7/2: Green light

7/2: Green light

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  1. Halting and retreating aren't part of God's plan
    for His/Her children. Recently, I experienced progress in my life by affirming this and deciding I didn't have to go back to the beginning so to speak and repeat steps I had already taken. Thank you Laura for reminding us of this powerful law of progress from God.

  2. A heartfelt welcome Laura and thank you for this great Lift. With God at our side we are never without encouragement to do the right thing, to learn the right lesson and to continue to make spiritual progress in our lives every step of the way. Around every corner and turn in the road God is there with us with all the strength and love that meets our every need. Acknowledging His presence and power green lights us to express the allness of God, to let our light shine-bright!

  3. Thank you Laura!

  4. Go Forward with God! Brilliant! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for that very helpful lift.

  6. Yes, we can all DO it - and how fantastic it IS, to watch people moving forward with that 'green light confidence' in God's good guidance. Thank you Laura for a great 'lift' and video.... was that Cambridge Common, I wonder? Much love to you all in Massachusetts.

  7. Thank you for this lovely Lift, and thank you to all who took part in the video. What fun! Through Christian Science I have discovered that God's forward is always upward as well, so we get those clearer and clearer views of Love's Selfhood, which is 'the only real' (Hymn 20)

  8. Wonderful lift and video! We all have our divine parents, who LIVE a GOOD life, because God is Love and Life. God loves all of his/hers children, but we all have to live our own life, do our own experience and God can't do things, even though my mother-father loves me. I was talking with my neighbor about this. She is mother of two children and it is a hard task to let children grow spiritually and see them to stand on their own feet to be independent. Also mother and I talked about this many times. It is the Love that a mother or divine Mother has for her children that makes them deal with this task of watching their children doing their own steps and letting them make their own experience, because everybody is happy to achieve something on their own. We are here to be free and sometimes we get stuck with one idea or one way to go and when we look around we get to see many other options. I learned, some ways may take longer and even more because I am slow, but I have to do may way anyway. So I learned to enjoy the way and respect myself the way I am and keep focus on my way to go, otherwise I get distracted looking at the others and frustrated, without getting to move on. We all are growing in God's garden, but each plant have a timing. There is a time for each kind of flower or plant to grow, we get to see some coming first and others coming weeks later and we are still happy that all the plants are part of the garden. Love hearing: Have a good daaaay! (also a good way)

  9. Dear Laura,
    Welcome to our wonderful sharing daily! What a great team to be on. your "green light team." I played the game whilst growing up in MA. Great reminder because of the "spiritual message". Thank you.

  10. Terrific! Congatulations! I'll never look at a traffic light the same way again!

  11. Laura
    Thank you

  12. As a kid I was taught that God was an old man living in the clouds, playing games with us as he pleases, so I never expected to amount to anything, I lived disillusioned.

    Christian Science found me when I felt insignificant and opened a whole new world to me, a world where I was important and loved, where God was Love itself and was always communicating with me, guiding me, caring for me and for my family... and calling us His own.

    Cuando era niña me enseñaron que Dios era un viejo que vivía en las nubes, que jugaba con nosotros como le placía, por lo que nunca esperaba nada, vivía desilusionada.

    La Ciencia Cristiana me halló cuando me sentía insignificante y abrió un mundo nuevo para mí, un mundo en el que yo era importante y amada, donde Dios era el Amor mismo y está siempre comunicándose conmigo, guiándome, cuidándome a mí y a mi familia ... y llamándonos Suyos.

  13. Green light to ever greener pastures

  14. Welcome Laura! Wonderful lift. Thank you!

  15. Thank you Laura for today's lecture which reminded me of something Mrs Eddy tells us in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures "There is no retrograde step in Science". How very reassuring that is when we feel as if we aren't getting along as fast as we would like to. Love to ALL.

  16. I appreciate the "green light" concept and God's law. God's light is always with us to show us the way (and without red lights). I had the pleasure of hearing you last week, Laura. Welcome, and I add my thanks for all the great Lifts in the past.

  17. Thank you . Such an encouraging Lift!

  18. Lovely Laurie! Always moving forward and never looking back. To look back means we have to walk backward - how can we see the way forward then? Thankyou

  19. Thank you for this perfectly timed message. I am looking into a major life change and listening carefully, as I know from experience that each step will appear clearly on my horizon. I also know they will be better than I could imagine and if there is to be a transition it will be joyful.

    I too played red light-green light and it is so nice to be reminded of those days.

  20. Good fun message

  21. Many thanks Laura for this inspiring "Green light." Yes. "We can do it! Let us all go forward with Love." "Go forward then, and as ye preach/ So let your works confirm your speech,/ And prove to all with following sign /The Word of God is power divine." (Christian Science Hymnal #12).

  22. Absolutely Beautiful Laura! The video and voice over were just perfect and the analogy very apt. Thank you 100%. Daily Lift Team you all continue to bring such displays of wisdom, support, knowledge and love to these Lifts. Thank you so much.

    All of Monday I was focusing on these very same thoughts. A number of events unfolded that seemed to have been just that, red light, green light. Just about 20 minutes ago I was talking to someone about this and said I find it effective to look for the healing in all of the "red light" kind of situations.

    For me, the key over the years has always been to work to see myself in my rightful place and to listen to God's directing as to where that rightful place is. Sometimes it has taken years before I fully understood why various things happen.

    For me, the real challenge is that we sometimes measure the progress we are making, or where we are, by that of others. A child recently took a picture of a dove that was moving around with something wrapped around its neck.

    The dove was vying for food like the other birds but was not moving as freely as it would have liked because of this thing wrapped around its neck. Can you image how the bird must have felt? The real sad news is that the thing, was a slice of bread - enough feed & sustain it and others!

    Sometimes what appears to restrict us is what is needed to feed us and help us grow; we need to see it as that. "Having eyes, see ye not?" (Mark 8:18)


  23. Thank you, yes we can all go forward and let our children go forward as God directs.

  24. Thanks Laura. Just what I needed today

  25. Hey Laura! - what a wonderful lift. What a wonderful surprise. It sure is cool that "Progress is the law of God" Good. Thank you!

  26. A great way to look at our progress, I like that. When we reflect on our lives we can see how that simple statement goes much deeper into what we've erroneously accepted in limiting or punishing beliefs. Thanks Laura!

  27. I just returned from my seven mile walk downstream. I used to run high and low hurdles and relay in the Lexington, Massachusetts indoor track, a new facility for the regional schools use in the 1960’s. I did that for three winter seasons. Thanks for red light green light. It is fun on horseback too. Thanks for God’s light, which is always ”right.”

  28. Welcome, Laura. Lovely thought and metaphor to ponder.
    To respond to Maggie in #6... the video appears to be shot on the lawn in front of The Mother Church. The Publishing House with the TMC offices and the MBE Library is in an early shot on the video, and later, the apartments across the street on Mass. Ave.

  29. That is the Christian Science Publishing Society in the background, on the corner of Norway and Massachusetts Avenue, Boston.

  30. I was driving recently when a car pulled out of the side street in front of me without stopping at the stop sign. It raced far ahead ignoring the posted speed limit, but a short while later it stopped at a red light. I pulled up next to the car, looked over and asked the driver
    "Why are you stopped here?"
    He replied, "Can't you see the red light?"
    So I asked him, "So how do you decide which laws to obey and which ones to ignore?"

    Christian Science is like the law of mathematics. We must know when to add, when to multiply and when to "carry the remainder (leftovers) or drop it".

    We must apply all God's laws fully and faithfully if we expect to demonstrate His Truth. Life without Principle doesn't work. Mind without Love is the wrong answer. Soul without Spirit is hollow. We cannot be truthful half the time or express Love occasionally and then wonder why our progress is halted or lacking completeness.

    God doesn't play games with His children, but if He did I'm sure my favorite would be a version of "Simon Says" where we would always reply, "Father-Mother, May I?" and get permission to go ahead under his watchful and caring direction.

    Tag. You're it!

  31. A very warm welcome, Laura, to the Daily Lift team. And thanks for the reminder of a game played many, many years ago and long forgotten. How thankful we can be that God only gives us green lights. The red lights are of our own creating.

  32. We are on the King's highway, and all the lights are green. unknown author

  33. Awesome! Thank you for this inspiring lift!

  34. Laura, thank you so much for this beautiful lift.

  35. Laura, thank you so much for this beautiful lift.

  36. Welcome, Laura!!

    Luz verde, sí, para los buenos pensamientos, las buenas ideas, las buenas obras, y cuando la luz roja se enciende, porque a veces se enciende; estar alertas, porque siempre hay que hacer una parate, esperando en Dios, hasta que ésta cambie, y volvamos a la verde donde podemos seguir el camino sin trabas.

    "He aquí que yo he puesto en Sion por fundamento una piedra, piedra probada, angular preciosa. de cimiento estable, el que creyere no se apresure" Isaías

    Podríamos decir, que no nos apresuremos, que esperemos el cambio para seguir el camino, porque cada uno tiene su propio cambio de luces, no es fijo, es flutuante de acuerdo a cada experiencia, y sin duda lograremos que cada vez sean menos rojas y más verdes, para que no haya interrucción ni demora en arribar a la concrección de nuestro esfuerzo, para transitar siempre con luz verde, y si aparece una roja, saber que debemos parar, y esperar confiados en la Luz, que sólo refleja Luz sin matices de colores.

    Muchas gracias Laura, un gusto haber recibido tan inspirado mensaje.

  37. . I'm a PE teacher and my classes love "Red Light/Green Light". Now I love it more and will think of this every time I teach it. There is no red lights in God's classroom and there is no speed limit either. hummm... I like that.

  38. Laura,

    Thank you for this excellent, creative and supporting example of a spiritually led life.

  39. Thank you for your wonderful insight. Yes indeed. The light of God shines within each of us. In that moment of thinking .. awareness ..immediate and instantaneous access is there for .pushing the button .and .changing from stop/red light(matter which is not true, not real) to Go/green light (spirit, pure love, perfect )

  40. Laura, you have the green light from us!

    If we have a green light and sit still,perhaps lulled in stupefying illusions (day dreaming), we may hear a loud HONK behind us, urging us forward. Progress is the law of God. Green light... not that we"may" go forward, but that we must!

    I have been honked at a bit. OK OK Forward!! Then, nothing behind can touch us.

    Fun lift... would love to be running on the green with you guys!

  41. Thanks Laura and welcome to the team.
    Enjoy the new green light

  42. I haven't thought of that game in a long time! Nice comparison. Nice reminder of the truth.

  43. Thank you, Laura, for “Green light …”

    Love it!!! I can’t help connecting yesterday’s Lift of “seek ye first” with today’s Lift of “green light.” Together they serve as a powerful reminder to me that once I seek and find how God is guiding me, I need to “green light” my follow through with joy in my heart and pep in my step!

    And yes! I remember how helpful it was to me when I found Mrs. Eddy’s comforting observation that, “…progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil” (S&H 233:6). With that reassurance, I was able to lose fear, gain confidence, and prove progress!

    Your fun video reminds me, also, that, “There should be painless progress” (S&H 224:8). I noticed that no one in the lawn game moved forward at the same pace or took exactly the same path to the goal; but, they each enjoyed the “journey!” How wonderful to hear hearty rounds of laughter and see what fun everyone was having!!!

    Under the marginal heading, “Solitary research,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “I sought the solution of … Mind-healing, searched the Scriptures and read little else, kept aloof from society, and devoted time and energies to discovering a positive rule. The search was sweet, calm, and buoyant with hope, not selfish nor depressing” (S&H 109:11).

    So, we are all together and each, alone with God as our guide and protector. Wow!

    I’ve decided to have a “Green Light” day, today!

  44. Thank you for this "cool" lift!! I shall go forward with God!

  45. Yes!

  46. Thanks for the creative message and wishing everyone all green lights today as we experience God in all we see.

  47. Welcome, Laura, and Thank You for the Fun and the Lift! God is ALWAYS moving us forward, if we will only utilize our innate spiritual sense and LISTEN!!

  48. What wonderful thoughts. Thank you Laura! And to the Daily Lift team, what beautiful music!

  49. Dear Laura,

    Thank you so much for this lift. This morning, I went for a walk and didn't lock my front door since I live in a very small town and we rarely lock our doors. I had a quick thought that maybe I should lock my door today and wondered if that was a directive from God? I decided it wasn't, in this case, because it felt more like superstition on my part, like a game of Russian Roulette. Lately, I've been realizing that mortal mind WOULD try to make a cruel game out of my daily practice of Christian Science, my spiritual growth. Mary Baker Eddy states, "As Mind is immortal, the phrase mortal mind implies something untrue and therefore unreal; and as the phrase is used in teaching Christian Science, it is meant to designate that which has no real existence." I am slowly coming to understand that "earth's preparatory school" is not like a mean spirited and old fashioned boarding school but more like a Montessori school, based on respect for the student's natural spiritual development. Thank you for the confirmation and...the green light.

  50. What fun to see the game -- with the strong, encouraging spiritual message.Green means GO forward, with God, unstoppable!
    . Thank you Laura!

  51. Thanks, Laura, for the great first Lift!
    And welcome!

  52. To # 32, Herbert E. Rieke, CSB, years ago said "We are on the King's highway, and all the lights are green." Nothing, no red light, no disease, disturbance, inharmony, can stop us because they have no power over God's green light for each of us.

  53. Only the accuser would claim that we're stopped when we should be moving forward, or that we're flailing about exerting personal control (self-will) when we should be standing still (awaiting Love's direction). All true action is in Mind and impelled by Mind, and we each have the right to KNOW that we "live, move, and have our being" in God (Acts 17:28) Right now! Always!
    Thanks for the fun Lift and lovely comments!

  54. Thanks so much, Laura! Great analogy!

  55. Oh, thank you, Laura. I used to play that game, too. And it is such an inspiring metaphor for continuing on with joy and expectancy in discovering more of God's goodness...

  56. Thanks very much, Laura!

  57. Welcome!! And BIG THANKS for a very useful Uplift - (and to the everyone involved in making it.) We played that game many years ago, when I was growing up in a little town that only had one traffic light & no street lights on our unpaved streets. But it was there I first learned of Christian Science, and how we could always count on God's loving encouragement as we went forward in growing up. Thanks again & am looking forward to hearing you lecture.

  58. God takes us forward from where we are, doesn't he? Once we have learned what is true, there is no need to repeat that lesson. Thank you for the graphic example of this, Laura.

  59. I am loving the green light all the time...thank you for this lift

  60. Thank you.

  61. Thanks Laura and every for sharing. No stops and starts, on reversals, no retrograde steps, no resistance, no replase; just forward movement. Thanks for sharing a hymn Malcolm. I'm often thinking of a hymn and then there it is in your response. Thanks DL team for preparing the visual.

  62. Comment #15 reminds me of Jacob's Ladder, where she quoits MBE, "There is no retrograde step in Science." Each rung of the ladder represents a new spiritual idea understood. Putting one foot onto a rung and then stop (Red Light) to think about that idea, and then go (Green Light) with that idea until understood. Then you would put the next foot up another rung for further understanding. And you would keep going like this until reaching the final understanding of God and your relationship to him.

  63. Welcome to the Daily LIft, Laura. I so enjoyed meeting you last week when you spoke in CA . . . and I loved the tender wisdom in today's message . . .also loved the joyous laughter in the "outtake" right at the end.. . moving forward/laughter/God's perennial green light . . . I will carry this with me all day.

  64. This beautiful Daily Lift is a perfect example of the zeal of the Lord - the animating reflection of Life, Truth, and Love. Well done and welcome Laura. Thank God for the gift of Science!

  65. Welcome to the daily Lifts. What a fun, creative one this is, and what a good message. In my life I've certainly had many red lights and green lights; and while both are important, I have found it is particularly wise to pay attention to those red lights! However, I remember something a friend said when I was talking about a decision that turned out to be not very good. She said "A detour always brings us back to the main road at some point." That was comforting at the moment, and definitely proved to be true.

  66. Perfect.

  67. Thank you for today's sporting Lift! I remember playing a similar game in my pre-teens in prep school, although here in Canada we called it "Go go stop!" It also reminds me of the counsel given in Isaiah 30:21: "And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left." Cheers to all the Lifters and The Mother Church for providing this daily bread!

  68. I remember this game also... such a great Lift ! Thank you :-)

  69. Welcome and thank you, Laura. And thanks to 26 for your insight. Insights from all the Lifters brightens that green GO signal calling us forward.

  70. Thank you for this great example to think about today!

  71. Thank you for the very clear message.

  72. An old game with a new twist.. The new insight of God's perpetual green light is very helpful and what I needed to her today. Many thanks..

  73. Wonderful. Love the video. Thank-You Laura. When I taught school, the children loved this game. It taught them to listen. I'd add a yellow light to warn them that a red light was coming, so they didn't have to go all the way back mos times. Sure the game ended quickly with the added warning, but we'd just play again and again, so more could win in numbers of games. When I see my own yellow light in life, it is a reminder of God's love, and I realize I don't need to go all the way back and start over. Understanding and learning about Life, Truth & Love can only multiply when we are listening.

  74. Thank you Laura, I love this thought and video.

  75. Thanks, Laura....Loved your "lift", including the love that spoke through your voice - your humble witness rings true!

  76. Thank you, Laurie! Great "lift," video, and welcome to you! Are the young people in the video the 2013 TMC interns?

    Daily Lift Team
    The TMCYouth Interns are the people in the video.

  77. Beautiful indeed Laura! Thanks so much!

  78. Clever and I liked the soothing, natural voice. Good life lesson too.

  79. Great Lift...Simple, direct, thank you so much Laura...Bob

  80. A de-LIGHT!

    Laura, this is perfect message for me today as we're dealing with a claim of cancer in our family.

    The game reminds me of what Eddy identifies as our sheriff in The Trial in our textbook. While the arresting sheriff in the court of error is fear. (pg 436) The freeing sheriff in the Court of Spirit is progress (pg. 441), so onward and upward every moment!

    Thanks you dear Lifters (Elena you touched my heart today.) including those who produce these feasts.

  81. Very good, original, lift ! Puts me in mind of Jesus' struggles in the wilderness with 'ol Lucifer's suggestive taunts. Jesus recognised his suggestions were meant to stop his mission, and that they weren't from God. So, like the Saviour, we can firmly put Lucifer's red lights to our back and continue onward fearlessly with an eye toward God, (our ever-green light).

  82. Hi Laura,

    Giving you "a welcome hug" for being on the Christian Science Lecture Board. Actually, "hugs" to all the

    Christian Science Lecturers for their steadfast commitment to spread the Word of God, clearly and kindly.

    To me, Daily lifts are always "Green Light" with "Gentle Beams of living Love" blessing all.

  83. Thank you and welcome!!!

  84. Really great idea's and lovely speaking voice....
    Blessings and Love,

  85. Hi Laura, your approach to lecturing is excellent, as shared in your video on the Board of Lectureship page! Very good!

  86. Thank you, Laura!! And welcome! :)

  87. That was exactly the message I needed today. And I especially enjoyed the video. The words connect so much better when they are accompanied by a visual, and an actual experience. It was good to see young people sharing CS. It is good to see people moving and doing things, not just standing. It is good to see people having fun. This was a very successful presentation in all ways. Thanks.

  88. Dear Laura - Thank you for this DL, and All the very best to you :) "Green Light" - I am feeling it every day, and it resonates with me very much :) (By the way, we have something very similar in Japan. I used to play it with my friends and my sisters until ... we were called in for dinner :) Have a lovely summer!

  89. Just what was needed,

  90. this is a really nice one, many thanks! :-)

  91. Thank you and welcome.Your excellent video and message is a"Green Light" to grow and go up higher.!!

  92. Thanks for happy memories of a fun childhood game and how it can help us in prayers!

  93. I am starting a new job, thanks to the help of a CS practitioner and Gods will. This is very helpful to everyone going through difficult times and new beginnings. Much appreciated.

  94. Hey Laura - thank you for your commitment to sharing Christian Science as a lecturer :) and thank you for this fun analogy!!
    Warmest congratulations and best wishes for this green light in your journey :)

  95. welcome Laura I needed to hear this today thank you

  96. Thank you

  97. What a lovely message, that God never sends us back to start, but that we can go forward from where we are and get it right.
    Thank you, Laura

  98. Dan from Sherman Oaks

    Great message made even better (or more appealing) because I used to play this in the summer all the time as well.

  99. thank you laura

  100. It's hard to imagine all the green lights God has in store for all of us - thanks for what you shared with us last week at the Asilomar Bible Conference.

  101. That is an awesome message, Laura, and such a perfect way to remind us all that God is always there to guide us. & care for us.......every moment of every day. As you said ......"never turning His back on us" ! Welcome and thank you so much !!

  102. --Loved this lift! Thank you.

  103. A big "Welcome Laura" and thanks Lifters too for all the wonderful thoughts regarding forward motion. I really needed this visual and the comments that we never have to find our own way as God is always guiding us and caring for us. Even if one gets the green light and the going is slow - this happens on congested roadways - yet we still get to our destination! Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a lot of traffic jams waiting for this to happen so that something else can happen, yet the road we are taking is still the same road and God keeps giving us that green light. So a good reminder not to get discouraged, but just keep on going in the "light and the Love of our Lord".

  104. Thank you. Just lovely.

  105. very cute analogy! And that is the only way to go forward - with God.
    Thanks so much.

  106. Thanks very much for this!

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