7/10: One new idea

7/10: One new idea

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  1. Thank you Elise for another great Lift! The demonstration of that one new spiritual idea gives us an understanding of the allness of the divine Principle behind it. That one new idea can lift us out of a sense of material life with its false beliefs of sin, sickness and death into the infinite possibilities of the life divine. This spiritual sense of life is demonstrating immortality today. What cant a new spiritual idea do? .

  2. That's exactly how I feel. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for praying for one new idea.

  4. Thank you!!!

  5. Este Daily Lift es tan especial, profundo y bueno.justo este manana me da una fuerza especial :-) .muchisimas gracias y amor Elise!

  6. What an exciting "Lift" to begin and keep all the day. Thank you, Elise for our forward thoughts always taking us into new heights.

  7. I can hear this hundreds of times and it always sounds new: Love is everywhere.

    This makes life exciting, every new challenge that comes into my life brings scary thoughts and doubts, and so, every new challenge takes me back to my Pastor: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the Holy Bible.

    Every time, no matter what trials the challenge brings, my Pastor will lead me back to the same answer and I re-discover the great fact:


    Puedo oír esto cientos de veces y siempre suena nuevo: El amor está en todas partes.

    Esto hace la vida interesante, cada nuevo reto que viene a mi vida trae pensamientos de temor y dudas, y por eso, cada nuevo reto me lleva de vuelta a mi Pastor: Ciencia y Salud con clave de las Escrituras y a la Santa Biblia.

    Cada vez, sin importar que pruebas traigan los retos, mi Pastor me llevará de nuevo a la misma respuesta y volveré a descubrir el gran hecho:


  8. So true ! It works and every day, I can truly say I understand God, divine Love more than I did the day before. What I see before me each day is so wonderful, I can't be anything but grateful and loved and loving. Life is Heaven, harmony and oh so beautiful. Many thanks for this daily lift truth !

  9. Thank you Elise. I had a new idea last night which I would like to share. To mortal sense I am very near my century and was lying in bed thanking God for all the happiness in my life and for the priviledge of having had the opportunity of being able to participate in organisations which could help people in need. But what struck me for the first time was that when my time comes to walk through that valley of green pastures and still waters where death is only a shadow I will have nothing to fear for God will be with me. In the way of righteousness is life and in the pathway thereof there is no death

  10. Thank you Elise. Just one new idea is all we need although we often feel we have to collect ideas and remember them all all the time. I am reminded of my teaching days and the joy when a child really saw something new - that was all they needed that day and it took them forward to learn something new the next day. I am going to cherish my one new idea today.

  11. Many thanks Elise for this great reminder. Yes. "Keep life exciting, joyous and a divine adventure... Love is everywhere." "I awake each morn to a brand-new day,/ Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way,/ For my heart is fixed on this one guarantee:/ The Love that is All holds me [and all] tenderly." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #445).

  12. You're right! Yes that's what it is that keeps me going.Thanks Elise

  13. One new idea.

    L ove
    A lways
    W ins

  14. I was only thinking yesterday that I should research excitement and adventure in Christian Science terms. And today, your daily lift, deals with precisely that. Thank you for giving me a great start in this research.

  15. Thank you Elise - a good reminder to look for something new each day, as God is forever unfolding everything fresh each day everywhere. Many thanks also to you Elma (9) for sharing such beautiful and trusting thoughts - I found it truly moving and uplifting. We are forever going forward - there is no retrograde step, as Mrs. Eddy informs us.

    I appreciate all the comments from our family of "lifters", they are so precious.

  16. Thank you for this great Lift. I will work with it every day. Many thanks.

  17. These new daily ideas are manna, feeding and sustaining us! Thanks so much for this wonderful Lift!

  18. Praying for one new idea! Thanks everyone.

  19. Has the real feel-good factor!

  20. Elise, agradeceria mucho que también dieras estos mensajes tan motivadores es ESPAÑOL.
    Siempre es bueno escuchar lo que Dios nos dice a través de ti, pero lamentablemente no todos manejamos el idioma inglés.

  21. Thank you Elise, for stating so simply what I feel so dearly. I love that great burst of happiness and humility and gratitude when I suddenly see God so clearly He feels right at hand. Just a little thing that works out without any help from me; and a big thing that I maybe thought would never work out. Once that explosion of understanding and joy fill my thoughts I get around smiling all day! Thank you, Malcolm, I just love that hymn. It states exactly what we all feel in unity and agreement.
    Thank you Nate and the team, the Lecturers and the Lifters.

  22. A great idea to begin this day.

  23. What a wonderful lift Elise! A new idea each day and doesn't that go to infinity? It also makes me realize how boundless spiritual creation is. Surrounded by Love "For in Him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28) is such a comforting, nurturing idea that I will take with me throughout the day. Your statement that Love is the most powerful influence for good is also a precious companion idea. Your Lift has helped tremendously to start today in a blessed frame of mind.

  24. Dear Elise,

    Thank you for the Lift. I cannot tell you how many times the Bible Lesson brings fresh healing thoughts and thoughts that you need for that moment. Our Bible Lessons, like these Lifts, are a precious gem in our daily lives. As you said we need to pray to God for that right idea; in other words we need to LISTEN to what God is telling us. Prayer has a great way of doing just that, helping us to listen.

    Yesterday Barbados was on alert as a tropical storm was passing near us. The day was a grey, there were some high winds, a bit of rain but a lot of preparation for this storm. The critical "preparation", however, was prayer.

    Our human footsteps must be informed by the Spiritual, God. Putting God FIRST means being humble before God; it does not mean we are ever humble before wrong - that would be accepting wrong as the rule. As we pray, that one new idea may just tell us to turn to the Lesson or the Bible or Science and Health or to pick up the Hymnal or pick up the camera and photograph :-) or get some rest. Obeying these instructions can lead us, thought-wise, to a place where God's "own children are" (Hymn 253) and this unlocks even more new ideas that heal, sustain and inspire.

    I was deeply saddened by the acts of an individual. Reading this Week's Lesson brought new ideas to thought. As I awoke this morning and saw the clean clear skies, the brilliant yet warm light of sunrise it reminded me that God IS ever with us.

    Again, thanks.

  25. Thank you, Elise. Sometimes even "old" ideas can seem like new when viewed with a fresh perspective. Thank you for this inspiration today.

  26. Loved it!!
    Some months back a phrase from Science and Health in the weekly Bible lesson stood out to me. "Spiritual attainments open the door to a higher understanding of the Divine Life"(p10:15). So now each week I make a list where each day I write down one idea from the lesson to be my "spiritual attainment" to be understood, seen, and lived for that day. It has been a wonderful tool to focus thought spiritward.
    Great lift! May all have an inspired day.

  27. Thank you for this wonderful Lift! As I think of "tuning" into God in prayer, I liken it to tuning into a radio station...if it is not exactly on the proper frequency there is static, interference. But when it is exactly on the proper frequency, the message comes thru loud and clear.

    I look forward to praying for and receiving one new idea each day. Thank you Elise!

  28. Thanks, Elise, for alerting us to the need for new ideas - even when they are a fresh look at an old idea. One new idea I've been holding to comes from an article by Mark Swinney, "A clean beginning" (Sentinel, July 1, 2013): "Rather than starting with a problem to be solved or a condition to be healed, starting with the truth is a clean beginning. One very specific aspect of truth is that.God's kingdom of spiritual perfection is already present. In fact, it already happens to be within you! Perpetually, you exist in it, and it in you." I just love the idea that "God's kingdom of spiritual perfection is already present." We're not searching for it or waiting for it - spritual perfection in present right here and right now in our experience.

  29. The 'porter at the door of thought' is hired to be so alert as to warmly welcome and respect new ideas that teach us about the divine design of our lives. How can I be the kind of porter who never rejects a worthy idea ??

  30. The inspired spiritual idea is breath-taking. It creates a peace and joy all its own. We are simple recipients of a gift. We can read inspired words and gain much, but real spiritual inspiration seems to come from outside of ourselves. A new sense of even a familiar idea sweeps over us as completely “new”. It is the assurance of good, God present. And it is healing. Just is.

    Translated into words, these ideas may not make inspired reading. I remember struggling with a challenge and then I heard… “you cannot keep any of it!” What this meant instantly to me was that I could not just give up a bad mortal experience, but ALL of the belief in mortality. What? Yikes! Huge message delivered in a few words. My mouth hung open (WOW where did that come from? :) ), It was a healing inspiration, hugely funny to me and an important step of a complete healing.

    So when Elma #9 shares a role model inspiration, I know exactly what she means. “I know no life divided oh, Lord of life from Thee”. Hymn 135. Really! Never separate.

    Thank you Elise for another great Lift.

  31. Thank you for the lift.
    Thank you # 9. I looked up the word path and pathway in Mrs. Eddy's writings. She refers to the "true path", "the pathway of Truth" and Jesus's "loving pathway." She writes, "He alone ascends the hill of Science who follows the Way-shower, the spiritual presence and idea of God. Whatever obstructs the way, --causing to stumble, fall, or faint, those mortals who are striving to enter the path, divine Love will remove; and uplift the fallen and strengthen the weak." (M. W., p. 328)

  32. Elise thank you soooo much for that Daily Lift.....it is something to ponder through out the entire day!!!

  33. Thank you Elise. I love when a familiar phrase from the Bible or Science and Health suddenly shines for me in a new light. To let that be my spiritual gem for the day. I appreciate the reminder to pray for a new spiritual insight each day. Helpful comments from others in response to the "lift." What a blessing to have these thoughts from around the world. Thank you to all for your contributions and to the DL team.

  34. So grateful for all of the Lifts. This topic was shared at my C.S. Association and I'm trying to come up with daily new ideas. It is so inspiring to listen to this Lift and read the comments. When I'm tempted to feel sad, angry, discouraged, or have any other feeling that is not good, I'm working to turn my thought to a new healing idea that renews. God made me complete, happy, healthy and I can moment by moment turn to these good ideas. Thank you Elise and all of you, especially #9.

  35. Thank you Elise
    Thank you Elma

  36. This is very powerful. thank you, I needed the uplift.

  37. Oh! So True, so true, Elise! Thank you! I can just feel your inspiration and Joy! Why would we want to even hold on to the pettiness of hatred and resentments when Love is All Around....??? I'm just imagining that Jesus must have experienced at least a little frustration when he had to keep telling the people to "Wake Up", "Open Your Eyes", "It's All Right Here!" "It's not Out There"!! I was just listening to a C.S. Sentinel CD where a man shares a healing from cancer when one night he heard in his thought, "Just Let It All Go." So he dumped all the hurt and anger and resentment from his past and slept like a baby and woke up with no pain. He was healed and his whole life was changed! WooHoo! Surrender to the Love that Is and Go Forward with Joy today!

  38. Elise, thanks. So practical and encouraging and satisfying. Thanks to those who share and the production team.

  39. What a wonderful inspirational Lift. One new Idea - Love to begin with and just feel this divine love which embraces and keeps me intact and whole. Confidence in and of Love is unlimited. I can take a new idea or the name of God each day and
    His attributes which totally assures one of His magnitude and might. Many thanks Elise.

  40. I love the idea of gaining a new truth each day. One possibility may include taking an old truth (we already know) to a new spiritual height.

    Occasionally we hear the term, "we must work in the absolute" as opposed to the relative. An example might be the statement, man is alive because he reflects God, Life. The mortal concept might see man as "a-life". But from an absolute standpoint we know that God is Life and God is All-in-All.

    Right where man seems to be, God IS.

    So the Truth from an absolute standpoint is Man is Life when we understand the true, incorporeal being about man and God as being inseparable.

    That Jesus said, "I and my father are one." (John 10:30). There is no separation from Mind and its idea. It follows that you and I, everyone, is one with God in the absolute for there is one God, one All in All and that includes man, not merely as reflection, but an integral part of God's absolute immortal being, His oneness.

    Now apply the same concept to all the synonyms for God in the absolute, and we find lots of new ways to demonstrate old thoughts and truths in our experience.

  41. Thank you, Elise, for this very delightful, hopeful, and helpful Lift!

  42. Yesterday my spiritual GPS provided One New Idea....It was an answer to a prayer, how to avoid the
    amazing lines of traffic while on the way to the dentist...I was given the idea of roads to take that avoided the traffic!!!! After years of doing one thing, I did another.....by turning to my Spirit.

    I was so pleases and grateful,,,,humbly so.

  43. And sometimes the new idea[s] and inspiration is reading an article that was read before and somehow, someway, suddenly I am realizing more than the first time I read it! This morning that article was by G. Barratt from the 2000 Journal. For me, it was a grand reminder that God is where I am to keep my thought ...and why and how. Thank you all!

    The title is "Upgrading Metaphysical Treatment".

  44. Elise, how valuable a lesson your lift is. I often thought how well this idea could apply to lean six sigma initiatives where customer expectation in quality quality could be met for continuous improvement. One new 30 second improvement each day based upon an idea and communicated to others. That idea could be Love, Divine Love. How well it could support us to sharing on an amazing spiritual journey through life. Thank you for this spiritual lift.

  45. What a great idea! Life should be a real joy! Like when one was a child getting ready for a vacation trip...how exciting...could hardly wait! One new idea a day...what an adventure! Thanks!

  46. When I do the C/S Bible Lesson throughout the week, I get a new idea. It's not just reading the same old words every day like one does for school homework where you have to memorize. It just comes to you like turning on a light. Case in point; when I studied the lesson on God, which brought out the protectiveness of God. TV station Channel 2 has a new TV program for the summer months by Stephen King called "THE DOME." Well, instead of seeing The Dome in the horror sense, as characterized, I saw it as a shield of protection against false beliefs trying to invade our consciousness. Evil thoughts can't get in since we are protected under The Dome of God. I thought that idea was great.

  47. New ideas, insights and an opportunity to put these refreshing ideas into practice in my daily life are vital to my day. It keeps me digging into familiar Bible stories and pulling out new perspectives. It spurs me on to improve my spiritual skills to meet the needs of my family, community and world. Thank you Elise for bringing out the concept of one new idea a day or more help lift thought and heal the needs of ourselves and others!

  48. Thank you Elise, the one great unfoldment you offered me today, is that is I am swimming in love! Thank you to all of the lift family for the sweet words...

  49. Many thanks Elise for sharing your thoughts with us all. I call these new spiritual ideas my "ah-ha" moments - when a thought from God (angel message) becomes crystal clear and I grasp for the first time a wonderful insight not recognizable beforehand, or not understood fully. This moment of insight fills me with such joy, it is difficult to describe - one has to experience it for themselves. It's like a light bulb turned on, and NOW I understand, NOW I "get it". And there is nothing materially that can come close to these beautiful moments.

  50. Those individual new ideas, embraced and pondered, collectively serve as building blocks to the foundation of our spiritual understanding. What better building materials to strengthen thought, undergird our spiritual growth, as we daily gather fresh inspiration daily through one new idea!

    Thank you for this valuable insight.

  51. Es cierto, cuando hemos pasado por una situación confusa, dejando que el error nos atrape, y al despertar del error nos parece una nueva idea que surge, y sin embargo es la misma siempre, Dios todo en todo. Entiendo que sí, nos lleva por nuevos caminos de comprención, caminos que antes no habíamos transitado, diferentes quizás, pero con la misma sustancia, porque en cada experiencia que vivamos hay una misma idea, nueva en su desarrollo, pero eterna en su interpretación y Unica en sus resultado.

    Muchas gracias Elise, muy inspirado,como siempre nos tienes acostumbrados.

  52. Had a new idea? Substituting as our RR librarian, I began by reading the "Open Door" from an earlier published article in the periodicals, and before the hour was over, our Reading Room door opened, a young man came in carrying literature with him from our "free" box outside our door, and he spent the next hour in the study room. Before he left, he asked questions, explained more about the changes he was expecting in his life, and bought a copy of the Science and Health to read.

    New ideas pour into thought, catching one of the good ones and applying it is my new idea.

  53. I love it....thanks!

  54. Thank you so much Elise for giving us the reminder of boundless, endless inspiration, as God provides each day. I love that just knowing there is no end to God's ever present love and joy, helps us find new understandings of God. Of course, reading the lesson, the Bible, other MBE writings and the JHS periodicals keeps "listening" skills foremost in mind. God speaks as we are ready to listen.
    Thank you for your comments lifters and also for The Daily Lift Team.

  55. Thank you, Elise, for “One new idea …” Love it!!! Very inspiring!!!

    You have shared many different ways that we might embrace “newness” in and of thought. This is as an invitation to be present at our ongoing spiritual baptism. It reminds me of our individual and collective consciousness, as a very sacred temple. Each idea, as if a child, comes to us to be nurtured by and to grow in the Truth of being.

    To gain a deeper understanding/a new insight, I turn to our pastor:

    “When a new spiritual idea is borne to earth, the prophetic Scripture of Isaiah is renewedly fulfilled: ‘Unto us a child is born, . . . and his name shall be called Wonderful’" (S&H 109:24).

    “ Jesus … said … Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God … receive the kingdom of God as a little child … And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them” (Mark 10:14-16).

    “God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis” (S&H 258:15).

    “… and a little child shall lead them” (Isa 11:6).

    With every new idea or new perspective or new insight or new behavior that we bless with our own Christlike embrace, we are reborn, renewed, refreshed, regenerated, redeemed and become as if “one new idea,” ourselves - again and again!

    Wow! One new idea is no small thing. It's more like “a snowball rolling down hill!!!” :-)

  56. I, too, found that to be a lovely Daily Lift. Thank you to Elise Moore and the C.S. team. However, earlier this morning while listening to a nationally-broadcast radio station, I was haunted by the stories of the workers in the clothes factory in Bangladesh, many of whom lost family members and parts of their own body in the collapse of the building. Cracks had been noted by workers the day before, but they were told that they had to enter and work that day if they wanted their wages and job. I have a difficult time reconciling that type of human experience with the idea of God as ever-present Love.
    If anyone has a comment about my quandary, I would appreciate it.

  57. What a great idea! That God is Love, and Love is all. That's an old idea to me. But thanks to
    your lift this morning, the new idea that came was that anything that lacks love is not from God,
    therefore has no absolute reality, and is therefore WITHOUT LOGIC.
    The simplest Truth, the divine Logic heals.

  58. Yes! "A new thought, please!" is my prayer when caught ruminating on a situation, which I have been of late. Today I will listen for a new thought for that situation in particular, but also treasure your reminders about being surrounded by and living in Love. Malcolm's hymn choice was so perfect today for both the Lift themes! Thank you, Elise, and dear Lifters for your comments. I love this forum so much and greatly appreciate everyone's participation.

  59. New idea from the CS Bible Lesson that I enjoyed, Each time I read HAPPY it reminds me it is a blessing.
    As I share happiness it is blessing the receiver and me and all.

  60. Beautiful ! This is a profound DL and I will always remember it! Thank you

  61. What a lovely thought. Thank you.

  62. The article, "Upgrading Metaphysical Treatment", by Geoffrey J. Barratt, mentioned by #43 Melody, can be found in the large blue pamphlet, "To be A Christian Science Practitioner", found in C.S. Reading Rooms or ordered directly from the C. S. Publishing Society.

  63. Thanks, Elise, for the fresh lift.
    I'd listened earlier. Then it occurred to me to ask our Father for a new idea. Well, since there is really nothing new under the sun, I was not surprised when the idea came from our beloved Bible.
    It's from Lamentations, chapter 3 vs 22 and 23. "It is of the Lord's great mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning."
    So many new ideas come as one studies the Christian Science Bible Lessons. The ideas from these lend great credence to the truth that God's compassions are new every morning.

    Also, dears Gale, asking God the answer to your quandary can bring the healing message that you need about the dear ones in the building collapse. How good and loving of you to have your heart so full of love. "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." This goes for those of us who are far from the scene and wanting to help.

  64. To Gale, #56, II too have often been troubled by what I see and hear, stories of tragedy, illness, injustice compared with what I know to be true about God's Love. Then I think about the strange and often frightening dreams I had last night, and other nights, and how I have tried to go back into the dream and see what happened to all of the people. But I can't. It was a dream, or nightmare, whichever. Jesus faced innumerable scenes of illness, injustice, sin death... the anger of the crowds... and he healed them. I am convinced that these horrible nightmare like occurrences that we see and hear about are coming to us to be healed, just as those problems Jesus encountered, including the seeming death of his friend Lazarus. Even Jesus wept at the tomb of his friend, but he quickly recovered and prayed, and acknowledged God's presence and dominion, and Lazarus walked out of the tomb. Sounds like we have our work cut out for us!!

  65. Thank you .

  66. I love being awakened with an inspiring idea each day/night. I was surprised recently when a long-life-time church member said he hadn't felt inspired in 8 years. I get countless inspirations many times a day/night, so I realized I need to better prayerfully cherish and defend these and the law of each individual not only being given constant individualized instruction and help, but also each individual always being receptive and accepting/acting on these ideas. When I thank God for each inspiration, affirm that this idea is ever with me and uplifting my day, and when I write it down, I find that it leads to more progress.

    When I try to share this, and anticipate the antagonism to the message and messenger, and then try to humanly make it clearer by filling in the missing steps others might need that I already had to prepare me to receive it, then it gets muddied. When I let it be a mere thought, and not a springboard for action, when I choose for whatever reason to wait before acting on it, it loses some of its power.

    When I promptly, whole-heartedly love/delight in this new inspiring idea or fully obey this command and expect it, thanking our only and one Mind in advance for it, it grows with far more richness and power, blessing more. When I write each when received (in a small pocket notebook, purse notepad, bedside notebook, car post-it pad, awaiting computer file, frig pad), and when I write my gratitude for it at the end of the day, it feeds future healing.

  67. Gale, #56: being the change I want, loving and trusting and being the spiritual qualities and coincidence of the human and divine... helps me and is felt by others. In that case: responding with love/faith. Trusting that each individual does the best he/she knows to meet our universal human needs, and how we can each get the idea we need to know/do better, without enemies/victims/helpless witnesses. Replacing fear and a sense of one having power over another with love/trust/gratitude and each one's individual God-given power to think and act rightly and to be innocent and free from any suffering another's or one's own errors. Instead of going along with the status quo and false authority, being brave enough in my life to stand in solidarity for integrity do the necessary inconvenient and honorable thing (dedicating prayer, writing companies and countries why I am boycotting them and what will change my mind, sending money, connecting social media resources, trying to get others to unite in more effectively changing law/policy/economics, investing in fair trade and co-ops, supporting human rights groups protecting witnesses and workers, demanding US policy stop forcing these tragedies, communicating more effectively with decision-makers about the joys/peace/power of doing the right thing, creating a local and global gift economy and self-governance, transferring my money from banks to good credit unions/coops, supporting protesters, one-on-one with ambassadors, etc. )

  68. Thank you! Love ever new - wow it's as simple and wonderful as that. Ask and ye shall receive.

  69. Excellent. Thanks.

  70. Thank you Elise. What a great way to let in the light!

  71. Isn't a new idea lived, spiritual ascension? Could there be a greater daily goal for the purpose of blessing?

    Thanks, dear Elise and joy to each and every Lifter.

  72. To #56, Gale some thoughts that might help. Sometimes the mortal, material picture is the mist or fog that keeps us from seeing and feeling the warmth of the sun, which we know to be always present. As we apply the truths of God's creation to the situation, the mist begins to dissolve into its native nothingness, and our thinking becomes more spiritual. We then can begin to pray more effectively. We learn in C/S that we cant bring out the real and eternal while focused on the material. Your compassionate and heart-felt prayers will contribute to bringing comfort to those in need.

  73. Thank you so much dear Elise, beautiful lift!

  74. Thank you for your "good ideas" Elise. Wonderful. And dear Gale#56, this situation has come to light to be healed. Changes are coming. I know companies who order from these factories are taking another look at the conditions in which people work. "God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows." And no one is separate from God's Love! Blessings to everyone.

  75. Love this idea,

  76. Thank you Elise. I like it too when Mrs. Eddy said in Prose works (not quite the manner in which she phrases it) that God gives us Spiritual ideas and they in turn give us our daily needs.

    Daily Lift Team:
    "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies." Miscellaneous Writings (p.306)

  77. The best way of feeling love is to give love first. The more we give, the more we get back in abundant measure! Thank you Elise and Alison #10.

  78. Thank you Elise, life is so exciting when you have those inspiring "WOW" moments, just listening to you today has inspired me all over again. "All You Need Is Love" la la la la la la.

  79. I often turn to the line from the Lord's Prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread." And Mrs. Eddy's interpretation, "Give us grace for today, feed the famished affections." God's grace, given to us every moment, includes understanding. We are so blessed.

  80. A new idea? Fresh inspiration. Try remembering the innumerable fresh ideas in one's life that bore much fruit. My starting point, Cheltenham, Glos UK. Present moment, Vancouver, Wa, USA
    "Thanks for the memories", Elise

  81. Recently, I was ruminating over a situation that had me feeling like a victim of false statements...the perpetrator having used methods much like those of Iago, the villain in Shakespeare's Othello. Then I remembered that theatre audiences during Shakespeare's era were convinced that the action on the stage was real...I then realized that I was being like that audience, believing that I was being victimized when I was only watching a "play" of mortal mind. I could stand up and walk out of the theatre by asking God for better thoughts, a clearer understanding of my freedom and indestructibility. God made man good. We're only happy and free when we're obeying the Golden Rule. And the only thing that can happen to Iago or Othello is that the play ends and the actors stand up (alive) to take their bows.

  82. Hi, I am #56 again - Gale. I want to thank those of you who commented upon my quandary. I truly appreciate it and treasure your ideas. The Daily Lift really works, and the people involved are so helpful. I am so impressed. I am smiling happily!
    I look forward to tomorrow's Daily Lift and reading everyone's comments.

  83. Great idea, Elise! Thank you.

  84. Great to hear from you again, Elise! Thanks for giving us a great little "pep-talk"-- reminding us we can feel joy,energy and inspiration continually. I can EXPECT and accept the always-fresh views of divine Spirit, Love-- and toss the ho-hum, tired-out, blah-blah-blah suggestions that try to worm their way past that "porter" as Bill (29) mentioned. Thank you, everyone for contributing the warm , encouraging responses that make this Daily Lift community such an adventurous one... Troy, Peg and Nancy- much appreciation for taking the time sharing such wonderful thoughts! Edie and all-- Love those active ideas in regard to Gale's timely/ thoughtful question. Very helpful. No lack of adventure there!

  85. Thank you, Elise and to all of those who have commented.

  86. One new idea: Soul is the source of my life.

  87. I will get to work right now, knowing that as I listen for one new idea, perhaps I will get two. Thank you Elise.

  88. Thanks Elise, and all!

  89. God is Omnipresent!!!!!ever!!
    Thanks Elise!
    And thanks for the new music too!

  90. Elise, I share your joy in discovery and learning. It has been through Christian Science that I learned to discover new ideas only through the filter of Truth, avoiding ideas that conflict with the principles of God, Love. The spiritual intent of learning strengthens us in every way as we stand porter.

  91. How lovely, Elise. I truly need your one new idea
    today. God is divine Love.
    And thank you for the grand, sweet music.
    May I ask, is it available?

    Daily Lift Team:

    Learn about the music on your Daily Lift.

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