6/6: Getting things right-side up

6/6: Getting things right-side up

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  1. Love this! Thank you.

  2. Excellent - really love this wide awake observation NEVER to accept the mortal material diagnosis as 'something'.Many thanks Beth and the Team for this lovely Lift today.

  3. Thank you so very much for these thoughts I will carry with me today! The image that came to my thought as I listened was of someone walking on their hands instead of their feet. While it is an entertaining trick you are either looking backwards or at the ground. Everything would be distorted. It would be difficult to look forward and upward as you are walking on your hands. You would not walk with as much confidence as you normally would. Thank Goodness we were given the wisdom to walk upright, with confidence(intimate knowledge) of our oneness with our Father-Mother.

  4. The right thought to carry us through each day. Right side up thinking keeps us on the straight and narrow path and prevents twists and turns that would interfere with our peace and spiritual progress.Thank you for this Daily Lift.

  5. oh what a beautiful simple message, when we think we are lacking something, we in fact have so much more than we ever realized, we are simply not living in a state of lack. Dear Beth, thank you.

  6. So helpful. Thank you, Beth!

  7. Very dear Beth...
    What an inspiring way to put that.....they found health....which was really all that was there in the first place.....I love it beth.
    Thank you for all your lifts and your love over the years.
    Pam Gasteen

  8. Hello Beth,

    Thank you for this Daily Lift. We truly are so focused on looking for the negative that when we don't find it, we never realize that, that is a good thing! It is like looking in a room for the darkness, saying "I know it must be there, I just cannot seem to find it" without realizing there is light!

    Funny enough, the very act of walking into the room can create a shadow, hence your thought of looking for the darkness produces the very darkness that really does not exist; as it is the absence of light.

    I remember many years ago my brother took his three or four dogs to the vet, sat down and waited his turn. When the Vet brought took he and the dogs into the room, she asked "Okay, what is wrong with the dogs?"

    My brother replied "Nothing, I just wanted to bring you some healthy dogs" As I understand it, that brought so much joy to her heart because as she told me the story, she was beaming with happiness and it was one of the few times I ever saw her smile.

    Our time would be better spent looking for the light. Thanks..I shall walk with that thought today.

  9. This idea is simply 'spot on' and so very helpful! Thank you Beth!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful ideas from "down under" to put our thought "right-side up"! They were just what I needed today.

  11. That is SO helpful. Thank you for sharing it and I wish you and everyone listening to this message a very right side up day. :-)

  12. A great message! Thanks Beth.

  13. These Lifts are really Something ! Thank You!

  14. Thanks so much. This was just what I needed this morning as I have been upside down and no amount of praying or studying has been able to turn the tables. I keep holding to the thought that I live, and MOVE and have my being in God - in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  15. Thank you Beth!! Had a healing listening to this - Right side is all we have, isn't it? Much love, fujiko

  16. Yepp, so good!
    "Getting things right-side up" = realization!

  17. I have been diagnosed with some health problems that I am praying will disappear. This lift got me thinking in a good direction for that to happen. Thank you, Beth!

  18. These lifts and the comments from listeners all over the world are incredibly precious to me, in feeling connected to and grateful for such kind, thoughtful spiritual thinkers. Sometimes it's tempting to feel somewhat disconnected from the world and from other Mother Church members where I live, so far from a church, but these moments of connection in the morning are very helpful and propel my morning prayers forward, to embrace all. Thank you!!

  19. Thank you.

  20. I had a policy when teaching young folks to ride. If they dismounted their horse unplanned, they owed me a bag of M&M candy. One day at a horse show, during a period when everyone could use the competition arena to warm up, one of my student’s ponies went screeching to a halt in front of a jump that she was supposed to jump over. They young rider went flying, landing upside down. People gasped at the crash. Everyone stopped and I began to walk across the arena to assist when the young rider rose to her feet (of course!) and hollered to me “Peanut or Plain?” Needless to say, everyone learned about the dishonorable dismount policy.

    God’s policy regarding upside down-ness is no less clear. Error has No History. This is the title of a helpful article from the January, 1943 Christian Science Journal by Alfred R Allen. Even the title inspires thought, doesn’t it? As we are more conscious of the uprightness, even what seemed like past wrong yields its temporal reality to what is permanently true. Yep, God has a clear policy – give thanks, peanut or plain, song or prayer!

    Beth, thank you for the extra inspiration!

  21. Simply brilliant! And brilliantly simple. Thank you, Beth.

  22. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  23. Oh Yes, I shall be right side up and be grateful in my recognition of the power of God's goodness in my Life, and the powerlessness of error Thank You.

  24. Wonderful! So immediately applicable. Many, many thanks...

  25. Thank you for your beautiful thinking....I also want to say that the lecture about finding the pen was simply amazing!!!!
    With Love,

  26. Absolutely brilliant! And I will not only rejoice in this myself but will pass it on to others. Tusind tak!

  27. What a wonderful thought, thanks Beth.

  28. Thank you Beth. I love your thought shared that they found health!

  29. Cuando Critojesús enseñaba por los caminos y en los recintos de ellos, y el error enojado por sus palabras, queriéndo acallarlo pretendió matarlo y fue llevado al monte para despeñarlo y mientras discutian, paso entre ellos alejándose sin ser notado. Sinceramente nunca me he encontrado en una situación extrema en que necesitara la ayuda instantanea pero sí en situaciones que pueden parecerlo, cuando oimos de violencia y dolorosos hechos de desamor en el mundo cuando parece que el egoismo es el dueño de la situación, podemos apoyarnos recordando cuando Cristo desapareció para el sentido mortal y se alejó sin sufrir daño, nosotros podemos hacer lo mismo teniéndo presente el ejemplo, cuando el temor pretende atraparnos.
    Hay muchos ejemplos en la Biblia a seguir y en la obra y vida de Eddy y también lo podemos ver a diario si les prestamos atención en nosotros y en manifestaciones de hechos que sólo pueden estar dirigidos por el Amor divino y que nos demuestran que sí podemos desaparecer para el sentido material y mortal y estar a salvo de cualquier pretención ya que sólo eso es una pretención, de que hay momentos en que el Bien no está presente, pero seamos consciente que si no aparece es porque nos hemos alejado de él.
    "Temed a aquel que después de haber quitado la vida, tiene poder de echar en el infierno, sí os digo a éste temed" Lucas
    Si temamos a quien nos puede confundir, sí la materia con su error.

    Muchas gracias Beth, por el diario sentir

  30. Thank you Beth for the great Lift this morning, It is confirming that there is no law of opposites to God's law of good! I loved it, it is a great way to start this beautiful day! xo

  31. That is really powerful and inspiring. Thank You

  32. Thank you for this wonderful message.

  33. Thank you, Beth, for this wonderful insight and upright view! Thank God we have Christian Science where we always have the choice of seeing, "....man pure and upright, whole and free." A simple prayer I learned in a 12-Step Group is: "Dear God, please help me to see this differently." It works! Sticking with the Oneness of God and Her Creation, not any Twoness, helps us to stay right side up! All is Well! Love, Love!!

  34. Yes... that's a great reminder... acknowledging the somethingness present of our perfect identity --tangible, noticeable, present, seen, felt, heard, known! All that I am or can be.
    My goal for the day!
    Thank you.

  35. Wow! Beth, thanks for being so AWAKE. And for gently rousing us, too.

  36. LOVE THIS !!!! thank u. :-)

  37. Beth,
    Thank you so much for your lovely lift...what a wonderful reminder...we are HIS image and like-ness...even when the material world looks for something "wrong"...the ONLY thing that is seen is HIS image...HIS reflection...perfect, whole, and free...!
    Thanks again Beth...and...G'day...!!

  38. Great lift. Thanks for reminding me of the correct perspective.

  39. What a simple--and powerful--way of righting our thinking. Instead of thinking we have to get rid of some problem, we can simply realize that it is the unreality and our present perfection is what is real and true in our lives. Thank you so much!

  40. Ohh.. Thank you :)

  41. Thank you Beth for this inspiring Lift! The Bible passage you referenced is truly illuminated now - and I will be alert to recognizing and acknowledging that the "somethingness of Spirit" is the only tangible presence.

  42. Excellent and beautiful ! Thank you so much !

  43. Very powerful... beautiful! Thank you!

  44. Thank you!!!

  45. Thank you.Excellent example of"standing at the door of thought".You have highlighted for me the importance of being alert.

  46. This corrected my perspective immediately regarding human politics. God's government is the real and somethingness of being.

  47. Nice thinking!

  48. Thanks so much!!

  49. Thank you Beth this is so very inspiring !

  50. Thank you, Beth. What a simple and powerful thought. I will remember this one!

  51. A wonderful reminder to get our thoughts straight and see rightly. Many thanks.

  52. Thank you. I loved the music also.

  53. What a brilliant perspective! Thank you for breaking through this world belief with such simple clarity.

  54. This is a WONDERFUL Lift! I'm so thankful for everyone involved with the Daily Lifts--they are such a blessing.

  55. "Getting things right-side up...they could find 'nothing at all'...hold on…they did find something, they found perfect health...thinking that health is nothing and a problem is something...example of what the Bible describes as, 'the turning of things upside down' ...not falling for upside-down thinking!!!" Reminds me of our Spanish-language teacher, helping us to fine-tune, cautioning at times, “You have the accent on the wrong syl-LAB-le!” Thank you so much, Beth, for this caution. I believe Love is the foundation for good and yes! perfect health. The question is whether it’s a humanly limited / limiting sense of love or a yielding to the “infinite possibilities” of Divine Love, that’s in play. The term "healthcare" was not around when I was growing up - when being healthy was the norm. The premise behind “healthcare” seems to be an expectation of unhealthiness / sickness guaranteed and the disease management for “when” it happens, not "if" but "when." (Although due credit must be given for dedication to “prevention” and even “cure.”) The "what" is calculated according to various demographics that constitute the “man” being tested. So, man is defined as a variety of symptoms or symptoms to be? Yikes!!! The Comforter brings with it God's definition of man. It's a definition worth taking a healthy stand to defend. I’ll be taking special care not to have my accent on the wrong syl-LAB-ble, as I get / keep “things right-side up.” Again, Beth, thanks!

  56. Thank you.

  57. This is such a helpful message, thank you, Beth!

  58. Beautiful Daily Lift!

  59. Beth, thanks for straightening us out. Very helpful and practical.

  60. Good thought Beth. This morning I am particularly grateful for the insightful ideas that the responders give.

  61. Thank you Beth,

    Yes, looking for error turns everything upside down. Two quotes from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy come to mind...

    "Delusion, sin, disease, and death arise from the false testimony of material
    sense, which, from a supposed standpoint outside the
    focal distance of infinite Spirit, presents an inverted image
    of Mind and substance with everything turned upside down."

    "The inverted images presented by the senses, the de‐
    flections of matter as opposed to the Science of spiritual reflection, are all unlike Spirit, God."

    Troy #8 I always enjoy your testimony stories and your healthy dogs story brought a smile to my face. When I take my German shepherd in for her toenail clippings at the vet's, they always ask "How's Sedona today? And I answer "Just fine" -- with much gratitude.

    And Yellow Springs Nancy #20 -- bags of M&Ms to you for your wonderful horse stories -- always connected straight to God's goodness.

  62. Thank you for this lift. It is so true that human thought would dwell on what it thinks is the 'somethingness' of a problem and dismiss God, Principle, Love, the solution. No wonder we have to turn away from the 'up-side-down' human to the righteousness of God and his unfallen, upright, pure and free expression, man. Thank you so much for the clarity.

  63. Of course...thanks for the alert!

  64. MERCI Beth ! Trop concernée et fatiguée, je n'ai pas réussi à sauver mon affectueuse chatte. Elle est morte jeudi dernier le matin. Malgré mes larmes, je suis en paix, je suis heureuse de sa délivrance. Je pense, mais ne suis pas certaine, qu'elle a trouvé d'autres bras que les miens (ceux de Dieu et ceux de mon autre chatte partie avant elle). Puisque Dieu est Tout en Tout, elle est une idée de Dieu spirituelle et parfaite. Elle a donc la Vie éternelle. Est-ce juste ? Mais seul l'Homme es créé à l'image et la ressemblance de Dieu (Bible). Question : Quelle est la différence entre l'Homme et l'animal ? Est-ce cet Esprit du Christ qui nous permet de "faire les oeuvres que Je (Jésus) fais" (les guérisons)... cette conscience du UN et de notre Moi originel et parfait, que les chats ne possèdent pas ??? Ma chère Minette est-elle bien vivante et heureuse maintenant, ou, comme le croient les catholiques, n'existe-t-elle plus ???
    TO MY DEAR J.S. IN KENTUCKY : Ne vous faites pas de souci, ne vous donnez pas la peine de traduire. Je n'écris pas tous les jours et, quand je peux, j'essaie de traduire, même si c'est loin d'être parfait ! Mais Google ne traduit pas bien non plus !! Je vous embrasse, ma chère et adorable soeur ! Amour et merci ! Michèle

  65. Thank you Beth. This is a very powerful thought and will awaken a lot of thinkers/listeners, certainly me included.

    On page 200 in Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy describes man as “perfect…the image, reflection, of God…neither inverted nor subverted, but upright and Godlike.” How much time do we waste looking for "nothing" (error) or looking at "nothing" (ditto)?

    It reminds me of the Country-Western song “Looking for Love” (in all the wrong places/in all the wrong faces) by Johnny Lee. How many times are we looking for "Truth" in all the wrong places or all the wrong faces, including our own? This gets things totally upside down in a topsy-turvy world. That's like using a flashlight in search of darkness.

    The Daily Lift for August 16, 2011 was entitled "Flashdark" by Julie Ward. I strongly recommend reviewing it as you both cover the same basics. We should all carry a spiritual “flashlight” which projects light, not a material “flashdark” which projects dark. And we must consider each moment what we are looking for/at.

    Motels use a "No Vacancy" sign to show they are filled up. Likewise, we need to acknowledge there is no vacancy in our experience or demonstration. We have a reserved room in Heaven and don't need to be searching for another place to reside.

    How beautifully these two daily lifts support each other and the listeners.

  66. Thank you so much Beth, very helpful. Thanks also to #20 Nancy from Yellow Springs - I always enjoy your "horse stories"! Also thanks for the reference to the article "Error has no history" - will look that up right now at jsh online!

  67. superb!

  68. Thanks Beth ! Too concerned (not indifferent), too attached to 'her', and too tired, I have not succeed in saving my loving cat. 'She' is dead last Thursday morning. But, in spite of my tears, I am in peace, I am glad because she is delivered, she is freed from suffering. I think, but I am not sure, she has found other arms than mine (God's arms and my other cat's arms - passed before her -). Since God is All in All, she is a God's spiritual and perfect idea. So, she has the eternal Life. Is it right ? But Man only is created in God's image and likeness (Bible). Question : What is the difference between Man and animal ? Is it this Christ's Spirit which allows (enables) us to do " the Works I (Jesus) do" (healings), this consciousness of the ONENESS and of our original and perfect Self that the cats don't possess ??? Is my dear Kitty really in life and happy now, or, as the Catholics believe, does not she exist any more ???
    TO MY DEAR J.S. in Kentucky : A great 'thank you' ! But don't worry, don't take the trouble to translate. I don't write each day and, when I can, I attempt to translate, even if it is far from perfection ! But Google's translations are not perfect, too ! I kiss you, my dear and lovely loving 'sister' ! LOVE AND THANKS Michèle

  69. What a great observation of Truth! Thank you Beth. Thank you commenters who added so much wisdom to what Beth said. I'm so grateful for the Daily Lifts and this World Wide Web of Wisdom!!

  70. Thank you Beth for this wonderful message. I was working diligently yesterday on seeing God's government in action, seeing honesty and respect for others in our State elections yesterday and to see who is really in power. I loved your lift in affirming the somethingness and translated that in my thought as truly seeing the allness of God's power governing each one of us daily.

    Thank you to Nancy, Nela and Troy for comments that really spoke to me.

    Troy your last words really summed it up for me too: "Our time would be better spent looking for the light."

  71. Thank you Beth!
    Good ideas
    and I appreciate the many good ideas shared by other Lift-listeners!
    and the gentle music this week! :-)

  72. WOW... Beth. thank you for helping us SEE that
    sickness, lack. error... is seeing our Spiritual
    Reality upside down by simply turning on the light switch!

  73. Great perspective, Beth, to put things right side up. At the moment my Sunday School student and I struggle to answer the question, why does there even appear to be a "wrong side", if God didn't make it, and it isn't real?

  74. DEAR MICHELE #68, Yes, "she has the eternal Life." In Genesis 1 animals are included in God's spiritual, perfect, very good creation. That is our, and all creations true being. Always has been and always will be, eternally. Your sweet kitty can not be separated from Life, God. The absolute truth is, that we and all creation live and move and have our being in God. Forever!

  75. Excellent alert thought!

  76. What an excellent and helpful lift. Thanks so much. Dear Michele, 64 and 68, our family of listeners here was sorry to hear of the passing on of your beloved cat. I am sure that many loving thoughts are reaching out to you. A dear cat of mine passed on a few days ago, and I have been praying to understand the continuity of her life in eternity. She is eternal and is eternally cared for, and so is your cat. I understand that you miss her, but thinking of the qualities she showed will help: grace, beauty, agility, intelligence. They are permanent. In the case of my cat, it has come to m thought several times that there are those who passed on before her who have welcomed her. And you mentioned feeling that, too. Let Mother Love, God, comfort your heart. Listen quietly to the good thoughts God is giving you about her eternal Life and your own.

  77. Wonderful, Beth ... keeping thought alert to recognize the present reality and substance of good is our daily task at hand. Thanks so much for this terrific reminder, gently chiding us where to turn our gaze when the appearance of "something wrong" is actually "nothing", and "nothing wrong" is actually "something." Loved how your questioning yourself ... examining your own thought ... lead to the right reasoning you so eloquently and lovingly shared with us. It is a great Lift.

  78. Comment #21 so perfect. Brilliantly simply and Simply brilliant. The somethingness of perfect health, peace. What a powerful message. Thank you Beth.
    csw Seattle

  79. Thank you for that inspiring thought--and something I need to be alert to --as you pointed out what your friend said is the usual response. But it is giving power to the wrong concept. How powerful it is to be reminded of the Truth of any situation.

    Very helpful and I feel I will be alert to that thinking in the future. Thanks again.

  80. Many thanks Beth for this great reminder. Yes, we all need to focus on spiritual reality and gratitude, to find "present perfection." "'Twas thus the loving Master/ Saw man's perfection shine,/ Beheld God's child forever pure/ In radiance all divine." (Christian Science Hymnal #15).

  81. Dear Michele from France,
    Your sweet kitty is in God's care, always and forever. God's creatures and mankind are God's expression of divine Love, eternal Soul and Spriit. Soul is another name for God. In Genesis 1: 24, 25 (paraphrasing) God made the beasts and cattle and God saw that it was good.
    If God called his/her creation good then God loves his/her creation and guards, guides and protects his creation. Your kitty is save in God's love.

  82. Many thanks for this re-awakening that we are upright, whole and free! To #12 dear one, you have already been diagnosed by God as God's perfect, healthy child. Thank you Beth and daily lift team.

  83. Great ideas, Beth. Christ Jesus said to his disciples "Watch!"
    DON'T WATCH OUT FOR THE LIE that tries to take over our thought and scare us into forgetting God's ever-present love, goodness and perfection, which we express as the children of God! That's a full-time job, the pay is great and the benefits are everlasting.
    Thanks and hugs to all...

  84. 68 Michele - your precious kitty lives on!!! Love is infinite and she is joyous and free expressing her loving Father!!!! To mortal sense she is gone but in reality she has been lifted out of matter into her true spiritual selfhood - happy and free. Both she and you are encircled in God's loving arms!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Thanks Beth, how helpful to be reminded that the turning of things right side up gives us the pure, spiritual perspective we need and want. And thanks to everyone for sharing. Thanks Michele from France for your heartfelt questions; and to those who have responded to her, thank you as well. Mrs. Eddy does tell us that man is the genric term for all God's ideas, so that includes cats (and horses, etc) .

  86. Dear Beth

    How well put "RIGHT SIDE UP"

    Positive thinking teaches us that we need to GET.
    Correct thinking teaches that we HAVE.

    It is Christian Science and only Christian Science that is the true state of consciosness.

    All have a wonderful eternal adventure.

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham.

  87. 68, I have been at my mothers side during passing and at the side of several of my closest animal friends. My mother spoke three words... yes.. yes.. yes. Our barn cat crawled out of my lap onto the back of the couch and began to purrr (which she only did in happiness). I think we can know that they were both experiencing something which gave them good news about going forward. Others may not express this, or even expect it, but we can do so for many reasons. Every healing we have ever experienced has come from a glimpse of God's dominion in our experience and quite often in the experience of our furry friends. There is nothing that is going to change about this. We help each other as we can, but we are certainly in Love's care all of the time. Your fine friend and a slew of mine are in good company right now... and so are we!

  88. What an excellent point! Perfection is something. Imperfection is nothing, as God is All and He/She is everything and perfect.

    Thank you, Beth!

  89. Thanks, Beth, and our Lifter family for such wonderful statements of reassurance. Trusting in the Lord with all our heart and leaning not unto our own understanding really keeps us right side up. In Him we live and move and have our being, not in our daily perception or personal "take" on things. Hold dear what we know to be true, and reject the false suggestions that want us to believe otherwise. There is but one God, goodness blessing us and keeping us safe in His Love. There is NO power in Nothingness!

  90. In response to #73 Dave Cornell - Take a look at JSH-online - new article by Lyle Young, "Remembering and Forgetting". In one paragraph he talks about "The supposition that there is an intelligence apart from God claims that this intelligence expolded itself into a material universe......." In C.S. it's always a "supposition" that there is another Mind besides the One Mind. No opposites in Divine Science! Only One!

  91. I like "acknowledging present perfection"1

  92. Thanks  Beth and all the Daily Lifters and lecturers. I get so much from you all. About kitty cats passing on, here is my contribution to what I said and did for my kitty to understand spiritually as she loved being at home and it seemed necessary that she make spiritual progress as her healing didn't come in the way she wanted.

    But through it all,   I am thankful my kitty learned to trust her Father-mother God. She tried to show us how brave she was. And constantly expressed her gratitude through purring. She didn't want to leave, but God makes those decisions. I asked God, "what should I do?"

    He said," give her a dry shampoo ( so she knows how clean and pure an idea she always is ) and sing "O Gentle Presence, peace and joy and power....and Mother finds her home and gently rests." Leave the door open, so she knows she is free.

    She got under the car all night and thought about God's Love. As Mrs Eddy says, "the time for thinkers has come" That includes all ideas of God's creation. Morning came, I got in the car and started to drive. That is when I saw her. Hanging my head out the car window, (on a time crunch), I told her we all love  her, and God most of all. I asked my husband to put her in a box and blanket for comfort. By then she knew the Comforter so well. She did just like the audio chat of Evan Mehlanbacher CSB about God creatures. She went off with God, knowing He is always loving her.

    Thanks, Dinah, kitty healed of a tumor, in the Christian Science Sentinel

  93. 64 & 68, Michele, you did great with the translation! Thank you. Yes, Google has it problems, sometimes big ones. Any translation by someone other than the original writer can lack a special meaning when a word carefully chosen gets translated to one that can mean the same, but may not carry the high spiritual implication the writer had in mind.

    You've gotten beautiful and true responses to your question of your loved kitty. I can relate to how you feel. I lost my last angora rabbit in January, and still miss him so. He couldn't sit up, but had been otherwise healthy. He showed such appreciation for every bit of care he got. He gave so much love back. The animals have life, an eternal quality, and the individual thought of divine Mind would have become obsolete, lost to Mind, if they cease to exist. It would men a part of Love, Life, Soul Spirit runs out, poof! is gone!. God is indivisible, so no portion can go out of existence, and God would not take from one beloved idea to give what that one needed to another, just so another can exist. I still have nightly prayers for my rabbits, including the 7 others that I think had outside human help in what went wrong with them. I share my thoughts with theirs where they are, that they aren't in cages, boxes, or graves, but are in and with divine Mind, and that is where I am, so we are not separated, and will see each other again. Beth's Lift is useful for this, too.

  94. Your tenderness and spirituality towards one another is the pure expression Christian Science.

    Dearest Michele #68, I find Mrs Eddy's definition of animals pushes my understanding of Life/life. She describes cattle as 'perserverence', snakes as 'adroitness', even worms as 'patience'. Who told us to picture perservence as a four-legged thing with horns and hoofs, or adroitness and patience as having long skinny shapes? Mortal mind puts forms around divine qualities and then calls them material. Much like we assign symbols to number facts and muscial notes. But we don't ever think that maths exists only where we write it down, or music is in the written notes that we use to represent the sounds. What we see with our senses are just symbols or hieroglyphs of the ideas behind them. But that idea or quality remains always 'entirely separate' from that symbol. Science and Health states continually that Life is never in nor of the body (symbol).

    Same is with your beautiful cat, she has always been only the divine qualities you loved so much about her. They are aspects of God's nature, glorious and eternal. Too, the divine source of the love and care for this dear idea that was manifested as you, is unchanged because God knows nothing of death or symbols. He is unending Love and Truth. When we look beyond the symbols we start to see the true original creation and then we too behold that all is still 'very good'.
    Much love, Beth

  95. Thank you kindly, Beth for the reminder to walk and move straight and not up side down. To be focused on a light at the end of tunnel is the only way to come out of that darkness and be happy. And as Peter #86 wrote to feel that freedom right at the darkest time is a REAL happiness! Thank you all for being so spiritually connected by the bonds of love.

  96. As an obedient student, I might not be able to play my instrument. I could, however, hand that same instrument to my teacher, and she would then play the exercise easily and perfectly. Does this mean that the same one God that we both believe in is good to her and not to me? No, it means that I must gain the ability to read and play the notes, myself. Then where I may have found discord, I can find concord.

  97. Excellent!! Even though it is nearly tomorrow, it's never too late for my daily lift! Thank you, dear Beth. You are so right on!!

  98. Needed this..Thanks a lot !!

  99. Oh yes! that's prayerful

    For all, I say thank you.

  100. 94 Beth, Berry - Thank you so much for writing this! A clear statement. The continuity of spiritual Life is our life and of our friends too.

    I recall picking up a photo of my mother and thinking "gosh, I cannot keep holding onto this concept of her... but what then? I flopped open the hymnal to Hymn 170 and was given this gift:

    "The outward symbols disappear From him whose inward sight is clear...
    Keep while ye need it, brothers mine,With honest zeal your Christmas sign,.."

    I felt like I got such a pat on the head, sort of "it's OK". You know as Christian Scientists we often know more than we have demonstrated for ourselves. Sometimes we play catch up. But divine Love brings us along.

    So appreciated your comment. Thank you!

  101. De tout mon coeur, énormes MERCIS à ma merveilleuse et aimante Famille spirituelle CS : #74-76-81-84-85-87-92-93-94 et d'autres... Nulle part ailleurs que chez les CS, on ne trouve des personnes reflétant autant les qualités de Dieu ! La supériorité de la CS sur les autres religions est évidente. Vos réponses m'ont apporté tendresse, aide, compassion, réconfort et surtout un très grand éclairage mental, une plus grande compréhension de ce que sont l'Homme et l'Animal. Un MERCI particulier pour la plus chère BETH qui a consacré une partie de son temps pour m'apporter de nouvelles et parfaites connaissances. GRÂCE A VOUS TOUS, je suis maintenant heureuse, puisque JE SAIS, JE SUIS SÛRE que ma minette est en Vie, en et avec Dieu, aimée et HEUREUSE ! Il ne faut pas pleurer sur soi-même, mais se réjouir du bonheur de nos bien-aimés. Cette chatte n'était et n'est qu'Amour, il est donc logique et évident qu'elle était et est une expression de Dieu. Je vous envoie des milliers de baisers et câlins pour montrer mon Amour pour vous tous !!! Michèle loin de vous par la distance mais très proche par le coeur...

  102. With all my heart, huge THANKS to my loving and wonderful spiritual CS Family : #74-76-81-84-85-87-92-93-94- and others... Nowhere else than at CS's, we find persons who so much reflect God's qualities ! The superiority of CS on others religions is evident (obvious ?). Your answers brought to me tenderness, compassion, help, comfort and above all a great mind- lighting, a greater understanding of what are Man and Animal. A special THANK to DEAREST BETH who has taken a part of her time to bring me new perfect knowledges from MBE. OWING TO YOU ALL, I am HAPPY now, since I KNOW, I AM SURE, that my kitty is in Life, in and with God, loved and HAPPY !! We must not cry on ourselves but be glad because of our beloved's happiness... This cat was and is nothing but LOVE. So, it is logic and evident that she was and is a God's expression. I send thousands of kisses and hugs to you to show my Love for you ALL... Michèle far from you because of the distance but near by (through ?) the HEART... Excuse me for my bad english !

  103. It was Shakespeare who wrote "... fare is foul and foul is fare." He wanted to make a point with that text. Thank you for stressing the same point in another way. We know that fair is not HARDLY foul and foul is ABSOLUTELY not fare, the same way finding only good is NOT nothing.

  104. Wonderful lift - so helpful in daily activities!

  105. Thank you for this wonderful Lift.

  106. Thank you so much...

  107. Beautiful ! Thank you, Beth.

  108. Thank you, Beth, and so many of the beautiful comments regarding #68/102 Michele from France. It reminded me years ago after our dear schnauzer Willy passed away, my father's precious words to me. He said that Willy was still expressing, in his next level of existence, all those wonderful attributes that we so loved about him here on earth. He also reminded me that neither life nor deathn nor things present, nor things to come can ever seperate us from the love of God and His beloved creations. Many years before that, when I asked my grandmother what she felt when my grandfather passed, she said - "It is like setting sail on a ship, those who see you off wave fondly & sometimes sadly goodbye, yet those on the other side are awaiting your arrival with such joy". Having immigrated to the United States in the early 1900's, I am certain she was remembering her own "bon-voyage" as she departed from Europe. I have fondly thought of this explanation and that of my fathers when experiencing other losses of those I love in the "here on earth" connection. I know that you, too Michele, can feel that peace and comfort in knowing that there truly is NO death, and we are never seperated because of Divine Love - and that love that we live and move and have our (and those we love) being with.

  109. A medical examination could be likened to panning for gold. Finding a disease leads to a wealth of fees for medical treatments, drugs, surgery, hospitals, and further examinations.

    God already provides all we really need.

  110. Thank you so much

  111. 108 Gretchen : Thank you very much for your message ! Love and blessings to you !

  112. Hi Beth,
    Thank you very much for the inspiration.it is lovely to hear this affirmation of God's loving care for all of us.

  113. Amazingly put! Yes, health is something and problems and illnesses are nothing! Thank you for enlightening words!

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