7/9: Prayer for those who feel excluded

7/9: Prayer for those who feel excluded

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  1. Shirley, Thank you -for a great prayer and a great lift.

  2. Dear Shirley, thank you for the big big hug you gave us from Devine Love - our Father-Mother-God.
    I am sure it heals everything necessary for me and for all menkind!

  3. Thank you for sending these thoughts to all of us.

  4. So beautiful! Everyone at some time has felt excluded, but your lift has put us together again, even if we have felt this years ago or now. The voice of Chris expressed so loud and clear. Thank you so much!

  5. Another beautiful opportunity to wrap me and my brother in the allness of God...the seven synonyms.
    This is a very welcome healing Lift! Thank you!

  6. Many thanks Shirley for this very inspiring 'prayer for those who feel excluded'. Yes. "They worship Him in spirit new,/ God's messengers of Love and Life,/ They do His will, they speak His Word,/ That stills all pain and strife." (Christian Science Hymnal #19).

  7. Thank you so much. It is exactly what I needed for today. I feel so cared for. God knows our needs.

  8. These are the "proper guests" admitted when standing "porter at the door of thought," and it is soon realized, along w Jesus,"the Father hath not left me alone: for I do always those things that please Him." And along with the Psalmist, say, "return unto thy rest, O, my soul," glimpsing all seven departments of God's government as harmoniously in operation and present in my thought, as my thought!

    Thank you for this prayer of God's grace that includes me and embraces all His children, not one ever left out. I will be close to this prayer all day,"I will follow and rejoice, all the rugged way."

    Thank you Shirley and Lift team, and responders, for feeding His sheep, with this Lift, and every Lift!

  9. Dear Shirley, This is such a beautiful prayer to "take the world in our arms every morning' Thank you.

  10. Dear friends.

    I only discovered this site a short time ago. Please add me to the list of fans for this site.

    I usually listen just before signing off at bedtime. It's a good way
    to end the day.



  11. Yes Shirley I too can only echo the thoughts of all our lifters. It is so reassuring to be reminded that we have never been and never shall be excluded from GOD'S loving presence. Much love to ALL.

  12. I agree with Christiane entirely : These are the exact words that I required for today but I knew this already!!
    As you know when one acually discovers the depth.. then we embrace this with ease.
    What a wonderful concept we have when we eventually discover this grace...

  13. Beautiful, Shirley. This lift has helped in moving me forward in learning how to pray.
    Good day to all :-)

  14. Thank you Shirley What a joy it is to know God and so find our true selfhood, the everlasting I am. The whole world is embraced and blessed by these daily lifts, you are doing wonderful healing work Trevor Leach IOM

  15. Lovely Lift Shirley, Thank you!

  16. I have just listened to your inspiring lift after visiting my daughter who is suffering from a strong sense of rejection from a longstanding friend, How uplifting and comforting your message has been for me and I look forward to sharing it with my daughter. Thank you Shirley.

  17. This is certainly a prayer to save the world ... thank you for your beautiful, gentle, uplifting, enfolding truths. I feel blessed to have heard them.

  18. Thank you so much for this - I shall carry it with me throughout the day!Thank you Lifters for your wonderful comments that always add to the Lift . I do not always write a comment but I listen and read with great joy!Many thanks.

  19. Thank you.

  20. Yes! Just what I wanted to hear right now, and needed to hear right now, thank you!

  21. A fitting for the start of the week .Thank you Shirley.

  22. Thank you for staing the Truth that no-one can be excluded from Gods'' Allness.I shall include my brother to-day. Many blessings to you, Claire london

  23. I especially liked the part where where you said God's presence is so vast that no one can be pushed outside of it... Wonderful Shirley -thanks, from a former Chicagoan.......

  24. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!

  25. I loved that treatment!!!
    Thank you

  26. Thank you for this great reminder that we are all in God's arms and are never excluded from His love and care.

  27. Amen and amen, Shirley. You have brought all the sheep into the fold, washed their faces, removed the burrs from their fleece; fed them, and keep them protected under your watchful eye. You are obedient to the command to "Feed my sheep." Not one is left out. Well done, good and faithful shepherd.
    Thank you for the wonderful music Nate, and your production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  28. A beautiful prayer that includes everyone. We are all God's beloved children and have this wonderful opportunity to know that and to see that in everyone. That is such a healing and blessing thought. Thank you dear Shirley and Daily Lift team and all of the loving thoughts shared by everyone. A feast of love from around the world.

  29. Such a complete and glorious treatment - for me, and for all the world. Thank you!
    I am lifted up.

  30. Such a comforting lift reminding us that we can neve be pushed out of God's embrace. thank you, Shirley. And to comment #10: WELCOME, Joe!......glad you've found this loving family of Daily Lifters!! I love how expansive and out-reaching this Daily Lift site is. A huge thank-you to all who put it together each day.

  31. Your prayer is most helpful. I have typed it up and will put it where I can read it regularly. In this world, there seems to be so much competition and hunger for power which sometime includes desire to dictate who is " in" and who is "out". It is also easy for many of us to get into our comfort zones and forget to open our hearts and minds to those we do not know so well. Thank you for the reminder that we are included in your kingdom and that it is natural for us to feel joy, significance, goodness, wisdom and freedom. So may we all feel your embrace.

  32. What a beautiful and comforting prayer to start the day and the week - thanks so much Shirley! Having been an outsider most of my life, this was especially touching and inspiring.

  33. Orar, orar, ¿Me pregunto orar por los que se sienten escluidos?, se sienten pero no están escluidos, por lo tanto que tal si oramos para que haya más comprensión en el mundo y no tanto materialismo que es lo que hoy aleja a la gente de Dios, por ese ensimismamiento en logros humanos, un buen empleo o renta una casa, auto después la lancha y así sucesibamente y es una permanente sujeción a lo humano dejando de lado lo espiritual sin darnos cuenta porque nos entrampamos nosotros mismos, me encanta lo que dice Pablo: "me gozo en las tribulaciones" Por qué? porque nos alertan a estar despiertos siempre dispuestos, fortalecido en la Verdad, comprendiendo que hay un camino a seguir y que no es fácil y por ello es sustancial alejarnos de todo lo que presenta lo humano a nuestra vista.
    " El cuidado tan obsesivo que prestamos a nuestro cuerpo, el egoismo que todo lo absorbe y el sensualismo tan arraigados en todo tipo de sociedad, traicionan la más grande ignorancia de lo que realmente constituye la felicidad y la indiscutible realidad del ser" MBE

    Gracias Shirley, es bueno muy comenzar inspirados la semana por el Daily Lift, en esa unión que va más allá de la palabra.

  34. Great prayer ,, thank you! Sharyn :-)

  35. Thank you for this lovely and powerful prayer!

  36. Shirley,
    Thanks for the wonderful lift...really awesome way to start a busy week. Knowing at all time , we, Gods children, reflect His qualities, and are not touched by any outside, erroneous thoughts or influences!
    Thanks again Shirley.

  37. Very inspiring prayer! Thank you so much!!

  38. My goodness, Shirley, your touching prayer has brought tears to my eyes.

    Knowing a great deal of rejection and abuse as a child, I am constantly thanking God for being led to the study of Christian Science. Over the last few years, many of my earliest fears and much of my previous self-absorption have gone by the wayside, melted away, no doubt, thanks to the solid, foundational teachings of Mary Baker Eddy.

    Thanks to the tender attentions of a Christian Science practitioner, I am also learning to love myself unconditionally, just as God has always loved me. It isn't happening overnight but the important thing is....it is happening. I am truly in awe as more and more barriers, which in the past have kept me from knowing God wholeheartedly, continue to fall away.

    My renewed faith and forbearance, by means of a newly acquired humility and a total reliance on the Lord, are forever opening new vistas of awareness to me and I eagerly wait to see where new challenges will lead.. And if truth be told, I already know in advance that they will be leading me back to the arms of divine Love.

    So its hats off to Shirley, for the thoughtful and inspiring Daily Lift prayer. What a blessing you are to us all!

  39. Did I ever appreciate this lift! Just thinking about the workers in our Reading Room and how this is so helpful to them and to all reaching out to communities of thought in need. Thank you so much.

  40. Amen and Amen. Thank you Shirley so much, that was absolutely beautiful and so needed by all of us. Bless you for all that you do.

  41. Profoundly beautiful! Thank you.

  42. Thank you Shirley. I'm so grateful for that beautiful inclusion of all of God's creation in your prayer that will bless us all.

  43. Thanks, Shirley, for the "lift!" Such thoughts, such as yours today, start my day on the right track. How exciting to hear that we can only move within God's solid plan. Thanks, again!


  44. Thank you Shirley for the wonderful, all-encompassing prayer. So helpful at the beginning of this week! Also a big thank-you for the Daily Lift musicians, the music always adds so much to the message!
    Love from Judith in Reno

  45. Dear Shirley, thank you for showing us how to pray using the 7 names for God we learn about in Christian Science! Thanks for showing us the powerlessness of Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, etc. since we know from both the Bible and Science and Health that the carnal mind (mortal mind) has no power in the Presence of God's Love. Welcome to #10 Joe Smuin! Of whatever Faith - everyone enjoys a Good Lift! "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" was a Negro Spiritual sung by African-Americans who were mistreated and left out of American Society - in the Days of Slavery in the United States. Singing this song based on Truth must have been so comforting and healing to them!

  46. Thank you, Shirley, for your beautiful prayer.
    And I'd like to thank the musicians, too, for their very thoughtful contribution.

  47. Hi Shirley & all, Thank you so much for this comforting prayer. I "happened" onto a helpful passage. It refers to not judging how people choose to eat but I applied it to people's religious beliefs - which met a current need. I found it very helpful. The temptation was to "judge back" even though I knew that would be reflecting the anger aimed at me and keeping me in error's grip. This passage melted it all so effortlessly:

    Romans 14:1-3
    J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS)
    Don’t criticise each other’s convictions

    14 1-4 Welcome a man whose faith is weak, but not with the idea of arguing over his scruples. One man believes that he may eat anything, another man, without this strong conviction, is a vegetarian. The meat-eater should not despise the vegetarian, nor should the vegetarian condemn the meat-eater—they should reflect that God has accepted them both. After all, who are you to criticise the servant of somebody else, especially when that somebody else is God? It is to his own master that he gives, or fails to give, satisfactory service. And don’t doubt that satisfaction, for God is well able to transform men into servants who are satisfactory.

  48. Thank you Shirley! Such a powerful and needed prayer!

  49. Thank you Shirley for such a beautiful prayer! Much Love everyone.

  50. "His arm encircles me and mine and all." Christian Science Hymnal # 207 (MBE)
    I am so grateful for this universal Truth. Thank you Shirley and all the Daily Lifters.

  51. This is the best and the most sincere prayer I ever heard!

  52. Thanks Shirley for one of the best lifts ever!!! I love your inspiration; you speak always with such love; we can feel your words!! BEAUTIFUL message!

  53. It's perfect for those seeking better relationships, education, employment, housing, family, church, service, community, meaningful connection, more inspired healing prayer, a sense of life purpose, social/environmental/economic justice, world peace. It addresses the underlying pain causing addiction, alienation, violence. Every wrong interpersonal choice, each corporate or group or political/military policy, that hurts anyone is based on the belief of us vs them, of some being different and the false belief that different means dangerous or wrong, and the nonsense that this would mean it is our right or job or safety/comfort to avoid, discount, disbelieve, punish, change, reject, underpay, silence, ridicule, scapegoat, impoverish, exploit, criminalize, imprison/kill them. It's the lie of anyone being the other, outside-of, unworthy, wrong/punishable. It's the refusal to accept and act on the truth that each and every individual is important, unique, God-placed and God-graced, essential in our world and to our spiritual unfoldment and completion. Necessary for our lessons and blessin's, our growth in grace, awaking to infinite perfection and unity of GOOD all around and as us, as God's activity and communication that "All are dearly beloved and eternally perfect, at-one with GOD."

    This message or prayer or healing treatment is so important that I'd like to write it below for those who need the visual and written to better absorb and apply, share and celebrate it.

  54. For those who want to read this DL: I want to offer a prayer today for all of those who feel, for whatever reason, that we have been rejected, excluded from God's favors or simply called "other". I start with thanks to God our Father-Mother, that Your kingdom, your realm, is so big that no one can push us outside, even if they tried. You are infinite Spirit so You have filled us with joy. You are pure Love so we are never forgotten or marginalized in your eyes. You are divine Principle, so we life with Your justice. You are abundant Life, so you enable us to thrive on your goodness. You are perfect Mind, so You guide us forward wisely. You are living Truth, so lies and cruelty flee before your light. You are gentle Soul, assuring each of us of our worth. Thank You for sending Your beloved son who has taught us the meaning of Your unconditional love. Through his willingness to forgive we are learning to forgive. Through the grace of Christ we are discovering God's grace within us. We lift our prayer for those who think they pushed us out. They are the ones who need Your love the most because their eyes are not yet open to the depth of your love. We need not fear their power, because it vanishes before Your presence. Fear has nothing more to say as jealousy, selfishness, and greed dissolve in Your grace. You have welcomed us all and our arms open wide to love Your whole creation because You embrace us all day in and day out. Amen.

  55. How comforting to know that we are all embraced in infinite Love. Our prayers for the world actually do make a difference. We may never know their effect, but we know that Love is always the victor, erasing hate and doubt, lack and fear. All mankind and womankind live and move and have their being in Mind, divine Love -- no exceptions ever.

    "For He shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways." (Ps. 23)

    Thank you, Shirley and Nate and the BoL for today's direction.

  56. Dear Shirley, Oh how I needed this prayer today. I write my response with so much gratitude. I do truly and lovingly thank you.

  57. Sometimes not getting an invitation or a job offer means we have something else uniquely ours to do that is expansive and progressive. God will show us what it is.

    We never want to exclude ourselves from communion with God. A lovely Christian Scientist once said something really important to me: "We are not cast out. Rather, we are empowered to cast out (false thoughts)."

    And just last week while praying I learned this: There is no periphery! God is equally active, vital, and effective EVERYWHERE in infinity. So if we're ever tempted to think that there's more good somewhere else, or with someone else, that could be a moment to cast out those lies and meekly, meekly open thought to the Love that is (right here, right now) present and active. God isn't a material person who disappears from one place while appearing somewhere else. To God, there's only HERE and NOW and perfect presence.

    Stopping all the opinions and the hurt can seem difficult when error is screaming exclusion, unfairness, or lack, but the rewards of silencing those thoughts are great. Divine Love tenderly opens our eyes to see streams in the desert, a new place to dig a well--to real evidence of being cared for and resources to share with others. God is already HERE in full support of YOU and everyone else right NOW.

  58. Such great affirmations to start the day with! Thank you!

  59. Thank you so much. That was SO beautiful, and so needed.

  60. Like the 4 rivers, covering north, south, east and west - "emcompassing the universe and man",
    your prayer covers it all.

  61. The Lift has made me feel included ever since I tuned in . Thank you so much for your beautiful prayer and all the dear comments. Love to all

  62. thank you very much that was beautiful.

  63. Thank you for this helpful lift and inclusive prayer. Reading all the additional helpful comments, I suddenly realised we are all, round the world, listening to the same idea. Love includes us all.

  64. Shirley,Thank you. This Daily Lifted has sure lifted my thought to a beautiful ,harmonious "Feeling"of being wrapped with a shawl of tender loving care by our Divine Father=Mother Love.

  65. Thank you Shirley for such a lovely DL. It was most welcome not only for me but for those around me. God´s kingdom is so big, no one can push us aside.

  66. Thank you Shirley for a great lift to pick me up and start my day on the right note. Thank you daily lift team.

  67. Dear Shirley; This is wonderful! What a powerful, healing prayer for all of us, those who feel held back or left out, and those, who for some unknown reason, feel they have to leave some out! God is "whole" complete, including all. No one is left out or excluded. Everyone is "ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven" as a Hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal sings. Thank you for this prayer of love, hope and freedom today! It's lesson of love for all, is powerful and pertinent!

  68. Thank you so much Shirley for the great lift.

  69. Sometimes, I feel excluded by a loved one, no less, and it wasn't easy to let go the feeling, but through the study of C/S, I am able to do that and not feel depressed or discouraged. I will tell you that more times than you think, those who make people feel excluded, don't even mean too. So why feel bad?

  70. We are all included, are all special, are all loved!! Thank you Shirley, Lift Team and Lifters!
    Beautiful day loving all :-)

    So helpful to put it into action in our own lives!

  72. Beautiful prayer. Felt the Holy Presence on that one.
    Thank you so much for the great start to my day.

  73. Thank you.

  74. Simply wonderful, dear Shirley! I love the inspiration that came to you through the seven names for God, or synonyms. Collectively, they brought such a powerful sense of healing and completion to the Lift.
    I came into Christian Science after attending a Wednesday evening testimony meeting, where individuals got up and recounted all kinds of healings, including relationships, physical disorders, employment, school, business, grief, etc.
    One person spoke of their relationship with God as Father-Mother, which brought tears to my eyes. Others mentioned at least one of these names for God (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love). Whether they knew it or not, they highlighted for me a new way of knowing God which brought healing. They touched my heart! I thought to myself, "Wow! I want to know God just like they do, God as pure Love, as near and dear, as my Mind, etc." I left that meeting resolved to learn all I could about God's seven names and how to reflect them. Science and Health taught me that as a child of God, I couldn't help but to reflect them!! And now it's my turn to know this is true for all mankind with no exceptions. Thanks to all Lifters. Great job.

  75. Wow-- I am humbled and grateful. This is EXACTLY what I need today-- and everday.

  76. Shirley, this is so lovely. Thanks to you and to everyone for sharing. These comments are so heartfelt and lovely they can fully embrace everyone everywhere.

  77. Thank you for this very beautiful prayer!

  78. Thank you Shirley! This is just what I needed today :D I like being reminded that the ones who we feel have harmed or hurt us in some way are never outside of God's love and care, and that they should be embraced in our prayers as well.

  79. Thanks Shirley, yes it is His son, the living Word, that makes us feel included and that is already in our hearts, preparing it, so that we can hear and feel ... and see reality ... thank you!

  80. Thanks, Shirley, for "Prayer for those who feel excluded...or simply called, 'other'..." I've been in the "inner circle" or "in-crowd" and marginalized or "simply called, 'other.'" Sometimes when "in," I've found that to get and stay there, I was doing more people pleasing and focusing on “self,” than being God's obedient child. Sometimes when "on the outside looking in," I actually have seen God better without being distracted by “the spotlight.” Same world. Different views. Whether feeling sorry for or proud of myself, I’ve come to value God-centered living as most important. Through all my decades on this planet, as Paul, "... I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Phil 4). The Life lesson is that “in him we live, and move, and have our being…” (Acts 17) and that’s all we need. Among other Christian duties, we’re called to “cleanse the lepers” (Matt 10). One definition of “leper” on dictionary.com is “outcast.” It’s inspired me to cleanse my consciousness of any thought of outcasts or “other” (you, me – anyone!) in God’s kingdom of Divine Love. I read recently (maybe on this website), a great bit of wisdom is just to know that “you’re in the right place at the right time to do the greatest good.” Okay - I'm in! :-)

  81. Goodness, that was wonderful! :) Shirley, I love that you didn't just talk about praying (although that can still be great.) You actually prayed. Thank you.

    "Fear has nothing more to say . . . " --particularly appreciated that.

  82. Wonderful!! Great thoughts.
    Thanks so very much.

  83. Thank you bringing such light into our day through this prayer.

  84. Thank you for this dear, dear prayer, Shirley - it is overflowing with healing truths.

  85. What a wonderful view you provide, dear Shirley and Lift team. This joyously "feeds the famished affections."

    A teacher once said, "We're all indispensable to God, like individual numbers and musical notes." Like this Lift, those words produced a sweet glow, so opposite to what the world may be saying.

  86. On my computer, I have a folder for Daily Lifts and this is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring message which will bless so many.

  87. Wonderful... thank you!

  88. Thank you Shirley for that powerful prayer for all of us who feel excluded. It took me 5 times through your message to finally write down all the powerful points in your prayer. I will cherish them always, and it came to me to call a visitor to our church from last Sunday. Much love, Sibyl

  89. Very inspirational. Delivered with much love

    Thank you so much.

  90. perfect timing for me this morning. Thank you very much. Your soft voice and the music, just what I needed to calm down and withdraw from a spirit of discord.

  91. Thank you - thank you. How precious is God's everlasting love to each one of us. The grace of our Lord and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit is truly with us ALWAYS. I am humbled.

  92. Complete and absolute.Many many thanks for this deep and meaningful lift.

  93. Great inspiration, Shirl; thanks again

  94. Thank you very much Shirley. This prayer is a blessing. And for those realizing they were excluded, it is really God's Love protecting you. When a teenager, I didn't think I was excluded. Although I wasn't included in the sleepovers and other activities. It soared over my head, as God sent other things I needed to be doing. How grateful I am to have learned God is always blessings us.

    When I later learned, I was surprised that their exclusion thinking had made them leave the faith. Now they thought by leaving they  were outside. How unfortunate they didn't understand the inclusion of God's love.

    Exclusion, usually is for people wanting to control and be "top dog". But God's allness  is the only highness there can be. I still see it with attitudes towards money, neighborhoods, cars etc...but I cherish God's protection. That false   thought isn't from God and doesn't affect  me ever. God doesnt exclude me but loves me always and everyone. No individual favorites, no matter, if someone believes they are. We are all God's favorites.

  95. I am Shirley Blessed today.....and am grateful.

  96. Thank you so much dearest Shirley for your beautiful, uplifting, and inspirational message.
    You are.....
    Infinite Spirit, Pure Love, Divine Principle, Abundant Life, Perfect Mind, Living Truth, Gentle Soul....

  97. Thank you so much for this awesome lift.

  98. Thank you Shirley,
    for such a beautiful prayer! Have a beautiful day, God bless!

  99. Such a woderful ,positive reminder. Strong but gentle, too. I'll play this again before I retire tonight.
    Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

  100. I have been in CS for just 6 months and i have never felt more loved, lovely or included in my life. The other day I saw a friend who tries to put me down, I walked away feeling strange and wondering about it. this has happened a lot in my life at school, work, other churches. I have felt I had nothing to offer, and I have felt rejected and ugly. I felt outside with all the special people on the inside. The small church I attend is beautiful and the welcome was so warm and loving. Bit by bit I have opened up and become good friends with the lovely people there who have treated me like a longtime friend from.the very start. I am now on the singing rota and so happy I have found a place to belong and have been invited to serve God this way and that who I am is seen and valued. Such love. This lift helped me know no-one can reject me even when they think they have, even when they feel a sense of victory at making me seem small and worthless. It's just rubbish. Nothing can stop God's love. Thank you!

  101. Thank you, Shirley, for such a loving lift, I feel held in God's Grace. Many Blessings to all

  102. Thank you for this healing treatment. I will think of it as God's "address," one that all can share with one another.
    Thanks so much.

  103. Thank you so much Shirley for this giant hug. It is so important to feel the closeness of God's love in our lives today. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to turn to my Father-Mother God for comfort throughout my life and to know this His presence heals every ill, raises us out of depression, meets our every need.

    And thank you to me for sharing how Christian Science has brightened your life as of late. I cannot imagine how one lives without the understanding that God is Love. I am so happy that "me" is feeling this Love now.

  104. Thank-You Shirley. And Thank-You, Dear "ME" #100. So happy you were led to such a wonderful church and loving friends. It's the way it should be. I Know how it feels with close friends, students of CS. We are the children of God, each and every one of us. I value you, Doesn't it feel awesome to be loved, recognized and accepted ? A CHILD OF GOD, YOU, ALWAYS, AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. Carol

  105. Beautiful, inclusive thoughts, Shirley!

  106. Shirley,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful inspiring prayer. It is such a blessing.

  107. Thanks a lot. This prayer is embracing the whole world. None is left out.
    Much love.

  108. As a kid I usually felt excluded, God was distant.
    Christian Science found me when I felt alone in the world.
    Then I learned that the Bible promises were for me too. MBE’s definition of the 7 synonyms of God throughout the textbook became a strong shield around me, and I began to grow sprititually.
    De niña generalmente me sentía excluída, Dios era distante.
    La Ciencia Cristiana me halló cuando me sentía sola en el mundo.
    Entonces apredí que las promesas de la Biblia también eran para mí. La definición de MBE de los 7 sinónimos de Dios en todo el libro de texto se convirtieron en un fuerte escudo a mi alrededor y comenzé a crecer espiritualmente.

  109. Thank you!

    Susana Tabor

  110. A beautiful prayer! Thank you. The Lifts and the accompanying music continue to reach new heights!

  111. Thanks for this beautiful prayer for ALL of us!

  112. Shirley, would you PLEASE let me know how to obtain a PRINTED COPY of your prayer? It's a KEEPER!

    Daily Lift Team:
    Commenter # 54: Edie in Portland has transcribed this Daily Lift. Copy it and paste it in another document to print it.

  113. That is so powerful, thank you so much. Those ideas made my day.

  114. It's hard to know how to adequately thank you, Shirley, for letting us hear your prayer about yourself and us. I finally got to phone in to hear it after midnight, and wished I could have listened many times. It is so precious, so beautiful, and thanks to what we've learned because of Christ Jesus, and from Mrs. Eddy discovering the Science of the Christ, it has to be the only truth about each person. I am crying tears of awe, gratitude, and love for this Lift. I needed this after a long, frustrating day with barely over 2 hours sleep. Suddenly, I'm not frustrated. The most special part was the inclusion of those who've yet to open their eyes to these inescapable truths of all men, male & female. I hope I can find a sound card soon for my PC, for I want to hear this many times. It is treatment, it is perfect for identity work, It's perfect for sharing, and so inspiring to live up to all the potential of each sentence in it. To #10 Joe, Welcome to our DL family! #17 Deborah said it well, we are blessed to have heard this prayer. #53 &54, Edie, thank you for writing the Lift out to read. With only phone to hear, you met my need to ponder each phrase. #57, Thank you for expanding thoughts to grow on. To all brothers & sisters, thanks for the comments. To Nate, Beautiful music!

  115. Thank you Shirley! For me, the timing was perfect. I've been working on the idea of always being included in God's family and never being left out. This one is a keeper! I've practically memorized it. Blessings!

  116. Thank you, Shirley, for the Grace that shines through!

  117. What a powerful, comforting message of God's healing grace! Thank you, Shirley!

  118. I'm glad I didn't delete this yesterday but took the time to go back and listen today. Even though I'm a day "late" this is a timeless message as many of the commenters acknowledged. Thanks!

  119. I am serving in the Reading Room this afternoon and I have found this a wonderful prayer of inclusion for everyone I see walking by. Welcome to Joel #38. Your words are an inspiration and I am so glad that you are experiencing the loving arms of the Father-Mother God around you. Also #100, you describe your experiences at church in such a vivid way. Good on those Christian Scientists for being so loving and accepting. That is just as it should be. Now you will have the fun of including others as well. Thanks to Shirley who alerted us to God's allness expressed in a tangible way.

  120. Just needed to thank #54 for writing it out. And a welcome to #10.

  121. Beautiful, beautiful prayer. God-centered with so much grace and humility and love. How could it not bless.

  122. Thank you for this prayer that include everyone of God's children. It was so heartfelt, I know I can learn from it.

    Thank you so much to Edie in Portland to put the whole prayer in print.
    Inge Norway.

  123. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  124. Many thanks Shirley for this extraordinary lift, and to Edie #54 for transcribing it for all of us to review often.

    Great gratitude also to the Daily Lift team for continuing to bless everyone in this way.

  125. How appropriate is your prayer for those who feel outside, outcast, isolated. Even 10 or so days in advance, this prayer contributes blessing, comfort, and healing those touched by the Aurora shootings.

    Thank you.

  126. What a gentle and powerful prayer! It is meeting my needs....over and over again. THANK YOU!

  127. very nice!