8/12: New every moment

8/12: New every moment

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  1. Thanks, Ginny!
    It is through humility I expunge the material record and move forward w a freer breath. Both images refer to statements by Mrs Eddy..

  2. Thank you Ginny for a Lift that shows us that we don't have to be chained to the mistakes of the past. The spiritual reality is that past history and behavior has no claim on us. As we learn in Christian Science our history is in spiritual development. The lessons that we learn bring us closer to being the man and woman that we know we really are-the image and likeness of our creator, God. Spiritual progress is important and distinctly our own, as God has giving us what we need to keep moving forward.

  3. Thanks!!! I was just thinking earlier how earlier as in months and years ago as much as I thought I knew God I had so much more to learn or uncover--- so your lift was what I needed to hear right now. It is about right now, fresh and new today in this moment. Yahooo!!!

    Blessings of God'd good right now,

  4. thank you, Ginny - 'moment by moment' feel God's love - what a beautiful outlook for each day!

  5. Thank you so so much for this spiritual refreshment, dear Ginny!

  6. We wish we could have one more chance after we messed up something, but, we do!!!

    We just have to make sure we “…put off the old man with his deeds” (Col. 3:9)

    God renew us every day, (2 Cor. 4:16) we just have to grab the opportunity and know that our divine Father-Mother God, is patiently waiting for us to, humbly, take the first step!

    The answer is at our reach.

    Deseamos tener una oportunidad más luego de habe arruinado alguna ocasión, ¡pero la tenemos!

    Solo tenemos que asegurarnos que nos hemos “…despojado del viejo hombre con sus hechos” Col. 3:9)

    Dios nos renueva día a día, (2 Cor. 4:16) solo tenemos que aprovechar la oportunidad y reconocer que nuestro divino Padre-Madre Dios ¡está esperando pacientemente a que nosotros, humildemente, demos el primer paso!

    La respuesta está a nuestro alcance.

  7. Ginny, you've brought simplicity and revelation to what can sometimes get tangled up in "a thousand years of human hypotheses" and is certainly not new! I love the way all that study and yearning suddenly consolidates into a burst of "Oh I see that!" And yes, I do feel brand new. These "I get it!: moments are the rewards so richly bestowed on us. So genuinely appreciated and treasured! Thank you so much.
    Nate is that your own imprompture jammin'? I'll be looking forward to it this week, Thanks to the crew and company of Commenters.

  8. Thank you Ginny, this is a lovely message and one I benefitted from hearing today ♥

  9. Dear Ginny,

    That is a beautiful unfolding to share. It broadens Revelations 21:5 ...I make all things new...in my thought. It gives a new out look. It makes me understand that keep on putting on the "new man" in thought as it does make all things possible. Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

  10. Thank you Ginny,
    There is a joke about a man who was such a golf fanatic he refused to let anything interfere with his golf game. One day he returned to the clubhouse, very late, looking exhausted and disheveled. When asked why, he explained that Charlie, his golf partner, twisted his ankle on the second hole and could not walk. For the rest of the day it was hit the ball, drag Charlie.

    I wonder how many of us are dragging the "old man" (the material concept of ourselves and others) around with us wherever we go? Imagine if we had to pick up every one of our footsteps behind us, put them in a bag and carry them with us. What a burden it would become. It's the same thing with our mental baggage. Instead of recalling what was behind us and constantly keep pushing it ahead of us everywhere we go we should instead ask what God knows about us and discard everything else.

    How simple just to take each moment as fresh and new, to take each step of the way unencumbered by the past material sense of things. The spiritual recognition of man is all we need to carry around with us, the only identification we need, the only proof of who we are.

    There is no "race" since God fills all space, there is no place to which we can run that we do not already occupy, thus no need of baggage.

  11. "New today with every forward motion" - wow.

    Thank you, Ginny!

  12. We have it relatively easy thanks to our Master’s obedient steps and to our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, who shows us the nothingness of evil. Thank God that we are moving ahead too fast for the comfort of the enemy. Paul tells us; “Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.” (Hebrews 12:4.)

  13. Thank you for the precious moment you shared this Truth. It is one step further from the belief of old age into Life eternal.

  14. Oh, Ginny, You always give us such inspiration from your wealth of experiences. Such a wonderful message for each of us to "make our own." Thank you.

  15. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring lift. Yes. "We are new today with every forward motion, with every expression of God's lovely grace." "Grace for today, O Love divine,/ Thee to obey and love alone;/ Losing the mortal will in Thine,/ Find we a joy before unknown." (Christian Science Hymnal #91).

  16. Thank you Ginny for that very helpful lift. Moment by moment or as in hymn 46 in the CS hymnal " Day by day the promise reads,daily strength for daily needs." Thank you also to Michael 10 for the joke. You made me realise how I have been dragging old Charlie round for years! My gratitude again for all these wonderful lifts and comments

  17. Thank you for the helpful analogy of a new picture every split second in a film. Our true identity, all good, does not get lost. At the same time it is new and pure every moment. That Christly message helps us let go of unproductive traits that seem to be part of us.

  18. Ah---- so fresh and crisp and new! Thank you for this refreshing lift!

  19. Thanks Ginny. Carrying baggage can be so tiring!

  20. Thank you for this great reminder that we do not have to carry "luggage" all the time. We can just leave it and walk with God all the time . Many thanks to the Lifters.

  21. Thank you so much. Not only are « we » new every moment, but others too. That helped me a lot. As I will be going back soon to Lebanon where I live and work, I tried to get a better view concerning about what is happening in Syria. Now I know : every moment is new. Every person included in this war is new every moment. So there is no need of time to make any change there. It opens up the opportunity for immediate ( or quick ) change and peace!
    And thanks to Michael # 10 and Elma # 16 : Yes I am also often carrying « Charlie »! And to Joyce # 13 for the idea of agelessness linked to the subject.
    I am so grateful for this daily lift ! Thanks to all involved and to all the wonderful comments. Love to all.

  22. Thank you.

  23. OK!!! New me today!! AND new view of those around me, today, too!!

  24. Hi Ginny - I have found this really helpful today - just what I needed - thank you!

  25. This resonates so much with me Ginny. It rests
    on Soul, God. It is more than a fresh opportunity, but the thought of continuity as each step can be progressive.leaving the old for the new, never losing the good we have already demonstrated.

  26. I needed to hear this beautiful lift today Ginny thank you

  27. This just lifted my thought up to such natural happiness to affirm this beautiful newness every moment.
    Thank you so much always for your beautiful heartfelt lifts.

  28. Dear Ginny,

    Thank you for the LOVELY and apt analogy of the man running. Your Lift helped to cement some thoughts I had been pondering from last night. Michael (#10) I enjoyed your analogy as well. Thanks to the other Lifters as well. We all are working to understand more of our relationship to God. It shows in these Lifts.

    Hymn 135 was with me this morning as I went for a ride on my bike. "I know no life divided" carried me onward as I saw the sun breaking through a band of clouds with its beams reaching higher than the clouds could ever reach. The clouds can only reach as far as our atmosphere. The sun, however, breaks through our atmosphere just as spiritual understanding breaks through the mortal atmosphere so that we can see the true light.

    I have said this before, using material, human, criteria to examine ourselves is like telling someone that you have a pond at home with two feet of water in it. An accurate picture of the pond cannot be gleaned from that description, neither can an accurate picture of our individuality be garnered by measuring our success based on human criteria.

    Knowing "no life divided" means that we ought NOT to divide our lives into success and mistakes, but to see God's control - complete in every aspect. When I am on a path that perhaps I ought not to be on, I always stop and ask, "what lesson am I to learn from this?".

    We ALL 'richly inherit ALL GOOD, from Thee (God), ALONE' (hymn 135).

    Again, thanks to all!

  29. Dear Ginny, thanks so much for this inspiring message which reminds me also of your poem, "Self-forgiveness" (Sentinel, July 18, 2005) which I have quoted here before. It ends with: "I forgive all my yesterday's visions, unclear, And hear my God telling me, "Child you are dear." And another poem I love is "Here and Now" by Kardyne Flad Steacy (Sentinel, July 21, 1997) that has brought me comfort states:
    "No past regrets
    Can hold you back,
    No future doubts
    Suggest a lack

    Since God is All,
    Fear has no place;
    Right here and now
    Love fills all space.

    And what a great way to start the day is Hymn 445 which begins:
    I awake each morning to a brand new day,
    Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way,
    For my heart is fixed on the one guarantee:
    The Love that is All holds me tenderly.

    And certainly not to be overlooked is Hymn 218 that begins with "O Life that maketh all things new." Each day is a new day and even each moment is a new moment to give us a fresh new thought. We have such great resources in the Hymnal, our periodicals and Mrs. Eddy's writings to inspire, guide and comfort us. And of course these Daily Lifts and many comments. I am deeply grateful.

  30. Powerful and thought provoking. Refreshing daily thought.

  31. Thank you, Ginny, for "New every moment ... each instance ... is a brand new identity ..."

    This is a very hard, yet necessary concept to grasp and then to apply in practical ways, especially in ongoing relationships like with oneself and family (including "church family"). It's as challenging and necessary as forgiveness, itself. It keeps us in the state of beholding God's man, made in the image and likeness of Love.

    I'm learning to do more of this kind of beholding (bearing true witness) and letting the Christ adjust the human scene. I'm learning that I don't need "new people" in my life, as much as I need to see the people in my life anew. The only true identity any of us has is the one God has given to us. Because we are outfitted with every Godlike quality, we can look in the mirror and at each other to see the face of God/Love-itself! In the Truth of our being, we have the right and responsibility to go forward as God's beloved.

    This, from Science and Health, has been very helpful: "In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless."

  32. I love this inspiration and revelation, Ginny. I will know there is no "same old, same old" today. What an important upbeat message. Thank you so much!

  33. Thank you Ginny! It came at the right moment for me. This morning I got up a bit "not myself" and I thought about the Psalm 42:5 Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God...for I shall again praise Him. Yes,we are new every moment and the thoughts of God we bring to that moment bring greater light into the moments that follow. This DL will remain with me all day long and days to come. Blessings to all the big family out there.

  34. Well, I don’t know, Michael #10, about dragging Charlie around the course (there are golf carts for that sort of thing!) but I have learned in golf that pre-shot thoughts like … “don’t hit that ball into the water again” does absolutely NO GOOD.

    I really enjoyed the comment by US Open Champion Jason Dufner immediately after his win yesterday. In the past, he has been close to winning, only to give up too many strokes on the last several holes. When asked about what made the difference this time, he said something like he DECIDED to REMAIN CONFIDENT. I know that his years of work, work, work put him in good stead to seal the deal, but that he found the mental poise to stay on top of the game – all the way - is simply wonderful.

    You are right, Ginny. Our poise comes in knowing that each moment we are a new man, confident in God. And, we can stay on top of our game today too!

  35. Thank you for this very helpful Lift and to all for such wonderful comments. I learn so much from them, There is only one Creator, one Maker, God, Mind. So right when error was claiming we were 'making' a mistake, God alone was 'making all things new' and we were reflecting Him. Error is never in the present because it is always 'out of date' ie 'out of data' or information. It contains nothing true so cannot even make itself anything, and I am sure none of us would claim the ability to make something out of nothing, although that's what the Liar tells us we have done. Mistakes are the claim that we could have had a sense of things and ourselves besides God's, Mind's, understanding. Not possible, and God will show us in every case how to claim our inheritance of perfection and newness in Him. The only thing that is stopping error and its errors from falling is us hanging on to them as realities in thought . Mary Baker Eddy speaks of Science as 'engulfing error in bottomless oblivion' [No and Yes p 42] and you can't get more unreal than that.

  36. thanks Ginny!

  37. Lovely! Each day finds us with a fresh wash of light and lightness when as we yield to the very essence of our being.

  38. Wonderful, Ginny....thanks so much for the reminder, and opening our eyes today to the nowness of being always whole in God's all-Loving eyes.

  39. Cada día y todos los días, podemos ir aligerando la pesada mochila, que a veces nos inflijimos a nosotros mismos, y podremos correr la carrera, ligeros sin carga, libres de trabas.

    Siempre me he cuestionado mucho, y cuando tengo diferencia con alguién, siempre lo primero que pienso es, en que me equivoque.

    Pienso que es bueno que miremos, primero nuestro propio accionar, y corregir si es necesario, no es tan malo mirar hacia atras cuando de corregir se trata, porque nos permite mirar de manera diferente hacia adelante, en esos bellos momentos reflexivos.
    Obviamente... No para condenar o condenarnos a nosotros mismos, sino para corregir errores. Y así nos encontraremos libres de carga, sin mochila que cargar y que ha sido impuesta por nosotros y que sin duda, no es real.

    "¿Quién como Jehová nuestro Dios, que se sienta en las alturas. Que se humilla a mirar? Salmos

    Acaso, no nos humillaremos nosotros al mirar a los demás y a nosotros mismos sin condenar.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, los Daily lift son bellos e inspirados, al momento y en todo momento.

  40. Thank you, Ginny, for the lovely outlook in approaching this day; it gives such hope and expectancy of good! I also love Barbara #25's reminder that in leaving the old for the new, we never lose "the good we have already demonstrated." :)

  41. Thank you Ginny; new every moment. What a precious reminder. Thanks everyone for your fresh, sincere sharings. AND Monique,(#21) I'm touched by your comments and renewed in my prayers for the Middle East (and all the world.) thank you.

  42. Thank you for a new perspective to staying in the NOW. It is always now. Great Lift.

  43. Thank you, dear Ginny! And thanks for the snappy, upbeat music, Nate! I love the little phrase used in this Lift when Ginny said she realized that she "was a New Opportunity....."!! Not that I HAVE a New Opportunity, but that I AM a New Opportunity! Wow! I'm going to go back and listen again and ponder this some more!!

  44. Thanks, Ginny! I needed that! Smiling about Divine Love.....and lots of light! Wonderful!

  45. Yes yes
    The old person - full of mistakes - doesn't exist in this moment.
    Recriminations are creeping shadows hoping to catch up to the now but we are faster - "winged with thoughts of Love"

    thx Ginny

  46. That has been my focus this summer. Grateful to hear everyone's contributions.

  47. Thanks, Ginny, for this wonderful and important reminder....how can we not be uplifted? Love the music!

  48. Wonderful Ginny, thank you thank you. What a terrific start to my day.

  49. Thank you for all the wonderful "Lifts". They give us so much inspiration! While loving all the remarks, today I am especially grateful for the remark from Troy ( #28) that "The clouds can only reach as far as our atmosphere". Since we live in the atmosphere of "Love Divine" - above all the clouds of matter suggestions - we can be sure we are unreachable to them. Again "thanks" to all.

  50. Love knowing this. Thank you do much for this precious Lift

  51. What a joy to hear your experiences and warm expressions of gratitude this morning.
    I love the opening statement Mary Baker Eddy makes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on the very first page..."To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." That Newness and those BIG blessings are ours today. You are already someone's big blessing in your comments. We can enjoy abundant blessings as we lean on the Infinite together today. Thank you to each of you. You are a blessing.

  52. What a great way to see this idea of forward motion.[ I can picture that -- multiple images (photos) of the man running in slow motion.] This translates for me....fresh forward prayer, trust, and action. New step forward, leaving the old thoughts, old attitudes behind! Moving forward!!! Thank you so much Ginny!

  53. NOW are we a NEW man...NOW are we a NEW man...NOW are we a NEW man.
    Each moment of NOW is a step forward...
    Thank you Ginny

  54. There are many songs that reflect spiritual truths. This Daily Lift reminds of one which is one of my favorite; Peter Allen's "Every thing old is new again." It really comes across that when you wake up in the same house, situated in the same town, each day brings a newness to that same house. The way the sun shines in a room and brightens it differently then the day before. The joy that one has today of living in that house that wasn't there yesterday. Just allowing a little spiritual understanding makes each moment, to material sence seem old, to spiritual sence becomes new every moment.

  55. Thank You Ginny....great message and lift.... :-)

  56. THANK YOU! The message is timeless.

  57. It's time to drop "bearing false witness" of ourselves and see the truth of our being...new each moment a blessing from God. Thank you Ginny, the Daily LIft team and all the commentators. You are all such a blessing.

  58. Thank Ginny, as always insightful and relevant.

  59. Thank you Ginny ... just like the animated drawings that when flicked (like a deck of cards) to make an animated movie ... each drawing is complete, new ... and graven on the palms of God's hands.

  60. Truly inspired and such a useful reminder for every "new" day. Bless you friend!!

  61. Thank you Ginny . . . So simple, so pure, so complete,so true . . . God's love and grace expressed in our individual expression. Life was meant to be lived in more MOMENTS LIKE THIS. Joy be your day.

  62. What a great perspective! thank you Ginny.

  63. What a lift, a new moment...opportunity to lift oneself out of dull,boring, passing time!Consciousness of Life, Devine, never boring,dull or lifeless.

  64. The Christ knows His own ideas, His own omnipotence, changeless dominion, Truth.

    Mortal opinion-belief tries to conciliate society, to climb with its trends and fads but only dissolves itself to find the only reality is the changeless Mind of Christ. Mortal beliefs are either new or old. Nothing is new to God, and mortal belief is all that changes and dissolves. All that changes is a lie. It is dropped for the Mind of Christ, Truth.

    Keeping the thought to Christ's infinity mirror, we are and were and ever will be Spirit's (compound idea) Christ man, actually noble and soverign, 'rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.'

    The Christ-man's calm dominion and authority keep His thought on God, the unchanging Truth of Soul's present, permanent and unchanging existence.

  65. Great lift -- thank you. The music is a "pick me up" too

  66. So good, so helpful!

  67. "...his compassions fail not. They are new every morning"..... This Lift reminds me that it is never too late to make a fresh start in thinking and experience -- never too late to embrace the grace and goodness of God that are our free gifts from the great heart of Love. How wonderfully comforting.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Lamentations 3. "...because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: ...."

  68. SOUL....refreshing!

  69. Ginny I am so grateful for your lifts. They do inspire and thank you and much love to all the commenters, especially Michael, with the joke about dragging the golfer around.

  70. Thank you, Ginny! I have been feeling so good about what seems to be forward movement in my spiritual path, but at times I seem a bit stuck in a routine. The notion of newness was lovely this morning, and I felt some freedom immediately from being stuck in the old man, as it were.

  71. I am smiling as I have come back to this inspiring, comforting, encouraging, joyous, healing Lift four times already! Just to hug it to me! Thanks, Ginny!!

  72. As I think about the ideas shared in this Lift, the eternal now shines through. What a freeing thought...each moment God makes all things new...freeing us from past mistakes to move forward pure. Free from current struggles, knowing that God freshness and vitality touches Her infinite creation, right now. Freedom from fear of uncertain futures...God presence forever new will be there, always. Thanks Ginny:)

  73. All things new...love it! It reminds me of the saying "Today is the first day of the rest of your life," which we l learn in Christian Science is eternal. So we can start new everyday, forever! If life hasn't been too good so far, no problem, we can wipe the slate clean and with God's nurturing care we "can be a new opportunity for expressing more and more of God's goodness", as Ginny so lovingly shared. (=

  74. So simple, so perfect! Thank you!

  75. New every moment! New energy ("Let us feel the divine energy of Spirit...." S&H pg. 249) every moment!
    What a great thought to wake up this morning. Thank you.

  76. Thank you all for you gratitude and your wonderful comments :-) you bring so much joy with your love and kindness.. you are wonderful! Ginny

  77. Thank you Ginny! Wonderful - the DL always presents what I need. Monique - Michael - Lori & Elma all wonderful and uplifting comments.....thanks to all of the DL contributors as it advances all of MBE tremendous spiritual insights! This website is priceless for what can be derived.

  78. Thanks so much for that message, Ginny! Love the thought that we are new with each step - moment, actually - of the way. There is only now, and it is all good. Thanks be to God!

  79. Allowing God to love me at every moment! Could there be any greater Paradise?

  80. Thanks,Ginny, for adding to my visual treasure chest of "new every day", too. I wrote this jewel down when I read it awhile back (I think it might have been used in a Sentinel article) - "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." (Heraclitus). Now I can see your running man in slow motion - new every moment!

  81. Thank you Ginny........new every moment "unfoldment"...I love it...

  82. Wonderful free gifts everyday. The beautiful radiant smile of my grandson! Wow what blessings.

  83. Thank you Ginny and all the helpful comments. I feel so refreshed and new!!!!
    Love to all

  84. Awoke this morning with a pain in my back, thinking it was from dragging my luggage through the terminal after a flight home! So, you can imaging how this Lift filled my need! No need for pain from dragging luggage around!!! Literally!!!
    I also have experienced the freedom of insisting that each moment is fresh and new. I have felt the freedom of walking right out of a problem...away from it...leaving it behind but also knowing it really never was. As Mary Baker Eddy points out in her book, Science and Health, in the eyes of God, Love, He always sees us exactly as He made us: perfect, complete, in His image and likeness. Christ Jesus saw through the eyes of God the perfect man and healings resulted from his understanding of this truth. God's creation remains intact. Thank you, Ginny for confirming this truth. The new man can be put on every second with scientific certainty.

  85. I'm just realizing that the ability to look at our past selves is 9/10's of the victory. Our real selves can't be looked "at". Our real self just is, and that "is" is Being Infinite.


  87. Oh to learn this lesson well! I am the child God created today, now, this moment. There is none other. Not yesterday's God nor yesterday's me. The new ideal fresh and perfect one beginning now, and now, and now again. Thanks for this great reminder of a grand fact. Now IS the accepted time and we are fresh and new in it. Rejoicing!

  88. Thank you..Your lift brought so much joy and relief by the reminder there is only"the now!".

  89. Many thanks, Ginny. What a lift. I'll hold on to this....... and Michael's "hit the ball: drag Charlie "which made me laugh out loud. This is my kind of music!

  90. Ginny, you´re certainly right about feeling new every moment, because we are really renewing ourselves as life goes on.
    .We must never forget that God makes everything new, as we read in Revelation 21:5.
    I also like to use this concept to realize that I´m becoming "newer" (meaning younger) rather than "aging" each moment!
    Thank you very much!

  91. Thank you Ginny! You are so right! Each moment, we are new. When I got back into Science after leaving it as a teen, I really made it my own. I understood how I was loved and really an expression of God- all good. I had never changed, and God's Love was taking care of me and my dear children. I was a very young mother who'd done drugs and been in an abusive relationship for years. At 23 years old, I looked and felt much older because of all I'd been through. But, my innocence was restored as I learned more about God's Love for us. I began to look and feel younger with the joy and freedom I was feeling. We had nothing when we left the girl's dad, but every need was taken care of- and Life got better and better with each day!

    I love the hymn that says- "O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking. O captive Rise and sing, for thou art free! The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking. Unloosing bonds of all captivity." If it's not good, it's not from God, it's a dream, and we can all wake up to God's Love, be free, and rejoice!

    Our father mother made us all good- and cares for us each step of the way... making us new.

    Thank you God! :) Love to all!!

  92. Yes, every moment new. We can be" born again" every moment. We can change our priorities and commitments to only Good.

    Thank you, Ginny!

  93. Thanks Troy # 28, and all others who shared their love and insight. It's true- life shouldn't be divided into success/mistakes. From each we can learn... and there is no point in beating ourselves up for going down the wrong path. Pick up and choose the right one, and learn from it :) Going forward with Love by our side, leading us and watching our backs. We are never alone!

  94. Mortal beliefs and opinions would try to give us funny names during our travels here, and Jesus changed disciples' names to fit their spiritual identities. Nothing is novel to eternal Mind, no new thought, old thought, new God, old God, my Father, your Father, only rejoicing in the 'affluence' (new thought would say 'opulence') of Our God, Our Father, yesterday and today and eternally. Let's be sure we don't throw out our 'affluence' for the distracting, decadent 'opulence' so-called New Thought cannot afford. We never pre-existed with Our Father, we always exist with Him.

  95. Thank you, Ginny!
    Michael, I have just realized that part of the "old man" I carry around is my mortal concept of a punishing God. It has lessened somewhat since I have been reading CS, but because it has been with me for so long and is part of my mortal identity, it is so hard to shift completely.
    Ginny, by renewing this affirmation that God, by his very nature, is incapable of punishing, I shall go forward with lighter steps!
    Lisa,#93, I relate so much to your healing thoughts.

  96. We have unlimited opportunities for obedience. And what else could a reflection express?

    Thanks, Ginny and all. I love the energy in this lift!

  97. Don't like missing a day without my Daily Lift. Thank you everyone.

    new every moment .......... Gosh, that feels so good.

  98. What an inspiring revelation! Thanks so much for sharing something about which most of us need reminding in such a terrific new way.

  99. Thank you to all lifters, especially to Lisa, I related and need encouragement to go forward. I wish the lift came on Saturdays and Sundays, altho I know it is alot of production behind scenes and appreciate that. thank you to all who contribute. It is spiritual food to me.

  100. Refreshing thought, Ginny! Thank you.

  101. Thank you Ginny! This makes me think of an idea Mrs. Eddy writes about in Science and Health...
    "The caterpillar, transformed into a beautiful insect,
    is no longer a worm, nor does the insect return to
    fraternize with or control the worm. Such
    a backward transformation is impossible in
    Science...In Christian Science there is never a retrograde step,
    ever a return to positions outgrown."
    (74: 17 - 30)

    How comforting this is! It's impossible for us to return to our outgrown ideas of ourselves. We just continue to grow more beautiful in our understanding of God.

  102. Thanks, Ginny! Just what I needed at THIS moment!

  103. I'd been thinking about God's law of progress over the last week or so. This Lift and the comments helped to move my thought upward & forward. Thank-you, Ginny, Lifters and DL team!

  104. I dwell on this message the whole day and I saw myself forever in these new moments unfolding itself -so naturally. It is a living in eternity forever going on and yet humanly it may seem like a progressive movements in time and space with human memories and actions, but in Truth, each moment is new with nothing of the so called "past" in it. This is such an amazing view and experience and I have gain healings and benefits from this exercise dropping the misconceptions of living from limited human standpoints. Thank you Ginny, this is so good.

  105. Yes Genny, it is true that all thing can happear new for whom put his thought into GOD activities
    God bless

  106. Thanks Ginny and all of the wonderful people leaving comments and their own thoughts!! Loved #10 Michael!! Just carrying your own bag is challenge enough, without carrying Charlie's too!!! I read that and thought of having to carry a friend's problems along with our own!! All unnecessary baggage!!!

  107. Thank you Ginny for this uplifting Lift that, along with so many sensitive and loving shares, has brought me to a new level of consciousness while working with a physical challenge. It no longer has any of my attention as - thank you 87- k. james - Now IS the accepted time, and we are fresh and new in it. Rejoicing!
    This awareness, this God thought, moves much more quickly than my awareness of recognizing that I have an old walking problem, and thus the old is cancelled, untrue and GONE moment by moment - such rejoicing!!!

  108. What a valuable concept! We can express all that we know right now! Thank you!

  109. A new opportunity to express God's goodness is a wonderful thought. Thank you for this new way to see newness.

  110. Thank you. This message was helpful today and I was reminded of it when I saw someone wearing headphones for no apparent reason.

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