7/8: Harmony ... and nothing else

7/8: Harmony ... and nothing else

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  1. Thanks Lesley, I'm holding to this, as well as monitoring my thoughts, even as I close my eyes for the night..

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience of healing straightforward and clear. Mrs. Eddy's Prose Works writings are so uplifting I've found them healing as well. Like progress, harmony is a law of God (whose law we can certainly fulfill).

  3. Thank you Lesley. A lovely start to the week and so helpful.

  4. THANK YOU! I loved the example you gave. It made it so clear what needs to be done. harmony and nothing else should enter your thought, rejecting every little other negative thoughts and feelings, equals to healing.

  5. Thank you. This was just the healing thought I needed.

  6. Thank you dear Lesley,
    That is such a very helpful - useful! - idea to work with.
    What a wonderful start to the week!

    with love,

  7. Thank you very much for this lovely lift. Its so inspiring!

  8. Thank you for such a clear and simple explanation of health and harmony in Christian Science and for your own experience in demonstrating it This Lift would also be particularly helpful when explaining the nature of prayerful healthcare to those unfamiliar with Christian Science.

  9. Thank you very much, this is just what I need. I'm so grateful to you and this Daily Lift.

  10. Harmony = Health


  11. You can't really become conscious of harmony and of nothing else unless the dream-like nature of the story of Adam and Eve become apparent. ( See Science and Health, page 521 - 557). Then the logic of God's harmonious creation becomes evident. We wake to the need to recognize and challenge our own false human beliefs and make room for the harmony and health of the divine influence. This truth is shared through friendship and love, not through scholarship or debate.
    Thank you Lesley, for sharing your healing experience in such a loving and friendly manner.

  12. Wow! Talk about divine timing! This is precisely what I need; you have set me off on a new path of thinking. thank you so much!

  13. Thank you, Lesley. A perfect sharing for the beginning of the week to put thought into harmonious activity.

  14. Thank you so, so much, dear Lesley - absolutely what I need for today! Having in mind only and all good, Gods thoughts, is harmony and health - wonderful.

  15. Thank you Lesley for this lovely lift. Thank you for reminding us to not only watch our thoughts but to quickly replace the negative ones with the truth and see healing. Having visited Madeira for the first time this year I rejoiced with you at the freedom you experienced to enjoy one of the wonderful Levada walks.

  16. Lesley,
    Thank you- harmony is important.

  17. I will hang onto thoughts of harmony and health - particularly at the moment as I am feeling challenged in the exact same way as the example you give ! I am a work in progress ! Thanks for the reinforcement I will give it another listen, or twelve !

  18. "Health is the consciousness of the unreality of pain and disease,; or, rather , the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else." Rud. 11:13 This is expanding my own train of thought into what I am admitting into consciousness.

  19. Health is the absolute consciousness of harmony!!!
    It clicked, but of course, now I understand what MBE means when she calls negative things "error" or a lie.

    Absolute health is realizing harmony in our lives... all the time... and nothing else!

    She says, "What seem to be disease, vice, and mortality are illusions of the physical senses.
    These illusions are not real, but unreal. Health is the consciousness of the unreality of pain and disease; or, rather, the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else." Rud. 11:11

    La salud es la absoluta consciencia de la armonía!!!
    Hizo click, claro, ahora comprendo lo que quiso decir MBE cuando llamó a lo negativo, "error" o una mentira.

    La salud absoluta es darse cuenta de la armonía en nuestras vidas... todo el tiempo... y nada más.

    Ella dice, "Lo que parece ser enfermedad, vicio y mortalidad son ilusiones de los sentidos corporales. Estas ilusiones no son reales sino irreales. La salud es la consciencia de la irrealidad del dolor y de la enfermedad; o más bien, la consciencia absoluta de la armonía y de nada más." Rud. 11:12

  20. A powerful , and for me , timely Lift . This is most uplifting , hopeful and potent . Thank you Lesley for sharing your inspiration

  21. This is great , thank you so much!

  22. Many Lesley for this inspiring lift. Yes. "Hold in thought only that which is good and spiritually true." Paul said, "To be spiritually minded is life." "For this Thy gift unspeakable,/ The beauty of Love's holiness,/ We lift our hearts in grateful song/ And would be always praising Thee." (Christian Science Hymnal #45).

  23. Thank you, Lesley, a wonderful truth to hold onto every moment for ourselves and our fellow man.
    Very helpful, particularly with your testimony to verify it.

  24. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I need to hear that this morning.

  25. Thank you.

  26. Just what I needed to hear this morning, thank you dear Lesley. Have just seen the comment before mine, #24 it was like an echo! Yes watching thought is vitally important "Stand porter at the door of thought" Mrs Eddy tells us in Science and Health. Making sure we only allow good thoughts to enter, ensures harmony. Your own testimony was really helpful too, thanks again.

  27. Thank you for the clear expalantion and demonstration of Christian healing!

  28. Thank you for this great reminder, it is a good way to start our day and week.

  29. How happy are you, for this was not revealed by flesh and blood but by inspiration from our Father/ Mother.
    Thank you
    You have made my day happy too.

  30. Thank you Lesly. This Is so helpful, and the example really brought the message and lesson home. Thanks also to #11 Gary Rowland and # 19 Elena for your comments.

  31. This can be applied to everything in our lives. Relationships is the absolute consciousness of harmony. Work, home, school, etc. is the absolute consciousness of harmony. Thanks.

  32. Wonderful!
    Very grateful for your inspired thought and motivating Lift!
    Thanks Lesley :-)

  33. Thank you so much, dear Lesley. I had a wonderful demonstration in the last two weeks when I returned to our property in Central Queensland, where we had lived for 50 years, and brought up our family of four. Our youngest daughter and her partner now manage this whole concern. When they took over they had no money for machinery, but I told them they must expect help "from unexpected sources." The help came from the land in the form of rich pastures which they have mowed and baled. Unlike crops grown by their neighbours where the grain is sold overseas, these bales are sold to cattle owners in Outback Queensland where feed is very scarce. So the money raised may be less, but the blessings incurred will enrich everyone greatly.
    I really missed Your Daily Lift while I was away, Nate, but have listened to most of them since my return.

  34. Thank you very much, dear Lesley -
    This is almost exactly what a practitioner just told me! This is ONE MIND, isn't it!
    All the best - and I love your dls; they are always to bright and loving!

  35. Thank you Lesley.This is just what I needed to hear and understand and apply this morning.The way you explained it really rang a bell.Thank all you lifter family members for your helpful comments also.

  36. The thought that health is "the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else." Rud. 11:11 is just what I need this morning as I face a problem they isn't yielding. I have been concentrating on love and will now add harmony and discard any thoughts of discord or lack of harmony. Thanks so much!

  37. Thanks for the inspiring Daily Lift, Leslie and for reminding me of a brief but telling incident which I experienced a while back.

    I was walking down the street at a fairly brisk pace one afternoon, with a joyful sense of expectation in the air. Continuing on my way, my thought all at once became clouded with the memory of a recent incident in which someone had been needlessly unkind to me. Soon a feeling of indignation and then strong condemnation rose up in me and before long my peaceful state of mind had given way to one of resentfulness and anger. As can happen with anger, it gave me a false sense of control and power.

    At the same time I felt a sharp pain in one of my knees and the pain became so acute, within about ten seconds I could barely walk at all. Startled by this sudden reversal in my gait, I quickly reviewed my train of thought and knew instinctively, through my study of Christian Science, that the dark perceptions about another were, in fact, erroneous and such generalizing about man's imperfection was the sole cause of the unbearable discomfort which was plaguing my day.

    So, on the spot, I reversed my thinking and declared that, like myself, the other person is the beloved child of God, worthy of love and acceptance. Man and woman are not sinners but, as God's perfect likeness, are pure and without stain.

    Continuing on my way after that heartfelt declaration, the extreme pain quickly lifted and then vanished completely, never to return again.

  38. Muy oportuno, por lo inspirado y la necesidad que hay de comprender ese punto sustancial, la armonía y nada más.
    Cuando Cristo sanó a las multitudes, pienso partió de un concepto armónico. ¿Por qué, que es si no la armonía? Primeramente, porque es confianza en Dios, siguiendo sus preceptos que nos conducen ineludiblemente hacia la armonía, porque no deja nada fuera de ella, y si algo aparece es para ser destruido con la Verdad.

    Se necesitó armonía para todos los grandes acontecimientos que nos cuenta la Biblia, y que son pilares de nuestra enseñanza, complementado con la armónica demostración de Cristo Jesús con la Ciencia divina, que es la armonía perfecta, con notas que suenan muy alto, trascendiendo cielo y tierra en un conjunto acciones que van a traves nuestro, pero mucho más allá de nosotros, hacia la armonía eterna, como fue demostrado por Cristo, y se sigue demostrando a traves de la Ciencia Cristiana. Obra que también trasciende por ser un camino que amplía la senda que otros inspirados mensajeros abrieron, principalmente siento, Cristo Jesús, y su amorosa enseñanza.

    Muchas gracias Lesley, realmente un empujoncito más cada día en la comprención que nos lleva a la armonía del alma. Otra no hay.

  39. Thanks Lesley. Terrific. So simply put and so simple. Just need to do it!!

  40. Thanks....very clear!!!
    And the music, very harmonic!!

  41. Lesley, a perfect reminder, thank you ...... just what I needed to be reminded of today.

  42. Thank you so much, Lesley! I am reminded that we are to be like a child* to enter the kingdom of heaven. For me, after hearing your Daily Lift, this seems to mean to acknowledge the ever-presence of good. Much needed and much appreciated. Thanks to all!

    Luke 18:17

  43. All of these comments are so lovely and helpful. Thanks Leslie for sharing this lift which has generated such sweet comments.

  44. Lesley, many thanks for your lovely lift this morning. I am so grateful for these lifts of love and help. What a gift each day as we ponder God's sweet love for us all.

  45. We do not want to leave your dear husband unmentioned: He didn't complain about your mishap, but was inspired to hand you out the right volume of MBE's writings so that you were enabled to find the appropiate idea for your healing and not only your's but our's as well. Therefore thanks to both of you and our common Father-Mother God who really loves to be of help to all His offspring and to Mary Baker Eddy who opened this source of living water for us "springing up into everlasting life" (John 4:14). Thanks thanks thanks to all of you far and near.

  46. Thank you so much, Lesley, for that powerful statement supporting your wonderful healing. And a special thanks to Joel of Toronto #37 for his healing experience.

  47. Thank you! Sudden pain while traveling happened to me recently. Your solution was much better than mine! This lift and the comments are so great.

  48. Christ Truth as presented by Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy has clearly indicated that spiritual harmony is a present healthy condition, dispelling all illusions. We are not crazy to experience this consciousness now. Spiritual consciousness is the divine Mind in operation in us and through us. We are not creating it, we are within it. The only shocker is that the (sometimes innocent) mortal condition, even what we see, touch or feel, and seems so real is a practiced misdirection.

    I am often cheered up by the reports of life after lifers. They are clinically dead, yet at the same time they are conscious of Love in such great measure that they know they are free… and they are. When they return to mortal consciousness, they cannot remember any mortal body during the experience. Funny. Now here is the point… They did not “spiritualize their thinking”, the spiritual consciousness was simply right there for them when they completely lost their hold of the mortal.
    Jesus did not suggest dying to discover this! As a matter of fact, he demonstrated that raising the dead was part of dispelling the illusion. Sooo, we must stop pandering to the mortal, and receive right now a consciousness which is eternally true about us and all others. The underlying, overlying and encompassing harmony is already in place as omniscience, omnipresent Love, God. But, but, but… give it all up!

    Thanks for the great Monday kick-off! Lesley!

  49. Thank you so much ! HEALTH is truly harmonious and nothing else!

  50. Divine Love provides! Thank you Lesley, this is a wonderful addition to prayer on a work in progress, and something of which I needed to be reminded. Just what I needed this morning.

  51. Wonderful! Thank you very much!

  52. Thank you!!! "The absolute consciuosness of Harmony is Health" wrote Mrs Eddy! How inspired she was to write so perfect words! Your lift is absolutely brilliant Leslie!!
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  53. Thank you, Lesley. Your message led me to write down a few ideas that need to be corrected in my thought. Wow, what a greats way to lift conscious to the perfect health everyone reflects from God. This spiritual exercise brings such uplift and joy quickly. The early morning mental house cleaning is so helpful.

  54. Thank you, Lesley, for sharing this important part of what I love to think of as Eddy's definition of health.

  55. Thank you so much Lesley. Like others have stated, this is exactly what I needed today since I'm having a challenge similar to yours. A great way to start our day/week always in harmony with God, good.

  56. Thank you, Leslie! Thank you #37Joel from Toronto, too, for another fine example!

  57. Thank you Leslie. This scripture came to mind, "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds..."

  58. Thank you Lesley.

  59. Thank you Lesley for your specific explanation! It's simple really. As MBE says, "Stand Porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously"(392). The hard part is "...shut[ing] out these unhealthy thoughts and fears" (392), but with clear and maintained thinking the very moment error tries to grasp, we can "Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good" (393).
    Beautiful explanation Lesley, thank you!
    And thank you too, to all the lifters and The Daily Lift Team.

  60. Dear Lesley,
    After listening to your message, I immediately replayed it to share that precious lesson with my mother-in-law.
    I am very grateful for having this wonderful easy way to explain more about Christian Science.

  61. Thank you, Lesley, for your Harmonious thoughts! Also, love the calming violin music for this week! I, too, had an experience recently where I was holding some resentments in thought and when I did some Yoga stretches in the middle of my Run, I tweaked my lower back and couldn't Run home! Yikes! I corrected my thought through saying the Lord's Prayer and focusing on singing some Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal and through my willingness to discard the resentments and send only Love! Voila! As I slowly started jogging again and praying, the pain disappeared and all was well! Love this Stuff! It works! Love All!

  62. Thank you Lesley and thanks also to Joel! Great inspirations!
    Thank you to all other lifters...

  63. Thank you, Lesley. Good thoughts are an impervious armor. Thank you, Joel for your beautiful testimony!

  64. Excellent. Thanks so much!
    Mandi in Huddersfield, UK

  65. Thanks, I needed that!

  66. Thanks to you, Leslie, and to all the lifters. It is all so helpful!

  67. For sure you can't have health when one is ruminating about past errors, personal or world wide. Right thinking not onły helps the individual thinking it, it is the most unselfish thing to do for it brings harmony to all.

  68. J'avais besoin d'être inspirée ce matin... ça vient just d'arriver. Merci bien, chère Lesley! Patty

  69. Two comments today! :-) Long version: Thank you, Lesley, for “Harmony … and nothing else … ‘Health is the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else.’ … every thought … examined … It’s so important to hold in thought only that which is good and spiritually true. That’s the best contribution we can make to our own good health.”

    What a clear, concise, and simple rule for healthcare management in the 21st century!

    Thanks to Jesus! Thanks to Mrs. Eddy! Thanks to you, Lesley, and everyone else (historically and globally!), and especially Journal-listed practitioners, for proving with Christianly scientific certainty, based on the unimpeachable Truth of being - the unreality of “every ill that flesh is heir to!”

    No mysteries ... no miracles ... just God's laws applied and promises fulfilled.

    “… he said … When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth” (Luke 11:2).

    So, this means that throughout our earth journey, we can prove heaven? Yes!

    “Heaven is not a locality … (291:13) Heaven represents harmony … (560:10) … the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality …” (587:25)

    Each one of us is divinely authorized to expect, witness, and express Life, as the health and happiness of uninterrupted harmony ... and then, to give our testimonies to upLift others, as well as to keep always in thought what a magnificent “Our Father(-Mother)” we have!

  70. Two comments today! :-) Short version: Thank you, Lesley, for “Harmony … and nothing else … ‘Health is the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else.’ … every thought … examined … It’s so important to hold in thought only that which is good and spiritually true. That’s the best contribution we can make to our own good health.”

    What a clear, concise, and simple rule for healthcare management in the 21st century!

  71. Knowing that God is completely harmonious at all times and under ALL circumstances corrects and governs.Thank you for this important lift.

  72. So helpful. Thanks a lot. Liked the comments, esp. Joel # 37 who really drove home the point about watching your thoughts! I had a similar experience involving stomach aches, when I realized what was going on in my thoughts one particular time. I needed to give up self-righteous criticism, as Joel did, and the stomach aches stopped coming.

  73. Good morning, Lesley, and thank you!
    Once again I've had one of those gently blessing "Uh humm, yes indeed" moments when listening to a Lift (I don't often get to this first thing; probably something that needs correcting!). An hour ago I found myself fretfully watering desicated shrubs in my garden and ruminating on a troubled situation, rehearsing my dissatisfactions with the behaviour of my tenant. Suddenly the simple, quiet thought came that none of it was true to God and I could contemplate instead What does God know about this young person ? It's all Good. This isn't really onerous because all I have to do is surrender and let harmonious ideas flow... like the water from the hose. When I sat down to listen to this Lift, I felt sweetly confirmed that this is indeed a Divine insight, and I can trust it ! Harmony is real and discord is unreal and temporal. Thank you !

  74. Thank you so much!

  75. Such a helpful message. Thank you!

  76. How wonderful and just right was I needed to hear today, dear Lesley. Thank you for your statement and example how the spiritual truth works right away when we change our way of thinking. Blessings to you and all with Aloha from Monika

  77. Thank You for this wonderful message. Just after listening I had the thought, Christ's key note of harmony, be not afraid. I looked it up in Concord Express,I found it in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,page 410 29-30. written by our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy. Thanks for the lifers who give us such inspiration every morning and everyone who shares their ideas.

  78. Thank you so much for the powerful reminder of keeping our thinking pure. Great way to begin a new week.

  79. Thanks to All! Nancy -48 Thank you for the clear explanation. As Mis 277:23 says: "No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific proof that God, good, is supreme." The literal point that the evidence in and of itself has no ability to close our eyes. The mortal mind (that which is limited and dies), that "belongs to the material senses" closes our human consciousness by its accepting patterns of cause and effect in matter. I fell while hiking with my dog. Couldn't put weight on one foot. 1st thought was "Jesus...destroyed human pride by taking away the material evidence." (Unity of Good p. 15). 2nd thought made me laugh. "The eleventh commandment: "Thou shalt not limp." I obeyed and walked the mile back to the car, cooked my dinner at the camp site in perfect ease. Repeating firmly my 11th command. Stopped halfway home to walked the dog, couldn't put any weight on foot. Sneaky thought while driving, that foot might hurt after sitting. Hobbled on one foot and hiking stick to walk dog. Called CS nursing facility where I worked and a nurse met me in the parking lot with a walker to take home. Got home-ridiculous- how to go up 2 flights of stairs with a walker? Sitting in the car listening for the firmness of healing. The absurdity of now you see it now you don't hit. Like Moses experience with leprosy. Made it up the stairs. An hour later was running full speed a couple of blocks to the park with the dog. No smell of fire left at all.

  80. Thank you so much Lesley!!!! A beautiful message! It has left a great impression on me~~I'll be thinking about it all day!!!
    And your voice,so soothing!!
    Love to all

  81. Thank you so much for this . I'm writing out Mrs Eddy's definition of health you gave and will keep it with me today and this week for sure and will examine every thought to be sure it's in line with the harmony of God. ; also a special thank you for comment # 48 and to all those that make helpful comments.

  82. I have had similar experiences when very concerned for people I loved... seeing them as being confused, needy, or fretful. These erroneous thoughts translated to physical ailments. When turning my thoughts of these loved ones around and seeing them as possessing nothing that is unlike God my physical ailments have disappeared.

  83. THANKS SOO MUCH>>>GOING thru the same challenge...
    and will examine my thoughts to perfect HARMONY every
    minute of my day, listening for GOD's heavely thoughts.

  84. The wisdom and strength of thought shown in this testimony of healing is encouraging and helpful. Thank you.

  85. Thank you so much for that very important reminder it was very valuable to me.

  86. What a special message. Thanks.

  87. After a very inharmonious day yesterday, this was just the lift I needed for an attitude adjustment. Thank you.

  88. Hey #79, grateful...me too! The joy of knowing we are dealing with something ridiculous, even as we refine what is true of us, goes a long way, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your .... steps! Perfect!

  89. Thank you Lesley its hard to keep calm and in harmony when preparing for an interview but your words have really helped me come back to my center for there is no laps from nor return to harmony

  90. So very grateful for the firm statement of absolute thoughtful harmony. Could not hear this AM, but so glad the audio is healed. Peacefully Carol

  91. thank you lesley

  92. So grateful for the statement about health and harmony to ponder and for the example of how to practically apply it moment to moment. Thank you, Lesley. I appreciate the wonderful responses to this lift as well. Thank you, Commenters. I am also thankful for the listeners and readers of the comments whose uplifted thought is also blessings one and all. Thank you, listeners and readers.
    And many thanks to the behind the scenes crew keeping this Daily Lift site pouring out Truth through flood tides of Love. The blessings keep flowing to, through, and from.

  93. I am not familiar with Madeira, although I have traveled widely in Brunswick. I listened to this lift before going on my 7-mile walk this morning and then again afterwards. It started to pour and then thunder during my walk, but I sang a song by Charlie Chaplin, called “Smile” and made it home soaking wet, but not damaged.
    Thank you for a simple example of grace for me today.

  94. Wow! This is a great reminder that C.S. is simple and profound. I will be using this truth and sharing it with a friend. Thank you.

  95. Thank you, Lesley! This gives me ideas to work with!

  96. Wonderfu, wonderful treatment. Thank you very much. It was just what I needed!

  97. Thank you. Your lifts are always so comforting.

  98. To #82 Confident.... Thank you so much for your comment. It's so helpful as I go to bed tonight. Lovely! And special thanks to Lesley as well.

  99. This was perfect for me as well and standing porter has become a mantra as I catch myself in seemingly harmless thoughts about others or myself which are not really harmless. Thank you so much and for all the great comments.

  100. Thank you Lesley!
    And thanks for all the great comments. Sharing so much harmony!

  101. I just enjoyed the tone and sentiments of all the eighty comments since my last one (#11), and am filled with peace and gratitude. So many good remarks. I must comment on #45, Luise who made mention of the dear husband who knew where to find the right idea which inspired the healing and subsequently this Daily Lift sharing. His kind act reminds me of a phrase from Science and Health; "...every good thought and deed, will help us to
    understand Jesus' atonement for sin and aid
    its efficacy;...." (S&H pg. 19)
    and another similar one:
    "The pallid invalid, ... should be told ... that Life is
    Spirit, and that there is more life and immortality in one
    good motive and act, than in all the blood which ever
    flowed through mortal veins and simulated a corporeal
    sense of life." (S&H pg. 376)

  102. Thank you Lesley. This came in as a much needed reminder in my 'here & now'. I agree with 85. Timely & helpful.

  103. Carol, Switzerland
    It is exactly what I need today, to keep my mind full of love.Thank you very much for this healing lift.

  104. Thank you Lesley for this great lift. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  105. Thanks!!

  106. Fantastic lift. Thank you!!

  107. Excellent. Thank you.

  108. IInspirado y sanador Lift!!! Gracias Lesley , hermosa tb la música que acompaña tu mensaje.
    Mrs. Eddy relaciona la Ciencia divina con la ciencia de la Música. En libro de texto - título marginal - ' La armonía es natural ', ella escribe : "La armonía en el hombre es tan bella como en la música, y la discordancia es contranatural, irreal " (cys p 304).

    Ayuda mucho pensar en Salud como sinónimo de Armonía , y Armonía como sinónimo de Música . Emanando la armonía, la salud y la música de la fuente divina que brinda de continuo ideas angelicales, puras e inspiradas para eliminar lo negativo en nuestras vidas.

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores.
    Bendiciones del Amor para todos,
    Ma. Cristy

  109. Three days later, I keep thinking about this one, and its simple but profound implications.

  110. Thank you, Lesley! I need this thought!

  111. I listened to this again, 5 days later, and realize that I can listen to it every day and become more firm in rejecting discord and acknowledging only harmony. True health is spiritual, not physical, therefore our thoughts determine the health we experience. Thank you, Lesley

  112. Thank you, Lesley, and Lifter family for your inspiring thoughts. Yes, Health is the absolute consciousness of harmony! We can interchange the "health" for happiness, prosperity, employment, etc. to just about meet every need in our daily lives. Right motives in thought free up our consciousness to find the harmony we are seeking in many aspects of our existence. Thank you everyone for such great examples of how to apply this theory in everyday thinking - to take charge or our being!

  113. Thank you Lesley so very much.

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