8/14: Finding a quiet sanctuary

8/14: Finding a quiet sanctuary

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  1. Thanks Suzanne! Right where we are the vestibule of Spirit is! Mortal mind, limitation, would say there is no room, no time for us, it's impossible, can't be done, it's all over! But wait, "swift on the wings of Justice" comes an angel message over ruling "the blundering despatch" of mortal mind saying there is always a little bit of time and space for us in our dialogue with God! Enough so to turn to Him intelligently where He sees and hears and provides a way out for us out of any false circumstance as circumscribed by the physical senses. "Let God be true, and every [mortal] man a liar!"
    All quotes by Mrs Eddy..

  2. Thank you Suzanne!

  3. Many thanks Suzanne for this inspiring lift. Yes. Hear God's inspiration. Divine Mind [intelligence] is giving us everything we need." " Father, this most wondrous union/ We would prove in blest communion:/ Take Thy Truth, our bread from heaven,/ Drink the wine of inspiration,/ Rise in holy exaltation,/ One in Thee, redeemed, restored, forgiven." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #437).

  4. Thank you Suzanne for reminding me that the peace and the comfort that we all need are already present. We do not create them, we demonstrate that we live in the peace which Jesus said that he would leave us and in the Comforter which Mrs Eddy understood to be divine Science.

    I find it helpful when I need to know that these qualities are present that man is not separated from God. An image can only be the image in the mirror of divine Science if the original is actually present. My peace each day often begins with the thought that the spiritual home that God created for man is not the planet Earth as we see it humanly but is His spiritual idea of home within the kingdom of heaven from the harmony of which we cannot stray because, as Mrs Eddy writes:
    "for there can be nothing beyond illimitable divinity" (Science and Health page 127)

  5. Thank you for this lovely Lift!

  6. Thank you, Suzanne. I love the thought of putting on our "mental headphones". How we need not to be "taken in" by surrounding influences (part of the definition of "atmosphere". We have the beautiful first line in the Christian Science Hymnal, "In atmosphere of love divine, we live and move and breathe"..

  7. “The closet typifies the sanctuary of Spirit, the door of which shuts out sinful sense but lets in Truth, Life, and Love.” S&H 15:3

    (A secret place to hear God. Our private mental closet which we must guard as the most loyal of all doormans.)

    “In the quiet sanctuary of earnest longings, we must deny sin and plead God's allness. We must resolve to
    take up the cross, and go forth with honest hearts to work and watch for wisdom, Truth, and Love.” S&H 15:17

    “El aposento simboliza el santuario del Espíritu, cuya puerta se cierra al sentido pecaminoso, mas deja entrar a la Verdad, la Vida y el Amor.” CyS 15:3

    (Un lugar secreto para oír a Dios. Nuestro aposento mental privado que debemos cuidar como el más leal de los porteros.)

    “En el santuario tranquilo de aspiraciones sinceras, tenemos que negar el pecado y afirmar que Dios es Todo. Tenemos que resolvernos a tomar la cruz y con sincero corazón salir a trabajar y velar por la sabiduría, la Verdad y el Amor.” CyS 15:17

  8. Dear Suzanne,
    What a wonderful analogy, thank you. My husband listened to music on his headphones last night to find some peace and harmony before going to sleep, exactly as you described it!

  9. Thank you very much, dear Suzanne, for your inspiring Lift. Yes, this sanctuary in GOD is so needed. And thank you Beatrix # 8, thats what I do sometimes, too.

  10. Lovely,lovely.Thank you so much Suzanne, I am still dancing from the lecture you gave at Chingford UK earlier this year - so full of experiences to learn from. It is possible to hear music in the mind just as it is to listen to the Christ Idea of our being. Just singing a hymn in consciousness lets peace govern our thinking. I like the idea of ear phones too - my husband calls them his 'ear-lobes' when he is wanting to shut out other influences or noise. Thank you.

  11. Thank you Suzanne for a powerful uplift.

  12. Many thanks Suzanne for your inspiring Daily Lift

    Yes, God is in the details every nanosecond.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham.

  13. Thank you, Susanne, for this helpful lift, so beautifully spoken.

  14. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. Just what is needed, Thank you.

  15. My headphones are on - and God is present! What a great way to start the day . Thanks!

  16. Thank you. I have been going through the hymnal looking at spiritual qualities we express, what a joy. Each one telling us that God is with us, no matter what the clamour is outside.

  17. Thanks so much. Just what I needed as an exceptionally busy day begins!

  18. Especially helpful for me today -- many thanks!

  19. Perfectly put, so comforting and very helpful. Thank you Suzanne!

  20. How refreshing and reinforcing! Merci

  21. Thank you.

  22. thanks for the great Lift!!!

  23. Thanks so much, Suzanne, this is just what I needed this morning along with all of the comments. I tried as hard as I could yesterday morning during my quiet time to shut out disturbing thoughts about a problem I'm having with the printer for my computer and just couldn't. I sure needed some mental headphones. I'll use these ideas this morning for more productive praying.

  24. Thank you

  25. Thank you Suzanne,

    I had to replay the part of the Lift, 1:27- 1:40, as it is what I needed to carry forward into today. I started to think back to my ride Monday morning and the realization I had that our human atmosphere cannot reach nor touch the sun's atmosphere. Likewise mortal fear, frustration or anguish cannot reach nor touch the higher atmosphere of Soul, shining resplendent for us all to embrace.

    We are always in this atmosphere of Soul which engenders that peace that we ultimately all seek.

    I love how our Church Services are conducted. I can visit other denominations and appreciate their services as well but there is a peace about ours that lets me listen to the Lesson. I can read the Lesson every day but when I am in Church I always get a fresh healing perspective; I attribute this to the environment of peace, both physically and metaphysically, that is there. It is that spiritual atmosphere we ought to embrace because it is ever with us, like the sun during the day.

    When photographing objects or people I often have to position myself to leverage the sun. Today I shall walk with that thought...of positioning myself to embrace that atmosphere of peace that is already there. It is especially key considering our Country's Budget was presented last night and there are going to be a number of increases in taxation that already seem to be suggesting difficulty for many of us.

    Indeed, we are in and of God and peace is ever around. Thanks!

  26. Thank you, Suzanne, for "Finding a quiet sanctuary ..."

    That's no small feat in our busy, noisy world. The mental headphones we put on and spiritual sanctuary we enter to seek and find God's guidance and protection are effective ways to keep us connected to the sustaining infinite. But material headphones as well as other tools and toys can be used as "escape routes" that fan fear, promote apathy, and do not add to the solutions to the problems we're fleeing. So, the question is, "Which headphones will I choose today?"

  27. What a wonderful lift! Thanks so much Suzanne.

  28. You are so right, Suzanne! Just taking a few minutes to go into the "secret place of the Most High" is all I need to find forgiveness, kind words, escaped names, lost articles,. Just to pause and "wait, never doubting" will awaken me to bills I need to pay; to friends who may require a loving thought, and to take some time to spend in quiet prayer for our brothers and sisters worldwide.
    thank you Nate and the team, what a truly great service this Daily Lift is to the world. . .

  29. Thank you Suzanne for this great DL. Yes, we must declare that we are already living there, in this sanctuary where peace surrounds us and feel that peace that absorbs us. We are the image of God and we live in the secret place of the Most High. When we feel tempted to admit there is discord and error, we only need to turn away from it and listen quietly to God, Spirit, Soul, and wait patiently on Him. Blessings to all the big family!

  30. What a lovely message of peace and inspiriation. Thank you for this helpful Lift to start the day with an enduring thought.

  31. What a PErFECT lift. Thank you, Suzanne.

  32. Thank you, Suzanne.

  33. Ooooh, just perfect, Suzanne! How did you know what we all need? I know.....these Lifts are Always God-Guided! I found myself on "mental and emotional overload" yesterday and craving just a cool, quiet place to study and pray. So I headed for our Library, bringing lots of C.S. Literature - Sentinels, Journal, Lesson, etc. Soon I found myself so sleepy, I could barely keep my eyes open. Then I was distracted by other magazines and then by people,etc. Yikes! You hit the nail on the head when you said in this Lift that the true Sanctuary is that of Spirit - of knowing how to put on mental headphones - wherever we are. It's not a material place, but a deep inner ability to shut out the clamor of our material atmosphere - the static of mortal mind - and to reach that deep well of calmness of Spirit, within us all! Thank you again, so much! I will treasure my Inner Peace today!

  34. Well, if you lay on a beach, you will feel peace… but that is not the same as a mental sanctuary which we have available to us everywhere, is it? My sanctuary for the time being has two rules: #1:listen with the intention of being obedient to spiritual good and #2 cut off personal news reports. Because we can trust that divine Mind is always in touch with us, it seems like an important thing is to stop interrupting with sort of a history channel report….what Paul refers to as “vain babblings”. With that out of the way, the immediacy of spiritual good becomes more obvious.

    Just yesterday I was racing around getting our business ready for a trade show trip departure today and needed to step into the sanctuary for a moment. I was led to hymn 316 “Speak gently, it is better far To rule by love than fear; Speak gently, let no harsh word mar The good we may do here.” When our Father says “settle down”… what can you do? (rule #1) If you have been involved in trade show set ups, you will know my sanctuary directive is spot on and will carry me forward for everyone’s benefit. Peace!

    Most wonderful lift, Suzanne.

  35. Para mi el santuario es el estado de consciencia que nos permite cerrar la puerta al error y abrirla para escuchar a Dios. a medida que lo logramos, vamos cosechando las ideas, que son los mensajes divinos, que nos guían por el buen camino.

    "Como la dulce música ondula en nuestros primeros pensamientos de ella, cual arroyuelo serpenteando entre guijas y rocas, antes de que la mente pueda expresarla debidamente al oído" Retrospección e Introspección, MBE

    De la misma manera, en el lugar secreto, la consciencia, las ideas se iran desarrollando suavemente, pacientemente, serpenteando entre todo lo que se ponga en el camino, para con diligencia formar un muro que la proteja, para por último cerrar la puerta definitivamente al error.

    Muchas gracias Suzanne por el mensaje.

  36. Thank you Suzanne for this breath of peace and resting place to begin my day.

  37. Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder and beautiful image of the headphones. I will make every effort to find this sanctuary of peace throughout this very "busy" day today.

  38. Suzanne , thanks for the beautiful message this morning. I just listened to another of your lifts, LIVE LIKE YOU ARE LOVED. live like we are the beloved children of God. we are the beloved children of God and that,s the final word.

  39. Wow! This Lift really meets the need of my day as a duo of circular saws hums and squeals in my back yard. Thank you for this reminder of the "quiet sanctuary" that is my atonement with God. So applicable to this and any day when the world and its claims seem too loud.

  40. S~~ This Lift is so timely. Lately, i have had to utilize prayer for a challenge that has tried to hinder

    an answer. Today i will push harder with new vigor & this loving inspiration. Always, with

    love, your Mich. fan.

  41. Lovely. thanks Suzanne. AND thanks Elena for giving the citations.

  42. I love this idea, thank you!

  43. Wonderful "lift" to my thought today! And #1 - your comments really met a need today. Thank you! These DL and all the comments are golden!

  44. Thank you Suzanne!

  45. Beautiful and profound! A DL that was badly needed today ! Thank you so much !

  46. Whenever I think of a sanctuary I think of Mrs. Eddy's description of Jesus finding his sanctuary.
    In "No and Yes" pg. 36, she writes:
    "... the human
    Jesus had a resort to his higher self and relation to the
    Father, and there could find rest from unreal trials in
    the conscious reality and royalty of his being, — holding
    the mortal as unreal, and the divine as real. It was this
    retreat from material to spiritual selfhood which recuper‐
    ated him for triumph over sin, sickness, and death."
    Every one has a "relation to the Father".
    Sometimes Jesus spent "all night in prayer to God" (Luke 6:12)
    Thank you Suzanne for two minutes in this sanctuary of our "higher self".

  47. Way before I began to study C/S, I was able to tune out anything that was disturbing to me by simply making believe that I was watching a movie, (TV wasn't invented then.) With this ability, when hearing how C/S deals with disturbances, I naturally grabbed unto it.
    But now when things of a disturbing nature tries to grab onto my thought, I naturally seek my quiet sanctuary where my true father, mother is and lean on him for solutions, tuning out the mortal dimming.

  48. Once again you DL-ers have expanded the Lift idea beautifully. And Gary, #46 responder, thank you for adding the citation from "No & Yes" that inspired this Lift! I'm immensely grateful for the inspired thinking from everyone, going out to bless the world.

  49. Yes, the secret place, the promised land, the kingdom of heaven, our heavenly sanctuary always as near as our thought turned to God. And available even before the invention of head phones!

  50. Carol,Switzerland
    Dear Suzanne thank you very much for this great lift.

  51. Oh Suzanne, what a deliciously calming lift. Thank you dearly.

  52. Thanks Susan! And thanks for all you do! You are a sweet sanctuary too!

  53. I have been there and an m grateful for your comments. Back home and happy in Port Orange. Marcia Norman

  54. How lovely, complete, most perfect lift we are offered by you today, dear Susan!
    Thanks and more thanks to you, oh dear!

  55. Thank you Suzanne, this is such an uplifting idea; that we ALL have instant access to "The secret place of the most High" i.e.our own Sanctuary. A favourite hymn of mine and for many of us I feel sure is 148 In the Christian Science hymnal....by Anna L. Waring... "In Heavenly Love Abiding" and particularly the first verse, where we read "For nothing changes here". Much love to ALL JUNE M. U.K.

  56. Thank you for this peace giving lift!

  57. Suzanne, thank you for today's great Lift,

  58. Thank you.A very inspiring reminder!!

  59. Thank you Suzanne!!! It can get very noisy!!! So nice to know that God provides a quiet sanctuary we can go to anytime,wherever we are!!!
    Love to all

  60. There is nothing to add to the thought already filled with thoughts from God. The 'teeming universe of Mind' is the best resort. No one there is ever on vacation. Thank you for sharing.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  61. I love your points: God is already present, and Divine Mind gives us everything we need. Couple that with Mrs. Eddy's quote, "In the quiet sanctuary of earnest longings, we must deny sin and plead God's allness.” (15:16), and you have the complete picture.

    Sometimes, instead of putting on our spiritual earphones, the real need is taking off the material earphones we are wearing (stop listening to matter). If we truly understand God fills all space, we have no need of the sanctuary for we are always in the Kingdom of Heaven. For example, if we were at a peaceful beach surrounded by harmony, and someone came up next to us playing a boombox, can they destroy the entire harmony of our environment? Do we have to put on our spiritual earphones to shut out someone else's error instead of understanding it is our own brand of error we are listening to and must silence?

    Don't acknowledge error by masking it or ignore it in turning up our spiritual volume, but instead we should eliminate all thought of error, sin, sickness, death, etc. by holding onto the Truth that God is ever-present.

    Our quiet sanctuary is not a small refuge in a vast inharmony, but the understanding that inharmony does not exist anywhere or anytime. And certainly not where we are or God is.

    When we listen to Him no there is no distraction or counteraction to the still small voice. There is a time to hear truth and a time to declare/shout it. Let's trade our headphones for microphones and get busy.

  62. Thank you so much, Suzanne.

  63. Beautiful Lift, Suzanne!! Thank you SO much! Marian

  64. Love it, Michael, #61! I'm getting my microphone out to give a Shout Out!

  65. Precious quiet
    To be cherished and treasured


  67. When we "plead God's allness" we plead "not guilty!" We are God's innocent ones, always in the sanctuary of Love without exception.

    Thanks to you, Suzanne, for your amazing Lift and for all those who make this possible.

    TO PORTER...

    Lee Ann in Berkeley, Ca

  69. THE DL pebbles are reaching over continent & ocean to the globes remotest bounds (sanctuaries)

    Daily Lift Team:
    Reference is made to a line in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. See page 559, line 8.
    "The 'still, small voice' of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest bound."

  70. Thank you Suzanne and #38 who reminded us of another of your lifts!

  71. Thank you, Suzanne, for a beautiful Lift. As always, your spiritual perception is outstanding. Much love.

  72. Very helpful Lift!

  73. Thank you for bringing attention to the sanctuary. This quiet consciousness of my being that is in perfect harmony with its origin. Such grace and peace and power where there is "none beside ME"

  74. Thank you for this timeless, awesome and respectful daily lift. It reminds me of Noah's Ark as a safe haven where health and harmony reign against rain and disorder. Thanks!

  75. Thank you for this wonderful lift to peace.

  76. Thank you very much!!!

  77. Inspiring stuff Suzanne. Thanks.

  78. Thank you so much, this is really helpful! Love it!

  79. Dear Suzanne, thankyou !!! I am enjoying your lovely message.

  80. Thank you Suzanne. Great Lift

  81. Thank you, Suzanne, for the great advice!

  82. Susan. Thank you! "Finding a quiet Sanctuary" How often in the midst of "mortal mind mychatter" like a ray of light breakingng through clouded skies, we Feel The Omnipresence of God,telling us this is the way walk in it. This my recent experience may seem almost trivial but it again was a wake up call. In my home in South Africa I have what we call a prepaid electricity system. At midnight last nnight in the midst of an important asignment my electricity switched off, the the electricity supply had expired, I had omitted to refill[buy more electricity]. Well because the garage door works electronically I could not get the car out,I phoned friends hoping assistance to no avail, I was mentally running helter-skelter,when I realized the need to be "still" and listen. Immediately a name of an individual appeared in thought,I phoned her, and within minutes,my electricity problem was solved. For me again it was an awakening to the importance of finding answers in a quiet sanctuary,not the to&fro-ing of human reasoning!

  83. Will do! Thanks.

  84. Strength and renewal is evident when hearing God's inspiration.

  85. I loved this in My. 244:15-19.

    The “secret place,” whereof David sang, is unquestionably man’s spiritual state in God’s own image and likeness, even the inner sanctuary of divine Science, in which mortals do not enter without a struggle or sharp experience, and in which they put off the human for the divine.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful lift!

  86. thanks Suzanne and all those who have left comments. this message was just what was needed. Nomvula from Cape Town, what wonderful proof of God's ever-present LOVE! #82 I shall put on those mental head-phones right now and shut out the clamour of mortal mind suggestions! Much love Rosemary

  87. Thank you, Suzanne, and fellow Lifter Family for such great reminders to simply stop the human circus! At times, we all seem to be trying to juggle so many balls in the air, and we forget to yeild to that simple place where there is always peace. My four year old grandson told his mother the other day that he wanted to have his breakfast outside in the garden to "have some peace". We all had a laugh over how cute that was, yet isn't it a fine example of "out of the mouth of babes"? Such a simple idea that we tend to forget as the years go by. I, too, shall try to focus more on that quiet place of peace and less on the noise from daily distractions. Peace to all!

  88. Thank You very much--A perfect way to start each day!

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