8/26: Lessons from a photo

8/26: Lessons from a photo

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  1. Thank you John, what a great Lift. Our understanding of our relationship to God is the starting point for all harmonious activity. It is the point and understanding of perfection, of demonstration, of being. It defines our every moment, our existence, our pre-existence, and our eternal existence. It is the most precious relationship in heaven and earth. Mary Baker Eddy says, in S&H page 262, "Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of existence."

  2. Circumstances, which have produced a very positive advance for a family member, have also caused a distancing in the relationship between him and another close family member.
    I am learning to let the worry about that problem (and in fact all the other problems that may toss their heads up during the day) well enough alone. It is true that only God sees the bigger picture.
    We must let go and let God! No matter how serious or hurtful matters appear to be, by allowing God in and waiting for his direction, we will find the solution back to holiness, happiness and health.

  3. I thank you.

  4. We are the reflection of God. Thank you ,John ,for this wonderful lift. As Jesus reminds us."Be ye therefore perfect,.even as your Father ,which is in heaven is perfect".

  5. thank you so much John.In reality we can only reflect the goodness and love of God and His beauty,.Anything outside that is nothingness! What a wonderful reality to hang onto every day reaching out for that eternal harmony.love and peace to all

  6. Sweeeet!

  7. Wonderful! Thank you.

  8. What a lovely lift today, thank you so much for reminding us of how much good we all reflect, each moment. What a lovely way to start my day, I will think of that mountain for a long time.

  9. Beautiful! Thank you John for simplifying the concept of reflection. I specially liked the idea "Understanding that Man is God's perfect, immediate and exact reflection removes all mental and moral obstacles that would prevent us from fulfilling our purpose".

  10. Beautiful metaphor, very profound, especially in light of this past week's lesson on Mind!

  11. Thank you for that marvellous daily lift

  12. What a lovely way to start our week ! Thank you John for reminding us that the source of all goodness is in God, and that we reflect His qualities. Hymn 85 comes to mind. the third verse says" All the way that we must go We will take at Thy direction, Where the floods of trouble flow find Thy perfect, calm reflection; On the path that has no turning, Patience, courage, meekness learning" Note, that it is only when we have a sense of calm that we can see a reflection, if thought is troubled of ruffled, the reflection becomes blurred.

  13. How profoundly true and inspiring. The metaphor works so perfectly showing which is effect and which cause. Thank you, thank you.

  14. As the picture of a mountain and its reflection on a calm lake might seem to be one whole, God and man are seamlessly one whole: God and His idea.

    Jesus said “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect”. Matt. 5:48
    But how? Not by seeing ourselves as an imperfect human but as God’s perfect reflection.

    Understanding that man is God’s perfect and immediate and exact reflection removes all mental and moral obstacles that will prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.

    God is Mind and man is Its reflection.

    Tal como la foto de una montaña reflejada en un lago calmo pareciera ser entera, Dios y el hombre son un entero, sin costura: Dios y Su idea.

    Jesús dijo “Sed pues vosotros perfectos como vuestro Padre que está en los cielos es perfecto” Mateo 5:48
    ¿Pero cómo? No viéndonos a nosotros mismos como humanos imperfectos sino como el reflejo perfecto de Dios.

    Comprendiendo que el hombre es el reflejo perfecto e inmediato y exacto de Dios quita todos los obstáculos mentales y morales que nos impiden lograr nuestro propósito.

    Dios es Mente y el hombre es Su reflejo.

  15. I love the idea that my only purpose is to reflect God in everything I do and say.
    Thank you John, I'll be thinking a lot about that mountain today.

  16. Thank you, John, I paid special attention to the part about the door opening to infinite possibilities when we yield to the idea that man is God's perfect reflection. We do need to give in to that, don't we? And stop thinking that we are somehow responsible for running the show.

  17. Thank you John for this beautiful reminder

  18. Thank you, John. A very basic concept as learnt in Christian Science, and beautifully expressed to inspire us to acknowledge our origin and purpose and so demonstrate the truth.

  19. Many thanks John for this inspiring reminder from the definition of CREATOR: "Spirit; Mind; intelligence; the animating divine Principle of all that is real and good; self-existent Life, Truth, and Love; that which is perfect and eternal; " (S&H:583:20). "Thy radiance is so pure, so free,/ So beautiful and swift to bless,/ That by reflection constantly/ We manifest Thy tenderness:" (Christian Science Hymnal #233).

  20. Yes, this is a good reminder that we are God's reflection and how clearly Mary baker Eddy saw this glorious TRUTH when she wrote; "Entirely separate from the belief and dream of mortal existence is the Life divine......" These daily lifts are so helpful in keeping our thoughts aligned with TRUTH and I among many others are so grateful for them. Keep up the good work! LOVE to ALL. June UK.

  21. I love thinking about reflections - and this week's lesson brings this out, that we are His reflection.

    I was particularly struck by what you said, John, about if you took away the original there could be no reflection. We know that nothing can take away God, because He is ever-present everywhere all the time, and so, as we are His reflection, we can never be separated from Him and must reflect all that belongs to Him - as the reflection of infinite Mind, eternal Love.

    Thank you, John, and all lifters for expanding on these lifts and helping to bring us more spiritual light.

  22. A powerful and wonderful lesson , indeed treatment , for the begining of a new week .
    Thank you John.

  23. Thank-you, John for your very clear explanation of reflecting & reflection!

  24. Mary Baker Eddy gives, "The crude creations of mortal thought must give place to the glorious forms which we sometimes behold in the camera of divine Mind, when the mental picture is spiritual and eternal. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 264.) Thank you for removing all mental and moral obstacles.

  25. Superbe image de la perfection absolue. C'est vraiment ce que nous sommes tous, les enfants de notre cher Père-Mère Dieu qui nous aime tant.
    Auusi clair que l'eau de ce beau lac de montagne !
    Merci beaucoup John.

  26. Great lift....Thank you.!

  27. As always John your good work is Spot On. At first I was looking for the photo then I became aware that the idea was to form our own as does God, he forms His own, each of us His reflection, perfect, expectant and beautiful.

  28. Wonderful. So clear. Thank you!

  29. Thank you, John, for “Lessons from a photo … the reflection could never be its cause … this is equally true of God and man … ‘the son can do nothing of himself’ … opens the door wide to infinite possibilities …”

    Not until the recent Bible Lesson about Saul’s conversion to Paul, did I realize that my prayer, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” was Saul’s prayer. As he listened and obeyed, Saul thoughts that were enmity against God became Paul thoughts that glorified God and blessed all of mankind.

    “... Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said ... Arise …” (Acts 9:6).

    As I continue to ask, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” I reflect as I reflect with deep gratitude, letting “Our Father” be my God. To that extent do the limitations of Saul thoughts yield to the Paul consciousness immersed in and emerging with “infinite possibilities.”

    “No impossible thing do I ask when urging the claims of Christian Science … we should not deny our need of its spiritual unfoldment ... The necessity for uplifting the race is father to the fact that Mind can do it; for Mind can impart purity instead of impurity, strength instead of weakness, and health instead of disease ..." (S&H 271:22).

    Not even the slickest Photoshop manipulations can improve upon the Truth of our being. We are by our very nature … picture perfect reflection ... complete with every Godlike quality.

  30. Thank you. What a perfect way to start our day and week.

  31. Great!

  32. Thank you!!!

  33. Thanks, John. Have a good week, everyone

  34. Just exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much John. This one is a keeper. Very grateful for our worldwide Church family.

  35. John, thank you for a great "lift".

  36. Thank you, John, for this loving thought to reflect on today.

  37. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflection

  38. Thank you, John, for that wonderful Lift, and to Nela (29) for your comments on Paul's prayer. Our Bible study group finished the book of Acts, finding so much enlightenment there, but I missed the fact that Paul's query was actually his prayer. Thank you for sharing that thought!

  39. John, thank you . A peaceful and clear thought to the "still small voice".

  40. Clear, beautiful and simple. Huge to our existence and understanding.

  41. Wow, this is soooo clear, and soooo beautiful! Also very comforting. A million thanks John! Bless you & the whole DL team.

  42. This lift is "spot on" for every worrisome suggestion that seemed to present itself when I woke this morning. I can't express enough appreciation for its beautiful comforting message. I'm taking it with me everywhere I go today!! Thank you John!!

  43. Thank you.

  44. Fantastic daily lift! Thank you John!

  45. La visión de una imagen puede ser muy bella, imagenes fantásticas bellicimas de la naturaleza y por efectos del clima puede darnos variadas y esplendidas tomas, que no son reales y pueden confundir. La imagen a la que te refieres John, es Única y sólo es reflejada por aquello que no cambia que es inmarcesible porque no la afectan los cambios de luces ni de enfoque ni sale movida, siempre sale igual perfecta y lo más bello es que depende de nosotros que no reciba influencia de lo exterior.
    "Tú eres el que envía las fuentes por los arroyos; A sus orillas habitan las aves de los cielos. Del fruto de sus obras se sacia la tierra" Salmos.

    Y se reproduce en imagenes verdaderas, que no pueden guardarse en un papel, video, o en una compu, porque trascienden las imagenes materiales que pueden ser también muy bellas, pero desaparecen absorbidas por la imagen verdadera que eclipsa lo material, y porque ellas están guardadas en el corazón donde no se deterioran por efecto de ningun elemento, porque nada las destruye, son inmarcesibles como Quien las genera.

    " A lo sumo, la materia no es más que un fenómeno de la mente mortal" Mary Baker Eddy.

    Por lo tanto, todo lo que podemos captar con una cámara o con una visión erronea material no permanece, podríamos decir que lo que ven nuestros ojos, opacado por lo material, puede generar engaño, si no se está alerta, y consciente de la imagen verdadera.

    Muchas gracias, despues de dos días de ayuno, es bueno desayunar.

  46. Such helpful, healing imagery, thoughts, and comments - my thanks! It inspired me to read again many of Mrs. Eddy's profound insights on reflection. In her Prose Works, she writes, "... in speechless prayer, ask God to enable you to reflect God, to become His own image and likeness, even the calm, clear, radiant reflection of Christ's glory, healing the sick, bringing the sinner to repentance, and raising the spiritually dead in trepasses and sins to life in God. Jesus said: 'If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.' " (MY 150: 15). Unceasing prayer and gratitude for all the gifts of Church, including these Daily Lifts. Will relisten to today's Lift and keep listening...

  47. Thanks so much, John, for a very profound, clear and inspiring message. And I appreciate all of the comments thus far, especially #9 who stated:"Understanding that Man is God's perfect, immediate and exact reflection removes all mental and moral obstacles that would prevent us from fulfilling our purpose". We don't have to wait to reflect God and we are always His complete, perfect reflection.

  48. Thanks so much! After hearing this Daily Lift I was reminded of a paragraph from Science and Health where Mary Baker Eddy writes (p. 516:4) "The substance, Life, intelligence, Truth and Love, which constitutes Deity, are reflected by His creation; and when we subordinate the false testimony of the material senses to the facts of Science, we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere." How powerful and wonderful a direction for our thinking today! Sure to bring about good results!

  49. Thank you John! A great start for a new week. Our relationship to God is the starting point of ALL harmonious activity. I´ve also been worrying about some family issues and today, listening to this DL and reading the comments from our extended spiritual family I came to realize that I only need to be calm and reflect... else the reflection will be blurred. If God is all and we are His reflection, then there is no need to worry. Just like the lake does not work hard to reflect the mountain. Awesome! Thank you once again. Love to ALL.

  50. The stunningly wonderful thing about this Lift,is that with such a wonderful example of the clear, still reflection of the mountain, you are telling us, John, that we are also the perfect reflection of God. That God loves us with the same love He loved and loves every spiritual idea, and whatever argument material sense or personal sense would try to use to disturb the perfection of the reflection just cannot and never has made the slightest difference to God. God has told us, reassured us, confirmed to us over and over, that He has created us to be loved by Him, provided for, and protected by Him, and nothing can ever change that. And in the Lesson this week Christ Jesus underlines every statement and proof of God's love for us, that yes, we most certainly are God's - our beloved Father-Mother's - beloved children, provided for with abundant good, without lack or limitation at the very moment of need, and without count. I'm just so thankful that Mrs Eddy not only proved God's love for us, but wrote of her Discovery so we can study it and demonstrate it for ourselves and others.
    Many thanks to all the wonderful Lifters and their comments, the BoL and especially to you, John for a great start to a new week.

  51. Another sweet analogy to go along with that idea of perfect reflection is that if the water in the lake (mortal thought) is agitated the slightest bit, the reflection would be distorted. When we quiet our thought and are perfectly still, the perfect reflection is there (as it has always been).

  52. Hello, John - thank you very much for this great explanation!
    I had just been working with an article which appeared in the Journal in March 1996 - I believe, where the author wrote about a healing of advanced cancer when she saw the full moon in a little pond, and it suddenly dawned on her , as she wrote: "I was looking at the reflection, but I saw the original." - Isn't this like what Mrs. Eddy wrote "Jesus saw in Science perfect man which appeared to him ...." The woman was healed right away.
    What a lesson! there is just one condition: that the mirror be clear, right!

  53. Thank you John for such clear explanation of reflecting our Father Mother God. "Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of man's dominion over the whole earth." (Science and Health) 14:25
    I am so grateful for Christian Science. Love to all.

  54. Thank you, John, for this inspiring Lift. And thank you, Rose Deary Cape Town for the additional insight: "Note, that it is only when we have a sense of calm that we can see a reflection, if thought is troubled of ruffled, the reflection becomes blurred." What glorious expressions of Truth!

  55. Thank you John for giving all the Daily
    lift this morning..the first day of school for Texas children, All is Mind and its
    Infinite manifestation which sees only love and peace for all of Gods children
    And not fear or discord ...Just harmony.
    Have a wonderful week, everyone.

  56. Thank you, dear John Q.! Sometimes I find it helpful to affirm, "I can only know what God, my Heavenly Father, Divine Mind, is causing me to know today." Listening for Life, Listening for Truth, Listening for Love..........We are One and All is Well! Much Love!

  57. I am praying for my cat and I find the statement, "Divine Mind is the animating principle of every idea, including [cat]" to be a directive and promise for both him and me. "Mind is reflecting. [Cat] is the reflection."

    And I tell my cat, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

    Thank you, John. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  58. Coming in to Christian Science teaching, i would struggle somewhat with the concept of 'reflection', as i felt unworthy to be the reflection of God, who is only good. but by persisting study of the Bible and reading and learning from Mrs. Eddy's writings, i am cherishing my understanding and demonsration of what it really means to be God's reflection. Thank you for this wonderful lift ...

  59. Thanks so much, John, for a very profound, clear and inspiring message. And I appreciate all of the comments thus far, especially #9 who stated:"Understanding that Man is God's perfect, immediate and exact reflection removes all mental and moral obstacles that would prevent us from fulfilling our purpose". We don't have to wait to reflect God and we are always His complete, perfect reflection.

  60. Wonderful "lift". Thank you, John.

  61. Thank you so much. What a beautiful metaphor. Your message is so important. The more we understand that we reflect every Godlike quality, the more we feel "peace and joy and power!" Thank you, again! The day is off to a great start!

  62. Thank you. I am a painter,and its always a challenge to paint reflections in water if the water is disturbed. At a certain point, when "surf's up" discerning a reflection is impossible. Calming the water is the answer. Fun to extend the metaphor!

  63. Thank you so much John for sharing your simple, yet profound metaphorical understanding of man as God's perfect reflection who is always reflecting God. I particularly liked the depth and substance of it. As #22 said, you provided a treatment for us all!

    I am reminded of some of the words of hymn #51:
    "Eternal Mind the Potter is,/ And thought the eternal clay:/ The hand that fashions is divine,/ His works pass not away./ Man is the noblest work of God,/ His beauty, power and grace,/ Immortal; perfect as his Mind/ Reflected face to face."

    Knowing that Mind is God and as Mary Baker Eddy states, "...there is but one Mind or intelligence, begins at once to destroy the errors of mortal sense and to supply the truth of immortal sense" ("Science and Health" p216).
    It is the truth of "immortal sense", immortal man, that Jesus and the prophets of the gospel and the old testament proved and gave to everyone, divinely interpreted through Mary Baker Eddy's words, that help everyone today to follow the ancient healing tradition. Our divine inheritance is that we always reflect God. And as the reflection in the photo, we cannot help but reflect our God given right.

    Thank you again John and lifters and The Daily Lift team. What a terrific way to begin the week!

  64. Thank you, John
    Outstanding lift

  65. Your wonderful lift brimming with every essential element of Christian Science is too, too great! I will
    rejoice all this day.

  66. Thank you, John, for this clear explanation of reflection. So helpful!
    Thank you, too, Rose #12. The phrase "perfect, calm refection" from Hymn 85 will sing in my thought today.

  67. Thank you John for this beautiful and healing Lift. As mentioned many times before in your Lifts, you voice reflects your/God's love for us. Fear, doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty dissolve into their nothingness and we can feel God's love everywhere.
    Thank you Nate and team for your work in bringing us these treasures.


  69. Thank you.

    As it is above, so it is below.

  70. If there was such a thing as a spiritual camera, it would take a true picture of us showing at all times and circumstances of our true selves as reflecting God's creation. Never ill, never hateful, always loving, this is what we truly are and the camera picks it up.

  71. Thank you John for this great lift.

  72. Nice message from my friend. Thank you John!

  73. Something reflected cannot go off on its own. I really need to listen carefully and constantly be alert to think...is this something God would do? Am I reflecting Divine Love? The picture you painted with the mountain and the lake was very helpful. Thank you!

  74. Just what I need this morning! Thank you so much!

  75. Thank you, John. Profound and simple. Powerful image and compelling realization of the effortlessness of reflect-ing. Found the following in Mary Baker Eddy's "Miscellany" page 150:15:

    "Stand by the limpid lake, sleeping amid willowy banks dyed with emerald. See therein the mirrored sky and the moon ablaze with her mild glory. This will stir your heart. Then, in speechless prayer, ask God to enable you to reflect God, to become His own image and likeness, even the calm, clear, radiant reflection of Christ's glory, healing the sick, bringing the sinner to repentance, and raising the spiritually dead in trespasses and sins to life in God."

    Great gratitude for the shared spiritual insights by all.

  76. John, thank you so much for this beautiful lift. I love it so much I may type it up and carry it around for a while.

  77. thanks.

  78. Thank you, John and #16 Linda. I'm learning that God wants us to just BE...play with others compassionately, humbly witness unfolding good, do our part, relax a bit (but never shirk our proper work). I'm learning to yield to God's omni-action as I find my place in the dance.

    Love and a Good Samaritan day to all.

  79. Thank you!

  80. Thank you John for your precious Lift. Indeed divine Mind is reflecting and man is the perfect and exact reflection of Mind. This knowledge, for a start, lightens the burden of man by quieting all human will or as Mrs. Eddy says so beautifully "an approximation of this discernment indicates spiritual growth and union with the infinite capacities of the one Mind". Thank you John and all the DL Team for your daily insights into Truth.

  81. Thank you John and all commenters. Thank you for each and every one of these daily lifts.

  82. Most days I take a walk around a small lake whose waters reflect a mountain not far away. On windless days, the scenery and its reflection are just as in the photo John describes. I so look forward to today's walk and enjoying a more spiritual understanding of where I am. And, thanks to Margaret's (#50) remarks, of who I am as well. Thank you!

  83. Thank you J.Q. A good reminder that the purity, abundance, quality, and perfectness of the reflection can never be diminished from it's original, divine Love.

  84. Thank you John for Reflecting on Reflection!! I always like to think of the other meaning of reflection too...the idea of a mountain lake is a perfect place to start with that idea...being quiet, reflecting, and knowing that the reflection, and the reflecting are always perfect in God; also, all ways perfect in God! :)

  85. Thank you, John and commenters, for all this food for thought. What a delightful feast!
    Love and blessings to all!

  86. Thanks for this excellent lesson. I remember being impressed by such a photograph of a boat house on the still waters of a lake. A perfect reflection requires still waters, and " he leadeth me beside the still waters." Psalm 23.

  87. Wow,John!!! This lift on "reflection" leaves no doubt who and what we really are! It is so clear and comforting...and delivered in the most calm and loving voice.

  88. Wonderful ,,, just what I needed today ! :-) Thank you .

  89. A great way to start off the week. Just read the lesson this morning after hearing your Daily Lift and immediately saw the correlation of the two!

  90. So beautiful - thank you!

  91. Inspiring to know, we as reflection can not be altered or changed in any way, because as a reflection we have no power to change the original. That proves what Jesus said "be ye therfore perfect as your Father is perfect" we will always be God's perfect child. Thank you

  92. Great lesson on faith to know God exists even when 'mountains be removed' or when sun declines.


  94. Beautiful example of how we are the perfect reflection of God. Thank you.

  95. Thank you so much. That was a complete treatment for what was troubling me. Thank you ever so much.I feel at peace, calm and still like that reflection!

  96. Muy agradecida por este elevado y sanador Lift John!!! Es Clave para lograr cualquier demostración : ' Dios perfecto y Su reflejo perfecto - el hombre ' , o sea, c/u de nosotros . Reflejo completo, inmediato, exacto como las matemáticas . Sin necesidad de ciclos de tiempo , sin esperas a futuro - vernos ahora mismo como veía el amado Maestro, Cristo Jesús.

    Unidos científicamente al Padre celestial como Sus hijos perfectos, cada instante de nuestras vidas - independiente de cómo nos sintamos o estemos humanamente .

    Mrs. Eddy escribe en libro texto : ' En la medida en que se comprenda la exposición científica en cuanto al hombre, podrá ser demostrada y revelará al verdadero reflejo de Dios - el hombre real, o el nuevo hombre ' ( como lo expresa San Pablo) p 300 .

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores , muy inspirados.
    Un abrazo , mucho Amor y bendiciones a todos,
    Ma. Cristy

  97. thank you john.

  98. Thank you for this carefully considerate and captive daily lift. I love that verse from John 5:30, "Of my own self I can do nothing" because it removes the faults and flaws of a human mind while returning pure holiness and clean health into a complete, exemplary, and unmitigated divine Mind. What a surreal and stunning way to start the week. Thanks!

  99. Thank you. This reminds me that it was once explained to me that God is the Doer and we are the doing.

  100. Dear John,
    Thank you so much for a wonderful Lift. You have given us all food for thought and I for one shall ponder over it for some time.
    Heartfelt gratitude from 'a seeker'.

  101. Thank you John, for the added understanding of reflection. It's so important in the study and understanding of Christian Science and yet to me it has been one of the harder conceptions to master -- even after a l l t h e s e y e a r s . . . ( :

  102. Thank you, John, for this peace-filled Lift. It reminds me of the first time our young family went boat camping on Lake Powell, years ago. I awoke in the middle of the night and got out of my tent to gaze at the moonlit cove. What a sight! There wasn't a breath of air stirring and the water was like glass. As I looked across the narrow stretch of water to the rock wall facing us, the reflection was so perfect that I could not tell where the cliffs ended and the water began. The full moon was so bright that I could even see the colors in the rocks and in their reflections. I like how you pointed out that, no matter how perfect the reflection, it is not the original. If I had thrown a rock into the water, the ripples would not have changed the rock wall, and once I stopped disturbing the water and it was calm, the reflection would again have been perfect, true to the original. Thinking about this experience in the light of your message, I can see many ways in which I need to keep my focus on the original (God, good), not on what seems to be happening to it in the reflection (myself and others), in order to see what is true and find peace.

    Thanks to all who bring us these wonderful Lifts, and to all who respond. Love the music each week, and the cheery intro and signoff voices - although I missed hearing the signoff today. At first, I wasn't sure if I only got part of the Lift, but the message seemed complete.

  103. John, thank you for such a clear, calm, profound Lift. The tenor of your voice as you spoke exuded quiet confidence in the thoughts you were expressing. And Nate, I always love the music, but today's had some special quality that got right through to my heart of hearts. Thank you for the music, Nate, and all you do to get these wonderful Lifts to us.

  104. Thank you very much John for the clarity of your ideas!
    It´s extremely important to understand this profound concept of God´s unicity and I can assure that it has been helping me a lot since then. In times, when doubting my true capacity, I use this very concept to feel encouraged to fulfil any task and I often succeeded.

  105. Thank you, John for the vision so easily understandable. Very freeing.

  106. Thank you for the lovely thoughts about reflection!

  107. Thanks John for the clear metaphor of our constant reflection of
    MIND...it's so freeing and releaving to know all we have to do is
    listen!!! Let go Let God!!!

  108. this is a "keeper". I will go back and listen to this time and time again to get myself back on track when I need to (almost every day!)
    Thank you John.

  109. A beautiful example and helpful message. Thank you.

  110. EXCELLENT! Thank you:)

  111. Much good here to ponder. Thanks!

  112. Fantastic. I now realize how perfectly and exactly we reflect God. When our reflection seems fuzzy or not clear, its not our reflection that needs to get in focus as it is already completely clear, rather it is our thought of ourselves that needs to be focused to see the clarity of what really is. Gosh thanks for this!

  113. Dear John, Thanks so much. Such a beautiful perfect picture comes to mind. A most inspiring reminder.

  114. Thanks, John. That's perfect.

  115. thank you John for this lift and (Sue 2) for your helpful comment

  116. Thank you John!

    The activity of God, the one and only Source, the one and only Cause and Creator, divine Principle, Love, is magnified by His creation throughout His vast universe. Primary, secondary, and tertiary reflections, reflections of reflections, go on and on individually and collectively in divine Mind. Man is not the originator of a single thing found in the universe of Spirit. No photograph, no painting, no poem or prose or piece of sheet music or choreography, is ours, no invention is ours, but God's the Originator. What a kaleidoscope of reflections is His wonderful Kingdom; a prismatic spray of infinite combinations of good!!!

  117. Carol, Switzerland
    Wonderful,"Mind is reflecting and man is the reflexion", MANY THANKS.

  118. Thank you, John, and Lifter family for expanding on such a simple concept. Sometimes it is easy to feel as though we are personally fighting battles, when in actuality, it is a false picture. Man, as God's child, is His perfect reflection ALWAYS. In HIm we really do live and move and have our being, and remembering this takes away the stress of feeling unsure of our motives. By leaning steadfastly on His direction, as His reflection, we can relax and enjoy the view. Thanks to all for reminding me of my true being.