8/15: Pay attention to Christ

8/15: Pay attention to Christ

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  1. Thank you

  2. Thank you for the right focus for today, for every day! I'll be in tune.
    Christiane, Berlin

  3. Thank you, Mary. Excellent advice!

  4. Oh, I love that! Thank you. It gives real meaning to the "WWJD" bumper stickers! Truly, if we asked "what DID Jesus do?" instead of "what would Jesus do?" we would be paying attention to the facts he showed us and not indulging in speculation! The four gospels conduct us through the harmonious way of life he lived... and he asked us to do as he did. I'll enjoy "paying attention" and thank you again.

  5. Mary: Thank you for your excellent and very helpful analogies; and for the observation about Peter doing the same as Jesus, I had never thought of it. Illuminating thought lift !

  6. Thank you,Mary for the spiritual call
    Should be awakened to pay attention to christ and that present harmony in our live and around us

  7. A lovely analogy which speaks to me. Not only must the orchestral players watch the conductor closely, they must also listen to each other and make sure they blend - not one instrument should stick out, unless the score requires it to. The orchestra and the conductor are one harmonious expression of the music. So if we pay attention constantly to the Christ, follow him implicitly, and listen to each other that we may blend in harmony with the Christ, this should produce a wonderful symphony of Spiritual beauty for the glory of God.

  8. Mary, Thank you for reminding me that my part in the Orchestra is important.

  9. Yepp, paying attention - to the Christ, staying in tune with the comforter will certainly keep
    / gain the harmony of the full sound of the orchestra -
    the spiritual score of our biographies is always beautiful, beneficial and fulfilling.

  10. Spot on, Mary. Wonderfully clear analogy

  11. Music, harmony, focus. What a super message, Mary, thank you. Are attention should always be with and of God!

  12. Thank you so much for this lovely lift. I noted the word 'responding' as being equally as important as 'paying attention'. This is perhaps where our true 'responsibility' lies today, wherever it may appear to lie on the human scene.

  13. Thank you Mary' God is good.

  14. An excellent one, Mary . Now I know what to do today, thank you very much.

  15. Thank you Mary, This morning I walked to meet a friend and was interupted by a heart-stopping concerto. A Thrush was singing it's heart out, atop a TV arial...it's friends/rivals were singing in nearby trees. I was stopped in my tracks and felt the Love of God fill me up as thier music rang out. For Free. I love it when I get it right!

  16. Before Jesus restored Lazarus he left out those with negative thoughts, so did Peter when he restored Dorcas!
    As Peter paid attention to the Christ, we can pay attention to the Christ that dwells in us. (John 14:10)
    Just like a jazz musician, each one of us can play freely our own tune while at the same time harmonizing with God.
    While each one of us have our own identity, we all all reflect our Father-Mother God.
    Antes que Jesús restaurara a Lázaro dejó afuera a las personas de pensamientos negativos, ¡lo mismo hizo Pedro cuando restauró a Dorcas!
    Cómo Pedro prestó atención al Cristo, nosotros podemos prestar atención al Cristo que mora en nosotros. (Juan 14:10)
    Al igual que un músico de jazz, cada uno de nosotros puede tocar libremente nuestra propia melodía, mientras que al mismo tiempo, armonizamos con Dios.
    Si bien cada uno de nosotros tenemos nuestra propia identidad, todos son reflejo de nuestro Padre-Madre Dios.

  17. thank you for the daily lift !
    just reading the titles of the lifts of the week is a treatment for me !

  18. A very good lift today, thank you Mary!

  19. This is great! so fresh- thanks so much

  20. Thank you for that great reminder to pay attention to the Truth and what the Christ Ideas that come to us.

  21. Thank you, Mary! This is a beautiful Lift to get the day started!

    And thank you #7 (js) for this additional idea, "Not one instrument should stick out, unless the score requires it to."

  22. Thank you, Mary. Each note is chosen. It may either be instructed to give sound or to remain silent. Either way it is heared. So with us, we must "pay attention to Christ." All is beautiful.

  23. A wonderful analogy I can follow very closely because attending concerts oftentimes. Thank you Mary for this helpful idea.

  24. Absolutely Mary...I too thank you for the reminder to have our eyes and ears on God's directing! She is conducting the harmony of Life, bringing every thought to the Christ.

  25. Thank you Mary.......true....
    After that lovely talk with you today it was such a great surprise to switch on my iPadjust now and find you smiling at me... How nice .....and that was a tender reminder to us to listen and learn from the ever-present Christ, Truth.
    Much love

  26. What a good reminder for me, as I move through the day. Keep my attention fixed on what the Christ is telling me -- not what material circumstances are saying. This excellent lift reminds me of this week's Bible Lesson on the subject of Mind as God. There is a lot about peace coming from a better understanding of God and Christ Jesus. It has the Bible verse from Isaiah, chapter 26

    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever:

  27. When I played the violin in orchestra the conductor did not need to know how to play each individual instrument, any more than I did, but she had to recognize harmony and timing, at least in the classical music pieces we were playing.
    The Daily Lift music reminds me of the sound of hoof beats in the stable this morning.
    I just finished watching a 13-year teamster win the heavy-horse-team pulling contest at the Fair where I live. Timing is critical there, too, between teamster and horse-team, to get the job done flawlessly and safely for all. In her chapter from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, called Christian Science versus Spiritualism, she writes, "Ideas are spiritual, harmonious, and eternal." (On page 88, by Mary Baker Eddy.)

  28. Thank you, Mary!

  29. Somos músicos de una sola orquesta que suena al unísono de una sola melodía, pero esos músicos deben de estar muy afinados al igual que lo estan los instrumentos, un solo instrumento desafinado corrompe la melodía porque el músico distorciona la nota, así sucede con nosotros y la importancia de que todos los instrumentos y la música suene al unísono para lograr armoniosas melodías del mismo modo Cristo es el afinador de instrumentos que hacen a músicos geniales que bendicen a todos pero si en este camino hay un instumento desafinado y músico desleal la música sonará muy mal.

    Orquesta y músicos inspirados tenemos que orquesta han formado y su música resuena y resuena, Cristo, la Ciencia Cristiana precursores de la Ciencia Divina, no desafinemos nosotros interrumpiendo tan bella Sinfonía.

    Muchas gracias Mary y al esfuerzo de todos.

  30. I love this lift, all we have to do is pay attention to Christ today, be at peace, give up all imperfect models
    and rejoice that the Science of Christ is operating wherever we are- see section VII of this week's lesson
    Love Trevor Isle of Man

  31. Many thanks Mary for this wonderful reminder. Yes. "If we [all] pay attention to Christ conducting our lives, surely we will notice [a great increase in] harmony..." "Mountains and seas, great rising trees,/ echo the joyous song:/ Heaven is here, harmony’s bliss/ to everyone belongs." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  32. Thank you for the clear directions - pay attention and respond. I like that idea of not what would Jesus do, but what DID Jesus do!

  33. Thank you, Mary. I love the analogy of the orchestra paying attention to the conductor. Sometimes it feels like, as individuals, we get our answers and healings. But, as a collective, such as a branch church or Christian Science facility, it would seem so much more difficult. Your lift helped me to think about all of us together being a part of the orchestra. Because we all reflect one Mind (God), we all have to be paying attention to Christ, and so we cannot help but find the right solutions and healing for whatever the situation, as a collective, thus destroying the belief of many different minds with many differing opinions tied to personality and personal sense. Thanks so much. These thoughts are just what I needed today!

  34. Right on Mary! If we all want to perfect our practice of the this wonderful Science that Mrs. Eddy discovered of Christ's system of healing all dis-ease we must be properly instructed and then we can start to practice correctly. It is so important that all serious and true seekers of this Truth take Class instruction. I can say that even though I was born and raised in C.S., I never really "got it" till I went through Class instuction. It is so important. I can honestly say that all during the 2 weeks of Class and immediately after, I kept asking myself "Why did I wait so long?" I cannot imagine how differant life would of been and how many problems I could of avoided and how many things I would of done differrantly if I had only taken Classes earlier. Class instuction was a blessing!!!

  35. This is helpful, Mary, thank you. Sometimes when I'm feeling mentally pulled in different directions, if I take a moment to be still, I do feel Christ compelling me to pay attention to God. What I'm learning is that there is no opposing power to make me pay more attention to "it" than to Almighty God and His Christ. And for that, I am most grateful.

  36. I love this and its meaning will continues to unfold for me. Deepest thanks...

  37. Thank you for this rational example of the simplicity of following Christ.

  38. Love the idea of staying riveted on Christ! Thanks so much!

  39. Just what I needed this morning - thanks so much!

  40. Thank you Mary! I loved the analogy because every time I listen to a concert I wonder at the union of so many human beings being led by the director to produce an spectacular result to be enjoyed by the public. We too, paying attention to the Christ or God´s messages can bring out marvelous results in our lives and those who are touched by it. Once again, thank you for this reminder this rainy morning in Buenos Aires.

  41. Thanks, Mary and Lifters! Some of the best orchestral music has moments of dissonance or "hot" harmonies. If you heard only that moment of the music, you might cover your ears and run for the door. But if you're patient enough to hear those moments in context, you realize that all the individuals are playing the perfect notes to resolve something larger...a longer phrase or even the whole piece. Maybe our experiences are a bit like that: we need to give everyone space to play their line, love them for doing so, and play ours, too.

    "Live and Let Live" -- sometimes I need to emphasize the first part and "Live" more fully myself...to be so happy that I trust others more and support their freedom.

    Once again, I see the resonance with our recent exploration of the Beatitudes. What loving counsel Jesus gave us for playing in the orchestra!

  42. Thank you so much, Mary. The comments are wonderful, and complement the Lift. There's only one way to have everyone in tune and expressing harmony, and that's to be aware of God and His Christ, Truth. You can take an airport terminal full of passengers from two planes, enter one Christian Scientist and harmony will be restored. Peace and quiet will lead the way to a tranquil flight home.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Lift family all working together in unison.

  43. Oh, what a wonderful Lift!!! Thank you so much! I will be putting this into practice immediately.

  44. Thank you for this. It calls to mind the role of church services. As we all pay attention to the Christ, we "play" together in such beautiful harmony that it is heard by the community. Ruling out any "noisy" or "mourning" thoughts and listening to the Christ inform us properly we can't help but bless each other and really carry out the rousing and healing of church.

  45. Thank you so much for this lovely lift.

  46. thank -you and thank you all the Lifters whose comments are so helpful to us as well and to # 2& 7

  47. I love the analogy of paying attention when compared to an orchestra and the importance of the conductor (in this case, the Christ). Harmony--when each player is carefully and accurately doing his/her part--results in a beautiful symphony as well as giving and enhanced sense of accomplishment to every musician in the performance.

    It gives a elevated dimension to what Paul was "saying" in I Cor 12. The "one body" is understood when it is viewed as an orchestra and the gifts given by God to each player have special significance when viewed as "Church" (both definitions given in Science and Health--583:12). And, this discussion is followed by Paul's beautiful dissertation on "charity" (love) in the next chapter. Actually, this analogy gives greater meaning and richness to chapter 14 as well and makes sense of Paul's teachings that may be lost without a higher spiritual view of Paul's meaning.

    Your Lift is a treat, Mary. Thank you.

  48. Thanks, Mary. Very cool metaphor! so richly developed. Praise creative Mind!

  49. Beautiful! Thanks so much, Mary.

  50. As always thank you everyone for their thoughts on the Daily Lift. I find them very helpful.

  51. Thank you so much, Mary, for “Pay attention to Christ…attention…riveted…Jesus’ disciples learned from him by paying attention…put out all the noisy weeping and wailing…pay attention to Christ conducting our life…” Amen. :-)

  52. Beautiful analogy... thank you!

  53. Thanks so much Mary! Yes, this lovely Lift ties right in with yesterday's Lift! God and His message, or the Christ, is always speaking to the human consciousness. But, if we don't take the time to tune in and to keep our attention or "conscious contact" riveted on God's Word, we may find ourselves "playing off tune." Happy focused melodies to All! XOXO!

  54. Thank you so much, Mary. Like others' notes I feel that when we all pay attention to the conductor, the Christ message, we are in harmony for we are expressing that which has already been created. Infinite Mind voicing the harmony of the universe of Mind through Christ. I love it We only have to know this truth and be.

  55. Wow! Wonderful comparisons illustrating how the example of Jesus is our contemporary guide in attending to Christ, the spiritual idea from God ... always with us in individual thought. Truly Wonderful! Thanks, Mary.

  56. In order to fully pay attention to Christ and God's divine messages to us, we have to make sure that Mortal Mind's Yakatee, Yack is not Withen hearing distance. I find literally when I do my best prayerful work in C/S is when I am sleeping. It's when I am asleep is when I hear God's spiritual ideas and I can respond to them better.

  57. Thank you Mary! Yes. a good reminder to follow the conductor!
    --as Peter did -- Thanks to #5 ,#27, 30, 32 and...ALL the comments!

  58. Thank you.

  59. Thank you Mary! What a wonderful parenting tool! Growing up, it was always, "sit in a chair" to get me to slow down and focus. Listening and following the details were hard.

    To any parent out there, take this one step further, " sit in the chair and think and listen to the Christ angels messages coming to you". How wonderful is that! Better results.

  60. Yes, "all harmonious", in tune, all together now! Love it! Thanks to all for the concert today.

  61. My mail server has a spam filter that "learns" what is spam, unwanted, and puts them in a spam folder.
    Once the spam filter learns to let through your useful email, you can change the filter setting to reject the spam, it won't appear in any of your folders. My spam folder was filling too quickly, and I have just changed the settings to totally reject the spam.
    This daily lift is like a spam filter. We can learn the difference between messages from the healing Christ, and the suggestions of matter based thought, put the useless thoughts in a spam folder, delete them, and pay attention to useful ideas.

  62. Thank you, Mary, for this beautiful Lift. I had to smile, remembering the efforts of our dear chorale director to get the members to watch her instead of burying their faces in the music. One night, after we had struggled several times through a challenging piece, she told us all to close our music and lay it down on our chairs. There was a dismayed reaction, as most of us were sure we hadn't learned that piece yet. But we did as she said. This time, we had no choice but to watch her conducting us - and we sang it beautifully! If she noticed any of our sections faltering, she gave extra support in her conducting, even mouthing the words or singing a few notes if necessary to get us back on track.
    I hadn't thought of seeing this experience as an analogy for living until this Lift pointed it out. Burying our faces in our problems doesn't solve them - following God does. And our Great Conductor will give us all the assistance we need, but we must WATCH, and then follow. "Shepherd, show me how to go... I will follow and rejoice" (C.S. Hymnal # 304, "Feed My Sheep" by Mary Baker Eddy)

  63. (Continued) Thanks to #4 Annette, for WDJD, no speculation needed; to #12 Eleanor, for pointing out the connection between "responding" and "responsibility;" and to #22 Sunshine, for noting that sometimes our notes are supposed to be silent. That doesn't mean we are idle or unresponsive or unneeded, but that we are playing the silence (maybe those moments when we don’t seem to be getting a spiritual breakthrough?) as attentively as we would play the notes - always tuned in, always watching the Great Conductor and following in true meekness.

  64. Thank you so much for the uplifting ideas. Today I will listen to God and keep out any negative and forgiving an individual who I feel has wronged me I am working diligently on this. It helps so much to think of keeping my thoughts stayed on what God is telling me. Thank you Nate and lift team.

  65. I love this; pay attention to the conductor! Thanks Mary. AND the music is so sweet this week. Thanks DL team and everyone for sharing.

  66. Thank you. The conductor illustration is a powerful metaphor and reminds me to keep my thought and sight concentrated on the Christ.

  67. Am grateful for this most harmonious
    Will try not to lose sight of my conductor,
    my shepherd, my still quiet voice.
    The rewards for paying attention and listening
    and watching would have to be wonderful.
    Harmonious and enriching--
    Thanks Mary.

  68. Riveted on Christ--yes!

    An analogy I once heard about harmony in a group--in a musical performance, when someone else makes a mistake, or you disagree with another musician, if you stop playing to tell them how to do it, then you are adding to the difficulty--what to do?--keep playing--your own instrument!

  69. loved this and thank you to Nancy in Oregon. that really resonates with me. today.

  70. What a blessing all these lift´s are. Thank you Mary, for this lovely reminder, to follow our Conductor..

  71. I just love that idea..i guess if we want to play the tight music we need to listen to the main man to keep in harmony with him..thats a lovely thought thanks and ill be listening for his insturctions...

  72. Great advice...we dont get out of tune when we listen...

  73. I am reminded of an earlier lift titled 'stay in the kingdom of God' (or was it heaven?). How about these two ideas as a motto for all times 'Stay in the Kingdom of God and pay attention to Christ'. thank you sincerely ....

  74. Thanks, Mary, beautifully said.

  75. This is a beautiful way to remember to watch & listen, study & follow, pray & act. Thank you, Mary. I need it now as I work to get volunteers for our CS State Fair booth, which opens tomorrow. I think you were sent to conduct my efforts. We can't be short notes for a full presentation. I can follow Jesus & Peter, and toss out more easily the claim there isn't enough to fulfill our mission this year, after hearing this Lift. The love for Christian Science and the need for it are harmonious notes, and can be played to perfection that blesses all. I can almost hear the harmonious tones rising today around the world after so many hear this Lift. These tones are asparkle with Love, humble with gratitude, and precise with Principle. #33 Mary Beth, Nice way applied to Church! #68 Nancy, that's a very interesting & useful analogy!

  76. Playing in an orchestra is a great representation of unity of purpose. Even though the complete score, being followed faithfully by the conductor, is not visible to the players, they know that by faithfully playing their individual parts, the result will be one harmonious whole. To ignore the conductor is to assume one can go it alone, and in an orchestra, this disrupts the rhythm and creates dissonance. We must pay attention, one eye on the conductor, one eye on the music, all the while fully engaged with the heart. To be as disciplined and finely attuned moment by moment to the rhythms, directions, and nuances of expression being shown to us by the Christ would be to achieve moments and then whole symphonies of glorious harmony in our everyday life. Thank you Mary for this lovely Daily Lift.

  77. Reading Lifters' comments is like being at a concert - such development, resonance, accents. The similarity drawn in No. 47 with 'the one body of Christ' is an apt example, this 'oneness' idea was also reflected in No. 33 and several others - so valuable. The unity is there, we just need to let the Christ reveal it. No 56 mentioned 'sleeping'. This does seem to be a time when we can still be aware, rather than zonked unconscious, and why not, God neither 'slumbers or sleeps'. The ideas in No. 68 about attending to our own instrument is a wise reminder too. Such an orchestral feast! Thanks so much lifters!

  78. Thank you! Love this way of teaching following!

  79. Thanks, Mary. What a different message. Well done. Thanks to all the commenters, especially on WDJD. How important to pay strict attention to our conductor!

  80. Dear Mary, I must say you certainly touched a "chord" in people. The responses are so wonderful.
    I attend concerts regulary and have always been aware of the harmonious oneness but next time I will be looking at things in a new light. Thank you for these lovely thoughts.

  81. Thank you!

  82. I'm enjoying this lift and the lovely, resonant comments August 16, and will apply the idea of keeping thought attuned to the Christ as conductor in my work this evening at a Christian Science nursing facility. This morning, I had a lovely sense of responding moment by moment to sweet directives, to begin the day with a walk and call to a relative, to attend promptly to other tasks, to appreciate the light falling in my home, when and where to study and to pray. Thank you all.

  83. Like a number of other responders, I do see how this relates to church, and I love the message. Thank you so much, Mary and all Lifters. The Christ compels harmonious progress.

  84. Thank you, Mary and Lifters for all the beautiful, encouraging and very helpful ideas.

  85. Thank you #30 Trevor for mentioning becoming at perfect peace as we pay attention to Christ.
    Hugs of peace, Carol

  86. I thank you very much Mary for the helpful message.

  87. Thank you for the spiritual message. It uplifted me.

  88. Thank you ...I always thought about Jesus putting out mortal mind so thay he could so his healing work. Wonderful reminder.

  89. Thanks. Very helpful.

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