6/8: Ice cubes melting

6/8: Ice cubes melting

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  1. So beautiful. Thank you. X

  2. Thanks for the reminder that God gets there first. And, of course, we know that He/She is everywhere already, so all has to be first, last and only.

    Thank you, Ginny

  3. What a Lift, Ginny! And those tears do flow, don't they? By the bucketful. . . And then we can fill up that place with all the love of Love. After a while we don't fear those unexpected waterfalls, we just dry them up with all the love Mrs Eddy bestowed on us, all the goodness, all the trust and faith she has assured us will win the hour, the day, this time. This time becomes a starting place for next time, when it's not as tough. The joy of this time of our life is that we can correct so many misconceptions and help to heal others in the same place.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  4. Oh, Ginny, what a wonderful insight. I have had many ice cube moments myself, so I really can relate.And I must admit it was a while before I could admit that God had got there first.Thank you so much.

  5. I will always cherish "...God got there first..."! Thank you!!

  6. "Trials are proofs of God's care" S&H 66:10, said MBE in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
    I will never forget this line on the movie, The Sound of Music: "When God closes a door, always opens a window". I think God doesn't close any doors, we close them when we refuse to accept that God is always with us, taking care of us, watching over us.
    As His image we have the warmth of the Christ within -which melts any ice.
    “Las pruebas son señales del cuidado de Dios” CyS 66:11, dijo MBE en el libro de texto de la Ciencia Cristiana, Ciencia y Salud con la Llave de las Escrituras.
    Nunca me olvidaré de esta línea de la película, La Novicia Rebelde: "Cuando Dios cierra una puerta, siempre abre una ventana". Creo que Dios no cierra las puertas, las cerramos nosotros cuando nos negamos a aceptar que Dios está siempre con nosotros, cuidándonos, velando por nosotros.
    Como Su imagen tenemos dentro la calidez del Cristo -que derrite cualquier hielo.

  7. Thank you so much Ginny for uplifting thought. We should not be afraid of ice cubes melting with in us rather we should be happy that it has cleared the way for receiving angel messages. Love you for the great Lift.

  8. Oh Ginny, how beautiful! I have a tendency to weep ... sometimes a lot. Often, the weeping comes when singing hymns in church. Personally, I retire today which brings bitter sweet emotions and has caused weeping this past week. However, with your precious lift on ice cubes melting, this helped me understand the "why." It was most comforting. Thank you :-)

  9. Mary Magdalene must have been shedding ice cubes on Jesus' feet bringing great transformation and approval from the Master. I would like to think our melting ice cubes are washing his feet too and as we do it or hold another who is doing it, we have the privilege of joining the company of Mary. Your words touched my heart at just the right moment.

  10. Oh Thank You for this wonderful lift. Here I am in my spiritual studies coming to realize God' love for me.and this lift comes at the right time. Thank You

  11. Thank you for this Lift and thank you all for your comments,

  12. Dear Ginny

    How wonderful to relize that the whole world is our family and having experienced what that child was going through and recieved that love from people who would say "Ah, she/he is not your father or mother".But always new that I was loved no matter where one was directed to.

    Then through lots of searching one was guided to Christian Science, the more one delved into our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy works the revelation began to who truely is my father and mother.

    Yes, you have all got it wright "Father-Mother God", and what is so interesting we all have Him for ETERNITY.

    All have a wonderful adventure.

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham.

  13. Dear 8. JAS-6/8/2012

    We never retire because we are all working for the glory of God.

    So could one change the word retirement to RE-HIREMENT
    Oh, what a wonderful adventure is before YOU.

    Love in Christ

    Peter reichl- Cunningham

  14. Beautiful. Thankyou.

  15. Many thanks Ginny for sharing this lift of great compassion. Yes. "Love that has always been in our hearts, in our lives and forever our blessed place where we find Father-Mother God, loving us." "Can a mother leave her children?/ Can unchanging Love forget?/ Though all earthly friends betray thee,/ Lo, His arm enfolds thee yet." (Christian Science Hymnal #76).

  16. I just want to add, that the more I thought about what you said today, the more it made deepest sense to me. Sometimes when I pray, especially in gratitude, I can feel those tears welling up and I have always tried to stem the flow before- I have always felt that they were a sign of self-indulgence, vulnerability and sorrow. But your lift has taught me to completely overturn that mistaken view by showing me that when I'm overcome with gratitude which I so often am, I actually feel at my most loving, humble and tender and that is in fact, a sign of strength, not weakness, but it is also ' little ice-cubes' of past hardness-ess melting and I think that's wonderful and I will no longer be afraid of letting tears flow. Tears flow where words of gratitude end, because the gratitude is so overwhelming and deep sometimes that is beyond the power of words to describe. Thank you SO much, Ginny, for that wonderful insight and your brilliant lift today. Much love and gratitude, Mandi

  17. Thank you so much for this lift. When you lectured in England a few years ago I spoke with you and as the tears fell you so lovingly told me it was the ice cubes melting. This has stayed with me and brought the healing needed. So lovely to be able to say a huge Thank You again.

  18. Ginny...What a lovely idea...Thank you.

  19. Thank you for that wonderful Lift, Have a day of good to all.


  21. Psalms 107:6 says, "then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble and
    he delivered them out of their distresses."

    But I think you're right, He delivers us out of distress
    then we cry
    with tears of gratitude.

  22. Thank You Ginny. The magnificent power of Love. As the ice cubes melt, "Love wipes all tears away" (hymn 298). How liberating! It only leaves space for radiant room. How wonderful to know that we are all embraced by this fact constantly. Past, present and future. You can't top that!

  23. Thank you so much dear Ginny. Very tender and beautiful message. Hugs

  24. Thank you Ginny, Your beautiful lift is reaching many of my friends this morning not least my self, although I didn't always know where those tears came from I always felt the warm presence of the Christ, saying, every things ok don't worry. Now I do know, Thank you.Dave

  25. Such a nice idea to be able to cry and know that something positive is taking place. No need to be ashamed of the tears!
    Thank you, Ginny, for all your wonderfully moving lectures, articles, etc. on sometimes complicated and emotional subjects.
    Love and appreciation from Gwen, Hamburg, Germany

  26. Great Lift Ginny!

  27. Thank yo Ginny and thanks to all the comments. Each one has brought an additional insight to your DL which I loved and appreciated. These last days I have been letting some ice cubes melt and I too felt as though I was self indulging in sorrow... Now I know that God was there before and is tenderly awaiting to embrace me in His Love. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  28. Thank you.

  29. Wow, thank you so much Ginny. What a tender reminder of God's ever presence and embrace to dissolve any hardness in our hearts. Immediately found myself humming that beautiful hymn, "Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee..."

  30. Ginny, thank you so much for your inspired lift today. I love this thought so much! And 'God got there first"...I use this everyday when faced with some illusory struggle.

    Wonderful. :)

  31. Ginny, thank you so much for your inspired lift today. I love this thought so much! And 'God got there first"...I use this everyday when faced with some illusory struggle.

    Wonderful. :)

  32. Wonderful message, Gini--thank you!

  33. Nothing more therapeutic than salt water, whether it be from the ocean or tears that run down our face . .. .both offer an opportunity to feel closer to God. Thank you for your loving message.

  34. Thank you Ginny. This has happened to me so many times lately that I say almost every moment,Thank you, Father,' I've just been overwhelmed with God's power and presence! " When heavens after-smile earth's teardrops gain" Such unspeakable joy that we are loved so much! I also love the delightful comments, my thoughts exactly!

  35. Recently I saw an ad for a new website (vogue.com). The ad read: "THE FIRST LOOK. THE FINAL WORD." Those words have a whole new meaning when we realize that it is God who has the first look at us and, as it says in Hymn 452, "Thy Word is final." Thank you for this very uplifting lift, Ginny!

  36. Oh, Ginny, I KNOW just what you mean. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message. I feel the Christ presence and it does sometimes bring tears but they are of joy and happiness that I've felt the presence of Love in my heart and know I'm being cared for, watched over and LOVED.

  37. So beautiful, Ginny. When I returned to church after several prodigal years, I was so moved by the hymns and praise music that I had tears streaming down my face constantly. So many precious comments today that I am deeply grateful for. Understanding how we connect to Love is indeed a comfort and a blessing. Love you all.

  38. You are so right my dear friend. The ever presence of God and His comfort moves me to the core of my being in Him delivering me from unforeseen circumstances. Blessings to you and all the GL Team

  39. Thank you so much Ginny! I've had a few of these recently and when I have, I feel so cleansed and relieved to know God's presence. I love the idea that my Father-Mother God is in heaven and She would never leave me out. We are all in one Mind and it's so GOOD to know that Mind is God, good!

  40. That was perfect...
    Thank you!

  41. Dear Ginny, thanks so much for this inspiring thought of ice cubes melting. I tend to get teary eyed easily and feel deep emotions. Although it can be embarrassing, I'd rather be someone who cares than someone with a hard heart that never melts. Now I can picture it as a cleansing melting away of any ice that needs removal and know that God is already there with me and anyone else in my thoughts.

  42. Hi Ginny,

    I love your references to family and constant love with strong reference to Father-Mother-God.

    Your Daily Lift was so peacefully pure and loving one could feel the sense of family and understanding. There is so much need to look beyond human measurements and seek the divine, to see the presence of God in all that is being done, said and not said.

    I have a puppy with me that was a rescue animal. For months, she would never come to me and it was hard. The temptation was to carry her back because I could not put her up when people came to the house so I had to keep people way. I prayed

    My friends insisted I carry her back but one morning when I looked into her eyes I said I could not, I would let Love direct her path as Love directed mine that day to go and look for a puppy at the shelter. It is my understanding that I was the only one she went to from behind the cage.

    One morning she just came to me, put her paws around me and looked me in the eyes as if to say "yes, I trust you". Like the twit I am tears came to my eyes and I hugged her and she comes to me now. Of course putting her up is another story but I digress.

    She use to lie down in the plants all of the time but I realized that was her sense of safety. She almost never does it now. I learned from her that I too can rethink my sense of safety and trust and know I must let go of the past, in order to enjoy the goodness before me..those melting ice cubes.

    Thank you so much. Much Love to All.

  43. Such an interesting perspective, Ginny. I haven't read or heard of many or, in fact, any Christian Scientist commentators speak so openly and honestly about accumulated past hurts. More often than not the line of reasoning I have come to expect from CS teachers and practitioners is that all of our past injuries, be they emotional or whatever, are a lie and that we are now and always have been the perfect children of God.

    So congratulations, Jinny, for acknowledging past hurts and the healing of them by means, first and foremost, of acknowledging rather than denying them and bringing the Christ idea forward as the supreme healing agent in our lives.

  44. Beautiful imagery. Thanks Ginny and thanks for all the wonderful comments. Very touching.

  45. Thank you, Ginny.

    This felt very healing.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  46. Ginny,
    Thanks for the reminder of God is always there and has been there before us, no matter the situation! I have a friend who designed a necklace that reads GGB4U.. God goes before us! It does make me so grateful to know this!!
    Love, Tiff

  47. Lo que entendí perfectamente es que Dios nos ama a nosotros, y siento que la calidez del amor derrite no sólo cubitos de hielo sino también los glaciares del pensamiento marterial y mortal trasformando el frio desden por las cosas espirituales en crisol de confianza en Dios esperando todo en Él pero como ciertamente dice #6, Ellena: que las puertas en realidad estan siempre abiertas y depende de nosotros mantenerlas así.
    LLevada por mi agradecimiento me encontré en una situación muy contraria a lo que pensaba porque debía recibir progreso y sólo encontré un materialismo extremo, y oh maravilla esa fue la puerta que me reveló con claridad el camino a seguir profundizar en la Ciencia sin tomar en cuenta las apariencias porque me hizo comprender que vamos a encontrar en nuestro camino muchas demostraciones de bondad pero también de las otras y debemos estar preparados para entender que nadie puede cerrarnos la puerta que Dios ha abierto para nosotros.
    "Y el Señor encamine vuestros corazones al amor de Dios, y a la paciencia de Cristo" Tesalonicenses

    Ayer vi y escuché la Asamblea anual y quiero decir con mucho gozo que realmente ha sido muy inspirada y sentí la unidad que debe siempre prevalecer en nosotros para llevar este estandarte adelante.
    Y agradecer el esfuerzo por traducir a varios idiomas.
    Muchas gracias Ginny es bello estar inspirados en Dios.

  48. What a beautiful land profoundly simple message. Thank you for this inspiration.

  49. I think this is why I sometimes don't want to call a CS practitioner: So often, when they answer (and I know what tenderness awaits me), I just cry. It seems embarrassing, but really it's the start of the humility, the receptivity, that leads to healing. Ginny, as you wisely point out, crying is a RELEASE of hurt, it's not a new hurt happening.

    To restate #43 Joel of Toronto's point: I think it's important to make a distinction between the denial that we learn in Christian Science and 'denial ' as a psychological term (suppressing, ignoring or discounting a problem). Good CS practice requires us to be very truthful with ourselves and others...to live and think with a higher and higher demonstration of integrity. Denial as used in CS treatment is a way of overturning a false sense and affirming the real. We deny the mortal sense testimony in order to give place to spiritual sense, which unites consciousness to the Christ Truth.

    As Christian Scientists we should be grabbing ice cubes out of the freezer and melting them on a daily basis. Or rather (as #43 Joel concludes), letting the Christ melt them. Thanks also to #9 Sher!

  50. It's so wonderful to have the tears acknowledged for what they are. I must admit some ice cubes started melting in that moment that I heard your lift. And the metaphor of ice cubes melting is so perfect. On a deep level of truth, I knew the tears were good. But also in the moments of greatest joy, gratitude, and truth to find those tears welling up sometimes opened the door, just a crack, for a slight doubt. Mortal mind throws a quick jab, an intimation that perhaps all is not right if you're suddenly overwhelmed with tears. Ha... ha! No! Slam the door shut and return that doubtful thought to its rightful place--into the void of nothingness from which it sprang. God was, is, and ever will be there first. So many thanks Ginny. This lift is such a blessing. (Sob, sob) There I go again.

  51. Absolutely beautiful Ginny! Thank you

  52. Ah Ginny, thank you - perfect message perfectly delivered.

  53. Thank you, sweet, soft, Ginny! Your Lift this a.m. is like a comforting pillow! Yes, let's get rid of that old, stale idea that good Christian Scientists don't cry! Some of us have had hard "childhood journeys" to get through - and Christian Science is helping us to dissolve the hard walls in our Hearts that we needed to put up to use for our protection and for our survival. As a C.S. Hymn says, "Healed is thy hardness, His Love has dissolved it." There are those ole ice cubes melting again! Yes, feelings of sadness and tears come up to be felt and melted and healed! As another C.S. Hymn says, "O make me glad for every scalding (cleansing, melting) tear...." I know Mrs. Eddy healed a lot thru her tears when she was going thru so many hardships. And one of the shortest sentences in the Bible is: "Jesus wept." Feel, Deal and Heal! And thank you to #43 Joel! I agree and so well put! Tears of Joy and Love to All!

  54. Ginny -
    Your warmth will melt an Iceberg and the love of God a Glacier.
    Let us rest in the warmth of God's love and hug all who need it!
    Thank you again for this lift and see you soon.

  55. Wonderful perspective, Ginny. When your children were going through their hard times, they did not know what lay ahead; know that they would have a loving family, a father and mother to love them who would teach them about their Father-Mother-God. Beautiful! There is hope for all, and God's dear Love right now. Thanks to you and all who deliver and support the Lifts and for all the Lifters, too.

  56. I'm w/Sher (#9). Your words touched me at just the right moment!

  57. Thank you for the healing thought. During what seems a trying time in my life and what has seemed in the past, I have appered as that Ice cube, not to be touched or held. The reminder that God is the Primary only Cause and Creator, Constant Love has helped bring the light and warmth of comfort to melt and open. Allowing feelings to flow and express in tears to be wiped away.
    Thank you so much for this healing message.

  58. Wow ,,, this happens to me all the time. Thank u for the explanation. :-)

  59. I wanted you to know some of the beautiful words Nelly posted in #47.
    She says, "What I understood perfectly is that God loves us and I feel the warmth
    of love melting not just ice cubes but also the glaciers of material and
    mortal thought, transforming the cold disdain for spiritual things in a crucible
    of trust in God, hoping that in Him as surely as Elena #6 says that the doors of
    reality are always open and depend on us to keep them so. She later goes on to say that
    no one can close the door that God has opened for us.

    Don't you just love the metaphor of melting the glaciers of material and mortal
    thought! And doors that God has opened. Such wonderful metaphors, like mini parables bringing home the messages of Truth.

    Thank you all so much for this Daily Lift, Ginny, the BoL, and all those who post. How God has blessed us!

  60. Terrific Lift and wonderful, honest comments! Thank you all very much!

  61. Ah, sweet Ginny, and even sweeter message . . . I see those melting ice cubes watering the gardens of our hearts, allowing Love's lush growth there . . . I just found out at church last night that you will be lecturing an hour away in Rapid City in a week or so, but I will be unable to attend, since I'll be at a wonder-full Bible conference at Asilomar in CA. . . . at this moment, I am working to know that I can't miss out on any of God's good, but oh, how I'd love to be in that audience, hearing you talk about living without fear . . .

  62. Thank you #49 for that helpful clarification. Yes, we don't want to deny that there is a seeming accumulation of hurt - to summarily turn a blind eye would be discompassionate. But in absolute, we have never been anywhere but in the arms of Love. I love that the tears flowed when Ginny was hugging the children, giving them what they needed humanly and compassionately, all the while acknowledging the underlying truth.

    I'm guided by Mary Baker Eddy's "Retrospection and Introspection", where, after a series of devastating events, she states (p.21, line 13) "It is well to know, dear reader, that our material, mortal history is but the record of dreams, not of man's real existence, and and the dream has no place in the Science of being. It is 'as a tale that is told,'..." And so the ice cubes melt away...

  63. Thank you for this beautiful message this morning!

  64. Thank you SO much for this precious, sweet and meaningful message this morning! Maybe those little ice cubes melting inside each one of us is a positive sense of 'global warming'!

  65. Thank you, dear Ginny, for your very precious and comforting Lift.

  66. Gosh,and here I thought I was the only one who breaks down into tears when I feel God's love .... Thank you so much, Ginny, for helping me realize this is just evidence of those old ice cubes melting, coming to the the surface to be healed by the sunlight of Truth. I, too, have found myself embarrassed by the unexpected waterfalls when I sometimes speak heart-to-heart with a practitioner ... Or when singing hymns in church .... Or when reading or studying in Christian science and find myself suddenly overcome with emotion. Thank you for helping me understand it is just ice cubes melting!! The tiny nuggets of hardness begin welling up, only to melt away---to return to their native nothingness when I realize it is only mortal history that is being dissolved. A dear Christian Scientists once said to me, when I was hashing over some bad family history, "There is no human story here .... Only the goodness of your inheritance as a child of God.". This grievence dissolved into tears instantly, and then those ice cubes completely melted away. What fortunate children those were to have been adopted into your home, and to have been recipients of those healing hugs of yours, Ginny. What a gift ....

  67. so beautiful and deep. Very much appreciated.

  68. Thank you, Ginny!

  69. LOVE this SO much! #64, I got a great laugh from your idea of 'global warming'! Awesome!!!! Thank you Ginny!

  70. I felt so many ice cubes melting when I listened to your Daily Lift and read the comments. Thank you, God, for these blessings today!!!!

  71. Precious...and what a wonderful reminder to help melt those ice cubes that anyone may have at any point during their experience. With gratitude and a warm embrace to all!

  72. What a great way to think of those tears and God's all-encompassing Love towards us. Thanks so much for this Daily Lift!

  73. Ah, Ginny, this is beautiful and so uplifting. Thank you.

  74. Thank you Ginny, I have those tears of melting cubes often, like now when just thinking of it all. Love, it is all just love, in my mind, Love, God's Love. See you next month. hugs,

  75. Thank you so much for the beautiful lift and thank you for all the wonderful comments.....i realize that there are different kinds of tears like the eskimo have various words for different kinds of snow.....but how wonderful to understand more clearly that tears of repentance, receptivity, recognition and gratitude can wash away tears of hurt, self pity, bitterness and remorse. .... i can see then that finally we will feel and know the truth that we are and always have been beloved of Love and there will be no more "sorrow or crying" as it promises in the Bible.

  76. Thank you Ginny, for sharing this, God is always wiping away our tears.

  77. Absolutely beauuuutiful!!

    Thanks Ginny!

  78. What a precious few moments to keep in our hearts! Thank you

  79. Perfect! Powerful Lift! Thank you, Ginny.

  80. Absolutely beautiful and touching the core of Truth! Thank you.

  81. Tears -- of fear...sorrow... frustration... yes even, joy, gratitude, inspiration, love. Ice cubes of mortal thought dissolving/melting with the warmth of divine Love.

    Thank you Ginny and all commentators today for bringing new understanding of our tears. I experienced a few melting ice cubes as well as I read the comments.

  82. So beautiful and very comforting to me. I have had a lot of ice cube moments recently.


  84. Lovely thought. Thank you.

  85. My heartfelt gratitude to you and yours, Ginny. That was so beautifully put.into words.

  86. Thank you Ginny for that wonderful Lift, and also to all the comments. Wow! So much to think about and so many doors open to new ideas - thank you all! Especially appreciated #3 Margaret Sunshine Coast - yes, the hour, the day, this time will be won by goodness, trust, and faith.
    Blessings to all, Judith

  87. Ginny, this melted my heart, thankful for your describing the tender charity of God's love that dissolves those stones wieghing us down with false sensations of not being loved or even worthy of love. What a big mountain a little human love reflecting divine Love can remove ! Wonderful! Thank you.

  88. Thank you very, very much,dear Ginny. Tears came to my eyes by listening to your voice and the story how the ice cubes melting in the hearts of your rescued loved ones. I felt the warmth and love and thanked father/mother God for the deepest love for all of his children and that this love is always there and first. Blessings to all with Aloha

  89. Absolutely precious, Thank you Troy #42, it reminded me of our new little kitty. She was so wild and naughty and now she greats me every morning with her lttle paw pettying my hand soflty and adoringly. We have had two little boys live with us for a couple of years until mom could manage. The ice cubes would melt when we rocked or held them, you could just feel it. They are pretty good sized boys now and still want to have a love and a rock. They love to sing the hymns to go to sleep too. The Lift is such a blessing to all. Thank you.

  90. Beautiful, Ginny, tender, truly from the heart.

  91. Thanks so much. Lovely!

  92. Thank you, Ginny. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one whose 'ice cubes melt' when praying. I ask myself 'why am I crying??' - now I know it is that God's love is reaching those deeply hidden parts where the ice cubes need to melt. Bless you for this one!

  93. Thank you for your very deep sense of Love.It's contagious.

  94. Thank you.

  95. Ginny, the ice cubes were melting as I heard this lift. Thank you so much. I used to cry whenever I spoke to a Christian Science practitioner on the phone. One day I apologized for that, and the practitioner said, "I don't care if you cry a bucket of tears or an ocean of tears so long as you pour them all out on the feet of Christ." I can't describe the love that I felt. It was such a turning point. I'm no longer afraid of "Mary Magdalene tears." They're cleansing and purifying my thought and renewing my love for the Christ.

  96. How tender, how sweet, how wonderful... God's love expressed throughout. Thank you Ginny for sharing something as precious as this.

  97. What amazing comments there are today. I was so moved by your tender hearts and encouraging words.
    The story about the puppy just spoke to me of such tender love. Animals are so receptive to prayer and affection. I could just see that little puppy with his arms around your neck looking into your eyes.
    It is such a good thing to be able to open our hearts to Love and to see what happens in our lives when we yield. Tears are just so inevitable in that moment of tenderness.
    I'm deeply grateful to you all for your sharing today. Thank you...You are all such a vital part of this family. Your words have touched my heart and the hearts of those who have read your words and felt your love.

  98. Great lift!

  99. Wow, uncontrollable tears are falling right now...so grateful for this Lift, thank you Ginny!

  100. Thank you so much Ginny for this lovely LIFT. It seems to have brought out just how so many of us feel when the ice cubes do begin to melt, How good too, to know that "we are not alone" I often thought I was the only one who could weep (though always trying to stifle my tears) when beautiful hymns moved me and at being SOOO grateful for learning these glorious Truths in Christain Science. Much love to all x

  101. Dear Ginny,
    How beautiful....very touching. Once a CS practitioner/teacher told me to "catch the Spirit behind the Word [of God]; Christian Science is a "feel"." The healing Spirit of Love is truly awesome. What cannot divine Love do? Love is overflowing and this lift and all the wonderful shared experiences are proof. Heartfelt thanks to all.

  102. Someone once discribed it as "Love filling up our hearts and running out of our eyes!" I loved this and I love your Lift! Thank you! I've felt this many times!

  103. Thanks Ginny, you are wonderful, tender and your messages are always sweet and clear!!

  104. Thank you for this, You express something so tender in an amazing way. I am very very grateful to you and to some of the responders. To Troy of Barbados, I know of what you speak. Recently, I adopted an adult cat from a shelter, they did not know his background. He was standoffish, and really a disappointment to me who had waited so long to get a pet. Well, now after months, he is showing himself to be quite a little guy, he needed to see if he could really be himself, was this going to be a place where he could really come out of his shell. I enjoy his tender ways so much now, and to think I was going to return him, he is teaching me who "he" is.and letting me show him who I can be, if I take time to be attentive.
    Also, thank you so much to Joel(no.43) you have no idea how much you have helped me. I've been repressing emotions for this reason. And in a program of 12 steps, I have adhered to for many years, felt deeply offended when recently, the main point focused only on Today as tho, not the past or future ever had any meaning, I felt stunned, believing I had even failed there, with so much time and energy spent believing I was allowing God to bring me to my healing.
    Ginny, your expression of love in action is very profound and precious. God bless you

  105. "healed is thy hardness, His love hath dissolved it" Hymn 278 tells us. "so shall HIs tenderness teach thee compassion" it goes on. This is exactly what our world needs, and I am so grateful for your clear understanding that gives God's message to us simply and tenderly. thank you Ginny for all you are and do. Grateful to be part of the family.

  106. This is a wonderful lift!! As someone who cries a lot (sometimes I refer to myself as a leaky faucet), I understand the healing power of tears. I don't feel ashamed to cry, I feel happy to be in touch with my feelings as I know that only by honestly feeling what I'm feeling, can my heart open up even wider to let in more of my Mother/Father's Light and Love. Love helps us to release anything unlike Itself, and this is often through tears. Thank you Ginny!! And thanks to the commenters and the DL team!!

  107. Thank you for those power words of truth,, ice cube melting away , again thank you from my heart..

  108. As we remember past hurts, which seem to be so very real, they keep us prisoner to them and to the hurt felt. Those tears are not the tears of melting ice cubes. When we let the light of Truth into our thinking and learn to Know they are powerless to hurt us because they are not from God we can begin to heal them and to me healing comes when we realize they were never a part of our true self, God's beloved child, wholly spiritual and good, but was a story/lie told to us by mortal mind/the serpent and we can know that there is no Truth there. Knowing that these hurts are really not real, (to our true spiritual being) makes it easier to prove that in our life and see them melt away as the melting ice cubes of this wonderful Daily Lift today. Those tears are cleansing and most welcome because they come from such a profound gratitude to God for his loving kindness to His/Her pure and true image and likeness!!! What a wonderful Lift to end the week with....I will ponder it and release more thoughts of past ice cubes needing to be melted. What a beautiful GIFT we have in studying Christian Science!! A heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for the work she did to give us this Science of God.....and a little moist eye as my heart swells with Love for all God's children!!
    Love to Everyone,

  109. This lift is really beautiful. Your lecture is equally beautiful. I'm so ready for you to be in Topeka, KS this month for another, only longer, talk. Thank you so much!

  110. Thanks for sharing. Often things are a reminder but for me, today, this is a lovely new perspective. :-)

  111. Beautiful. Thank you for living this truth and sharing it with us.

  112. Now I understand how cleansing my tears where when I finally forgave myself for something I did 15 years ago. I worked with a practitioner and this was uncovered. I accepted what she said and cried my eyes out. I was able to tell her the next morning I finally forgave me and could go forward. Thanks Ginny for enabling me to understand my cry.

  113. Because this podcast talks about Ginny's children as the starting point for releasing pain to allow space for Christ to be in our lives, I wanted to share this cool story of Ginny's about child abuse, her adopted children, and the continuous blessings that brings. http://time4thinkers.com/free-from-child-abuse/

  114. So simple, so clear, so true, thank you.

  115. As the Bible remarks (these are my words):, «as a baby cannot be nourished with solid food, you must begin by "first things first", then passing on, as the believer matures, to more substancial food, that is, «more substancial knowledge of the Divine». I prefer to learn by this teaching that «melting the ice cubes» which are all of us before passing, inevitably, to proficience as regards the Biblical teachings, -- and becoming one with the Father/Mother -- is something loaded with an heavy responsibility and, simultaneously, with the humblest of humilities... in this sense, the Divine Science can afford optimal results as it combines the humblest of the approaches to God, with a certain «Mathematics of adoring», becoming possible what the Bible calls «make disciples among all nations», until the end of times -- and the end of error, according to the main piece of writing by Mary Baker Eddy, «Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures», when God, Father/Mother, becomes One with all.

  116. This is a touching Lift, with the healing story of your children. Thank you Ginny, for sharing, and thank them for allowing us to learn through the melting of their ice. I honestly don't know if I have places in my heart that are frozen to not let others in. If so, I would want the ice to melt. I am trusting that Love, God, will melt what needs to be, even if I don't know what or when. I will use this Lift to treat what comes to my thought about others I know, who seem to lock out incoming love, at least in some parts of their lives. If I may coin a word, I'll apply the Lift in a "Geneseric" way, to treat beliefs & claims on a world-wide basis. That word is a cross of generic, which relates to what is supposed to be "typical" yet sounds so uncaring, disinterested, and the word Genesis (Chapter 1), which describes all males and females true pure, untouched, unfrozen, preciously individual self. Geneseric is a treatment word handling all common claims, but today relating to what would seem icy places in hearts closed to affection, treated with pure Truth, Love. Ginny said most of us have these places, so that is a claim of being common, generic. Genesis 1, which Ginny alluded to, using "the Original" is there 1st in my word is God, Truth, Love, overtaking what would seem common, universal problems.

  117. When I hear a child give thanks at a Thanksgiving service or a Wednesday meeting, I feel this cleansing touch of the Christ and tears flow…

    Tears that wash away hardness bring out our genuine being and wash away those of self-condemnation or rage. – echoing comment 75 from Adele

  118. Thanks, Ginny, for "Ice cubes melting..." Yes! We each have the power to give and receive the warm of Christ Love that melts every ice cube - especially the hidden ones where only Christ Love can reach.

  119. Mary Baker Eddy makes it perfectly clear to me that a condition necessary before healing the sick is that we "must first learn to bind up the broken-hearted." She notates this as being "Genuine healing."
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 366, 367.) I once spent the night in a homeless storefront shelter in a city's Theatre District known as The Sparrows. I interviewed the lay-preacher who founded it. The Sparrows name comes from the Bible, Matthew 10;29. God doesn't count the number of tears, whether one tear or many many tears. God does count "that the very hairs of your head are all numbered." Matt.10;30. Affection is one of the transitional qualities in the harvest consciousness, something that we as followers of Jesus welcome in our purification of self and society before reaching that spiritual understanding, which knows only as God knows. We must begin as we are directed to begin with first things first.

  120. Dear Ginny - many thanks for this reminder to yield to "child-like trust". This is such a foundation of Christian Science, that even though we might not totally understand our feelings or be certain about a situation, that we can just trust. I think Joel, #43, misinterpreted the intended suggestion of many C.S. practitioners to simply "turn away" from what a mortal sense is trying to convince us of and trying to have us believe. The focus should always be on Truth, and what we know is our spiritual existence, and not so much as to deny we can have other feelings, but rather to "refocus" our attention to what is good, and true, and our real identity as a child of God. That old animal magnatism would like us to believe otherwise, but we simply must not buy into it. Such good comments today, and I also am grateful to better understand that our tears have a place in healing.

  121. Peter, loved your comment to JAS #8 - whoa! Good for me as well. Thanks for such insight!

  122. Thank you soooo much, #119 Robert! You are so right! We can't really even begin to heal in Christian Science until/unless our Hearts are open to Love! I was abused by my Dad as a young child and when the memories came to me in later years, I was guided by God to first find my emotional healing in a 12-step program called CoDependents Anonymous. Even tho' I was raised in a Christian Science home, it wasn't really understood or lived. It's only now that I am able to deeply study Christian Science and start to imbibe it's true spiritual meaning. Therapy and the 12-Step Program helped to bind up my broken heart and then I could be receptive to Christian Science. I am so Grateful for this whole Life's Journey and hope my story can help someone else. The hard work I've had to do is well worth it! Christian Science is the perfect place to practice balancing the Head with the Heart so as to Heal as Jesus did!

  123. Thank you for melting ice cubes. This makes me think of receiving God's love and realizing that we have God with us all the time, taking care of us whatever the need may be. Thank you, Ginny.

  124. Thank you so much for this message.

  125. Here's a single line from my song SOMETHING ETERNAL. "Life comes into focus, looking through a tear..." Tears often coincide with the welcome arrival of moments of truth, those frequent angel guests of some who consciously maintain the abiding courage of wide open hearts. There is real blessing and healing in this message and in the generous replies. Cups running over, and hearts meeting hearts, "reciprocally blessed".

  126. How powerfult to hear about ice cubes melting. Mrs Eddy sees the tears shed by the woman onto Jesus' feet as a sign of purity to be emulated. I love that story and the interpretation she offers of it in the textbook. However, it is important to note that scholars agree that the woman who wept was not Mary Magdalene who certainly could not have been a prostitute. Mary Magdalene's name has been vilified wrongly for a long time which is a shame as she was such a vital part of Jesus' healing ministry. Finding out more about the truth of Mary helps to raise the way women in the world are seen as spiritual apostles.

  127. Dear Ginny, this is so well observed and so gently told and handled. In fact when listening to you I felt tears coming up - but they stayed inside. Thank you very much for the melted ice cubes. What a wonderful explanation.

  128. To #119 Robert of Brunswick, Maine: I copied and pasted your comment into a Word document to carry with me. Thanks for the clear, clear thought and the beautiful writing.

    The Christ lights up what needs to be healed...and heals it.

  129. Oh Ginny, what a wonderful lift! I found myself crying while listening to your words... thank you so much.

  130. Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you so much for this healing message!

  131. What a sweet, simple way to feel more of our Mother-love.

    Often teens, boys and girls, in the local detention center let the tears flow while I'm sharing Christian Science. I've never commented and accept it as a cleansing, the baptism of the Spirit, since many times these individuals don't return for another stay in detention.

    I'll now always cherish the thought of "ice cubes melting" when it happens. Thank you for the joy!

  132. this is a "keeper", thanks for putting it into words I can understand Ginny.

  133. When the mental ice cubes melt, they form tears. How poetic! Thanks!

  134. Beautiful,uplifting lift, Beautiful uplifting comments thank you all

  135. Thank you for this awesome lift!

  136. Like others have stated, this is another 'keeper'. Thanks Ginny!

  137. Being fairly new to Christian Science I used to think that its followers seemed to "stifle" emotions but I now know that is not true. I relate to your lift because I had a difficult childhood, but recently I was led to psalm 27 which in different translations implies that even if your parents forsake you God will take you up. That was very comforting as often in writings it is written to remember how loved and protected your parents made you feel, and that is how God holds you, it was also in an article in the recent Sentinel on Health, but some of us never had that, and it is well I think for writers to remember that as it can be hurtful.

  138. beautiful, just beautiful

    thank you

  139. Thank you Genny, it is with such Love that you share this beautiful Truth...yes tears of JOY I shed, grateful to know and claim each day that I was untouched and am God's beloved child. thank you for remind me that "I dwell in the secret place of the most High!"

  140. Thank you, for I have held the tears inside for such a long, long time....thinking I was feeling sorry for myself and then afraid that if I let myself cry, I would never stop. Each moment, through my study of God and Christian Science I am learning a new language...the language of Love, Truth, Life. I am learning that I am Mother-Father, God's beloved child. I am learning that my purity and oneness with God are inextricably related. And these Truths apply to each and everyone of God's creation. We are His Beloved! Thank you Ginny for this beautiful reminder.

  141. Thank you so much for this wonderful lift! The analogy of the ice cubes is so perfect. There have been many times in my life where I have felt so wrapped up in love and warmth and gentleness, and I can feel the ice cubes just melting away. God's light and warmth elevates us, chases away the cold, the sadness, the pain. Thanks Ginny!

  142. Thank you Ginny for this opportunity to let our ice cubes melt. Well, I just finished reading all the comments up to this point! I must have melted a 10# bag of ice! Thank you to all commenters! Diana #102 thank you for sharing "Love filling up our hearts and running out of our eyes!" and Felicia #106 helped describe me "a leaky faucet!" So glad to hear I'm not alone. Thank you all again!

  143. Thank you so much

  144. Thank you for this daily lift as the world watches the Sandusky Trial. Those innocent men, courageous as they stand for Truth. The devil has no power. God is the Judge and He is there forever, seeing their innocence never hurt nor invaded. God only creates Good and it must and will remain true forever. This is a horrible, human dream only. God is Spirit and they are spiritual too.

  145. Ginny, thank you for this. As I study Christian Science more, I find that I do think of the "hidden places" and I didn't know exactly what to do about that, but now I know that they're coming to the fore front to be seen and healed.

  146. Thank you!