8/2: I will be with you

8/2: I will be with you

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  1. Thank You for this helpful lift. I certainly need to trust in God today.

  2. So, i´m very glad to know people in Boston, especially my friend fom Brazil, that brought me to the Church in Boston.

  3. "Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him." Matt 6:8, is the equivalent of "I will be with thee" Isaiah 43:2
    I should know it is true. I can't doubt it, I've gotten in more trouble I had time for, but God was always there, waiting for me to turn around and listen for His voice...
    “Vuestro Padre sabe de qué cosas tenéis necesidad, antes que vosotros le pidáis.” Mateo 6:8, es el equivalente de “Yo estaré contigo” Isaias 43:2
    Yo debo saber que es cierto. Yo no puedo dudarlo, me he metido en tantos problemas que no me quedaba tiempo para más, pero Dios siempre estuvo allí, esperándo a que yo me vuelva hacia Él, a escuchar Su voz…

  4. A wonderful inspiration to what I need this day. Many thanks.

  5. We learn how to climb from experienced climbers, learning the right way to do it. Moses gave us the Ten Commandments, to guide us. The human steps are necessary too, but as intelligent reflections of Supreme Being, or God, we choose our steps with the same guidance that we choose our thoughts, or words. Jesus said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation." (Matthew 26;41).
    A practitioner of Christian Science reminded me that God's ideas must be related somehow. We can expect to see that in our daily lives. It takes "absolute consecration of thought, energy, and desire."
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Page 3.)
    Thank you for the joy of being with us, or "I will be with you."

  6. Rob, I can so relate to this lift. When we were about to enroll our son in a fee paying school my husband and I spoke of the difficulty that might occur if at some future date we could not afford the fees. I had recently began studying Christian Science and what appealed to me was the simple logic. A Practitioner said that "Since we cannot be in two places at once wherever we are is where God intends us to be...and if we are where God intends us to be ALL our NEEDS will be supplied and that included financial needs". Well, from time to time we were tested but before the begining of each term we were able to pay the fees in full. Our financial footholds were not apparent at the begining and on many occasions it was impossible to see how we would meet the fees but they were ALWAYS there when needed. Thank you for this reminder to be grateful

  7. Such a simple idea and yet so helpful! It is all too easy to be frozen to the spot because we can't see how things will turn out or what will happen in the future, even though the first step is obvious! Sometimes we have to go a little way down the path before we know whether we are heading in the right direction. And sometimes we do have to retrace our steps, or make a sideways move, but quite often we can just carry right on with surprising and unlooked for results. Taking the first step is what makes us wiser and gives us insight. Always!
    Thanks so much Rob!

  8. Thank you for a VERY thoughtful Lift. "I'll be with you".

  9. Perfect Lift today! Thank you!

  10. So good, Rob. Memorable, and just what I needed. Thanks!

  11. Thank you, Rob, for these wonderful words of truth - of light. Divine Love surely meets all needs, right at the point when they are most necessary, and we know of a surety, that God doesn't take us only part of the way. What Mind initiates, Mind completes. (Phil.1:6). So, we look up, with confidence!

  12. Thank you.

  13. How could he not be with us, we are reflections.

  14. What a great lift! Thank you it reminded me of someone who needed to get home on a bicycle in the days when London had peasouper fogs. She could only see one lamp post ahead but decided to cycle to that , when she reached it she could see the next & was lead home one lamp at a time.. How good to know "I will be with thee witherso ever thou goest"

  15. This is so helpful to me with many new activities planned this summer! No worries, no doubts because God is with me every step of the way. Thanks for the comforting lift today!

  16. Thank you for The Lift, it is perfect.

  17. Thank you Rob, such a wonderful reminder, that God is everpresent

  18. Thank you very much for this helpful lift. It has directly addressed a problem I am struggling with. I am grateful too for the helpful comments above about trusting God more, and moving forward on the basis of what He knows, not what we think we know.

  19. What more powerful statement can there be than this one? Thank you for the reminder. I hope you will be doing more Lifts.

  20. As I sit here listening to my daughter sobbing b/c she is afraid to go to work due to some sort of pain, I'm so grateful for these comforting words - "I willl be with you".
    Thank you God

  21. Rob, I experienced this same time of "Hold my hand, Daddy" when I left where I had lived for 50 years to come down here and start again. What a joy it is: every time I go out or come home I'm just so grateful to God that this is where He wanted me to be. We're on the same latitude as Puerto Rico, where Josh took us a few weeks ago. No doubt everyone has to go through their own testing time, but oh - how worthwhile to put our whole faith in the Lord to lead us all the way. Just be ready to move quite fast once you get the message!
    Many thanks Nate and the production crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the willing to follow Daily Lifters!

  22. Thank you! Right that message I needed today.

  23. Such a helpful reminder that God is there. A number of decisions are required in our church as to how to go forward, and the promise of God to Moses as to how to reach the promised land is such a good reminder to put God first. It worked for the 600,000 children of Israel when Moses listened and followed, - should work for us too!! Will work!!!

  24. Thank you for encouraging words that are steps for a faith filled day.

  25. It is kind of like the headlights of a car. You can only see so far, but when you travel the distance you have seen in your headlights, you can see that much more.

  26. Thank you for this very fundamental fact: the omnipresence of our Father/Mother God. We can never be separated from infinite God/Good.

  27. Thank you for this encouraging lift today!

  28. Thank you for this reminder. How often we need to be alert to know that God not only is with us right now but will be with us constantly as we go on in each moment of our day and in each step of the way toward healing. We need never fear.

  29. This is a most poignant and precious message Rob! This activity of taking the steps even before we know exactly how to go forward involves TRUST - trust in God to show us the way. I thank you for sharing this powerful idea!

  30. Hay momentos en que el mal parece el dueño de la escena, recordemos las palabras de Cristo, " viene ahora el príncipe de este mundo y él nada tiene en mi. y naturalmente tampoco en nosotros. ¿Porqué? simplemente por que Él está con nosotros para siempre porque el mal es transitorio es creencia es ilusión, error, pero no realidad.
    "Sed honrados, sed fieles para con vosotros mismos y fieles para los demás; entonces seréis fuertes en Dios, el bien eterno" MBE
    Entonces se hace real que el Bien está siempre con nosotros porque nada ajeno hay en nosotros que diga mentiras obviamente a los que amamos a Dios y somos fieles a Su bondad y la fortaleza que da ese sentir hace el resto.

    "El ser es santidad, armonía e inmortalidad" MBE

    Muchas gracias Rob, por recordarnos que Él siempre está con nosotros.

  31. Thank you, thank you.

  32. What a needed thought. Thank you.

  33. Powerful lift Rob, thank you! What a comfort we all have in that simple statement of FACT..."I will be with you.". Now matter where we are...matter can not touch us because HE is with us!
    Thanks for the reminder Rob!

  34. Wonderful and inspiring lift. Thank you!

  35. Thank you!

  36. Thanks for this and for all the comments. So helpful. I was reminded of this from Hebrews 13, verses 5 and 6

    ...he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

  37. Mr. Gilbert,

    Thank you for today's supportive words and thoughts over the many years. We once spoke about finding my way during the economic slowdowns. There have been many good opportunities and rests along the way.

    When a young boy maybe three or four, I learned in SS," that there was no spot where God is not."

    What a " reality comfort" this has been.

  38. How comforting it is to know that God will always be with us wherever we go and always has been even if we don't see it at the time. After a failed marriage I struck out on my own with my one year old daughter and as a single parent we had many challenges but our needs were always met. I may not have known how but whenever an unexpected expense came up a part-time job also became available to provide the needed funds. As hymn 148 so beautifully puts it, "In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear; And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here. The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid; But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed?" The storm has certainly roared around me and my heart sunk in dispair, but God has always pulled me through when no human help was there. He truly is my Father and Mother and I am so very grateful to have Him with me under all circumstances.

  39. Thank you for your message... i just resigned from my job...what a comfort for me as i'm taking this big step...how God knows what we need to hear!!!..thank you

  40. Great Rob thanks so much!

  41. Great LIft -- simple and powerful,,Huge Thanks
    This lifts are a beautiful example of the Christ with us,

  42. Thank you for this true and eternal truth

  43. Thank you Rob. This gave me a point of focus today.

  44. Thank you, Rob! What a comforting tone in your voice, too! Love that we learn in Christian Science that Good Never Ends - no matter what the human, material changes may bring. A dear Mentor used to say to me: "Ask your Higher Power to walk you through it!" There is a quote by Goethe, that says something to the effect of, "......Once you committ, the way opens up....." Does anyone know this quote? I woke up yesterday with a feeling of "overwhelm" as I thought of all I had to do to move forward in my life. Then, after calling my Mentor and a C.S. Practitioner, I was able to just take the first step and.....now I'm on my way. One step at a time.....the vision grows clearer with each courageous step we take. Thank you God, for always being with me! Love and Courage and Vision to All!

  45. Loved this lift, thank you, Rob !

  46. Thanks, Rob, for “I will be with you…feel the assurance…’I will be with you’…take the first steps, expecting to see what we need to see when we get there.” Christian Science has helped me to raise my level of expectation and lift my standard to trust increasingly God and God’s love for me, mine, and all. It’s this trust that’s tested in daily experiences. Sometimes I understand “God with us” immediately. Other times I go forward only with “the assurance.” Other times I’m not so sure, must go forward anyway, and so take with me the expectation of seeing the Christ in the midst of the “mist.” And yet other times, I just pray. Jesus taught and demonstrated “signs following”, as evidence of “God with us." Jesus went to Our Father in unceasingly prayer and obediently applied God's laws to the human condition. It was very scientific, as Mrs. Eddy noted. I'm getting better at yielding my human will to the Divine/"Thy will." I’ve learned that no matter how well intended, how well crafted “my plan,” based solidly on decades of experience, education, and expertise that whatever I figure out on my own is still human opinion. “In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless.” It’s only in yielding to the Truth of being that we can prove the nothingness of sin, sickness, and death, in whatever guise. “Because Truth is infinite, error should be known as nothing.” (Science &Health, 341, 367, vii). “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.” We can prove it!

  47. Wonderful message and indeed I´ll take advantage of this sweet and encouraging little story you addressed here.
    Thank you very much, Rob!

  48. "....you just can't see them till you get there." Why didn't i think of that! We will hold that thought, thank you so much. Reminds me of a Jessica Pickett, CS, lecture in the 1970's when she said, "....you just can't outline good enough..." And instead of one baby, two appeared on their delivery day.

  49. Thank you! Your lift points out to me the quality of trust, big time.
    The trust that God is in control. A wonderful feeling.

  50. So true ! " My grace is sufficient for thee." Thank you, Rob!

  51. An encouraging Lift for those of us facing seeming uphill cnallenges . the thing is that sometimes we are convinced that we are taking the steps.but always pausing to check the body or the given situation for improvements, thereby allowing mortal mind to slip in with doubt,fear and dicouragement . Thank you Rob for reminding us to accept God's assurane ," I will be with you ". Yes, indeed He is with us always because " In Him we live and move and have our being " ,our existence , WE are co-existent with Him.

  52. Thanks so much for that lift. I have a math midterm today for a college class I am taking, and it is so helpful to know if I am worried about how to solve some problem that God is with me, guiding me.

  53. this is so helpful, great thing to remember. ann

  54. Thank you, Rob, for this most encouraging, comforting, and helpful Lift!

  55. God always has met, and well always meet, every human need" Mary Baker Eddy, this is on the wall of our church, and has always impressed me.
    Thank you for that very good lift today

  56. I woke up today opening my email folder seeing an email from my girlfriend saying that she is out of her mind crying because we have to leave each other next week as we both are planning of going to different countries... reading the email I didnt know what to say and I felt how it made me sad, too. But then I saw the daily lift saying "I will be with you" and I thought, Hey, that might be helpful. And it was, Rob, you gave me the right thoughts I needed to respond, knowing that God will have the right next steps for us. Thank you so much! Thank you!

  57. We don't need to know in advance because I, the Great I Am, will be, is, with us. Thank you Rob. God's assurance, I will be with you, is enough. Lovely responses! thanks everyone.

  58. Thank you for that great lift and for all the other comments... they are gentle reminders of how we are upheld in God's hands!

  59. Such a helpful reminder! Brings to mind that hymn #53 which we used to sing as children still holds true:

    "Everlasting arms of Love..
    Are beneath, around, above;
    God it is who bears us on,
    His the arm we lean upon."

    Thank you!

  60. Very nice--good example. I have seen this phenomenon demonstrated in my life many, many times, and this is a very clear and helpful explanation of what was taking place.

    Thanks you.

  61. Thank you, thank you Robert for reinforcing the fact that God is always with us providing for our every need, constantly supporting and protecting us! I sometimes find myself struggling with fear/anxiety. Realizing that God is always with me/us, taking care, providing for our every need is a comfort. Because of our Father-Mother, we lack nothing ("The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" Ps. 23). He is our supply, protector, and comforter! "His arm encircles me, and mine, and all" (Gentle Presence, MBE). Thank you to all lifters!
    Beautiful day to all :-)

  62. This Lift was perfect for me today! Thanks...

  63. WOW! A great thought for our churches today. Do what you have to do. Just keep on keeping on in faith. "I will be with you." "God always has met, and always will meet, every human need." One step at a time. oh yes!
    Thank you, Rob, for this reminder.

  64. Thank you we all need to hear this lifts....
    daniela california

  65. Thanks for giving us a visual example of something that is easy to remember and easy to work with daily.

  66. Thanks Rob!

  67. Thank you, Rob! Your message was very comforting, as I am in the process of making a move from one area to another. I have been anticipating this move for years, but there were a number of unknowns, such as, would I need to get a different job in the new area, or commute. Will I have the funds to do the remodeling of the new place. So far, developments have been interesting, and good results have followed, of course. So I am experiencing what you shared, for myself :)
    Again thank you so much.

  68. Very clear and exactly the thought I needed to hear today. Thank you so much for bringing this idea forward.

  69. Bev, the quote from Goerte can be found at http://quotationsbook.com/quote/7152/ Although there is some question about who authored it, the meaning shines through and complements today's very special lift.

  70. Stunning.
    Ongoing pertinence.
    So poignantly done.

    Sincerest thanks.

  71. "cloudds without rain" - impossible. God controls everything, everyone, everywhere !
    Thank you Rob.

  72. La confianza absoluta de saber que Dios está con nosotros nos hace saber que todo lo podemos en Cristo que nos fortalece!...Magnífico mensaje! Muchas gracias.

  73. Thank you for this very good lift, I will put it into practice right away. Much love to all.

  74. I love this lift, and boy did I need it today! Thank you so much Rob, you're always right on! Just because we don't see the safe "hand and foot holds" from where we are, doesn't mean that they're not tthere! They are and we need to learn to walk without fear and trust God as we progress and pray! Reminds me of a "wall of paper I wonce saw. It looked real, very real, in fact! But upon being told to put my hands out and push through it, I saw that it wasn"t real at all, although it sure seemed to be, my hand went right through it! Guided by prayer, and good instructions, we can "climb higher"! Thank you so much! Going up today!

  75. Thank you Rob for this wonderful lift and reminder! Some of the comments remind me of something I saw on a church sign......... "exercise daily, walk with God " and I loved that too. Thank you everyone for all your wonderful and inspiring thoughts!

  76. Thank you Rob for this wonderful message. It is all about trust.

  77. I really appreciated this Daily Lift today. I have taken on a task and my usual manner to tackle one is to tay out all the steps in preparation. This one has eluded me as I am not able to see past the first few steps that one should take to complete the task. Given the fact that God is there to show me the way, I can with faith proceed with the first step and know that I will be lovingly directed each step of the way to completion. I am so grateful to have Christian Science in my life!

  78. Yes, so it is - in little or big needs - yes, Father-Mother Love is always here!!!

    Thank you!

  79. Thank you.

  80. I always appreciate your "simplicity of the Christ" messages. Clear, simple, comforting, saving.

  81. I, too, wish to give thanks for this encouraging Lift and inspiring comments. It's so familiar, the tendency to do nothing if we can't see the successful outcome and how important it is to simply start! I'm very grateful to have made some significant strides at overcoming that paralyzing habit just this year. I know other Lifts inspired and supported my progress. Just this Tuesday night after a meeting at church a fellow church member firmly, but lovingly reminded me to live in the present, trusting God with the details when I spoke of not knowing how I could get everything accomplished that I needed to do. She also didn't just let me nod in agreement, but insisted I acknowledge the Truth. It was interesting how at first I wanted to argue for being overwhelmed!! I see now how this incident resulted in a pleasant rest of the evening with family and a predominantly peaceful, highly productive Wednesday. Thank you for helping me to acknowledge the progress in this area as well as the significance of the conversation with my friend on Tuesday night.

  82. Faith, to expect what we need to be there, WHEN we get there. I need to practice"faith walking" today. Thank you for your daily lift.

  83. This is so encouraging, many thanks.

  84. Thanks. This lift reminds me of a favorite bible passage- Prov 3:5,6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

  85. Thank you Rob and all lifters. Comments from Natlie, Marilyn, Bev and Nela were especially helpful and inspiring for me. (=

  86. This is exactly what I needed to hear--this is an answer that I have been searching for quite awhile now! Being a teacher, I tend to get caught up in planning too much of my life out--I'd been trying to map out my future at times, wondering if I should do when I have a family someday...well, this lift has finally taken that self-placed burden off of my shoulders indefinitely! I used to think that if I didn't plan ahead, I was lazy or irresponsible, thus I am naturally an avid planner of my daily activities/chores as to what I would like to accomplish each day. Those five, powerful words, "I will be with you" silenced my worries and anxiety of the future. As a beloved Sunday School teacher told me once, "Your future is none of your business--it's God's!"

  87. How beautifully said, oh thank you! Thank you for saying it in such a way to confirm and make at peace my understanding and progression. Thank you for expressing the Truth, how blessed and joyful it is. Although a trial and deliberation may continue, Good will Always prevail. When we look around and see those joys of Life,in bird songs and beauty, in babies and blue skies, what Love there is! How blessed we are to experience God's infinite reflection in so many ways, in all people, in all ways, always, expressed in ways beyond our limited imagination but not beyond our capacity to see and understand, to know in the Soul; Reflections of Principle and Love are everywhere. Spirit is eternal. Thank you for this beautiful lift.

  88. Thank you for these helpful thoughts. I plan to spend more time with this lift!

  89. Thanks, Rob! What a great gift it is to know "I will be with thee." Infinite omnipresent God, good is here right now, and everywhere, loving all of us, protecting, providing us with everything needful. No need to get to heaven - heaven is now. Christ Jesus shows us how to attain and stay in that heavenly consciousness. I'm soooo grateful for these healing truths. Great lift! Thanks to all participating.

  90. Makes me think of the hymn words - "Lo, I am with you always watch and pray." Thank you.

  91. Rob; That is the perfect message for all to hear!
    Thank you so much!

  92. Thanks so much #69 Arlene! "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness..................................Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic behind it. Begin it now." Goethe. I felt this fit so well with Rob's supportive Lift today! Much love!

  93. Rob thanks for that perfect analogy..Bev for the
    Goete quote & all the lifts.

  94. "I will be with you" is really the only answer to overcoming any fear. It is just as well that Moses did not know all the fears he would have to face - the curse from his wife, the hard heart and magicians of the Pharaoh, the polluted water, the plague of flies and frogs, the deadly epidemic, the Egyptian military, the need to cross the Red Sea, lack of water and food in the desert, poisonous vipers, the burden of leadership, the resistance of idolatry - the golden calf, the "sons of Anak" (giant warriors).
    "I will be with you" is good foundation to face any fear. Similar to "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."
    What great tools to have in our workshop! Thank you.

  95. So clear, so clear! One step at a time without doubt!

  96. Merci Rob même si je n'ai pas compris tout le message oral à cause de mon anglais insuffisant ! #46 Nela : Thanks ! Nous pouvons prouver le néant du péché et de la maladie, faire confiance à Dieu même si c'est souvent difficile de ne pas tenir compte de ce qui 'arrive' dans ce monde matériel. Il y a peu de temps, j'ai dû calmer mon angoisse et lutter pour garder à l'esprit que "I (le Christ) will be with you " toujours. Les médecins m'avaient affirmé que j'avais un cancer du sein. Il fallait pratiquer une biopsie pour confirmer le diagnostic après examens des radios. Je décidai de faire une totale confiance en Dieu sachant qu'en Lui, il n'existe aucune maladie, qu'Il est là et ne nous abandonne pas. J'ai fait 'entrer le Christ avant moi' dans le cabinet du médecin qui ne m'a laissé à nouveau aucun espoir ! J'ai attendu plus de 10 jours pour avoir les résultats et.... les médecins croyant à l'ERREUR virent leurs idées balayées ! AUCUNE CELLULE CANCEREUSE dans le prélèvement !!! Le Christ était bien là pour me sauver de ce cauchemar ! MERCI INFINIMENT ! Que chacun d'entre vous ressente sa Présence et soit béni ! Avec tout mon amour, Michèle

  97. Thanks for your Lift today, Rob. It is exactly what I needed this morning. All the comments are helpful, too! The Truth is always so simple, isn't it?

  98. Thank you Rob, I loved this. "Take the first steps, expecting to see what we need to see when we get there" reminds me of a helpful anology I grew up hearing: "You can't steer a still ship"! The point of the analogy is similar; you can't proceed or make progress (grow or learn), unless you are moving. If you are on a ship in flat, still waters, or refusing to put up the sails, how are you going to move? And, it helps to trust, that, even if you are moving in a wrong direction, -- at least you are moving, --therefore, it is quite easy to change the boat's direction just by the fact that the vessel has momentum. There are no results, no opportunities for expansive views, if there is no forward movement. If thought isn't moving, we go nowhere, see nothing, experience is numb. It's a thrill to launch that bark and watch the views that mental sailing will show you!

  99. Thank you for this, lift, very helpful indeed!

  100. Can't tell you how helpful this is - thank so much!

  101. I loved the strength that I felt from your Lift- the strength in trusting that one step at a time we can move forward and upward with God who is always holding our hand as- " in Him we live and move and have our being"
    Thank you so much Rob

  102. Ref #20, my daughter was able to go to work and is having a good day.
    Thank you Rob & THANK YOU GOD!

  103. I love the assurance of this message that we will see what we need when we ae at that point. No need to let fear of the future stop our progress. God has it all in hand.

  104. Thank you. This lift is very very helpful.Acknowledging this promise from God eliminates doubt and fear;and opens the door to peace,confidence,joy,strength and understanding.I try to make it a "constant" in my life.

  105. Thank you.This is a most important and helpful lift.Acknowledging this promise from God eliminates doubt and fear,and opens wide the door to peace,contentment,joy, strength,and understanding.I try to keep this thought as a "constant" in my life.It saves me.

  106. I too am so grateful for this inspiring message today. It has provided encouragement to stay the course in regards to a physical claim that I have been praying about for awhile. Yes, "I will be with you" is an absolute truth to stand on. Also, thank you to commenter #38; I can relate to your experience as I too went through several years on my own with my daughters and God at my side and we were provided for all the way!!!.
    Thank you ALL for sharing your words of Truth and Love.
    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  107. Very helpful and encouraging. God is always with us, our all-knowing Guide, Friend, Father.

  108. This Daily Lift reminds me of the bible story of Jacob's Ladder. Now I don't believe that Jacob climbed a material ladder. But what he did climb was a spiritual one. Each revelation of the correct view of God was his ladder from a material fear of his meeting with his brother Esue, to his spiritual understanding that all Esue had was his forgiveness and his love for his brother, Jacob. God was always with both brothers, not with just one, as they both successfully ascended the ladder of spiritual understanding.

  109. Thanks Rob. This came at just the right moment (surprise!) for me. "You'll see it when you get there."
    So true.

  110. Thank You!
    It is wonderful to know that God already have an plan for us. And that God knows the next step we have to take. It is important to remind us about that. God is there with us the whole time. And God always will be with us. God never leaves us in the half way. Every step is prepared. And our earlier experiences will be helpful in our new situation.
    Thank You so much!
    Karin from Gothenburg Sweden

  111. So inspiring! Loved this Lift today. Thanks Rob.

  112. Rob, superb!!!

  113. Wow.
    Thank you, Rob.

    This is very healing.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  114. 96. Michele, I hope you do not mind if I translate your comment to English:

    Thank your, Rob, even if I wasn't able to comprehend all of your audio message because of my insufficient English! Nela, #46, Thanks! We can prove the nothingness of sin and sickness, have confidence in God even if it is often difficult to know what will "happen" in this material world. A little while ago, I had to calm my anxiety and struggle to maintain the spirit of "the Christ be with you" always. Doctors had declared that I had breast cancer. It was necessary to have a biopsy to confirm the x-ray diagnosis. I decided to put total trust in God, knowing that in Him there is no disease, that He is there and doesn't abandon us. I let the "Christ go before me" into the doctor's office which had left me with not hope! I waited more that ten days to get the results, and...the doctors beleiving in the ERROR, dismissed their shattered beliefs! NO CANCEROUS CELL was found in the taking!!! The Christ was certainly with me to save me from this nightmare! INFINITE THANKS! May every one of your feel his presence and be blessed! With all my love, Michele

  115. Thank you for today's message. It reminds me of a healing I once had when a practitioner told me to go forward with a trip, knowing that "as they went, they were cleansed."

  116. Judy, thanks for translating!!! And Michele from France, I am SO grateful for your testimony!!

    Divine Love goes before you, divine Love waits for you, divine Love launches you, divine Love holds your hand as you journey..

  117. This is rock solid advice! Thank you, Rob. Your testimony is very meaningful, and I like how you connected way back to Moses, showing we have similar wishes to be able to see the whole picture before we start important tasks. I do think it might be wise, when sharing this, that I let them know it's important to pray to be sure the adventure they plan is God directed, not just a whim based on personal sense & desires. College & the Exodus were right endeavors, and so also could be trips, sports, jobs, recreation, etc., but not always, so putting God 1st and stepping hand in hand as we go, will let us know not only where the next needs are at the right time, but also when to go no farther, if we made a right choice to begin, or took a wrong turn mistakenly along the way. I need this Lift today and every day for myself, and should remember one son's complete how-to-get-to-college needs unfolded well past the "11th hour" (missed freshmen days), including Cross Country & Track scholarship. The ones who supplied the needs (rental car for10 day round trip to take him, textbook funds & cash for him, etc., had no knowledge the arrangements with the college only fell in place a few hours before on the same day. #11, Just a thinker, thanks for the Phil.1. reminder. #36 Marilyn, Thanks for Heb.13. #75 name, & #86 Jaimie, & #115 name,Thanks. #96 Michèle, Wonderful! #102 Roger, Great! To all above, much thanks!

  118. Thank you just what I needed

  119. WONDERFUL ! Thanks Rob . What an uplift!!!!!! And thanks to for all the loving comments. Just what I needed today to keep my thoughts clear and listen to God's guidance during the weeks ahead .Vxxx

  120. That was great to listen to...so soothing...and I grapsed it so eagerly...having a special need...
    Thank you Rob

  121. Thank you, Rob, for this wonderful message, so lovingly delivered. I know that the tendency to stop rather than move forward when things get "iffy" is one I ned to work to change - after all, there is no progress without forward motion.

    The comments by #6 Roma: "wherever we are is where God intends us to be" -- #14 Anne's lamplight in the pea soup fog -- #25 Dennis R.'s headlights when driving -- #30 Nelly: "el Bien esta siempre con nosotros" -- #48 Nancy T (it hadn't occurred to me to think of excessive planning as trying to outline good, or to put it another way, trying to outline God!) -- #86 Jaimie: "Your future is none of your business--it's God's!" -- #94 Gary, pointing out that Moses would never have gotten started if he could have seen the whole journey ahead of time -- #96 Michele: "J'ai fait 'entrer le Christ avant moi,' as Mrs. Eddy did, and as we all need to do -- #98 Nancy: "You can't steer a still ship" -- these were especially helpful to me.

    Thanks to all who shared their experiences and inspiration. Love and blessings to all the Daily Lift family.

  122. Terrific comments to augment a terrific truth. Thanks to all.

  123. Thank you so much. I enjoy your lifts. They're very encouraging.

  124. I loved your analogy! Reminds me of the saying, "The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step." How important it is for us to trust Him to direct our paths. Thanks for the reminder.

  125. I loved ths Lift and all the comments. I liked the analogy of #98, "You can't steer a still ship.". I think of myself as a soccer ball rolling along and, if by chance I roll down the wrong path, God just has to tap me with His foot in the right direction. When we are rooted in one spot, usually from fear, it's so much harder for us to get moving! Thanks and love to all of you.

  126. Many thanks Rob for reminding us that divine Love is always with us every moment. "Why search the future and the past?/ Why do ye look with tearful eyes/ And seek far off for paradise?/ Before your feet Life's pearl is cast." (Christian Science Hymnal #391).

  127. thank you rob.i too am stuck with something .....one step at a time,,,,,, the thing is that i want to leap!!! so slowly with patience ,God will show the way.love and peace to all

  128. 114 Judy : Thank you very much for the translation of my comment # 96 ! You are very lovely and loving ! Thanks too for the others comments ! Good week end to all !

  129. I felt the heart-felt power behind these words. I could tell you had experienced them, which gave them such authority and inspiration. Thank you.

  130. What a delightful 'lift' for today and EVERY day! From Canada

  131. Thank you so much Rob for the very encouraging and helpful message.

  132. Thank you, Rob, and thank you for the wonderful, meaningful, & thoughtful comments of fellow Lifters! A number of weeks back, we found out we would be moving out-of-state on unexpected notice. There seemed to be so many details to "plan" out, but God had it already complete. Our home that we were renting was leased to a new family within a week of notifying our landlord that we needed to move out before the end of our lease. The agent said to us "I don't know how many people are looking to move within the next few weeks", but God knew. Our needs were met as well as the family that had just been waiting for our rental home to become available. We were able to get our household goods loaded with professional crews to help and that made the move run smoothly. All the "little details" were taken care of, and we are so grateful to the ONE MIND governing all. He truly IS with us exactly when needed and is guarding & guiding us every step of the way!


  134. a plane heads INTO wind to get lift/lifted up; don't be afraid to copy this idea.. head right where you
    may think there is danger... you will be lifted/raised up... enabled to rise up and conquer your
    surroundings if they seem negative. a plane really forces itself into the prevailing wind and lets
    it carry it up into clearer skies.......... turn your plane around and go UP to safety!!!.....ARNOLD

  135. Just Trust!

  136. Right on
    A daily promise

  137. Yes, as the previous commenter said, "Just Trust" God to bring us through. Thank you Rob.

  138. Trust- thank you

  139. Thank you so much for your Daily Lifts. They are always insightful and uplifting.

  140. Thank you for this beautiful message. It teaches trust and patience and an anticipation of the glorious view ahead.


  142. Thank you Rob, What a wonderful reminder of the omnipresence of God and such a simple statement that we all can feel "I will be with you." The Science and the Christianity as one.

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