8/10: Unselfed love

8/10: Unselfed love

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  1. Many thanks Robin for this great reminder to have "...absolute faith that all things are possible to God." (S&H 1:1). And I too have been enjoying this great experience in London these last two weeks. "Heaven is here, harmony’s bliss/ to everyone belongs." (Christian Science Hymnal #453).

  2. "The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, — a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love" S&H 1:1
    But, what about man? All things don't seem to be possible for humanity. I found that when I lean on God and leave my own ego aside, that unselfed love takes over and, yes, all things are possible for me too!
    “La oración que reforma al pecador y sana al enfermos es una fe absoluta en que todas las cosas son posibles para Dios — una comprensión espiritual de Él, un amor desinteresado” CyS 1:1
    Pero, ¿qué del hombre? No todas las cosas parecen ser posibles para la humanidad. Yo hallo que cuando me apoyo en Dios y dejo mi ego a un lado, ese amor desinteresado se hace cargo, ¡y sí, todas las cosas son posibles para mi también!

  3. I love it to see expressed ideas by those who seem to believe being a mortal. Thank you Robin!

  4. thank you so much robin for this lovely lift,reminding us that unselfed love is always there around about us even though its often taken forgranted. volunteering of all sorts is a message of love to everyone, .it can remind us to be unselfish with our relatoinships with others,putting their needs first,.love and peace to all.

  5. Beautiful! Thank you, Robin, for so perfectly summing up what the "Olympic spirit" is doing for the people of London and beyond, and for all those visiting from around the world. I've also noticed the wonderful feeling of community there as people - athletes, volunteers, visitors and everyone - are brought together by this great event. Even just watching the opening ceremony on TV a couple of weeks ago got me thinking: with all these different nations and cultures coming together in peace and friendship... why can't the world be like this all the time, not just for two weeks every four years? A simplistic idea, maybe, and yet... this selfless loving and giving, which binds communities together (as Robin was saying), is inherent in each one of us. Let's keep knowing it doesn't have to stop when the Olympics do!

  6. Heartfelt thanks. So very true and inspiring.

  7. Thank you Robin for that beautiful and inspiring lift. Unselfed love.
    included in the first lines of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
    by Mary Baker Eddy. The Olympics show us how the arts and sports can
    bring us together with our neighbors from all the world in a spirit of
    unselfed love and appreciation of the accomplishents of others. it
    was also inspiring to see our gold medal winner Ali give a hug to each
    gymnast as they finished their routine.
    And wonderful to hear from you about the volunteers.

  8. Thank you Robin, the volunteers along with all those working for the Olympics have really brought to the surface a sense of community, and working together for good. I'm so grateful too to all who have set up and staffed the Christian Science reading rooms in London and Weymouth during the Olympics - joining together brings opportunities to share, understand and be at peace together as well as celebrate the achievements of each one participating. Thanks for bringing this out so well.

  9. The most impressive corps of volunteers that I met in London is the group supporting the jointly sponsored Christian Science Reading Room in the shopping center opposite Olympic Stadium. From teenagers to retirees, those in business to those in the arts, these selfless individuals are coming from all over England to serve there and to share their love of this healing Science with the wider community. They're gracefully and graciously handing out leaflets on the various Reading Room activities as well as talking about their own healing experiences to a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual group of hungry hearts. Upcoming events include a series of weekend lectures through the Olympics and Paralympics with Suzanne Riedel, Jane Dickinson-Scott, and Frank Prinz Wondollek. You can be a part of all this activity by offering your gratitude, love, prayer, and even financial support. Check out their good work at www.spirituality2012.com.

  10. "Prayer that reforms and heals and creates community ",. . . Sounds like the Daily Lift to me . . .thank you Robin for contributing to that spirit.

  11. So true, Robin! And the amazing part is that so many events are held in and around London. Right IN London. We received an email telling of the Reading Room set up for the Olympic crowds to find a place of peace and quiet, where they could reflect and pray quietly. I believe it's supported by volunteers, sharing their ". . . unselfed love. . . "also. I was praying right here, and not just for the Australian competitors, but for whoever was coming up to the starting line in their event: sailing, long distance swimmers, and BMX daredevils. I remember when Anna Meares gained her reputation a five year old girl for "beating the big kids" in Central Queensland, before she had even started racing on bicycles. Everything in country towns in Australia depends on volunteers who never stop giving generously of their time, their money, their sponsorship. A friend told me, "We get paid on Friday and give it back to the town at the weekend."
    What a gift God gave to the universe when He blessed us with 'unselfed Love.'
    Thank you Nate and Team D L; the BoL and lecturers; and the wonderful Commenters who give so generously of their compassion, love and understanding.

  12. I have noticed that the word unselfed love is used instead of unselfish. I think this is because it is not something we generate ourselves. It is unselfish, but is not of ourselves it is something we express and relfect as God's imagine and likeness.

  13. A great lift Robin. Thanks so much.

  14. The spirit of selflessness and unbounded love, these we all reflect from our infinite source, Divine Love! As we students and followers of Christian Science, it is our joyous duty to reflect and share with all, this limitless and inexaustable direction!
    Thanks for the reminder of this in your wonderful lift, Robin!

  15. Exactly what I needed to hear today, thanks.

  16. Beautiful... thank you!

  17. I had not realized that there are 70,000 volunteers -- wow! What gratitude I am feeling for each one's willingness to serve (unselfed love). May God bless them for this work. Thank you, Robin, for giving us reason to pause today and reflect on the goodness and power of unselfed love.

  18. Thanki you, Robin! This is a great affirmation of God's love for all and our responsiveness to it.

  19. "I am that I am ."
    “Be” so that you can “be”.

  20. Alimentar el Amor, parece simple amar es uno de ellos, pero hay otros muy importantes y que son la base de todo Amor, paciencia, tolerancia, y agradecimiento... si tambien podriamos ser como un niño, cuando aún la leche del niño no ha sido adulterada por el transito terrenal, prueba de que llegamos puros a este transito, y el materialismo nos va atrapando hasta que de alguna manera despertamos y tenemos que recuperar lo que se había olvidado confundidos en el terrenal bullicio, por eso la importancia de seguir las enseñanzas de la Ciencia divina, para recuperar lo que ya es nuestro y que sólo esta transitoriamente ocultado por el materialismo que nos lleva a error y a errar la senda.

    Siento que cada día se hace más necesario alertar de los peligros de dejarse atrapar por ese sentido mortal de bombardeo permanente que la materialidad pone delante nuestro para que erremos el camino, que está ahí cierto pero que necesita ser transitado para ver sus frutos, bellos frutos que alimenta al Amor en nosotros.
    "Los ojos de Jehová estan en todo lugar" "El hijo sabio alegra al padre" Proverbios
    "Los ríos van todos al mar, y el mar no se llena; al lugar de donde los ríos vinieron, allí vuelven para correr de nuevo" Eclesiastés
    Si alimentamos el Amor con nuestro accionar siguiendo las prerrogativas divinas, "Las evidencias de progreso y de espiritualización nos saludan a cada paso" MBE

    Muchas gracias Robin y Daily Lift por alimentar la inspiración de todos con sus mensajes.

  21. Thanks Robin for this reminder of the role of unselfed love in healing. As we reach out to express more kindness and compassion to strangers as well as neighbors and friends, healing follows. . . as it did in my case a few years ago. It is such an important component of healing prayer.

  22. Thank you, Robin!

  23. Thank you, Robin. This is a nice reminder that blends so well with the CS Monitor story on volunteerism today. I do enjoy the coordination of spiritual thought we find in the Daily Lifts and the other Christian Science publications. Since all is thought, this coordination of good, God-like thoughts is aiding in healing a world that has great need of healing.

    Also, yesterday I watched your lecture (Wanted: A God I can believe in) which is now posted on georgiaspirituality.com and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  24. To be completely Honest, I've never really liked those words, "unselfed love". I think so many of us need to work on really loving ourselves first before we can even think about having that Love that is completely Divine - with no human ego in it. Some of the Highest Masters, like Jesus, may have attained this state of consciousness, but most of us need to work on the concept of letting God love us and feeling that Love at a deep level so we can heal any past hurts and wounds. Then, maybe, after much prayer and meditation, we will be able to get a taste of what real "unselfed love" is all about.

  25. Thanks so much, Robin, not only for the inspiring lift but also your #9 comment. I was thrilled and excited when I first heard about the Reading Room. How grateful I am to all of the dedicated volunteers and supporters making this possible. As others have stated, it is so uplifting to see these athletes from all over the world greeting each other in friendship. May this brotherly love continue.

  26. Thank you Robin! It helped me realize that the True core of everything is unselfed Love.

  27. Thanks Robin. It's good to be made aware of all those volunteers, and those at the London Olympic Reading Room.
    That is really God's unselfed, and supportive love in action.
    In loving others, our own blessing will expand. Love is reflected in love and it shines right back to us!

  28. Traduje en Google las palabras de Robin de la experiencia en Londres de la obra realizada por los adherentes de la Ciencia Cristiana y me parece fantástico y digno de tomar ejemplo y relizarlo en otros lugares cuando se desarrollan eventos importantes es una manera de compartir con mayor cantidad de público. Salvando las distancias entre un hecho y otro, les cuento que Tercera Iglesia de Cristo Cientíco en Montevideo es Patrimonio histórico Nacional y cada año se celebra durante dos días el Patrimonio Historico de Uruguay y la Iglesia se une al festejo abriendo sus puertas en horario corrido durante esos días para que la gente la visite y admire los vitró que alli hay, y naturalmente se hace un folleto anunciativo con el Evento y un detalle sobre la Ciencia Cristiana y sobre Eddy, y es maravilloso la respuesta de la gente ya que se sienten conmovidos por lo que allí sienten y las preguntas sobre Ciencia Cristiana y sobre Eddy fluyen naturalmente y en forma continua el años pasado nos visitaron más de 700 personas y regalamos 20 Ciencia Y Salud además deHeraldos y contestamos cantidad de preguntas, eso nos demostró cuan ávida esta la gente de encontrar su camino espiritual y la importancia de abrirnos a todo público para que ello se realice.
    Gracias nuevamente Robin, es bello compartir nuestras experiencias con todos.

  29. I had no idea of the scope of the Christian Science Olympic Reading room and the number of volunteers involved. A pat on the back to everyone.
    Thanks for sharing this information, especially about the online Reading Room.
    We just today are getting internet connection in our Reading Room and can get involved.
    I volunteered in an interfaith chapel activity in my community a few years ago when we hosted the B.C. Summer Games, so I can appreciate whats involved.

  30. Thanks so much, Robin!! Wonderful reminder about the importance of expressing the love of Love! The Lifters support of the efforts of those at the Reading Rooms available to Olympic participants and visitors is a joyful one!!
    Enjoy a beautiful weekend of unselfed love, Dear Family of Lifters!

  31. Thank you.

  32. Thank you for this lovely lift. I love the idea that unselfed love is innate in us. We don't somehow have to acquire it from somewhere else because we don't have it already. We do. All we need to do is volunteer it!

  33. Unselfed love and absolute faith! That's the best. AND how precious to realize it's innate in all of us. Thanks.

  34. Thanks Robin! Lifting our innate unselfed love whether we are playing a sport, volunteering, praying or working that is our Christ call. Christ calls on us to do what we thought was impossible until we asked for help from Love. Thank you.

  35. Thanks #12 for your comment, and thank you Robin.

  36. Thank you for this very inspiring and informative Lift

  37. Mrs. Eddy says that this is the highway to heaven. Thank you.
    (No and Yes, page 33;13)

  38. Volunteerism = unselfed love. I never thought of it that way before. Thank you!

  39. I thank you so much Robin, for the interesting and the good reminder.

  40. Thanks, Robin, for “Unselfed love…natural to each of us as God’s children…” Your inspiring Lift has brought this thought to mind: Every time we “unself” love, we move closer to Love. I’ll never think of HOT PINK in quite the same old way. What fun!!! 70,000 HOT PINK foam fingers pointing God’s way. :-)

  41. Very grateful for this inspiring message and beautifully healing delivery.

  42. Sincere gratitude Robin,
    Bringing peace to all humanity through volunteering our unselfed love, moment by moment.

  43. Oh, Robin, if only I could have all our state & near border Branches & Societies hear this Lift as we ask for volunteers for the Kentucky State Fair Christian Science Booth! I'm in charge if signing volunteers. We present CS for thousands, and while we hope people learn as much as possible about CS there, and would love to have them visit any of the Branches,Societies, Reading Rooms, and TMC. our major hope is to help people find a closer relationship with God, and widen their concept of Him as all Good, and how to benefit from this in their own lives. At the very least, we hope our booth elevates people's concept of what CS is, even if they have no interest to ever visiting our facilities. One year atheist had a highway billboard announcing their Fair booth, and MANY people stopped to thank us for having a Christian booth there. Many love the "God is Love" stickers we pass out. We share printed info, periodicals, and more, + have CD's, & other RR material available. In small ways, people become favorably aware of us. Our volunteers are precious in doing this work. Our costs per fair visitor were about 4/100% of a penny! Wherever anyone hears this Lift, I hope they will volunteer one-to-one any time they get an opportunity, as well as help plan, work in, and share through a public event near them. Thanks for letting us help in your #9 above.! #23 Don, thanks, will get it 1st day sound returns for my PC. #28 Name, Thanks for sharing Montevideo's sharing activity.

  44. Thanks Robin and all Lifters. I love the concept of "unbounded love," which knows no boundaries. Mrs. Eddy refers to "a more expansive love." I have been praying for a lessening of the "MY team" attitude, which has left me rooting only for those who seem to enhance my sense of good. This is a sure answer.

    Don't my brothers and sisters always win?

  45. This goes so well with the ideas of "patience" I've been praying with today. It would seem selfish love clamors with neediness and is ever impatient. But, when "self" drops away and Love is found in giving, patience and a healing peace are also present. Human ego quiets and the deep stillness of unselfed Love proceeds.
    Many thanks for this lift! I like Don Griffith's idea of the current publications being in sync with similar ideas - and agree with Courtenay that world love can continue each day.

  46. Yes thank you all for your untiring love feeding our Father/Mother's sheep in London. Well done to everyone helping out. what a great gift we have in all of you guys in O.R.R. Robin thanks again for a lovely llift.

  47. Thanks Robin. Your message and those of all the other Christian Science Lecturers that contribute in the Daily Lift are proof of 'unselfed love' in action. Mary Baker Eddy clearly states this requirement for healing in Science and Health page 462: “Whoever would demonstrate the healing of Christian Science must abide strictly by its rules, heed every statement, and advance from the rudiments laid down. There is nothing difficult nor toilsome in this task, when the way is pointed out; but self-denial, sincerity, Christianity, and persistence alone win the prize, as they usually do in every department of life”.

    En español

    Gracias Robin, Tu mensaje y aquellos de todos los otros Conferenciantes de la Ciencia Cristiana que contribuyen en el Daily lift (Pensamiento Elevador Diario) son prueba de amor abnegado en acción. Mary Baker Eddy declaró claramente este requisito para sanar en Ciencia y Salud página 462: “ Quienquiera que desee demostrar la curación por la Ciencia Cristiana, tiene que atenerse estrictamente a sus reglas, tener en cuenta cada declaración, y avanzar desde los rudimentos establecidos. No hay nada difícil ni penoso en esta tarea, cuando el camino está señalado pero sólo la renuncia al yo, la sinceridad, el cristianismo y la persistencia ganan el premio, como generalmente lo hacen en todas las actividades de la vida.”

  48. I thank you so much for your Daily Lift, Robin. My friend's daughter also was one of the 70000
    helping the folks from abroad and guiding and loving them... Every day brings us nearer to Love of God and as we progress, out growth is is assured and we do feel happy in being useful

    this lesson is vital for each of God's children wherever they live on our planet...

  49. Thanks for this precious lift which we should carry with us in our prayers for the world and truly let our light so shine before men that they may see our work and glory our Father in heaven. Thank you...

  50. One has to reflect unselfed love to be a completely dedicated person to whatever job he/she is doing. I have a nurse aide taking care of me, and when ever I have a stranger coming into my home, the first question they ask is if Gaitree is my daughter, so dedicated to my needs is she. UNSELFED love is quickly recognized especially when motivated by an understanding of the love that God brings to job.

  51. Thank's Robin' yes volenteering gives you a wonderfull feeling.

  52. Thank you, Robin, for this informative Lift that gives us a strong example of God's goodness expressed here and now by thousands. It is so encouraging. As one who coordinates volunteers for a Christian Science Nursing Facility I understand the tremendous value of each volunteer and the effort involved by all to cover the needs. It certainly put my job demands in perspective! Divine Mind is the Coordinator and divine Love motivates and rewards all who participate in selfless work.

    Dearest #24 Bev, I am thinking deeply about what you wrote. I've written several practice-replies, but the simplest response is: the fact that you consistently express so much love right here on this Daily Lift comment page is evidence that you do love yourself. Loving ourselves is divine Mind reflected, not something we muster up. - God is the source of that love. We don't have a separate mind to hate ourselves with. You and the volunteers in this Lift express that unselfed love naturally and that is everyone's true identity. I understand your feelings because I struggle with truly loving myself consistently, but I feel certain the key to healing is to declare that the struggle isn't the real us and by defending all of us as naturally loving ourselves by effortless reflection. Much love to you, Tracy

  53. Volunteering has brought me great joy and has spontaneously lifted my thought. Others join in and the joy spreads. Never think you can't make a difference.

  54. I just heard from the chair of my local church's metaphysical committee with our subject for the next month: Supporting the community through the golden rule. Thanks, Robin, for the wonderful example in your Daily Lift--and the way you are supporting the Christian Science community by sharing it. Joy

  55. Outstanding message. So beautifully spoken! Just Gorgeous!

  56. Thank you! Good inspiring ! Very nice

  57. Thank you Robin for such an encouraging and timely 'lift'.Seems really strange here now that
    the Olympics have left town - most folk found the celebration of spirit of priceless value and a welcome
    respite of economic news that seems to dominate London - which is afterall a community albeit a big one.
    Lets pray the legacy of our games can be built upon and spiritual truth prevail. Now looking
    forward to visiting Paralympics which is attracting unprecedented support and enthusiasm.

  58. It's not OUR unselfed love, it's God's unselfed love for His thoughts, His Creation, which we reflect, which I love! Anything to assist me in understanding that it's not about me, not about my past, not about my future, but about my present understanding of reflection, this is my nature, my activity, my nobility, in the Christ, which is God's love for His Creation, lifting us above the miry "self."
    mrs Eddy says in S and H
    Selfishness tips the beam of human existence towards the side of error, not towards Truth.

  59. I am late coming to this Lift, but I am very grateful I got here in the end. Thank you Robin, how lovely you were able to experience the Olympics, volunteers and the RR first hand which enabled you to write this Lift with such evident energy!
    The closing ceremony was amazing too and I was pleased to hear the work of the Volunteers being acknowledged.

  60. Having been involved in quite bit of volunteer work through both church and school, I can truly affirm that there is much to be said for "seeking our own in another's good" a Mrs. Eddy states in S&H.

  61. Thanks Robin. The volunteers were truly amazing and so cheerful all the time they were smiling and singing us on our way through the crowds. It made me proud to call London my home town!! Dilys x

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