7/13: Pura vida

7/13: Pura vida

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  1. Thank you Josh. What a wonderful reply to the common "how are you?"

  2. I loved it! Thank you!

  3. Right on. Pure life. All there really is. Totally simple and also totally profound.

  4. Full of Life...A purrrrrfect Lift for every day!! Thank you thank you!!

  5. GREAT idea and given at the exact moment needed. As I have struggled with the thought today that life is fragile, your FULL OF LIFE has broken that dream and helped me to once again get back on the right path. Truth always meets every human need in any language! Thank you Josh.

  6. Pura vida! I'll have to practise that! It is a perfect reply. Thank you!

  7. Josh, Thanks for that lovely reminder that God is the source of our life. As Christ Jesus illustrated that is an abundant life without limits. What a rich inheritance we have.
    Greetings from London. Ann K.

  8. Thank you Josh! Pura vida, full of life. I´ll keep it in mind along the day.

  9. Mmm, interesting, it seems that in Costa Rica they have an optimist answer to our common salutation of ¿How are you?“ Costa Ricans answer, "Pura Vida", meaning, pure life or a full life, this sounds better than, “fine and you?“, doesn’t it?
    When I was growing up in Argentina the adult’s salutation used to be “Buenas y santas“, it meant, “Have a good and holy day“, just like we bid “good morning“ to people.
    And it’s true, we must be, full of life, good and holy, if the kingdom of God is within us!!! Luke 17:21
    Mmm, interesante, parece que en Costa Rica tienen una respuesta optimista al común saludo de, ¿Cómo estás? Los costarricenses responden, “Pura Vida“, esto suena mejor que “bien ¿y tú? ¿verdad?
    Cuando yo era niña en Argentina el saludo de los adultos solía ser, “Buenas y santas“, quería decir “Tengan un día bueno y santo“, como cuando deseamos “buen día“ a la gente.
    ¿Y es cierto, probablemente estamos, llenos de vida, buenos y santos, si el reino de Dios está dentro nuestro! Lucas 17:21

  10. Pura vida Josh!

    Mary Baker Eddy says in the textbook of Christian Science:
    “Immortal ideas, pure, perfect, and enduring, are transmitted by the divine Mind through divine Science, which corrects error with truth and demands spiritual thoughts, divine concepts, to the end that they may produce harmonious results”. (S & H p. 259)

    Josh, thank you very much for illuminating my thinking today. You made me realise that the power of these ideas is applicable at any time and place without interruption or delay and is available for each of us, always.

    En español

    ¡Pura vida Josh!
    Mary Baker Eddy dice en el libro de texto de la Ciencia Cristiana:
    “Las ideas inmortales, puras, perfectas y perdurables, son transmitidas por la Mente divina mediante la Ciencia divina, la cual corrige el error con la verdad y exige pensamientos espirituales, conceptos divinos, a fin de que ellos produzcan resultados armoniosos” (C y S p. 259)

    Muchas gracias Josh por iluminar mi pensamiento hoy. Me has hecho comprender que el poder de estas ideas es aplicable en todo momento y lugar sin interrupciones ni demoras y está disponible para cada uno de nosotros, siempre.

  11. I love it! Thank you Josh. We have a spiritual affirmation as well as a phrase in Spanish. See, as students of Christian Science we are always "learning new things and expression new ideas." We can never run out!

  12. Definitely going to use this all day, every day. Thank you so much for a wonderfully uplifting 'lift".

  13. Thank you very much, Josh for this mental awakening - just what I need. Somtimes I have difficulties when somebody wishes "all good" to me, or asks me "how are you". But the answer "pura vida" or "full of Life" is so lovely, true and lively!
    And thank you Wendy for your simple, yet wonderful comment.

  14. It is like music- choose your key and sing. Thank you so much. So wonderfully simple and profound.

  15. Splendid, have a good one.

  16. A refreshing and invigorating lift .yes indeed we reflect pure Life ,God ,What a wonderful prayer for those of us who feel challenged by the so called ills of "old age".Josh ,you are doing great spiritual work .once again ,thank you.

  17. 'full of Life!' Love it Josh. Thank you.x

  18. Love it! Love 14 too, singing in the key of Life! Happy weekend and thank you for a week of brilliant lifts. x

  19. Thank you very interesting. I often answer ' fine I'm hear'.

  20. Muy bueno: pura vida is an interesting and spiritual idea! Thanks a lot!

  21. Lovely Josh! I didn't know about the Costa Ricans salutations; it's perfect! As Elena in #9 says, I've also heard in the countryside of Argentina the salutation "Buenas y Santas", among the "criollos". Thank you and thanks to all the lifters' comments!

  22. Thank you Josh . . . Sile , pure from the heart and uplifting. JOY BE YOUR DAY.

  23. Well how appropriate... and the countryside of Costa Rica is pura vida, full of life also. Maybe it is more than a greeting, but an expectation! Birds and animals, mountains, amazing vegetation, great art, music, and many other evidences of Life expressed. And, a horse culture!

    Love the lift!

  24. What a wonderful way to greet each day,and who ever crosses our path. A pure blessing for the day. thankyou PURA VIDA TO YOU ALL.

  25. Thanks, Josh, for an enlightening lift and to the BOL for an inspiring week. I'm grateful to all of the other listeners for their comments also. Have a great weekend everyone!

  26. Thank you. In this week's Bible Lesson entitled "Life", Mrs. Eddy says "We all must learn that Life is God." The marginal heading in the paragraph is entitled "condition of progress". In the next part she poses 2 profound questions. "Am I living the life that approaches the supreme good? Am I demonstrating the healing power of Truth and Love? If so, then the way will grow brighter 'unto the perfect day.' "

    "Todos tenemos que aprender que la Vida es Dios. Pregúntate: ¿Estoy viviendo la vida que se acerca al bien supremo? Estoy demostrando el poder sanador de la Verdad y Amor? Si es así, entonces el camino se iluminará cada vez más 'hasta que el dia (sea) perfecto.' "

  27. Muchas gracias, Josh. Or should that be Hosh? Someone remarked on an accent today, but after a prayerful pause, I realized every accent is full of love, intelligence, compassion, patience, peace, joy, gentleness and generosity. 'Full of all Life' means the expression of all the qualities of God, all at the same time. What a warm and happy place to be! I can now add Costa Rican to my list of languages to say "Hello" with a smile. That makes a total of four.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Lifters del dia.

  28. Loved it. Thank you.

  29. Josh,
    What a beautiful thought you shared in this mornings lift..."pura vida"...full of Life...a simple prayer. Thanks for the spiritual ammunition. Aprayer to enfoce my identity as a child od God...full of Life, Truth, and Love. Awesome "arrows" to use to keep errors attacks at bay. Bullets I may use to fire away at mortal minds attacks!

  30. Pregunto: ¿Pura vida o la pureza de la Vida? a veces no entiendo muy bien lo que quieren decir porque las palabras a veces nos pueden confundir, !miren cuanto juego de palabras! Pura Vida, o pura vida pero engañosa, Vida Pura, la Vida que está en la Pureza y de ella emana , y esa solitaria porque hay solo una Vida Pura que es Pura Vida y es la que aprendemos a amar.

    Muchas gracias Josh, !Pura, Vida para todos!

  31. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for that simple and universal way to respond to a greeting coming in the community - the shared life - that we live in.

    Costa Rica sounds like it's a really kind and gentle place, much as my experience showed me in Spain and Mexico where I've traveled and conducted business. "Pura vida" sounds like a natural response to "Buenos dias" as well. This kind of response lifts the communication to a higher plane, and focuses on a spiritual view of life, and closes the door to having to potentially listen to complaints or medical woes.

    I lived in Munich, Germany for three years and heard similarly polite greetings of "Guten Morgen" - "Good morning", or "Gruß Gott" - (Gruss Gott) - a Bavarian greeting - literally "Greet God", but an idiomatic expression used in the morning to acknowledge God in the life when greeting someone.

    Just thinking "Pura vida" makes me feel full of life - a really fast boost to keeping thought enriched, elevated, and joyful.

    Josh, thanks for this great lift!

  32. Thank you, Josh! What a good way to start the day! Thank you.

  33. For some reason was unable to get today's Lift. But by reading all the wonderful comments have got a pretty good idea of what you must have said, Josh. To start our day with pure thoughts from our Father-Mother-God can only bring harmony into our experience. I will try again later !

  34. Pura vida. These words are traveling on wings of love today in every direction. What a simple gift. Thank you Josh.

  35. muy bueno!

  36. Si, si yo entiendo, las palabras juegan mucho. Nunca pienso en esto antes ahora!

    Thank you Josh! I love this Lift so much that I'm forwarding it to my son so he can enjoy it too. Full of Life, always.

  37. Thanks, Josh, for sharing this apt response and spiritual fact!
    Joyous journey in Costa Rica to you.

  38. Thank you for this beautiful and true idea.

  39. Thank you, Josh.

    I always feel more at one with God when I am out in nature.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity,

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  40. I loved this daily lift!! Thanks so much..

  41. I loved this daily lift!! Thanks so much..

  42. Pura Vida amigos!!

  43. Sounds a lot like the "more abundant" life Jesus said he came that we night have. A full expression of all that Soul, Life gives us each moment. Food for thought and prayer as I begin my day in Berkekey CA. Blessings to all.

  44. Hermoso, simple y profundo Lift !!! Muy agradecida Josh , ' Pura Vida' da la idea de plenitud, pureza, belleza, actividad ,alegría, lo mejor de la Vida .

    Cristo Jesús dijo: ' Yo he venido para que tengan vida, y para que la tengan en abundancia' (Juan10:10)
    De continuo reflexiono sobre estas sabias palabras y pienso debemos aprender a ' Disfrutar la Vida ' tal como indica Pablo en Efesios: ' Regocijaos en el Señor siempre. Otra vez digo: ¡ Regocijaos!
    Y mrs. Eddy expresa : 'Todos tenemos que aprender que la Vida es Dios' (cys p 496)

    Agradezco los hermosos e inspirados comentarios que enriquecen este Lift.
    Un abrazo grande y Vida en abundancia para todos , Ma. Cristy

  45. I am 75 years old and "Full of life, or Pura Vida." I love these quick definitions of spiritual truths that mortal definitions make more complicated to understand so as to TRY to trick us in believing it, so that we will, in belief only, be tempted to believe that material life is true and spiritual is not.

  46. :-))))) Thank you, Josh . .. Pura vida!

  47. I ditto what Tobias Weissman [#39] wrote,. though I haven't been here as long as he. Thank you Josh for your bullet point definition.

  48. Muchas gracias Josh!!

  49. I am grateful for this affirmation "Full of pure Life" to declare for all and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

  50. Thank You for this Beautiful reminder...You have been an inspiration!

  51. Thanks so much for this simple Pura Vida Prayer..the sweetness of simplicity reminds us about
    the joy of humility.Not that I have a great deal of that, I like being reminded!

  52. Many thanks Josh for this very pure reminder. Yes, "We all express pure Life, [God]." "We lift our hearts in praise,/ O God of Life, to Thee,/ And would reflect in all our ways/ Thy purity." (Christian Science Hymnal #371).

  53. Thank you!

  54. yesterday I was thinking, while driving my car, about what it might be like to love others as Jesus loved...and I got this wonderful array of what that might be like, where to begin....it is a whole spectrum of spiritual ideas.

  55. Thank you.

  56. Awesome! Pura Vida! Thank you!

  57. Thank you Josh. I like this and your sharing that this statement is a simple prayer. Indeed a simple prayer of affirmation. "Full of life."

  58. Just the message I needed this morning as I start this weekend full of life and joy! Thank you!

  59. Dear Josh, What fun to have you in video! to see Costa Rica behind you! Thank you for taking the time to share with us on camera. How good of you to be there, too, bringing this good news - the understanding that "full of life" is not just a salutation but an omnipresent absolute - revealed as you said - when Christ told us the kingdom of heaven is within us all - and when Eddy explained further that therefore, what we have always in that kingdom within -- is the realm of omnipotent Mind, the atmosphere of Spirit. I love this new way of reminding myself of this wonderful news - to respond to every "How are you" (looking like a casual question from another or like my own question of myself), with the answer that is filled with the true understanding -- I'll strive to answer, "Pura vida!" - "Full of pure LIFE!" Hooray!

  60. Lovely!

  61. Short, sweet, and healing. Tks, Josh. & pura Vida to all

  62. Muchissimas gracias, Josh! Way to go, and have a fine day. y vaya con Dios,

  63. Great! THANKS!! Gracias!!!!

  64. Really great! Thank you!

  65. Pura vida. Pura vida. Pura vida.

    What a wonderful response to all those people we encounter who ask "how are you" and not really listening for a response. Sometimes I just throw off a "fine" or "good" or "keeping cool". At one time I tried answering -- "I am" -- to the greeting -- but this is perfect, because as most of you have said IT IS A PRAYER and even if you are the only one who heard the words, you are blessed each time you reply --

    Thanks, Josh.

  66. Josh,
    Thanks for the uplifting thought of what our life is and where it comes from.

  67. After hearing today's lift, I found a story in my hometown newspaper with this title - "Oakland teens return from Costa Rica, bringing the "pura vida" back with them". You can read about it at this link:

  68. muy bien!

  69. Great lift to go with the lesson on Life this week! Thanks Josh!

  70. Thank you Josh and all the lifters for a simple and profound lift. It became more alive to me after reading all the comments and I realize it was the perfect answer to my prayer today for clarity. I am sitting here trying to finish a business plan feeling very overwhelmed and small and it looming so large over me. While I have been praying to let God write this, the thought of Pura Vida or Full of life just hit me that I need to see the paper already is full of life. It is already complete and I just need to allow, affirm and expect that clarity to flow from me to it.

  71. Wonderful lift Josh. I have added a new thought/response today and will use it often.

  72. Thanks, Josh, for "Pura Vida... pure life... being expressed through each of us..." This is a great Lift for me, especially after listening to the informative, inspired, and inspiring Town Hall meeting on www.christianscience.com yesterday about Healthcare Reform in the U.S. Prayer has led me to the conviction that how Christian Science fits into the 21st Century, is not as much up to politicians as it is up to us, Christian Scientists. We study and practice “Pura Vida” through Christian healing of sickness (as well as of sin and death), according to Jesus’ words and works. Healings provide hard-to-deny evidence of the efficacy of Christ’s Christianity. “Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence. God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love” (Science & Health 106). My vote is for everyone to enjoy Life so governed, as I've been learning it. “…Christian Science…rests alone on demonstration. Its genius is right thinking and right acting, physical and moral harmony; and the secret of its success lies in supplying the universal need of better health and better men” (Miscellaneous Writings, 365). Christian Science proves “Pura Vida.” How can one, in good conscience, do anything less than cast a vote for such betterment in the world? What a great opportunity!!!

  73. Thank you so much. No details required of how who where when - so simple and lovely thank you Josh.

  74. Thank you for the nice idea. There's a take on the expression "Have a good day" that a friend told me. It is "Have a day of good." It gets positive responses and sometimes a thanks for shedding new light on the day.

  75. Wow! It is a prayer affirming LIFE, and God is Life, our very life
    so to say Pura Vida is blessing both giver and receiver! And us.
    Great thanks Josh!
    Nice video too!

  76. Thank you, thank you! So beautiful and simply stated.

  77. Thanks Josh, this is so lovely. AND Marilyn, I loved watching the link you shared of the kids from the Bay area. Thanks everyone who shared in Spanish as well.

  78. Thanks Josh, I will take this with me today and greet everyone with this new saying which has such a true spiritual meaning...."Pura Vita" pure life to all God's spiritual creation!!
    Thanks again and have fun in Costa Rica. You are next door to my sweet sister who lives in Panama.

  79. I looooove that! Thank you :-)

  80. Thank you so much for Josh, for the good reply for how are you?

  81. Fabulous! :) Gracias!

  82. Fabulous! Gracias Josh! :)

  83. I am unable to get this lift, as the public computer won't allow me to plug in, but as difficult electronically as this day is proving to be. I still believe yes, I still believe, which seems a pure miracle after where my erratic emotions took me this weel. thank you to all who comment, as I can appreciate that I can read others comments. thank you

  84. Thank you.Seeing your sincerity in this video delivers strength and love to this wonderful lift.

  85. Thanks a lot Josh. We just came back from a trip to the "Pura Vida" country of Costa Rica. Two moms, one grandma, one dad and three kids, all members of the same Christian Science church. You put the term in the proper perspective. Often we asked someone how they were doing and. although sometimes they didn't seem to have sufficient money and ohter things, their answer was always "Pura Vida". It's a good lesson on how to enjoy life in spite of what appear to be limitations. We also noticed a growing spirituality in the country. Pura Vida!

  86. Adding a greeting from the Romanic speaking areas of Grisons (Grischun/Graubünden), a canton in Switzerland:

    meaning Rejoice!

  87. Thank you, Josh. What a wonderful response to the often asked question. I always respond, "I am perfect--as are you." My friends in Christian Science recognize immediately from where I am coming. Others are uplifted--often unawares--and I have made a positive and loving contribution to my world.

  88. Thanks Josh for inspiring ALL of us to the concept of "Pura Vida". Thanks to Marilyn (#67) for sharing the Oakland kids story....it was GREAT! And, I loved Karen M (#74) idea of "A Day of Good"....
    What inspirations from everyone today! Thanks!

  89. Dear Josh,

    Thank you so much. These Daily lifts are gifts of healing thoughts. I needed it today. God told me to call someone several days ago, and I was just getting around to it. Thinking I was going to talk about one topic, but that got put on hold as I listened about this person watching a family member struggle with life. I could hear the tears. I offered human help. And I knew myself and others were praying. And the Christian Science Bible lesson on Life is a wonderful healing help.

    But the clarity and simple prayer of "pure Life", that never changes, as been a rock for me. Thank you.
    Pure Life, is here, always has been here and forever. A new prayer, and a new spanish word for me. Thanks ever so much!

  90. You've given us a very interesting topic to think about, Josh. I appreciate it. Answering in such a way, takes our awareness of ourselves several steps up above "OK". Pure Life would be full of Life because no impurities from another source would be present. To the questioner, our giving this answer to, "How are you?", may register as only a unique reply from the usual one given, but it could have a significant meaning to one who replies this way. It is a wake-up call and declaration to self, yes, even prayer, that we are awake to all that " full" would mean. It would include the reflection of the other synonyms of God, and remind us that we have health, joy, beauty, supply, intelligence/wisdom, energy, honesty/integrity, and more. "OK" is a mediocre response when one thinks about this one. Because most who would ask me such a question would only understand English, I'd prefer to use the English version, so that it could maybe set them to think of even just one or a few of what full of life implies. Even if they don't connect it to Life, God, they could stumble on some effects, and bless themselves by thinking along those lines, such as consciously exercising more energy, when before they felt tired. In fact, if I reply, "Full of Life", I'm including the one who questions as being in the kingdom of heaven, where all truly are, so my reply WILL have some effect for them, even if not felt at the moment, a great way to share Christian Science with out drawing resistance!

  91. A wonderful and thoughtful "Lift" for today and every day. Thank you Josh!

  92. Adding these beautiful ideas to my daily prayers. Thank you for inspiring us with this Daily Lift of Life!

  93. Thank you for this helpful Lift. I appreciate the reminder to salute the purity of Life in everyone.

  94. Referencing #72-The Declaration of Independence, must be followed by the demonstration of independence. When Costa Rica had its first free election, the new president's first law was to abolish the military, and use the funds for education. English is the second language taught in the schools. A former president's wife is a Christian Scientist. The educated workforce has drawn corporations, such as Intel to establish plants there. The US effort to block drug trade by sea, sent the trade inland, so the US agreed to support the Costa Ricans in opposing the trade. They sent military uniforms to Costa Rica. The Costa Ricans sent them back!
    They are resolutely free of the military. La pura vida, the pure life is certainly a reference to the unspoiled areas of nature, and the people, as well as the country's slogan.
    Thank you for this lift, which brought back happy memories.

  95. It is a great prayer to ponder about! This is simple as coming fresh out of the dip we froze when we listen to mortal mind's suggestions. In other words, we do not have live with it as it is part of us, right? It is the rrue inspiration I had heard always, that I am a Behold Child of the All-Harmonious Father-Mother Divine Comforter, "Christ!" I need to practice it persistantly in demonstration!

  96. 10, C. Sunshine Coast, Qld. AUSTRALIA

    Thank you!, you had it well hid... thank you for sharing your comment in Spanish, many people will appreciate it.

  97. What a practical and timely lift this week with the lesson on LIFE! Thank you so much! Of course, full of life.

  98. Thank you, Josh. I LOVED THIS! What a wonderful way to express our true identity!

  99. I love this message, and have been sharing it with friends and family! Thanks so much, Josh.

  100. Thank you, Josh, for the wonderful reminder of Pura Vida and of all the wonderful people we met in Costa Rica. Perfect little prayer!

  101. Thank you Josh and EVERYONE...

  102. Muito obrigada Josh.
    Vou usar esta frase sempre, daqui em diante.
    Thank you, Josh
    I will use this expression now and forever.

  103. Thanks so much! Yes, we are full of Life!

  104. Lost for words! Thanks, Josh !
    Pura Vida !
    Muchas Gracias, Josh !

  105. thank you for this Lift that rocked, Josh!

  106. Hi, I love this thought, cheerful response...I am a native of the Boston area, my family
    was from the Emerson times...We might say, with a certain sense of, grudge,Oh, okay I guess...
    Like Steve B (105) says...Pura Vida rocks!

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