8/14: Real unity

8/14: Real unity

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  1. Thanks for sharing your belief and God connection and consciousness with us this morning.

  2. "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." Mary Baker Eddy
    Thank You Niles to remind us "the sustaining infinite" as Our All.

  3. Many thanks Josh for this great reminder that there never is any separation from good, nor from our loved ones. And I like your triangle example. "Because I live in Thee [divine Love];/ Thy life it is that frees us/ From death eternally." (Christian Science Hymnal #135).

  4. Thank you for reminding us of our closeness to God. We are all at one with God now and always.

  5. thank you for this loving lift!

  6. Thanks Josh - we are surely connected as each an original idea from the same Father / Mother.
    Another great lift!

  7. La real unidad esta ligada al real sentir y ese se logra a traves del sentir Cristiano no hay otro camino y se demuestra andando por el camino recto sin desviaciones de la ruta trazada por Cristojesús, y la Ciencia Cristiana que conduce si somos fieles a la Ciencia divinay eso est´s esplicitamente supeditado al alejamiento de lo humano.

    Muchas gracias Josh, y gracias al Daily Lift que me permite expresar mi sentir.

  8. Thank you Josh,

    The thought of that single One Parent binding us is ever so important. I am glad you highlighted the "Our" in Our Father as part of the Lord's Prayer.

    One of my dogs is a rescue animal and there are still times when she will come to me part of the way and turn back. Sometimes she is playing and other times she is still not 100% trusting me. We have come a long way and she is just a bundle of love and protection working to overcome that ever increasing distant past of abuse. When she looks at me, I can see the love in her eyes and she loves to sit with me on the bench outside as I read the Lesson.

    This morning as she pulled away, I wondered.. "how often I do that when I take things to God?" Do I take a half way step and then act on emotion as opposed to the facts?" I have been focused on trusting God as the divine Source for all, as in for everyone, and for all occasions; this includes finances, companionship, support and the list goes on.

    This Sunday as I picked up an elderly lady to take her to Church, she was in tears as her sister passed away some hours ago. She cried and said she has no one to take care of her now. As First Reader I had to keep my thought elevated and to expect a healing as this situation came to the surface to be handled.

    By the time I dropped her back home she was laughing. I asked her, "who is your Source?" She replied God. I said "correct and we are all here for you as God's Children." She was all smiles.

  9. Josh,
    Thanks for your powerful and insightful Lift. Thanks too, to all the "Lifters", for their gr8 comments...these lifts are a gr8 start to my day...! As Gods childern, we are all united in His Love, Princlple, and Truth...what comfort it is to know, that, where ever I am, Gods love is united with the brotherly love of my fellows, to guide and support me as I go about my daily work...!
    Thanks again for the loving reminder, Josh...!

  10. Thank you Josh, this is a lovely Lift, and certainly one from within the heart. Our little grandson Hayden lost his little dog yesterday and phoned me, pretty upset. But we talked about still loving him, and always holding him close in thought. He picked up on that very quickly. I phoned him this morning before he left for school, and he was quite calm and felt good knowing he can always love and be loved by his little Jack Russell. "He was my best friend," Hayden told me. So thank you, Josh. I'll tell him about getting closer to God as he grows closer to the idea of loving his little dog in thought, and in his heart.
    Thank you Nate and the team; thanks for fixing the audio; thanks to the BoL and lecturers - I've listened to a few lately; and thank you to the Daily Lifters. Great article, Malcolm!

  11. Thank you Josh -- always good to hear from ya!

  12. I really like the idea of the triangle with God at the top. I have some notes from an article "THERE IS NO ENEMY" by Kathryn Merrill that appeared in the Journal of May 2012 that I refer to daily. One excerpt is, "Sometimes we are aware of thoughts and acts in others we think are wrong. ...What if we see racial prejudice or gender inequalities? All of these presentations of the carnal mind must be handled within our own consciousness. ...No one has to love immoral or unchristian behavior, but we are required to see and love each other as spiritual ideas of God. Our task is to uplift our own thinking as it relates to our concept of humanity." I have found this so helpful in a variety of situations close to home, national news such as the latest shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado, and the world - Syria, Iraq, etc. We can certainly pray for real unity everywhere.

  13. Very beautiful! Thank you!

  14. I couldn't get the Daily Lift to play at 3a.m. this morning, although it was there for me to see the title.
    So I looked up your lecture on Travel Light and listened to that. At 8a.m. I am re-checking and the Daily Lift is playing for me, so I am listening to it now.
    I love what the platform says about God and man and order. There must be order, so that God and man coexist and are eternal. There is no separation between God and man, therefore there can be no separation between man and man. God "is greater" and brings ideas together. Each of us as complete ideas goes to our Father-Mother God.
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures page 336, and St. John 14:28.)

  15. Thank you, Josh, for this simple but powerful reminder of our oneness with God. And thanks to those who take a moment to write comments each day. You

  16. Thank you Josh for the reminder that all our relationships and needs begin with God. And thank you #8 for sharing your healing experiences.


  18. Beautiful, thank you Josh

  19. Simple, practical and very healing. Thank you!

  20. Thank you.

  21. Thank-you Josh!
    And thank-you Lori (#8) for sharing the Journal article. All very helpful thoughts!

  22. We'll listen to this Lift tomorrow as it wasn't available to us this morning at 6:30. thanks so much all for these inspiring messages.

  23. Thanks Josh for something I needed to hear today!

  24. Thank you, Josh, for this true "lift." I loved the triangle analogy and how we can apply it to God, me and everyone else around me. Just what I needed to today.

  25. Thank you, Josh, for “Real unity…we could think of our marriage as a triangle…God at the top and us at either side and as we grow closer to God, we’re actually growing closer to each other… never separated from infinite Good… a universal family…each of us genuinely connected…” This Lift is very inspiring and especially practical in its Truth and simplicity. I’ll refine my relationships by considering each as a triangle with God on top. I’ll put God first more consistently and on purpose. To the question, “Can't we all just get along?” “The Triangle” answers with a firm, “Yes!” We can each BE the change we want to see. In the August 8th Lift, Heike mentioned “The Whisper Around the Circle” game. That and today’s Lift, remind me that I contribute to the quality of my relationships more than I realize sometimes, by the choices I make in misunderstanding or understanding our true nature and connection with God/Good as our only source and resource. I’m going to have some fun with this healing work/this refining process! So, I’ll be challenging myself with which “game” I choose to play from now on. “The Whisper” or “The Triangle?” I’ll call it the “My Choice” game. The object of the game is to take every opportunity to claim our real unity in every relationship by replacing whispers with triangles. How? Through prayer. The prize? “Happily ever after!” :-) As I “grow closer to God,” I choose to be glad for “real unity” and rejoice in it!

  26. I really like this analogy about the triangle, Josh. It's a great visual. Thanks. You can bet I will use it!!

  27. Thank you, Josh!
    Just beautiful.

  28. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you!

  29. I had read somewhere that we can all think of ourselves as spokes on a wheel wIth God as the hub or the centre.As we get closer to God, we get closer to each other! Sort of like your picture with the triangle,Josh.Thank you for that.Does it not show us the importance of our Maker in each illustration??

  30. Thank you Josh, just what I needed today.

  31. Josh, this is so useful. I work with people of many theologies. Theologies can't separate us from God if we really are working to be closer to Him. Many thanks.

  32. That is soooo right on, Josh! I was just talking to my Sponsor in CoDA (a 12-Step Group) and she reminded me to take time each morning to establish my connection to my Higher Power. We are the ones who have to "prime the pump". Yes, God is there for everyone, but if we don't consciously make the connection, we are not connected. "Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out." Step Eleven - Alcoholics Anonymous. This fits so beautifully with your lovely Lift today! Thank You!

  33. Love the triangle view of moving upward and closer together! I am traveling for a while doing a trade show and visiting customers. This always opens thought about our relationship with one another. People throw out all sorts of troubles about themselves or their business in normal conversations. If it gets a little much, I generally say something like "I expect you are doing a lot of praying about that!" They generally laugh in surprise and say something like "I certainly am!". Our points on the God triangle seem to come closer together. Fun. Off to a plane now.

  34. This consciousness of our unity with each other and at the same time with our Father-Mother God may be the very essence of our sense of spiritual "being" that heals our church, our movement, our country and our world. Thank you for sharing your unfoldment with us!

  35. Thank you for that lift Josh. I often get a heartfelt warm sense, not only from hearing the daily lifts, but from reading everyone's comments and experiencing a wonderful, tender Oneness with the responders who "check in" from all over the world, we are all truly of the One Father!
    Thank you all!

  36. The triangle rang a bell with me too. As a friend left for far way places the other day I heard myself say, There's no separation between us. It's you, me and God. And then I wondered how accurate that was. Now I see it is accurate with God at the top of the triangle and our spiritual growth bringing us even closer together. Thanks, Josh..........

  37. Had the same experience as #14 did - no sound or playability when it went up at 11 or so last night, but spot on this morning. [Is there a way to fix that easily?]

    Loved the triangle analogy - and my wife of 62 years and I have proved it to be true. Though we follow a slightly different spiritual path & church memberships - our mutual love of God - and recognizing Him/Her as the center of our lives - brings us constantly closer - to each other & to the real "head of the family".

    Daily Lift Team
    There was a technical glitch with the Lift this morning. It has now been fixed.

  38. My dad was a man who loved God, was a keen observer of human nature, and was good at avoiding conflict by respectful, calm listening. He confided in me that "It takes two to fight."
    It's taking me a long time to understand what that means, and to practice it.
    Thanks for this lift, Josh. Recognizing that there is one Mind, "Our Father", Good, God, is the way to defuse the anger of the human ego (our own or another), the belief in more than one mind.
    "I see Christ walk, and come to me and tenderly, divinely talk" (Poems pg. 12. Mary Baker Eddy)

  39. Are we ever really separated from God. NO, NEVER? Mortal Mind always suggests we are. If it ever had it's way, it would completely destroy only because that's it's MO. But truthfully we are completely united. We can only be disunited by suggestion which really is far, far less powerful then the truth of our unitedness in Christ. All the problems that our country has could eliminated if we could only grasp onto that truth.

  40. Jesus said, "I and my Father are One." Mary Baker Eddy explained that statement with some beautiful analogies:

    "I and my Father are one," — that is, one in quality, not in quantity. As a drop of water
    is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son,
    are one in being. The Scripture reads: "For in Him we live, and move, and have our being."
    (Science and Health page 360)

    Our recent exploration of the Beatitudes was so meaningful to me. I think they show us HOW to be "one in quality" with our Father-Mother God.

    I have a big project to work on over the next few days, so I'm trying to see that I'm also one with God's vigor, strength, focus, power, and intelligence. "I can of mine own self do nothing" is another statement of Jesus. I've seen evidence before of how the best projects and actions start from meekness. Love to all, and thanks, Josh!

  41. Thank you.

  42. P.S. To #25 Nela:

    You should write that up as an article for teens for the Sentinel!! Love the simplicity of the two games.

  43. A triangle is much sturdier than a line. It can also include others within the area enclosed by its boundaries. Thanks Josh.

  44. Thank you!

  45. Very timely and helpful -- thank you!

  46. Thank you, thank you for a truly great lift today! Loved the music too. Thank you.

  47. Hi Bev,
    Thanks for continuing to be active on this site. I love the idea of taking time each day, each morning to prayerfully establish in thought our connection with God. This is a part of my day that I really cherish. One thing that I have found helpful to think about is what Paul wrote in Romans 8:35-39. Basically he is saying that he is persuaded that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing! As God's loved expression and reflection we cannot ever be unconnected from God, divine Love. Even if we were completely unaware of this connection we are not and could not be disconnected. I completely agree though that taking some time each day to consider and understand better our permanent connection with God is so important and can bring healing.
    I'm sure with you all today...and Paul, being persuaded that nothing can separate us from God's love.

    Josh Niles, CS

  48. Great message and analogy! Thank you so much!

  49. Hi Josh, #47! Thanks so much for your reply! Of course we are all connected to God, but we do need to acknowledge it in our prayers and "improve our conscious contact" by actively taking time each day to commune with our Higher Power - in whatever form fits our need. It really is the function and not the form, eh? I have friends who have no belief in a Power Greater Than Themselves and thus do not have their personal connection established in their consciousness. What a Gift we have in knowing this Connection or Conscious Contact! Thanks again! Much Love!

  50. Thank you for this helpful Lift . It points out how essential it is to continually establish our relationship with God first.

  51. I thank you very much Josh, for the interesting message.It's a good reminder.


  53. This is a great Lift Josh. It puts relationships in a new light establishing God as the center and top of all of us. I love the idea that those in the middle are included in this triangle. As always, I'm thankful for the responses from the commentators as I learn so much. What a wonderful family all encircled by God's love and grace. Thank you!

  54. unity needs to be absolute,great subject in todays hating world of competition?

  55. I really like the idea of the triangle with God at the top and each of the couple on either side and as they grow they naturally come closer to God and to each other. That is so strong. Thank you!

  56. Thank you for this clear lift and for the lovely idea that we grow closer as a universal family and to each other as we grow closer to God. The great fact of God's Oneness and Allness is the foundation for our unity and it can never be broken. Thank you.

  57. Thank you for the simplicity of the triangle image - I had known this parable with the spokes and the center of a bike wheel and had seen it work in many situations in my marriage of now 30 years with someone who seemed very different than me at times -still learning-& how grateful we can be to know about the one Mind through S&H ! To # 25: really nice -the combination !

  58. Ooohhh, "THANK YOU" #33, Nancy for the come-back regarding people talking of their troubles. I, along with my husband, have moved into a Masonic Home facility where that's all I hear, and I've agonized over this since March. This move seemed (and IS) the right one, as hubby is not a CS, although he attends Christian Science branch Church with me and loves to hear JUST the lovely Bible Lesson WITHOUT personal thoughts, which usually include local politics.
    It seems to be such an overwhelming challenge to me, that I've been in tears at times. I have a cell phone, but it is paid for by a family member & wife (family plan), so I don't feel right using that; the phone available here, doesn't leave one much privacy, among other challenges. So, when someone starts telling their tales of medical woes, etc., I have a wonderful reply. Will see about taking that for myself.
    Thank you also, Josh and all involed in DL.

  59. Thanks Josh...short and sweet AND right on.

  60. Very helpful and insightful. Thank you.

  61. Josh!! This is a wonderful illustration of pairing, and going up higher in our understanding of God together! In unity there is strength, it has been said. True for us all in our beloved Church community!

  62. Mmm... we say that a triangle is dreadful in a marriage, but if we think of number 1 being God, then we have WHOLENESS.
    There is no competition in this triangle. Husband and wife are included in God.
    It traverses from disappointing to a harmonious, joyful, peaceful, complete, long lasting partnership.
    Mmm ... Podemos decir que un triángulo es terrible en un matrimonio, pero si pensamos en que el número 1 es Dios, entonces tenemos TOTALIDAD.
    No hay competencia este triángulo. Esposo e esposa están incluidos en Dios.
    De decepcionante pasa a ser un compañerismo armonioso, gozoso, lleno de paz, completo y de larga duración.

  63. Very good insight! Liked the message as well as the 60 comments! Awesome!

  64. love this lift, thank you Josh. It's a great visual for a good reminder of how we are each connected.

  65. Dear Josh...thank you for this daily lift that I needed. I am thankful for this world wide community of Lovers of God. It is very unifying.

    Speaking of marriage, my husband always cringes when I say, " I had a little accident today in the car". Last night, I had to tell him that again. I thought the lady ahead of me was going but she was still stopped at the light and so I bumped her.

    Well, when we got together. I was looking for my insurance card as I knew I was at fault. But she was listening to the higher power of Love. And she said, " I am going to get another car anyways as they are paying me $3000.00 to get this car off the road. So, let's not call the insurance companies." I couldnt believe it. I started crying. Because God is so good.

    She hugged me. I told her, " how Godlike she is." And she said, " to pray for her neck and to pray for her getting a car that is 2009 or older. And to pray for her credit ranking as it is bad." I said,"I would".

    Then I went to my car, and gave her a Christian Science bound volume Sentinel of 1977 and a Christian Science lecture invite coming soon, plus a phamplet title "forgetting and forgiving and another one titled Stress and pressure" that I got from the Christian Science Literature distribution committee of my church.

    She was so happy too. I know that God's love is all that happened. There are no mistakes or injuries or badness in God's Love. We hugged some more. And then I went to the Christian Science reading room.

  66. I think on Lift titles until I can call to hear. I got nowhere close to this one! Thank you, Josh. At our marriage, we each took a lit candle from a candelabra, and lit the center one, signifying we were putting God at the center of our marriage. I like your triangle, as each side draws closer to God, they grow closer to each other. I like you connected it to Church, and other relationship situations. I'll work with this Lift right away. None of us is so far over from the other when we center God at the head and move closer to Him, including others between. I'm so grateful for what I've learned in Christian Science, to know this is not a difficult task. Mrs. Eddy must have heard many expressions of gratitude today for studying Jesus with such thoughtfulness & prayer, and sharing what she discovered with the world. This increases my conscious awareness and gratitude for many in the Old Testament that glimpsed a loving, pure, and all providing God, a God with no other god to contend with, or share Creation. This also elevates ever more those who followed Jesus and wrote so we could understand better. Again, I'm so thankful for everyone involved with the idea, planning, preparation, and presentation of the Daily Lift, and all who have shared comments to add to what I've received from Lifts, and can pass on to others. #8 From Barbados, Wonderful testimony! #25 Nela, Your game is a nice way to remember to recognize & choose. #33 Nancy, That's a healing response to give others!

  67. Truly wonderful for its practical simplicity, genuine substance, and warmth of affection for God and His/Her children.. Thanks a lot, Josh. This is where my heart is when it comes to unity ... no one left out with God at the heart of it all. Keep it comin'!

  68. Thanks, Josh! Daily, material life can put me into a place that is unreal. When, as you recommend, I get back to my father/mother God, things always work out. It is also nice to know that there are 66 others who have found your point of view of value.

    Jim Graves

  69. Thank you Josh well worth waiting for!

  70. This uplifting message is ao peace-full! Thanks, Josh and all Lifters. I love to hear the Lift and then read through the insights. It's so helpful.

    My husband of 40 years and I had a verbal spat, unsusal for us,and soon recognized that it was that world belief of a mortal influence trying to suggest that marriage can be both positive and negative. We each prayed and soon we're very sorry and promised to be more diligent in watching our thought to weed out any negative suggestions. As a Lifter recently wrote: a suggestion is a "take it or leave it" temption.I hope to see this as a correction for the purpose of awakening and to "leave it" in the future.

  71. Thanks for this verbal visual. It's excellent. Love it :)

  72. Excellent example of the triangle with God at top and a married couple or everyone/everything getting closer as the sides of triangle move closer to God.

    Thank you, Josh!

  73. Thank you. These uplifts are so much appreciated. A fresh, new thought for the day , no matter what time of day I get to it. Always refreshing! Always uplifting. Thanks to you, Josh, and all who are helping to bring these healing messages to us.

  74. This is so lovely, thank you Josh :)

  75. Mmm... we say that a triangle is dreadful in a marriage, but if we think of number 1 being God, then we have WHOLENESS.
    There is no competition in this triangle. Husband and wife are included in God.
    It traverses from disappointing to a harmonious, joyful, peaceful, complete, long lasting partnership.
    Mmm ... Podemos decir que un triángulo es terrible en un matrimonio, pero si pensamos en que el número 1 es Dios, entonces tenemos TOTALIDAD.
    No hay competencia este triángulo. Esposo e esposa están incluidos en Dios.
    De decepcionante pasa a ser un compañerismo armonioso, gozoso, lleno de paz, completo y de larga duración.

  76. Lovely thought. Josh.

  77. Adding another thank you Josh and thanks to Barbados #8, that was a lovely metaphor. This thought is so useful in healing beliefs of world conflict, wars, divisions among nations and families, etc. thanks for the music as well.

  78. Thank you Josh for that great Lift!! You were right on with it!! You were right on with it! It is one that I'll keep with me every day!!

  79. Thank you so much!

  80. Thank you, Josh.

    I liked the theme of unity with an individual, unbreakable connection to God our true Father-Mother.

    I do volunteer work for suicide prevention for youth. I can't tell you how many times I hear the source of their pain is that they feel alone and unloved.

    My prayer is that those who truly need these messages of unity with God are getting them as we are all God's children.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  81. Thanks, Josh. What a needed message for me tonight, as I was mulling over some church issues! I love your triangle idea, which is also like a mountain. We may be going up different paths, but our destination is the same, and we are growing closer to each other on our journeys. Thanks again.

  82. A truely healing approach to interpersonal friction!

  83. Love the visual of the triangle. Aso, as always, the comments are so inspiring. Thank you !

  84. Thank you Josh. I have another thought that I heard in relation to the analogy of the triange. If God is at the head and each of us is at the bottom points, the relationship being in a straight line is a stable one.

  85. Two days ago as we wer finishing our lunch a man with his back to us asked for driving directions to his next destination which we were able to give. He then stood up, turned around and asked my wife and me how long we have been married. Happily we answered 56 years, and with a grin he replied, "Wow!". Upon returning to our car it was time for a hug and kiss. We both gave thanks for success of "real unity" as seen by a stranger. God is our focal point.

  86. Thank you, All. #58, I can relate to you, and I hope that what I am just beginning to go beyond the idea to the practice, can be useful for you. When I hear folks complain about problems, I can stop the inner story (as my own thought) from fearing their negativity and wanting to help/fix them. I can thank God that Christ is giving me this experience to call me to better prayer and practice, privately, quietly to correct my own thinking, and to make me more loving, forgiving, faithful, insightful, wise, courageous, humble. I can thank God for this opportunity to improve me and help others. I can't help them unless I am changed first for the better. I can turn their comments into a prompt for me to find and empathize with their feelings, unmet needs all humans have (safety, wholeness/health, connection with others, peace, life meaning, effectiveness, justice, understanding, etc.), and to humbly ask God how I can help them meet their and society's needs beyond my prayers. To not judge, but mentally/silently correct the story that I and they might be hearing/telling. This helps me grow in grace/love and practicing the Golden Rule. Empathizing with them deeply, and maybe asking them, "Are you feeling... because you need... and are requesting...?" Folks rarely change their thinking or acting until they feel understood, empathized with, loved, safe, hopeful, capable. Me meek. Michael Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication books/videos help me to love/pray more practically.

  87. Brilliant, Josh. Thank you.

  88. Hi #58. One of the "rules" when our Masonic Lodge has a meeting is that the Brothers are not to discuss politics! It saves friendships all around. Thats why, when I attend Masonic activities, it gives me great opportunities to express the joy of loving and appreciating everyone in the room. By doing so, it stops the ailment list and turns it into a gratitude list. I'm truely thankful for my wife and our mankind family.

  89. A hymn that blesses the description of marriage as a triangle with God at the top is No. 4 in the Christian Science Hymnal -- words by Abiel Abbot Livermore

    A holy air is breathing round,
    A fragrance from above:
    Be every thought from sense unbound,
    Be every action love.

    O God, unite us heart to heart,
    In sympathy divine,
    That we be never drawn apart,
    To love not Thee nor Thine;

    But by the life of Jesus taught,
    And all his gracious word,
    Be nearer to each other brought,
    And nearer Thee, O Lord.


  91. Most endearing. Thank you, with love.

  92. right on, Josh, we all grow together in the understanding that there is only one Body, God's Body, which we are, His expression of His thoughts; one God, one God with His thoughts, one God with His thoughts expressing Himself in one Body, Us!

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