7/3: Is Google God?

7/3: Is Google God?

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  1. A joyous welcome Nate,as you start your new spiritual adventure! What a great way to remind us to always begin with God, the source of all good. In this age of technology our resources certainly have increased, but one still stands above all the rest: Divine Mind. It stands on a mountain top high above mortal, human sources and theories. Mary Baker Eddy's definition of God in S&H page 587, states in part,"the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal." Technology has its place, but not over that.

  2. What a clear way to explain prayer! And I think the fact that you sat down with God before checking all your other connections is something we all needed to hear!
    Heard you will be in Alaska soon, can't wait to meet you!

  3. Brilliant - so sweet to be invited into a one on one chat on the couch! Timely, very inspiring lift!

  4. Hi Nate - Love this! We have resources that jump dimensions with God - bigger than google! Awesome.

  5. Great!!!
    Thank you so much
    Jutta Germany

  6. Thank you for praying.

  7. Wow! Fantastic! Thanks, Nate.


    Thank you.

  9. Thank you Nate. Nice to see your face at last! Good idea. Go to God first. That can be so easily forgotten in this day of information overload.

  10. quite right.....and I'lm going to do what you advise right now......that is go to God first , open the Bible and Science and Health , before looking at other mails........
    Have a good day and many thanks

  11. Thank you, Nate, for a wonderful first Lift!

  12. Thanks, Nate! I was thinking along those lines today as well. I love how this week's Bible Lesson is pointing out the all-intelligence of God, divine Mind, who understands all things. Cheers!

  13. This is so good - thank you, Nate.
    Google is nice, but omnipotent Mind, Spirit, is even closer and infinitely more available.

    The phrase "Goodness knows" is a powerful way to pray.

  14. Wonderful - thank you Nate!

  15. Thank you for your lively comments.I never thought Google ad God..there is only one and the source of all good.I've learned the hard way to listen listen listen; and ask ;OK God shoe me how much you love me in a way I'll understand and you know without a doubt he does..every singrl time I put my hole trust in him he shows me just how much he does love me and that my friend hours for All his beloved children.. stay awesome...

  16. Dear Nate,

    Wonderful "first lift". An excellent reminder! I am grateful to be still "learning" by way around Google and Facebook. We can never learn too much because is our intelligence. Mind, God, will reveal what we need to know just as the right moment.

  17. Nice to meet you at last. Great 'Lift'

  18. God Omniscient Omnipresent God Loves Everyone! Thank you for this clear and spot-on Lift.

  19. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you very much dear Nate. My husband and I love your lift, exactly what we need to hear.
    Have a nice celebration on the 4th of July.

  20. Hi Nate, cool lift! Thank you :-)

  21. Yes, dear Nate, I also congratulate you very heartily to your lectureship, and you are very welcome and I really would like if you held a lecture in Hamburg, Germany, will see how it develops.
    And, yes its the most important thing to go first to God before you start the day or start anything to do.
    Thank you very much for this loving reminder!

  22. I too am so pleased to see you amongst the new lecturers. Bless you and thank you for a powerful lift.

  23. So wonderful to see your life unfolding in this perfect way.
    Grateful for your work and inspiration.

  24. How lovely and simple - an everyday thought to take along the way through the hedges and ditches of modern media - ironically I am sharing it on facebook - there is good in the world wide web, as long as we realise that it is just another avenue for God's reflection, and not a gossip book of dramas and personalities....much appreciate this today Nate, thank you.

  25. Thanks Nate for this timely reminder to "Go to God" first. Google can be out of reach at times, but God NEVER! love to all.

  26. I LOVE THAT !!!!! Thanks

  27. Is Google God? What a great question.
    In this era of so much information, the first thing most people do when an answer is needed, is to ask Google.
    But, a large group of well informed employees at a giant corporation, no matter how well intentioned, do not know everything and can lead us astray.

    Most of the time we arrive to conclusions based on somebody else’s deductions.

    Would Google ever answer you: “ Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” ? Prov. 3:5,6

    ¿Es Google Dios? ¡Qué buena pregunta!
    En esta era de tanta información, lo primero que la mayoría de la gente hace cuando necesita una respuesta, es preguntarle a Google.

    Pero, un gran grupo de empleados bien informados en una corporación gigante, pese a cuán bien intencionados sean, no saben todo y nos pueden guiar mal.

    La mayor parte del tiempo hacemos conclusions basados en las deducciones de otros.

    ¿Te respondería Google: “Fíate de Jehová de todo tu corazón, Y no te apoyes en tu propia prudencia. Reconócelo en todos tus caminos, Y él enderezará tus veredas.”? Prob. 3:5, 6

  28. Dear Nate,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift that is and will "Heal the World".

    Yes, God is in the DETAILS.

    All have a wonderful adventure, NOW. When you live in the NOW you have WON.

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham

  29. Thanks Nate, and all the best to you!

  30. Many thanks Nate for this great reminder that divine intelligence in Spirit has already arranged our lives. We only have to see it." "The way leads upward and its goal draws nearer,/ Thought soars enraptured, fetterless and free;/ The vision infinite to me grows clearer,/ I touch the fringes of eternity." (Christian Science Hymnal #64).

  31. Thank you Nate and good to meet you after hearing your voice for so long. You are so right about starting your day with God.

    Last week I had an interesting experience. I began my day with an early morning swim at my gym. While swimming I am always praying to God and sorting out my thoughts at the beginning of the day and often I am singing hyms to myself. After my 64 lengths front crawl and my shower, I was talking with the girls in the locker room.
    Just as I was leaving I looked at my left hand for no apparent reason and noticed that the sapphire gem stone in my engagement ring was missing. I have had this ring over 40 years and wear it all the time. I said nothing but have had so many proofs of God's care in finding lost items I was not perturbed even though the gem stone was very small!!
    I walked round the corner of the locker room and about 6 paces into the corridor and there on the floor was the tiny gem stone!! I was in awe and rushed back to share the good news with my friends even though they hadn't known it was missing. I felt very cared for by Divine Love and I had a very joyous day sharing this wonderful experience.

  32. I am just about to take my first class in New York with John Q. Adams.
    What a perfect way to send me off to class though I was feeling a little daunted by it all.
    I trust now it will be just perfect. And I go into it with a brand now habit of asking God and not Google!

  33. Ey Nate :) Great lift! And good reminder of the REAL SOURCE!! Thanks and congratulations on your new assignment :)

  34. Hi Nate,

    Like the other Lifters, it is great to finally see you and to hear and see your Lift especially as you begin your continued journey of putting God first and helping people see that God comes first.

    Presently people tend to go to a human "knowledge base" before they go to God. They take the information gleaned from the human knowledge base and THEN take it to God to provide answers, using the same human condition to help assess whether God has answered or not. The real first step is taking it to God. I often find a short prayer of "Father, I will listen" to be helpful in ensuring my human footsteps listen to the Divine.

    In the last two weeks I have had three situations that led me to deal with customer service mangers. I was on a phone with one manager regarding a very expensive piece of equipment that stopped working a few months after getting it. They said that will not give me a new one, but keep fixing it until such time as the warranty runs out. They acknowledged that the failure was a random fault of the equipment. It is not their policy to replace with new.

    I started to get upset when all of a sudden I prayed. A flood of inspiration overcame me as I felt God's presence. I lovingly said.."there is a higher Law that protects us all. I will leave this in God's hands." I thanked her. There was such peace. She became supportive and I felt the love.

    We ALL live and move in God and are already protected.

    Again, THANKS!

  35. Hi Nate!!! Thanks so much for this good reminder as to the true source of everything :)
    Mind really does orchestrate everything large and small - for good. Congratulations on your new assignment - which will bless many for sure!

  36. Perfect! Thank you soo much for this!!

  37. Thank you, that was great and freshing.

  38. Why would we refer to artificial intelligence when we have the real all knowing God always present supplying us with all we need to know. Our Leader says somewhere:-"Gather the facts from the immortal Mind". He will guide us all the way in the right direction, as He is the only intelligence of the universe.

    A very important message in this lift, many thanks,Nate - and thanks to all the lifters Unfolding so much more to the topics.

    Daily Lift Team:

    Paraphrase refers to a sentence by Mary Baker Eddy in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" page 370, line 4:
    To be immortal, we must forsake the mortal sense of things, turn from the lie of false belief to Truth, and gather the facts of being from the divine Mind.

  39. I do love Google, but thank you, Nate, for reminding me that I do love and trust God so much more! Wonderful message and what a lovely surprise. I do hope we will still be able to hear your cheerful voice and superb music on these Lifts. Thank you for all that you share with us!

  40. Thanks Nate...really helpful Lift! Congratulations on joining the Board of Lectureship...you're a natural!

  41. Thank you Nate. This was indeed just the right message for me today. Stopped me from making some merely human plans.

  42. A strange question - but what a wonderful answer! Thanks.

  43. Thank you, Nate, for “Is Google God? …”

    This is the perfect question at the perfect time. Technology isn’t good or bad; but, it can be beneficial or harmful depending on whether or not we’re turning to it as if it were God. The “smarter” our technology gets, the more tempted we become to give it too much power over us.

    Mrs. Eddy makes a clear distinction between mortal mind and Mind. It’s up to us, as God’s children and joint-heirs with Christ, to discern where we’re getting our information and to refuse to relinquish our freedom to think. Google represents what mortal mind has to offer, the “suffer it to be so now,” knowledge du jour that no matter how accurate or interesting, is by its very nature limited. Google can be very helpful; but it’s not uncommon to get conflicting answers to the same Google search. Which is true - est? It can be confusing and yet a good indication of a "kingdom divided."

    This week’s Bible Lesson, “God,” is great for learning more about God / Mind and we in that image and likeness. Our all-important thinking is behind everything we say or do and so becomes our “reality.” The first commandment guides us in and to the Truth of our being; is trustworthy; and the only Source of all knowledge and wisdom, offering us limitless (good-for-us!) right ideas every moment. Only God is God.

    From our Christian Science Pastor: “… God hath … given us … power, and … love, and … a sound mind” (II Tim 1:7). “Observation, invention, study, and original thought are expansive and should promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself …” (S&H 195:19).

    Thanks again, Nate, for the reminder to beware the “false gods!” They don’t come only in the form of huge, golden, obvious idols. Sometimes they can even fit into the palm of your hand!

  44. Thank you. I have never gone into Google. I just check my e-mail and then play a game or two and then read my Lesson and study.

  45. Nate, Thank you for this simple but Powerful and inspired Lift.As I grow in understanding Love,I have learned the importance of "Listening"As in "Hymn 304---Shepherd ,show me how to go---------------I will listen for Thy voice, and in The Bible ,Mathew :6--33---seek ye first the kingdom of God,------ and all these things will be added unto you".As a Christian Science Practitioner[Healer],I receive many telephone &Office calls requesting, healing through Prayer, and have learned,to listen for [Mind=Love] on answering the call for help,or speaking to others,needing spiritual guidance and encouragement.In my daily study of The Bible and Science and health,I cherish and embody within cosciousness the inspired ideas that flow through the pages,and am often amazed that at times just being quiet and knowing these truths while listening and comforting, others they "Feel" this quietness of "The Comforter" Immanuel or God with us,and are comforted..

  46. Thank you for that inspiration.

  47. Just discovered and added "Lift" to my emails yesterday. Am leaving tomorrow for my son's wedding in Hawaii. An opportunity for families to meet and our family to all be together. I have prayed without ceasing about these dynamics but your words cut through my mist. You have such a beautifully natural, unquestioning way of sharing Truth. Thank you with all my heart.

  48. Thank you Nate! I, too, am so grateful to meet you. I love this Lift! Mrs Eddy tells us, My 197:4, "Attempt nothing without God's help." I recently had an experience that I have been pondering.. I received a call from a very active relative asking to be go the hospital. He's a life long CS & had become fearful over some health issues he had been working on. He lives in the country 2.5 hours away. My son, daughter and I left home about 6:45 that Friday evening. We picked him up & took him to the hospital. He was examined & everything was found to be normal. Proving to him that his prayers were effective & fear had no claim.
    We got him home about 2AM & made sure all was fine before leaving. About an hour later I started to feel the effects of being awake since 5:30am.. As my son and daughter were sleeping. Each time I found my head nodding I made an extra effort to stay awake. About 30 min away from home I fell asleep. I was instantly awake, my son had woken up & pulled the steering wheel over preventing our hitting a retaining wall. As I was opening my eyes I heard myself saying 'THANK YOU!' I told my son God woke him up at just the right time. He said 'yep'. We arrived home at 4:30am. My daughter had slept peacefully the entire way home.
    As we left our relatives house he said, "Go with God!" and we did! During the entire night prayer was my constant companion. And we proved God, the 'sovereign ever presence', OWNS our every moment!

  49. Hey, Hey Nate! There is so much information available to us that we have to distinguish what is true and what we seek first, based on God, Truth. That inner voice that comes to us from God leads us to differentiate the right steps to follow, the right information to accept. Then our progress and use of search engines for knowledge will be based spiritually.Thanks Nate. Well done!

  50. Wonderful lift Nate. I take it as a good reminder.

  51. Way to go Nate, very inspiring! Thanks so much.

  52. "Welcome" Nate! Great lift, thank you!

  53. What a wonderful reminder that we need to go to GOD before we go to Google. We all get so caught up in the technobabble of today, that we need to be reminded of our first duty -OFTEN. Thank you Nate.

  54. Great lift, Nate! Glad to see you're lecturing now too!

  55. Love your message friend. Very nice and inspiring.

  56. Thank you Nate!
    Timely, - heartfelt, and most helpful.

    Great reminder of the indispensability of the First Commandment.
    Again, sincere thanks.

  57. Hi Nate! Good to have you on board and loved your message. Google does give us conflicting information sometimes, but God's information is ALWAYS right on target.

  58. Thank you for expressing this Truth with such gentle conviction. God first, everlasting to everlasting.

  59. Thank you, Nate, and Welcome! Good to be reminded that God does the arranging:-)

  60. thank you for the reminder! yes, the internet is HUGE but not infinite and, too, the divine Mind knows everything, is accurate and............not addictive.

  61. powerfully uplifting .. thanks !

  62. So wonderful put together and extremely helpful that we can always go to God ,to our books that they have the right answer for every situation and it does bring the coincidence from human needs to the divine that it is always the best guidance to follow.
    BTW Welcome Nathan and thank you for your sharing your love with us.

  63. Dear Nate,


    You just confirmed truth in consciousness!!

    So that's why I am just getting on the computer now and not before.

    As we know from Matthew; "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

    Thank you Nate, for this reminder.

    Have a wonderful day! ;-)

  64. Thanks for the lift and comments.
    Didn't you (Nate), start these Daily Lifts?
    One time when I had lost an earring, I prayed with the idea that God knows
    where it is. A suggestion said to me that God knows where it is but I don't.
    I then prayed with the thought that God knows where it is and I reflect Him, so I know
    where it is. God doesn't keep me in the dark. He reveals His ideas to each of us.
    Soon after claiming that I include this understanding, I felt guided to go into
    the laundry room. I looked down on the floor and found the earring. I'm grateful
    to be reminded of this. Thanks.

  65. Great food for thought!

  66. Hey, there he is! A new lecturer though old to the lecture work. Good for you and us all. Many thanks for your dedication to this important work and for today's message. Yes, God KNOWS all.


  68. Nate, it is obvious God (and not Google!) is guiding YOU into your new adventure as a Lecturer ... He has been 'graciously preparing' YOU for this new post through your tenure of launching and piloting these Daily Lifts that have blessed so many of us along the way. Congratulations on your new appointment. And thank you for inviting us into your living room for this wonderful and inspiring and beautifully delivered Lift of your own!!! Indeed, Google is NOT God, as we are so often tempted to think. Thank you for this clear explanation that it is GOD who knows ALL. And best wishes to you on your new path ... You have so much to give.

  69. Los adelantos tecnológicos, pueden darnos muchos servicios, pero si los miramos bien conllevan en si mismos mucho riesgo, porque podemos descansar en ellos sin darnos cuenta que la única información veraz es la que recibimos a traves del canal divino, porque su fuente es siempre la misma, inagotable, cierta, verdadera, y confiable, no puede ser manipulada por ningún elemento ajeno, Marý Baker Eddy nos dice: Usted no está comunicado con alguien ajeno, ud. está comunicado con Dios, sin elementos manipuladores, falaces o directamente falsos, ella nos dice: Ud está comunicado sólo con Dios. ¡Que bello!, y de ahí surge toda la información que podamos necesitar.

    Que ha sido un adelanto para la comunicación humana no hay duda, pero lamentablemente se pierde en ese laverinto dual que es la actividad humana, de uso indiscriminado entre lo real y lo falso.

    "Tenía mi amado una viña, y esperaba que diese uvas y dió uvas silvestres"
    ¿Cómo esperando yo que diese uvas, ha dado uvas silvestres? Isaías
    Podríamos decir lo mismo, ¿Cómo si esperamos progreso, encontramos retroceso?

    Muchas gracias Nate, muy inspirado, porque nos hace ver lo prudentes que debemos ser, con las nuevas herramientas, que nos ponen en el camino.

  70. I like that . Very nice and it is wonderful to have new lecturers on board the Daily Lift. Did I get that right? Welcome aboard Nate Frederick. I wholeheartedly agree with Prayer comes first, during and at the end of all things. It encompasses all as we move through our days. Thank you.

  71. Funny and true! Great Lift Nate! It is pretty tempting to go about our day job (googling or otherwise) and leave God out of the picture.

    The other day, I looked at my stove which needed cleaning and thought “how long do I have to clean this stove?” Does spiritual reality involve stove-cleaning?

    Tending to material conditions seems never-ending UNTIL we remember what God is to man. Getting our thought turned around, we are not so much cleaning stoves as being beings of God’s continual strength, power and selflessness, which pretty much answers the needs of any day job.

    Mrs. Eddy says “Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power.” Jesus said “I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.”

    Trusting God at the helm, these guys were expert at their day jobs!

  72. Thanks, Nate! So good to have you sharing Lifts and lectures...
    hopefully still the music, too?!

    This Lift made me think back to the era before personal computers -- even as only a few businesses had large mainframe computers-- and I was a teen looking for answers on how to find the answers I needed to life's big and little questions.
    A dear practitioner told me way back then, with a twinkle in her eye, "Why, God, Divine Mind, is like an infinite computer with ALL the answers you will ever need--ask God and then listen and He will show you."
    And your Lift and the helpful comments and experiences shared by fellow "lifters" today reminded me of how grateful I have been for many instances of being perfectly guided by God (to find lost objects or to witness the return home of "lost" or wandering pets, or even to just suddenly"know" right answers to questions on school exams or projects ).
    Even better than Google, Divine Mind surely does know and maintain all the answers we'll ever need, and will supply them sometimes even before we ask!

    I love these assurances (and have seen them in action!):
    ..."the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth..." (Zechariah 4:10)
    ..."[Human] eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things..."(I Cor 2:10)

    Wow--now THAT's a Powerful (Omniscient! Omnipotent! Omnipresent! ) "Search Engine!"

  73. I loved it, and how timely, enjoyed reading comments, and thank you especially to no.15, for the simplicity of her prayer request. thank you!

  74. A wonderful reminder of God's governance as I travel cross-country to Association. thank you, Nate, and wonderful to see you here.

  75. Thank you for this wonde reminder. Such a great lift Nate!!!

  76. Thank you for such an awesome reminder. Great lift Nate!!

  77. Nate- I just love your words and also seeing you in person. Your lift is so true and so helpful and I love it- will share it with lots if non- scientists- hugs- Linda (Muskoka calls and Matt )

  78. Dear Nate,
    I want to add my "WONDERFUL" to you being on the Christian Science Lecture Board. Our God is Good!

  79. Dear Nate,
    Whether its your voice that greets us every Lift morning or delivering a message to go to God first, we are always blessed. Welcome to the Board of Lecturers. Your message is one that renews and refreshes every time, no matter the circumstances.
    Thanks also to the team that makes this possible.

  80. Thank you for this important reminder about priorities. And thank you for your selfless work on organizing this wonderful program.

  81. Such a Good One, Nate! In this scrambled world of technology, we do indeed need to be extra vigilant in demanding our quiet time with God. This so-called "modern world" is always attempting to crowd out our spirituality. The deeper we get into using technology for our contacts with others and the world, the less it seems that we are using and practicing our innate spiritual sense - i.e. the ability to make contact with God, the very Source and Power of our Being! Like little children who are given very powerful tools, we need to learn how to subordinate these material tools to the direction of the One Power that governs All - Our Heavenly Father-Mother God! Congratulations on your new role as Lecturer - the world needs what you have to say! Much Love and Gratitude!

  82. Nate, thanks for the great lift. God does have all the answers, and only the right ones. Funny thing, it was thru prayer that I was lead to Google to do some much needed household repairs. And the first suggestion was the perfect answer. Thank again.

  83. A great lift, Nate, and a wonderful surprise to see your on the lecture circuit. Amen. God first, for sure.
    Thanks for initiating the Daily Lift, it's such a blessing to so many. Looking forward to hearing one of your lectures.

  84. Thank you so much for these words: God knows everything. Every event is all on his control. Then, everything is perfect! Everything.

  85. What a brilliant, TODAY concept. I love it. Thank you.

  86. Hey Nate-- Great thanks for this Lift. Whata needed "tweek" to my computer outlook!/Always,jim.

  87. NBhrh - 7/3/2013

    Thanks for this Christly message. Pray first and follow the leadings of Truth.
    We look forward to hearing and seeing you as a lecturer. Thanks for all the good work in
    presenting the Daily Lifts.

  88. Thank you, Nate, for the thoughtful Lift - such a good reminder!
    And great to hear about having an interfaith event!

  89. Thanks, Nate, for this great reminder to go to God first!
    And congratulations and loving blessings in your new work as a CS Lecturer!

  90. Thanks for this very needed message. The other day I overheard some people discussing the medical diagnostic information they found on the Internet . I immediately prayed to know that God is the only source of health information that we need. Google's mixed messages is like the proverbial Tower of Babel reaching up to God as an auxiliary power. Thank God for Christian Science. Our Bible Lesson "God" this week really reveals what is governing and guiding us and the world. One can never be grateful enough for Mary Baker Eddy and her priceless discovery and for the foundational work she did to make it applicable for everyone to use and be blessed by its teachings.
    Thank you Nate for this very needed reminder of "Who" is in charge.
    Congratulations on your new assignment, we will all be blesses by this work. As Eddy said "Progress is the law of God.". Go with Love, as Love's expression, with Love's direction to Love's creation. God is blessing you and all of us with your new assignment.

  91. Welcome Nate and thank you for your reminder. Much love to all.

  92. OK! Even before I check emails. Or the weather. Thanks Nate!

  93. Thank you for your timely lift Nate! We usually hear your voice at the beginning of the audio lifts, don't we? it is nice to put a face to the voice!
    Your lift reminds us that technology is only a tool in the huge toolbox of Christian Science thought with the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's books, poems, articles being our primary hands-on, daily experience. Personally, I find it comforting to listen to the lifts and read lifters' comments because they help me reaffirm many of my own thoughts and global Christian Science consciousness. We are of one Mind and that Mind, Life, Truth, Love, is God.
    Thank you all!

  94. Love that direct connection with God, the One Mind. Very alert to keep that media in its place.

  95. Thank you for this reminder about priorities and thank you for the selfless efforts in organizing this wonderful Daily Lift series.

  96. Thank you Nate!!! We can't ever go wrong if we start with God.

  97. Dear Nate - So excited to see your name up there when I opened the DL! And GREAT gratitude for this message. Just love it and will treasure it today..after reading from the Sentinel very early this morning, it reminded me of God being w/us each moment, and the importance of affirming that....and then came your Lift!

  98. Thank you for this great reminder and I'm glad you are on the lecture team. You talk in a very natural and relaxed manner. .

  99. God, good, divine Mind, divine Principle, divine Love - just plain has it all complete, and we reflect Her. Thanks, Nate, for the reminder. Thereis no other source.

  100. Just what I needed to hear, that God arranges everything and God knows everything, and of course He is the one to consult first and then you have the right answers to your questions! THANK YOU!!

  101. Thank you Nate, I love this.

  102. Those information resources, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and other resources of information are definitely needed, but not in replacement of trusting and asking God first, for God leads one to the right resource to use.

  103. Dear Nate, it is so nice to meet you and to know that you have joined the wonderful group of lecturers that help us every day to remember the most important things in life. Going to God is certainly the most important. Great lift and a very catchy title!

  104. Thanks for your inspired ideas Nate!
    I wish you a lovely day, included all the DL Community!

  105. Perfect reminder especially in an age in which software companies call themselves "Oracle," etc. Divind Mind is always as our one best source for wisdom and knowledge...and comfort and joy. Google may provide temporary data, but it's hit or miss at best on the comfort and joy. Thank you!!

  106. Hey Nate
    What a great introduction to your work as Lecturer. Does this count as your first lecture?
    Thank you for all your cheery morning greetings!
    So much good this has done for a very wide family!
    And thank you for sharing this eye-opening Lift.
    Google is useful, but Google is not God! :-)

  107. Thank you, Nate. America and the world needed your message. Google and the Internet are human inventions and like the tree of knowledge, transmits good and evil, and we have to recognize the difference. We know all thoughts and answers from God are good and true and are always available to us
    I love the Daily Lifts each morning and look forward to hearing your lectures someday.

  108. Hi Nate! How relevant, proving again that Truth is eternal, immortal and so very with it. Thanks so much for this lift and the idea for Daily lifts.

  109. Thank you Nate for this "Lift". Yes...always go to God and you will find the answers and direction you need!

  110. Wonderful message. How important to understand that the many demands of the day should not be more important nor pressing than seeking God's guidance, very helpful to me before starting off on the many tasks before me. Thank you very much for the insight.

  111. Wonderful message, delightful presentation! Thank you, Frederick, and welcome to lectureship. Much gratitude to the readers, commenters, and production staff also! Love and blessings to all!

  112. Wow. Love this lift. Welcome to the lecture crew!

  113. That was just wonderful Nate! A sweet reminder for me as I am famous for "googling" when I need info to make a decision. Of course google is an amazing tool, but we do have an even better source of intelligent info from God. I have just moved and there are many, many decisions to make regarding fixing & upgrading our home - God will always be there for me - I just need to acknowledge that He/She will provide the answers if I trust Divine Mind. Thank you so much & welcome to this awesome DL team!

  114. So insightful and needed! THANK YOU NATE! I'll be sharing this!

  115. G'day Nate,

    I love thinking about all of us being a part of the divine network, forever connected through Love. Good flows to and through us without lag or disruption. It's such a joyful idea.

    Thank you for all of your great contributions to our movement.

  116. Hey, hey, Nate!! Hooray for this next phase in going to God first ~ what blessings the wisdom of the One Mind and love of Love you will bring to so many yearning for that cup of cold water!! Hope your DL family will still hear your welcome voice here! Thanks, too, to all on the Board of Lectureship for their listening hearts & minds!

  117. Yeah Nate!!! New lecturer! WOW blessed us. THANK YOU! Love, Nancy

  118. Ditto a previous commenter! Hey hey Nate! Welcome! What a great and exciting week this has been! Welcome to all the new lifters and lecturers!! I absolutely love the Daily Lift and its family! It's like Wednesday night everyday! I am one who checks in morning and evening! Thank you for the simple thought and reminder to go to God first! I just shared that with a family member who is on the road. Thank you again all!!

  119. Thanks! This was helpful.

  120. I love this Daily Lift! I had a prayer of acknowledging God's allness when praying for Church one Sunday. That God was awakening, uplifting, encouraging thought to be where it wanted to be and nothing could keep it from being there. The results were eyeopening! Thank you!

  121. LOVELY, Thank you for this!

  122. Thank You

  123. Hey, Hey! Nate.
    For years my morning ritual included firing up the computer, launching my browser (the Daily Lift is my home page) and being greeted with your voice and the inspirational message that followed. Earning the Award of Excellence indicates how successful as program this been. I occasionally get up at 2 or 3 AM for a needed "Lift", to get me through the night.

    Now we have the privilege of sharing in your inspiration on the lion's share of the program and how appropriate that it deals with Internet technology.

    I'm willing to bet few of us remember Barney Google, the star of a comic strip who eventually had to share his audience with Snuffy Smith and was eventually written out of his own strip when Snuffy became more popular. So it is appropriate to point out that technology and fickle human whims will occasionally try to supplant true wisdom and knowledge with the Parisian garment du jour. We need to watch out for error any disguise (Bada BING, Bada Boom).

    Thanks for helping us keep our, "Goo Goo Googly Eyes" focused clearly on God as the true source of wisdom.

    P.S. I hope everyone who views the video takes the time to go back and listen to the audio version which includes the creative music I have come to associate with your collective outreach. Certainly the musicians add a great deal to the inspiration.

  124. Do you feel all the Love and support from all these people this morning? I feel blessed just peeking in and reading their joy in your new role as Lecturer. I had seen your name in the list of new Lecturers, but had forgotten that meant we would hear from you through the Daily Lifts. Thank you so much, and I look forward to many more timely messages. May we all celebrate the freedom we so clearly demonstrate through our study of Christian Science, Happy 4th everyone!

  125. What a timely thought, Nate! It's a subtle suggestion that a person might find a quicker answer from Google than in taking time to pray, but it's not so, is it! Thanks for your practical ideas!!

  126. Very good! I'm happy to hear young people sharing, and in everyday language. And I'm happy to learn that some Christian Scientists are attending the inter-faith events in their communities. I think every town in America has a community-wide Thanksgiving service, an Easter Sunrise, a Christmas concert or a Day of Prayer... something where all Christians come together. I have never seen Christian Scientists at these. I'm glad things are changing.

    Mrs. Eddy predicted that if we did our job, by the start of this century every church would approximate CS. It hasn't happened yet, and I think that in order for it to happen, we have to interact with other Christians in "the body of Christ".

    I myself stand in as a substitute pastor when a church has a pastor on vacation. I follow my host's traditions, but throw in CS insights to my Bible-based message and have often included a quote from Mrs. Eddy, who I describe as one of the great figures in period of Enlightenment.

    I find that the best way to share CS is to see what others believe and practice, and start affirming what they share with us. People often astound me with their closeness to God. Affirming them opens a door of communication. Then if we actually have something more to contribute, they are receptive because we made a positive connection. We can both feed each other. This is better than saying, "I'm CS. I'm different."

    We have to go to where they are, not wait for them to come to us.

  127. Thanks - we do need to slow it down a bit - in all areas of life - not just the big deals ! xoxo

  128. Nice! Great thoughts. Thank you.

  129. Thank you! This is the best idea for me today as I work on a project that has a lot of contacting people involved. A theme I have pondered in prayer recently is how to pay more attention to what God is telling us. I realized that when an intuition comes 'out of the blue' thought tends to look around for something from the logic in the material world or a connection to our information base we already have to confirm or support it. If there is none, thought can throw away the idea before it even get's started. Mrs. Eddy says that "empirical (based on experience) knowledge is worse than useless." I am glad to be alerted to watch the constant dependence on search engines. Another quote from Mrs. Eddy is "Human will belongs to the material senses." (S&H) This clarifies the "..line of demarcation between the real and the unreal." Human will is not just selfishness or emotional stubbornness. It is all thought patterns based on the material senses. Thanks to all who share.

  130. This was beautiful! Its just what I needed to hear as a I checked my computer before anything else. Back to GOD FIRST! Thank you so much

  131. As Jesus said, "I go to my Father." We emulate this when we look to the divine energies that never are unavailable of off-line.

    Thank you, Nate and each and every Lifter. Sometimes I don't get to read all the comments, but I wish I could!

  132. Good thought and very relevant. Thank you.

  133. I loved the techno hook to understand that God is first and foremost! Congratulations, Nate!

  134. FANTASIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Thanks Nate for the message!
    My mother also had told me that she "googles" all the time with her questions. I'll be happy to share with her your Daily Lift and the truth that only God knows everything.

  136. HEY, HEY Nate, Just thinking, I Googled Google, LOL, and found that 'Google' is a play on the word 'googol,' A 'googol' refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google's use of the term reflects an idea to organize the world's immense amount of information and make it universally accessible and useful. Only God is Infinite and All Knowing. GOD FIRST. Thanks.

  137. Great stuff Nate! and I love what #126 wrote.

  138. FABULOUS reminder about how it is always better when you start with the Divine good, God. For me, it is often challenging not to look at all of the other resources first instead of starting with the Divine. However, the outcome is wonderful when we begin aright! THANKS for the great Lift!!

  139. As we pray early in the morning, everything we do during the day is already taking care. Thank you.

  140. Thank you very much Nate, for your inspired lift!
    Paraphrasing Job 42:5:
    " I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee."
    Nice to meet you!

  141. Thank you. I have changed my habits and am not as compulsively opening my computer in the mornings. I have more time to keep my mind open to inspiration, prayer, and quality time.

  142. Great, Nate. Thank you.

  143. Welcome, dear Nate. How perfect to have you doing your own Daily Lift - and one that is right to the point for us all. It's a great reminder to turn to God first.

  144. Nate, I have never seen you before and I'm glad that I took a look!! Such a simple concept but one that we always need to follow! Thank you!!

  145. This is probably the most helpful Daily Lift I have ever heard--it applies so well to my life as a promoter of written work (my own, mostly) and all the noise that says presence on many of the possible list of sites where authors publicize their work is important. Problem is, too much of this is a time suck, and I have yet to figure out what usage is best for me. Which person giving me advice is right? GOSH, going to God is the best idea ever, and from there, be guided. THANK YOU Nate.

  146. Hey Hey Nate, Loved your Lift - thought ''no other gods (Google) before me"!
    Mahalo nui loa :-)

  147. Love this! Thank you so much Nate! I've been thinking along the same lines lately. When I forget the name of something or place, I want to automatically Google it! I have been practicing pausing before and knowing that Divine Mind knows and will reveal! I can't forget forget because God doesn't forget. Soon after I recieve an answer. God is greater than Google!

  148. Gosh! I consult Google all the time as my first port of call when I'm trying to make decisions about things I haven't had to deal with before. Thank you so much for bringing this issue to my attention. From now on I will be much more diligent about where I turn for guidance first.

  149. Thank you Nate for this wonderful lift - it brought tears to my eyes, it was just so simple & sincere. All the best to you in your new role as lecturer. Will miss your cheerful voice each morning as I listen by phone before I read the lesson. Love you and so nice to finally see you.. God bless you.

  150. Fantastic Nate....and well come to Daily lift.....thank you for your inspiration!

  151. Splendid!

  152. Nate,
    What a great lift! It's so simple, so perfect for our times. I find myself looking things up all the time, but you're right God knows everything! Mind has been guiding people for years, before computers could. That applies to directions, relationships, career moves, all choices...God's always there on standby...really guiding us all the time and there when we need Him/Her.

    thanks again :)

  153. Dear faithful Nate! Welcome to the other side of the mic - and the camera! What a "DUH" - to get to hear from you! And we all agree you have shared such a great message!
    It reminded me of a recent article I loved and shared with my senior SS class - "To Google or not to Google?" by Laura Moliter - in the June 10 Sentinel. She handles the all too prevalent practice of googling our physical symptoms to find out what our malady's name is! Often, the answers lead you in lots of unreliable directions - causing much more fear and confusion. "Step away from the machine!" you both counsel! I love your recommendation to go to God first, for God knows all! And it's always good news too! I especially loved that you shared a precious example of how a need that no technology would have fulfilled - to find your friend - was accomplished by prayer and listening - and didn't take you one wondering/wandering step out of your "straight and narrow way!" Can't wait til your next one! Hey Hey Hooray!

  154. Thank you very much and welcome!!! Nice to see you.

  155. Hello Nate ..
    In this world of immediate gratification - technology has become the means by which, it seems, so many of us turn too quickly, and too often - Additionally, the computer can become a steady companion as well.
    Your lift was "right on" and such a wonderful reminder - "Go to God",
    Rather than turning on the computer - "Turn on", "Tune In" to God (the very best companion) for guidance/information - not the computer ..
    Thanks so much for your very inspiring uplifting "lift", and welcoming us into your home via video
    Love to All

  156. Good one, Nate. I can relate. In a world hastening toward greater and greater dependence on devices and information, it's good to remember there is that all-knowing source of all we need. And it's a trustworthy, reliable source and, of course, our very source as well, so it's natural to be tuned in at all times. No more dismay and the sight of a phone at 1%. No more sense of security with a phone at 100%.

  157. Thanks, Nate! God gave me great advice just now... to bring my Sentinel into the computer room!

  158. Hey, hey, hey! Nice to see a DL from you, Nate, and to have a video of you as well. I add my hope to others above that you will still be involved with these Daily Lifts. You and your team have done such a terrific job that many of us (to paraphrase a song from "My Fair Lady") have grown accustomed to your voice. And thanks again to BofL for providing these Lifts.

  159. In agreement with the loving support above, I also want to thank you for all your past work and time bringing the LIfts to the world. Godspeed as your new adventure unfolds.

  160. Thank you for this true message. For the last few days I have gone to God first, reading the Bible lesson and praying before tuning in to get the weather report, the latest headlines and other information. The result has been that my days have unfolded more smoothly and much differently than my outlined plans.

  161. Hey, Hey, Nate, Thanks for guiding the Daily Lifts and for the variety of music. These Lifts help keep us focused on God in our lives. We look forward to hearing from you in your new position as lecturer.

  162. I agree that God knows everything, but comparing Google to God, even with tongue in cheek, is treading close to the edge. I was not amused!!

  163. Great reminder! Thanks for sharing!

  164. Excellent advice!!

  165. How Divinely refreshing! How perfect no matter what we think we're googling! Everything is from God, Divine Mind. The tiniest search starts with being still and listening and hearing God's direction.
    Thank you. I love the voices from the latest additions to this wonderful place of a Daily Lift.

  166. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments today--I value each one of them. I feel so blessed to be a part of this Daily Lift community. I'd like to give a shout-out to Pam Schumacher, Erik Scheel, Shannon Hodgins and the BoL co-managers. The Daily Lift would not be what it is today without their tireless love and support of this program.

    Good night, you wonderful people. love, Nate

  167. Thanks Nate, this is so true! I did what mentioned in 153, and oh boy, what a mess I'm in... So, really grateful for your reminder... Should have known better, God is Omnipresent indeed!

  168. Great that we will hear more from you, too, Nate! Having chosen a name like 'Seeker', I am glad to be urged to look beyond Googling... though Google has recently brought me some wonderful 'spiritual coincidences' and unlooked-for [unSought!] renewal of apparently long-lost acquaintances. Divine inspiration inspires thought in googling, too? Well, 'All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation......' [S&H]

  169. Such a great Lift, Nate. Apparently not everyone saw you snowboarding with Susie last year. . . I tried Googling some of my questions, but God gives answers that are even more full of everpresent love and tenderness and compassion and are directed right to us: His each and every very special one. Here I am back tonight after time at our family property in Central Queensland with our daughter now baling hay and tending the cattle. So great to be able to step back and see the place still flourishing with prosperity and abundance.

  170. Perfect timing! Thank you.

  171. Thanks, Nate!! I had recently decided to try an online dating service to see if it might help me to meet someone in my age group, but after I had signed up for a trial run, I got the feeling that it just wasn't the way I should go because GOD had a bigger network and was my true connector for meeting the right person l! So I canceled out... and felt better about the whole thing - and now I'm seeing how I can go to God, rather than the internet, for lots of other things as well! Cool!

  172. Thanks Nate - and excellent Lift and good to see you after all the Lift intros.
    The significance that God uses both spirit and technology to inform and care for his world is so
    important in the digital age. I would never have thought that I would have immediate access to
    the Bible (and Daily Lift) on a mobile phone!

  173. Congratulations, Nate! How exciting! Feels like witnessing a family member's progress. Thank you for your Lift and for both versions - video & audio only. I enjoyed the slight differences and both were rich with warmth & inspiration. Thank you for your comment to us # 165 and for making sure we know the other hard working Lift teammates who bring us this wonderful provision. The Lift and your lectureship are safe in God's loving, steady hands.

  174. Such a great thought and reminder!!! Thanks, Nate!!

  175. Welcome Nate and thank you for that wonderful message !! I loved it. What a great reminder that God is in complete control of our lives every moment of every day.

  176. Loved the simple trust you expressed in this experience and with the Bible quote, the book of true freedom for the ages. Jesus always spoke with such clarity and simplicity. Thanks Nate, this was simply about God's goodness and our Father God's love to give us the ability to listen and follow.... (;D

  177. Nate, Thank you for the important and helpful message of putting God first.

  178. Thank you so much! I need a constant reminder to put God first!!!! I am learning so much about Christian Science. Thank you for reminding me of the basic thought!

  179. Nate, thank you for a very timely message. I do connect with God everyday; however, you really brought to the forefront a very thoughtful question, how much am I depending on God. Google is my "go to" for information, which is not wrong to utilize this useful tool. But am I giving to God all intelligence, the all-knowing first.

  180. Dear Nate,
    I love your question! Finally someone dares to question Google! As you say. God is much more reliable, has many more resources and ideas, is much more creative - and He / She is ALIVE!!! Someone you can talk to and get answers.

    thank you very much again!

  181. Google is better... and it actually exists!

  182. Hey Nate
    Your first Lift as a Christian Science lecturer is right on the money. It starts on a positive note and I believe it is only appropriate that it should end on one.

    God IS . . . . . . . . . . Love

  183. Ingenioso y gran Lift, querido Nate !!! Bienvenido y muy agradecida por tu mensaje sanador en esta era informática. No obstante, tu pregunta es curiosa : ¿Es Google Dios? Aunque la respuesta es negativa , Google es útil para mucha gente , pero No es Dios . Dios- el Amor infinito y universal -tiene la respuesta y orientación justa para todos Sus hijos/as en cualquier momento de sus vidas.

    Mrs. Eddy define a Dios como : ' El gran YO SOY; el que todo lo sabe....... todo amor, todo sustancia, inteligencia, y eterno ' (cys p 587).

    En oración consagrada a Dios podemos preguntarle todo lo que necesitemos saber y sin demora nos brindará directamente sus divinas respuestas . Sin embargo, siento gratitud por los avances tecnológicos actuales , siempre que se usen al servicio del Bien y para bendecir a los demás.

    Agradezco los inspirados comentarios previos.
    Mucho Amor y Bendiciones a todos,
    Ma. Cristy

  184. Great message Nate. Thank you for sharing how God worked it out for you and your friend as is always the case.

  185. My comment was # 173 and I hadn't realized my computer had defaulted back to "name." Since I wrote "Feels like witnessing a family member's progress." I didn't want to stay anonymous!

    Also..everyone is experiencing their own path and we can trust divine Love, which is also divine Mind is constantly making Itself known to all. Infact, Mind inspired Google! God, Good reaches everyone.

  186. Thanks Nate! What a completely appropriate Daily Lift. I seem to have a lot on my plate juggling various different jobs, all about getting people to hear different messages, getting people to different events, getting people to follow us on Twitter and liking the various Facebook pages I manage, and all along I've forgotten who's doing the inviting, who's organising the events and who's doing the communicating, God is! Thanks for reminding me of who is ultimately and only in control! I also love that your human actions wouldn't have helped invite this friend to the interfaith meeting, but starting with prayer started you on the right foot, and you achieved what you needed to, and even was able to invite this friend personally in person. God truly is awesome!

  187. hmmmm...This reminds me how subtle is the tendency to rely on human resources first, especially in "small" matters, and then turn to God if/when the situation gets problematic or complicated. I am very grateful for this reminder to rely on God FIRST and in ALL matters, great and small. Thank you! I missed this lift on July 3rd, and am so grateful I went back to check it out.

  188. Hi Nate! I too feel as though I am witnessing the progress of a family member. It is so nice to hear and see you in this lift! Congratulations are in order as well and thank you for this lift which was truly uplifting for our time in this advancing technological world. Much love...

  189. That's so Beautiful and Powerful. Most grateful to you for sharing this lift :)

  190. Perfect, Nate! I missed this one, but so glad I came across it while scrolling through 'lifts' to leave a fruition comment on another.
    And 'lift' you have, our thoughts, to the sustaining infinite! Not dependent on electricity, or batteries, megabits or technology. The only connectivity we need is to our source~God!

  191. Hi Nate! That's true for the lecture events, too!
    Much joy and success, Renate

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