6/7: Prayer—putting off the costume

6/7: Prayer—putting off the costume

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  1. Thanks Jon ...just what I needed.

  2. So excellent! Thank you, Jon. Very grateful to hear this tonight--meeting a need just perfectly! Thank you so much! Loads of love to you! So wonderful, as Judy always told us--"the illusion has never touched the real!!" I thank God for this Science and for your Lift today, and for you.

  3. A desirable "put-off" indeed!

  4. What a lovely healing prayer you have shared with us! Thank you for your clarity and for the example of costuming as a way for mortal thinking to deceive us about our true nature.

  5. Super! Thank-you. We should always wake up every morning with such good thoughts.


  7. A clear analogy. Great. Thank you

  8. Genesis 1:26, 27 describes every one of us as the image and likeness of God.
    That’s who we really are.
    Our prayerful communion with God let us unwrap our materiality costume, remove layers of Jealousy, depression, anxiety. It disrobes us of a personal ego and reveals it as a fake.
    Then we can see the real man of God’s creating, the perfect image reflecting divine consciousness.
    Genesis 1:26, 27 nos describe a cada uno de nosotros como la imagen y semejanza de Dios.
    Eso es lo que realmente somos.
    Nuestra comunión en oración con Dios nos permite soltar las capas de celos, depresión, ansiedad. Nos desviste del ego personal y muestra su falsedad.
    Entonces podemos ver al hombre real creado por Dios, la imagen perfecta que refleja la conciencia divina.

  9. "Dropping the costume of illness" --- "putting on our real identity" as a perfect child of God, expressing God in all we think, say, and do. How wonderful !!! Deeply grateful for this image that brings wholeness into being.

  10. A very helpful analogy. Thank you Jon.

  11. These daily lifts are a real feeding of our "famished affections"! This idea has spotlighted my natural enactment of God's plan, and His "script" of perfect delight in all of creation...what a joy to be in this "casting" of God's loveliness. Thanks Jon for your insight!

  12. Wonderful lift, Jon. Thanks so much for affirming that "prayerful communion with God lets the Christ, Truth,...peel away beliefs in egos independent of God's will and bodies that get ill." Very important for me to understand today. Thanks again for lifting my thought.

  13. Magnificent, Jon. Absolute clarity. One of the best analogies and descriptions of revealing out True identity that I've ever heard and IMMENSLEY helpful. A million thanks to you for that. What a glorious lift - a lift indeed!

  14. Beautiful! Excellent analogy. thank you so much, Jon, for your beautiful delivery too.

  15. Thank you Jon .What an encouranging and inspiring thought for those of us struggling with seemingly protracted , unyielding problems , eg.overweight , disease and bad habits . yes ,indeed the spiritualization of thought sheds all material layers .

  16. Thank you, that was a great Lift to keep in thought all day.

  17. THANK YOU!

  18. MBEddy says, "More effectual than the forum are our states of mind, to bless mankind." And, "As
    our church's tall tower detains the sun, so may luminous lines from your lives linger, a legacy to our
    race." (Pul:87)

    That's a "role" we should consider in our hearts daily.

    Thanks muchly!!

  19. What a wonderful Lift, Jon. Thank you so much. Like your character, sometimes people assume a mask totally unlike their spiritual identity, but as Elise Moore said on her audio chat "Ah, but Christ can redeem the past. . . " Prayer dispells the unreality, and the reality of our spiritual identity is revealed.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  20. Many thanks Jon for this 'stunning' lift. Yes. "See our true identity as the spiritual expression of God's [Love's] own [divine] Being - the stunning reality of our own identity." "In Thine own image we may see/ Man pure and upright, whole and free./ And ever through our work shall shine/ That light whose glory, Lord, is Thine." (Christian Science Hymnal #12).

  21. Thank you so much, Jon. That really hit the spot. I shall start peeling.

  22. Thank you.

  23. Thank you for this good lift
    That's wonderful

  24. Thanks Jon. What a wonderful way to begin our day! A wonderful parallel between our true identity and the true spiritual sense of body Gary in Iowa

  25. It was helpful for me to go back and list the layers of the mortal costume and check my thought to be sure I wasn't indulging them. In case it's helpful to others, here's the list: jealousy; depression; anxiety; beliefs of egos independent of God's will; beliefs in bodies that get ill; "this prayer disrobes personal ego, the actor pretending to be God's man who believes he's material and needs fixing." That's a pretty thorough overview of the dream, Jon. Thank you for helping us to defend "the stunning reality of our real identity--already imaging our divine consciousness."

  26. THANK YOU JON! I love the way you showed how prayer unwraps the layers of mortal sense to reveal the real man. It's like unwraping a present and finding a perfect diamond, clear, pure without any defects. A great thought to carry with me today.

  27. "Stunning reality" sounds good to me. Thank you, Jon, for your fine comments today. God bless you.

  28. Today I will look for the true likeness of God within and without all the layers of material wrappings. Thank you

  29. Thnk you Jon, a wonderful analogy and very helpful to all of us who are facing apparent characters of jealousy, hatred, that often seem so real! But prayer helps us see the real image under the different materiality layers.
    Once more, thank you!

  30. Thank you so much Jon, this is a very good message.

  31. Thank u ! :-)

  32. really a wonderful prayer to get rid of our material senses.thanks a lot for beautiful message.

  33. Dear Jon,

    Thank you very much. What I love about what you said, is that we can layer by layer remove the material beliefs, layer by layer, not all at once, but bit by bit.

    As we remove a layer, we learn and grow and as we learn and grow we can remove a layer and the next layer becomes less threatening.

    Have a blessed day and many thanks to all for your contributions above. Lois #25 thanks! Margaret #19 thank you I love the "totally unlike their spiritual identity".

    Much love to all.

  34. Great Lift today -- thanks so much, Jon. And thank you, Lois #25, for sharing the summary of specifics that need denying!

  35. Abraham was mistaken when he thought that he must sacrifice his only son Isaac. The Bible story tells us that Gabriel, that angel of the Lord, saved Abraham and Isaac from working out any problem through human will (Gen.22). The right sense of body needs to be gained. Jesus, our way of salvation said, "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matt.6:33). When the Bible says of our Christ Saviour, or Jesus the Christ, "the government shall be upon his shoulder" we can accept what Abraham was led to accept, namely that the right idea does the work, and it is our job as modern followers of Jesus to follow as closely as possible his example. Human will does not know enough to give itself up. By accepting Gabriel thoughts we are rightly active. Thereby every temptation or false insurance claim, or fear disappears as we gain the right idea. Mary Baker Eddy states that it is "obedience to our Father's demands, whereby we grow out of sin in the way that our Lord has appointed; namely, by working out our own salvation." (The People's Idea of God: pages 3,4). Thank you for this thespian, as opposed to the commercial picture of the beauty of holiness.

  36. Oh how much I needed this message, Jon, thanks!. Just the sound of your voice is so comforting. I am a very visual person and can just picture you removing all those layers of padding to get down to the real you. Now I need to remove the layers that don't belong to me and claim my real perfect identity

  37. Thank you for this lovely, healing lift and to all who have added further helpful thoughts. Mortal belief would claim we are wrapped up in its false sense of self. We are immortal, forever! Thank you!

  38. Thank you, Jon! Great metaphor!

  39. Vestirnos de ropaje celestial para orar, bueno e inspirado título Jon y a él me remito.
    Ese título encierra una enorme verdad porque orar es mucho más que ser oido, tenemos que revestirnos supremamente de confianza en Dios, y esperando no para hacer nuestra voluntad si no la de Él, no pidiendo sino rogando ser revestido como dice Eddy: "Con la panoplia del Amor" sabiendo que la tarea mayor que tenemos es volver a Él de eso depende ser oidos.
    En Juan dice: ¿Cómo entraste aquí, sin estar vestido de bodas?"
    ¿Cómo sentarnos a la mesa en la boda si no nos vestimos de boda?
    "Vestíos, pues, como escogidos de Dios, santos y amados, de entrañable misericordia, de benignidad, de humildad, de mansedumbre, de paciencia" Colosenses.
    Y sobre todo revestíos del anhelo de hacer su voluntad, es la mayor de las oraciónes.
    Muchas gracias Jon, generalmente apenas entiendo el título y sí bendito Dios, alcanza para compartir.

  40. Who made the costume, who put it on me and who signed me up for this stupid role/play in the 1st place?
    This show can not go on....I refuse to play the part! And just think if there were no audience there would be no need to put on the show in the first place. So lets not be spectators to error and illusion. Let us all refuse to play the part and let us all refuse to watch fiction!

  41. Thank you, Jon. "Prayer - putting off the costume...layer-after-layer...came off...unwrapping revealed me as stunningly different from the character...unwrap our materiality costume..." You've brought to mind the importance / the necessity of just being God's child on the world stage. God will provide whatever script, props, other actors, scenery, etc. - just trust God to be the Director. One way I've done this is by asking an ongoing and simple question of, "Lord, what would you have me to do?" ...and then to listen and follow through. Often, I'm directed to something very different and much better than I had planned from my limited human perspective. It certainly keeps daily experiences less complicated and living more consecrated. To the extent that I let God be my Director, I am at my best - no pretense or pretending - just growing spiritually. Thanks again, Jon.

  42. Wow. Love this lift. A wonderful metaphor for prayer. "putting off the old man (costume)" The idea of the costume is wonderful because it implies from the beginning that it was never real or a part of the identity.Thanks so much!

  43. What a great metaphor! Dropping the costume, taking off the mask, to reveal the Christ Truth of our real identity. Stunning for me is that it is not ourselves that do the disrobing, but it is the Christ, a powerful presence always speaking to us, constantly revealing our perfection. We are never left on our own to search for our true self. Thank you, Jon.

  44. This daily lift really lifted me today! Thank you Jon.....maybe it was particularly powerful because I teach musical theater for children and we "transform" children with costumes into characters all the time! This metaphor of" peeling away what is not real" can be grasped by young ones - most of my thespians are 6-12 years old - as well as some of us more seasoned performers! Perhaps our paths will cross again at the Santa Monica RR....

  45. Thank you so much. This, along with your lecture that I saw on youtube 21 min. have been a vivid illustration. Amazing thing, you told that story and took all who heard it right back into that play.
    Its so easy to repeat this story to myself when I need to unwrap every illusion. When we tell people that we sometimes pray all day this is one of the ways we do it. Working, digging, unwrapping are words that describe our journey. To see what is real, discovering that it is always there -the true spiritual being. It makes me laugh to think that is what we discover anew every time. When when will the healing come? As long as it takes for us to unwrap. Once I was told that I needed to forgive another class member. I had resisted. And, that I had eternity to do it -but why take that long? Laughter helped me see my way to that healing. I'm going to enjoy and laugh today, unwrapping all the stuff of the day as I go along. It's no laughing matter- could be the best joke of the day.

  46. Great message, Jon, thank you. Looking for our real identity. It is already there and forever.Much love to all.

  47. A Big Thank You, Jon! This fits right in with your Lecture about "Dropping Our Stories"! And Thank You to #35 Robert for: "Human will does not know enough to give itself up." We can only Let Go - When We Know......the Truth!" We can ask God, "What part would YOU have me play in YOUR Divine Design?" And we can say to the so-called mortal mind: "What you think of me is none of my business!" I know I've struggled a lot with getting out of "The Box of Human Psychology" - attributing my current problems to my past human history, family, parents, etc. As I continue with my faithful study of Christian Science, I am beignning to see that it is the Christ, Truth, that unwraps us! Joy!

  48. Thank you Jon for this wonderful analogy - so clear and simple and easy to understand and so very practical. Just the way Jesus gave us his parables.

  49. Revealing our Christ Identity... not concealing our True Identity... When we let that Christ Light Shine, that's when God can do His Perfect Work through us. Thanks Jon! :)

  50. Revealing our Christ Identity... Not concealing our True Identity... That's when God can do His/Her Perfect Work through us! Thanks Jon! :)

  51. Thank you so very much! The best "weight" loss plan I have ever heard!

  52. Thank you Jon for this wonderful insightful lift!

  53. WOW! Thanks for a lovely lift.

  54. Very helpful indeed--thank you!!

  55. What a great word picture to be able to share with children who have never even heard the usual Bible stories let alone the fact that they really aren't what they appear to be to the 5 physical senses. thank you.

  56. This is a wonderful Lift and all the comments have expanded on this idea of removing layers of misconceptions and errors to find God's perfect man. Wonderful!!! Thank you Jon and everyone who supplies these spiritual nuggets.

  57. This was really lovely. All of the Lifts are...keep them coming, they are blessing the world.
    Much love to all.

  58. Thank you for this lift. I will be alert today to the snares that would attempt to wrap me up into believing freedom of movement, love and joy can be limited. Nothing can confine or hinder the Allness of divine Spirit!

  59. Nothing can hide the naked Truth of our identity. We never inhabit a so called body to begin with. We need not take on the role of the actor to find our role. We remain always in and as the consciousness of LOVE without time or space or garment to bind.

    Thank You Jon

  60. Great lift...thanks.
    Also, great comment Johnny (#40), I say let's fire the director!

  61. Thank you for his beautiful analogy Jon! This unwrapping happens through the Christ Truth, it doesn't have a sense of mortal time attached to it but can happen "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye," "and we shall be changed".

  62. Thank you so much, Jon! Great Lift!

  63. I am not a Christian Scientist, but gain so much through these lifts, and comments. Today was a good illustration of Truth. The deception perpetrated on me, left me damaged and in an endless battle to change myself. How exhausting and futile, so it is very helpful for me to see things thru the eyes of CS.I have regained hope. Thank you for these illustrations/applications of Prayer.

  64. Whoa! Cool analogy.

  65. Thank you.

  66. Thanks Jon for the wonderful lift! It was a great story!

  67. Absolutely wonderful. So grateful for this clear and inspiring "lift". Thank you.

  68. Thank you Jon for this wonderful lift! It comes on a perfect day for me as my preschool class is performing our graduation play today! I will certainly think of this lift as I help my children in and out of their costumes. Thanks again.

  69. Right on, John! Good to hear from you!

  70. I loved your message, Jon!
    Excellent analogy!
    I also enjoyed #33 comment: "remove material beliefs layer by layer, not all at once, but bit by bit".
    The more we drop off material beliefs, the easier it becomes to drop others, in a continuous process of revealing our true identity as God´s image and likeness!
    Thank you very much, Jon!

  71. Thank you.Immediately your lift strips away error,exposing our true identity,God's perfect man....every one of us.I love this lift.Thank you for sharing.

  72. Thank you, Jon. I needed that today. I need to unwrap some layers.

  73. Love it!!!!

  74. Thanks much Jon!
    A good story Jon, it made me laugh!
    And re #63 Kathleen, thanks for your comment....Yes this is a good illustration of Truth.
    Whether or not we call ourself a "Christian Scientist"
    we can all start to recognize the deceptions [T
    and begin to strip off those layers of "stuff" . We really are God's child!

    and find/see who each of us really is -- the perfect, spiritual, good child of God!

  75. And #40 Johnny
    for your comment! Thanks.
    We don't have to "play the part" all wrapped up in the costume and the role
    that is handed to us as matter!

  76. Dear Kathleen (63), you are such clear proof that you don't have to be a member of a denomination to receive the tender ministry of the Christ. A dear companion in Christ recently reminded me of the Bible passage in Psalms 43: "The king's (God's) daughter is all glorious within..." A helpful point we might take from the analogy is that the more productive focus might be on the 'stunning reality' of real identity, rather than the focus on the costume, and on each layer of wrapping that is trying to obscure it. That latter focus isn't so good. It might tempt us to think we're really in the 'costume' mortal man with a long slog to 'de-costume', regardless of all the helpful wardrobe assistants we may have. The 'stepping out of our costume" will be easier, the 'putting off' more graceful, with the Christly assurance of that innocent, never shackled, identity that is ours is the only one that's ever been us, and that it's ever been "all glorious within." All the comments have been so helpful. Thanks to all!

  77. Thank you Jon for that excellent analogy. So helpful. Thank you nela #41 for that excellent analogy - so helpful! And also #43 Kathleen, how true - Christ does the unwrapping! We are not doing it on our own.
    Thanks to all the wonderful comments, I get so much out of them.


  78. Thanks for the remined of the need to unwrap...take off the costume of mortal man....to reveal Gods TRUE man...John...thanks again for the reminder....!

  79. Thank you so much for this wonderful example of identifying ourselves correctly. It is so tangible to think of peeling off the layers one by one. Your presentation of this idea created a great visual image too!

  80. As I write this I am lifting off the false beliefs of lack and limitation especially, since this seems to be what I have been wearing a lot of these days. Thank you Jon and daily lift team for this lift and all.

  81. Drop the costume, drop the pretense and see the real man! thanks Jon. thanks everyone for your comments and thanks to TMC DL team for these daily lifts. No false actors just man in God's image and likeness. Powerful and lovely.

  82. Thanks, John . . . good illustration.

    It reminds me of a story about Mary Baker Eddy when as a child in school she was asked by the teacher who held up an onion -- Suppose we peeled off the skin of this onion, then layer by layer removed it all down to the core and then threw away the core -- what would be left? Little Mary replied, "The idea!"

    And that's what we need to see of ourselves and others...God's perfect idea, Man.

  83. Boy Jon! This is a wonderful annology! I love it! Thank you for bringing this great light "out from under cover" Very helpful!

  84. AWESOME lift!

  85. I enjoyed and appreciated your lecture last week and now this Daily Lift is a helpful addition to the main idea expressed in it. Thanks very much for both of them. I'm working on "stepping out of my story" and all that that requires.

  86. Thank you Jon. I am forever seeking to express, and to see expressed, Soul as never confined within the mortal costume, or material concept, of body, church, government, etc. Freely conscious of man as "conception unconfined", divine Mind supplies all good and right ideas known to spiritual consciousness - the only substance of our true identity. I am so grateful for this Lift and the comments shared. Just today, watching to keep my thought free of mortal impositions early on, I was able to simply deflect what mortal mind was voicing about me and my day to cast shadows and corner me into a limited sense of time and space created by matter. Instantly I felt the presence of angel thoughts ministering to me with Love casting light on my way forward to a day filled with freedom. This is what I delight in ... the Christ consciousness found as our own reflecting one Mind.. What a joy we are given in knowing, declaring, and proving as Bev (#47) put so clearly, that "We can all say to the so-called mortal mind, 'What you think of me is none of my business.' " I would add that what moral mind voices is also no part of God's business so we need not fear, only rejoice in the bliss of spiritual freedom and dominion over suggestions of anything apart from "the naked Truth" as one comment stated. We can begin and stay with God's day in an instant and know we don't need to get "wrapped up" in mortal mind's conversations about our own, or our neighbor's, true identity.

  87. Thanks so much Jon!! So glad I read all the comments today as well. I will read the Alfred Allen's article mentioned, listen to "Dropping our Stories" and focus with more confidence in the "stunning reality of my real identity." Hugs.

  88. Thank you! I know I have to keep praying, and filling my thoughts with the Truth until my real identity is revealed. Your "Lift" was most helpful.

  89. What a powerful metaphor! Peeling away the layers...that is what I am going to work on today, to see the real expression of God's creation in myself and those with whom I come in contact. Thank you so much for this stunning--and revealing!'--analogy.

  90. What a great daily lift! So well said
    Thanks Jon

  91. I can`t help to express my deep, sincere THANKS. Because, it strengthens myself to continue praying.For the healing of the nations as we see in Rev. 22:2 ...and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Starting with my nation , unwrapping the beliefs and confussing layers of many different types of a man with the one model of Man as the idea of Love totally spiritual is today something beautiful to do, and no more difficult or uncertain.
    clarae. from Cuernavaca, Mèxico

  92. Wonderful Jon! And we can use our spiritual vision (X-ray!) to see right through the layers of imperfections in friends, "enemies", and situations, to behold the perfect idea of God's creating! We must demonstrate this, not just say it.....and in so doing we can reap the benefits of Christian Science.
    Great Lift folks!! Thanks again.

  93. T
    Thanks sooo much for the perfect analogy!

  94. Thanks so much, Jon. that was really awesome. Such a great reminder to lift our thought moment by moment to our real self not hindered by "material" burdens.

  95. Emelda 6/7/2012

    Thank you so very much. This was so clear.

  96. What a wonderful concept, similar to wiping clean the false picture on the slate. Thank you!

  97. Thank you so much Jon for putting this in such simple, yet profound, language!! I need to do a lot of towel dropping, but it WILL come off!!! And I will be know as He knows me!!!

  98. A brilliant notion, Jon. My gratitude for such a memorable image. The more the costume was peeled away the more the truth was revealed.

    Just recently I noticed, likely out of anxiety, I was eating more and more, even when I wasn't hungry. Somehow I realized that the bloated image I was seeing in the mirror couldn't possibly be God's perfect man and just by giving up same bread and deserts, but still not really depriving myself, I was able to shed the weight off easily. And I am actually enjoying the feeling of not being filled up all the time, because its being filled with God's ever present Love that I was really craving in the first place.

    Knowing the truth has set me free.

  99. Thank you, Jon, and the wonderful comments also clarifying our true perspective in and of God. It is sort of like looking through the dirty window - the true reality is out there, it is only our perception that is clouded.
    In dealing with human situations, this remains true. There is nothing in interaction with others that is anything less than God's perfection. As #93 said, it is a "good reminder to lift our thought moment by moment to our real self not hindered by material burdens" OR to clearly know that God is controlling and is the "Doer" and we are what He is doing. No need to feel we must act out or that others can control our actions or interactions. We are whole and complete in His Love - right here and right now.

  100. The Lift was stunning! So simple! So understandable! So true! So useful it is a treatment itself! This peeled off layers of blindness that remained, even though I knew enough Christian Science to see myself better. Thank you, Jon. This will be a tough act to follow (pun intended) but I'm sure all you lecturers will manage to achieve ever rising Lifts, proving daily that you listen to Mind. This will be good for the environment - mental, that is. Instead of heaps of cast off wrappings left from all of us working for ourselves and applying to others, what gets handled will be recycled into new insights, extra healings, more loving attitudes, and heaps of gratitude, which never pollutes. Another deliberate, joyful pun - this Lift was a class act! Appropriate applause to you, and all the dear comments are a standing ovation! So many to thank for these Daily Lifts! May all be enriched with blessings. # 40 Johnny, well said about not only refusing to act this nonsense role, but stop being part of the audience. # 63 Kathleen, that's one more wrap to put off. Any who apply some of what's learned here, is a practicing Christian scientist, even if only part time. It doesn't require belonging by signature or attaching a label to one's self. A young child who enters a school Science Fair is a practicing physical scientist, yet still just a student. If Truth were only true for some of us, it would not be Truth. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Thank you, Jon, for this profound thought. I shall hold onto this podcast for further study.

  102. Thank you Jon and all ! I have not understood all the oral message because of my not sufficient english. But what I heard make me think of what Lillian De WATERS (student of MBE) wrote : "we are like an appearent (visible) pebble covered with mud. But if we carry off the mud, a wonderful diamond appears". So, take off the mud !!! To those who had answered to me yesterday, a message is waiting for you on the page of yesterday (Lift of BETH), and THANKS again to all ! LOVE and BLESSINGS

  103. Thank you, dear Jon, for the DL message today. Yes, our true identity will always prevail and we should be aware of the perfection we inherited from our father/mother GOD. It helps me very much in my daily dealing with my fellow humans. Be humble, kind and true always and respect the each one.
    Thank you.

  104. Thank you Jon. Layers upon layers of error removed will lighten anyone's burdens..

  105. Such a wonderful analogy. Many thanks for this stunning Lift.

  106. WOW! Giotcha! Thanks...

  107. Excellent Jon! Thank you!

  108. Fearlessly seeing through to the real, the beautiful, and the good....thanks Jon.

  109. Even though a can of peaches was mislabeled sauerkraut, It's still peaches!

  110. Dear Jon,
    Thanks for clearly bringing out that we never need to lug around a false concept of ourselves, even a teensie one. It never was true then and it isn't true now. We can learn about our true spiritual selves and know us as God does. That makes it way easier to drop the false for the real. Mrs. Eddy advises us "to abandon so fast as practical the material, and to work out the spiritual which determines the outward and actual." Science and Health p. 254:21 Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from the cocoon of limitation! Thanks and love to all.

  111. Thank you Jon, your Lift reminds me to put on "the garment of praise for (instead of ) the spirit of heaviness..." Isaiah 61:3 It is good to know that we can't be fooled by the masquerade concept of man.

  112. As a fellow actor with Jon, I especially appreciated the memory of Shakespeare and the "mask" we assumed to portray a character way back in college days. To hear this former thespian go below the surface and to plumb the depths of spirituaity is a tonic indeed to his friends.

  113. A great analogy Jon! Thank you so very much. And thank you #47, Bev, for letting us know that mortal thinking with all of its materiality, including matter, is not our business.

  114. Wow!! What a powerful lift! Thank you so much, Jon.

  115. Nice Jon...
    Thank you very much!!

  116. Great metaphor Jon. To see the illusion of mortality as a costume we can take off. Very helpful and will remember this all day. Thanks.

  117. Thanks Jon, wonderful analogy and easy to understand! I'll keep un wrapping today!

  118. Wonderful healing message. I was praying for. Bless you Pamela from France

  119. as usual jon you have touched the deepnest of my heart. gisele

  120. Pamela from France
    wonderful and healing ; so grateful

  121. Great and keep up the wonderful work.
    Blessings from Hammond, In.,

  122. Hi! Liked your imagery about the costume! Helpful/ Thanks!

  123. Thank you so much, dear Jon - what a practical metaphore !!!

  124. Loved this! Often thought of this while performing, and it's marvelous to have the idea of unpeeling-and-revealing true identity so clearly expressed. Thank you for the superb metaphor!