8/17: Freedom to serve

8/17: Freedom to serve

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  1. Wonderful, Rob, and immensely helpful. Thank you.

  2. ok,ninguem pode servir a deus se estiver preso ao seu proprio ego ,medo,ou a ilusoes desse mundo!

  3. Thank you, Rob. Really freeing, because it frees us from all material suppositions in order to be able to now serve God with all our hearts - very helpful, tks!

  4. Thank you, Rob. This distinction between 'from' amd 'to' is soooooo helpful. Freeing from daily limitations.

  5. Beautiful! Thank you!

  6. This is very helpful for me in trying to find my freedom from a physical problem. The thought I am working with that came to me is that I must live above the material discord and correct it. I know that to find my freedom I must discern the spiritual counterfact to the material picture, and acknowledge it, accept it, and LIVE it. Then I shall be on the right path to serving the Lord freely, lovingly and joyfully.

  7. How often we heard Hollywood joke, 'Let my people go'! How much useful would their movies and shows be if they would complete the Bible verse: "Let my people go, that they may serve me" Exodus 8:1
    It wasn't a joke, it was a command that not only saved the suffering one but fulfilled the grandest of purposes: To honor God.
    ¿Con qué frecuencia oímos el chiste de Hollywood: " How often we heard Hollywood joke, 'Let my people go'! How much useful would their movies and shows be if they would complete the Bible verse: "Let my people go, that they may serve me" Exodus 8:1
    A joke? It was a command that not only saved the suffering one but fulfilled the grandest of purposes: To honor God.
    ¿Con qué frecuencia oímos el chiste de Hollywood: "!Deja ir a mi pueblo! ¿Qué utilidad tendrían las películas y los programas si se completara el versículo de la Biblia: "Deja ir a mi pueblo, para que me sirva." Éxodo 8:1
    No fue una broma, era una orden que no sólo salvó al sufriente, sino que cumplió el más grandioso de los propósitos: Honrar a Dios.
    !Deja ir a mi pueblo! ¿Qué utilidad tendrían las películas y los programas si se completara el versículo de la Biblia: "Deja ir a mi pueblo, para que me sirva." Éxodo 8:1
    ¿Chiste? Era una orden que no sólo salvó al sufriente, sino que cumplió el más grandioso de los propósitos: Honrar a Dios.

  8. Many thanks Rob for this very inspiring reminder Yes. "Freedom to serve God's [Love's] purpose." "You are God’s purpose, His great design./ Beautiful, blameless, His child divine./ Holding your thought to the good and the true,/ Spirit will form you anew." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  9. This is such a great Lift, Rob, and just by adding those five words "'that they may serve me'. . . the earth experiences a great deliverance and a transformed life." I love that we keep seeing the same words in a new way resulting in a new revelation.
    Thank you Nate and the team for a great week; the BoL and lecturers; and the always awakening Lifters.

  10. Freedom to serve - what a powerful slogan!

    One definition of "to serve" is: "to give homage and obedience to"
    - if we give our tribute to God as the only power - we acknowledge
    the freedom we need to do what we have to do.

  11. Thanks Rob. I like the way we always enjoy freshness in these small great messages, nothing is ever dull!
    Somebody said to me once that freedom gives us the oportunity to do good or bad. In Christian Science we learn that we have freedom of expression in every sense, and this sense is spiritual and therefore it has not element of evil since God created everything very good, including man and, as evil does not exist, we can only do good. God does not need to test us because He knows perfectly well that everything that He created is and always will be good. Divine Love always frees us from evil (from the concept that evil exists) and He frees us in order to glorify Him, doing good.

    Gracias Rob. Me gusta la forma en que siempre disfrutamos de la frescura en estos pequeños grandes mensajes, ¡nada es jamás aburrido! Alguien me dijo una vez que la libertad nos da la oportunidad de hacer el bien o el mal. En la Ciencia Cristiana aprendemos que tenemos libertad de expresión en todo sentido, y este sentido es espiritual y por lo tanto no contiene ningún elemento del mal ya que Dios creó todo muy bueno, incluido el hombre y, como no existe el mal, solo podemos hacer el bien. Dios no necesita probarnos porque Él sabe perfectamente que todo lo que Él creó es y siempre será bueno. El Amor divino siempre nos libera del mal (del concepto de que exista el mal) y Él nos libera para glorificarlo, haciendo el bien.

  12. Amen, Rob.

    Thy will Be Done.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  13. Simple, memorable, unassailable, inspired. Thank you.

  14. Thanks! And thanks for your service as a Chaplain. It is wonderful that God speaks to us in every corner of the earth... be it battlefield, cornfield, career field or just in the quietness of contemplation.

  15. Thank you, what a great Lift to carry we us through the weekend any every day.

  16. This is really really helpful. I am yearning and longing to be free to serve God and to be able to extricate myself from all sorts of over bearing issues that were not of my making but have been laid at my door.I feel so burdened sometimes and without a way through and this is helping me. Last night I prayed for three hours,and was hugely helped by the Wednesday evening testimony meeting from the Mother Church,which was still online at that hour, and in particular the reference to 2 Chronicles v 20' Fear not, the battle is not yours but God's"
    Thank you so much, particularly for the example of living through Vietnam, while serving but also serving God. People live and hold onto Truth through such extraordinary circumstances to become free.

  17. Dear Rob,
    Thank you for serving our country for freedom. And thank you for serving the cause of Christian Science. That everyman may know, there is a divine right for him to know he is spiritual not material and therefore free from material laws of suffering.

  18. thank you rob

  19. Thank you.

  20. Dear Rob, Thank You,
    It maked me understand the purpose of life.
    That freedom is to serve God. The hard thing to do will be done with joy, when we understand that we are serving God. And it will help us the whole way throw.

  21. Bless you, Rob, for your inspired Lift today.

  22. thank you for the reminder that every day, every moment is another opportunity to serve God and if we cannot do it with joy, we are missing the mark...we must be humble in knowing that it is not our will, but His...the unselfed Love that is our life...continually revealing more of that eternal glory that is our God.

  23. Thank you Rob, it made me think also that I am ALREADY free to serve God NOW! Not tomorrow, nor next year when I have more free time, right now, in this precise moment. It is so good to listen to the DLs every morning... I can´t wait when I get up in the morning to open my laptop and enjoy what is there waiting for me. I enjoy also the comments that open up new aspects of the same DL. Thanks again to all the people working to make this possible.

  24. Beautiful, Rob!

    My C.S. teacher advised us to check our motives often...and today's Lift will be helpful in doing that!

  25. Thank you Rob, we should all be free to serve God which let's us do everything that is without error in our lives!

  26. Thank you Rob. This lift really resonated with me.

    I love the way of freedom Lord,
    To serve Thee is my choice

    Hymn 136

  27. Thank you for that wonderful insight into what true freedom is

  28. Thank you for this lovely lift.

  29. No hay duda que la libertad se logra a traves del Bien, porque no hay otra libertad lo otro es servidumbre,
    ¿Nos hemos liberado de todas las creencias humanas? ¿que es en realidad la libertad?, es acaso correr detras de lo humano NO, es cumplir el propósito divino, siendo fiel a su llamado, seguir a Cristo, en todo lo que Él dijo que hicieramos, rechazando lo humano, fue muy claro en sus conceptos no dejando nada fuera de las premisas sustanciales de servir a Dios, fue tan libre que se sometió a la "muerte", ¿seriamos capaces de hacerlo nosotros? muchas veces me hago esa pregunta y no lo se, seguramente Dios lo sabe y es menos severo por su infinita bondad que sí... hace libre a los justos de corazón, me siento libre pero estoy haciendo buen uso de ella, la libertad de cumplir con el propósito divino porque en la inmencidad de ese AMOR que revela el misterio de la Piedad, donde nada hay que cuestione ni encarcele sino donde la libertad Es el estado natural del ser no se encuentra en otro lugar que en la Ciencia divina y en su cumplimiento.
    " No penseís que he venido para abrogar la ley o los profetas; no he veniso para agrogar, sino para cumplir" Mateo
    ¿Estamos cumpliendo fielmente? porque tambien nos dice que nuestra justicia debe exceder a la humana.
    !Que bella es la libertad de los hijos de Dios ejercida para cumplir con Sus premisas!
    "¿Has renunciado al yo? ¿Eres fiel? ¿Amas? MBE
    !Entonce y solo entonces eres libre!
    Muchas gracias, por la libertad de expresarse, Daily

  30. So uplifting - thank you Rob.

  31. Thank you, Rob!

  32. Apostle Paul remembered his early shortcomings and suffered, but we definitely do not need to do that, any more than Paul did, in his error of belief only. Jesus healed infirmity of any seeming length of duration or seeming reason for being there. We cannot serve God and mammon now, so some expelling must be be done first. This includes remembering error as well as returning to it, as the Children of Israel tried to do after Moses gave them the Ten Commandments.
    (Matthew 6;24. & Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 346;29.)

  33. Could you paste this great message to the inside of my forehead please?! It seems so hard to remember when things in life become so chaotic and challenging! Thank you for giving us this message!

  34. Wow Rob, this lift was so helpful to me since I am a adolescent behavioral specialist working with or "serving" families. I sometimes get caught up on the material picture in front of me. But my focus is to be free to serve God!! This inspired idea will help me and the families. Thanks so much for this lift and your service as a chaplain in Vietnam.

  35. I recently heard or read (perhaps a lift?) that we are the stage on which God performs. The freedom you speak of allows us to serve God better by being a better stage.
    Love the Lifts!

  36. Thank you so much dear Rob for this beautiful message of "Freedom".

  37. thanks you, dear Rob

    To name...you are serving God in your earnest desire to serve Him. I caught it and you replied and I saw that you caught it too! And we know (from a little child singing on Songburst album in Reading Room) that you are "free to be just the way that God made me! Whee!"

  38. The distinction between the desire for freedom and the need to serve God is such a powerful one for me this morning. I have struggled with addiction for a while now....turning to God and CS when things get particularly rough. I had a realization this past weekend that it was no longer enough to simply ask to be free. I have to commit to serve God as well. And satisfaction and joy can be mine as well....without the stuff.
    This lifts truly speaks to my heart. Thank you Rob.

  39. Thank you Rob for the inspiring ideas and for all your service. I was just thinking how many additional inspiring ideas come from the same Lift and are expressed in the comments.

  40. Lately I have been struggling with what to do.... As a Special Education teacher and coordinator I have always known "what to do" and working gave me a guideline or framework to be about God's work. I just retired and for the past few months I have been not really finding a way to go. Thank you so much, of course I need to server God,..... the only real job, duty there is..... I know I can not be made to forget!!

    Wonderful, YEAH!!!

  41. A profound "wake up call" for me, Rob! Thank you for this enlightening message.
    Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  42. So helpful! Thanks you.

  43. Thank you,Rob. Freedom from or freedom to? It has to do with motives does't it.

  44. What a great reminder, and well put.
    Thank you, Rob!
    And thank you, all Daily Lifters!

  45. My grateful thanks for another marvelous message. How blessed I feel to have the tools of gratitude and joy in my life and to have "membership" in a forum such as this one!

  46. How interesting that the commandment comes to Pharaoh to release any hold on those who are to serve God's purpose - a fact that was not always clear even to the Israelite people.

    Whatever seems to hold us in bondage is already BEING released as part of God's dominion. There is just no reason or purpose to spend a lot of time arguing with Pharaoh, is there?

    Great lift!

  47. Beautiful, Rob! Thank you so much!

  48. Barb from Ohio

    Many many thanks, Rob for this inspiring DL! I definetely needed to hear this message today.

    I too (like #23) look forward each weekday morning to seeing what the Daily Lift is for that day. It's like opening a gift of inspiration. Thanks to all who make these DLs possible and to the com mentors.

  49. Thank you, Rob, for sharing that precious experience!

  50. Very beautiful and humbling, Rob! How do we really, humanly serve God, right here on earth, in our everyday lives? I found a quote from the Christian Religious Article in our local small town newspaper that spoke to me this morning: "......we find ourselves vulnerable to God's molding and shaping us into the person He created us to be. This is what spiritual formation is all about. Allowing God to craft us in the very best version of ourselves." Perhaps this is what is meant by serving God....??? Allowing Him to work in us and with us? Lovely Weekend to All! XOXO!!

  51. When I became a practitioner (when I decided to serve Him full time) I was suddenly moved from one place to another through no will of my own. It turned out to be just a beautiful, quiet, place to serve God.

  52. Wow!

  53. Thank you Rob for beautiful and inspired lift.

  54. One of many helpful things I learned from a stalwart and dear practitioner was to avoid the temptation to "substitute the lesser for the greater." I think this wisdom relates to today's Lift because serving a false or material master is less productive than serving God (Spirit). Of course we do our jobs and fulfill our duties, but we should never let these oppress us. We're already free to express the highest qualities, right where we are.

    And we can choose each day "whom we will serve."

  55. Thank you ~ I am so reminded by your talk of the unspoken thoughts ~ desire as prayer,that trusting God, is 'moulded and exalted before taking form in words and deeds' ~ "Prayer coupled with the habitual desire to know and do the will of God, will bring us into Truth. It is best expressed in thought and in life."

    Thank you for this morning reminder of the All-in-All.


  56. Such a clear message and so encouraging to us to make that distinction between 'from' and 'to'. Many thanks.

  57. Thanks. Freedom from the physical and/or emotional pain/weakness, lack/excess, injustice, confusion... whatever it seems to be... is not so we get to do what the human mind claims it wants, but to serve God's holy purpose for us, rich in lessons and blessin's for all. Free to express love, gratitude, humility, faith/faithfulness, joy, peace, patient courage, gentleness, gracious generosity, integrity, goodness, creativity, precision/strength, moral excellence (all examples of seeing/being God's grace). This freedom to feel and express these divine qualities and service is not dependent on what others think or say, do or don't do interpersonally or internationally, with financial/political/military/environmental manipulations, or whatever. Person, thing, place, and time cannot affect this freedom to serve. How easy this might be to see in some cases and so hard it seems to accept and live forward from when I take the case or claim of being imprisoned/stuck/trapped/attacked/limited personally, but still it is true, and I thank you for reminding me.

  58. What an inspiring purpose! True motivation! Real freedom from mental slavery!
    I see the U.S. government is even now cooperating with the Vietnam government to repair
    some of the damage done during their war (specifically from agent orange).
    Doing the right thing!
    Serving God.

  59. I find direction when I go to the last stanza from "Christ My Refuge" by MBE. " My prayer, some daily good to do To Thine, for Thee; An offering pure of Love, whereto God leadeth me." Thanks Rob and to all the others who prepare the Daily Lifts. Thanks to the crew who sends them to us each day and lifters who share.

  60. Thanks Rob!
    I can relate to wanting to be back home while in Vietnam. Floating on my air mattress at China Beach, I wondered how long it would take to paddle home across the Pacific. I was almost ready to start paddeling! We are made ready to serve when we know that we are always at home with our Father-Mother God and that everyone around us are His/Her children. Every day becomes a homecoming.

  61. Thank you for completing the quote and makiing the distinction between types of freedom. Serving God is the most liberating kind of freedom. I appreciating thinking about that more deeply.

  62. Today's Daily Lift reminded me of a one page story that I wrote when I was a boy of 7 years old. That was the year, 1943, WW|| was being fought. I had a comic book by EC, which published a very large Bible comic book. My favorite character was Moses, and for school I wrote a if story about Moses coming to Adolf Hitler and ordering him to "Let my people" go. But the new thing was what Rob Gilbert brought out; "that they may serve me." not serve material desires but to serve God. That's exactly what I am doing right now.
    Wonderfully put, Rob.

  63. Such a helpful distinction Rob. This quote also reminds me of a phrase from a recent lesson,
    "Fill your horn with oil, and go!" Thank you so much. The comments are always so uplifting and encouraging. And the music is great this week. Thanks for bringing these lifts to us every weekday.

  64. Wow! That is such a helpful thought and it truly LIFTED me up. Thank you Rob for sharing!

  65. What an amazing group the lifters are. First a striking truth is shared, and then a tsunami of thoughts and ideas that reach the four corners of the world.

    The world is a better place because of this.

  66. Thank you.

  67. What a great insight, Rob!! Thanks so much!
    True freedom is accompanied by responsibility----the responsibility to be worthy of freedom means to serve God with all our hearts and minds. It is not a dependence on others for our well-being and happiness and supply. It is the opposite of liberal-socialism which seeks to depend on others and on government for happiness. Freedom from self--selfishness; freedom from a false sense of ego. What great insights Christian Science gives us/me!!

  68. Thank you Rob and friends!

  69. That's the only real freedom, isn't it? Serving God rather than self. A good idea for our world today.
    Thanks to you, Rob, for expressing the thought, and to the BoL and DL team for distributing it

  70. Thank you Rob, you have hit it exactly! As I pray for freedom for peoples all over the world, I will include that caveat, that we all be free to serve God. In fact, we ARE all free to serve God, and for that fact I am grateful.

  71. Thanks, Rob, for “Freedom to serve… freedom from… freedom to… ” I’m grateful to be reminded of that “from/to” aspect. When I exercise my freedom “to” serve God, I’m exercising my freedom “from” whatever had a hold on me. Christian Science has taught me that I’m always free to serve God, no matter how dire the circumstance seems. “Discerning the rights of man, we cannot fail to fore see the doom of all oppression. Slavery is not the legitimate state of man. God made man free… ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’ Love and Truth make free, but evil and error lead into captivity. Christian Science raises the standard of liberty and cries: ‘Follow me! Escape from the bondage of sickness, sin, and death!’ Jesus marked out the way. Citizens of the world, accept the ‘glorious liberty of the children of God,’ and be free! This is your divine right” (Science & Health, 227). What a quality of life we can have for the choosing! Who wants to be bound by sin, sickness, and death? Not I!!! When I serve God, healing happens. I choose to be increasingly alert to my “glorious liberty…!” To prove freedom from/to in every circumstance, until there's nothing left that needs healing. How radical is that??? :-)

  72. Thank you for this thought. It opens so many possibilities. From is looking back; a belief in past. To is progressive; new activity and action.

  73. Thank you Rob for serving our country-obeying orders-during a very difficult time for the US-God's sustaining power was surely with you and others who served with you as well. God bless you.

  74. I love the hymn, called Heavenward, p 136, "I love Thy way of freedom Lord, To serve thee is my choice, In Thy clear light of Truth I rise and listeing for Thy voice." And Thou dost give me peace". Years ago as a young mother I read the Text Book Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy. The feeling of being free and loved stayed with me for days. The quote on many church walls "Ye shall know the truth and the Truth shall make your free" lifts us all. Love to all the dear troops serving our country and thank your Rob for your service. With love to all, God bless

  75. Wonderfully clear and potent truth, Rob. And dear Wendy #32, I burst out with a belly laugh of solidarity when I read your honest request to please, have today's DL truth plastered on the inside of your forehead. I say, me too, me too. :) and God oh-so-gently whispers: my dears, it is already there.

    37 "name"--a big big hug to you, as you continue to find freedom from addictions. I pray often to know only a hunger for my dear God.

    Rob, #64, thank you for redeeming the idea of "tsunami"

    love to you all, my precious Lift family.

  76. Thank you for sharing this message!

  77. Thank you for bringing this contrast between the material and spiritual freedoms to clearer light and focus. It's reminding me of the hymnal lines from hymn 148 "In heavenly Love abiding no change my heart shall fear; And safe is such confiding for nothing changes here," With freedom from material fears come human (material) changes, but we don't need to fear those changes for God's love and presence never change, and that consistency allows us to lift our thoughts to give us the freedom to serve more freely, joyously and courageously.

  78. Dear Rob,

    Thank you very much for the beautiful Daily Lift. Understanding and praying with the whole citation certainly changes the tone and brings the higher purpose which leads to healing.

    The Lift family is special!

  79. Thank you so much Rob for the interesting message.

  80. Thank you for such insight.

  81. Thank you, Rob. So beautifully simple--and powerful!! This concept enlightened my prayer for improved vision. My prayer now is the desire to be free from the false view of man and the universe to the clearer and clearer recognition, view, of God's presence, power and knowing. Which definitely will honor God, and serve Him--fulfill His purpose--to see Him correctly everywhere. I love this LIFT. Thank you!!!

  82. Wonderful Lift - want to be part of the "tsunami of thoughts and ideas that reach the four corners of the world" you speak of in your comment. Thank you!

  83. Oh, thank you so much Rob, for this beautiful inspiration. I was feeling a little low when I decided to listen to your Lift. Your message and the comments from #16 gave me a fresh sense of my Father-Mother God's constant love for me. The Bible verse from II Chronicles 20:15 was so helpful too, "Be not afraid.......for the battle is not yours, but God's."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. So simple, so practical, so useful in my prison ministry work. So many THANKS for sharing!

  85. I'm just so grateful that there is no free will to choose between good and evil. That's all part of the Adam dream.

    Your Lift opens the door to true freedom, the divine mandate to be, think like and act like what we are, God's beloved child.

  86. What a great way to sort out our motives for doing or wanting things. Will it help me to serve God, or will it just please me? In the long run, it will only be any good if it helps to serve God!
    Thanks, Rob.

  87. yes, thank you. freedom from the little i of ego to a higher call which unites all.

  88. I love this strong Lift! Thanks so much, Rob. I like the distinction between freedom from and freedom to. We are free to serve God in any situation, if only by thinking of Him, of Truth, Love, Mind, Spirit, Principle, Life, & Soul. I'd never thought of it before, but the Israelites, if they had understood what we've learned in Christian Science ( through Mrs. Eddy's searching & study, after their experience was recorded). their slavery would have ended without needing Moses to lead them. I think countless situations have been resolved because, without even CS understanding, people have been conscious of deliverance since & because of the Exodus. People exercise some "freedom from" without being aware of it, perhaps because it isn't as full as they would like (nor was the Israelites, because they were seeing only materially). If we watch, we'll see freedom from" shown in many daily actions, simply because we've learned from accumulated evidence before us, or from personal experience. This Lift opens a thread throughout the Bible, and then from page to personal life today. "Freedom to serve" opens imprisoning thoughts, and heals! To all above, wonderful sharing, including the one with addiction. My prayers include all.

  89. What better words than those of Mary Baker Eddy in the last paragraph of "Christian Science versus Pantheism" where she says," May our Father-Mother God, who in times past hath spread for us a table in the wilderness and 'In the midst of our enemies,' establish us in the most holy faith, plant our feet firmly on Truth, the rock of Christ, the 'substance of things hoped for' -- and fill us with the life and understanding of God, and good will towards men. (Page 15.) I was notified today by my credit card company that someone has been attempting to use my account fraudulently, but I was protected by my credit card company, who stopped activity on my card, and will turn over the transactions to their fraud analysts.
    Today, Friday, and tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday are my days to serve in the local reading room for which I am divinely blessed by the Word, which is Father-Mother God.

  90. Freedom from and freedom to...a wake up call! Thank you!

  91. Thank you...very uplifting for the end of this day for me and my husband.

  92. Thanks so much. It's always right to be free, whole, well, pure. Something we can rightly insist on.

    But these days, this freedom to do whatever WE want can be a lazy freedom or self centered. A freedom our prayers may not as quickly yield up, if we ask "amiss," mainly for ourselves.

    Reminds me of Hymn #49:
    "Dear Lord and Father of us all, Foregive our foolish ways;
    Recothe Us in our right minds;
    In purer lives Thy service find,
    In deeper reverence, praise."

    Thanks again.

  93. Thank You, freedom- WOW

  94. Thanks to you Rob for the FULL statement-
    Let my people go free -- Why? So they can serve God.
    True for every one of us.
    Many thanks to ALL the B.O.L and all the team, and all the Lift family!

  95. Here it is Sat. and I just need to share this: I have been feeling like a tsunami has been whirling through my life lately. It feels like I'm wandering a bit in the Wilderness - which really is a Good Thing, but not Fun! "You don't have to Like it, you just have to Do it!" A popular 12-Step slogan. It feels like God is digging deep into my being - bringing up a lot of old memories and wounds for the purpose of healing them. Yuck! I'm hanging on to the knowledge that God Loves Me and that He/She will bring me through this and I will be so much the better for it! Thanks for Listening and Lifting!

  96. I have to add my gratitude for your simple, yet powerful, distinction between "from" and "to" with freedom. I loved your sharing how this applied your days in Vietnam as a chaplain. I remember those days well with your wonderful wife, Judy, waiting and praying at home. Thanks for your love of Science and dedication to the Practice for so long.

  97. Wonderful thought for now! Thank you!

  98. Thank you Rob for this very inspiring Daily Lift. The words you spoke made my heart swell with such gratitude for Christian Science. I look forward to the whole world accepting this glorious Knowing and for us all to be free! What a world we will live in at that moment....total freedom to know and understand God and ALL that means. That day will come, and in reality, is already here and Now!
    Thanks again!
    Pura vida,

  99. A beautiful way to bring out Two sides of the story. Thank you so much.

  100. I thank God that we are free to serve him. Nothing can cling to us or stand in our way. We are spiritual beings who are - at this very moment - freely shining forth God's spiritual perfection. Thank you, Rob, for your service to our country, and for your service to the Christian Science movement.

  101. We do not live in the flesh. Mrs. Eddy answers this point specifically and absolutely, herself when she gives the truth in the Sentinel, and all may know it. Mrs. Eddy writes, "You can never demonstrate spirituality until you declare yourself to be immortal and understand that you are so. Christian Science is absolute; it is neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it;...In practising Christian Science you must state its Principle correctly, or you forfeit your ability to demonstrate it. (The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, pages 241 and 242.) As dear sheepees, we must hold to the absolute truth, the absolute Science of man and God. Perfect God and perfect man.

  102. thank you, I was looking for inspiration tonight, and found it in this lift. Thank you so much

  103. From such a complicated experience, Vietnam, you brought simple peace. Thanks!

  104. wow.. nice thank you

  105. Thank you, Rob, for the perfect timing of this lift. It has met my need in more ways than I can relate at this moment, and it is here in consciousness to stay—a divine demand and divine promise—to be fulfilled.

  106. Thank you Rob. this infinitte Freedom to serve, Christian Science teaches us that LOVE can never be separated from its reflection God from man, Principle from its idea.

  107. You bless us - many thanks!

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