7/26: Don't sit on your gift

7/26: Don't sit on your gift

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Click HERE to listen to the song that Laura mentions in this Lift.
  1. Thank you Laura for this thought-provoking Lift. The best gifts, the ones we appreciate the most, are those that we put to good use. I think of God's great gift to man as Christian Science, and as we put these divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love (as you mentioned) into practice we find we are joyous, loving, and most helpful to others. Certainly, the expression of Love is absolutely the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Perfect! I love it. I will not sit on my gift!

  3. Thank you I will do just that - Love because I reflect Love

  4. Excellent!!! Thanks!

  5. What a gift, to be called God’s image!!!
    What a gift, to be called children of God!!!
    What a gift, to have an everpresent, all-loving God for Father!!!

    “A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Prov. 18:16

    The best way to appreciate these gifts are to share this love that is ours by heredity, don’t let it go to waste…

    ¡Qué regalo, ser llamados imagen de Dios!
    ¡Qué regalo, ser llamados hijos de Dios!
    ¡Qué regalo, tener un Dios siempre presente, todo-amoroso por Padre!

    “La dádiva del hombre le ensancha el camino Y le lleva delante de los grandes.” Prov. 18:16

    La mejor manera de apreciar estas dádivas es compartiendo este amor que es nuestro por heredad, no dejemos que se pierda…

  6. Thank you. That sounds easy enough to do. Sharing our talents is also an act of love. I need to get braver at that.

  7. It's so TRUE that the greatest gift IS Love, and I am always uplifted by those gentle, but inspiring words of Jesus when he says "All I ask, is that you love one another".
    Thank you to one and ALL for these wonderful daily lifts.

  8. Spot-on Laura!! Thank you

  9. Many thanks Laura for this great reminder. Yes. " — fulfilling the law of Love, doing good to all;" (Mis.12:28). "For we must share, if we would keep/ That blessing from above;/ They cease to have who cease to give:/ Such is the law of Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #182).

  10. Ah, a truly inspiring gift! Yes, we all have talents, which is in essence one talent, in infinite shapes: loving, expressing God's love in countless, individual ways! Very grateful!

  11. Thx Laura
    Our talents are multiplied when we use them to bless others. Suddenly we are rich - having even more to share.

  12. Great Lift!
    A Gift!

  13. Thank you,yes we have much to give and share this weekend. Life, Truth, and Love goes out to each and every one.

  14. A truly wonderful LIFT! So beautifully put. Thankyou!
    Love Mandi :-)

  15. Laura, you used YOUR gift in sharing this Lift.

  16. Thank you Laura, that's so helpful for me today! And thank you so much Annette (10), I love that thought that we have "in essence one talent, in infinite shapes: loving....etc"

  17. Beautiful message and gift to bring wherever we go today . . . God's love.

  18. Thanks Laura for this wonderful " lift gift" for all..!!

    Your "gift" spoke my words often shared with family or friends( & myself) throughout my life, ......so my heart soared to hear it reinforced in your sweet delivery!!!


  19. What a delightful way to think about sharing our gifts! Best of all, the fact that we all have something good and loving to offer. "This commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also." ( 1 John 5: 21)

  20. This is thoughtful. I would love a follow up lift now on how to address the fear that comes from dealing with what others express about your gift. " the good that I would, I do not"

  21. Love it, Laura! Thanks so much for sharing the words from the gospel song coupled withMrs. Eddy's wonderful statement about sharing the one great gift we all have - to simply LOVE :)
    Thank you!

  22. Thank you! Loved it!
    Someone once pointed out to me that a present doesn't become a gift until we accept it and open it. I thought of this as I listened. God is Love and is "present". and the talent to love becomes our gift when we use it. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to make this present of Love a well used gift!

  23. Thanks, Laura, for the inspiring instruction to not sit on our gift of love. As the Welcome to the Christian Science Bible Lessons states in the full text Quarterly, "...as you actively live love day by day, even moment by moment, you can see the healing and benefits that result, helping not only yourself but everyone your life touches." May we all be guided to give our gift of lovely freely. Love is reflected in love.

  24. Oh, what a lovely message. We have "gifts" for everyone we meet; moment by moment. Thank you so much, Laura.

  25. thank you so much for that wonderful Lift!!

  26. They also serve who stand and wait at high-port.
    Thanks for All today.

  27. Lovely lift! thank you!

  28. Thank you so much! I love this.

  29. Thanks, Laura, for a calm, restful and reassuring message, spoken with humility and grace. And thanks to Wendy-from-Kent, for reminding us we have "gifts" for everyone we meet today.

  30. Thank you so much Laura for a great Daily Lift! What an inspiring quote from Miscellany (p 195). That "deep discontent with our shortcomings" will obviously be replaced with perfect Love from our beloved Father-Mother, Good. Just whatever we do, wherever we are, whatever is needed at the moment becomes a golden opportunity to pass on God's perfect gift to us, which in turn is shared with others. And it keeps on going. . .
    Thank you for a great week Nate and the team. Thanks to all the Daily Lift family.

  31. Thank you, Laura, for this Lift which reminds me of what I gathered from Barbara Pettis' chat on heredity, July 24: that although our humanly cherished customs that are useful and positive are good we must always take our thought about these things beyond the human to the divine. To me this is profoundly important, as it brings out a very subtle way in which we may be duped into to cloaking and supporting material thinking in certain areas of our human experience.

    So I like how this Lift helps me to understand the same message, that to really value the promise of Proverbs 18:16 we must think beyond the limited human talents of the visual arts, the performing arts, atleticism, etc. and see our concept of talents through the divine: that the one great talent is to love (encompassing all talents), and that we must ever seek and strive to grow that talent eternally and in all things and cases- and to recognise that universal talent and it's potential in each and every one.
    Thanks also for that passage from Mrs. Eddy from MY195:13, which is very helpful .

  32. Wow! Love that Gospel Song, Laura! "The Gift that God gave to you, it looks Good on You!" Right On, Sista! Maybe a New Hymn for the Supplement.....??? If we want to keep it, we have to give it away! One of the tenants of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is that if you want to keep your sobriety, you have to go help someone else! Or....as Mrs. Eddy says, in her spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer: "And Love is reflected in love." Science and Health, p. 17, l. 7. Happy Hoedown Friday, Everyone and a Gift-Giving Weekend to All! Love that Gift and Share it with the World!

  33. Thinking about this lovely lift, I am reminded of the value of a simple smile. It lights up a room. It turns sadness to joy. It warms our heart. To me it is the start of love! And it is a Gift to everyone we share it with!

  34. Laura, what great lyrics, sung with such joy... thanks for introducing us to contemporary Gospel. The reminder that we all share the gift of being able to love is so appropriate.

    The gift, it looks good on you, and you wear it well...

    God has graced you, and you wear it well...

    Your gift works for you, just be you!


  35. Thank you All. What a blessed gift or gifts of Love expressed by Laura and all the lifters.
    Here is the quote from My 194:15 " To do good to all because we love all, and to use in God's service the one talent that we all have, is our only means of adding to that talent and the best way to silence a deep discontent with out shortcomings."

  36. Thank you.

  37. Wonderful ,, thank You! :-)

  38. I always thought I had "thwarted talents." What nonsense!! Thank you, Laura. The first talent I will release today is that of love, and never mind the consequences.

  39. Thanks for all these lovely gifts this morning, Laura and everyone.

  40. A smile, expressing gratitude, seeing the good in everyone, listening, taking time, being patient, being present, a compliment, putting coins in an expired parking meter, writing and sending a note to someone in the military or in need, accentuating the good, a helping attitude--all gifts of Love! And the list goes on and on as we let Love guide. Thank you!!!

  41. Absolutely.

  42. Hay un dicho en español: No nos durmamos en los laureles. Sin duda podríamos aplicarlo a éste mensaje. Regalo, don, a veces puede parecer, que podemos sentarnos aspirando a recibir, sin embargo es todo lo contrario, cada regalo, don y hasta podría considerarse un talento, algo propio y merecido. Sin embargo entiendo, que no es más que una obligación que tenemos que cumplir, y esa obligación es nuestro mérito.

    Cuando surgen estas consideraciones, recuerdo las obras de Cristo Jesús, sus dicho de total sumisión Él jamás manifestó otra cosa que no fuera Amor y obediencia a su Padre-Dios, y dijo: "Hasta ahora mi Padre trabajo y yo trabajo" y siento que de la misma manera nosotros, mientras nuestro Padre trabaje, debemos trabajar, entiendo que debe haber una comunión entre Dios y nosotros que nos lleva a poner en práctica, en plena manifestación de gratitud, el regalo, el don o toda dádiva que el Amor divino nos da. Como otros así lo hicieron antes que nosotros, para que la puerta a la Ciencia divina permanezca abierta y los regalos se multipliquen, para hacer la voluntad divina.

    ¡¡El más bello de los regalo es sin duda ese, porque no nos deja permanecer sentados esperando, sino que nos impulsa a actuar!!

    Muchas gracias Laura, la inspiración viene como aventador a señalar el camino.

  43. I love the idea of giving God a compliment through using our gifts from God ....what a way to love God and acknowledge all He does for us. THANK YOU!

  44. Welcome, dear Laura!
    And thank you for this wonderful thought to not sit on ones' gift. I had to learn this early in my life, that God's gifts don't necessarily need schools, colleges or the like human teaching to reach us. But it is the open heart, the joyful and attentive living, the receptive thinking - and divine intelligence which teaches us THE WAY in Christian Science. Of course, thinking and pondering, together with searching the scriptures is part of this way.
    Thank you! I will remember not to sit on my gifts. Ever! :-)

  45. Wonderful Lift! Thank you.

  46. Laura, thank you for your sweet message and for sharing the song. Your Daily Lift is a gift in itself for us! Lifter #28 has said it all. I am so very grateful for Mary Baker Eddy's writings and the close presence of God in my life. I think that, as children of God, reflecting divine Love, we all have many daily gifts to bring to those we meet everyday whether casually, or in our families. Our reflections of divine Love benefit everyone around us.

    And thank you all lifters and The Daily Lift Team.

  47. Thank you for today's lift and all the comments.

  48. Wonderful! I LOVED IT! thank you!

  49. Laura,
    ah. THANK YOU
    This song on You Tube is so inspiring-moving!
    God-given talent bestowed on us? YES for ever

  50. Wonderful Lift! Thank you. Love is something we ALL express.

  51. What a nimble assignment ! And 'just to love' is the ultimate GIFT. Laura, your Lift Gift
    reinforces the GIFT that Henry Drummond describes in ''The Greatest Thing in the World.''
    He says 'the gift of love' is to see others in their spiritual reality, as Jesus beheld in men & women around him their spiritual identity vs their human limitations. Ah, Laura you help us leap up and
    let our gifts FLY.

  52. Thank you, Laura, for “Don’t sit on your gifts …”

    During my early teen years, some friends of mine and I would challenge each other if anyone seemed to be taking herself too seriously. “Who do you think you are? God’s gift to the world???” And the person, having been "brought back down to earth," would give an obligatory shrug and we’d all smile.

    One time I was “the person” and afterward, it got me to praying. I remember thinking that I wasn’t trying to show off or compete with anyone (except my “old” self) and I didn’t think I was better than anyone else. I was just sincerely sharing my best at the time. And then after a while, I was prayerfully led to declare that, “Yes! I am God’s gift to the world. And everyone else is God’s gift to the world, too! And we’re here to share our gifts with each other.” :-)

    I like to think that God gives us “our own selves,” consisting of all God’s qualities, as our first gift. As we have a lifetime of opening our gift, we are meant to share “our own selves” with each other. God will guide and God’s guidance protect us, in sharing appropriately. But we’re not meant to hold back the gift God made us to be. Freely received to be freely given.

    “Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.” (I John 4:11)

  53. Very helpful as I begin my day. I awoke this morning and began to evaluate my life and gave myself a grade of D. Knowing my thought process was headed in the wrong direction, I quickly turned to the day's Daily Lift.
    The idea (and truth) expressed just what I needed to remember. The gift I give to day is love. I am also loved as the child of God. I am so grateful for this reminder.

  54. Beautiful reminder, Laura, of what God empowers us all to do with joy--reflect Love. The phrase "Don't sit on your gifts" helps me realize that I must be active in expressing Love, stand up courageously for Love and not let materialistic suggestions keep me from being all God makes me to be! Thank you for your message and the link to the song.

  55. I love it!!! thank you.. I heard the Lift twice.. We all do have a "gift" to give to all; to love one another - we are all God's children.

  56. Thank you for this. Love the song and this message!

  57. The gift to be able to love God and his beautiful, perfect creation is what we are here for.

  58. "The Gift, it looks Good on You and You wear it well!" What a Sweet and Original way to express what Christianity and Christian Science are all about: All of us are the precious Reflections of our Great God's Being! What a Gift and we are All wearing it Well!

  59. Yes, stand, not sit, on the Christ, Truth.

    Thank you for this thought-provoking message. I seem to easily share the gift of comfort and approval unless someone's opinion is the opposite of mine. This has been very annoying in the past. Today I am trying to only be in favor of the Christ, God's view of what needs to be accomplished. This has brought me greater peace and balance.

  60. Just listened to "The Gift" By Donald Lawrence. Oh, yeah!!! Here's the weblink I clicked:

  61. Do we know of anyone doing God's will? Give that one a blessing.
    Thank you Laura. Harmony is the thing.

  62. Ah, wonderful, Laura . . .and so glad the link was included so we could hear the song you referenced. I'm searching for the lyrics but haven't found them yet . . Laura, you have so purely expressed a foundational thought: we all have the one single talent of loving . . and it is expressed in an endless rainbow of ways. God had already spoken to me today about staying in the heart of His love . . your LIft echoed and expanded that thought. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  63. I think the greatest gift of all is LOVE which comes from God. From LOVE comes the talents which is only a symbol of that Love. For example, the gift of an entertainer, such as an Acktor, Singer or Comedian. Those talents are sincere when they are expressing God and not coming from a mortal wishing to be famous because of it, but to truly desire to obliterate all false feelings about mortal life and lift the individual to the reality God as unselfish Love. This is the way of not sitting on your gift, but express it.

  64. what a great lift - I will listen to often as this is something I often struggle with - thanks

  65. Beautiful. Our gift is to us from God, but this blessing is incomplete until it is further given from us to others.

  66. I just read a letter to the editor that expressed an idea that I strongly felt must be refuted. I wanted to write a powerful response to refute what they had said.

    Your lift came at the perfect time, to show me that my gift is the gift of Love. I can and now will write from this truly powerful standpoint. I am sure writing from Love is the most effective way to communicate!

    Many Thanks, Laura

  67. Such a helpful message and a sweet delivery of it. Thank you for a needed thought for today.

  68. This gives me a great opportunity to share one of my absolute favorite quotes: I Cor. 1:7
    ye come behind in no gift

    Each of us received a gift of some sort, and each of us can use this gift to give something to others.

  69. what a great idea. thank you.

  70. This is INSPIRED! Everything. "I think our talent is simply to love. That i what ewe have to offer."
    Thank you, Laura, and bless you.

  71. Thanks so much, Laura...

  72. In biblical times I read that a talent is worth 20 years of work and, as Jesus' parable describes, to bury it, (or sit on it) is to waste it. What a great reminder that investing years of work in a worthwhile endeavor, such as love, is a gift. Good intentions and delivering good intentions is a gift! Thank you :)

  73. I loved this lift and the simplicity of its message. And all of the comments were a joy to read. They made me feel the unity that love expresses in each one who catches the spirit of God's love.

    Thank you.

  74. Just read all the comments and so appreciated re-engaging with this wonderful "gift" message. Enjoyed listening to the song, too. Hearing the way the song's message is repeated over & over helps to make it our own, to soak it in so to speak...you feel it's truth...very inspiring!

  75. Maybe in loving, we discover our gifts! loved the thought of use gifts to not have a deep discontent with our shortcomings.

  76. Not just that we hold the same last name, thus in human terms we are related somewhere along the line, but the simplicity of the message is something we can hold dear to our hearts. Mary Baker Eddy's words, quoted from Miscellaneous Writings, is especially true today when the emphasis in sports, academic pursuits, media, business and so on is success not God's gift of love.

  77. Such a beautiful gift. Than you so much.

  78. Standing room only! Thanks for the Lift!

  79. I just am enraptured by the thought that, whenever I can give/do an act of kindness, however small, I am also giving my Father a compliment! I know that I do so from the love of God, from His divine expression of good in my life, as an open channel for Him; but to be actually giving back to God - this thought gives me a deep sense of enrichment and moreso, of being accepted and valued - it is like a kiss on the cheek, that warms the heart. Thank you so very much for this beautiful and insightful Lift - it has been a Soaring!!

  80. Thank you so much Laura. Love it! If we love then everything we do will be motivated by that love and be reflected in love! What a gift to have and to give! (=

  81. Thank you for sharing!
    I so needed to hear this today. I have been out there trying to find a school that would basically welcome my gifts. I have been tempted to feel sorry for myself. I have been looking for work on and off now since I completed my teaching certification in Jan. The timing became right to continue my search when many openings popped up in my county in April I was excited and thought maybe I would have a strong chance. At times I felt like I was invisible. Summer came and there were still many openings; but I wasn't getting any calls for interviews. I would send my resume out there. Visit schools in person and call principals and I would get no response. I knew I certainly had these wonderful gifts and ideas to share with the students. Frustration and discouragement began to set in and I lost my desire to keep trying. I had gotten to the point where I had exhausted all of my important leads, referrals, and recommendations and still no response. I didn't want to go too far away far from my home; but I did begin to apply in schools in other surrounding counties. I guess you could say I was lifted today by this spiritual "LIFT". I began praying yesterday with the idea of gifts and "LOVE" was the starting point for me. I thought, even if I was deeply sad and didn't feel loved, I could certainly humbly ask God to show me how I could share my gift of LOVE today. Thank you for this healing message.

  82. I had a wake-up call along these lines when some friends awarded me the made-up "Light under a Bushel Award." I had been letting self-consciousness, a selfish protectionism, keep me silent when I should have been sharing.

    Since then, a motive to just love others has helped me to let my light shine more openly and consistently. Of course, that light is really God's: It is reflected and available to all. Natural expressiveness, neither forced nor withheld, is so easy when we take off the bushel basket of mortal separateness (personal sense: pride, shame, self-protection, rivalry).

    For me, this relinquishment has been a real victory. So now, I hereby pass along the "Light Under a Bushel Award" to anyone who might benefit from it, as I did. You know who you are.

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