8/16: Begin with peace; end with peace

8/16: Begin with peace; end with peace

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  1. Thank you so much Brian. Your Lift reminds us that our days should reflect the peace and assurance of "God with us". Mortal mind tries to tell us that hectic days and restless nights go hand in hand and are the norm, but, we know that we don't have to accept this into our thought and make it part of our experience. Mary Baker Eddy says, in S&H page 262, "To begin rightly is to end rightly." When we begin our day with God-centered thoughts we can easily meet the challenges of our day and do it in a way that isn't depleting our resources and is a blessing to others.

  2. Thank you! I can remember that, gliding through the water without any effort, and indeed that wonderful sense of peace, a kind of: all is well!

  3. Many thanks Brian for this inspiring lift. Yes. Both at the beginning and at the end of our day we can rest and feel such peace." "So rest and know wher-e’er you go,/ Home and heav’n cannot be denied thee,/ For I am the Lord, there is none else;/ There is no God beside Me." (Christian Science Hymnal #444).

  4. Thank you Brian. Leaning back with closed eyes, listening to your loving message gave me a real sense of peace.
    Just beautiful.

  5. Thank you, Brian, for this uplifting and calming Truth and comfort. This spiritual peace we all do need. Am grateful for your Lift.

  6. It's 2am and I just phoned a friend to ask her to pray with me for peace. AND here your message appeared. Many thanks

  7. Thank you Brian,
    I had forgotten the joy of slipping into a calm quiet pool and gliding along.
    Reminds me of an analogy to moving through life which I heard.
    The wake doesn't drive the boat, it may be the most visible sign of movement, but it isn't what causes the momentum. God is the sole driving force and keeping our focus on God, not the wake, keeps us safe.
    Hy 81 His all-power helps and heals and sets of free.
    Shelagh ♥

  8. Brian, Thank you - I agree that the best way to be peaceful is to know God's full and complete love for all of His ideas

  9. Thank you Brian for wonderful timely message on peace.

  10. Thank you.

  11. This is a really helpful lift, and it is so essential to keep this sense of our God-bestowed spiritual peace.

    Jesus said "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
    Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27) Our heavenly Father gives us that peace always, it is built into us, and when we let go of our anxieties that would try to rob us of our peace, we are able to feel that Christ-like peace which is our heritage as dear children of God.

    Thank you for this inspired lift, and too all the "lifters". Especially I find Martin's (no. 1) contributions always very helpful indeed - so many thanks, Martin.

  12. Thank you very much for this lift. My day is often, to human view, hectic. Thank you for reminding me to rise above this mortal picture, to see the harmonious spiritual fact of my experience, and of all creation.

  13. Peace comes when we fully trust that something or somebody will take care of our troubles. But no peace is complete as the peace we obtain when we realize that God is fully with us.

    God’s intelligence, grace and love are inspiring and sustaining us, it removes anxiety and friction; effortless, productive work is the result.

    We don’t have to earn that peace, is already ours: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

    La paz viene cuando confiamos completamente en que algo o alguien se va a hacer cargo de nuestros problemas. Pero ninguna paz es tan completa como la paz que obtenemos cuando nos damos cuenta que Dios está completamente con nosotros.

    La inteligencia, gracia y el amor son inspirados y sostenidos por Dios, quitan la ansiedad y la fricción; el trabajo sin esfuerzo, productivo, es el resultado.

    No tenemos que ganarnos esa paz, ya es nuestra: “Porque yo sé los pensamientos que tengo acerca de vosotros, dice Jehová, pensamientos de paz, y no de mal, para daros el fin que esperáis.” Jer. 29:11

  14. Thank you Brian, for your loving message. Each day, as I work for "peace" for myself and then let my thoughts glide into thought of peace for my family, church, community and then expand out to the world and the universe, I often think of Hymn #9, and I give God the glory for my sense of His/Her peace that I feel and a heart filled with gratitude having Christian Science as my way of life.

  15. This surely is a good way to begin our day. "To begin rightly is to end rightly" Thank you Brian and all lifters for their constant reminders! LOVE to ALL June M. U.K.

  16. Thank You

  17. Thank you, Brian, for a beautifully stated metaphor.

    And, thanks, Nate for lovely music this week.

  18. Lovely message of peace and love. Thank you.

  19. It's so good the start the day with a daily lift and I also cherish, when I take the time to read at least some of the comments. I like the title you chose Brian for today. "Begin with peace and end with peace"
    Thanks to nr.1 Martin and nr.13 Elena.
    It's such a good reminder not only to start the day with God's ideas and even if the day turns out different to what I expected is good to know that I can always go back to the root, to acknowledge that God is all in all, our Mother-Father is taking care of everything. When realize that God is taking care of my Life experience, then I feel safe. I will keep working on this, when I feel lost and I have the anxiety to know if God had meant for me what I am looking for. It a daily chore to remind myself that God loves each of us and doesn't leave us unattended. Sometimes if hard to keep in mind the daily prayer: "Thy will be done". I will keep working on this idea: God is Life, our reflexion is God's Life. Life is under control, so I can rely on God.

  20. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. It has been a very long time since I have been in California and to the ocean to swim and It has been a while since I have been in a pool to swim. It is so peaceful. Thanks again.

  21. Thank you

  22. Thank you! I love to swim also. This lift goes very well with the song written by the musician for the week from the TMC youth weekly update. Her name is Lisa Redfern and the song is called "Do Not Worry".

  23. Karin,Switzerland
    Thank you for your message, and the music with it!
    Do you know the name of that CD?
    Would love to know it.

    Daily Lift Team
    For information about the music created for Your Daily Lift go to Daily Lift FAQ

  24. From my very earliest days there has been depression, war, war, and more war. And yet there is more peace today than anyone ever could have imagined. Wonderfully the area I love best to see peace is in religion. The worst war of all was between Roman Catholics and Protestants, and that one was right in our very homes and families. I feel today the world is so much brighter and lighter. Yes there is still war but on a much smaller scale. We can be friends, invite them into our homes, go to their homes no matter where they are, and bring up our children at the same school. We can and do pray for peace in our own thoughts, in our own households, and in our own neighbourhoods.
    Thank you DL team and the commenters from everywhere, coming together in peace and love.

  25. Thank you for this much needed reminder

  26. Very comforting. Thank you.

  27. Thanks for the inspiring lift. The world needs us to be at peace.

  28. No hay lugar donde esa llama no esté encendidad, Paz. Hay momentos que parece faltarnos no sólo a nosotros, sino al mundo principalmente.

    Esa Paz que como nos dice la Biblia no es la del mundo, que puede ser limitada, escaza o peor aún no haberla. Por eso mismo la Paz que Cristo nos dejó es ilimitada, abundante y sobre todo inmarcesible, porque es la Paz del Amor divino, y está ahí para ser tomada, al alcance, porque es permanente. Naturalmente, que si miramos la carrera de Jesús y la senda que el trazó, nos damos cuenta que esa Paz está indisolublemente ligada a un renunciamiento a todo lo que sea ajeno a Dios, como Él así lo hizo y por ello pudo enfrentar los desafíos sin claudicar frente al error, dando una lección de como se llega a esa Paz y se preserva más alla de las aparentes tribulaciones. Parafraseando a MBE "Y así genuinamente poder terminar la carrera con gozo, en perfecta Paz"

    Muchas gracias Brian, Sería hermoso que el mundo comenzara y terminara en paz, pongamos cada uno nuestro grano de arena de confianza de que es posible, que se haga realidad.

  29. Thank you, Brian, for "Begin with peace; end with peace ... God is fully with me ..." I will hold to this throughout the day.

  30. Thank you - danke from Germany - it brought back the experience of swimming in a green olive-gardenpool recently feeling the same peace and effortlessness and so extending to all around! It also reminded me of a swim in not so peaceful waters in a norwegian bay full of big jellyfish and I had been looking forward very much to a swim, so from a pier my husband directed me through them: left now, a bit to the right, go straight ec ! Learning to trust the directions I never got stung - so we can trust Love's voice of peace to see us safety through any not so peaceful waters - and thank you all dlt !

  31. Thank you, Brian. I know the utter joy of swimming in a crystal pool and feeling the cool water touch one's limbs as one glides freely through the water. It is so effortless and refreshing.
    Whatever the sport, when one's physical movement is in complete health and harmony with the external, it becomes an object of beauty and grace This is is homage to God in the same way as an art piece or a music composition is also homage to God. One feels a sense of exultation which is of the essence of our true spiritual being. Let us praise God!

  32. Thank you, Brian! I can feel the Peace that passeth all understanding - God's gentle presence and power! Knowing my oneness with God brings a sense of peace to my day!

  33. Thank you, Brian! Perfect ideas for me today.

    23 Margaret Sunshine Coast Australia reminds me to pray about the religious conflict that seems to be raging between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. These precious children of God have a right to experience unity in their faith and nations. They worship One God only, and their religion spells out with great specificity how to be merciful. There is only one Mind, and that's God. No one can be kicked out of the Kingdom, and the loved children of God can neither harm nor be harmed. God "sees the lad where he is" and brings the cool water of inspiration directly to each need. Love to all.

  34. Thank you Brian, I just love this Lift, it really resonated with me! I too enjoy swimming first thing in the morning, it is a harmonious time as I enjoy the peaceful & undisturbed communication with our dear Father, I feel so blessed. Thanks again xx

  35. Thank you for this important message. Peace is ours when we realize God's allness, and his only. Thank you.

  36. HI Brian, and thank your for your "peaceful" lift! I, too, am a swimmer and can totally relate. Will keep in mind "moving without friction" throughout the day (with God) and ending with peace (and God.)
    Love to all and have a blessed weekend.

  37. Thank you Brian. very inspiring.

  38. Thank you Brian; and thank you for all comments. I am swimming through the jellyfish water today and I am grateful for the reminder to just listen for the directions. Danke Michaela.

  39. Carol, Switzerland
    I feel such a peace, many many thanks.

  40. I could feel the peace as I listened to the Lift. Thank you Brian. Knowing that God is in charge and with me at all times has to bring peace since that's all God knows.
    Thanks for a wonderful week of Lifts.

  41. Thank you for this inspiring message. I was praying for peace and to be free of anxiety just this morning and along came your lift. How wonderful to able to tune into these lifts each morning. I am truly blessed. Thank you to all the other lifters for their comments.

  42. Thank you, Brian. I found this peaceful Lift very comforting and encouraging. I love thinking of moving through this day without friction, doing effortless work buoyed by God's grace! Definitely need to hold on to that image and expect to live it! Thanks for the 29 comments posted so far, and Lift team, as always, thank you for everything - the music and organization of these precious Lifts.

  43. Thank you, Brian, for this message of peace.

  44. Thank you Brian for your wonderful message. Just listening to your calming peaceful rendition and the contents of your message suddenly brought peace upon. Yesterday I parked the car in a different spot inside the garage and this morning to my dismay discovered on the floor several large spots of oil having leaked from it, several days worth of accumulation since the last oil change. I got angry right away because this has happened before with this mechanic but I told myself not to sweat the small stuff, go have it fixed when the shop opens. Still, I was mad because my otherwise clean floor is royally messed up. After hearing your words, God is fully with me, God is sustaining me, I suddenly realized that God prompted me yesterday to park differently, totally against my habit. Had I not done so, I would never have seen the big mess under the car and one day find no more oil inside. Now I am at peace and so grateful to have heard the reassurance that God always is fully with me. I am grateful for these Daily Lifts and every contributor and a big thank you to you all. The Lifts always start my day on a reassuring note.

  45. This was such a calming, picturesque lift. I do feel refreshed. Thank you Brian

  46. Thanks Brian. So much more than just exercise. I love running for the joy of being airborne even if just for split seconds, and the feeling of the breeze on my face and in my hair. Uplifting spiritually as it is such good think time surrounded by nature's beauty. God's omni- action has many expressions.

  47. Thank you Brian,
    This really gives a good way to think and act. It is work, but no stress. We rest after the work is done -- beginning, continuing, working, and resting in peace!

    hanks for all the comments too dear Lift family! That includes the behind-the-scenes support from the Christian Science Board of Directors, the Lectureship Board, all the lecturers, and the many workers-- seen and unseen, heard and not heard.
    I learn from all of you all too. Gratitude, humility, thanks, praise, inspiration.

    A happy weekend to you all! See you Monday!

  48. I remember as a young child learning to swim with a swimming instructor. I remember having great fear, and not trusting that her hand under my chin would keep me from sinking. But the instructor had patience with my fear and it wasn't long before I could trust her hand which left me free to learn to swim. My fear had turned to love and from then on it was hard to keep me out of the water.

    The same is true of diving into the truths of Science and Health which may at first seem uncomfortable. But listen to the words of this testimony by one who did dive into the book, L.B. Baldy, N.M.
    "My peace of mind
    is giving me a rest which I never experienced before
    during my life, and I have ceased to look away off for
    the divine presence that was always near, though I did
    not know it. (S&H pg. 675)
    Thank you Brian for inviting us to join you this morning in this peaceful swim. I love it.

  49. Dear Mr Tolcott,
    Thank you for this great reminder and truth of peace.
    It brought to my thought the account of what Christ Jesus said to the storm when awakened,
    by his fearful disciples in Mark 4:
    39 And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased,
    and there was a great calm. This demonstrated our God given dominion as stated in Gen 1 ... over
    all the earth. Gratefully, mlg in Rochester, NY.

  50. No anxiety...just beautiful, serene peace. Thank you very much!

  51. Thanks Brian and thanks everyone who has shared these nuggets on peace. Ps. 122: 7-8 reminds us of the peace within our walls and the peace within.

  52. Peace comes when we fully trust that something or somebody will take care of our troubles. But no peace is complete as the peace we obtain when we realize that God is fully with us.

    Thanks, Elena, for the above. It is always helpful for me to pick one or two statements here to focus on for the rest of the day (at least). Today it is your comment--especially just two words: fully trust.

  53. I can not put into human words that I feel right now from the peace and security that the study of C/S has given me in the last couple of years since my son bought me this I-PAD 2 years ago. Before, I was just reading the Bible Lesson. Now I submit commits to all the C/S websites & read comments from others and I giggle getting up in the morning to hear and read about C/S which puts me into a most relaxing state of thought. Life, upstanding God is wonderful.

  54. Thank you, Brian, for your great Lift to help inspire my almost-daily swim!

  55. Thank you for your thoughts of dwelling in peace while you swim. I swim a mile several times a week and always use that time to pray. I recall all my favorite passages from the Bible and Science and Health and reaffirm my closeness to God. It is so helpful and I feel so great at the end of the swim. So many friends complained they find swimming so boring but I find it the opposite just because you escape completely into your thoughts and if gives such a great uplift.

  56. Thank you!! What a strong and powerful message....just beautiful and so inspiring. Many thanks for this great Lift.

  57. I'm off to the pool to run laps with my H20 aerobic buoyancy-ankle-cuffs on and feel "the peace that passeth all (human) understanding" and carry it throughout the whole day without any worldly resistance. Jesus left the peace of Christ with us to know, feel, live and share. Thank you Brian for your 'lift' today !!!

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mary Baker Eddy (p.133).

  58. Thanks very much Brian, wonderful lift, the way you gave that really impressed the sense of peace upon my thought. I also really like the intro music this week, is it possible to get hold of it anywhere, does anyone know who its by?

    Daily Lift Team
    For more information about the Daily Lift music please visit our FAQ section

  59. Brian, your Lift was both Peaceful and Powerful. I, too, was given an iPad as a Christmas gift from my family in Arizona.
    I am so grateful to have this useful connection with my distant family and having access to the daily lifts. My dear sister introduced me to the daily lifts and also to the Cedars message on the weekly lesson. I feel so blessed and loved by God and all his children.

    A wonderful, peaceful weekend to all.
    See you next week!

  60. I am a big swimmer too and during the summer enjoy lake swimming. I am very aware when the water is rough and when it is tranquil and always look forward to those still days.

    I love the thought without friction and will keep that in mind whatever the conditions seem to be while swimming and/or proceeding through the day. Nothing can impede my progress spiritward.

    With gratitude.

  61. Thank you for paddling and navigating us through this splendidly bouyant and elegant daily lift! So effective, stable and simple. :)

  62. Thank you Brian for using the NRSV rendition of that assuring text from Jeremiah, which complements so well your thoughtful presentation.

  63. Your description of swimming reminds me of my youth when I swam for miles in a lake - sidestroke and backstroke and sometimes just floating on my back looking up at the sky - as an escape and to find peace. Now my peace comes from sitting quietly in the morning in my recliner and praying to God for His grace to guide my day. And as I lay my head on my pillow at night praying for His peace to still the conflicts worldwide and bring comfort to everyone. God is everywhere and supreme!

  64. Dear Brian-thank you for your peaceful message!! And all my worldwide friends- lovely comments!!!!
    Love to all

  65. Nice thoughts Brian. Thanks.

  66. Beautiful - it all begins and ends with peace, doesn't it. :)

  67. This lift was very helpful - thank you. Your 'delivery' of the message was so-o enjoyable and soothing to listen to as well and we listened more than once. It's the discipline of doing this first thing upon awakening that is important.

  68. Listening to this Lift as we ease into a pleasant weekend. Many thanks !

  69. I also thank you, Brian, for the beautiful message, delivered in your reassuring voice.
    I had my weekly lap swim this morning and kept thinking that I was moving through and surrounded by God's grace, intelligence, love and blessing. Afterwards as I walked, I affirmed the same power and presence. It was a holy feeling to keep thought focused on these spiritual qualities as the reality of life, for me and everyone.
    Blessings to all.

  70. This brought me peace :-) Thank you

  71. Thank you Brian for this so peaceful DL , for all the very good comments, for the lovely music. Many thanks and love to all.

  72. Lovely lift, Brian, and thanks to the lady swimmiing between jellyfish! I live in a retirement village. Under an apparent peaceful atmosphere lurks an explosive situation. i now realise fhat I have to let God quide my every thougt and action; so that noone will get stung. Many, many thanks and blessings to all

  73. Thank you much Brian.

  74. Brian: This is so timely. I am seeking peaceful thoughts about challenging situations in my own life and those challenging thoughts of things I disagree with in the World in which we live. I am headed out for a swim and I will keep your thoughts in mind. As always, thanks for sharing wth us your treasurers that come to you. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  75. Thank you Brian. Praying for this peace to stay with me and the world.

  76. Thank you for this appropriate message on starting my work week. Your insightful words will stay with me.

  77. Thank you and I would love to receive these writings regularly..

  78. I listen to this lift each morning and it gives me a reminder of how I wish to start and finish each day so thank you. You have a very peaceful sounding voice !

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