8/13: Radical meekness

8/13: Radical meekness

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  1. Thx, Ginny!

  2. Thank you so very, very much, Ginny, for this wonderful LIFT. I LOVE it! The dedication and love and MEEKNESS! What an example! Thank you!

  3. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make a radical difference in people's lives, or maybe you tried for years to make the difference in someone life -and they didn't even notice.
    We all need to give the love that makes that difference (even if we are the only ones who knows about it.) That is part of the meekness Jesus spoke of when he said: Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Matt.5:5
    A veces el acto más pequeño de amabilidad puede ser una diferencia radical en la vida de la gente, o tal vez has tratado por años hacer esa diferencia en la vida de alguien -y ellos ni lo notaron.
    Todos necesitamos dar ese amor que hace esa diferencia (aunque tal vez nadie más que nosotros lo sepamos.)
    Esto es parte de la humildad de la cual habló Jesús cuando dijo: Bienaventurados los mansos; porque ellos recibirán la tierra por heredad. Mateo 5:5

  4. Thank you so much!!! A deep week-starter!
    And I agree with Elena and Beatrice very much.

  5. Ginny, just yesterday I became a 1st time Grandmother, and your Lift has helped me shape my thinking about how I can best influence this precious child. It will be by my most unselfish acts, the ones of Christ-like compassion, and genuine love- the unconditional kind which judges not, but keeps Love's light burning in the home and the heart.
    I know that in loving this 'little one' with great gratitude for her native goodness, I can include all mankind, even where I would like to ignore a person or situation- where kindness seems to be "too little, too late."
    As a Grandma I have chosen, for myself, the name: YaYa. I like it because when you say it you have to smile! "It is a word from the Greek: Grandma in Greek is 'nana'. The greek spelling is: yiayia and it is pronounced /yaya/ .... But I also found out that- "It is also from the Yoruban tribe of Africa- Ya-Ya, where one definition is 'divine'."
    How perfect, one name, two distant countries, two very different cultures, but one loving appellation from one All-loving Source, Our Father-Mother God.
    Thank you, Ginny, what a lovely start to a new day, and a new life.

  6. Thanks Ginny, for the lift, and for the reminder about time4thinkers.com.

  7. Ginny,

    how wonderful. LOVE is quit simpel und strong. I will practise this to my mother. She lives in Berlin and I cant see her very often. THANk YOU Ginny!

  8. My friend Libby tells a sweet story about her mother who found a pen pal through the Christian Science Monitor in the 1940s. They faithfully wrote to each other for over four decades but never actually met. I was with Libby in 2000 in San Francisco when she surprisingly met Marylou who was the daughter of this long term pen pal. So, although the older generation never met, the next generation did! What an example of loyalty and faithfulness.

  9. thanks for the this daily lift,I LOVE IT ,it is very interesting.

  10. This Lift has meant everything to me because on Saturday my Mother will move, out of great necessity and at her request, from living next door to us to a care home in the town where she comes from by the sea 200 miles away. A large room with a view over the Bay has opened up for he, a wonderful opportunity, but I am struggling with all the human emotions which would cling and cause suffering all round. I had thought of a weekly letter with photos and good news and am so grateful for your confirmation of how a simple idea can be a strong and lasting action. Much of the New Testament is made up of letters of course, so "whatsoever things are of good report...". I am also very grateful for all of the additional comments above.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. Thanks again.

  12. Thanks for these powerful ideas, I will enjoy embracing my mother (who lives in another county) in a more spiritually uplifted way

  13. I was not able to pull up that website she mentioned "timeforthinkers.com" anyone also have trouble pulling it up?

    Daily Lift Team:


  14. Simple acts of kindness! What POWERFUL LOVE that is! Thank you!

  15. Dear Ginny,
    I, too, had this God inspired message to write every week a letter of Love to a very dear friend of mine, while she was hospitalized during the last years of her life. I will never forget the blessing this was to me and I think, to her. God just doesn't fool around. There are so many opportunities to love, if we just listen.
    Thanks for sharing this one.

  16. This lettering writing exercise every week is such a precious gift to those who give and those who receive! Once a month is good too!! Smile!

  17. Ginny, thanks for the great lift.

  18. Dear Ginny,

    Thank you. It is reassuring to keep thought centred on meekness. I believe I may have already mentioned this in a post some weeks ago but I had always pondered the beatitudes and specifically meekness as it pertains to every day life especially in the workplace.

    Some feel that meekness is weakness and I remember a boss telling me I will never make it to management because I was friendly, kind and always tried to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution. The thought being there that a leader must seize the moment.

    It took years for me to understand that meekness means putting GOD first. We are meek before God, but we are never meek before wrong. When you listen to God, that is meekness; this listening is what empowers us once we obey fully God's direction.

    When Jesus was being dragged through the streets and strapped to a cross to be crucified, he was not being meek before wrong, at every step he acknowledged God's control and trusted God wholeheartedly.

    Taking things in "our own hands" isn't strength when we feel we have to overpower someone. Love guides us each step of the way, even if it means waiting patiently, persistently, lovingly, spiritually for and on God. Often, we have to let go of the human to take on more of the divine.

    I spent much of the last few days praying to see God's control in a matter. I never confronted an individual over the wrong they were doing. When we finally talked, there was harmony.

    Much Love to all.

  19. Like our grandmas, not the flesh but the Spirit is represented in each of us.

  20. O, Ginny, what a touching, wonderful lift. Thank you very much. It made me cry because what you said is so beautiful! Writing such letters is truly a blessing for all concerned. When I worked in the US for 2 years and my mother had just retired, and all her other children were married and she felt somehow alone at times, I sent her a letter every week too. And she kept them all, so that now I can reread them and see which kind of experiences I had in my work, with my wonderful room mates and with my life in general. When my letters did not come in time (at that time each letter from Germany took about 8 to 10 days to arrive, or even longer) she somehow complained with her next letter.
    And when she decided to come to visit me in New York and then go up with me by Greyhound Bus to The Motherchurch, and hear the beautiful organ --- now, this was the highlight of her entire life. Later she always talked of her visit to TMC.
    Thank you, dear Ginny for reminding me of this with your beautiful lift.

  21. Sowed into the material of that dress your grandmother made for you was a legacy of love .as was the series of letters you wrote to her. . . .thanks for sharing those acts of love and gratitude with all of us this morning.

  22. Thank you Ginny for this lovely DL. My two children live abroad and this message has touched me, specially because my elder grandaughter who has turned 9, expressed the wish to receive letters addressed to her and not only for her parents So last week I sent a postcard for her and another for her little sister knowing that this would make them happy. There are so many ways to express love if we listen quietly to our Father-Mother God! I would also like to thank once more to all the people that work for these Daily Lifts that are so inspiring.

  23. I, too, had a dear friend that I grew up with and when I moved from my home town I wrote to her at least once a week (although she never responded), unless I was experiencing a problem. Many years later when I went to visit her she pulled out this shoe box - she had saved every letter I had written. And she said she knew something was wrong when she didn't hear and waited anxiously for my next letter so she'd know all was well, though she never knew what the problem was. We are still close friends after over 70 years and thousands of miles apart. I don't write as often and she doesn't write at all but will call occasionally. But I feel very strongly that friendships are a rare gift to be treasured. And I certainly treasure the dear friends I have!

  24. Dear Ginny and writers above, You all said the Truth beautifully and I am grateful to think of the opportunities to show meekness and love in day to day activities. This is the oil that keeps purity, love, harmony and goodness in thought and deed. Thank you for this lift to thought this morning!

  25. Thanks, Ginny, for “Radical meekness… Christ Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth’… I had to get meek and listen to God …” “I had to get meek and listen to God!!!” I hear in this, Christian healing as “meekness” by first going to God in prayer and “radical” as following through. I find in that “radical meekness” the straight-and-narrow of unceasing prayer that Jesus modeled for us. Teacher, preacher, healer – and yet above all, Jesus was a “radically” obedient child!It’s also the Divine nature of all of God’s children - us! “And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments” (Matthew 19:17). “Inheriting the earth” then, is employing the dominion (overcoming sin, sickness, and death with the Truth of being) that God gave us in Genesis. Going to God first and then applying the answer to the human condition is Christ’s Christianity that proves through signs following the sovereignty of God’s laws of Divine Love. This Christianly scientific way IS “radical meekness.” Mrs. Eddy cautions, “In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless” (Science and Health, 341). And Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12). Your Lift is my “Eureka!” … and a turning point for me as a Christian healer. Radical meekness!

  26. Muchas gracias Ginny,
    Mansedumbre, y templanza es lo que vamos aprendiendo si somos fieles en nuestro transito, a veces frente a situaciones ajenas pero de ninguna manera excentas de la labor que es en sí misma el sentir amor al prójimo cercano o lejano, así puede parecerles a los que no comprenden, quizás por un sentido de derechos humanos que si lo analizamos es egoísmo porque reclama para sí y se olvida del dar sin medida olvidándose de sí mismo, porque no es en una Asamblea diciendo palabras... que se edifica, Cristo trascendió por sus obras no por sus palabras ya que ni soquiera las escribió dejando al libre albedrio del sentir la recepción y eso a continuado hasta nuestros días y seguirá trasmitiendo porque Su sentir es sustancia pura.

    A veces puede parecer que se exije de nosotros más de lo justo y que en determinadas ciscunstancias se nos está exigiendo más de lo debido como que se nos vulneran nuestros derechos y libertad de acción, debo decir que no es así porque nuestros derechos no se vulneran por el bienhacer, porque nadie absolutamente nadie, ni circunstancias ni personas pueden separarnos del Amor divino y menos si estamos haciendo el bien aunque no se entienda ni se apruebe por el resto.

    Oh acaso no es eso lo que tenemos que hacer, no es fácil superar todas esa contingencias que parecen atraparnos cuando se nos bombardea con nuestros derechos que al final si somos conscientes con nuestro aprendizaje es del ego humano que debemos renegar, no de amar.

  27. Having lived apart from my mother by over 3 thousand miles and 50 years when I moved from England to to the US, I have switched from many years of writing weekly letters to a daily phone call . We share aspects of the daily lesson and have a general chat. My mother waits daily for this call. It is our way of expressing love and the miles between us just disolve.
    Thank you so much Ginny for today's lift.

  28. Thankyou so much dearest Ginny for this beautiful message, I love it!!! xoxoxo

  29. From the bottom of my heart,dear Ginny, thank you very much for your reminder and message today. Thanks also to all the heartwarming response writer with there stories; I'm very greatfull to all which gives me strength and loving assurance to be on the right way of this life. Blessings to all!

  30. what a beautiful lift, a beautiful love story !
    most inspiring Ginny..

  31. Ginny, this is such a precious message of unselfed love. It reminds us that there are countless ways in which we can express that love that don't always fit the expected norm, but that can take into consideration the unique circumstances of a given situation and meet the particular need that exists there. Thank you for your sweet example, and for sharing the inspiration that God gave you for YOUR unique circumstance.

  32. I'm needing to feel Love this a.m. I am wondering why we, as Christian Scientistists, don't honor Feelings, as a way of Healing. And I mean emotions, such as sadness and anger. I am a very feeling person and find that feelings, too, along with thinking, are a way of healing our past and moving forward in our lives. Sometimes, feelings come up to clear our past, and they are a way we can connect to God and feel Her Love. Thank you, Ginny, for your expression of Love and Feelings! Love to All! XOXO

  33. Thanks Ginny for the great lift. I look forward to being radically meek today!

  34. Thanks Ginny! It is so funny. This morning I awoke thinking of what I would want my grandchildren to know (if I had any). I was thinking how I would want them to know they could be and do anything - no limits on them - but that the highest aspirations are the ones that involve living unselfishly for the good of others. I call my mom, who lives in another country, 4-5 times a week, no matter where in the world I am, just to chat and to make her laugh. As much as I know these calls mean to her, they mean so much to me, too. Thanks for your great example of meekness and love.

  35. what a beautiful lift this is, it is important to really do the right thing even if we don't see results and tis came through clearly in the responses.
    I gain many lessons from reading others shares. Thank you for this support.

  36. Thank you Ginny for today´s message and thank you to all the commentators .

  37. Thank you Ginny.

  38. Thanks, Ginny!
    Yes, what seem like small gestures can mean so much to someone else.
    And we're blessed in the process, too. :-)

  39. This is a lovely Lift, Ginny, Many people don't have much in the way of joy to expect from their mail box. So sometimes the best present for whatever reason, is a poem tucked into a card. And your own poem, Ginny, has gone the rounds and has been loved all over again. Phone cards are great gifts too, especially for those serving overseas. And cards with greetings for special people are appreciated.
    Many thanks Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters. We could almost have a daily lecture nurturing and governing and guiding.

  40. What a generous way to express Mind and Love to our elders and younger ones... and so remain grounded to what Life is about. I called this season of letters "plume" for as soft and light as feathers and pen in French, between generations, very special of being lovingly aware of our loved ones..
    Thank you Ginny for .your heart shape genuine expression of Love

    A propos : " Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man. "
    Francis Bacon

  41. Oh Ginny this is exactly what I needed for today. Thank you thank you. Love to all.

  42. Much thanks Ginny!

  43. Much gratitude to you, Ginny, for starting this wonderful conversation ~ you have touched so many hearts with this beautiful message! As the song states: "How can I keep from singing?"
    Love to this precious family of Lifters ~ all of us children of God, even if humanly-speaking we're called Grandma!

  44. Ginny,
    Thank you SO much for this Daily Lift - your sharing is an answer to a prayer re: how to express more of my love for my Dad, who lives across the country. Will use email (so can attach pictures, :> ), but this is a great idea, thank you so much! Had already taken a nature picture to send, but the idea of sending a weekly email, weaving in the things appreciated, is most helpful. Thank you.

  45. What a beautiful Lift, Ginny, reminding us that the little things we do are really the big things that bless others. I too, wrote every week to my husband's aunt when she lived alone in another state. I also write to a couple of pen-pals, whom I will probably never meet. I know their letters to me are blessings and now I know that mine to them also bless them. God puts his arm around all of us holding us in His love. "Love is reflected in love."
    And, to Nate and his team and all who provide us with these Daily Lifts , you are loved and appreciated.

  46. It's a joy to awaken to your powerful expressions of gratitude and your beautiful examples of Love lived in radical meekness.
    Because we have an Infinite source of Love to express it's comforting to know that Love never runs out, it's never tired, and is always new.
    Thank you to each of you for your comments. They are so inspiring!

  47. As a recipient of that kind of blessing, I am very grateful. It reminds me of a time when I was going through a challenging experience and my mom wrote me every week for a couple of years. It meant so much to me. As you said, Ginny, she couldn't be with me, either, but those letters still resonate the love and care of our Father-Mother, God. Thank you!

  48. Ginny, . . . "writing a letter" . . . How important!
    When I went off to college, my dad wrote to me: "Bob, I can tell when there's a letter from you by the way your mother walks back up the driveway from the mailbox". This vivid impression was all it took for me to be sure to write mama at least once each week.

  49. Thank you so much for this wonderful example on how to demonstrate love to a person that made her so happy.

    It is a very good and opportune good advise for me.

  50. Thank you Ginny for yet another wonderful lift! I'm so grateful for these daily reminders and especially for today's - go out and share your love with others. I think today will be about random acts of kindness to strangers and also reminding those I love just how much I love them. Thank you!

  51. Thanks Ginny. I was listening to JSH online audio chat by Brian Talcott CSB. And it helped me alot with what Bev # 32 was referring too about emotion and Christian Science. He said that most think Love is a feeling. But it is really a decision.

    So, choice to be angry or loving. And that helps me understand why Christian Science takes it above the human level and seeks a natural spiritual response.

    Remembering a radical Grandma act for me was at Christmas time 1979. Grandma was in pain with cancer. Her mode of dealing with it was drinking with her boyfriend. Grandmom loved God. But the family didnt understand this method very well. So, God told me to go have Christmas with Grandmom and her boyfriend. I knew I needed help. So, I took my Christian Science class instruction notes with me on the plane to see her. And I studied diligently. And then did whatever needed to be done with Grandmom.

    One day, Grandmom was surprised she had no pain for a few moments. I was rejoicing. Proof that God was everpresent. Grandmom felt loved. That was my last time with Grandmom and I miss her. But I know that Christian Science heals and comforts. I know she is painfree. God loves her. It was a growing and learning Christmas for her and I and her dear boyfriend.

  52. Thank you Ginny for reminging me of how much I enjoyed my weekly phone call to my Mother over the many years that we lived apart and frequent visits were few and far between. Now I am loved and blessed by phone calls from my granddaughter and sister. And thank you all above for sharing your stories. What a wonderful start to this new day!!

  53. This is very special....

  54. I love the simplicity of this special message!

  55. What a beautiful way to love your grandmother. I help my grandmother once a month or so, cleaning her little apartment and taking her shopping. She loves to get out and shop and appreciates my coming over to clean since it's hard for her to do these things. It's also a special time for us to be together and we both cherish it and each other.

    Last time I was there she asked me to check the mail for her. There was only junk mail. She loves to write and has beautiful handwriting. As a girl and through the years she loved to practice and it paid off. I thought that I should send her a letter, as I think she'd like that... thank you for the reminder! What a beautiful way to express Divine Love in a way that our dear grandparents will appreciate :)

  56. I phone my daddy every Thursday morning. He lives in Wisconsin, I in South Carolina, he is 98 years old. He waits for my call every week.

  57. Thank you.

  58. Thank you so much for all the love you shared with your Grandma all those years. Your example in meekness and gratitude and generosity.
    Thanks for your extra note too Ginny.
    And thanks to the whole team of Board of Lectureship and the band and Nate!
    This is a lift we can share with many neighbours and acquaintances.

  59. Thank you, Ginny, for sharing that heartfelt correspondence w/ your grandmother. I have had a similar experience and would like to share it here that it might bless others.
    I, too, live very far away from my Dad who has been needing more care over the past 4 years. There were many prior sticky situations in the family that alienated him from all others. After much deep prayer it became clear to me that my place wasn't to move out of the country and take care of him, but to turn to God and see how He/She would take care of its child. I continued to work prayerfully with my family long distance, even when things looked really bad. and then, the most beautiful thing happened - he was no longer estranged from his immediate other family. Dad began to "unwind snarls" and we continued to unsee false traits of character in him, and instead see the man that God had made, the real, true Christly man. Every 2-3 weeks for the past few years I have sent him a beautiful card with an image of something I know he will really love, or will remind him of our times together, and inside I list many of his wonderful, spiritual qualities, so that the family can read them out to him, and hold them in their thought too. We have worked with this statement from Science and Health: "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, where sinning mortal man appears to mortals." p.476:32. The result has been powerful and healing for all, including me! I didn't think doing this was "radical", just Love.

  60. Thank you Ginny! You always inspire Love!

  61. Thank you, Ginny. It really touches the heart.

  62. Thank you Ginny, this is a natural and good activity - why am I not doing more of it?
    This kind of activity is mentioned in the Bible, when Kind David remembered the kindness
    of an aged man called Barzillai. Barzillai refused David's offers of care, not wanting to add
    to the burdens of David, leaving David with one option - "the king kissed Barzillai, and blessed him;"
    (II Samuel 19:39).

  63. A humble THANK YOU to Ginny and all those who have shared their loving comments. LOVE never faileth.

  64. Love this Ginny! What a gift!

  65. Thanks to #51 for your viewpoint on Love. What an interesting way to look at it! Being able to express ourselves as Human Beings is very important - else we wouldn't be able to FEEL the Love we need and share with others. We need to have a Balance of Head, Mental stuff and Heart Feeling stuff. You really can't have just one. Just mental head stuff makes robots out of people. Just gushy emtions and feelings make marshmellows out of people. It really is a rhythm of the Head and the Heart!

  66. Such a touching story that reminds me of the radical acts of good that mean so much to individuals and have a transforming effect on human consciousness. Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  67. Thank you for this touching lift today!

  68. The one feeling of the Christ, "the same yesterday, and today, and forever," is the continuous emanation of perfect divine efficacious Love, and this delivers to every consciousness the steady immutable Truth that lifts us above the "temporal debris" of human emotion based on sense-testimony that is sometimes this and sometimes that, unreliable, changeable, unscientific. Emotion would divide, and we need to seek "the undivided garment" of the Christ to stand on sure ground. This week's Lesson on Mind is perfect for understanding this "Rock that is higher than I."

    Love this Lift!

  69. Thank you, Ginny and to all that shared their healings and gratitude. They are all beautiful expressions of Love.

  70. Thanks Ginny, What a marvelous idea and a wonderful way to start the week. The comment "write the good things" stuck with me; and I realize, now that I'm a gramma, how important it is to convey the good things and keep them uppermost in our thoughts. It certainly improves our experience and the experience of our loved ones. Many thanks to the entire Daily Lift family for the good thoughts provided to help us off to a good start!

  71. Thinking how to bring home my son from treatment family foster care, #5 Kristen touches on what can be done, kindness, on-time and never too much, Writing a letter and mailing it to him can keep him informed how much he is loved and cared for. What a God send for your lift.

  72. Thank you for this. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth is my very favourite beautitude, and one of my "5 smooth stones". When I get really quiet and try to listen to how to express that beatitude and obey it, wonderful things always happen. I love the radicalness of it as well because it takes strength to listen and be meek, but the gentle power and presence that comes back as a result is so precious. Thank you Ginny for all your insights and lifts. They are so wonderfully powerful and gentle.

  73. Beautiful...thank you for sharing this!

  74. Have been thinking happy thoughts all day long as having been reminded of my blessed Grandmother, so certainly appreciate your bringing her to miind.

  75. Thank you for this example of great practical love you was and are doing. It reminds me of a similar writing of daily letters for some weeks to my Mom many years ago. Your lift today shows to me that she certainly had the same feeling of love, and this makes me happy.

  76. Thanks, Ginny. When my nephew was serving in Iraq, I wrote him every week. Since I was praying for him daily, I would always send him a bit of inspiration to work with, along with family news and an occasional cartoon or candy. He has been home for a few years and lives in another state,but our relationship has flourished ever since. It has started me thinking. It is a large family...maybe someone else needs a little extra care and attention.

  77. Terrific... always nice to be reminded how powerful prayer for direction even to
    "little" acts of kindness can be!!!!!!!!!!

  78. I was just thinking about being radical & not rigid as someone suggested recently, so thank you Ginny. Healthy expressions of Christian Science are not in any way rigid, they are in every way cures. What kind of mental malpractice would that kind of accusation be to those that have their healing? A humble, meek and simply radical stand for the teachings of Jesus is what has saved spiritual thinkers world wide from court ordered programs that endlessly require individual absorption into disorder & disease by way of individual consciousness, to the point of having one think of oneself named as disease, a disease that landed in prison rather then a care facility. In example; alcoholism, schizophrenia, addiction, etc. Just add the letters ic to the end of the named disease and that 'name' is what is required of an individual to endlessly repeat after the words I am...rather then instruction on the separation from man all disease in thought, in name, in character. Court ordered programs teach and prove through endless cycles of relapse, that one must take on a sickly persona through endless confession, a method contrary to inspired Biblical teaching. Becoming more charitable, more Godlike speaks our New International Version Bible to us, & we are not to keep record of wrongs once corrected, wrongs just become 'matters of public record' & the individual can & must let go of sin. Mrs. Eddy states: "The abiding consciousness of wrongdoing tends to destroy the ability to do right."

  79. thank you so much for this lovely message.

  80. Thanks Ginny for this lift! The word "meekness" sometimes has gotten a bad rap, being defined as a kind of "wimpiness". A synonym the dictionary gives is "patient". I often think of meekness as inner strength which stands up to and destroys error, disease, injustice, just as Jesus did.

  81. Oh, Ginny, radical meekness. What a practical concept.

    Recently I was in a large supermarket when a man and woman crossed my path. They appeared to be very different and rather scary. I quickly proceeded on with my shopping, thinking that I hoped not to cross their paths.( No meek thinking here!) But, sure enough, I ended up in the check out line right behing them and again there they were in the parking lot. By this time I saw the opportunity to listen to God's direction and not to judge by any outward appearance. (Wasn't that in our Bible Lesson?)Then I was able to see the image and likeness of Love, right there where the scary people had seemed to be. I was glad that God didn't give up on me!

  82. What a beautiful, lift, Ginny! Thanks for sharing. I knew your grandmother and KNOW how much she loved and appreciated you. :-)

  83. What a winning concept. So clearly presented too. Blessing and serving others is what Life is about.

    Thank you!!

  84. Thank you.

  85. Another good Lift, Ginny! This sets us to seek & listen for ways to bless those we can't fit into ordinary contact, whether for distance, or other reasons. It also shows blessing don't have to be expensive, when we don't have money to stretch. Most important, this was done to bless someone else, not to get the Beatitude promised blessing for self. If we don't know anyone who needs distant blessing, a nursing home could give a name, and tell a bit about a resident that has no family to visit them, so a visit or letter to that person would be a bright spot in their day. Weekly or monthly notes to a neighbor or anyone we've know getting medical treatment for what's believed incurable disease, can send an uplift, with hope they understand from the Bible (not an effort to drill them in Christian Science as a way they should be taking) can make them feel loved, too. A letter, in some ways, may be better than a phone call, because it doesn't interrupt what they are doing, and lets them re-read it to recapture the warmth & hope when they need it most. Most of all this Lift starts us listening for other ways to bless. Desire, being prayer, as Mrs. Eddy realized and taught us (S&H 1: line 10 to 7 on next page), then meekness to find ways to bless will be fruitful and bless all involved. Thanks, Ginny, for reminding us to think, both with the website info, and in our own daily lives..This Lift could heal the US Post Service, too! #3 Elena, a good point! To all responders, Thanks!

  86. Thank you Ginny!! a little sweetness goes a long way.

  87. Thank you Ginny for reminding us the world is in need of the meek!

  88. Even if I hadn't been able to hear this wonderful lift, the title itself provides inspiration! It's like a mission statement that encourages us all to go forward and express our true nature. Thank you so much, Ginny!

  89. Thank you.

  90. 5 welcome to the ranks of grand motherhood. No. 6 is coming to our family soon. Patience is a gift we grandparents can give when young parents are so busy. and where does patience come from , where all the rest of the qualities are originated GOD. Thank you Ginny, you shine like the evening stars. Jan

  91. In the fifth chapter of Revelation, why did the Apostle John see, from the mount of vision, that "the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David," prevailed as "a Lamb." Is it not because meekness, clearly a quality of lambs, is defined in Christian Science as seeing that we can do all things through Christ, Truth.
    Mrs. Eddy writes, "Neither emasculation, illusion, nor insubordination exists in divine Science." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 271.)

  92. Thank you so much Ginny for the great lift.

  93. Thank you, Ginny. I called my mom once a week since I left home and then twice a day the last couple of years. And I sent her flowers once a month the last year. She loved this. What surprised me the most was that when she passed on, these acts of love became such a comfort to me. I have been writing letters to my mother's double cousin who lives alone about once every two months for many years. And I've been told by another relative that I'm the only one who writes to her. Hearing your devotion of every week - I hope to kick it up a notch. Thanks again for this heart-warming lift!

  94. What a great message! Thanks Ginny!

  95. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring lift on relationships. Having just returned from a wonderful family reunion in England, I "cherish all, and every one our relationships". "Christ, the way of our salvation,/ Rends the veil of separation," (Christian Science Hymnal #437).

  96. One big thing I learned in life is never to respond with anger when some one else's anger is directed toward you. It takes "Radical Meekness" to accomplish that. It takes deep understanding of God as Love, to know when and how to respond or just to keep one's mouth shut. Sometimes a dangerous confrontation can be avoided by the above practice. I know, because I have demonstrated it. Would it not be a wonderful world if every one practices the above?

  97. love the lift..... sometimes it seems that "others" do not see or recognize or acknowledge our acts of kindness...........however !!!!!! Our FATHER always does :-) it is HIS work in us that pleases HIM....
    that is all I need :-) love to you all. Have a most Blessed DAY...

  98. Thank you so much Jenny. I'm coming on a bit late today, but wanted to be sure and give gratitude for the love you expressed not only for your grandmother but for all of us. I treasure every contact I have with my 5 grands and two great grands. They all know that I love to hear what they are doing and appreciate them so much. Grandmas and grandpas sure love to be included in the lives of their grandkids!
    I am away from mine for the summer but have gotten good loving emails which tie us close. Thanks you for all the love your express! Nana Sally

  99. Beautiful !!!! Thank you...

  100. Thanks Ginny. My mother in law passed away recently and she lived a distance away from us for 40 years till the last 2 years of her life when we moved her to a Care Home near by and you have reminded me that for many of the years of those years I wrote to her every week to keep her up to date with the family news and sent her photographs of the kids and news of all their doings. We found those photos the other day and she obviously cherished them. Small acts of kindness and inclusion go a long way. I love the Daily Lifts - they always hit the spot!! Dilys x

  101. Thanks for sharing that wonderful, but simple idea. It inspires me to do something similar for someone I love.
    With gratitude for your good works.


  103. Catching up on my daily lifts....thank you Ginny, this is so powerful.

    It reminds me of a time when I was taking the train home from college and in a really lousy mood. As I was preparing to haul my bags up the long staircase at the station, I saw an older woman with a huge suitcase, looking at the staircase ahead. I asked if I could help her and her face lit up into a smile. I carried her suitcase up the stairs and remember feeling such warmth and happiness. It transformed my mood in an instant. I saw how opportunities for meekness are really gifts to us. I feel like that woman gave me more than I gave her. She gave me my joy back.

  104. "The grass beneath our feet silently exclaims, 'the meek shall inherit the earth.'"

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (516:13).