself out? So, I asked myself. Have all my hopes, dreams and desires in the pursuit of this career been God directed?
    s career pursuit. Is my motive pure for wanting to teach in this needy school or any school? YES!
    I am comforted today in knowing that if it's God supported and God directed then there has to be Victory!

    Thank you Lorenzo for this comforting message today.

  78. THANKS so much for the sweet reminder, Lorenzo! I won't give up!!

  79. Thank you, Lorenzo. I enjoyed this Lift and all the comments. I listened to a Sentinel Radio broadcast today (on cd) and finally understood a lesson I had been working on for a long time. I had listened to this particular cd many times, seeking healing, and finally "got it" [ that God is the supplier of all good, no matter where it appears to be coming from humanly]. It occurred to me that we need to continue trying, sometimes even the same thing over again (forget the fly), because it will be revealed/ understood as we are ready to accept it. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

  80. Thank you for the encouragement, Lorenzo!

  81. Thanks, Lorenzo. Great insight.

  82. It's just what I need at this moment. Thank you!

  83. I love this message. Thank you so much.

  84. Love this bold lift! Had to laugh though after reading about 'the fly' from Nela and then Linda. Perhaps the lesson from the fly is to stop 'buzzing' about so much because persistence is more in the mental realm, in what we are thinking or believing, than in desperate motions we make if forgetting God.

  85. Oh, thank you Lorenzo and all who have shared. The lift, and each response, is a treasure. I'm remembering this line from a hymn, "Press on, press on ye sons (and daughters ) of light, untiring in your holy fight, still treading each temptation down and battling for a higher crown." (290) and this line from hymn 289, Press on, and know that God is all;" Music since Tuesday has been so inspiring. thanks.

  86. Thank you Lorenzo for a very timely Lift, as we endeavor to reach yet higher demonstrations in everything we do and sometimes those "obstacles" would seem so real. The lines "that we know intuitively that it's the right thing" and "when the goal is right and God-directed" just hit the mark today.

    Thank you again Lorenzo! José Sánchez-Castro

  87. Such an important message. Thank you.

  88. Great and comforting message. Now I know why I didn't get to listen to it until today. Today's seeming defeat needed correction and encouragement.

    Muchisimas gracias, Lorenzo, and all Lifters.

  89. Thanks for a wonderful lift Lorenzo, it was exactlyt what I needed to hear this week! I was just reading all of the helpful comments today (Friday.) What a shower of blessings from around the world.Thank you all for your words of encouragement and your love for your fellow man. Now I feel stronger and ready to maintain my God-directed goals!! God bless.

  90. Thank you Lorenzo--it is always nice to hear from you!

  91. Many thanks Lorenzo, for the encouraging message.

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