6/6: Spiritual momentum

6/6: Spiritual momentum

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  1. Thank you Rob for this great perspective on healing. It is wise to remember that we never "meet error half way", or work out a compromise, instead the power of the healing Christ is always present, is more than able to be called into action and reveal to us its unmitagated power. It doesn't soften the blow of error, or work our terms of a surrender. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 243 under the marginal heading "Annihilation of error", "Truth, Life, and Love are a law of annihilation to everything unlike themselves, because they declare nothing except God." Knowing this when we are confronted with a false claim gives us the "spiritual momentum" to be victorious.

  2. Thanks for this kind of Momentum, Rob!!!

  3. This is a good one! The reason for standing still is to learn which error needs to be removed, and then to move it! Good one!

  4. Thank you Ron,Just what I needed this morning. Thank you again for bringing to our attention the fact that David ran to meet Goliath it's something I have always pondered.

  5. Thank you, Rob.

    Just what I needed - Spiritual Momentum.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob scott
    Chicago, IL

  6. Thanks, Rob, So helpful.

  7. Rob,

    Great lift. Just what was needed. Thanks so much


  8. Thank you Rob Very empowering 'Lift'

  9. Dear Rob,

    Defy and momentum two important words to bring to thought what we are dealing with.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Thank you very much for this word today "Momentum": The force of a moving body. Force or speed of movement, is good for me to think that Life is always moving on. Sometimes my life goes another way from what I was wishing and then it takes a time to readjust from what I prefer to what the present is giving to me. I lost a baby at the end of the pregnancy and I felt defeated. Even if I was afraid of moving on, Life is still offering Love and lots of blessings, I just have to be receptive. It's hard to understand why Life doesn't turn the way I expect, but now I do everyday one step after another and see what Life is offering to me now. I know I have to move on, because life is happening while I hang on the past. As you said "Healing is the will of God" and the healing fulfills now overcoming resistance. I realized that I have been afraid of starting new projects, because I wanted to be careful in case I'd get pregnant again. When I am having a hard time to move on, the prayer reminds me, Life is here and now blessing me, even if the movement goes in another speed or way as I wanted. Nothing can defy Life, therefore I will see God's expression while I am reflecting God as Love. Sometimes it's hard to believe there is something good for me, because I just got stuck in one thing, in my own will. Things turn to be different, but my Mother-Father-God is loving and caring. Even if I lost once, Life is a learning process. I see there are plenty of opportunities to live my life.

  11. Thanks Rob - You nailed it!

  12. Most helpful, Rob, with a new perspective on healing. Thanks, much!

  13. Instantaneous healings are timeless and spiritual, and therefore without momentum or time. "The tide of time shall never/ His covenant remove;/ His name shall stand forever:/ His changeless name of Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #75). "Dwelling in Love that cannot change,/ From anxious fear man finds release;/ No more his homeless longings range,/ God keepeth him in perfect peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #93).

  14. Like that perspective, very helpful, thanks Rob!

  15. Thank you for this helpful Lift. In my dictionary the definition of the word 'moment' includes 'moving cause or force', 'importance in effect, value, consequence' and 'turning effect', which all lead us straight back to God. Mary Baker Eddy defines Good in part as 'omni-action' (S&H p 587), there can therefore be only one harmonious action going on impelled by God. The counterfeit action of the belief of life in matter, which would defy or challenge God, Mind, for power over thought, involves the 'downward tendencies and earthward gravitation' of mortal mind, going nowhere except in its own belief in itself and ultimately back to its 'native nothingness' (S&H pp 91, 190, 281, 365 and 572) If we have the Mind of Christ we include God's ceaseless flow of loving ideas, the only momentum we need.

  16. As a dancer, I know what it is sometimes like to be without the drive for momentum. Thanks for a reason to have the impetus to keep going and I liked the music accompanying the message today too!

  17. A wonderful and encouraging Lesson . Thanks Bob .

  18. So good and exactly what I needed today to make my prayers move me forward. Thank you.

  19. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear Rob, thank you so much, this lift gives me such a great comfort and confidence.
    Have a nice week.

  20. Thank you, thank you SO much!

    Dear Pat (#10), YOU never lost anything; Life cannot be lost! All Life is God and it is God who maintains and protects it. Your life (and your baby's life) is God's and God's alone, to do and will of his good pleasure (and his pleasure is very good, allways in your best interest). He loves you and gives you plenty of good ideas ('children') to work with. Listen to those angel messages and remember the Lord's prayer: "THY kingdom come, THY will be done", or, as Mary Baker Eddy tells us to pray every day: "Let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me" - " Lass die Herrschaft der göttlichen WAHRHEIT, des göttlichen LEBENS und der göttlichen LIEBE in mir aufgerichtet werden"!

  21. Rob, thank you. This is absolutely encouraging and inspired.Standing firm in the face of "seeming" discouragement,allowing momentum [Spirit] to take over,lovingly moving us forward in "Healing".

  22. Thank you. This is just what I needed, now I can go forth and claim the Truth of many things I have been working on.

  23. Momentum: The very instant of the sally, the strength, or quantity of movement.


    The momentum that impulsed young David was the conviction that Goliath will fall because he defied God’s will.

    Knowing that nothing can defy God is what makes the difference.

    Momentum” El mismo instante del ímpetu, la fuerza, o la cantidad del movimiento,


    El momentum que impulsó al joven David fue la convicción de que Goliat caería por desafiar la voluntad de Djos.

    El saber que nada puede desafiar a Dios es lo que hace la diferencia.

  24. Intelligently and wisely put dear Rob. Just what I needed to hear today when I prayed. I thank you.

  25. Hallo, Pat in Bern,
    I once got very helpful ideas from a lecturer who came to Germany. I had the same experience as you had. I lost a child ten days before its birth.
    He told me: "The only cause is GOD, divine Mind. There is no human or mortal mind, that keeps bad memories.Wenn uns etwas beschwert, sollten wir dem mutig mit der Wahrheit entgegentreten, bis es aus unserem Bewusstsein entschwindet. Verstehe, dass du niemals ein Kind verlieren konntest, weil der einzige VATER-MUTTER Gott ist und immer war. Wir sind keine Schöpfer! Das, was wir menschlich Kinder nennen, sind geistige Ideen, die immer im Göttlichen Gemüt existierten und auch jetzt. Du warst niemals eine Mutter, weil Gott die einzige Mutter ist. ... Wenn wir verstehen, dass es keine Ursache für unser Leiden gibt, verschwindet das Leiden. Zu einer Schülerin, die nahe am Tod war, schrieb MBE: "God gave you an abiding sense of Life, you don't have to fight for." Wir müssen unser Leben nicht verdienen oder erarbeiten. Gott hat uns schon das beste Leben gegeben, das existiert. Wenn wir uns täglich als das "Licht der Welt" erkennen, kann uns nichts daran hindern zu scheinen. Das ist unsere Aufgabe. "
    Thank you, Rob, for your lift.

  26. Dear Rob,

    Thank you for this Lift. I loved how you stated clearly that you felt discouraged and 'momentum' assisted with the healing. "Seeing efforts to heal as efforts of this moving force overcomes resistance" is so aptly stated. Thank you for that.

    The problem does attempt to defy God because if we admit that there is only one God and that He/She has all power, then how can we turn and accept any thought that would suggest there is another power?

    Recently I have been relooking the Ten Commandments and it dawned on me that the First Commandment is indeed the greatest as Christ Jesus declared. I then saw the other nine (9) - as important as they all are - to be guides as to how to demonstrate the First Commandment. If we lived the First Commandment then the others naturally follow.

    David moved with expectation and I always love how he quietly removed the armour because "he had not proved it". There was no disrespect to the armour or those who felt he should wear it.

    Recently at work I had a headache that completely prevented me from doing work. A lady came over to the desk and brought two tablets that she said will work. I told her that I have not found pills to be effective. She left them anyway and I did not make an issue out of it. I prayed and later that day the headache was gone and I was able to go about my tasks.

    I did not see two tablets, I saw the love the individual demonstrated by bringing them over - some momentum.


  27. Wow! Thank you Rob! "The problem is defying God" as you say. How straightforward, clear. To understand fully our given birthright as you say "announced and inaugurated in the Bible". That is the power we work with daily, hourly, that David knew and so, he could "run to Goliath". I love that concept. Thank you so much for reminding us that we can "run" to our Goliath's because as MBE reminds us again and again, "God is All-in-All". The power belongs to God.
    And thank you too to the Daily Lifter folks and lifter commenters!

  28. All the Lifts are great, but this one especially spoke to me. Healing is the will of God. Who or what can defy it? Comments expanding on the Lifts are well worth reading, too!

  29. Thanks so much! Powerful and so helpful!

  30. This makes wonderful sense. Thank you!

  31. I am up early here in CA working spiritually to support a right effort by a bunch of Marine recruits who asked for prayers to help them through a tough test called, "Crucible".
    The ideas in your great Daily Lift, Rob are just what we all need to know that God is not defied and either are we when we act with His support.

    10's comments brought me more good ideas when she said that, "Life is happening while we stay back in the past". The Marine drill instructors tell the recruits, "It is all mental", meaning that they should not base their present experience on what they perceive happened in the past. Working to take the Truth along into each new day will obliterate the lies of yesterday, so we can accept what Love is offering today. Thanks to all who trust God's momentum each moment.

  32. Thank you so much for this thought of defying God. I was self centered. Now I know sickness is defying God not me.

  33. Pienso que ese momento de reflexión cuando nos damos cuenta que hay una sóla realidad y es espiritual, no material, logramos el impulso adecuados para erradicar todo lo desemejante a Dios. La Biblia nos habla de momentos; impulsos renovadores que nos llevan por el camino adecuado para dar al impulso un canal correctoy de mayor espiritualización, afirmándolo en la Verdad del Ser.
    Por distintas circunstancias mi actividad en la iglesia fue menguando, eso me confundió y necesité de un gran impulso para retomar de nuevo la senda en la que se que es la verdadera que da impulso a un desarrollo y continuidad espiritual que no se logra de otra manera, y hoy agradezco a Dios y a la Ciencia cristiana y a una gran amiga a quien le solicité apoyo para salir de la situación ,haber recuperado el impulso renovador que nos sostiene en la senda del Cristo.

    Oremos para que el impulso renovador divino nos ilumine, y perdura para siempre y no sea frenado por vientos contrarios a la Verdad.

    Muchas gracias Rob, los mensajes del Daily lift son un buen impulso diario y se hace necesario apoyarlos para que sigan bendiciendo.

  34. Thank you.

  35. FANTASTIC daily lift, Ron! Thank you. Great help in healing to fully understand it's not me it's challenging but God and nothing has any power or momentum but God. I loved your example using David and Goliath to bring it home. Love it!

  36. This is a good Lift. Thank you.

  37. Your comments today are giving me new appreciation for the term "the Big MO" -- Spirit, God, is the "Big MO", the Big Momentum in our lives. Love it! Thanks, Rob.

  38. Spiritual momentum is just what I need today - not stagnation. And to dear Pat #10, I have some notes from an article, "THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON" by Mark McCurties (Journal, July 2012) that I have found very helpful. "God's design for us is never that we should be stuck in a state of sin and suffering. No matter how unpleasant things seem to get in our experience, the natural status of God's man is freedom from a mortal life." And, "God did not make us in His image and likeness just to watch us struggle through a discordant and unpredictable material life. In reality, God's children must dwell in the Holy City, because God could not put us where He is not." You and your child are dwelling in the Holy City with God right now.

  39. Thanks Rob. Great ideas which I will use today.

  40. Removing a false sense of person or personality from our healing work is a great insight. We might be fooled into believing in a personal resistance to our work, but what can resist God?

    Like the term "being bowled over", the pins at the end of the bowling alley cannot withstand the bowling ball traveling with momentum. Perhaps our healing efforts need the same approach, not a placid timid approach, but a running charge and a focused effort to knock error off its feet and into the gutter. Besides, we know that if we miss any pins, that big arm from above always comes down after we're given it our best shot and and clears up anything left standing for us.

    The pins of error never win with the arm of God on our side. We can always score a perfect game.

  41. Thank you for this helpful powerful lift!

  42. Great lift, a bit of warrior like behaviour. We like that.

  43. 10, we are all holding you dearly today. Holding you to God's love, God's supporting you and 'this gentle beam of living Love'.

    And YOU are that beam as well.

  44. I love the fiddle music! I love the new look at momentum! I love the pointing out of David running (!!!) to meet Goliath! I wondered about that. Thank you! Just what I needed today.

  45. Perfect #10! As one who has not dealt well with what is called loss, may I promise you that each step you are taking right now to remain trustful of God’s all inclusive love for you and others will gain a spiritual momentum which is unstoppable. There is no explanation for the bad stuff and dwelling there is compounding error. However, right here, right now divine Love is maintaining Her bond to you and to me and to each young idea of man. This can never be lost! We think we are reaching out to God, but we learn that God has been holding us up all the time.

    Some good stuff for all of us from today’s Lift and lifters! Thanks all!

  46. Thank you, Rob, for “Spiritual momentum … the force of a moving body … overcomes resistance … nothing can defy God …”

    As I consider your inspired words, this comes to thought:

    A moving body of right ideas has the power and in fact, is the power of legions of angels (God's thoughts passing to man - S&H 581:4) to help us heal “every ill that flesh is heir to!” – for tackling whatever is unlike God / Good / Love-itself! We gather up our legions through the prayerful knowing that “nothing can defy God!” – not even the biggest Goliath on today’s playing field. How necessary then, for us to put that body into motion. I’m so grateful for the weekly CS Bible Lessons - the spiritual momentum they initiate and sustain, so that we may recruit and retain legions of angels like a spiritual snowball rolling downhill to level every day’s playing field with the Truth of being. Even the biggest Goliath - gone!!! God’s team wins!!! Ha! :-)

  47. Thanks. This was so helpful. It goes along with this week's Bible Lesson "God: the only cause and creator." In one section an enemy of the children of Israel, Balak, wants the spiritual seer, Balaam, to curse the Israelites. Balaam, inspired by God, says he cannot do that because God does not curse any of His children, and indicates that no one can defy the almighty God. Every single one of us is blessed and protected by the almighty God.

  48. Rob, this is so helpful and makes me think of Science and Health, page 304:10 where Eddy writes, "divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation or object." Lovely comments as always. Thanks everyone.

  49. Thanks Rob. So true and so very helpful also all
    the comments. Needed and helpful to speed us on.

  50. Thanks for these ideas carefully crafted and wrapped up tight- this lift packed a punch!

  51. Great Lift! Thank you!

  52. Nate Talbot, in his audio chat last week, said, "The Christ always prevails; error always fails". Different wording to say "nothing can defy God." However we say it, the truth is the truth: God always wins. Thanks, Rob, for today's message of conviction.

  53. A great reminder today. Thank you. I will definitely think about this on my daily walk. Thank you to several other lifters--I especially like #40----bowl over error. Yes. thank you.

  54. A very helpful lift today. I will think about this on my daily walk. Thank you to all the other lifters...I especially related to number 40---the need to "bowl over" the pins of error. Good one. Thanks, Rob

  55. Thanks, Rob, for this very helpful Lift!

  56. Thanks Rob! Great imagery with which to set the tone of my day. Like David, we are warriors for Truth.

    I also love the music, and would like to know who it is.

    Daily Lift Team
    To find out more about the music used for Your Daily Lift visit our FAQ section here.

  57. Thank you. A very inspiring lift!


  59. Healing is the will of God. Nothing can defy God. I am on my way to healing! Thank you, Rob!

  60. What cannot God do? Great lift, thank you!

  61. Thank you Rob, just great! Momentum is such a definitive word here, it can be seen as a continuous flow upward and inward, as we become more Aware, as a crescendo, mirroring our spritual growth. It can't be stopped, God's good could only truly move forward in each of us. Thanks to all other lifters and especially for the comments that are directed to Pat 10, I hope they provide some sense of healing and love....Love to each one of you

  62. Thank you. Very helpful. A fresh way for me to think about this .

  63. What a strong and clear analogy the bowling pins present. Thank you Michael. A timidly thrown ball isn't likely to knock down many pins - that momentum is really necessary. But they will be cleared away eventually by the big arm. Working for a well aimed and strong approach has God's momentum behind it and sure to knock error off its feet and clear it out.

  64. This lift is exactly what I needed to hear Rob. I can't thank you enough for it. The story of David
    and Goliath was the perfect parable to bring home the idea of momentum. Troy from Barbados, I loved
    hearing the experience you recounted and how you turned the tablets (things) into thoughts (an expression of love) and got rid of the headache.Truly that's exactly what the tablets were from the perspective that the woman wanted to help you restore health. The tablets could do nothing because there is no intelligence in matter but the thought of expecting health was transformative. Sally from San Diego, what a powerful thought and analogy you brought to this lift too by explaining the concept behind the Crucible. Lori in California the quote you shared was very helpful too. Yesterday was one of those days for me when life falsely appeared to be spinning out of control. I managed to straighten out my thoughts to a point of relief, but momentum is exactly what I needed to understand. Thanks
    to all so much. Many blessings and may today be big with blessings for everyone!

  65. What a wise coach you had, Rob. Your learning and improvement were more important to him than just scoring. He understood principle. Your apparent "loss" was turned into "gain" for you and the team. Thanks for sharing this practical and important understanding of our focus in healing; how we are thinking, and what is really going on. Just GOD, good! Power belongs to God.

  66. WOW! Thank you, Rob, and Lifters, too!

  67. What a great insight! I love this. Thanks so much, Rob.

  68. Thanks Rob. I love that idea and will work with it! I bet your quarterback was praying!!! What blesses one blesses all!!!

  69. Thank you, Rob. So clear and helpful!

  70. Thank you, Rob. This Lift lead me to Mary Baker Eddy's definition of Creator as found in SCIENCE AND HEALTH, page 583. Within it is "the animating divine Principle of all that is real and good." I often refer to this in recognition of a loving Father Mother always moving us forward - there is no stagnation!

    To dear Pat #10 - one of my daughters was once in a similar situation - I found Hymn #23, MBE so comforting - in particular:
    Dear Christ, forever here and near,
    No cradle song,
    No natal hour and mother's tear,
    To thee belong.
    In its entirety, priceless.
    Also, S&H, pg 323: 9
    "Be holding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause,
    --- wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured, and conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory "
    My daughter now has three beautiful children.

    Happy day to all!

  71. Thank you, Rob, for the Lift, and thank you, all the commenters. I feel nourished.

    Pat #10, I add my embracing hug to all the comments sent your way . . . I am standing with you, knowing divine Love is making Her presence known to you, right now, in a way that reaches your heart.

  72. Hello Rob,
    Thank you for this spiritual momentum -- towards the "goliaths' that defy God!
    Great sharing by all the community.

  73. Nothing can defy God! Thank you, Rob!

  74. The momentum idea reminds of the force often needed to open heavy doors. Sometimes I put my foot at the bottom of the door and give a push there at the same time. I LOVE the idea of spiritual momentum and the fact that "nothing can defy God" in our healing work.

  75. Just what I need today to power my prayers with expectancy! Thank you.

  76. really liked the music on today's daily lift!

  77. As I awake every morning, I immediately give my self a pep talk, such as: "This house is a house of Love. Every one that comes in automatically brings their God inspired thoughts into it, leaving, in the Garbage can, all the wrong thoughts that would infest my house with mortal babble. I see what God see's, I hear what God hears." ETC. I am telling you, IT WORKS. Nothing like a good shower to clean off negative thoughts. That's my momentum! It reminds me of Clint Eastwoods famous saying; "Make my day!"

  78. I needed the thought of momentum. Thank you for this lift, Rob. And for the reminder that "nothing can defy God. Now---I will go forth to meet the challenges. Ann Botts Banning, Ca

  79. Thank you.

  80. Thanks for all the added momentum from the lift and the following comments by others. The analogy about the bowling alley in No. 40. really hit home with me in giving me the mental lift I needed today. I can just mentally see a troubling illusion disappearing with a home strike from God. El Paso Patt

  81. "Nothing can defy God." Powerful statement of truth. Healing is the will of God. Wonderful!
    Thank you, Rob.

  82. It's not personal!

    Nice, Rob!

  83. Great message ~ thank you, Rob, and all those who commented. Progress is the law of God... As we release resistance... we gain momentum with momentum comes progress ~ growth and healing follow naturally.
    Mindy Montgomery ~ Pure In Heart CS Church CA

  84. Wonder-full lift Rob. Thank you. And to dear #10, Pat, a loving Christian Science friend once told me when I was having your experience, "She only stopped in for a few moments". That helped me at the time. We are all God's ideas FOREVER! Much love to all!

  85. Great message! Thanks, Rob. Our momentum must always be, "God, first." When we forget who does the work--who is the only cause and Creator--we lose our momentum and then the devil, evil, mortal illusion does run all over us. When God is understood, He goes before us, and we can never be "run over" regardless of the claim! We remain faithful and fearless against any false belief and we prevail.

  86. What a powerful way of looking at the situation! Christian Scientists are so excellent!

    Thank You Ron Gilbert!

  87. As always "GOD IS THE ANSWER". . .I always think about GOD when a situation arises that I don't like and I get right answers "RIGHT AWAY"!

  88. Thanks for pointing out how good the music is. I listened again and heard the music. And thanks for pointing out #40's bowling comment about the "big arm from above" that comes down and clears it out for us.

  89. Really great examples Rob! Thank you.

  90. Thank you Rob. This gives much food for thought.

  91. WOW, just loved this lift - extremely helpful. My husband, a former athlete, talks about the BIG D (defense.) I liked the comment above about the BIG MO! So great! Will apply. Thanks all:)

  92. I appreciate the Football analogy. Thanks.

  93. Let me add my thanks and love and hugs to all for this Lifting message and the wonderful comments that expanded, supported, and helped the message "lift" even higher.

    The thought that came to me was momentum implies forward progress and ..."progress is the law of God..."(S&H p. 233:6) It's Divine Principle governing and propelling us forward in Good and toward Good.

  94. Oh, thank you # 20 Beatrix and # 25 Helga, what you said is very, very helpful for me although I did not have to cope with such things mentioned, but with other things to be healed. Yes Gods will is to heal and nothing can resist Gods will for us as His beloved children.
    And thanks a lot, dear Rob for your wounderful and helpful Lift of today - for Gods momentum!

  95. My dear global Lifters-family what do you think of this verse from the Bible (NIV Hebrews 12:1,2): "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses (in the truest sense of the word), let us throw off everything that hinders (that's what David did more than once) and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked cut for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith." Stand in awe before that lift and the cloud of uplifting comments it provoked.

  96. nice.

  97. It is the same thing in Track & Field with throwing the javelin. The thrower must run up to the line and then release the javelin at just the right time in order to get maximum force & distance. David was practicing the same operation with his sling.

  98. "A progressive life is the reality of Life that unfolds its immortal Principle." Misc. 117:1
    I love this music!! Thank you, musicians! And all!

  99. Many thanks to everyone for this terrific Lift and wonderful comments. The many helpful, loving healing ideas and experiences shared moved me and strengthened my prayers. I feel the momentum of God's goodness for "me and mine and all" (Mary Baker Eddy, Mother's Evening Prayer)

  100. What a blessing the Daily Lift is and the added comments just enhance it. Pat #10 I knew when I read your comments that God would send his loving angels to comfort you and he did. You are wrapped in Love and no loss can occur when trusting His everpresence! Much love to you and thanks to this wonderful family for always being so loving and supportive. God's wonderful representatives!!!!

  101. What a clear and determined sense of momentum. I think that this has uprooted a false sense of apathy toward a problem. Thank you one and all.

  102. A recent experience of loss made me feel that I had "failed" to prove what I know of Truth. Thank you, Rob, for lifting me to see that what evil attempts to defy is God and that attempt is all that can fail. Your words have helped restore my spiritual momentum today.

  103. Great lift, Rob. You just gave me the momentum I needed.

  104. Many of us focus on the illness/problem. Surely we should turn immediately away from this and focus on the cure alone! God's bidding. Put all spiritual energy in the right direction. Take a chance-trust God fully and behold God's rewards for us. Thank you, Rob and also Tobias#77.

  105. This lift answers the how to heal question in a whole new selfless way. Thanks Rob!

  106. Great lift, Rob! Many thanks.

  107. Thank you Rob, and all the commenters for the great ideas for us to ponder, and put into practice.

  108. Dear #10 Pat in Bern,
    It seems like most of the replies you've received are from the ladies. As a man I don't have any special words of empathy or understanding to share, except to recall Jesus' words when healing the man born blind. He was first asked, "Who did sin, this man or his parents that he was born blind." Jesus clearly saw through the mesmerism that there was anyone to blame, no sin, no failure, no condemnation. You are not guilty of anything and neither is the child. Both of you are in God's care and His healing restorative works are constantly in place. I am half a world away, but am close to you in spirit and in love as is your dear child and as is God. We don't have to see each other to know His works are complete and separation between you and your child is as impossible as any separation between God and His children.

    I send you my sincere thoughts of peace and progress. You are needed.

  109. When I was a new policy analyst in state government, my boss counseled me to "charge the ground ball." I had no idea what he was talking about! First, I had to learn what a ground ball was. Then, to run toward it, not waiting for it to crawl into my mitt, losing valuable time and forward momentum.

    Switching to football, the Golden Rule would say that we want to give our brothers and sisters as much time in the pocket as possible, so they can make their best decisions for the whole team. We stand guard, charging attacker-temptations in order to help everyone to make moral decisions and to support forward progress. Instead of pointing out mistakes with disdain, we give our all to defending each one's safety from attack.

    The line of scrimmage is in consciousness: are we going to let evil cross over the line into our agreement that it's real for ANYONE?

    Thanks, Rob.

  110. Hi! When June rolls around I always think of my sister, Jean, and her Cake Day! Jean and Bob always "moved" me to be so grateful I was raised in C.S. Thank you for standing by them through the years. Gratefully, Carole

  111. Thanks, Rob, = for this good, inspiring nudge- as I'm tackling my summer project .
    Palm Desert

  112. Great inspiration! I really needed it.
    Thank you so much!!

  113. Wow! That was just the advice I needed, Rob! Thanks.

  114. Thank you very much Rob. Your insight from the action of David, running to meet Goliath, and seeing this in a metaphysical level, very well defined your point of making sure, we use good spiritual momentum, at in meeting the challenges of animal magnetism. Knowing and keeping in thought the unreality of error, is the best stance meet up with unreality.

    Thank you vary much Rob.

  115. Yes. Thankyou, Rob, for the great Lift. The element of momentum is something which a good musical performance will have. Music must maintain a sense of forward movement, or it flags and becomes unconvincing. I like to think that same momentum surrounds us, and empowers us, and propels us, because we are God's song. Relating it to healing is very helpful.

  116. This is a very clear message and very helpful to me....I have some resistance to healing and I like that you identify that as "Defying God". Thank you for the image of David running forward to meet the conquering of Goliath, full of conviction and trust in forward fearless action. Beautiful. I will tend to the other comments which always add so much to the Daily Lift format.

  117. Thank you so much Rob for the helpful and the important lift.

  118. Thank you for the oh so helpful idea that there is NOTHING that can defy God.

  119. Thank yo Rob for reminding me of a healing I had a few days ago by administering "spiritual momentum."

  120. What a great message. Thanks so m,uch!

  121. What a TREASURE! Thank you, Rob. It was just what I needed at this moment!

  122. Wow!! Your daily lift and the comments that follow are all the inspiration I need for a joy-filled, day! THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR INSIGHTS. They're deeply appreciated!

  123. thank you rob

  124. Thank you,Rob.

  125. Aloha, I needed to scroll a long way to be able to express my gratitude for this lift. It is apparent that many of us responded to this one in a special way. Each of them touches my spirit, and Momentum, most of all. I just finished my fourth consecutive listen and will play it in my head always. The music background is "my" beat, when I remember who I am. Blessings to you for the content and for reaching out. I am envisioning all of us moving with this momentum. Love and light.

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