8/20: Searching and finding

8/20: Searching and finding

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 Quotes used in today's Daily Lift:

“. . . ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”  (Jeremiah 23: 19)

“Those who look for me in person, or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead of find me.  I hope and trust that you and I may meet in truth and know each other there, and know as we are known of God.” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, page 120: 2)

“Be ‘of one mind,’ ‘in one place,’ and God will pour you out a blessing such as you never before received.”   (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, page 134:12)

  1. Thank you Frank for this very helpful Lift. As we know, we find. As we know the truth, we unlock the treasures of its blessings. As our spiritual understanding of God increases, divine Minds control over the universe becomes more apparent and we see what God sees, and spiritual power becomes demonstrable to us.

  2. Very Inspiring frank. thank you.

  3. Lovely! So insightful. Thank you, Frank.

  4. Thank you.

  5. “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jer. 29:13
    But, are we looking in the right places?

    We are always looking out for our own good, I found that when I look for good by expressing unselfish good, humility, and peace, then what I need finds me.
    “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” James 4:3

    “ Y me buscaréis y me hallaréis, porque me buscaréis de todo vuestro corazón.” Jer. 29:13
    Pero, ¿estamos buscando en los lugares correctos?

    Siempre andamos a la búsqueda de nuestro propio bien, yo hallo que cuando busco el bien expresando el bien desinteresado, la humildad, y la paz, entonces lo que necesito me encuentra a mí.

    “Pedís, y no recibís, porque pedís mal, para gastar en vuestros deleites.” Santiago 4:3

  6. Taking that first step, again...thanks for the Lift in the right direction.

  7. Thank you, Frank. We can never lose anyone or anything because of God's presence. No separation, no delay, no panic or concern.

  8. Thank you Frank for a lovely Lift to carry us through our day!

  9. Thank you. When we think of it the "Searching" is our job. . . and knowing we have already been found by God, is a big big help in the on going search.

  10. Many thanks Frank for this great reminder. Yes. "Be of one Mind in one place." "He gives His angels charge o'er thee,/ No evil therefore shalt thou see./ Dwelling within His secret place,/ Thou shalt behold His power and grace;/ Thy refuge shall be God most high,/ See His salvation ever nigh." (Christian Science Hymnal #100).

  11. Thank you so much for this. "Meet in Truth ..." As I listened I realised this is the only place to meet and this means, as you found in the airport, that in Truth we do meet - no separation, dispute, and no one lost - "knowing our friends and neighbours as God knows them" - it's an answer to prayer.

  12. Thank you Frank for this Daily Lift and your inspiring lectures.

  13. I am so grateful to be a Christian Science student, who learns (almost) everyday a new lesson a about God's reflection. If God loves us, then I keep learning to see thru God's eyes, then I will see with Love. I will choose to love even in the moment that I feel rejected (like Julie Ward's lift). I can still be one Mind with God and love God's creation being appart. Sometimes some people requiere distance and it is wise to show we respect their decission, because sometimes it's me who needs some space to breath freely. I will keep the afirmation that God is Love and I will find what Life is giving to me. When I let free my personal way of seeing things around me, then I'd see the blessings on a new way. Sometimes I am looking for something and I find something else. So let's see Life thru God's way, then it's easier to understand what it's found on the way.

  14. Thank you very much!!!

  15. Wow! That was really thought provoking and helpful. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

  17. Hoping and praying for many years for a family member to come back after refusing contact for so long , I believe it is no coihcidence that your lift follows directly after Christies very hepful statement of reality! I need to know that harmony is present and to know I am loved as he is also.Immense gratitude!

  18. Thank you, Frank, for "Searching and finding ... blessings as we have never before received."

    As I looked in my jewelry box for the piece I wanted to wear that day, I couldn't find it. I would have given up, except that I knew it was there. So, I continued to search and of course, I found it! When we know that our blessings are here and now, we seek and find them. It's God's promise. It's God's law. Today, I'm going to be, very consciously, on my treasure hunt to seek, find, gratefully receive and, as divinely-directed cheerfully share my blessings. Hmmmmmm ... This day as an "infinite possibilities" jewelry box!!! :-) I love it. Thanks be to God/Love-itself!

  19. Thank you for reminding me that my search is really about spiritual not material support. I so often feel offended by others if I'm searching for their material support and they don't give it to me. But when I listen for and see the good that is around me through others or my own actions I'm satisfied. This can take a might struggle sometimes but it is the only way I can be at peace. So very grateful for these messages and for those who share their ideas.

  20. Thank you, Frank, for this most helpful Lift.

  21. Dear Frank this is just the message I needed this morning. Knowing that God knows us and loves us and our neighbors (husband) as His children blesses us all. My husband got up during the night not feeling well and is resting now at 4:30 AM in a recliner in the living room. Seeing him as God knows him, absolutely perfect, is just what I need to hold to. Thanks so much!

  22. Thanks!!!!! This lift provoke s in me a greater desire to keep searching for the goodness in our Father and everybody around. Thanks again Frank and #1 for your comment

  23. Me voy a permitir parafrasear a #5, cuando nos despreocupamos de nosotros y buscamos el bien de los demas sin duda, aunque estemos en algún error, este se disolverá, entiendo que en griego, pedir y recibir es la misma cosa, pero también la Biblia nos dice: "Pedís y no recibís, porque pedís mal, para gastarlo en vuestros placeres" Ahora, si oramos en que el Bien se manifieste independientemente de nuestra propia opinión, dejando que Él obre, en la confianza que lo hará en estricta justicia, en el bien general, eso hará posible que pedir y recibir sea la misma cosa, por la simple razón que quien está al mando es Dios-Amor. Que sabe perfectamente distribuir el bien en justicia para que sea lo mismo, tanto uno como el otro, porque todo se traduce en Bien, cuando nace del bien-hacer.

    "Triunfo y llanto son dolor
    en la oscuridad,
    presta entonces atención al rebaño leal"

    Fragmento de Himno de Mary Baker Eddy

    Y sin duda podremos hacer posible en toda ocasión, que pedir y recibir sea una misma cosa.

    Muchas gracias Frank.

  24. Danke, Frank! Where are we looking, Out There.....or within....? In deepest Prayer and Reverance, I sit quietly and feel the presence of Spirit, always gently nudging with quiet intuitions of Direction, Place and the very next Best Thing to Do! Get quiet, listen, open up, receive and follow through! Spirit, God, will never let us down, if we can just Trust with all our Heart!

  25. I needed this lift today. I needed the courage to speak with someone about the safety of 2 little children in our midst. The courage not to gossip about it, worry about it, but with Gods help do something about it. God is bigger than any problem. Thanks and God bless

  26. David in Aiken, South Carolina

    Thank you, Frank, I always find your lifts and lectures inspiring and helpful with my search for better and more consistent Christian Science understanding.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Thank you, Frank and commenters, for all these good thoughts! This is where we meet in thought and what a joy to do so!
    Love and blessings to all!

  29. Hey Frank,
    So good we found each other.
    Peter and Carol

  30. Frank this is a really great Lift. As we prayerfully search for our spiritual identity for ourselves and for our friends, we need to bring all our understanding of God into focus, so we can more easily dispel the illusion of human personality or any material sense of man or woman. As the nature of God becomes more dear and familiar to us we need to willingly let go of all mortal sense and vanity.
    thank you Nathan and the team; the Board of Lectureship; and the daily blessings from our Lift family.

  31. Thank you Frank and all who have shared. thanks DL team. "seeking and finding with the angels.... we sing....and we find God- Good- with us..."

  32. Excellent ideas Frank!! Thank you very much!!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community!

  33. How often we look for answers/help from a material source only to get an unsatisfying outcome. When we turn to God knowing that He is the source of all our needs, we are satisfied. Thanks Frank for a timely message.

  34. Thank you.

  35. Thank you. This lift addresses a puzzle: how to truly appreciate those in our personal or church family who disappoint us by their behavior or attachment to some sin. Searching more diligently to know the truth of their pure nature as God's perfectly self-governed children is the way. And in the process to see more truly our innocence of self righteousness blindness to our own need of great growth in grace.

  36. If we love God with OUR WHOLE HEART, we are so occupied in doing so, that no worry nor anxiety can enter our minds. Let it be so, that we relax into peace and harmony, completely safe in God's loving arms. Blessings will follow and we will know the complete joy of loving God and of GOD'S LOVE FOR US!
    Thank you. Frank

  37. I find that searching for the material support almost always is a search in vain. The human senses will say, "They forgot my birthday when I did so much for them on theirs, no one cares for me the way I care for them." Mortal mind would have us search for people, places and things that will fill us, and they never will, other than, perhaps, in brief moments, only to be followed by a slide downwards. Yet, if we turn to God, we find love overflowing, never ending, abundant. It always lifts us, and always will. Then we are open to love that comes in surprising and unexpected ways.

    Thank you for your timely lift, and to Nate and all those who have made this wonderful exchange available to us world-wide.

  38. How foolish mortal mind is. It searches the very cause of error to find the antidote when all it has to do is stop looking into error and look away from it to spiritual truth and there with is that answer to harmonious reality.

  39. The beneficial effects of acknowledging the abstract and spiritual concept that there is one Mind, one God is proven in our personal experience, whether it is finding someone at the airport, or finding harmony in a relationship.
    We tend to take the animosities and personal attachments of our minds so seriously, when the simple concept of the one Mind is available to evaporate them without effort.
    A rule for motives and acts in The Church Manual states: "Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the members of The Mother Church.... [Who] reflects
    the sweet amenities of Love, [the one Mind] in rebuking sin, in true brotherliness, charitableness, and forgiveness...."
    It is no effort for the divine Mind to find harmony, isn't it odd that we sometimes have to struggle so hard to find it?
    Thank you Frank for sharing how you found peace, and your friend, while searching at the airport.

  40. Find God, take Him home, serve your best; and invite all your friends in to meet His Majesty and see His works. We don't have to scavenge for good, finding God brings extraordinary dimension to our lives in practical even amazing ways.

  41. Thank you, Frank, for this lift and thank you to kalani from Eugene, #37 for your comments. All very helpful!

  42. A very helpful lift. Thank you for the inspiration.

  43. Thank you Frank for this good guidance

  44. What a lovely " leveler" Mind is." ONE"...lovely comparison using the airport. Thank you for your message!--Merri

  45. Thank you, Frank.

    To Pamela, #17: I also am absent a family member for many years. This person is not lost but found where I am also -- safe in the arms of Love.

  46. Soooo perfect...Gary Winston's
    comments so on!!! Thanks much.

  47. Thank you for this very helpful and timely Lift. It has helped me understand the nature of a social commitment later today. We can all meet in Mind and find the harmonious truth about ourselves there. Thank you.

  48. Thank you, Frank, for this gentle and happy reminder of the importance of seeking God with our whole heart. I needed to find healing and comfort this week, and with the need came the "whole-heart" search. As I began reading the CS Bible Lesson, it was almost like a living thing in my hands - every word leapt off the page, as though it had been written just for me. What a different experience from just dutifully (although diligently) reading, as I must admit I do too often. This time, I found the healing, comfort, and much-needed wakeup call in every paragraph.

    Thanks to all who so lovingly prepare the Daily Lift and respond to it. I especially appreciated Nela's (#16) "infinite possibilities" jewelry box, and Gary's (#39) reminder of the Rule for Motives and Acts from the Church Manual.

    I did not receive the Lift in my inbox today (I even checked the Spam box, but it wasn't there, either). But I knew it held a message I needed this morning. Then the thought came to go to christianscience.com, and there it was! So grateful.

  49. Wonderful Frank, it true that whom searchs must find. Thank you for your inspiration.

  50. I see, for the first time, that I need a deeper appreciation for the spiritual thinking that the Daily Lifters are doing, translating the material back into the spiritual and finding the lesson in every small part of daily experience. Thank you

  51. tausend dank.

  52. Today, the head of Risk Management brought my jewelry to my home. Last November I was taken
    at midnight to the operating room and while waiting it was noticed that I was wearing earrings and a watch and had a small book of MBE's poems in my hand. Those items and my glasses were put into ziploc bags and labeled. The next morning when I awoke the glasses were there but not the other items. I immediately reported the loss and was told that the items had been signed out of the operating room but seemed not to arrive to the floor with me. For months I called and queried about the process as the earrings were quite expensive. Finally I reached the Ombudsman who stated their office did not handle such requests but they did contact the risk management office when
    I said I would go to that office as I never received word from them about the search process. The Manager then began another search process. The jewelry had not been stolen but had been locked all those months in the narcotics cabinet on the floor where my room was. I was compelled to keep contacting the hospital because my entire stay had been so harmonious and the staff knew I was a Christian Scientist and I didn't use morphine for the post operative period (I had minimal discomfort). I heard the doctors telling students on their rounds, "She doesn't need painkillers." I knew that God knew where my items were and would lead us to them. The staff is grateful too. Thank you Frank
    for sharing your lesson.

  53. A whole-hearted search for the nature of God is required. A house divided cannot stand. We must bind the strong man if we would despoil his goods. We know not when the thief will appear in the night. The servant knows not when his master shall return. There are not two powers but one. Jesus knew both cause & effect. So that is what we must do if we really want what C. Science has to offer.

  54. As a child we frequently flew overseas on our own to visit our grandparents with no fear or concern over being lost only found. What a treasure grove of a daily lift. Thanks!

  55. I love that '...where God is we can meet...' Mrs. Eddy writes. That idea of equality is so uplifting, it uplifts the thought of ourselves and others. It's what heals.

  56. Thank you so very much Frank.

  57. Thank you! Helps me remember how NOT to outline!

  58. Vielen Dank. 'Seeking is finding.' But it is also very good to find long-lost friends inadvertently. The internet can be a great blessing.

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