7/12: Radical recognition

7/12: Radical recognition

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  1. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this angel message. Just perfect for what I need for today. What a joy to express this radical Christlike approach to our daily living; letting the light of the Christ shine forth.

  3. Wonderful humbling story. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. So who said it was o.k. to be perfect all the time ! Must have been God. Thank you all so much for this and everything that surrounds it !

  5. Dear Norm,

    did I not give a similar testimony in our Wednesday evening service just yesterday? My encounter did not happen in a day, but regularly over the last 2 years or so - and I so wished I never had to see this man again right when we first met! Judging him by his outward appearance and behaviour, I felt this man was useless, poor and hungry only by his own doing (and oh, how many things I could find he was doing wrong!) and clearly unwilling to change. Need I say he would hear nothing of God, who "had never done anything good for him". So here was a man who wanted my money (over and over again), but not my prayers. What to do? First I got angrier and angrier - it was terrible! For weeks I could hardly think of anything but how to change him, to make him see the error of his ways. But at the same time the Christ reached out to me, urging me to see him as the same loved child of God as I knew myself to be. Reminding me that as God's ideas, we are all not just loved, but lovable, always useful, always here and now doing exactly what we were made to do, and this always being good. My job was simply to see this. It took a while, but Truth prevaled, and a couple of weeks ago he opened up and told me his life's story, how bad things had been for him, yet how grateful he was for all these experiences, and for making it so far. Where I had seen a lost case, here now was a man boldly walking the way of life, so clearly in God's good care; no need to change a thing!

  6. So well told. Thank you. :)

  7. good experience, thanks for sharing it!

  8. Thank You.
    I loved your story.

  9. THANK YOU for this reminder to daily humble ourselves and not to judge by outward appearances, no matter how extreme they may appear. It is temptation to judge with the so-called the material senses, because the ultimate outcome is suggesting separation instead of oneness. "And God leadeth us not into temptation (separation), but delivereth us from sin (separation), disease (separation), and death (separation). No one is excluded or separated from God's kingdom, no matter what material sense erroneously reports or tries to sell us.

  10. Thank you, Norm for that great story. It reminds me of how I have been endeavoring to see the real man whenever I am driving, and I am tempted to actually count all the annoying actions of the drivers around me. First I tell myself that God loves each of them just as much as He loves me. Then I remind myself that I too have been guilty of some of the very actions I am criticizing. Finally, I've found it helpful to ask myself, what if that person was a family member or a close friend? Would you still be so critical? The radical realization I need is to see strangers as "a spiritual idea of Love" just as I would want them to see me.

  11. Wow! thank you for that wonderful testimony/lesson/recognition of the dangers of judging. recently at work i realised i needed to stop 'sitting in the seat of the scornful' (from the lesson a few weeks ago) and saw some good fruitage from that prayerful effort. it is so good to hear another example.

  12. thank you! Reminding the past, before knowing Christian Science, today I see many man - nearly all of them - as angels preparing to grasp the way of Truth.

  13. I feel I should also share a recent experience confirming some of the above ideas, Knowing that I was to be alone in our reading room in a big city I told myself that I would only stay as long as I needed to, then make "A quick get away"! On my journey there I was having difficulty with my right eye and didn't fancy the idea of doing much reading. I knew that my thoughts had been wrong but like a snowball they'd just built up and up. Being on public transport I had nothing to do but sit and really think about what was really going on...and then the answer came in this way, "so you pride yourself on seeing people as God's ideas, but only SOME people? The fear left me and within ten minutes my eye was clear, I went to the RR, and enjoyed every moment! and as I always do I said Thank you Lord for another lesson learned" Much love to all X

  14. You had me bursting into tears even before the man spoke to you, Norm.

    This Lift is radically transforming.

    So is the story Beatrix (#5) tells.

    Betsy, that phrase "sitting in the seat of the scornful" is apt here.

    Every thought offered here (from lecturer and listeners) confirms for me that I would rather be a broken-hearted foot-washer or a grinning snow-shoveler with a broken-down knapsack than a scornful Simon.

    Christ in action: radical kindness.

  15. Thank you so much!!!

  16. Many thanks Norm for sharing your very revealing experience. Yes. "We can recognize people as angels, even before they act like them." "He gives His angels charge o'er thee,/ No evil therefore shalt thou see;" (Christian Science Hymnal #99).

  17. Dear Norm, Thank you for sharing this. After my day in the Reading Room this week, whilst waiting for the tram, there was a young man also waiting, a distance away. He looked so much like my eldest grandson that I wondered if it was him. - Beanie hat pulled low on his head, smoking a cigarette, hands dry. When he turned his face toward me his eyes had dark shadows and his brow was furrowed with frown lines. My heart went out to him; he looked so without hope. Almost daily prayer had been made for my grandson, he not having been able to obtain a job. I prayed again, both for my grandson, and for this man in the tram queue - someone's son - God's son. At the end of the tram ride, I was meeting our daughter for a meal. She came into the restaurant and fairly bounced with joy: my grandson had been for an interview that day and was starting work the following morning! O may we all look on these dear ones and, in our prayer, rejoice in their true identity and in their God, who, whether they know it or not, gives them a future and a hope. Thank you again, Norm; the angels are everywhere!

  18. HI Norm, thanks for the lift I was reminded of a passage from James 2:2-4 about the 'gay clothing' sitting next to me and the poor under my footstool, and James' comment are ye not partial and judging evil thoughts' help comes sometimes from the most unlikely sources!

  19. Thank you Norm for this timely expression of truth . You have reminded me of a very important and required step I need to take in praying for my own healing , that is, seeing others in my prayers as I am praying to see myself ; God's perfect expresssion .

  20. Radical acceptance is a day to day. And sometimes moment by moment practice in which we find the true blessings of humility you so honestly shared with us today . . .Thank you

  21. THANK YOU what a wonder thought and so much to learn. A diamond in the rough does not look good till all the outter layers are removed then .every thing is beautiful.
    God like thoughts come into view

  22. If those of us who have heard this Lift today would really get this one right, it would change the world. Surely this is the message that Jesus taught
    Love the Lift and the lovely comments it brought forth.
    Thanks to all-

  23. Thank you Norm,for that lift,How easy it is for us to judge others.I really loved your story .

  24. A beautiful illustration of how important our expectation is, and how vital our recognition of the Christ in everyone!

  25. Thank you, Norm. What a lesson in humility for all of us. Our "brother"has needs and we can be there for him/her in thought & action. I am reminded of the story which has gone around for some time; older man ushering at church; young man needing a bath etc. Who sits on the floor next to the young man, the usher!

  26. WOW, WOW, WOW, Norm your lift and Mark's from yesterday are spot on. One of the most important things we must do is see God's children as innocent and good. Never bad, ignorant, angry, confused, but ONLY good. I've been working on this recently with an ex-boyfriend and I'm seeing a natural progression towards a friendship that I didn't think would happen before. This has occurred simply because I make sure daily to say one thing I am grateful for in him and there has been ALOT. From coming to help me fix a flat tire to attending a funeral with me, I recognize his goodness right there and turn away from our "past" hurts. It's keeping the RIGHT record of him that has shown me how great he really is and I've also been doing it for myself. Daily acknowledging pure goodness no matter the outside wrapping dissolves anything that seems "bad". Blessings!

  27. Radicalmente firmes en reconocer nuestro ser verdadero y manifestarlo en la aplicación diaria conciensudamente en cada ocasión, todos en mayor o menor ciscunstancias así lo necesitamos.

    Los inspirados mensajes del Daily Lift son un muy buen recordatorio de como debemos proceder en cada tarea y aleja dudas de que puede haber una situación donde Dios no esté, dependemos de nosotros mismos y eso es lo maravilloso y es la prueba irrefutable del ser que somos, y de las posibilidades ciertas de obrar de acuerdo a ellas, todo está en la Biblia y en los escritos de Eddy, y siento que hay más de lo que nos permitimos aplicar y realmente desechar lo que los libros radicalmente nos dicen que debemos desechar aunque parezca algo imposible, basta sólo recordar Sus palabras y lo imperativo de ellas, por ese sentir sublima, espiritual lo crusificaron.

    Muchas gracias Norm

  28. Very moving Norm. Thank you for that "radical" reminder.

  29. Thanks for introducing me to Radical Acts!!! Fantastic. If everyone who listens to this Lift today commits to do one thing Jesus taught this summer we could change the world.

    I've chosen to commit to "FORGIVE 70 x7" so naturally here's my favorite song
    and here's my favorite story

    or the songs

  30. Beautifully expressed.

  31. Thanks Norm, for your great example in seeing the perfect man instead of what the five material senses are telling us..Also,a good example in learning humility and recognizing the unfoldment of God's care for each individual .

  32. Your lift is a most important reminder. I am grateful to you for expressing the message with such a touching example.

  33. Thanks for this reminder! It is very helpful. Radical acts can be small and still be powerful.

  34. I too just explored the Radical Acts web site and find it a marvelous gift to all. All my life I've wished to be more than just an "armchair Christian." It's a summer project, just this summer, so I urge others to please join in. Norm, thank you for the simplicity and truth of your Lift.

  35. Norm,
    Thanks for the great lift! It reminds me to not judge a book by its cover. Jesus instructs us to "love thy neighbor". Truly the most important of commands! Thanks again for the reminder!!

  36. I agree with #10 Driving is such a challenge to keep my perspective. Thank you Norm, I needed that.

  37. Wonderful, powerful and much needed lesson for all of us...
    Thank you !!

  38. Thank you Norm! God has the last laugh! Gentle lessons.

    I appreciate #9 Bob’s remarks on separation. As we increasingly realized that man cannot be separated from divine Love, we better include our brother - whatever his story or appearance. The “shame on me” is a funny wake up call for us. ..sort of scolding the puppy with a shoe in his mouth. It is hard not to smile for the lessons we have to learn.

    I see that today is going to be springing with great remarks. Thank you all.

  39. I love your story and can relate to it. I love the thought of recognizing people as "angels even before they act like them"! So helpful. Thank you for the very helpful message!

  40. Thank you Norm, you are a great story teller! I've also enjoyed your lecture on video.

  41. Amazing message dear Norm. What a lesson to learn :-) Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Happy day everybody!

  42. thank you!

  43. What a wonderful lesson. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Norm! I will carry this lesson with me for quite a while.

  44. Thank you so much. Norm. I had a similar experience with seeing men begging along side the rode. God graciously filled me with thoughts of love one day and I became aware of the. Truth about their true identy. I don't know where they are I know I no longer see them and I think of those in need whatever it be I now immediately acknowledge their right as a child of .
    God's. I love the. Lifts each day as they serve to keep our thoughts pure a nd good.


  45. That was so beautiful! Thank you!

  46. Wonderful message. Thank you, Norm.

    I know that when I can truly see others as God sees them, there will be no need of correcting my thoughts -- I will perceive perfection immediately, just like Jesus. That is my goal and my prize. I run this race every day, and come closer to the prize, because "progress is a law of God".

  47. What a wonderful lesson on humility! Thank you for sharing it!

  48. Thanks Norm,
    Did you ever think that what transformed in your own thinking during that drive may have awakened and uplifted that man out of his weary state. Maybe as you recognized the Christ in him, that was also blessing him. Maybe if you wouldn't have recognized and corrected your thinking he wouldn't have offered the help.
    This lift also reminds me of a Red Sovine song, Phantom 309, a weary night rider our to bless others in need.

  49. Beautiful - just beautiful!

  50. Thank you Norm for that much - needed reminder. It will help me today! Much thanks to #26 MC, I really appreciated your ideas. Great reminders of our true nature!

  51. No 'lepers' in Love - Jesus reached out and touched the untouchable.....and love flowed on.

  52. You brought tears to my eyes, Norm. Thank you so much for the pertinent reminder to be a humanitarian, benevolent, forgiving....... Blessings to you.

  53. Clare B. - 07/12/2012

    A really wonerful message and very touching, many thanks to Norm
    for sharing this angel thought. Wish you happy thoughts !

  54. Wow. Amazing Lift. Thank you; didn't we all need to hear this? Reminded me of another CS comment I carried with me for a long time: "If this person could read my thoughts, would it heal them?" How important to guard our thought, and have only Love present.

  55. Thanks Norm. I can relate too, believe me. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Oh, wow! What a good lesson for all of us! Thank you!

  57. Beautiful message! Just wanted I needed this morning. Thank you so much!

  58. Norm, you are an angel among us!!

  59. I am very grateful for the Lift. Thank you Norm.

  60. what a wonderful lift, thank you!!

  61. Thank Thank you Norm.

  62. Thank you for this important reminder. I am grateful too to Bob (No 9) for his emphasis on repudiating whatever would separate man from God in our thought. I hadn't thought of temptation in that way quite so clearly before. Thank you to all.

  63. I remember a lesson I learned on a trip abroad, on a bus, my 10 year old son wouldn't take a NO! for an answer, finally I said, "We'll see, said the blind man", he gave me a bad look and a quick bump on my arm, the man seated next to me was blind!
    How miserable I felt.
    This was not a good joke! As I looked at the man I saw a humble, gentle, grin.
    I had a ball in my throat. Through his blind eyes this man saw my youth and forgave me.
    Father, teach me to see!
    Recuerdo una lección que aprendí viajando en autobús en otro país, , mi hijo de 10 años no aceptaba un NO! Finalmente dije: "Ya veremos dijo el ciego", me lanzó una mirada dura y un golpecito rápido en mi brazo, el hombre sentado a mi lado, estaba ciego.
    ¡Qué miserable me sentí.
    Esa no fue una buena broma! Cuando miré el hombre vi una sonrisa humilde y suave.
    Yo tenía una bola en la garganta. Este hombre vio mi juventud con sus ojos ciegos y me perdonó.
    ¡Padre, enséñame a ver!

  64. I think this is true for those who appear to be snobbish, cold, and unfriendly, too, well-dressed and intelligent. I need to be vigilant in seeing them as having ALL the qualities of Love, including meekness, generosity and compassion. Sometimes it feels as if they don't NEED to express these qualities, since they have it all humanly. Yet without Love, Paul says, we are nothing. Thank you for this important reminder.

    I love the idea of testing your thought to see if it would heal its object. Thanks, Linda #54

  65. Wonderful ,, thank you so much ! :-)

  66. Oh Norm what a lesson. And don't we all at some point do that? Allow these critical judgments about another person's appearance or behavior to creep into thought? So often thoughts like these mesmerize us and we don't give them a second consideration. As porters at the door of thought, we've fallen asleep. I can just imagine that moment when he appeared with a grin and a shovel. You then could see this "angel's wings." Such a freeing moment for both of you.

    Your lift made me realize that recently I had a critical thought about some new neighbors that moved in next door. I had the presence of mind to reject the thought in the moment but didn't do a very good job of it because the thought lingered. It was not enough to say--no, I don't want that thought. Now I see clearly that I failed to replace it with an angel thought about their true goodness. Love completely destroys any lie. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us!

    29, Violet. Thanks so much for the links. Wonderful heart warming story that Heike shared with us. It makes us all cry for joy hearing her tell it and feeling her love. Alex's song was quite beautiful and full of meaning too. Thanks for that!

  67. Thanks, Norm, for "Radical recognition...Christian Science tells us that Jesus recognized only perfection..." Since childhood, this “radical recognition” has come easily for me. My bigger challenge has been in how to really – just Love! Human sense puts all kinds of conditions on Love and doesn’t always trust – “Love one another” (John) - with no “if” clause. At times I would just let my love light shine with everything I had - like a floodlight! I figured there’d be no darkness when I was around!!! It didn’t seem loving to some. I learned that sometimes candle glow will do. How to know the difference? Go first to God in prayer. Listen and follow Love’s leadings. From obedience, comes protection for all. “In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless…proof and demonstration, instead of opinion and dogma, are summoned to the support of Christianity…” (Science and Health, 341) Looking up the definition of “radical,” I found “… uncompromising … revolutionary … militant … fanatical.” This comes to thought: uncompromisingly, go to God in prayer, first; obey God’s guidance, which will always promote Life, Love, Truth, Principle, Mind, Spirit, and Soul for all; embrace spiritual revolution as the human yielding to the Divine beginning with my consciousness; do not be pushy (militant) or extreme (fanatical), especially with others; prove God’s demonstrable laws of Love by living in “radical recognition” of Christian healing opportunities. What would Jesus do? What did Jesus do?

  68. Wow thanks Norm! And there's a treasure trove of other great stories on this topic on the "BEFRIEND lepers etc." page of Radical Acts: http://time4thinkers.com/2-befriend-lepers-prostitutes-undesirables/
    Just scroll down and look for the orange "Radical Act Story" markers.

  69. How lovely! Thank you,Norm.What you learned reminded me of an experience of many years ago when my sister ,her husband and two children and myself attended a city fair.As we went by a children's musical ride we commented on the seedy looking character that was operating the ride.
    Long story short,we lost track of the 2 year old! Oh my what desperation we felt and how I did pray and listen to God.Somehow I was led to that first ride we saw.Immediately the operater came to me and said,Lady,did you lose your baby?" Oh joy1 Here the man had entrusted the little one to a loving bystander,until we came along. Truly,a life lesson that ended in nothing but happiness.

  70. As usual, another inspiring lift from you. Thanks for your clear & perceptive look at Science & it's value in our lives. Jim

  71. Thanks, Norm, for your gentle reminder.

  72. Very cool story! The man with the shovel got it right: Norm was the one in need of brotherly love that day... and he did receive it in the perfect way.

    I've written this before, but I'll repeat the line from an old gospel hymn: "It's me, It's me O Lord, standin' in the need of prayer." Norm, I'll be singin' that song today. Thanks!

  73. Thank you for sharing your story Norm. I returned from a 3 day business trip to NYC last night and as we traversed the city I came within steps of people huddled against the sides of buildings obviously homeless and in need of attention. It was heartbreaking but understanding that no one can be separated from God and the principles of Love and Truth IS truly a Lift. Thank you!

  74. I never really thought of radical recognition, the topic of today's Daily Lift. I just knew instinctively man's closeness to God in the following two incidents; #1. I used to drive a fellow employee home on my way home and as she got out of my car and closed the car door, a girl and a man tried desperately to get into my car. I was stopped at a traffic light at the time, and when the light changed, I just pulled away without thinking much of it. I was told the next day by my friend that those 2 people were robbers. The next incident happened quite a few years later when I was driving my son and his wife to a neiborhood restaurant. A man who seemed to be drunk accousted me when I was stopped also by a traffic light and was quite belligerent. My son was terrified. When the light changed, I just drove on. I guess I just instinctively saw these people as God saw them.

  75. Thank you Norm - a good Godly reminder!

  76. Norm, thank you, thank you! What a priceless, practical living parable.

  77. "To recognize others as angels before they act like them"... what a powerful statement! We always need a correct (perfect!) concept of our brothers and sisters, and of ourselves. Else we are not seeing everything honestly. I am looking forward to applying your statement to my days! Thank you so much for another amazing Lift.

  78. Thank you for this wonderful Lift and all the excellent comments.I appreciate you all so very much and never miss a day with you. I need to sincerely apoIogise to someone today and was having trouble dropping my view to get to that sincere place. Then I thought "Give me, O Lord, an understanding heart!" This is the first line from Hymn 69. Then this Lift's title "radical recognition" strengthened my resolve to recognize the other person correctly. After listening and reading the Lift I see more clearly the Christliness of each of us. The last verse of hymn 69 is:
    Give me , O Lord, a gentle loving heart,
    That I may learn to be more tender kind,
    And with thy healing touch, each wound and smart
    With Christly bands of Love and Truth to bind.
    I love the concrete living of goodness the Daily Lift is inspiring.

  79. Thank you for that genuine sharing, Norm. I had a similar experience many years ago when my purse had been taken from me while walking during a work break in Beverly Hills. My husband, a radical CS, emphatically said "Don't worry, your purse will be returned". That night while making dinner at our apt. in East L.A., there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, I was taken aback because the man standing there was very disheveled. He asked if I was Cathryn Maycock and said he had found my purse in the street and then presented it to me, fully intact. He was definitely my "angel entertained unawares". What a lesson that was to be about judging others!! Later in going through my purse I found a matchbook which the purse snatcher must have placed inside which had the name of an L.A. trade school. To me it was a message that he would no longer be a thief but a contributing citizen. I didn't mention earlier that when the young man took the purse, I pursued him and shouted "God loves you! You can't do this!" as he jumped over a wall. So, yes, we are all "angels in training".

  80. Now this one of the most practical Daily LIfts, though all are wonderful! This is the reminder needed to see people as Mary Baker Eddy taught us to do. To not "judge a book by its cover" and to put ourseleves in another's shoes for even just a moment. I also appreciate the responses as I learn from them. Today #5 and #9 were quite helpful. With much appreciation.

  81. Norm, Thanks for this. It reminded me of how dear you were to me as a child when some students made fun of me. Even then you were recognizing the truth about me. Blessing to you always, Connie

  82. But Norm there is one closer than the man on the bus. How many times have I heard myself say "Don't think I'll ever do that!" or "Have that in my house!", or whatever other invasion of my precious domain. And then how skilfully God changes the perspective and I find myself agreeing to the inclusion of something I was sure and certain I would never agree to. Becoming fast friends with someone I thought would never be a friend of mine So many wonderful compromises, softening attitudes, gentle remonstrations, , , God must have some good laughs at our expense.

    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the family of Daily Lifters,

  83. Thank you.

  84. Norm, that was terrific. Thanks for the generosity in sharing your experience with us and the lesson it taught you. You are one humble dude. May God bless you!

  85. Norm thank you so much for this! On the heels of Marks lift yesterday about looking for the good. Something many of us I imagine are grateful for the gentle nudge to do and wow what a wonderful example!! My thanks and gratitude for these wonderful, thought provoking and inspiring daily lifts or daily testimony meetings as I often think of them as is long overdue! So thank you to everyone involved including the makers, producers, musicians and commenters!!! They truly are lifts and this is such a wonderful family!!!

    With love

  86. Excellent ideas to put into practice Noam! Thank you!

  87. Norm: Angels, God's thoughts passing to man. How often in a day do God's thoughts come to us? I have spent a fair amount of my experience working with and for persons with mental illness. So did Jesus. Now I am sort of retired. But when I go down town, in Sarasota Florida, I see a number of homeless persons. Some I will talk to or, buy them something to drink. All are very friendly. Some seem to have mental illness or are veterans of the US military, or both. They always express their gratitude; every one!

    You have reminded all of us of God's still small voice. Error tends to block these persons out into being a passing nobody. God does not. Thanks!

  88. What a beautiful way to start the day. To radically see all - family, strangers, co-workers, everyone - as Jesus did. Thank you Norm.

  89. Like everyone who commented today, this is my story too.
    Just yesterday I was driving in the big city, and noticed people,
    I found myself making mental judgments on them by their appearances...
    "Oh that one looks like he is on drugs. That one looks lost. That girl should not be
    wearing such short skirt...etc." Then I remembered what Jesus said "JUDGE NOT"
    and here is your story Norm! Thank you for your humility and great frankness!

  90. Thank you so much Norm. Your story in humility and love brought tears to my eyes and really touched me. What a lovely blessing for you both and for all of us. Thanks everyone for sharing .

  91. Thanks Norm...interesting experience! And thanks Nate for slightly longer music accompaniment. It gives us a little longer to contemplate the message before we go about the rest of our day!

  92. Thank you for that reminder that I have been guilty of, it reminds me of the commandment, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, seeing them as not perfect, not a brother in Christ.

  93. I just want to add my great thanks and to say how much I appreciated all the comments. I have often thought about that "seat of the scornful" and wondered how many times i a day I sit in it! Norm's lift will stay in my thought as a reminder to watch where I am sitting mentally.

  94. Norm, that was such a wonderful message; thank you for your inspiring stories.

  95. Yesterday, I had avery similar experience. I am visiting Ashevillle, NC and was parking my car when I noticed a very large man with multiple tattoos stop to look at my Vermont license plates. He sat down on bench while I put money in the meter and prayed that he would not ask me for money.
    Instead he asked me what brought me to the area and then told me his story, all as I am still trying to evade and get away... But his story was compelling. He had been in the service, lived all over the world and was in the area to research historical information for his sixth book. Not what I expected!!! And certainly not as I had judged. He walked with me for some blocks and introduced me to some shop owners and discussed constitutional decisions made in the Jeffersonian era that effect us today.
    He left me much richer than I was starting out that day. And I too recalled Jesus' comments" Judge Not".

  96. Greetings from Santa Monica, Ca. Thank you so much for your reminder to behold
    "the perfect man" as Jesus did. I took my granddaughter to a Chuck E Cheese near
    our airport recently and was somewhat dismayed at it's location and some of the
    inhabitants therein but it turned out to be a fun time and no one was threatening. Big
    cities can seem to be formidable. Your Uplift was perfect timing - I was in Church
    last night and your name came up among some of the Berkeley Hallers in attendance.
    It was another "One Mind" demonstration to find your message this morning. Daughter
    Joy is touring Europe this week and your words will support my conviction that she is
    in God's kingdom, as all are.

  97. Norm you rock. I will see James in his true light this weekend. Hopefully his arms off his hips and around my neck
    Grammy Ruth

  98. Norm, I had a similar experience. The other day when I left from serving in the reading room I saw a solicitor sitting on the church steps in the direction I was heading. I turned and started to walk in the opposite direction but I knew that wasn't the right thought, so I turned around again. The solicitor was asking for money to buy food, though he looked well kept. As I passed by, I gave him the pack of cookies a reading room visitor had given me. He thanked me; I felt better and was grateful to give that little goodie pack to one of God's perfect ideas. "Freely ye have received freely give." [Matt.10:8] Thank you Norm for sharing your experience and giving us more food for thought. Much love to you.

  99. What a joyous ending to a truly beautiful lift! Obviously the change in thought you had on the bus — your realization that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ — resulted in its proof and demonstration by the angel thought — the man on the bus — meeting your need in the parking lot. You must have been REJOICING and THANKING GOD with all your heart for this revelation and demonstration!!

  100. Another great Norm lift! Many thanks.

  101. Excellent "confession" Norm; thanks for the wake-up call to be alert to minimizing or defaming our fellow man -- or ourselves -- and violating the commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness! Sometimes it's easy to forget, but through God's grace, we get the nudge that we need.

  102. I had a similar experience lately. It was on TV though. There was a young girl talking, and she looked very scary. My immediate reaction was to think she looked pretty scary and I didn't want to trust her. Imagine my wake up call when I realized she was talking about bullying. My next thought was " Wow, who's the bully now?" It was pretty humbling to realize where my thoughts had gone. I'd been working with the idea of loving our neighbour, and not judging. I thought I had made some progress. I realized I needed to dig much deeper. This is such a beautiful reminder of being alert to our angel messages instead of judging where they are coming from.

  103. Thank you, Norm. As always, our eyes lie. Your change of thought changed everything, did it not? :) And that radical change applies to you, too, for that man recognized your innate goodness knowing his innate goodness. Super!!

  104. I grew up in a large family and many times arguments would ensue between my sibblings and I. When our parents arrived on the scene we would immediately accuse the other of something in order to defend our position. My Mother's approach to this was simple and profound. She would have the accuser point their finger at the other sibling. "How many fingers are pointing at him?" She would ask, "One" was always our response. "How many fingers are pointing at you?" She'd continued. And ofcourse the response was always "three." This simple approach of teaching us not to judge others or condemn them carried over into our careers and also when in public settings such as a bus or airplane. I have and always will be grateful for this life lesson given to my siblings and I by a loving Mother.

  105. I love this message, Norm! Thank you for sharing it! Redefining the word "radical"--making us watch our thinking 60/60/24/7 !

  106. Very powerful story, such a great lesson... thank you!

  107. Wow, Norm. And shame on me, too. . . .for all that I count myself a loving person, there are times that my thoughts about someone would definitely NOT heal . . . Your tender and honest sharing has renewed my committment to ask God to purify my thinking, to help me see only what God/Love is seeing and knowing.

    And thank you to all the commentors. Many of you shared frankly of your own experiences similar to Norm's, and I am blessed and inspired by your humility.

  108. I loved this!!!! A great wake up call. Don't limit where good can come from or where you can direct good in your thought,. Thank you for sharing this story

  109. THANKS so much, Norm! You have gently inspired us to see EVERYONE as an image of the Divine Mind. All manner of good awaits us when we can see the True man and Love that sense of real perfection...Thank you!!

  110. I want everyone to know I had a wonderful phone call and was able to appologise freely and sincerely! We both experienced healing and understanding. I am dashing this update from work and look forward to reading the rest of the comments above later. But comments 1 through 62 present when I posted the first time, please consider yourselves part of this healing and accept my deep gratitude. Of course, thank you to Norm for his humble sharing and all the Lift workers and The Mother Church for this ministering provision.

  111. We just shared this with two people who came into the Jointly Maintained Reading Room, one from reading our 2 minute blessing sign in the window the other a man who said he is homeless which led to a dialogue on Christian Science.

  112. Thank you, Norm.......just perfect as I try moment by moment to see everyone around me as God's Spiritual Child...no judgements...Just LOVE reflect Love!

  113. Once again, Lifters, your own heartfelt experiences have enhanced this topic as nothing else could. If we were to publish all these personal examples together in a booklet, what would we call it -- Radical Acts of Kindness? Maybe Unavoidable Acts of Kindness is more apt -- unavoidable because they're what the spirit of Christ calls us to do, and see others as capable of doing as well.

    Great gratitude for helping to magnify this healing idea.

  114. What a good reminder, Norm. Thank you.

  115. What a charming story. It proves false the adage: What you see is what you get. Or does it?

  116. Thank you, Norm, for a confession, and sweeter point to follow in this Lift. In Christian Science we change things into thoughts, here snow was packed opinions based on physical appearance. The man shoveled piles of that away for you, and now also for us. I was amused when I saw your name for the Lift.You're anything but the "norm" in human thinking. I take your Norm as standing for as close as one could describe a norm for metaphysical approaches. There isn't a recipe, so "norm" may not be the term to use, but you present thoughts that are spontaneous, radical, free from physical limitations, and spiritually inspired. This one alerts me to watch my concepts of others, and if facing people that would seem "different", to expect opportunity to share with them, or learn from them, instead of feeling dread and disgust. Even if we don't have physical or vocal contact, we can treat the presentation to our senses, and expect good, whether we witness it or it follows after the other one is out of sight. The man could not imagine how far his act of kindness has gone, long after the deed. We need to keep that point in mind, too, when we think truths we shared did no good. That may be the most important part of your Lift! The "radical" part also has two points. We need to think radical enough to expect good, but be radical even if nothing were to come from it, to be radical no matter what, but expect the what to be good. #'s 5,9,10,13,17,29,54,68,69,72,78,79,87,95,98,102,104Thank you!

  117. Jane from Laguna Hills
    Thanks Norm for sharing such a wonderful example of the kind of thinking we should always do.

  118. Thank you, Norm! I had an experience like this at Cal- Berkeley student center, where I was hoping that a questionable person would avoid me; but, he knew where I needed to go to find a workshop!

  119. Didn't Hans Christian Andersen write a story called "The Ugly Duckling." That is what this makes me remember.

  120. Too many of us can identify with your experience. Thanks for the reminder. Love, Love, Love!

  121. I am so thankful for this wonderful message of humility.We all have it...we just need to be reminded to express it more.

  122. An excellent reminder to look past the outward appearance and see our God-created brother. Thanks, Norm, and also a thank you to each of the other Lifters for the heartfelt comments your thoughts elicited.

  123. Thank you for reminding us to express humility through the love we all posess.

  124. Great Lift Norm! I also had an experience on a transit system. A man got on along the way who everyone seemed to shy away from. He sat down across from me. He was coughing a lot and people were moving to other seats. I offered him a piece of hard candy and his demeanor completely changed. That tiny act of kindness was shocking to him and he began to tell me his story. I had quite a lot of luggage and had wondered how I would manage getting to my car from the train. This man actually passed his station, travelled with me four more stops and helped me get to my car, which was located right in front. I was able to thank him with a little money and a few extra tokens I had left from my trip. He did not want to take the money for his good deed. I told him It was not for the good deed but for his WILLINGNESS to help me, even if it meant going out of his way. He even gave me a hug! As I drove the next two hours home, my whole being was uplifted by this experience of seeing that NO MATTER who we are, or what we look like, we are all loved by God, and each has a goodness which can be seen if we are willing to look, not with human eyes, which seem to look more for the bad rather than the good, but with our spiritual eyes; then we will see our fellow man/woman the way Jesus saw each of us, perfect like our Father/Mother God, whose Perfection we reflect, by showing kindness and loving each other more. Being kind to each other changes our experience every time...Thanks again, Norm!!

  125. A wonderful reminder about not judging. Thanks, Norm.

  126. Talk about food for thought and a reminder take a good look at oneself and what we are thinking! Thank you for sharing this experience, It reminds me to "Judge Not" on appearances, whatever they be.

  127. Our Reading Room is located in dowtown San Diego in front of a very busy Trolley Stop. Many visitors pop in for just a few minutes. We have a sign in our window regarding a "2 Minute Inspiration". This morning, there were five people in the Reading Room. One a young man who we were discussing Illumination as a qualitiy of Go. He loved the word, new to him, and we looked up in the Bible the one verse In Hebrews with Illuming in it . He loved the verse in front of it. At the same time a 68yr old Army Veteran was visiting the RR living in a car with a supposed developmentlly disabled son and their dog. He was practicing seeing "God's Face" in everyone downtown and was delighted with the results. In walks a very tall man in Military outfit with his stop watch out and almost demanding to hear the 2 min inspiration. Immediately we had it going, asked if everyone wanted to hear which they did, so turned the volume up very loud. The man LOVED it, thanked us, looked at his watch and was on his way.
    The man from the car was asking how to see those who were of a different culture who had done some violence? Of course, the answer was the same. We all laughed together. The illumined man wanted to know how to deal with evil people and lack? The same way! I pointed out that in the DL as the man's thought was illumined! the blessing & supply were already there! Both stayed studying for several hours as others came in and listened to DL & Bible Lesson out loud on IPODS.They love the APP.

  128. Thank you for this message - it really touched my heart and I have to be more mindful of the Christ in everyone and in me also so that I will demonstrate more of the Christ spriit in my daily moment by moment endeavours. I am truly humbled by this lift and i thank you for sharing your thought and how you proceeded to correct your view of man... we must go and do likewise....


  129. Thank you Norm. I so needed this message. It touched my heart and brought a tear of gratitude. Mental weeding keeps the good seed safe to flourish.

  130. A great story, Norm. One we all need to hear often.
    Thank you!

  131. When we pray to see others the way God sees them, we shouldn't be surprised that the opportunities to put what we say we believe into practice. On my way to Annual Meeting this year, I had bought a pastry to eat later in the afternoon. A young, nicely dressed young man asked for a dollar for food. I'm never sure that the cash will be used correctly, so I gave him the pastry, which he seemed very happy to receive. I no longer can look away, and do also give money when led to do so, then let God lead them.

  132. What if we saw each of these needy ones as part of our own household? Wouldn't we want someone to see our loved one in this fashion?

    Thank you, Norm! It takes a sweet humble sense to share this type of healing. It is of maximum benefit.

  133. Practicing love is the most powerful thing we can do. And surely that starts with learning to NOT judge! "I can of mine own self do nothing" but with the help of ever-present Love, "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." Thank you so much Norm, for this very powerful example.

  134. Thank you so much Norm for the nice lift.

  135. I'm catching up and late listening/reading - but so glad not to miss this grand lift and ALL the comments! I have gained so much from this topic, so beautifully presented, thank you Norm. I loved "we can recognize people as angels, even before they act like one." What glorious counsel to see every "brother in Christ" is also an angel - of course - a thought of God, passing to man if we let it!
    This was clarified even more when I read #48 - thank you John for your huge point that "what transformed in your own thinking during that drive may have awakened and uplifted that man out of his weary state. Maybe as you recognized the Christ in him, that was also blessing him. Maybe if you wouldn't have recognized and corrected your thinking he wouldn't have offered the help." Your proper view likely did result in HEALING - uplifting the man to his true being and blessing him so that he became the man Eddy speaks of SH 518:17: "blessed is that man who seeth his brother's need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another's good." And your good thoughts bounced back to you!
    What greater joy is there!
    Thanks to all who produce, give, add to, and share these Daily Lifts! (Oh - I so want to use San Diego's #127 idea in our RR too!)

  136. Thanks Norm, I do so enjoy your DL's --I alway find inspiration. I am sure many of us have had those same thoughts and feelings --I know I did years (about 35 years) ago while serving in the Reading Room. A shabby looking person was standing at the window for a long time and I really did not want him to come in. Soon there after he walked away. Yes, shame on me, too. But, like you, I have pondered that event many times since that day. And knowing my responsibility as a student of Christian Science, this reminder makes me realize that daily I must only see the true man of God's creation. These experiences do force us to grow! Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  137. Norm. a heart felt thank you for your story. Yes, it may be called Radical Reliance but also a Wonderful Radical Reliance. I shan't forget this story and healing of yours, ever. I pray that I may learn from your sweet, honest "shame on me." Thank you for your daily lift, it is my Angel thought for toay.

  138. Norm, thanks for having the humility to share this. Like the Good Samaritan story, there are times when we can be any of the characters. There are times when we want to choose who sits next to us and there are times when our clothes are rumpled, we are disheveled, yet we put out a helping hand.

  139. Thank you for an eye opening lesson.

  140. Norm, I shared this with you and now I'll share it here. I was sitting by a swimming pool. I found myself judging a man in the pool - so very unattractive! And then he began to play with his little son. I saw his gentleness and love and joy and I recognized these as spiritual qualities. The man's appearance literally changed before my eyes. He was truly a beautiful child of God. This experience has stayed with me and whenever I am tempted to judge by outward appearance, I am reminded of this experience and the truth of this from Science and Health, "As the physical and material, the transient sense of beauty fades, the radiance of Spirit should dawn upon the enraptured sense with bright and imperishable glories."

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