7/22: No ruffled feathers

7/22: No ruffled feathers

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  1. Thank you Christine for this important Lift that reminds us, that in the words of Mary Baker Eddy, "Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul." (S&H page 60) Mortal mind, and worldly thought tries to tell us just the opposite, that there is only so much to go around and we are in competition with others for it, (whatever the commodity might be, even happiness and well being!) It tries to tell us that the things that make us happy are in limited supply, and we must make the most of our limited opportunities and have a good supply of luck on hand. We know however, that there is only good in store for each of us. All of God's ideas are in harmony with one another, expressing His unlimited resources. When we turn to God our needs are not only overwhelming met, but in ways that bless others also.

  2. Wherever we go, it is Mind that places us to give and receive blessings, an unwavering universal balance, for Mind maintains its ideas in equanimity..nobody owes, nobody lacks..

    Thank you, Christine

  3. Thank you Christine ... infinite resources ... enough blessings for all.

  4. What a perfect "real-time" story for your Lift! Thanks for taking us right into the chicken pen while you reminded us about Love's law of supply and demand. Time to unruffle our feathers and expect to see plenty of room and abundance for all.

  5. “For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye burdened: But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality” 2 Cor. 8:13, 14

    This citation to me means that God, the Creator of man, men of any race and color, of any culture and belief, loves diversity.

    So we can stop clacking like chickens and ruffling our feathers in ignorance, there’s plenty for everyone in the bank of Providence.

    “Porque no digo esto para que haya para otros holgura, y para vosotros estrechez, sino para que en este tiempo, con igualdad, la abundancia vuestra supla la escasez de ellos, para que también la abundancia de ellos supla la necesidad vuestra, para que haya igualdad” 2 Cor. 8:13, 14

    Para mi este passage significa que Dios, el Creador del hombre, hombres de cualquier raza y color, de cualquier cultura y creencia, ama la diversidad.

    Así que paremos de cacarear como gallinas y agitar las plumas de la ignorancia, hay bastante para todos en el banco de la Providencia.

  6. MINAL --
    It's one of the best explanation . I hope this helps me.

  7. Thanks for turning that feather to the right side and pointing it up to wear as a cap feather.

  8. Thankyou your lift was very uplifting and helpful.

  9. Many thanks Christine for this great reminder. Yes. " Love's resources are infinite." "The King of Love my Shepherd is,/ Whose goodness faileth never;/ I nothing lack, for I am His/ And He is mine forever." (Christian Science Hymnal #330).

  10. Christine, Thank you

  11. Thank you Christine for this beautiful and timely reminder with which to start the week . " Divine Love always has met ,and always will meet every human need ." MBE

  12. When my husband and I were busy adopting children, a near relative said,"How do you manage to love them all?" I said, (it was God speaking for me) "They always come with their own love." And all the people who have settled in our vast land with the small sized population have certainly come with their own love and dedication, and their own delicious foods, and customs, and desire for peace and harmony We couldn't possibly think of our people without including all these newcomers and their enormous influx of intelligence and joy and grace. We have been so blessed, and like white breasted wood swallows on an electric wire, as one flies off for an insect, everyone just moves along the wire. And there's still lots of room for more.
    You really have a great carpenter, Christine! Everything seems to stay where it should be in that wind!
    Thank you Nate and the team, and the abundance of Daily Lifters all busy praying for the world.

  13. Good to be reminded of the fact that God, Spirit, supplies enough for all His creation. When we in turn share, it is not from us, but our sharing also has its source in God.

  14. I like the idea that you would not have put your hens there if you couldn't provide them enough food, space and water, it just simply wouldn't make sense and wouldn't be kind. The same goes for God- He never puts us anywhere where we don't have our divine infinite supply, and a divine use and reason for being there. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for this Christine. Thanks so much for an inspiring Daily Lift, very comforting, a gentle reminder to always keep my feathers harmoniously 'unruffled'!

  16. Thank you, Christine, I can hear the newcomer chicks’ song right now: Cluck cluck, cluck cluck - what a great hen house this is. How beautiful, orderly, and clean. I'm glad to be part of this place, and to share the four walls, windows, and roof with you, cluck cluck.

    It's so nice that we can be together, and enjoy the safety of this house and the fenced yard together, cluck cluck. We bring freshness and joy with us, cluck cluck. We share the opportunity to band together and look out together for enemies who would try to divide us, disturb us, make us annoyed or jealous, and make us afraid, cluck cluck.

    Our work is the same - to express alertness, activity, freedom and joy, and to contribute each day to the household, cluck cluck. We're the same - just new, cluck, cluck.

    It's nice to be able to learn from you, cluck, cluck. It's wonderful to be part of this community, where we can learn from each other and inspire each other. Hey, watch this dance and strut, cluck cluck. OK, I can try yours, too! Hey, we're in harmony now, no more ruffled feathers. Let's strut together, old hens and chicks in the same dance. Cluck cluck, it's a grand day!!

  17. Thank you, yes our supply does come from God.

  18. Excellent Christine, and on the mark too. What a great reminder, an all-important Daily Lift.

  19. Thank you.

  20. Thank you, Christine, for “No ruffled feathers … over change …” What a fun video!!!

    Whether change is initiated or imposed, our never-changing God/Love-itself! - is always with us, unfolding all good - uninterrupted! “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there” (Ps 139:8).

    Contrary to human opinion, no one really “owns” anything. Even the hens only live in “their” chicken coop by invitation! We have only the opportunity of this moment to follow Love’s leadings and so fulfill all the law spelled out in the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, as we love God and each other. Ongoing prayer, study, revelation, reason and application of God’s laws of Love to my daily experiences, have convinced me that this only is our reason for being and in which we are free to rejoice and be glad! Definitely a full time job with plenty of on-the-job-training!!!

    As I’m growing out of a matter-based paradigm and into the spiritual paradigm, I find that the increasing time and attention I devote to God, leaves little time and attention for “ruffled feathers.” And I am soooo grateful for Christian Science for giving me the “permission,” as well as the ways and means to discover the Truth of our being and to live more consistently under its laws, here and now. “The admission to one's self that man is God's own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea” (S&H 90:24).

  21. Thank you for this refreshingly fearless message. Love the video!

  22. I just returned from my seven mile walk. Sometimes children ask if you need a rooster for egg-laying hens. The answer is no, you do not need a rooster if all you want to do is get eggs for eating.
    Owls and raccoons are predators of hens and skunk steel eggs if they get in the hen house. Usually you get one egg per day from each egg-laying hen that you feed and water every day.
    Jesus healed the five thousand but only because he found five thousand receptive reins in one place and at the same moment.
    Thank you for the infinite resources this morning. I listened before and after going out for my walk.

  23. What a beautiful visual depiction of infinite supply. As Mary Baker Eddy says, "To ALL mankind and in EVERY hour divine Love supplies ALL good." My cup is full and running over!

  24. Loved seeing those chickies this morning! Thank you Christine.

  25. Thank you, Christine. Your voice and manner are so crisp and fresh and full of love. Thank you, Peter Jensen for interpreting the newcomers' conversation and remarks! I think it is so delightful and would love to see more of this kind of original interpreting in everyone's life...the sparkle, the joy, the creativity,the HUMOR... the expanded view of God's glorious creation that you expressed. I plan to do just that!

  26. Entiendo que el mensaje nos dice que no necesitamos cacarear como gallinas para recibir el alimento, ya que la abundancia es divina y es mucho más que eso. Y como la mano humana alimenta a la gallina, así el Amor divino nos alimenta a nosotros, pero también la gallina nos dan su parte no la alimentamos en vano sino que esperamos de ella nos devuelva el esfuerzo. en una cadena ininterrumpida, recíproca de dar.

    Pienso que el cacareo de las gallinas es un dialogo entre ellas, como todos los seres de la naturaleza ya sea animal, ave o pez dialogan entre sí, y si aceptamos el dominio-amor, que Dios nos ha dado sobre ellos podemos dialogar con ellos en el Único idioma real que existe el Amor. Quizas nos asombraríamos de lo que somos capaces de entender y hacer guiados por ese Amor que nos permite comprender que todos los seres somos iguales. Entiendo que hay una gran diversidad de géneros en el universo, pero con el mismo origen, igual para todos y éste no es ni humano, ni animal, Es espiritual-divino

    Muchas gracias Christine, es bueno comenzar con tan inspirado mensaje.

  27. Thank you, Christine. This was a perfect message for today. My husband and I are moving tomorrow, and my feathers have been ruffled a bit by this big change in our lives. Your message today smoothed them over perfectly.

  28. Thank you , that's great

  29. I love Peter's comments in #17. They made me smile. They represented the new and harmonious ideas introduced into an established home, church, business, chick coop. Those of us established chickens don't have to be upset when new ideas flow in. We can listen and welcome in new ideas. As MBE says "creation consists of the unfolding of spiritual ideas" S&H p. 509

  30. Many thanks, Christine.
    I really need to hear this message today and everyday!


  31. Thank You so much Christina and thank you to all the people who took the time to make such great comments. You guys really hit the spot for me here this morning! As a breeder of Boston Terriers I tend to get my feathers more than a little rufflled when it is time, like it is this morning, to take my puppies to the vet for their 1st shots and health cert., something required by NYS law, before they leave for their new homes. The "what if foxes" had made their way into my mind's hen house and were screaming WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF EVERYTHING IS NOT PERFECT AND YOU HAVE TO DISAPPOINT ALL THOSE WONDERFUL FAMILIES/FAMILY WAITING FOR THEIR PUPPPY? Infinite supply of love is the same today as it was yesterday and will be the day after. I knew that, of course I knew that. Thanks again guys for reminding me and thanks again Christina for reminding me there is enough space/supply for all of God's creations

  32. How Sweet and "Down Home", Christine! Thank you for the Video and the Message! Christianity and Christian Science are always proclaiming the superiority of spiritual facts over material beliefs. In the Divine Science that Jesus taught and demonstrated, the Oneness of Demand and Supply was always evidenced. Oh, to have more of this constant Faith and Understanding to see beyond my matter-based beliefs to the Truth of Spiritual Reality! So Grateful for Harmony in the Hen House!

  33. O love it Christine!!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful message. Sending much love your way.

  34. ARNI B ~ UK~ GDE or GOD'S DIVINE ECONOMY! That is what underpins all our needs and
    supplies..no one left out; no one with TOO MUCH GOOD! Recently our home went on a Low Season
    Demand period, was sold, cleared and evacuated in ..... 15 days! what a Good GOD to superintend
    such a quick answer to a vexing situation. Were we grateful ! and happily surprised! What CANNOT
    GOD do !! keep your feathers down and just let GOD do HIS/HER GOOD thing !!

  35. Thank you, for visually sharing the images of your beautiful chickens and for spiritually sharing the Divine ideas of inclusion, supply and "no ruffled feathers". What a blessed way to start the day!

  36. Dear Christine, Thank you and The Church of Christ, Scientist for your innovative way of sharing with all mankind. In Webster’s New World dictionary a definition of charity is “love for one’s fellow human beings.” God always provides us with the right ideas at the right moment to abundantly meet our every need.

    Please find the following readings to share today:

    King James Version – Bible

    JOB 22: 21-23, 11
    JOB 36: 26-31
    PSM 37:11
    II COR 8: 13, 14
    I COR 13: 13

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

    p. 470: 32 – 471:5

    Prose Works by Mrs. Eddy

    NO 39:17-27
    MY 232:1-8

  37. Delightful. Thank you Christine.

  38. Thank you Christine. The video was perfect and delivered the message loud and clear. I got my feathers ruffled over the little squirrels' ingenious ways to get sunflower seeds from my birdfeeders. I thought about this until I realized that there was enough for all and that no bird that needed to eat would go hungry. There was enough for all and all that visited supplied me with beauty, charm, and delight in their antics.
    Thank you Daily LIft team for supplying us with a feast.

  39. That was great!

  40. How delightful! Thanks so much. For the last couple of days that quote has been coming to me in regard to a situation where there seem to be unfair demands dumped on me at the last minute by some dear, very busy people. I have been struggling to find my peace about all of it, and this lift really "sealed the deal".

  41. Much ado about nothing!

    Thank you broadening the horizons of my adopted home

    Powerful, powerful, powerful

  42. A wonderful message we all need.

  43. Thank you Christine for this message that is needed today. I always get result when I follow this truth.

  44. Thank you so much Christine for reminding us that our supply is always in God's care! If God is infinite and we are his reflection, of course, there will always be enough of whatever need may arise for us.

    Your wonderful description of the "ruffled feathers' of your chickens is a delightful image, clear and accurate and one that will stay with me. Terrific way to begin the day...again thank you.

    And many thanks to all lifters and The Daily Lift Team.

  45. A musical hoedown for the chickens lift...how appropriate! I used to raise chickens and enjoyed their antics so much. It was fun to see them and to relate this to supply and demand. Thank you, Christine!

  46. I wish I could have the pleasure of raising chickens. Nature has so much to teach. thank you for the message in this lift

  47. Christine, thanks for this lovely and powerful message. And, thanks everyone for sharing in such delightful and healing ways. Thanks Robert, the references were great and No and Yes pg 39 is especially useful and comforting. Ruth, your bird and squirrel remarks are so familiar and indeed, I'm adding urban raccoons in the equation realizing there must be enough for all, at all times. This lift addresses an article in the news claiming "earth" is on the brink with too many people and not enough resources. Supply and demands are in perfect balance. Thanks DL team for putting these on.

  48. Getting ready to introduce my spring chicks into the flock as well. Enjoyed this reminder that there is "enough for all".

  49. Intelligence is always in full supply when needed. No need to ruffle one's feathers over any mishap. I am bed bound with 24/7 Nurse Aide help. Just this morning, my 36 inch TV blew out. My aide was good enough to offer going to her home and giving me her TV. Now I have TiVo, Video Cassette, and DV player with different Remotes that have to be reprogrammed. She did it all in 2 hours. What intelligence expressed here! I, a student of C/S, was upset. The aide, not a C/S wasn't upset but followed through completely the intelligence given to her from God with complete success.

  50. 36 Robert A. Pennamon – Thanks so much for the references you shared. I was able to take the time to follow-up and I’m very inspired with what I found.

    "… abundance of peace (Ps 37: 11) … now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want …" (II Cor 8: 14)

    This morning it occurs to me that as we pray for peace of mind and world peace and explore peaceful ways to think and speak and interact with each other, we are building “storehouses” of peace within our individual and the collective consciousness. In effect, we already have an “abundance of peace” and so as we open these peaceful places within our strongest desires to see God’s goodness “as in heaven so in earth” (Luke 11:2) …

    "The right way wins the right of way, even the way of Truth and Love whereby all our debts are paid, mankind blessed, and God glorified" (My 323:6).

    And look what else I found …

    “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes … and he shall not destroy … And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of hosts” (Mal 3:10-12).

    Wow!!! To bless mankind and glorify God!!! What a spiritual adventure!!!

  51. What a great way to start the day....feeding chickens in Wyoming....and a perfect analogy for harmony among all God's family of ideas who are constantly fed by His hand.

  52. Thank you Christine, what a lovely way to start a day full of love and abundance. A Womens' Cooperative in India has, as its founding principle...." to ensure that others will not have less". A confidence that we will be taken care of and our only responsibility is to share and aim for equality.

  53. Don't you just love the rich colours of chickens' feathers?? They can ruffle them all they want, so I can see all the colours underneath!

    But it's so true that getting riled up often distracts us from progressing along the path we're on. I've just experienced being told that there's not enough room for me, but thankfully I remembered Jesus' counsel to his disciples to shake the dust off their feet and go on from any town that rejected their message. They weren't to waste time "selling" the gospel...and they weren't to waste time getting crusty with dust and resentment. They were meant to go out of the town as pure and hopeful as when they entered it. This counsel was so wise, because they needed to be expectant and ready to share the good news right away to the very next people they met. And they must have succeeded, because here we are, clucking away and producing, producing, producing...going from strength to strength.

  54. WOW , I almost did not listen thinking this lift had nothing to do with me ...but it was exactly what I needed , thank you Christine !

  55. Good illustration

  56. I love the way that "AT THIS TIME' was expressed. So often I need to stay in this sense of omnipresent good, the only presence.

    Thanks Christine. Just imagine those birds imagining that their good could be disturbed, when we know that the hand of Love is feeding and blessings them. Let God be magnified!

  57. Thank you for this timely reminder; especially important right now in our country with the immigration debate, those struggling with unemployment, homelessness, poverty, and the many new graduates from school who are searching for their place. What a powerful message from Paul's Epistle, "that there may be equality".". How important it is for all of us to truly understand the message from Mrs. Eddy, “….divine Love supplies all good” (S & H Page 494: 14). Thank, Christine for giving us much to think and pray about each day. And I love those happy chickens!

  58. Harmony in the Hen House! That's great! Thanks Christine.

  59. What a great daily lift! Love the video and the actual chickens and screen share of the citation! No feathers ruffled! Got it and will share! Thank you so much!

  60. Having grown up as a child around chickens and all other sorts of animals, I have so much love for God's creatures that some cat or dog that needs a home has always seemed to come into my life just when the need was there for them. They just seemed to fit in as God intended and added the extra joy that was also needed at that time for me. Also on my daily walk with a dog, other dogs that were in undesirable conditions appeared and help was obtained to extract them from the situations. "God is working his purpose out" All we have to do is let him/her. God's abundance of helpful ideas just keeps unfolding as we listen to his gentle clucking. Thanks all of you contributors for your healing iideas.

  61. Wonderful thought. No "Chicken Little "gloom and doom in a consciousness that sees blessings for everyone. Thank you for this Lift.

  62. Ty

  63. Hi Christine-

    -Many thanks for the fun video, I just love it when the lifts are visual presentations like this as they really illustrate so clearly to all of us the good right here and now. I love watching them over and over again for quick inspiration.

    Your chickens reminded me of my little parakeet that passed a few months ago. What a joy it was to read the lesson with this sweet soul under my chin and sometimes I would read the lesson out loud for both of us. The feathers were soft and smooth, never ruffled and so today while doing the lesson I just rejoiced in the ever presence of Love because that is what this bird and I shared. The love and the peace are still here because it is God's Love expressed and this expression is eternal. I am so grateful for Christian Science and for all the good already received. I am always amazed at how each lesson is so perfect, profound and NEW even if I have read the citations before they are always NEW and bring out NEW ideas. I loved last weeks so much that I read most of it again before realizing that it was time to read about Truth, then I read Truth and said wow, wow, wow. What an incredible writer Mary Baker Eddy was her words so carefully selected so powerful and so precise, enduring and true. I love the words divinely authorized, our lives are divinely authorized, God divinely authorizes everything! Thanks again Christine and all you lifters!!!

  64. This is a wonderful "Lift"! And just what I was praying with all last week! I love the idea of "equality!". We are all the blessed children of God, by faith in Christ Jesus, St. Paul reminds us! Christ Jesus brought the Christ Comforter to humanity, and we all are blessed! Of course it's up to us how much of the blessings we recieve! As you so wonderfully pointed out, when we refuse to let angry thoughts, or limited thoughts manipulate our consicousness, we see that we're all free to share in the blessings from God! I love this "Lift"! It will elevate my thought and the thoughts of others all day long!

  65. What a great assimilation!! Thanks Christine. We all live in a beautiful place, all created by God.

  66. Thank you for this special video,and for the introduction to your yard and friends.I loved it,you and the important message of love and supply.Very helpful.

  67. That very verse from Corinthians came to me when we were trying to sell our home and buy another. It came to me to have a three way lease with three families involved. The real estate agent said she had never heard of such a thing. I showed her the Bible verse on equality and that it was leading me. We found a lawyer, found it was legal and we all signed for a yearly lease and then, made the move into the homes and finalized the sale deal a year later . I thank God for his love and guidance

  68. Thank you Christine,
    What a Lift! We have no need to ever "get ruffled".
    23rd Ps. "I shall not want"
    There's always plenty for all to share, if we look to God, who shows us where to find all we need..

  69. You said it all!! Radiant room for all. Thanks so much.

  70. Cool and relevant! Thanks for the new view from the "farm" to us!

  71. Fun illustration! Thank you, Christine!
    "Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols. Did not Jesus illustrate the truths he taught by the mustard-seed and the prodigal? (Science and Health 575:13)

    I so enjoyed Peter Jensen's comments, too, (see #16) clucking about how good it is to happily join forces with others in a mutual endeavor. Recently our branch church consolidated with another branch church in our county. We members of the church voted to be the one used for our new consolidated branch are so grateful to welcome the lovely new "workers in God's field." A win-win situation all around. No negative "clucking" or ruffled feathers at all. God surely does meet needs when hearts are open to his harmonious adjustments! What a wonderful truth we are all privileged to be working with!!

  72. Good message of support for all we love -- human or animal!

  73. I should add a note about what happened to our baby chickens. They integrated so beautifully and harmoniously into the rest of the clan. Each year we get 4 more and so the first time we started to add new ones and found the older ones chasing them, we had a talk with our older chickens about the need to be loving. Also a talk with our 2 cats, who love chasing things, and our dog. I let them all know the importance of respecting, loving and caring for each other. Now they all hang out together. When the first batch was young, I put my iphone near their pen and played hymns for them to help them feel God's love as they transitioned into their new home.

    This time when I introduced the four new babies into the chicken house after that first display of displeasure at the new arrivals, I opened their back window where they roost so they could all look out at me and then I sang "Mother's Evening Prayer--O Gentle Presence" by Mary Baker Eddy to them. It talks about divine Love's tender care and protection of Her nestlings (baby birds). They became very quiet, stopped clucking and poking at each other and just listened. Then I wished them a good night and closed the window again. They were all very quiet after that and have done so well together ever since.

    Mrs. Eddy's poems begins:
    "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power;
    O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour,
    Thou Love that guards the nestling's faltering flight!
    Keep Thou my child on upward wing tonight."

  74. Loved your video and to learn you play hymns for the chickens and sing to them. God's ever presence abounds. Wonderful. Thank you Christine. Blessings to all.

  75. A delightful way to explain the adundance of substance! Many thanks.

  76. Thank you Christine for that wonderful video lift. I loved seeing your chickens, and the message was just great. Thanks also for your added comments about how you brought out harmony among all the "critters' the first time you introduced new chicks, and again this year by singing O Gentle Presence to them. Beautiful examples of how natural it is for all God's ideas to respond to, understand, and express love and harmony.

  77. I smiled ear to ear right through this one!

  78. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you very much, it's so beautiful to remember, through this lift, that God is all supply.

  79. How elegant your chickens are! Ours are free range. Eggs are where you find them-on the tractor seat, in the flower pot, etc. We have 3 newly hatched chickies. We are transplants from the city who are learning farm ways. The video and message were for today. I completely revamped my outlook, God wants me where and as I am, and supply is there to bless me and mine and the workers, also.
    There is so much life here-woods, birds, forest. Thought going into new paths, -drought free, pest free, chemical free. Chickens gathering outside my door are my alarm clock, turkeys and pheasants, too.

  80. Thank you, Christine. This ideas expressed in this lift have lifted my thought as I pray about "supply" for a member of my family.

  81. Beautiful, whimsical-yet-solid-as-a-rock Truth. Yes, there is enough for all of us. No hoarding, No withholding. No barring the door to others because we fear lack for ourselves. In God's universe there is no "pecking order" or "social stratification and social hierarchy" (from Wikipedia's definition of pecking order) that excludes others from sharing equally in the abundance.

    Thank you, Christine, for this strong message of our unity with God and with one another, all abundantly cared for.

    I loved seeing your chickens "in action!"

  82. Thank you Christine. This thought can apply to so many aspects of variety. ALL GOOD!

  83. Thank you Christine and thanks to Peter Jensen for his humorous lift too! Thanks so much to all the lifters!

  84. Wow, such a beautiful way to understand supply! Thank you for tis message.

  85. That's perfect! Thank you so much!!!!

  86. Many thanks for your charming video with a very deep, deep healing message of the equality of God's abundance for all. This truth destroys fear and greed.
    Again, thank you, Christine.

  87. So precious and strong and true! Thanks bunches, Christine.

  88. Thank you, Christine and Daily Lift producers for something a bit different with just as much inspiration.
    We have had a similar experience with the older hens bellowing, complaining and revolting when new chicks were introduced. There IS enough to go around!!! Each idea has what it needs. I loved the hens inspiring this daily lift! Fabulous comment when any one is displaced or moved by choice or circumstances, that God is with us (#20 - nela).