7/30: Daily weeding

7/30: Daily weeding

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  1. Thank you Josh for this reminder of how important and necessary it is to be mentally alert to the often subtle ways of error attempting to take root in our thought. Mary Baker Eddy uses words like constant, promptly and persistently in describing the vigilance of thought needed to combat these errors in their infancy. As we "stand porter at the door of thought" we will be able to joyfully behold just what you see in your garden; the beautiful images of God's creation all around us. (Quote is from S&H page 392)

  2. ...Great garden Josh !!! I am sure it will be a wonderful haven for you and your family for years to come !
    Being a country girl I was always taught if you have the right foundation then one can expect only good Gardening.. .. This of course can be applied to any venture.... SO almost a weed free Garden, Josh !
    Successful Gardening.. from my little haven in Buderim !!

  3. Nice! Love the video. Consistency in our spiritual journey is so important...

  4. Thank you Josh for a wonderful reminder of our Divine nature.

  5. Beautiful analogy, Josh. Thanks. While weeds have no place in our garden, so mental weeds have no place in our mental garden.

  6. Thank You for this lift

  7. Thank you!

  8. Thanks, Josh, perfect reminder and ideas! Thank you!!

  9. Thanks Josh, a helpful reminder to do our daily protective work for ourselves, and to remove any fears or doubts that would tempt us to believe they were our own thoughts. If our consciousness is filled with ideas from God, there can be no room for the weeds of error to impose themselves on us. As Mary Baker Eddy says in Miscellany page 128 " Watch, and pray daily that evil suggestions, in whatever guise, take no root in your thought nor bear fruit."

  10. Summer is here, is time to enjoy our outdoors, and specially the beautiful flowers (God's laughter.) But, to truly enjoy their beauty we can't get away from doing some weeding as soon as possible.

    So it is with our thoughts, when we question God because of our doubts and fears we don't avail ourselves of all the good that is waiting for us. There too we must do some weeding and get rid of the doubts and fears, knowing that our dear Father-Mother God will take care of us just because...that is what Love does!

    Llegó el verano, es hora de disfrutar del aire libre, y en especial de las hermosas flores (la risa de Dios.) Pero, para disfrutar realmente de su belleza no podemos escapar de limpiar el jardín de hierbas indeseables lo antes posible.

    Lo mismo sucede con nuestros pensamientos, cuando cuestionamos a Dios por nuestras dudas y temores no aprovechamos de todo lo bueno que nos espera. Allí también hay que hacer un poco de limpieza y deshacernos de las dudas y los temores, sabiendo que nuestro querido Padre-Madre Dios cuidará de nosotros sólo porque ... ¡eso es lo que el Amor hace!

  11. And, Josh, I've discovered that once you maintain a weed free area, for a couple of months, even if you temporarily, get a little lazy, well, those weeds don't come back with the same fury as before, and you can calmly look over the scene and just go straight to the problem weed(s) and the roots will be much more shallow than before, and thus a lot easier to pull out.
    Our mental garden is the same way- "Work, work, work, watch and pray....", [once you maintain a weed free area, for a couple of months] and "Forgive us our debts....", [even if you, temporarily, get a little lazy] "aggressive mental suggestion' trying to impress us;" [come back with the same fury as before] Open Thou mine eyes,,,." [you can calmly look over the scene] "Oh, Thou hast heard my prayer and I am blessed, this thy high behest, Thou here and everywhere," [and the roots will be much more shallow than before, and thus a lot easier to pull out.]

  12. Thank you ! what a blessing to live in such a big ocuntry as the US with all these beautiful places and climates !

  13. Many thanks Josh for this great reminder. Yes. "Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually." (I Chron 16:11), "Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life:/ Grant us that Way to know,/ That Truth to trust, that Life to learn,/ Whose joys eternal flow." (Christian Science Hymnal #343).

  14. Thank you Josh We cannot be reminded too often of this important need!

  15. Great Josh, thank you so much, someone once told me a lovely story of a young boy who was weeding a strawberry patch and a grown up asked him 'how do you know which are the weeds?' and he replied 'I don't, but I know where the strawberries are'. I don't know the origin of the story - but I love it. Many thanks Lifters for all your ideas and notes x

  16. Thanks Josh, for your thoughtful and helpful Lift! As always, great comments! Thank-you DL team!

  17. These vulnerabilities do not come from God. We must hang on to that at all times. Let us let go and let God! Thanks be to God!

  18. What a wonderful thought to start the day and hold to continually! It certainly improves the mental landscape and clears thought for the seedlings of spiritual growth to grow. Thank you for this Lift.

  19. Thank you, yes a garden does need to have the weeds checked and pulled every day and our thoughts need to be kept cleared of weeds all the time. . God is watching over us all the time to keep us safe. Thanks again.

  20. thanks Josh. You give a good reminder of the importance of daily spiritual prayer and practice.

  21. Brilliant.
    Thank you

  22. This lift is so true. We have had a lot of rain this summer, and weeds are everywhere. Yesterday I did quite a bit of uprooting and cutting back. At the time I thought of how this is necessary in thought. I was also interested that as I removed weeds, I saw some that didn't become apparent to me until others were removed. That, too, has sometimes been my experience. Thanks!

  23. I started my garden, Josh, I had a verdant consciousness just waiting for the right thoughts to be planted, lovingly tended, and faithfully watched over. I had been "away" for quite a while,and opening Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures brought on a great burst of enlightenment and the consciousness of God's presence right with me! Whatever my expectations were, I've had a flourishing garden of golden opportunities I never would've imagined possible. And gardening doesn't have a 'use by' date. You just keep on pulling the weeds, pruning the shrubs and trees, and being grateful for the glorious effect.
    Thank you Nate and the team; and the for the world of Lifters.

  24. Thanks so much!

  25. I just returned from my seven-mile walk this morning. I don’t like to fall asleep at night until I have rooted out one of my most stubborn delinquencies, whether that is self-will or some other tenacious error that I hold about myself. Sometimes it is the same thing, but always it is treating the false belief that I seem to be holding to be Christly, as we are taught in Christian Science. Weeds are like false beliefs, if I don’t wrangle them then they wrangle me.

  26. Thanks for the reminder that I need to stay on top of my weeds!

  27. Good thought and reminder. How easy it is to get busy on something else and forget. Thank you.

  28. Thanks, Josh, for reminding us that the weeding of bad thoughts is more effective as a daily task. One thought that I use throughout the day from the Bible is "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."

  29. Thank you so much for this timely reminder. There are a number of reasons for removing the weeds. One of the most important is that, if not removed, they will compete for the good of the soil with the fruit and flowers which are legitimately growing there. Mortal thoughts, if not pulled up by the roots, would claim to grow in our consciousness and obscure the good ideas, the substance of our expression, but we can weed joyfully knowing they were never a part of the original concept of the garden.

  30. My cup runneth over with gratitude. Wonderful message ... weeding the mental landscape of ALL that is
    dis-eased. Thank you Josh.

  31. It is good to consider what the "native plants" are in our thinking: peace, joy, intelligence, spiritual authority, health. Not weeds of fear, doubt, discouragement, etc. Thanks, Josh, for this helpful and practical Lift today.

  32. Limpiar el jardín, quitar la maleza, dejando sólo lo bello para que se embellezca más. Así podemos decir de nuestra consciencia, limpiarla de malos pensamientos, para que se vaya poblando de bellas ideas que florecen a cada instante, primero un capullo que asoma con hermosa perspectiva de buenas realizaciones, hasta que se va desarrollando y fortaleciendo y llenándose de pétalos que van abriendo su cauce y esparciéndo su aroma hasta lo más profundo del pensamiento inspirado.

    Cristojesús nos enseñó la manera de limpiar nuestra consciencia de las malezas externas, porque al igual que las plantas la maleza está por fuera de la planta y es sólo quitarla, de la misma manera la maleza de erroneos pensamientos esta por fuera de la consciencia y es también sólo quitarla, nunca puede entrar a la verdadera consciencia porque ésta sustancia, la del alma, no puede ser invadida ni desarraigada por nada y menos por el error, que cae solo, porque carece de sustancia.

    Muchas gracias Josh, sin duda es una diaria tarea retirar malezas, que pretenden invadirnos y secar los frutos del espíritu.

  33. Oh boy, upon examination, I have let the weeds grow in thought. It does take daily diligence. Thanks for this wonderful message.

  34. Great video and message..thank you!

  35. Thankyou Joshua. That was lovely!
    I was thinking when you said: "Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually." (I Chron 16:11), that I would try to do this more by removing the "k" & seeing God & his reflection all around me when weeding!!!
    Loved you in your big straw hat. Hugs delna.

  36. Great message and I love the hat!!! :)

  37. Thank you for this great analogy, Josh.

  38. Somehow I got the idea that we should put our Christian Science hat on and dig in! You're cool.

    There is a clever little weed in our carrots whose top looks all the world like a carrot. Eventually it exposed itself by looming taller and more impressive that the carrots - very self-evident - and it was fruitless! Now we know!

    “It is false to say that Truth and error commingle in creation. In parable and argument, this falsity is exposed by our Master as self-evidently wrong. Disputing these points with the Pharisees and arguing for the Science of creation, Jesus said: “Do men gather grapes of thorns?” S&H539:19

    We are God’s carrots. We cannot somehow turn into a fake carrot.

    Thank you Josh. We can put the weeds in their place!

  39. Thank you, Josh! Loved the message and the analogy

  40. Wonderful! Thank you so much!

  41. Thank you Josh, I love your Lifts. I have recently begun (again) daily reading of the Lesson Sermon in an attempt to keep the mental weeds at bay and the landscape clear so something really beautiful can grow!
    I am so excited to see what the result will be.

  42. Thank you for this wonderful and so important reminder

  43. Such a basic approach to protecting ourselves daily against aggressive mental suggestions ("weeding our garden daily"). Thank you for the reminder, Josh!

  44. Thanks, Josh! I have found recently that I need to protect my thought right before I go to sleep at night, as sometimes, in the unconsciousness of deep sleep, I let my guard down and wake up with some unwanted thought or bodily symptoms. I love the line from the Childrens' Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy: "Guard Me When I Sleep". Acknowledging God as my Guardian and Gardener all night long, helps to prevent weeds from sprouting in my thought while I sleep.

  45. Thanks! Will use this.

  46. Thank you for a lovely message, so complete in its analogy and usefulness. I will be weeding and listening for what God is imparting to me.

  47. Love it! "This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Thank you!

  48. Thanks Josh for your timely message. I have been doing a lot of weeding lately, both mental and physical. As I pull out the unwanted plants, I also get rid of unwanted thoughts. I also hold to the thought that God supplies all our needs, so I hope that my flowers and plants are not the needs of the deer and they will find their needs/food some place else.
    The video was great. Many thanks to Nate and his team and all who work to bring us these Lifts, and the commentators who share their thoughts/ideas.

  49. Thanks, Josh, for this great, and very helpful Lift!

  50. Thank you

  51. It is certainly easier to pull the weeds before the roots have become established in either the soil or our thoughts. Also happily reminded me of a family friend who called his two children (on one occasion) the 1st and 2nd weeders. Thanks for the lift and memory.

  52. Moment by moment, day by day, "here a little, there a little." Thanks Josh and thanks everyone.

  53. Hi Josh !! Love your clear, inspiring and creative lift! Also your yard looks so clear and light-filled!!Sun - filled and glorious for God! Wonderful-
    and so wodnerful to see and hear you as well! Love, Merri

  54. Wonderful, Josh & DL Team! Years ago a practitioner suggested adhering to the principle of the bonsai ~ cut off & discard everything growing downward and encourage everything growing upward. Love the thought of keeping only our native "plants" ~ God-given, God-derived. Thanks so much for the Lift!!

  55. Thank you so much Josh for your lovely metaphor! The mssgs from #11 and #15 fit nicely into my ideas here because I find, as I keep my garden clear of weeds, I feel the divine presence more closely.

    Yes, it is minute by minute work, but what other work is there that rewards so completely? Mrs. Eddy says, "Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full" (The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany p210). I find that to have a garden filled with Truth and Love, I must weed the mortal mind, error beliefs whenever they first begin to grow. That way, the clear thoughts of divine Love remain dominant.

    Thank you lifters all and The Daily Lift Team for helping to keep our gardens free of error!

  56. Reminds me of one of Jesus's Parable about the good seed; Mathew: 13, Verses 24-30 & 36-43. The good thoughts of what God & man was really all about mixed in with the bad thoughts (mixed in with the weeds). The separation, (the understanding) that God, Good is the only thoughts worth thinking about, burns up the weeded thought, (thoughts that lead nowhere but destruction.) This daily weeding is expressed in our daily study of the C/S Bible Lesson.

  57. A good garden analogy Josh.
    So right to do a bit each day -- then the weeds can't take over!
    Not in our yard, and not in our thoughts!
    I really needed this one!

  58. Thank you. No weeds in the Garden of Eden. Great Lift.

  59. Yes! Pulling weeds from a garden has to be done frequently, and the more frequently it is done, the easier it is. It's the same with our mental home.
    "Are we clearing the gardens of thought by up‐
    rooting the noxious weeds of passion, malice, envy, and
    strife? Are we picking away the cold, hard pebbles of
    selfishness, uncovering the secrets of sin and burnishing
    anew the hidden gems of Love, that their pure perfection
    shall appear? Are we feeling the vernal freshness and
    sunshine of enlightened faith?" (From an article "Fidelity" by Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings, pg 343)
    Thank you Josh for this reminder of the mental work we have to do.

  60. Thank you, Josh, for “Daily weeding … each day … pulling the weeds … day by day … mental weeds … (in) the landscape of our consciousness …”

    I love that you and your wife made a conscious decision to change your old landscape for a new landscape and then went to work doing just that! I noticed in the video that you had thoughtfully prepared yourself for weeding by using what you felt would help you do your best work. Hat. Gloves. Gardening tool. Bucket. You worked diligently and in a purposeful manner. You had set aside the time, so that you weren’t rushed – just calmly pulling weeds. Also, you weren’t afraid of the weeds. You just knew they didn’t belong and removed them. To do that, you applied your knowledge of the difference between desirable plants and weeds. As you point out, when you make time to weed daily, it’s not such a chore and your landscape stays healthy and beautiful.

    Staying with the gardening metaphor, Mrs. Eddy instructed Christian Scientists to tend our mental landscape, as our daily duty (Bible, Church Manual, Science and Health, and Other Writings) and so I’ve become a much better gardener with a healthier and more beautiful consciousness than ever before I began my daily gardening.

    … whatsoever things are true … honest … just … pure … lovely … of good report … … think on these things … do: and the God of peace shall be with you” (Phil 4:8,9).

  61. This is such a helpful message. Thank you, Josh! I was also reminded of Mrs. Eddy's statements from Miscellaneous Writings: "Mental darkness is senseless error, neither intelligence nor power, and its victim is responsible for its supposititious presence." We are each responsible for this mental pulling up of weeds, daily.

  62. Thanks Josh! Stress has been building for me lately. This was just what I needed to hear! ☺. I just pulled the mental weeds. Your words changed my day like flipping on a light switch and going from dark to light.
    On a side note, I have the same cowboy hat as you. You can wet them when it gets hot. I have acres of heirloom corn to weed and it can take forever if you allow the weeds to get big. They can kill the corn. I failed to see the lesson about life that God was trying to show me. Thanks for showing me life's message! I'm happy to see that you chose a life of blessing people at a young age. Good at ya bro!

  63. Thanks Josh...I love seeing the practical application of Christian Science in our daily lives and this is such a perfect analogy of weeding out those thoughts that are not "God like". Love it :-)

  64. What a simple and wonderful analogy for us to follow each and every moment. Each challenge does makes me "weed" out those material suggestions that creep in. Mrs. Eddy states in the Science and Health: " Here is the emphatic declaration that God creates all through Mind, not through matter, — that the plant growth is from Mind grows, not because of seed or soil, but because growth is the eternal mandate of Mind. "
    Thank you for the Daily Lifts which do inspire me daily!

  65. Great video .Thanks for your lift .
    S.Brodie Alberta

  66. What a great anology! Having a yard that needs constant "weeding", I can relate to what neglected days of weeding can produce. Then relating that to our spiritual consciousness, again...neglected days of weeding can yield more weeds that need pulling out and throwing away. Of course, if we fill "our garden" with beautiful thoughts/plants, the weeds have no room to take root and grow. Yeah!

  67. Hi Josh- Somehow that great hat give more authority to what you're saying! Thanks for sharing! :)

  68. I was just about to go out and do some yard work here at home, but first stopped on the way to check out the lift. It's always worth it, taking a moment to gather fresh inspiration and insight, glad I did!
    Thank you!.

  69. What a wonderful lift for the day. Our gardens do require our loving attention so that the plants are not choked out by the weeds. So, too, do the gardens of our thought require that same loving attention, and my prayer is that the weeding becomes so automatic that I do it without having to remind myself to turn to God. Just as the weeding in the garden is less as things fill in, so too may it get easier and easier to listen and learn to God's voice.

  70. Just want to share a demonstration of what #64 Ellen, Florida mentions:

    I have a wee little garden...just two containers with four plants total...and I was away helping family for the month of July with no one watering my plants. But I declared that all Life is God. and that no one and no fruit withers on the vine or off the vine. God supplies each part of creation--which is all spiritual--directly. Everything in Mind has purpose and fulfills purpose...independently of material conditions. When I returned, the plants did look a bit rough, but I harvested two red tomatoes and some basil leaves, thanked God for caring for the plants, and, of course, watered them right away.

    Josh, your lesson on the gardening that is mental and prayerful is so valuable, and I thank you for it. Sometimes the level of mental weeding seems daunting, but as others have said, we just keep at it and guard against any sense of discouragement or futility or cynicism. The world needs us as weeded gardens. Thanks, #25 and #29 and everyone else, too.

  71. Wonderfully helpful and practical. Thanks so much Josh. Reminds me of MBE's instruction for daily thought-examination (weeding!) in Miscellany: "Watch, and pray daily that evil
    suggestions, in whatever guise, take no root in your
    thought nor bear fruit. Ofttimes examine yourselves, and
    see if there be found anywhere a deterrent of Truth and
    Love, and “hold fast that which is good.” (My. 128:30).

    All the best to you and this precious DL community.

  72. Excellent lift. Loved the tender intimacy of the video. Many great ideas added in the comments. Thank you, every one of you, for being a flower in the garden of my life today.

  73. Thanks Josh, and all the lifters

  74. Thanks, Josh!

  75. Great lift! Thank you!

    As my husband and I were redoing a section of our garden this spring, we were attempting to rid this area of a native anemone that had spread outside the boundary of our comfort zone. One of the things I noticed as I was digging them out was as an individual plant in an isolated area the roots were easily removed. As the plant developed the roots grew into a fibrous mat just below ground level.

    This seemed to serve two purposes:
    1) as the plant went to seed, the seed dropped down into the roots and was protected. Perfect environment for nurturing the new plant!
    2) as the second and third generations grew, their roots became intertwined with the parent plant, forming an even more fibrous root system. It was impossible to tell which roots belonged to which plant. They had, to my sense, become one underneath the surface. As each one strengthened the other, they became harder to eliminate and more prolific.

    Isn't this a wonderful example of how church* works? As church members are guided to pray and demonstrate the Science of the Christ they develop their sense of church ("root systems") and join with (intertwine) with others working along the same lines. The work of one supports the other, helping to maintain a protective, nurturing place for fresh seeds of thought to take root, develop, and produce.

    Lesson learned: Church demonstrated is less likely to be uprooted!

    See definition, Science and Health, p.581.

  76. Turn that garden of weeding into a garden of Eden: fruitful and well watered. Thank you for this valuable daily lift! :)

  77. Thanks so much, Josh...very simple, true and so inspiring to see this is the context of a garden!

  78. This is so precious and so true. Thank you very much!

  79. Thank you Josh,
    I'd like to take the liberty of expanding this thought a little. Weeds grow "unwanted" and are easy to spot. But how about all the accumulated material debris we thought we “wanted” at sometime in the past and have collected over the years. As these material treasures become trash, they are harder to identify and often more difficult to part with or remove than weeds. It's not just a new growing thought, but often the old stagnant thinking and outgrown positions we need to remove.

    We can clean our mental closets by applying the same principles and turning to God in prayer. How appropriate to replace the outgrown and unnecessary baggage in our thinking, those never used and never needed birthday "presents" and replace them with the Lord's PRESENCE. The next time we go into our closet in prayer, look for things to throw out.

  80. Even if the weeds appear to be taking over our mental gardens - a little of Truth's trowel work - patience, meekness, compassion, humility etc - will start getting things back in quick order.

  81. Moment by moment, that is the key!! Thank you Josh for a good reminder!!

  82. What a harvest we are gathering in here! Truly special. Oh, and First and Second "weeders"...I love it! ;)

  83. Very good advice. Thank you!

  84. thank you josh.

  85. Thank you Josh for nurturing paper purging and weed pulling with clearing our thoughts for the good and beautiful abundance ever present. Love comment referenes of planting good seeds and MBE Miscellany 242: Watch and pray to clear mental closet for stagnant thinking and things ...to make room for our thoughts and California native plants to blossom and grow.

  86. This reminds me to be so grateful to our Mother Church for all the avenues provided to keep us filled with the truth that helps to keep us weed free, including these Daily Lifts.

    I grew up on a farm and we had huge gardens, which blessed us and our friends and neighbors. It seemed like a lot of work, but the rewards were great. And so it is with maintaining our garden of thought clean and clear.

  87. Thanks for the great analogy. With a large garden, often overwhelmed by weeds, I can truly relate to this. But have never seen the connection to weeding my thought garden. Lots easier to remove those weeds than the infinite number that seem to be everywhere in the yard.

  88. Thanks Josh - an excellent reminder and helpful analogy. Especially with so much media
    clutter which could overwhelm our thoughts.

  89. Great metaphor, Josh! Not only vulnerabilities, but old beliefs, reactions, confusion, anything that would move us towards self and away from constant consciousness of the divine needs weeding. I want to be always ready to heal and love!!

    Thanks for the uplift!

  90. Loved your vegan hat and the fruit trees behind you. Just think when you eat the sweet things of God, fruit you find a seed or seeds inside that you just throw on the ground and also give to your neigh bor and you have infinite supply especially if you make a glass green house for all season in cold regions as I believe in Glasglow Scotland. Soybeans are complete proteins and peanuts with bread r too. It would be nice if everyone grew these that are able to in their backyards. No need to till the soil for fruit trees or an almond tree two making the shape of an heart. Then we can share with our neighbors and the homeless shelters etc. By the way, nuts use to be called a "little meat" or a "small meat".

  91. Hi Josh,
    Thanks so much for "digging right in" to give us a great Daily Lift! Just as gardeners gain experience in learning to tell the difference between the desireable and undesireable plants, so as mental gardeners we learn to identify ourselves with our divine Source finding those Divinely Native Attributes (DNA)
    that God has already planted in our consciousness. The more we are aware of these good spiritual qualities the easier it is to spot the counterfeits -- weeds that might try to pass themselves off as genuine. Happy gardening to everyone!

  92. Thank you Josh. "Moment by moment" to pull those mental weeds is great advice.

  93. Do the heavy weeding (of thought) early in the day...before temperatures get up and activity takes
    over at full steam! you reap the reward of thoroughness and energy expended..,maybe even having to be hatted and sun-protected !! Energy OUT...Desires IN + Success of Endeavor ..mental reaping and
    sowing.. mortal mind(seeming) is like a lawn that requires very regular cutting and trimming. Keep all
    plantings in check..GOD is totally in control of our thought harvests !! happy weddings !!!

  94. Wow, what a lift! Getting rid of error to let God's love shine through. Oh the hat is awesome! Thanks so much!

  95. Yes, that completely changed my day!

  96. Liked your visuals of the garden!

  97. Loved it. Thank you.

  98. Discovered #51's comment, about a child calling his father a First "weeder", so I shared that thought with our First reader, and I am Second reader, so we reveled together what we are really really doing when we read the lesson from the desk; we are 'weeding' thought. LOL

  99. Really needed this; a true daily ... Thank you!!!

  100. Thank you.

  101. Thank you Josh for this timely lift and to #79 Michael who has given me inspiration as to how I will clean out my closets both mentally and physically. I will need God’s support to do this. Why wouldn’t I pray about this? It is so obvious! I don’t have a garden but I do have too much and now I know how I will approach weeding out all that is not necessary. I’m very grateful for Christian Science, these daily lifts and all the comments from all of you wonderful people out there. Thank you so much.

  102. A friend said that her understanding of the word heart used in Scripture is really synonymous with Mind.
    If, as it says, A grateful heart is a garden, ( or mind ) hymn #3 in the Christian Science hymnal, then how important indeed it is to maintain the garden of thought; to make sure that we see that the chaff and wheat, or good and evil thoughts do not,- cannot, be allowed to grow together. That certainly underlines the need to be weed-watchful, moment by moment, so our mental motion can " grow on, " unimpeded.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  103. Such good thoughts, Josh. I am dealing with the "weeds" of grief sown by the mortal thought that my mother is gone. She passed on a few days ago. After listening to your lift, I am going to be even more vigilant to keep those thoughts of absence, sorrow, and regret from poking into my thought. I'm going to know that only thoughts from God are real and worth thinking - thoughts of joy, fulfillment and inspiration. Thank you for a fine piece

  104. What a good message!!

  105. To #103 Adrian New York, NY: You're wrapped up in the dear Mother-Father Love of God, and you're in my prayers. You can never lose your mother! Her Life is forever, and so is yours. In fact, Life is One, and you are both held in it. Much love to you.

  106. And what I like about it, too, Josh, is that once I have wielded them out in my thought, those mental proliferations, I have wielded them out for everyone around me, too! Enjoy the landscape brothers and sister!

  107. Nice hat, too....to go along with an ever so timely reminder of our daily duty to ourselves (that of defending our consciousness against intrusive and misleading thoughts). Thank you, Josh!

  108. Loved your video about the gardening/weeding analogy. Thanks for your very honest and refreshing approach, Josh. We really enjoyed your message a couple month ago in Omaha, too. Please come back to this area soon!

  109. Perfect, Josh, just perfect! Thanks so much....

  110. Great one, Josh! Thanks a lot!

  111. Thank you so much, this is a real " lift " to my thinking at this time.

  112. thanks very much indeed brother. our world need more and more people like you so that Jesus"s coming back is fastened. i really appreciate yr contribution.

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