7/16: Living empty-cupped? Wake up!

7/16: Living empty-cupped? Wake up!

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  1. Our awareness of the presence of the one infinite God, opens to us the divine possibilities. Jon you have give us assurance in this Lift that we are not alone and without hope. The phrase "living life to its fullest" takes on the more spiritual meaning, of loving God to our fullest provides us with all that we will ever need or want. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H, page 446,"To understand God strengthens hope, enthrones faith in Truth, and verifies Jesus' word: "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."

  2. God never gives us empty lessons!

    Mrs Eddy says in S&H, “The cup our Father hath given, shall we not drink it and learn the lessons He teaches?”


    "..the desire which goes forth hungering after righteousness is blessed of our Father, and it does not return unto us void.”

    Our dialogue w God makes it impossible for our cup to be empty!

    Thank you Jon!

  3. Thank you so much Jon, that message really met my need this morning.It has helped to erase from thought an unhappy telephone call from a member of my family which came through just before your /Daily Lift arrived in my inbox.The invitation to "drink deep" the inspiration from Psalm 23 was truly wonderful. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you, Jon.

    Remember, You need to empty the old cup before you can fill it with fresh water. Perhaps the empty cup is growth even though it may be the most difficult spot to be in. Let go of all that is holding you back.

    I remember you from your inspiring lecture.

    I highly recommend it to everyone. See link beow.


    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  5. Very comforting, Jon. Thank you very much

  6. Thank you Jon-just beautiful.

  7. Thank you Jon and to all of the daily lift team. I can say truthfully that My cup runneth over through reading, studying and IMBIBING the Truth found in Science and Health with key to the scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. A few weeks ago I awoke with violent toothache, and would gladly have let anyone pull the darned thing out! what could I do at 2.a.m in the morning!!! I knew then that I must turn to God TRUTH and began to reason that if Jesus cleansed the lepers and raised the dead, surely this problem must not be beyond his care. After about 10 minutes reasoning I fell asleep until it awoke me again two hours later so I had to clear my thoughts once more and again I fell asleep, morning came and error had one more try, but the fear had gone and I've had no pain since. After 35 years in the medical nursing proffession no words can tell just what Mrs Eddy's discovery means to me, even though the path to understanding seemed difficult at times, it feels so good to have come out into the clearing! LOVE to ALL June UK

  8. How many people lives a whole life unhappy, believing that their happiness depends on others?

    Wouldn’t it be because we are living a life from a mistaken viewpoint instead of seeing it from a spiritual reality?

    Our boundless source, supply and substance of all good cannot be depleted because they dwell outside material perception, in the reign of the real, the reign of Spirit; permanently created, guarded and protected by our celestial Father.

    ¿Cuánta gente vive una vida entera, infelíz pensando que su felicidad depende de otros?
    El Salmo 23 nos dice que nuestra copa “está rebozante”.

    ¿No será eso por que estamos viendo la vida desde un erróneo punto de vista en vez de verla desde una realidad espiritual?

    Nuestra fuente inagotable de provisión y la sustancia de todo lo bueno no pueden agotarse pues habitan afuera de la percepción material, en el reino de lo real, el reino del Espíritu; permanentemente creadas, guardadas y protegidas por nuestro Padre celestial.

  9. As the correct Daily Lift always seems to come at the right moment, I think a lot of prayerful intuition must go into choosing just the right lift for each day.
    Thank you Jon and also all the other contributers.

  10. Wonderful Jon and thank you Jane #7 I am a medical nurse too, you may never know how much your testimony means to me.

  11. Many thanks Jon for this important reminder. Yes! "God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows. The talents He gives we must improve." (S&H 6:5). "Thou art Love and Thou art wisdom,/ Thou art Life and Thou art All;/ In Thy Spirit living, moving,/ We shall neither faint nor fall." (Christian Science Hymnal #58).

  12. Thanks Jon for your overflowing cup of inspiration and encouragement today .

  13. Thank you for this great reminder that our cup is ful and ddoes run over. Thanks again.

  14. Thank you Jon! I was lkead to include this passage in the Benediction, this last Sacrament Sunday. It was great to hear you expand on this passage , and also to read how others have done similarly! Truly, what blesses one, blesses all! Cos One is All, and all is one?!!!

  15. I will drink of this cup today, and everyday! Thanks for this lift.

  16. Thank you, Jon, for “Living empty-cupped? Wake up! … Christian Science reveals … empty cups are mistaken standpoints, not unpleasant realities …”

    “Living empty-cupped” sounds like living under a curse. I’ve learned that there is no curse. We are only under the divine “powers that be” of God/Love-itself! What seems to be a curse holds unrevealed blessings. Sounds nice; but it’s better than nice – it’s provable!

    Christian Science has lifted my level of expectation to seek and find my blessings right through the “mistaken standpoints” and “unpleasant realities.” Any and every evil that “flesh is heir to” is a lie that can be proved a lie by applying God’s laws and revealing the Truth of our being. Sounds nice; but it’s better than nice – it’s provable!

    "… prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Malachi 3:10).

    There is no such thing as an empty cup. Sounds nice; but it’s better than nice – it’s provable!

  17. Beautiful John, thank you. And thank you for the really lovely music.

  18. In II Kings 4, we read story of Elisha, the widow woman and the pot of oil. The supply of oil did not end until all the vessels she had were full.

    In other words, she ran out of limitation before she ran out of inspiration (oil).

    I've often wondered if we don't actually limit ourselves by trying to fill empty vessels of limited capacity. Who would be satisfied going to the open fount with the single cup once they actually realize how little the cup of mortal mind really holds?

    When we understand divine Love as infinite supply, we will not be satisfied by sipping from a cup when instead we should be drinking from a fire hydrant.

    Limited mortal thinking would have us believing our cup is empty or perhaps filled with a bitter brew. And while our needs may seem to be temporarily satisfied through material supply, it won't be long until the cup is once again empty and needing a refill.

    In John 4, Jesus asks the woman of Samaria for a drink, yet he offers her "living water" saying he that drinketh of it shall never thirst again.

    Like sowing seeds, the more we plant, the greater the harvest. Instead of beggars holding empty cups, we should be offering to assuage the thirst of the weary traveler from our own endless source of Truth and Love knowing God is the infinite source of all good.

  19. Yes!... My cup of abundant good is running over now !
    Thank you!

  20. Thanks Jon, I can feel the love of Love in your words of grace.

  21. Thank you very much!

  22. Thanks, Jon, for such an inspiring and hopeful message delivered with so much love. One of the statements from the Bible that I have often prayed with is that I may be filled with all the fullness of God in glorified quality. In GLORIFIED QUALITY, not just partially or lacking anything. I am grateful also to all who have commented thus far for sharing their inspirations and experiences - so very helpful.

  23. Thank you, Jon. Truly deep. Nan

  24. Beautiful and so helpful Jon, thanks so much. Judy

  25. So Beautiful ! Thank You. :-)

  26. Love-filled Lift - thank you! May we know, feel, and sing often the words from Mrs. Eddy's Poem, "Dear Christ, forever here and near... Fill us today with all thou art - be our saint, our stay, alway" (CS Hymnal, No. 23-28). Fullest gratitude, Jon, Daily Lift Team, Lifters all!

  27. Thank you Jon!

  28. Great reminder lift, Jon. And Michael #18. Thank you. Perhaps our life-work involves digging a swimming pool – and then having a pool party.

    Our understanding of where good comes from and why it continues is so essential!! How do we go amuck? I blame the children’s game. You know… There is a picture and you are supposed to find the 20 things that are wrong? Gloves not matching, hat on upside down, etc. - finding the wrong and just disregarding what is good completely. How does that help?

    When, in reality - “The universe is filled with spiritual ideas, which He evolves, and they are obedient to the Mind that makes them.” S&H 295:6

    Look who is filling the swimming pool! Leave the unmatched gloves in the changing room.

  29. A veces puede parecer que estamos en un callejón sin salida. y que nuestra liberación depende de otros y no de nosotros mismos, de nuestro propio esfuerzo, y nuestra comprención de lo que ya tenemos está ahí esperendo para colmarnos. Nadie puede dárnoslo, porque ya, es nuestro.
    En realidad la felicidad esta más cercana de lo que pensamos, en nuestro ser verdadero, donde no entra la angustia, ni pérdida, porque Dios lo llena todo y el único lugar infelíz es fuera de Él. Por eso la importancia de mantenernos firmes con Él sin flutuar, porque la felicidad no es ajena es nuestra.

    Muchas gracias Jon

  30. Thank you, Jon, for your Always Good Ones! Thank you for SOSS = "Sharpening Our Spiritual Senses"!! I'm feeling such an Uplift lately - a deeper sense of "What's Really Going On Here and Now!" And I attribute this to the Christian Science Church and its Lecturers, Teachers, Practitioners and all Students whose thoughts and prayers are going out daily to lift the world's thought to this higher perception. Our desire is to WAKE UP NOW!, not later, not after we have passed on. We have a job to do and we are getting it done! Thank you One and All! My cup is Running Over With Love and Gratitude!

  31. Thank you for this lovely, heart felt message.

  32. I love that message. Turning in the cup for an unending fountain.. flowing freely with Truth. This is such a timely thought for me today and I appreciate it so very much.

  33. Love-filled Lift - thank you! May we know, feel, and sing often the words from Mrs. Eddy's Poem, "Dear Christ, forever here and near...Fill us today with all thou art - be thou our saint, our stay, alway" (CS Hymnal, No. 23-28). Fullest gratitude, Jon, Daily Lift Team, Lifters all!

  34. Thank you, Jon! Just so logical and truthful and so confidently spoken. Thank you so much!

  35. The Daily Lifts always teach, inspire, and remind us of God's presence. I've never thought of my cup as "empty" but sometimes I just didn't like what was in it. Wrong perception! It is overflowing with God's grace, I just have to acknowledge it. Thank you Jon for this wake-up call.
    Thank you Daily Lift team for all your work in guiding us on the right path each morning.

  36. Wow. That was a lot in a very little amount of time.

  37. Thank you Jon for reminding us that each day our cup is full and running over with new inspiration and ideas verifying that we can never be separated from good, God. Thank you # 7 & #10 for sharing that you have found healing and inspiration in the Science of the Christ having come through years in the medical profession. It reminds me of hymn #64 in the Christian Science hymnal "From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day /The dawn of all things real is breaking o'er me,/ My heart is singing: I have found the way." Each day we seek and find renewed spiritual sense and realize the abundance of Love meeting all needs. Thank you for these Daily Lifts one and all.

  38. Thank You.

  39. Thanks, Jon, for a beautiful Lift showing the abundance of infinite Love.

  40. Thanks, Jon. So very helpful and an arresting tittle as usual.
    Thanks also to Michael and Nancy.

  41. Another great Lift from you, Jon, and all the team. Really found the inspiration, just exactly what I was waiting to hear.
    Thanks everyone, for really great comments.

  42. What a graphic image, "lagging inspiration". I love that I get to wake up from that "mistaken standpoint". A dear man once shared an experience with me. He said as a journalist in the 1960's he once had a hard time getting his assignment written. In his prayers he heard, "this isn't about not having something to write, but about having the love to write it." His experience has reminded me many times to feel the love of God ever-present, filling me with the inspiration, intelligence, creativity, strength and love to complete any task.

  43. Your Daily Lifts are always a blessing and thank you so much for your wonderful lecture!

  44. Thank you Jon. I will listen again. So good to hear.

  45. Jon, thank you so much for your inspiring words. Like all the DL I read since I've started following them a few weeks ago, I find much comfort and learning from them. THANK YOU!!

  46. Thank you, Jon, for enough Grace for today. My cup runneth over --enough to share with my family. The daily lifts are truly a blessing. I was feeling rather aged and without purpose the other day when it occurred to me this is the time of life when I can study all i want and read all I want without feeling I am leaving other things undone. The time is now to "drink deep". Thanks to all.

  47. Thank you John for your reminder, your words are really inspired! Thank you Nela # 16, I liked the phrase: " Living empty-cupped is like living under a curse " . I'm very grateful to Mrs Eddy, for her efforts in life trying to find the Truth, then, applying it, teaching it, founding the Church and leaving all her writings which are the oil I need for my everyday life... A day like this she was born and perhaps she didn't know the purpose God had prepared for her, giving the key for healing to the humankind! Thank you Mrs Eddy!!!
    Lots of Love

  48. A wonderful "lift". Thank you.

  49. A huge, deep cup full of thanks and gratitude, Jon. AND everyone for sharing these rich, refreshing drinks of Spirit. Thanks Nate and the DL team.

  50. Thank you so much I relate to this entirely! Sometimes I seem to have "half cup" moments. and I am so grateful that the fullness of opportunity to grow and learn and BE is real and present . Thanks for the advice "drink deep!" Indeed.
    Have to say also that the music this week is once again splendid!

  51. Dear John your loving and healing lift has made me free rigth now of fear, many many many
    thanks. I'am also so grateful to be a member of the Christian Science family, so I drink the cup and with
    joy share it with others seekers.

  52. WOW thank you Jon and ALL
    for fantastic comments.

  53. Thank you so much Jon for your uplifting reminder, and lifters all!
    It seems to me that in Christian Science we have so very much to be grateful for because Mary Baker Eddy's works are truly the "key to the scriptures" which demonstrate God's presence with us all. She says on p. 171 of "Science and Health": "Mind's [God's] control over the universe, including man, is no longer an open question, but is demonstrable Science." And on p 393: Mind is the master of the corporeal senses, and can conquer sickness, sin, and death."
    We often need reminding of God's presence, but divine Love is always a full cup!
    And thank you Daily Lift Team for bringing us the lifts!

  54. Thank you Jon! As we so often read and hear, "perfect for me today" as I got word that my current job is ending. Sort of relieved but sort of wondering I thought I'd better know and pray, ok what next Father so I'm not tempted to look down the path you spoke of in the beginning (more than I already do sometimes) yes my cup runneth over but thank you for the reminder! God the unchanging,....Trust the eternal....A glorious day is dawning..... Etc etc
    With so much gratitude to you all!

  55. Thank you so very John. It s a very inspired lift.Thank you again!

  56. Lovely, helpful lift. Thanks.

  57. Wonderful. Thanks Jon. I just walked with a friend this morning and we shared from our experience how our oneness with God is real and how thinking out from this spiritual unity is possible with the understanding Christian Science provides. She is seeing how this fresh perspective is transforming her life and satisfying her desire to live more productively and joyously. Thanks for this inspiring Lift ... I sent it her way.

  58. Thank you,thank you.Today you helped me turn "lemons into lemonade".Your deep sincere lift is a treasure to keep.

  59. I love this "Lift"! It is my prayer for today to see myself and others as "filled up with all that God is"! A lovely thought and one I shall carry and share! Thank you so much Jon! I feel "Lifted!"

  60. "Drink deep" from the cup of pure truth, give thanks, and be healed.
    Thanks for this powerful and and useful lift.

  61. Thank You!!

  62. Thanks so much Rob Scott, #4 for the reference to Jon's lecture and to the Daily Lift team for activating the link. What a powerful message to get out of our story and recognize our true existence as God's creation - always having been, are right now, and always will be - perfect. Any other story is fiction - a lie about our true identity.

  63. On the way to visit my father today and to take him out for lunch, I wondered how I was going to be able to pay for our frequent outings. I remembered that I had the Daily Lift phone number saved to my phone. I dialed and listened to the wonderful message and turned my thinking towards gratitude. After my dad and I finished our lunch, our waitress informed us that our bill was taken care! Someone had decided to anonymously pay for our lunch! My dad and I were overjoyed with this expression of generosity! We were reminded that there is never depravity; only abundance!

  64. An excellent time for this particular lift.Almost everything seems lost,hopeless,and discord of every sort plagues me.I strive to practice Christian Science through prayer.The 23rd psalm gives me courage and hope.I am determined to overcome this state of affairs. Please,pray for me.I will keep this lift;it encourages and uplifts.......thanks!! God bless!

  65. Thank you very much for this terrific lift today!!!

  66. thank you john

  67. Thank you for the bounty of Love's presence.

  68. To #64, Daisley-I would like to recommend an article to you that you may find helpful. The article is "The Truth About Adversity" by Louise Knight Wheatley Cook, C/S Sentinel, 02/01/1941. It can also be found on page 119 in "Anthology of Classic Articles" at you C.S Reading Room. No matter what our human circumstances seem to be God's plan for us is only good and will come to the surface,"whose mind is stayed on thee.'' A quote from the article:"Unpleasant and unjust and trying experiences come to every one of us..." "Not one of these things should shake our trust in God and His perfect plan, which,as yet, we may discern but faintly, but in which every one of us belongs." "even though we may seem to be cast into the deepest pit of loneliness, fear, and despair, all things are still working together for good. Love will never leave us comfortless,.."

  69. To #64 Daisley - You have the Support of All of Us here on the Daily Lift! Sending you Love and Prayers of Harmony and Abundance!! XOXO

  70. Very helpful in looking for the right place, right timing, supply, etc. Thank you.

  71. What a unique approach to recognition of abundance. Drinking deep! WOW!

  72. Gratitude Jon, You filled my cup with joy, freedom, gratitude and great peace.

  73. Thank you, I find your presentations are the ones I return to and continue to learn from. Bless you for sharing.

  74. "There is no spot where God is not." That traditional rhyme came to thought this morning as I was praying to see through a threat of unlawful activity on my credit card. I realized that God is active as law everywhere and all at once. No greedy or dishonest intention could ever overpower the omnipotent. Everyone's cup is full...no emptiness to tempt.

  75. Thanks for the good reminder, Jon!

  76. Thank you, Jon, for this great reminder. And thank you #68, for reminding me of the excellent article "The Truth About Adversity" by Louise Knight Wheatley Cook. I went back and reread the article. It is so beautifully written, and so meaningful still today. It applies not only to the big experiences we have in life, but to the day-to-day disappointments we might encounter. What a great suggested read!

  77. Thank you Jon .. just what I needed

  78. I too have just finished reading "THE TRUTH ABOUT ADVERSITY."
    All I can say is WHOW! What an article. It covers the whole ground of a pick-me-up if any thing of a bad nature happens to us. How fortunate we are to have a religious system such as C/S is to train us how to see the way God sees.

  79. Thanks Jon
    loved your concept and also loved all the great messages your Lift inspired! I especially liked the comment That its not only nice, it's provable.
    Cindy Linke

  80. Deep gratitude, my cup is overflowing with love for the world as peace fills my cup.

  81. Thanks Jon. This week I felt the way you mentioned. I did not give up, I continued studying the weekly lesson, even in 'hell' I found solace in God's ever presence and omnipotence, I could not see 'the light at the end of the tunnel' as the old saying goes, I was drinking the bitter cup of believing in material sense, instead of the cup of grace and divine Love, but I did not give up. Your lift came at the most appropriate time to remind me of who I am as the son of God and I can say with spiritual conviction that my cup is so full of love and running over that nothing will separate me from God's love.

  82. At the bottom of the 9th inning with the bases loaded and the score tied, Jon and the 23rd Psalm just hit the ball out of Yankee Stadium.

  83. Thank you Jon that was full of goodness.

  84. A deeply satisfying and refreshing message. Thank you.

  85. Wonderful

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