7/25: Being a peacemaker

7/25: Being a peacemaker

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We are currently airing a two-week series on the Beatitudes from Matthew chapter 5 in the Bible. Today's Lift references the peacemakers.
  1. That's a lovely way of looking at that beatitude. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Ginny. What a great way to start the day - I am a peacemaker. What a joy to ourselves; and those around us will benefit too.

  3. I love this!
    And as I listened, I couldn't help thinking about the recent Aurora killings...if only people would make peace instead of settling conflicts with firearms...And I'm talking about the inner wars we sometimes have to settle, as well as outward conflicts. The peace process starts with each one of us, in our hearts, in our thoughts, and when obtained, this peace can only radiate outwards, blessing all.
    Thank you so much for sharing bits of your experience, Ginny, never glossing over the tough parts, but gently saying we can all turn lead into gold. Yesterday I listened again to the Lift about ice cubes; so wonderfull and comforting.

  4. The beautiful attitude of a beatitude! A lovely lesson, Ginny. Thank you!

  5. ..."to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good" S&H 494:14
    God is communicating with us every moment, then why is so hard to control our tongues?
    There was a period of 6 years when I used to scream almost till my head popped, when somebody else would push my buttons.
    It was my way of saying “You’re taking the good from me!“ ...then I took class instruction in Christian Science and I found the peaceful, real me.
    “...a la humanidad entera y a toda hora el Amor divino suministra todo el bien. CyS 494:15
    Dios está comunicándose con nosotros en todo momento, ¿entonces por qué es tan duro controlar nuestra lengua?
    Hubo un período de 6 años cuando yo solía gritar casi hasta que se me saltaba la tapa de los sesos, en cuanto alguien presionaba mis botones.
    Era mi manera de decir “¡Estás quitándome el bien que me pertenece!“ ...entonces tomé instrucción en clase en la Ciencia Cristiana y hallé mi verdadero pacífico yo

  6. Many thanks Ginny for reminding us that in the consciousness of divine Love there is nothing but peace. "Thy kingdom, God, within us; Shows forth Love's sweet control./God's idea, man, rejoices;/He knows the reign of Soul." (Christian Science Hymnal #221).

  7. So true, dear Ginny. Whilst driving, we can do our most important metaphyysical treatments. Thank you for your sharing, caring &
    experiences which bless everyone.

  8. Thank you Ginny!

  9. Danke! Sehr gut und Wahrheit hifreich dargestellt!

  10. I used to become angry and gesticulate when somebody cut me off in traffic. But then I realised: ... God so loved the world ...! ... God so loves the other driver, and from that day on I usually smile to the other driver.
    Thanks Ginny! We need peace!

  11. Thank you, particularly for clarifying where the peace is made, and that is always initially within us before it can be expressed outwardly. This may seem very difficult to do sometimes when error looks so much like someone we know, but it is always a mis-take on someone, and not the truth about them. The truth about us is always peaceful. Thank you.

  12. Thank you, what a great way to start our day. Thanks again.

  13. Beautiful, thank you.

  14. THANK YOU!!

  15. Ginny, you always come up with the goods! Thank you.

  16. I can remember wanting to talk to someone so badly. I saw one walking far ahead of me and I ran as hard and as fast as my little short legs could run until I caught up to say something. Peacemaking is not a bunch of people, or even two people agreeing. That would be as pointless as one sleeping/dreaming person trying to talk to the other person sleeping/dreaming in bed. Peace is not a bunch of separate dreams/dreamers. Peacemaking/peacemakers signifies coming to God, and as many as agree to come to God, come together, since all of God's ideas, as infinite rays of light from the sun come together in order to fulfill the Christ. How many Lecturers can fulfill their pastoral role sitting in their administration room waiting for the assembly to come to them? None. They have to surmount many technical and physical obstacles, hurdles, and strive to overcome time and space to get to where they can express themselves to others who are also seeking God. Inexhaustible divine Love is propelling us to our hidden treasure. Every tractor trailer I see on the road looks to me like my brother, so I know that I love him or her without fear or anger and I love to see our mutual safety, as God is our forever infinite source of peace, or coming to God. Not everyone healed by Jesus wanted to be taught or become his disciple, but still they were healed.

  17. Thank you so much Ginny, this is exactly what this soldiers Mom needed to hear this morning. A message from my son yesterday was for work to be done. He deployed overseas a week and half ago. The unit they are replacing just lost several people. He MOS puts him in the middle of the situation. I needed to be reminded of the definition of peace I have come to love. Peace: In a state or condition of order or harmony. Harmony I take to mean the perpetual activity of cause and effect, our constant, consistent, undivided oneness with God. Since we first learned he would be deploy overseas I have been working daily to 'feel and know' everyone in that region are just as precious a child of God as my son and all the soldiers are. When I read those Christly words, 'Peace, be still.' I see an acknowledgement that our be-ing in a state or condition of order or harmony is still, it always has been continual, perpetual, undivorced and unfettered by human hatred. NO one is left out, cut off, denied or incapable of knowing and expressing their oneness with God. Your quotation on page 494, line 13 is the icing on cake! Divine Love is meeting not just the needs of 1 soldier, unit or Army, but EVERYONE'S needs. With every Daily Lift, lecture and article I sent him last night I instructed him to include everyone in his thought when listening and reading them. Love's reach is all encompassing! Now I can tell him he is being a 'Peacemaker'! Much love and gratitude for this lift!

  18. We have no clue sometimes of the effects of our yielding those violent thoughts to the abiding authority of Christ's peace. Maybe we are humbled with a measure of peace ourselves, or perhaps just given the courage to be still, and the patience to continue our best efforts as peacemakers and sharers. If forgiving other's rudeness seems hard, it is sometimes even more of a challenge to forgive ourselves for the words of our own mouths, or for our neglect or carelessness, or for misdeeds we remember, all of which may have leapt out of the darkness of our own unyielded hearts. And how grateful we can be for the balm of our own prayers, the prayers of those on whom we call, and the uncounted anonymous prayers of forgiveness directed toward us when we have been thoughtless or aggressive. "All things work together for good to them that love God" (even when we seem to forget that love). And "What a friend we have" in all those who share the peace of Christ.

  19. Ginny,
    Thank you for the wonderful "Lift"! Awesome way to start the day. 8 am reminded of a verse from the Bible that states: "all thing work togethet for good for them that love God." Rom.8-28. This includes being a peasemaker! What a comfort it is to know we all...as His children, have the right to work together to be those "Peacemakers"!!

  20. "What you see, hear, feel, is a mode of consciousness, and can have no other reality than the sense you entertain of it." Un.8:8
    Praying to lift what we personally see to what divine consciousness/Omniscience is, is a very effective way to pray. We only have to heal our own thought, each one of us.
    "God's law is in three words, "I am All;" and this perfect law is ever present to rebuke any claim
    of another law." No.30:11
    We prayed to remove the so-called barrier to freedom, the Berlin Wall in this way. Time is only a human concept. It collapses when we realize there is only "infinite Now".
    "Time:. Mortal measurements; limits, in which are summed up ALL human acts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, knowledge; matter; error; .............., until the mortal disappears and spiritual perfection appears." S&H 595:17
    So grateful for all the wonderful avenues for Love provided by TMC - the Daily Lift is just one of many. Thank you Ginny for sharing.

  21. "I am a peacemaker." What a powerful way to identify ourselves! We can expand the idea to include, "I am a healer," or "I am kind," or "I am a thinker; I can think and not react to this situation." This Lift gives us a very practical tool with which to live. Thank you, Ginny!

  22. As one who sometimes gets annoyed at other drivers, I really appreciate this "lift". I had not thought of peacemaking in this instance. I just know I need more patience. Some months ago, when stuck behind a slow driver (and being concerned about being on time for a class) I found myself declaring that I am always exactly where I need to be all the time, and so is everyone else. No one can obstruct another, just as the rays of sunlight do not interfere with each other. As I held to that instead of looking at the clock, I found myself arriving in time, finding convenient parking, and being just where I needed to be. The whole day unfolded harmoniously after that.
    Thanks, Ginny, for giving a new dimension to peacemaking. Peace starts with oneself.

  23. ¿Qué tal si los soldados se negaran a ir a la guerra? haciendo uso legítimo del mandamiento no matarás.
    Contraviniendo el falso sentido de patria, si hacemos memoria hay apenas algún caso en que la persona se niega y sufre el castigo que la ley humana otorga por cumplir la ley divina. Entonces está en nosotros terminar con las guerras porque ni aún los creyentes en Dios se niegan a ir a la matanza.

    Después diremos que la culpa es de Dios que no hace nada es más reclamamos a Ël que nos libre de sus consecuencias, ¿no será hora de tomar la responsabilidad que nos corresponde a cada uno de nosotros y comencemos por negarnos a ir? y entonces solo entonces podremos reclamar por ese maravilloso don de lograr el Bien por nosotros mismos, negándonos a entrar en la causa de odio y dolor, pero mientras no lo hagamos y no vale decir yo no fui porque no me tocó o por la razón que sea, porque lamentablemente el sentimiento de "patria" arrastra aún al más cristiano a un sentir erroneo porque cree que cumple con un deber que no es tal.
    Imaginemos que todos se revelan y nadie va, no habría guerra, entonces dejemos de hacernos trampa al solitario y asumamos que todo depende de nosotros mismos y que el amor está en todos lados si nos negamos a quebrantar los mandamientos vengan de donde vengan y justificados en una presunta necesidad que no es tal, la única es servir a Dios.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, si no hay combatientes no hay guerra empecemos por negarnos, y el Amor divino hará el resto.

  24. That's what I call living Christian Science. Being Love, love, love. Thank you!!!

  25. Thank you.

  26. Thanks, Ginny, for this expanded view of peacemaking. It's 5:15 AM here in Northern California and I sometimes forget about the time differences around the world when I read the comments. My heart goes out to J.D. in Texas whose son has just been deployed and she certainly is on the right track with her thoughts of peacemakers. My grandson had three tours of duty in Iraq and I also prayed for everyone on all sides of the dispute and to hold to the thought of there being only one Mind in control and not many conflicting minds. How great it would be to see more peacemaking in our political debates!

  27. As always, Ginny, you have provided us with a treatment and a way to treat ourselves for the good of all. Thank you. Have a beautiful day, everyone!

  28. The Psalms are very soothing poetry during times of stress.

    "Ye that Love the Lord, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked." (Psalms 97.)

    We are all veterans.

  29. Thanks so much JD #17. Good on your son for doing great work and taking a sense of peace to a war zone where harmony is so needed. Your prayers for him and others are powerful as based on Divine Principle. I really appreciate the way you shared and deepened my grasp of this beatitude.

    Thanks, also, Ginny. A crystal clear message.

  30. If there were a line to get into to have a life do-over to improve our peacefulness, I would be elbowing and shoving my way to the front. Wait! That doesn’t seem very peaceful. Oh, we must be alert to the ideas that come to us as justified reaction.

    Yesterday as I was thinking through the Aurora events, I was awakened with this inspired question. - How does God view this event? That surprised me and I thought “What? Really? God’s view? That simple? But look at all the trouble that went on? (justified reaction!)

    God’s view holds no harm and sentences no one to death or pain. God’s view IS embracing Love.

    Seeing eye to eye with divine Love, we can look upon the situation with no attraction/reaction to the wrong and much to contribute to peace. Hymn 424 “Comfort” is a goodie too!

    Most important Lift today, Ginny! Thank you.

  31. Thank you, Ginny!
    Always helpful.

  32. thank you Ginny!

  33. Oh thank you, Ginny! Your so down-to-earth Honesty always just warms my heart! Being a 12-Step Person, as well as being a Christian Scientist, I have learned how important it is to be ruthlessly Honest with myself and to not hide my problems or shortcomings "under the rug". This practice of sharing openly and honestly about what is truly going on with me has helped me understand what Mary Baker Eddy meant when she wrote: "Honesty is spiritual power". And thank you, also, to #5 Elena, for sharing so Honestly about your past of screaming until your head popped, and then learning peace within through your Christian Science Class Instruction. "Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me!" Have a Peaceful Day Everyone! Much Love!

  34. Ginny this is a wonderful way to Be a peacemaker -- looking for even one spiritual, good quality, and know God is there right where the opposite appears to be. A great lesson in this.
    THANK YOU. I too will declare I AM A PEACEMAKER.

  35. aND I am so grateful for all the peacemakers who shared ideas on the comment board.

  36. Ginny, I am sitting on my patio and humanly hurting with pain, but your very funny remark about the unpleasant gesture just broke the self thought and I just had to laugh . I would like to tell #17, 1. How much we all are loving your grandson . I would like to share a true experience, my grandmother was a long time Christian Science practitioner, in her town there was a family of 7 draft age young men, just ripe for the world war 2 draft. One by one these young men came to grandmother as they were being deployed asking that she hold them in her prayers. She did hold and pray for them every day and sometimes during the nit. Each 'solider' boy came home unharmed. I have held to this often. We all are holding your dear one in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  37. The peace of God must always be in our thought if our goal is to bring healing to the world. "What Price Victory?", a poem that appeared in the Sentinel (April 30, 1966) kept coming to me last night. Check it out at JSH Online. It was preparing me for today's LIFT. Thank you Ginny!

  38. Thank so much Ginny

  39. Thanks! I needed that. I've been working on not reacting in driving situations.

  40. The "Be-attitudes" are really a work ethic for all mankind. Thank you for the "Be-autiful" points that you shared with us.

  41. Thanks! Ginny. This is such a great lift.

  42. Great lift, Ginny! Even one thought at a time and one quality at a time is progress and can help us remember we are all a child of God. Thank you Daily Lift team for these lifts on the beatitudes.

  43. Anyone who drives a car has had these same thoughts and feelings to overcome. I have a dear neice who expresses it this way when someone is drivng thoughtlessly she says "Well, aren't you special"? Well it may be meant a bit sarcastically, but I have now changed the meaning by knowing that all God's ideas ARE special and each idea is in its right relationship to every other idea so none can be in a conflicting place.
    Thank you for your inspriing message to remind us of our duty and blessing to be peacemakers.

  44. I love how you brought out how peacekeeping blesses all and how one feels blessed, even holy, by choosing and acting from peace. It's feeling our authentic selves. This Lift also reminded me of a funny incident that happened several years ago. I was stuck behind a school bus in a Chicago suburb when I was surprised that two fresh-faced little girls about 9 years old began gesturing to me obscenely in the back window. After the initial shock and judgement about where they may have learned that gesture, I found it ridiculous and I decided to just smile and wave as if they were waving to me. They were surprised and tried to gesture more emphatically, as if to say "Can't you see we're swearing at you!" I just kept smiling and waved more enthusiastically back! This went on for a few more blocks until I was laughing in the car and they finally gave up and started waving and smiling back! It was so easy to make the separation between their true innocent selves and the naughty behavior that the peacemaking was easy and even joyous. Thank you for these Beatitude Lifts and for the fun music & fellow Lifter comments!

  45. Thank you, Ginny.

    A very timely lift, as the car I was riding in last night met with a little road rage from a fellow motorist. Your lift puts into words what I was trying to feel in that situation - God's presence and peace where there seemed to be an angry mortal.

  46. Thank you to each of you four your comments and important uplifting prayers and examples of peacemaking.
    JD much love to you and you family and as a retired military husband's wife..I know how precious it is to hear the kind comments and to know you are loved and supported in your son's service. Bless you!
    We are peacemakers because infinite Love is now and everywhere, is perfect peace!
    To feel that unspeakable peace and express it In our words and actions is natural to us. It heals strife and fear.
    Our prayers to those suffering throughout the world that they find peace and healing.
    You are loved.

  47. Thank you Ginny for that loving and very useful reminder.

  48. Reading these comments about being a peace maker, brought back a minor car accident that I had quite a number of years ago. Going home from work, the car in front of me stopped very fast on the expressway. I stopped also, but I was hit from the back, and the driver came out cursing at me. I was very calm and asked him for his drivers license and such when one is involved in an accident. He gave to me and I gave him mine. Then when all of this was done, he calmly said to me, "Man, am I glad I hit you, you're such a PEACE MAKER?"

  49. Very beautiful! Thanks Ginny.

  50. Oh, how I needed this! And will use it, LIVE it! Thank you!

  51. Thank you, Ginny! You are so good at taking what we read and say we believe in practical. Practice! Practice! Practice! Blessing!

  52. So helpful,Ginny.Thank you.I recall a time years ago while walking to work that a driver came along quickly and splashed me.Boy,did I start fuming!!
    Then as if a voice spoke to me,I heard,"I don't know any drivers such as you are describing.All the ones I know are thoughtful,kind,caring..."Immediately my thought changed and I was filled with happiness.So much better.So continues to be useful in many situations.

  53. Thank you Ginny for that universal message of peace that breaks all the mesmerism in all situations. Being a peacemaker blesses all mankind. Love!

  54. Thank you, dear Ginny, for a Lift that goes right to the heart. Each one of us is charged with being a peacemaker, and, as you showed through your examples, it's not always the easiest choice, but it is always the right one. May we all take this beatitude very seriously, with Love............W.

  55. wonderful!

  56. Beautiful!!... another gem to share with friends and family!
    Thanks Ginny!

  57. Thank you, Ginny, for such a useful and uplifting approach! I also love how the example from Tracy of CA demonstrates that goodness is irresistible and that any harshness ultimately gives place to man's naturally joyous identity.

  58. Thanks dear Ginny; peace, peace, peace; we all need to know that it is our divine right to express it!!
    Blessed are the peacemakers!!

  59. Way to go Ginny! Thank you!

  60. Thank you, Ginny. Your physical voice carries the spiritual message so beautifully. And because you embrace the past, and let us know its okay to be normal, it gives a greater sense of peace and acceptance within the realm of the Holy Comforter, Christian Science. I am so very grateful to be where I am today, as a student of Christian Science. Thank you!

  61. Thanks, Ginny, for "Being a peacemaker...a child of God...what I do with the thoughts that come to me...look for God's qualities...everywhere..." This morning’s prayers, inspired me to choose living in bliss from today, forward. A definition for “bliss” in my online dictionary is, "the joy of heaven." In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6). Mrs. Eddy instructed, "...attain the bliss of loving unselfishly, working patiently, and conquering all that is unlike God” (Science and Health, p. 262). I’m convinced that we can and are expected to prove peace on earth through good will to all. Peacemaking, then, is acknowledging, accepting, and applying the harmony of God’s creation, the heaven that already is. No false peace of a thin veneer of civility, or “monkey manners,” or “lobby love;” instead, a conscious choice of living in Love, moment-by-moment, thought-by-thought. Using your great example, Ginny: We’ve been warned to drive defensively, as if all the other drivers are out to get us. Really? Another driver can’t “cut me off” from my/our relationship with Love. Let’s declare a moratorium on road rage feelings and road rage fingers for any of us – ever again! Let’s defend our right to be peacemakers. We’ve been called to “cleanse the lepers.” A definition of “leper” is “outcast.” We can cleanse our thoughts about any driver, wanting “in.” No more missed opportunities – just “blissed” opportunities! Yes?

  62. I was actually just getting into bed, Ginny, and remembered I hadn'r commented! I pray to bring peace to this motorway I live very close to. On the other side of the barrier fence, actually. And if the road is quiet the young would be-speedway drivers and riders love to take their vehicle for a burn. I pray for them every time. My prayers have to include everyone who lives beside this motorway, because we do need courtesy and consideration every time we get behind the wheel. It took me quite a while to learn to drive slowly and exactly on the speed down here, I've had to ask God every time I get behind the wheel to do the driving for me, at the correct speed!
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  63. Thanks Ginny, We send peace and love to each and every being we see or feel each day. See you soon, hugs, BZ

  64. Ginny thank you for your thoughts of love and peace this morning. Being a peace maker is definitely something I have to work on and I love your driving story as a little reminder to see our loved ones qualities in all of God's loved ones. Love and Peace to you!

  65. One thought at a time, one person at a time, is how change begins, reformation. S&H p.225, "You may know when first Truth leads by the fewness and faithfulness of its followers." And just one on the side of God brings out the qualities of God in every situation. I love the story in IIKings chapter 6, when Elisha and his servant are confronted by the Syrian army, and Elisha's peaceful thought, trusting the power of God, struck the Syrian army with blindness, and the King of Israel excitedly asked, when he saw them so vulnerable, shall I smite them, shall I smite them?? Instead, Elisha's peaceful thought had them fed and watered and returned them to their homeland, and Syria warred no more against Israel in Elisha's lifetime. Jesus also said, in John, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." Where does this peace come from? It is inherent, our inheritance from God, as the hymn says, #276, "Peace to this congregation; Peace to every heart therein;...Peace, that floweth as a river From th'eternal source alone."

    Thank you Ginny!

  66. Love this! Thank you Ginny for such a great reminder. After experiencing a bit of road rage last night on the receiving end, it's good to remember to be the peacemaker and not feed the rage. This always was my favorite Beatitude growing up.

  67. If I feel like I'm stuck behind a driver, or another seeming problem is in my way, I'm reminded that "Divine Love flows through all avenues, across all channels, and removes all obstructions." To me, that gives it all over to Divine Love to warm my heart and not be the obstruction to peace.

    Thanks, Ginny, for your timely message on peace. I've taught peacemaking to children and witnessed how respect, love, and working for peaceful solutions made a difference in how they viewed themselves and others. We can all identify ourselves as peacemakers, and let Love take care of all our concerns.

    Thanks to all for making these Daily Lifts such a blessing to everyone.

  68. Gratitude Ginny, " ...the God of love and peace shall be with you." II Cor. 13:11 We are each peacemakers as the children of God.
    Sincere hugs of love and peace, carol.

  69. JD in Texas, only love for you, and your boys, and for the Spirit in which they live and move and breathe. No conflict has to go through to detonation, guns fired, battle, etc, as Steve B's post illustrates. As I've stated before, my prayers are with your boy, that he is always in his right place, "Therefore acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace." Be watchful, sober, and vigilant. The way is straight and narrow, which leads to the understanding that God is the only Life. It is a warfare with the flesh, in which we must conquer sin, sickness, and death, either here or hereafter, — certainly before we can reach the goal of Spirit, or life in God." Peace comes from within and is manifested outwardly, just like the battle is within, with the flesh, with the false concept of life in matter, and gets manifested outwardly. I pray to know all is peace within, and therefore peace is without, with all of our brothers and sisters.

    thanks Ginny for today's Lift, thanks for the real nice grooves w the music for these Beattitiudes

  70. How wonderful it is to have these wonderful Lifts everyday, but more so to see how inspiring and applicable they are to each and every one of us. Often I feel as if these Lifts are directed right at me due to a healing I'm working through, or an understanding I'm trying to achieve, but I am always so excited to see how much we're all working together for good. Thank you Ginny, and thank you all for the continuous love, inspiration, and PEACE expressed.

  71. Wait! I AM a peacemaker! Already. That is spiritual power! A CS lecturer here said recently, "Every time we stop an angry thought, we stop a bullet somewhere in the world." Since the world is thought, that must be true. Thank you.

  72. Thank you for these thoughts!

  73. What an effective way of "cutting off" the anger and judgement that follows a perceived injustice. It is sometimes difficult to see those that wrong us as the children of God, but we must in order to be at peace and at one with God.

  74. Thank you, Ginny. This caps off my prayers this morning to see the unreality of impatience and self-centeredness. They don't define me or any of God's children. My purpose is to see the God-given beauty/goodness in every person and situation I encounter.

  75. "God is in that spot" is a good reminder that every second of every hour, one thought at a time, I can be a peacemaker in thought as well as deed. Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  76. I really liked this daily lift. I agree with so many people expressing that we have to fight inner wars. I would like to know how one takes a class in Christian Science instruction as noted by no.5. Elena. I don't want to implode anymore. Thank you Ginny and all who make this daily lift possible.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Learn about Christian Science class instruction here.

  77. Thank you.

  78. Thank you.

  79. The remarks on driving and our responses are very good. I used to react in the wrong way and now if someone cuts me off I blow a kiss to them. The best reponse to anger is LOVE. You cannot be angry and express love at the same time. One day I may have accidentally come to close to another can and I heard " Get outta the way ya old heifer !" I blew my kiss and took the remark as a compliment. Nothing as beautiful as a little brown eyed cow. I got a big smile back.

  80. thanks Ginny and everyone for sharing. What a lovely call to each of us to be the peacemakers for the world and ourselves.

  81. Thankyou Ginny,excellent I needed this

  82. Thanks for the Lift and the Bible passage its based on. Sometimes its hard to control our actions but God is right there, helping us to show restraint and love even in the toughest situations. Have a great day everyone!

  83. How wonderful it is to have these wonderful Lifts everyday, but more so to see how inspiring and applicable they are to each and every one of us. Often I feel as if these Lifts are directed right at me due to a healing I'm working through, or an understanding I'm trying to achieve, but I am always so excited to see how much we're all working together for good. Thank you Ginny, and thank you all for the continuous love, inspiration, and PEACE expressed.

  84. Sometimes being a peacemaker for me means standing up for myself and not letting people say condemning things to me. Because if I have a voice and stand for principle in the moment, i dont have to be at war with myself the rest of the day/week/month/year whatever. i try to be kind but firm. when i am resentful at someone including myself, i give it to God to fix or change up. i know i have to get myself out of the way so omnnipotence can flow in and re-arrange things. i dont fake peacefullness, i just clear away my sense of self and let God work out best plan. ive seen beautiful results when it is honest for me to forgive and forget and make peace. feels so much better.

  85. Thank you for this beautiful lift.It is a helpful point of view of "peacemaking".

  86. Ginny you rock! Really needed to hear this this morning!

  87. Thanks for the lift Ginny. We have some "different" drivers here in Sacramento. I am going to use this "peacemaker" lift from now on.

  88. As one who has never had children, I thank every teacher who teaches peacemaking to the little ones.
    Thanks for the podcast reflecting this important lesson in ethics.

  89. To stop and think before we act is always a good thing. Our first reactions are not always right. Your example was so on target, as I am sure we have all been placed in the same situation at some point in our lives. It is interesting how we are so quick to react when we really should pause and reflect. I shall now add this on my list of things to look out for in myself. Thank you. I think I may try Marillyns' response and blow them a kiss. I'll have to think about that one.

  90. Thank you, Ginny. You opened this Beatitude much wider for me. How I act as a peacemaker doesn't nearly fulfill this Beatitude. How my thoughts handle what comes in, is much more important. That will directly affect my actions for peacemaking. You so humbly confessed to having an edge in earlier years, but any lack on my part of correcting negative thoughts is no better than anyone else. No road rage, but there have been other times when I felt irritation, while making deliberate efforts to act appropriately, but this Lift shows the feelings must be healed and pure. I never used "bad" words, but I had an extensive vocabulary, and to someone who offended me, I could cut down with sharp "clean" words. That came to a halt. I don't think I could even try to verbally "attack" anyone now in that manner. But my score as peacemaker will now be determined by how I take in, rather than how I give out. I love this Lift. With no sound, all attempts to phone got only a signal, until a few minutes ago. Having just talked to someone who was facing extreme problems brought on by several different people, I got her on 3-way phone to hear this Lift. It blessed her thought, too. She said, "Thank you", also. Got this just in time. Room is almost 90 so must shut down & move PC to coolest, but unusable spot. #16 Robert, interesting thoughts shared! #17 JD, Thanks, I'm including that treatment for all troops & regions. #48 Tobias, Oh, Thank you! #52 S. Sawitsky , Thanks. #71 Susan, Much thanks!

  91. Thank you so much Ginny for the good message.

  92. Thank you so much Ginny for the good message.

  93. I love ideas that help us understand the practical application of the lessons in the Bible! Thank you Ginny!

  94. Thanks, Marilyn from Idaho, for the idea to blow them a kiss....and the heifer part made me laugh....which I needed.

  95. Thanks, Ginny! Wonderful honest Lift on how we all come to find peace and overcome our shortcomings! To #84 - good point! Sometimes standing up for ourselves and defending ourselves is the best right thing to do in the moment, too! Being a peace-maker doesn't mean being a door mat! Jesus was a peace-maker by standing for Principle and overturning the tables and throwing the money changers out of the Temple!

  96. I am so grateful to be a part of such an inspiring, amazing, global 'Community'. Thank you all, you have filled my heart, and I know my son's heart, with such love and inspiration. I am so humbled by all your love.

  97. Thank you for this sharing on peacemakers. I have used the incidents of being cut off by another motorist as God's way of keeping me protected from anything that might have occured if I hadn't kept the inspiration in thought and expressing gratitude to our Heavenly Father. Being a peacemaker also has been invaluable in meetings in the community where my neighbors might be feeling at odds with the others in the meeting. Lending gratitude for their sharing and watching for the goodness in others has benefitted many more than I could imagine, and it takes the "heat" off the situation.

  98. Great thoughts for the rest of the week! Thank you, Ginny.

  99. Peace be this congregation......thank you !

  100. peace, harmony and luv rules.........Thanks for sharing :) @ 84 i totally agree...my colleagues and friends have started questioning me the way peace prevails in worst of situations with prayer .Thnx to all for sharing :)

  101. I love this beatitude. It was a part of my daily prayer when I was in law enforcement. I prayed for the safety of each officer judiciously performing their sworn duties to protect and serve their fellow man and maintain the peace in their individual communities. And even though I am now retired, I still pray for those who stand tall and took that oath of office. God bless them all! As always, I appreciate these lifts, these mini lectures, to brighten each day.

  102. I've been working with forgiveness for some time. This is so helpful. Thank you.

  103. Thank you Ginny! I have both learned and experienced this myself! Living in a suburb of L.A. With some of the most challenging traffic and drivers in our country, this is a difficult one! Recently after a wonderful protection and healing related to discourteous driving brought on by a person pulling out in front of me, I was so grateful I decided not to ever react again without love. The very next day it happened again, almost like a test of my sincerity! What came out of my mouth, surprised even me! Without thinking I blurted out " don't you just love people who drive like that?". Then I remembered my discission and laughter out loud! Yes, God and I DO love people who drive like that! Mrs. Eddy's hymn 30 sings "for love alone is life!". So now, wherever I am, if I have that happen, which is does now with less frequency, I gladly affirm "I just love people who drive like that!". What a wonderful lift you've shared with us today! Thank you!

  104. A lot of divinity in a usually passed-over beatitude....

    Thanks for bringing out the depth and the healing of bringing peace to each moment.....

  105. Ginny - Just listening to this now and so enjoy your fresh ideas.

  106. Thank you, Ginny.

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