7/18: Bring your best

7/18: Bring your best

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  1. Since Mrs Eddy defines man, "as the full representation of Mind,"
    Since we are individualized expressions of God's infinite Individuality, then God reveals Himself to us through us, and this is what we bring to the table, a complete facet of God's infinite Individuality. Then HOW precious each and everyone is!

  2. Thank you Suzanne for this neat spiritual perspective on our everyday activities. When we spiritualize our thought we find that even small seemingly insignificant activities take on new meaning; of bearing witness to divine Love in action, intelligence reflected by all parties, Principle and order ever-present. The result becomes not simply human events and activities but rather an uninterrupted stream of harmonious action led by God, where blessings abound.

  3. Thanks for your party-planning tips -- perfect for any occasion!

  4. Thank you Suzanne

  5. Bonjour Suzanne Riedel, merci pour votre Lift, qui nous demande d'être bon. Etant donné que le nom de l'Eternel est le Bien traduit en votre langue GOOD, ce message de ce matin me demande de fixer ma pensée sur le Bien.

  6. Exactly what I am in need of today. All questions answered, all doubts dissipated, calm replacing concern. Boundless gratitude for this.

  7. Thank you very much for this wonderful Daily Lift and your articulation to understand so well!

  8. How totally sweet - what a feast of love. Thank you, Suzanne.

  9. Just perfect for me today as I prepare to receive guests some of whom are new to me. I love the idea of God as the host, it reminds me of what Mrs Eddy says about being "the guest of God". Thank you for a great lift.

  10. Lovely ideas, thanks Suzanne, Have a joy-filled day!

  11. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Bring your best …”

    Your Lift has brought to my attention the need for me to pay closer attention to yielding my human perceptions to the divine Truth of being. Of course, I “know” to bring my spiritual qualities wherever I go; and yet because I’m still kind of “new” to this community’s ways, I don’t always feel confident about what to “bring” that would meet the human expectations. Then during the event or upon looking back on it, I think of mistakes I made and feel very self-conscious.

    So, if I've lacked anything recently, it's been confidence in these social settings and community interactions. This morning, you’ve reminded me that my best never proceeds from the self-centeredness of mortal mind with its human opinions. My best always proceeds from the God-centeredness of yielding to Love’s leadings. I’ve been finding success and will continue in “slowing down” just enough to pray and listen and obey. So, thanks to you, I’ll be more mindful to focus on bringing my best Godlike qualities with me wherever I am and in letting “… the Lord … be [my] confidence …” (Proverbs 3:26)

  12. What a beautiful thought, Suzanne! And doesn't it apply also to the feast of Love we have each Sunday and Wednesday at church? And everywhere we are - in school, the workplace, or even if staying at home?

    Thank you so much,

  13. Thank you, Suzanne, how of-the-moment! A friend came to stay for about a week. She came from ''away', and 30 years had passed since last we met. Apart from Christmas cards and catch up letters our paths hadn't crossed. Lots has happened in the meantime, and I was bringing many healing changes with me. I simply went on with love and trust and good humour. I trusted that God would have been here first and prepared the way. I was able to share thoughts of God and prayer, and although she said she was an atheist, she didn't interrupt. The holiday doesn't end right then, so she will no doubt think about our conversations. That's when the thoughts will come to light again. To be sure, nothing is ever wasted at these Get Togethers!
    Thank you Nate and your team, and all who share and partake of our Daily Lift.

  14. I was thinking about who to invite to sit with us on the sundeck. But now I will think about what divine qualities i can expect to express and to see expressed by us all. Thanks

  15. Thank you, Susan. I'm reminded of the story in the Bible about the people who were invited to 'the feast' and made all kinds of excuses,- not why they could come,- but why they couldn't. If they had worked it out the why you have this morning they would all have been there.
    Thank you to all the team and the contributors for this daily inspiration.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

  17. I love this, Who is hosting that event?

    What event?

    Any event!

    God, our Father-Mother is always the true host, not us.

    What a revelation!!!

    God comes baring gifts of soulful joy, complete provision, guidance and His constant government.

    We are always invited, so don’t forget to bring humility to honor God, childlikeness, infinite gratitude for He has chosen us to be His image, honesty, obedience to Truth and trust in His real government.

    Me encanta esto, ¿Quién está organizando el evento?

    ¿Qué evento?

    ¡Cualquier evento!

    Dios, nuestro Padre-Madre es siempre el verdadero anfitrión, no nosotros.

    ¡Qué revelación!

    Dios viene trayedo regalos de conmovedora alegría , provisión completa, orientación y Su gobierno constante.

    Estamos siempre invitados, así que no olviden de traer humildad para honrar a Dios, inocencia infantil, gratitud infinita por habernos elegido para que seamos Su imagen, honestidad, obediencia a la Verdad y confianza en Su verdadero gobierno.

  18. "Nothing is too good for my children" should be the theme of this gathering, in perpetuity. Thank you, Suzanne for my invitation to come, to share, to learn, and to grow spiritually with my family- the children of God, the creator of the Universe.

  19. Oh, Suzanne i am coming!!

  20. Thank you Suzzane for this wondrful lesson on Spiritualization of thought and response . Yes indeed this is what Christiaaaan Science is all about .

  21. Thank you Suzanne. This is a lovely lift.

  22. 2 thumbs up! Really good. Thanks.

  23. This is beautiful and so helpful. Thank you Suzanne!

  24. What lovely ideas. I will have so much more to take with me when invited out in future. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Suzanne.

  25. Many thanks Suzanne for this wonderful summer time festivities reminder. Yes. "Divine Life and Love is always inviting us to feast with the love of Love." "Here see the Bread of Life, see waters flowing/ Forth from the throne of God, pure from above;/ Come to the feast of love, come, ever knowing,/ Earth has no sorrow but Love can remove." (Christian Science Hymnal #40).

  26. Thank you Suzanne for that lovely message I have an invitation to a dinner party to-morrow evening and wondered what I should take, your lift has given me the answers.What a blessing. Dawn NZ

  27. This lift had me reminiscing about a time when "pot lucks" and "pitch in dinners" were common where friends and neighbors would get together to share food and camaraderie. But also reminds me of the story of Elisha who told his servants to, "Set on the great pot, and seethe pottage for the sons of the prophets. And one… found a wild vine… and shred them into the pot… they cried out, and said, O thou man of God, there is death in the pot… But he said, Then bring meal. And he cast it into the pot;… And there was no harm in the pot.” (II Kings 4:38-41)

    We always want to bring our best to share with others, but occasionally someone else might unintentionally, or even deliberately, try to introduce discord to the meal or meeting. If you and a friend had to drink from the same cup of water and your friend poured in lemon bitters, instead of doing the same, responding negatively or out of revenge, simply add a good dose of sugar and you both have lemonade. Don't reacting negatively or throw out a good with the bad. How much better to neutralize the error through seasonings of love!

    God's table is prepared with love. It's appropriate His guests (those bid to His feast and sitting around His table) should dine in peace and prosperity with one another. Adding "meal" to every meal removes any harm or fear that error might try to crash the party. It removes whatever is offensive.

    Thanks for the reminder to always bring our best and know everyone else does too.

  28. Interfer - Ants

    Suppose God held a picnic and invited all mankind.
    Would Interfere-Ants nit-pick it with Thought or Word Unkind?

    Could Interfere-Ants party crash and try to run the show,
    arrange the seats as they prefer, tell others where to go?

    Do Interfere-Ants steal the crumbs that from Christ's table fall,
    intended for the hungry hearts? T’is God that feeds us all.

    Can error interfere with God, upset His perfect plan?
    Or is it just our “inner fear” that interferes with man?

    If clouds of sense should threaten rain Can error “enter fear”
    into your thoughts already filled with Love divinely near?

    Never fear that fear can enter. Never entertain
    a thought that ought can enter fear.
    T’is only God that reigns

    Let God attend the details, while we attend the fun
    The picnic is for all mankind. God has no favored son
    nor daughter that He delegates to govern in his stead.
    His open fount needs no control, nor does His daily bread

    “Inner Fear”, Enter Fear, Interfere-Ants too.
    They're all the same, with different name, but they can't bother you.
    Don't interfere in His affairs. There’s nothing more to do.
    Our part is loving everyone and let them love us too.

  29. I love it thank you.

  30. So lovely!

  31. Today brings me to visit a patient in a nursing home. I may not be sharing a meal, today;
    but I'll certainly share the feast. Thank you!

  32. Thank you, just what is needed as I am expecting company Saturday and I know all will be well. Many thanks to all.

  33. Inspiring, creative message, Suzanne, thank you!

  34. Loved it- what fresh and beautiful ideas!

  35. A lovely practical lift - thank you Suzanne. Thank you also to all the lifters' comments, and especially Michael. Presumably Michael 27 is the same as Michael 28 - very supportive of the lift, and a very helpful poem. I assume that you are the poet, Michael. Excellent. I shall keep it, if I may.

  36. Thanks, Suzanne, for giving me what I need to bring to my next get together.

  37. I was at a family gathering Saturday It was God who brought this wonderful family together and I too asked what should I bring? I know in my heart I brought every quality of God, but LOVE was the greatest. Thank you I LOVED this so!

  38. A wonderful Lift. Thank you so much.

  39. Dios nos está invitando permanentemente, a unirnos a Él, y a que no rompalos los lazos que nos unen a Él, para que la comunicación sea permanente. y nos conducirá mansamente a Su redil donde la mesa está siempre servida con abundacia de bienes espirituales. Pero que decir cuando nos excusamos por estar inmersos en otras tareas, que no siempre hacen a lo verdadero.

    La Biblia nos habla de la necesidad de estar atentos a su convocatoria, Cristo así lo demostró para que nosotros sigamos el mismo camino, y es muy bueno que el Daily Lift nos recuerde la importancia de estar atentos y aceptar la invitación cuando es formulada, sin duda serán puertas que se van abriendo al entendimiento.

    Muchas gracias Suzanne, por el inspirado mensaje.

  40. I thank you for this esplendid LIFT because is not a Dayly but Yearly!. And to spanish speakers, Suzanne, your excellent pronunciation made it full understable!

  41. Thank you, Suzanne. Also, thank you Michael (#27 and 28 the same person???) Great poem...are you the author?

  42. What a completely satisfying illustration of true through and prayer! Thank you for pulling all together in this Christly view. Expansive comments too. Thank you for this feast of Love. I'll be sure to bring my best to each of Love's occasions and know others are being Love-impelled to do so also.

    Lovely to see your summer picture too! Good fun.

  43. Thanks Suzanne! Always enjoy hearing your lifts. They are so poignant!

  44. Thank you so much, Suzanne, for bringing this feast of love to our Daily Lift meal. It is indeed a provision of completeness for today and everyday.

  45. Every occasion, even if we are humanly alone, is a feast for and of Love. A business venture or appointment, doing errands, even mopping the floor -- all are feasts to express divine Love, to immerse ourselves in Love. What a grand adventure!

    Thank you, Suzanne. Thank you, Daily Lift Team. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  46. How sweet and pure! Thank you, Suzanne! As #20 John said, "This is what Christian Science is all about!" Sometimes I have brought thoughts of less than Love to gatherings and it surely has not contributed much. The ole ego sometimes screams, "But why should I be the one to bring Love and Compassion and Understanding, when 'they' don't seem to be expressing that towards me?" Ick! Learning that it has to begin with me - such good Lessons of Love my Father-Mother is teaching me these days! Thanks Pop and Mom!

  47. Hi Suzanne -- Geez, and i was all set to bring a dessert! Now i'm gonna change this to

    a bouquet of flowers - being more conscience of God's ever-present smile. Am grateful

    for this Lift. From the hungry one in MI.

  48. Use every opportunity to create an experience of Love!

    Thanks for this very helpful Lift.

  49. Thank you, Suzanne for reminding us who's the real host, and who brings what to our dinner parties, luncheons, brunches, etc.

    Ditto for the Michaels #27 and #28. Love the make lemonade for both, and the picnic poem.

  50. Wonderful lift! Thank you. Fun, yet thought provoking. Surely a keeper!

  51. Wonderful Lift Suzanne and one to remember wherever we go. Several years ago I went to a community gathering celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. I went alone since my husband had recently passed on. I remember telling someone how uncomfortable I felt because it was my first time going it alone. What I received was a loving hug and an invitation to join their group. Love, joy, happiness, friendship were all there before me and we all enjoyed the feast. We are never outside the circle of God's love.
    Thank you all for this daily inspiration.

  52. Thank you, Suzanne, for this delightful Lift!

  53. Suzanne, thank you for this timely, timely (for me) lesson of delightful instructions on how to enjoy your own party! Sometimes it seems easier not to entertain, b/c the human mind would try to avoid interactions that may require...do require...the lovely blessings which come from bringing our best. Thank you for the reminder that our Father-Mother God is the Host!! Always! I knew that, but was seeing a possible get-together as somehow "outside" of my "regular" prayers! I know better! What a joy it is to have this arrive just as I was praying to know whether or not to plan what is really a God-inspired intuition to invite the family over for an over-due "get together." Much love to all the Lifters and thanks especially to Michael for that poem!

  54. Thanks so much, Suzanne,

    This is so helpful, so practical, and needed. I will soon be hosting/housing family members attending a family wedding, and this reaffirmation that we are all enveloped in divine Love, our true host, is so reassuring.Your message is a gift for today, and I thank you.

  55. Thank you Suzanne. Simply perfect. What a powerful and true message for us all. YOU brought your best!

  56. God revealed as the gentle but powerful guiding, Principle, and man as the full representation of Mind. Bring your best! Thank you Suzanne.

  57. Everything and thought in this lift was perfect for me. Beautifully delivered, fresh and light just as God treats all His children. Made me feel clean, fresh and uplifted ALL over. Much love to the whole team and everyone who adds their thoughts. My favorite part of the day!

  58. A Spiritual feast is so divinely nourishing. Yummy!

  59. Oh! What excellent advise, "Bring your best," in seeking a job in these turbulent economic times. Their's nothing to feel stressed out when faced with your expectant employer. Be your spiritual self, and your positiveness and God's perfect creation will shine through without the mortal dress rehearsal. You and every one else has unique qualifications as reflections of God.

  60. Oh yes, Suzanne, thank you!! We are all going to a special feast with Love today. And we can
    take our gifts and receive them with divine authority --true circulation - a continuously healing event.

  61. That is really helpful! Thank you.

  62. "Bring your best." made me think of a quotation of Rev. Dr. Talmage, that "there are wit, humor, and enduring vivacity among God's people."
    (Quoted by Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings pg 117), where she also states that we "...must first separate the tares from the wheat; discern between the thought, motive, and act superinduced by the wrong motive or the true...."
    Thank you Suzanne for pointing the way to making our daily adventure fruitful and harmonious.

  63. Suzanne this is perfect! Have been to lots of pot-luck lunches, where everyone brings their best cooking, prepared with love and care. You made sure that we know who is the HOST (Our Father Mother God) who invites us to this party, and we bring our best, reflecting Him. A feast of Truth and Love.
    Of course if it's a picnic, then no interfer-ants can sneak into the food and spoil the feast. Michael's poem is great! #28 . Had to laugh, but it makes the point spiritually too.
    Thanks to all the Daily Lift Team, Nate, the producers, the lecturers, the Mother Church for-- providing this opportunity for a family breakfast meeting each morning -- God and His children -- it is for all in the global family.

  64. What a beautiful reminder at this special time of family gatherings!

  65. Thank you Sandra for your illustrative metaphor!
    Bringing God to the table, regardless of the party situation, makes room for all participants to reflect Spirit. Sometimes, all we need do, is know that harmony is the dish each will partake.
    To know and be grateful that everyday we are "feasting with divine Love" is the power of God manifest in our lives.
    Thank you again Sandra!
    And thanks too, to all lifters' comments and The Daily Lift Team.

  66. Perfect Suzanne for every event; church meetings, Reading Room work, hosting and being hosted, and any other event to which we're invited. Lovely, powerful, and so practical. thanks, thanks, thanks.

  67. Thanks! A great idea to bring to the feast of our church's Vacation Bible School today!

  68. Dear Suzanne, Thank you for this wonderful Menu. I will carry it with me and put it in my cook book.
    This will bring a great sense of peace to every feast. Hugs of love.

  69. Thank you, Suzanne!

  70. Thank you.

  71. Thank you so much for this new and fresh approach to any gathering. I am in the midst of a family gathering and this reminds me why I am really here and what I have to contribute.

  72. once again...and thank you, Michael, for the lemon/bitters/sugar/lemonade...the deep lesson brought out by the Bible story you shared. Suzanne, thanks again for your inspiring lift!

    Bevi of Sandpoint...I know what you mean! I am finally getting it...we do this because it is TRUE and it is the Truth that heals us and blesses others. I have been catching the power of ONE CAUSE...divine LOVE. Also have found great blessings in studying Ego...the one, the only Ego is dear divine Mind. We don't have a little ego. We reflect this infinite Ego that is Love. We don't have to make ourselves the reflection; God has already done that. Yippee!

  73. Love this! Thank you!

  74. "Bring your best"; "Put on the whole armor of God" and come to the Feast of Love. What can we bring? We can bring our daily bread, the daily Truth we are promised by God. We can bring our Grace which is enough for today.

    The Bible tells numerous stories of feasts..Jesus seemed to love all feasts
    And used this fellowship to spread the gospel.

    Thank you, Suzanne, for this simple idea of what to bring to the table.

  75. Yes (mjs and Sandra) I submitted both 27 and 28 and am the original author, D. Michael Day, of the illustrated poem Interfer-Ants (submitted twice).

    A few years ago I enjoyed the friendship of two very dear people who always seemed to be doing so much for our church and going out of their way to be helpful. I wrote them a note with this observation, "When it comes to making a sacrifice, you always seem to bring the fatted calf when everyone else brings the fire." A misunderstanding caused us to part ways and eventually sparked this poem.

    Occasionally good deeds, however well intended, may be misunderstood and interpreted negatively. But when you look back at the nature of the individual and see nothing but love, sight clears and God (the underlying good) is revealed.

  76. Lovely. Thank you. Such a peaceful delivery of a gracious message.

  77. Thanks Suzanne! I will be going to a potluck picnic at a friend's farm in about a week, so not only will I bring my specialty pasta salad, but all the loving spiritual qualities to make the gathering complete. This friend is a serious Christian, and he loves to give these parties and is a generous and loving host. "How pleasant it is for brethren to dwell (or dine) together in unity" as the Bible says!

  78. OMG! Just the "prescription" I needed to fill today. Am visiting my boyfriend's relatives & really need to "zip a lip to save a ship!" Thank you, Suzanne, for a very pertinent reminder. And, thank you #28 for that wonderful poem...so true:-)
    p.s. You can be sure I will be listening to this lift more than once!

  79. What a banquet of blessings -- I ate it up and I feel filled.

  80. Bring your best. Perfect!

    And wear your best … T shirt of spiritual protection and shorts of truth, sandals of peace, sunscreen of faith, ball hat of salvation, pocket knife for dividing and sharing. (Eph 6:10 ++ sort of) “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.”

    What a great checklist so we do not leave anything behind in the kitchen, closet, or ....study!

    Thank you Suzanne

  81. Suzzanne, I will come to your parties anytime! Wonderfully simple and clear ideas so important for us to see and understand. Bring the best, be the best, see the best. Only.

  82. Boy! Did I need to hear this today? "Yes"

  83. What a fantastic lift to meet my need this morning for soulfull direction. I am invited to the feast with love. I am called to bring my very best, which are the God given qualities and a very high calling. God wants only goodness from me and that I can certainly fullfill. Where I err, God will make evident. In this I can go forward with confidence into the day and the challenges that I am called to. I am grateful and I am blessed and this lift helps me to claim my rightful heritage. I want to keep moving forward, so for that I need to push myself along into new opportunities for learning and giving. Thank you again Suzanne for this lift. I am so helped each day by the reading and listening to the Lifts. What an answer for keeping the connection with spiritual community world wide every day. A fine inspiration.

  84. Thank you very much.

  85. A good reminder for every day! Thank you.

  86. This lift is so appropriate for me this day. Invitations have been abundant these last weeks and as eagerly accepted. Lovingly I responded with the next one is on me, not being the greatest cook have wandered what I could do. Thank you Suzanne for sharing this Spiritual inspiration and answering the question for me, much love, joy and peace.

  87. A delightful check list to take with us when we are with friends. Thank you for reminding us of all these wonderful traits to bring with us when with others!.

  88. This is the perfect "Lift" for me today! It reminds me clearly that whereever I have to go, or whatever I have to do, I'll bring with me only those spiritual qualities which uplift and bless everyone I come into contact with! Not complaining, gossip or even agreeing with unloving events currently in the news! I'll not be repeating error, only voicing good. Then I'm bringing the "atmosphere of Spirit, of Life, Truth and Love" with me "to the table" and not spreading it with unpleasant thing which "casts thee (me too,) down from the pinnacle"! (Science and Health p. 448:10-11). Thank you for this thought "Lifting" reminder to always have my "basket" full of lovely "God-like graces! Then I'll be a valued guest at any venue!

  89. What to bring to a picnic? Love -- what else is there?
    In June my husband and I with friends, neighbors, and family celebrated our 60th year of marriage with a picnic. Love was Supreme! Laughter,renewing past times ,good eats,hugs,practicing the directive to love one another were on the main menu.However a surprise item was added when 4 twelve day old puppies arrived which needed to be bottle feed every 2 hours. God,,s reflection of provision and protection for all
    his creation was certainly on our picnic menu. Thank you God!

  90. Thank you.This wonderful lift removes all sense of burden when planning an event.Understanding God as the host brings peace and joy.

  91. Thanks!! Really helpful.

  92. Thank you, Suzanne! This is so appropriate for all our get-togethers. Very uplifting!

  93. Just got an Email from one of our H.S. coaches. He and his family are having a barbeque for the new Pastor and her husband coming to the Methodist Church. I was ready to decline until I read the lift. I realized I was being selfish and that we can go and add to the menu and express love for our community. Thanks, Bev. 46, you always connect in a good way and I enjoy your comments. Thanks everyone

  94. I was on an organized hike on a newly blazed trail with six other senior citizens this weekend. Also Buck brought his dog, Stella.
    Buck told us a story about Stella, his dog. He said their party on the July 4th celebration nearby, was interrupted when it was discovered that 2-year old daughter was missing. Nobody saw her wander away from the party. So they immediately quit the festivities and organized a search party. After searching the woods for a while they encountered some people who asked Buck, “Are you looking for a 2-year old girl with a dog?” and Buck was surprised, since they had not been thinking at all about Stella the dog, in all the excitement of looking for the 2-year old. It turns out that the dog had either gone quietly after or gone with the girl and stayed with her until someone found them both. So, as Mary Sands Lee says in Being is Unfoldment, “Jesus feeding of the multitudes shows clearly the naturalness of unfoldment as Mind’s mode of expression. Rejecting the personal sense presentation which blinded his disciples, he looked up to heaven, ‘the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle,’ as heaven is scientifically defined in part in our textbook, Science and health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 587.’ Thus recognizing all that exists as evidence of infinity, and therefore forever infinitely unfolding, he had the joy of witnessing his spiritual perception exemplified as unlimited human supply.”
    Needless to say, ev

  95. The comforting words of the 23rd psalm can sustain us all every moment of our lives!
    "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; (negative thoughts?)
    Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over."
    Such words of comfort empower and strengthen us!

  96. Needless to say, even though Sandy Stream was flowing above my knees in depth at this time of year, the little girl was safe and Stella too. We crossed the stream safely and Stella swam it before we even got there ourselves.
    Thank you for "childlikeness" lesson.

  97. I love your list of what we can bring - I just love it. Spiritual honesty, childlikeness in feeling love all around, thank you! I love the concept too - you help remind me that you can apply absolute Christian Science to everyday tasks and events.

  98. God will be hosting a Dinner party
    I'm invited to with LOVE<LOVE LOVE!
    thanks Suzanne

  99. A beautiful, eloquent and spiritually nourishing message. Thank you for this thoughtful and thought-provoking Life.

  100. What a heavenly sense of feasting. Reminds me of a favorite Bible verse: "He brought me to the banqueting house, and His banner over me was love!" Song of Solomon 2: 4

  101. Thank you, much needed reminder to engage with God before social engagements.

  102. What a wonderful lift! I am involved with a community organization and there are several activities this month and next! Now I can bring the best of me (along with the cobblers, baked beans, salads, etc). Being able to interact with othes with the ideas you expressed will truly 'bring my best'! And I will remind my husband of that too! Thanks so much!

  103. Lovely thoughts, Suzanne! Thank you.

  104. Suzanne, thank you!!! Michael # 28 thank you! Thank you all!

  105. Timely and appropriate. It's good to have a Daily Lift from you, Suzanne. Just as I was enjoying the expanded metaphor, you took the spiritual significance to a higher level for us "thinkers". Thank you. I'll be pondering this and applying the concepts in the weeks to come! As ever, the reader-participants' comments enriched the whole conversation.

  106. Come and dine!

  107. Me too, me too! Echoing the grateful thanks for this Lift. I attended a family dinner this evening, a rare event, as we live thousands of miles apart. It was joyful, light, harmonious: very precious to me. This community of Lifters is a very precious family to me, as well...I have received gentle correction and encouragement and higher views from the comments all of you so lovingly take the time to write.

  108. Thank you for this great Lift! I thank God for being part of this great family and I loved the comments, all of them. I also loved Michael´s poem: Interfere-Ants. I will keep it. Once again, thank you!

  109. This is a great reminder to spiritualize EVERYTHING in our lives; every action, every event, every circumstance! THANK YOU!!

  110. I am filling my picnic basket right now with all the wonderful thoughts in this life. Thank you so much.

  111. This was a really nice contribution to my day! Thank you very much for your charming comments.

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