7/24: Magnifying the view

7/24: Magnifying the view

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We are currently airing a two-week series on the Beatitudes from Matthew chapter 5 in the Bible. Today's Lift references the pure in heart.
  1. Thank you for wonderful lift. Great music, Ben is the best !

  2. Thank you Robin for your helpful thoughts on being pure in heart, and what it can mean for ourselves and our world.

    Before listening to today's lift, I finally watched Chet Manchester's video Lift from Monday about praying for Aurora. My heart is full of gratitude for Chet's lift and for the many, many comments offering such uplifting and reassuring spiritual ideas.

    The morning that I heard the news from Colorado, my prayers led me to remember an article that is in the second Anthology of Classic Articles entitled "Neither Villains Nor Victims" by Paul Stark Seeley (originally published in the CS Journal of February 1943). I found it so very helpful that I wanted to share it with the Lift family. Here are three excerpts:

    "Unless these tragic scenes are known to the all-knowing Mind, they cannot be substantial and real, and they cannot withstand the God-empowered thinking that recognizes their ungodliness, truthlessness -- their unsubstantiality."

    "...our only status is as the children of God, dwelling in God's universal family, where all His ideas live, love, and think in natural God-ordered unity and peace."

    "The archer and his arrows are equally a dream; but man goes on reflecting God, unendangered, fearless, and free. Evil's villian-victim setup is outside God's infinitude, and cannot get in. ... Actually, there cannot be an outside to God's infinity, so evil's suppositions are crowded into nowhereness."

    So grateful for everyone's prayers! Love to you all!

  3. I have a daily seven mile walk which I can shorten if the time or weather requires me to do that. I am not expert at identifying the birds, but I always try to magnify good whenever I am able to do that.
    From time to time a brother bird will unload his story to me, past history that I can only take at face value, having never experienced such things myself. It amazes me how far we can go with the "pure and exalting influence of the divine Mind." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 383.) Sometimes just listening helps us to know where to train our binoculars, and provides food for thought. Thanks for the lift today.

  4. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they can see God." Matt. 5:8
    If we focus with clear eyes or binoculars, we see further than we would see otherwise, of course, the lens must be clean or we deceive ourselves.
    In the same way if we keep pure and focused on God, our panorama gets clearer and expands.
    Prayer and study keeps this view of God uncontaminated by limited thinking, fear, and regret, and just then we can see evidence of the healing grace.
    “Bienaventurados los de puro corazón por que ellos verán a Dios” Mateo 5:8
    Si enfocamos los ojos o usamos binoculares, podemos ver más allá de lo que podríamos de otro modo, claro, los lentes deben estar limpios o nos engañamos a nosotros mismos.
    De la misma manera si nos mantenemos puros y enfocados en Dios, nuestro panorama se aclara y expande.
    La oración y el studio mantiene este punto de vista de Dios incontaminado por pensamientos limitados, temor o arrepentimiento, y recién entonces podemos ver la evidencia de la gracia sanadora.

  5. Thank you, Robin, for this very clear explanation of "Blessed are those pure in heart..." VERY helpful. The word "study" jumped out to me as I am approaching Association Day :-)
    Love to all.....

  6. Thank you so much for this Lift today, and also to Marilyn, at No.2, for sharing the helpful ideas.
    Lovely start to the day.

  7. Many thanks Robin for my favorite beatitude. [Holy] are the spiritually pure in heart, for they recognize their complete and undivided oneness with divine Love [God]. "Day by day the understanding/ Of our oneness shall increase," (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  8. Thank you Robin for the reminder that the purifying flow of Truth through human consciousness clears all seeming blockages and obstacles to spiritual understanding and brings healing .

  9. Thank you, Robin. The clear lenses of thought keep us ever with God. He knows not dust nor mistiness.

  10. Hi Robin,

    Thank you for this thought. Robert and Marilyn thank you for your thoughts as well. All very healing. Colorado is very dear to my heart, I travel there every year and have been doing so for well over 18 years. What has always drawn me to Colorado was/is that sense of peace, purity, grandeur and order.

    The hymn #236 now comes to mind where the second verse reads

    "From canon and sword shape tillers of the soil,
    No more let dire hate man's spirit despoil,
    Let Truth be proclaimed, let God's love be retold
    That men of good will may their brethren uphold."

    Sometimes when I am photographing and using my flash, I have to reset the camera and the flash because they overexpose or underexpose the scene, much to my dismay. This weekend I had to rest my thought concerning safety in God, because I was not accurately recording reality.

    Mrs Eddy writes "..man's spiritual individuality is not material". Those who seem not to be with us anymore are and always have been with God. Because someone was taken out of school, does not mean they have exited the educational system. They have moved on to another experience and they are where God is. Our role, is to not let sorrow rob us of joy nor a sense of safety.

    Mrs. Eddy also writes "This is the doctrine of Christian Science...that joy cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master of joy". The dust on the lens of my camera is not its master. As you said Marilyn we must protect our view and see true reality.

  11. I printed out the Paul Stark Seeley Article on Villians and Victims from the February 1943 issue of the Christian Science Journal. It is at JSH Online where I found it. Thank you

  12. Thank you.

  13. Wow Marilyn...you really have me thinking along new lines this morning.

    One of the biggest challenges with digital photography is dust, not just on the lens but in the camera itself. It also appears the better the resolution of the camera, the bigger the challenge with dust. I then thought of a definition of dust, it just came to me....

    DUST - Denial of Universal Salvation and Truth.

    Mrs. Eddy defines dust as "Nothingness; the absence of substance...."

    There is more that I could say, but I have written enough for the morning. Thank you all for your constant love, comments, prayers and spiritual thinking, all of which help to clear away the Dust.

    Much love to all.

  14. Thank you for the imagery of seeing the truth of God through the magnified view of prayer. Very helpful.

  15. Podríamos decir, la Magnificencia de la vista verdadera, la que ve más allá de lo que ven los ojos, porque ni zoon ni poderoso telescopio puede arrimar la imagen verdadera que es en Cristo y que se manifiesta claramente a traves de Él, y justamente por su pureza y entrega en el negocio de su Padre, que no necesitó ayuda humana de ninguna naturaleza para hacer su obra, que hoy nos conduce por su senda de amoroso cuidado al prójimo, en esa convicción que nos da la Ciencia Cristiana que no ha dejado tema sin tratrar para aclarar el camino.
    Recientemente tuve una experiencia ajena pero válida igual si nos permite ver los riesgos que trae y que desnudó claramente el riesgo de adorar a las personas en lugar de apoyar su tarea apostólica, y sentí un profundo agradecimiento a la Ciencia Cristiana que nos enseña a no hacer culto de las personas como la propia Eddy nos instó a alejarnos de ese riesgo, y me maravillé nuevamente con la claridad y sustancia de su enseñanza, en que la visión cuando está enfocada en lo espiritual puede mover montañas en ese quehacer que trasciende todo.

    Muchas gracias Robin, cuando nos enfocamos con amor en los demás no hay puerta que no se abra, mantengamos esta puerta abierta que es el Daily Lift con una visión clara de agradecimiento diario.

  16. Thank you for the blessed message and beatitude reminding us that a pure heart sees God in everything, no matter what the earthly appearance.

  17. What a lovely, tangible insight about how pureness in heart helps us see and magnify God. Thank you Robin!

  18. Robin, when the little birds understand you are there just to enjoy and admire them and will not cause them harm, they will reveal themselves to you and you can gaze as long as you like. But if they don't trust you they stay quietly in the tree and observe you instead from the highest branch. Birds really understand about pure, kind hearts, and when they know you are there with good intentions, they'll give you some lessons in joy and freedom that will make your heart glow with lovingkindness and pleasure.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and Your Daily Lift flock of twitterers on the wing.

  19. What a lovely interpretation of this Beatitude, thanks so much Robin and all of the comments so far. Especially Marilyn (#2) for the quotes from Paul Stark Seeley's article. The second quote was particularly inspiring that starts "our only status is as the children of God..." What a beautiful thought to keep in mind for ourselves as well as everyone throughout the world. And to Robert (#11) for telling us where to locate this article. I intend to do just that.

    I'd also like to thank Malcom Drummond (#7) for sharing his insights on taking class instruction in the Sentinel of August 6th. His second mental roadblock really hit home with me. It also kept me from taking this step for a number of years, but when I finally did it opened up a whole new vista on Christian Science.

  20. Thanks for the wonderful lift Robin...!
    As I go abount my day, it is good to know that God-Divine Life, Truth, and Love is ALWAYS there. "When the illusion of"...fear, anger, and other intrusions of mortal mind..."tempts" us...all we need do is view the reign of that Divine Love through the magnifing glass of prayer, to see the Divine solution presentedd to us, and then act on, follow that path...!
    Thanks again Robin for your insight into the magnification of prayer, and its healing power over ALL forms of aggressive mental suggestions.

  21. Thank you for pointing out the beauty that surrounds us when we open up our vision. Love this message.

  22. Thanks for the definition of dust, Troy. That will be a very helpful metaphysical point. There is a wonderful editorial in the April Journal from this year called "Washing away the dust". It is worth close study! Thanks to Michael Pabst for his deep insights. And many thanks to Robin for this inspiring Lift. The binoculars make a great parable.

  23. Excellent, Robin. What a valuable (as well as enjoyable) shift in perspective that enables us to magnify our lives through the lenses of spiritual qualities that compose us as God's spiritual ideas.


  24. After an Association that focused on the Sermon on the Mount, I've been especially grateful for the reinforcement this focus on the Beatitudes has provided. A new analogy for keeping our lenses clear is always welcome! Thank you for a "lofty lift".

  25. Beautiful!!

  26. Robin, thank you so much for your spiritual insight into this beloved Beatitude. It certainly brings clarity and inspiration to our thinking as we ponder this magnificent Sermon on the Mount and investigate each blessing Jesus was/is bestowing on each of us.
    All comments are greatly appreciated, but I'd like to send additional thanks to #7,8,9,14 for further amplification of your message.

  27. Thank you Robin for your wonderful analogy on how to focus on the True nature of things!

  28. Thank you, Robin!
    This is beautiful!

  29. Grand idea to be a spiritual bird-watcher. Have an expanded view!

  30. Thank you, Marilyn and all.
    It reminds me, too, that for me, the real adultery of the seventh commandment is thinking anyone, including me, can be any less than the pure and perfect child of God's knowing. I believe that we shall, as we purify thought, see Her face and reflect it. Mrs. Eddy's statement seems to have a place her:, "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, where sinning mortal man appears to mortals." Science and Health 476:32 PS Journal article Vol 33 June 1915 "Mists Dispelled' opened my eyes, too, to how to go about purifying one's mental atmosphere. Such wonderful things we learn in Christian Science. I am so grateful!!

  31. I am so grateful for instruction in Christian Science...it's pure Love, unblemished lens...allowing me to see the way to cloudless day. These two thoughts are my morning meal:

    Lo, to our widening vision dawns / The realm of Soul supreme, /Faith-lighted peaks of Spirit stand /
    Revealed in morning's beam. (Hymn 287 vs 2)

    "let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!" (Man 41:21).

    Thank you for the clear lift Robin.

  32. So beautifully put, Robin! Thank you for your clear Heart! I love what you said about how our prayer and study each morning with the Christian Science Bilbe Lesson and with our own private communing with the Presence that we call God - can help to keep our "Heart-Lens" clear! It reminds me somewhat of what Paul said in the Bible about seeing through a "glass darkly". Staying in the Now - the present moment - can also be a purifier of our Heart or our Lens of Understanding. One of my favorite songs is called, "I See God in Every Moment". I'm so grateful to know that God is Everywhere and all I have to do is keep my Heart-Lens pure and clear to see the Divine Presence!

  33. Thank you, as I sit next to my Hummingbird Feeder with a Hummingbird drinking at the same time as this podcast, and a gold finch is a little further out on the other feeder.

    To see God's Beauty all around us!

  34. Thank you, everyone, for this Lift and helpful comments.

  35. Thanks for this metaphor about putting a lens cap on binoculars to keep the dust off them. It reminds me of the closet we go in, shut the door, and pray. Then we can see Truth more clearly to express that love that conquers fear and heals.

  36. Thank you, Robin!

  37. There is so much talk and gossip not only amongst ourselves but in the TV media also and they magnify the wrongs that every one does. C/S is teaching us to magnify the right that every one does. And trust me on this, there is more right things about people than wrong things. Maybe, focusing on wrong so much is behind the terrible things that is going on today. Why not see in each individual the pure things that he/she reflects, the Godliness, the joy.

  38. What a beautiful lift, and lovely music! Thank you.

  39. Thanks, Robin, for "Magnifying the view...see more clearly, what's already there...unbounding love as the true healing power..." In Miscellaneous Writings (110), Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind!” This call is to each one of us - we, who may be battling with the Nicodemus doubts of "it’s too late…what’s done is done…it is what it is…" Christian Science teaches that only God's definition of us is the Truth of our being. We are each in the image and likeness of pure Love - God, sovereign Good. Looking through the appearance of anything less than sovereign Good, while claiming the Divine nature that Jesus modeled for us, magnifies our understanding and acceptance of the purity already within us and all of God’s creation. To “see” is another way to “ understand” and what we understand shapes our experience. World-changing, God-affirming purity lived, takes “willingness to become as a little child..." (Science and Health, 323). I’m willing. “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” (Psalms 34:3) Thanks again, Robin.

  40. Thank you so much Robin for this thought-provoking lift, and the spiritual insight - so helpful at this time! Also many many thanks to Marilyn #2 for the helpful thoughts. So grateful for the insights to keep our thoughts focused and to lift the world's thought!
    Judith from Reno

  41. My sunroom offers the opportunity to view these beautiful creatures of God at the feeders with and without my binoculars. This offers great joy and affords me the constant reminder of our at-one-ment with God. Thank you, Robin and all who shared their enlightening insights.

  42. This is a beautiful message and beautiful music! Thank you for this "Lift".

  43. Great ideas to support a pure view of God and his creation

  44. Thank you and the Lifters for wonderful thoughts.

  45. Thank you.

  46. Robin and everyone who has contributed so far today, I'm humbled and deeply moved by your comments. Each is a blessing and prayer for our world. No more dusty lenses. Thanks to the team in Boston for putting on these daily lifts. "My heart is singing..." thanks .

  47. Thank You, for this message. I think it helps us to keep in our heart and mind, our true spiritual I.D. as well as the others, which is really what`s is the most important thing to do at these days; to know what God knows of us all.
    Gracias por este mensaje. Pienso que nos ayuda a mantener nuestro corazòn y pensamientos en nuestra verdadera identidad espiritual, lo que es realmente lo màs importante de hacer en este tiempo; saber lo que Dios sabe de todos nosotros.


    clarae. from Cuernavaca , Mèxico. clarae. de Cuernavaca, mèxico

  48. The magnification of God's view in our lives always shines forth as uprightness, perfection and beauty. I gained a higher insight about this during a 13 month deployment as a chaplain with the Marine Corps. Unable to take my shop tools along, it occurred that learning more about photography might be interesting. Taking a correspondence course --- I learned things about lenses and focal distances that brought deeper insight to the Eddy statement: "Delusion, sin, disease, and death arise from the false testimony of material sense, which from a supposed standpoint outside the focal distance of infinite Spirit, presents an inverted image of Mind and substance with everything turned upside down". Discord is never the true image. It is our priviledge to experience all good "right side up".

  49. I feel such a strong sense of God's love for His/Her children thru the Daily Lift. A big thank you to Robin and all contributors.

  50. Thank you for showing me how to clean my lens. The comments are beautifully helpful.

  51. Thank you, Robin, for a fresh way to look at this Beatitude. Just reading about God, or even declaring we are His child as we face the day, or face special concerns during the day, isn't pure enough. Picking up binoculars, as we've done so much living amidst wildlife, doesn't always give the clearest view. They need adjusting, to bring sharpest focus on what we are trying to watch, even if only a few minutes before we used them to see a different bird in another tree, or in flight, or if someone else used them to see the same object we wish to view. Focusing on truths of God, how He fits the details and distance of a problem, or even as we begin recreation or relaxation requires prayerful thought. An archaic definition is the 1st offered for "magnify" in my dictionary. It is: "a. To praise highly. b. To cause to be held in greater esteem or respect." Looking to God with bigger expectation, hope, trust, & love, and purifying thought of worry, doubts & fears, by washing them out through His absolute love for us, is not something in the Bible to be read on occasion, but a thought process to be exercised throughout each day, and shared when we deal with others who seem to have worries. #2 Marilyn, Thank you.

  52. A pure thought enlarging the view of good everywhere truly does alert us to the gems of loveliness and beauty all around. Thank you for this radiant reminder of God's presence always available to be discovered.

  53. Beautiful--thanks Robin!

  54. I liked your description of "the lint of limited thinking"! -- Good description!

  55. Just wonderful... thank you!

  56. One day Gordon Converse told me that for every picture that he saves, he throws one away.

  57. From Annonymous N.
    Thank you Robin and all DLs for your inspirational truths.

  58. Indeed B'ful ...Thanks for Lovely Lift n thanks all for sharing.. :)

  59. Ah, the "finger prints of regret"....what an analogy Robin that you've made that is very penetrating. The only way to remove these "finger prints" would be to purify, clean and wash them. Our prayers are the cleansing tools that provide us with the perfect view that you so brilliantly brought out today:) This DL is a keeper!

    Much gratitude for your continued inspiration.

  60. Hi Robin. That is one of my favorite Beatitudes That has helped me to remain calm many times, under certain conditions. Thank you so much.

  61. Thank you so much Robin for the nice message.

  62. Hi Robin, Thank you so much for this wonderful Dailt Lift!! It was what I needed to hear! So thank you for your kind words of ecouragement need for today!!

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