6/5: The breath of God

6/5: The breath of God

Don't miss Elise's article in the May 31, 2013 edition of The Christian Science Monitor "When I heard a whale breathe"

  1. Thank you Elise for this thought-provoking Lift. God's power and presence is found in the stillness of our thought. "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." (Ps. 46:10) This passage not only brings great comfort in times of distress, but establishes the absolute undisputed power of one God. This is the place where we become conscious of "the breathe of God."

  2. "The profound stillness of God."

  3. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you Elise for that wonderful lift which reminded me of our cruise to Alaska two years ago when we had a similar encounter with a whale, I was reminded then that the breath of God is actually a spiritual expression by Him of His Life which becomes our life. I concluded that our life is not sustained by a mixture of human gases. Our life is the reflection of His Life being breathed into us and this is what makes our life eternal.

  5. What a lovely thought, thank you for today's lift. I will think of this whale for along time and remember to be still and feel God's constant presence.

  6. That's lovely, thank you very much.

  7. Thank you, Elise, for this inspiring sense of God's living, breathing Love.

  8. Thank you, Elise. This is a wonderful meditation.

  9. Many thanks Elise for this very inspiring lift. That is exactly why I wake up very early in the morning for inspired prayer. Yes. "We all need the stillness of spiritual sense to feel that presence of God's [Love's] healing power." "O holy presence, that stills all our demanding,/ O love of God, that needs but to be known!/ Heaven is at hand, when thy pure touch persuades us,/ Comfort of God, that seeks and finds His own." (Christian Science Hymnal #174).

  10. Thank you Elise!
    The Midsummer moments of clarity and peace are amazing.
    Makes me think of a Hymn normally sung at Christmas, Joy to the World! 164 in the Hymnal.

  11. To hear the profound stillness of the sound of silence, when one is touring among the glaciers, near the South Pole must be astonishing. You could probably hear a whale breath!

    In conscious stillness, we could also hear God’s profound presence and healing power —which heals anything.

    Escuchar la profunda quietud de los sonidos del silencio, cuando uno está de gira entre los glaciares, cerca del Polo Sur debe ser sorprendente. Hasta podrías oir un respiro de ballena!

    En consciente quietud también nosotros podemos escuchar la profunda presencia de Dios y Su poder sanador —que todo lo sana.

  12. thank you Elise I will be aware of that stillness as I wait for the hammer to fall at the auction today and know o gods presence kathy

  13. Elise,
    Thank you

  14. Thank you for this beautiful exploration of stillness, in Him we live and move and breathe and have our being....

  15. this is, what important your words was like a deep breathe for me in this world - sometimes I will not look the news anymore and all this stuff going along, when you open the internet.
    Thank you

  16. This is lovely - thank you Elise. And Malcolm's hymn is very appropriate. Being so still and quiet, not only allows us to feel the breath of God, but also dissolves any barriers we may have inadvertently put up so that God can find us. Let everyone have "a whale of a time" today!!!!

  17. Everything feels so peaceful now. Thank you!

  18. Thank you for the lovely lift, Elise

  19. tThanks ,team , for the way you put this together , with that lovely space at the end to listen for the breath.

  20. That is totally wonderful. I do much dedicated God-breathing-in as often as I remember throughout every day and certainly for 15 mins in the morning and when I'm swimming and other times and there is a real 'felt' expansion that I feel is really crucial in order to feel our closeness to God. We are an extension of Source and this breathing so quickly leads to stillness which is a thousand times more powerful than words. Words have their place but can only ever be pointers or signposts; it is only by breathing in inspiration, and breathing out resistance and coming to STILNESS that we really fell ourselves to be what we are - Divine Being. Coming home to Sorce Itself - IS residing in God, Love. It cannot be any other way and I am delighted that you have made such an elegant 'lift' about this. Your words and description are beautiful. Thank you. Mandi in UK

  21. In the stillness we feel Her ever-presence, Love. Are we not all expressing that spiritual reality of God? In this infinite stillness, we are. Everyone is. All is well. Such a blessing to know God as Love, as stillness, as all that there is speaking to us of good, leading our every footstep.
    Much gratitude to you all for expressing Her. It is such a joy.

  22. Thank you Elise! Wonderful message!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community.

  23. Beautiful lift, and I loved the silence at the end this time instead of the usual good music. Nice touch!

  24. Thank so much Elise. This is quite a healing message for me today. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from a Dedicatory Sermon Mrs Eddy delivered in 1895. Pulpit and Press, pg 10, "Divine presence, breathe Thou Thy blessings on every heart in this house." I like to use this at family gatherings but today I will use it to listen for an answer on how to fix a bed we made for our son that doesn't seem to be holding together very well. He is returning home today on leave from Ft C. Whether my husband hears it or I hear it, the answer will come in time to correct the problem. Thank you again, I loved the profound silence and stillness at the end.

  25. Thank you, for wonderful Lift. The stillness can be very comforting.

  26. Such a wonderful Daily Lift, thank you Elise.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Thank you for keeping that delightful stillness at the end of the podcast. It was a moment to cherish and remember.

  29. O may we be still and seek Him... thank you ....

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above is from Hymn 237 in the Christian Science Hymnal (words by Fay Linn).

  30. Thank you, dear Elise, for this wonderful lift. It makes my day to listen to the breath of God in the stillness within. How you've said your special experience was like a thought painting I could imagine. Thank you and blessings to all.

  31. Dear Elise,

    Beautiful. Stillness brings such opportunity for healing and improved understanding. We have the opportunity to listen, as you said, to the "breath of the Almighty" (an excerpt from Job 33:4). Many times I feel such peace just walking with the camera and listening to that sweet, still voice of renewal, direction and care that envelopes me with love.

    Many of my friends complain they do not get to see my photographs (I am addressing that shortly) but the challenge is that the photos never express the complete feeling of togetherness with God. No photo you could have taken would have expressed what you felt when you heard the whale breathe.

    I have always enjoyed sitting on the steps at our Church. Many who come, if they stay still for a while, remark of the peace that they feel just by being by the steps. This always reminds me of the importance of being receptive to the peace that is already there; this was expressed in your Lift today Elise. Thank you also to Mandi, Martin, Tony and every Lifter that commented. DL Team, the stillness after Elise's speaking with perfect.

    Math 5:24 - The importance of first reconciling with thy brother not only expresses the need to demonstrate the Christ outside of the Church and always, but to come prepared with your thoughts receptive to the healing messages that are already there. Our hearts and hands must be open and willing to receive; just as you received that divine message Elise.

    Again, Thx.

  32. O Elise - I saw it in the CSMonitor, and gave copies to friends at church who don't have a computer.The thing is, Elise, the hump backs love humans. After the despicable things we did to them in the past, they still just plain love us. And all the time they are teaching us, with infinite patience and humour and goodness, how to love. It will soon be time for them to come past here on their way south. You could go to Hervey Bay and watch them as they do their balance on their head act, or the juveniles as they leap and land with a big splash, leap and and land with a big splash. They come right alongside the boats, and roll on their side and just observe us. They're probably saying to us, "Don't you realize you're a perfect spiritual idea of God?"

  33. Thank you, Elise, for “ The breath of God … the profound stillness of being with God … it’s inspiration, it’s guidance, it’s healing and salvation … hear God breathe …”

    Today I will very purposely practice, “Be still and know … God” (Ps 46:10) … and we in that image and likeness – the breath of Life; the breath of Love; the breath of Soul; the breath of Spirit; the breath of Mind; the breath of Truth; the breath of Principle.

    Today I will very purposely practice breathing in and with and as the breath of God, while I expect and witness God’s breath everywhere and always. I will “just breathe!” and in so doing, claim my “profound stillness” – “the ‘Peace, be still’ to all human fears, to suffering of every sort” (Mis 307).

    “As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being.” (S&H 361:16) Today I will just let me be.

  34. Simply beautiful! I sometimes experience that wondrous stillness & closeness to God when reading our Bible lesson early in the morning. Nothing else can compare to this quiet oneness with Spirit. Thank you everyone on the DL team - we are so blessed!

  35. II am also amazed that some whales, after taking a single breath, can dive over a mile, stay submerged over an hour and endure pressure greater than one ton per square inch. Imagine our capacity, in God's realm, to breathe His divine atmosphere and go about His business while being equally sustained.

    How much Love we could express in the cold darkened depths of mortal thinking. Instead of bathing in the shallows, let's be inspired to use that one breath to its greatest capacity. Is our love adequate to go someplace new today?

    In the quiet of our morning prayers, let's take that breath and listen for God's direction on where to go with it, how to use it and not be afraid or intimidated by any mortal pressure to give up.

  36. Elise, thank you. Your lift reminds me of hymn Hymn 317, "Still, still with Thee ...." Lovely. AND thanks Malcolm for always including a hymn. Thanks to those who share their inspiration on each lift. AND thanks to the DL team for putting these on.

  37. Escuchar, oir, sentir a Dios Elise, es la lo más sublime que puede sucedernos. Por ello quizás está enmarcado en el esfuerzo que hagamos, es fácil oir los sonidos del silencio, pero no es fácil oir y sentir a Dios, requiere de un esfuerzo supremo de renunciamiento a todo lo material, dejando de lado nuestros sentidos humanos y encerrados en el secreto lugar del altísimo despojados de lo humano, charlar con Él.
    Las analogías son un buen recurso para darle enfásis al mensaje y esta es una muy buena, como generalmente lo son, porque ellas tambien muestran la grandeza de Dios que podemos encerrarla en una idea o un pensamiento donde Él expresa toda Su grandeza por momentos comprimida solamente en una idea que puede mover montañas y Evangelisar al mundo, y esa idea ha trascendico el tiempo como lo conocemos o creemos; Cristo Jesús así lo ha demostrado con su enseñanza, por su bendita entrega a la causa divina.

    Muchas gracias Elise, inspirado desayuno para el día de hoy, porque mañana vendrá otro que nos ayudara a elevarnos por sobre el materialismo, para oir el susurro de Dios.

  38. Thank you for the reminder that stillness and silence is our invitation to commune with God.

  39. Wonderful story and I felt as if I was right there with you in this "stillness". I think the reason I enjoy early mornings is the "stillness" and ability to feel God's presence as I study the Bible Lesson and prepare for the day. Thank you for this Lift!

  40. The Nez Perce Indians had an encampment at a place they called Lapwai. The meaning of the word is "the place where butterfly wings are heard." The sound made by their wings is "thlep thlep". To think of the quiet heart that would hear and then cherish-with-a-name such a place by this phenomenon is beautiful.
    To hear a whale's breath...to hear a butterfly's wings...to hear God's gentle presence...
    We are listening.

  41. Like Tony Martin, I thought of the experience my husband and I had in Alaska on a small boat cruising among the whales when I first read your article in the May 31st Daily Thought Monitor article. What an inspiring feeling and thanks so much for sharing it. And thanks to JD in Texas for sharing the reference from the Dedicatory Sermon Mrs Eddy delivered in 1895. Pulpit and Press, pg 10, "Divine presence, breathe Thou Thy blessings on every heart in this house." What a beautiful grace to use or thought when visiting someone - even every heart on our house!

  42. Dear Elise, thank you for your words of inspiration and comfort which could only have come from God. The breath of the Almighty hath given me life is a thought I keep close as I work out a false claim. Thanks to all the commenters and especially to Tony #4.

  43. I loved this in the Monitor and I enjoyed hearing you read it here!

  44. Yes indeed, divine Love is a calm quiet feeling. I experience this on early morning runs when the only sound is the birds singing and my feet hitting the dirt. Tender moments alone with God as the angels pour in their sweet messages.

  45. Thank you Elise, Oh what beautiful thoughts!

  46. I so enjoy moments in nature like that! Thank you for sharing, Elise. I love the thought ... "You can feel the presence of God with you most in that profound stillness when the engines of human thought have stopped churning and the tabloid of human life has ceased parading and we are mentally still."

  47. Thank you for your wonderful lift. It demonstrated so beautifully that needed stillness to hear "the breath of God"

  48. This is wonderful, Elise. Thank you so much. After a few days at almost frantic speed, it is good to be still and breathe and experience the inspirational Divine breath. Thank you, Lift community, for the good comments & sharing - always so helpful in extending the message. Lift team, terrific creative coordination of Lifts and tags each day - really love & appreciate all you have done & continue to do.

  49. Margaret, you mention that humpbacks love humans. I had an experience with an Orca, Keiko, that shows me that all of God's creatures must express His love for humans. It, too, involved stillness. While visiting Keiko in the Newport aquarium one day, my husband and I were quietly open to whatever experience God would share with us. Watching that magnificent creature swim up close, we marveled at his beauty and symmetry. Then he stopped circling and turned tail down and slowly went along the viewing glass, eye to eye with the audience. He looked each one in the eye as he passed. When he came to us, he stopped for a long time, looking us right in the eye. I wondered at first, what he wanted. Gradually, I felt that he didn't want anything. He was giving and sharing his love. After a long time he began to swim again. We moved to a different part of the viewing glass. After circling a while, Keiko did the same thing, slowly advancing along the line of viewers, tail down. Again, he stopped in front of us and lingered a long time. The exchange of love this time was profound.

    Only when we make room by stillness, as you say, for the unexpected, the profound, the deep connection to God and all His ways of feeding and loving us, will we even notice the beauty and creativity with which we are gifted by our spectacular, original, wonderful God.

  50. Thanks, Elise. This reminds me of a favorite (one of many, many) in Science and Health:

    Genesis i. 21. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.    

    Spirit is symbolized by strength, presence, and power and also by holy thoughts, winged with Love. These angels of His presence, which have the holiest charge, abound in the spiritual atmosphere of Mind, and consequently reproduce their own characteristics. Their individual forms we know not, but we do know that their natures are allied to God’s nature; and spiritual blessings, thus typified, are the externalized, yet subjective, states of faith and spiritual understanding.

  51. I loved that there was no music after the lift, just "profound stillness" to feel God's presence.

  52. Thank you very much Elise. I never thought of God actually breathing. A family member cant breathe very well, and the medical doctor thought she had been a smoker. She never smoked. She felt her mom and 2 exhusbands had smoked her lungs. All I could think was to tell her to forgive them. And that she lives and breathes in God's Love. But God does breathe so He will breathe for her. Thank you.

  53. The first commandment for a whale calf as a type (or reflection), is to leave its watery birthplace and reach up and breathe the heavens, if it is to live. Subsequently, How else could Jonah’s physical rescue have been rendered possible, while he was being tried for disobedience to Moses’ Commandment to have one creator, God, founded as it is on the first chapter of Genesis. All is infinite Mind, and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by our dear Leader and Guide, Mary Baker Eddy. Page 468. Thanks for the Antarctica sojourn song today.

  54. This Lift is beautiful and inspiring. I love the quietness and stillness of God's creation and listening for his angel messages. I had never thought of it as 'the breath of God' but will remember that, and when I seem to have a need over a problem, I will be still and listen.
    Thank you Elise and the Lifters for your comments. Thank you Nate & team. I too, loved that quietness at the end.

  55. Thank you, Elise,
    That was beautiful!

  56. I too heard a whale breathe, and I have never forgotten it. But I thank you for for deepening my thought of it and bringing me peace this morning. The comments are also extraordinary. Thank you all.

  57. Yesterday I missed the Lift, so today listened to Mary Alice's lovely musical gift, followed by this profound and wonderful inspiration of stillness from Elise -- beautiful sequence to cherish. And thank you to Margaret from Australia and Tina from Colbert: your comments especially touched me.
    P.S. Would Mary Alice or someone else tell us what the orchestral piece at the end was? Would like to hear more of it, if possible.

    Daily Lift Team:
    The clip played at the beginning of Tuesday's Lift was "New Shores" by Bristow McKenzie.

  58. Thank you Elise. I love your explanation of "God's breath" as Divine inspiration.

  59. Thank you Elise. I love the thought of silencing human life in order to hear the stillness of spiritual sense. All nature has a way of opening our hearts to hear God who is always talking to us… we just need to be still and listen! Mindy Montgomery Pure In Heart CS Church

  60. "In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move, and breathe;...."
    I loved "hearing" all the harmony of connections made in the comments this morning with the breath or spirit of God made so vivid with the description of hearing a whale breathing. I'm so grateful for so many equally descriptive comments. By now I feel I really am "In the atmosphere of Love..." (Christian Science Hymnal # 144 and #145) Thank you Elise.

  61. What a lovely Lift Elise. The breath of God, indeed I feel it at times, now more and more, during Church service with healing following. Thank you for this beautiful rendition. Thank you No. 50 for the timely reminder that Spirit is symbolized by STRENGTH...... , as a less enlightened has labelled my strength a threat. Bless you all DL team.

  62. Just lovely! Thank you!

  63. It is at night when I retire and all mortal thoughts are stilled in the quietness of sleep when I hear God's breath, breathing his inspired messages to me. Sometimes I awake during that spiritual slumber to go through the ideas that I received from God and think how to put them into practice for an harmonious day. WHALAH! It works. No doubt for God was the breath of it.

  64. I am living in an apartment between two smokers. Circumstances don't allow me to move. This is my chance to prove the breath of God.

  65. Many thanks Elise for the sharing, it is a very helpful, healing, inspiring' lift.

  66. Thanks for your excellent lift.

  67. Thanks to you and all the commenters.

  68. interesting, last night watched a special tv show about a nun who prays silently 6 hrs a day.
    Her moment with the Christ came with the realization that God communicates in and through silence.


  69. This is so amazing and beautiful, dear Elise! God's creation is so full of kindness and tenderness. If we only took a moment to admire all the details of our Father-Mother-God's immense goodness and power. I love the thought that we can hear God breathe.
    Thank you very much!
    Isn't this "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power...!"

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote above is from a poem by Mary Baker Eddy titled, 'Mother's Evening Prayer.' Hymn 207

  70. I, too, have always been an early riser. In the early morning hours is when I turn my thoughts to God. I study, read and enjoy my quiet time listening to God breathe. Thank you Elise for this precious daily lift.

  71. WOW !!! Thank you Elise.

  72. "Peace. Be still." said Jesus while sailing with his disciples "o'er life's angry sea". Mary Baker Eddy hymn #254.
    And to quote from a past Daily Lifter: "We aren't really praying unless God is the only one talking."
    An important reminder.
    Thank you all.

  73. What a most inspiring Lift this humid and hot day in east Texas
    I can hear God breathe, I can hear the Butterflies wings and see the enormous idea, the hump back whales , as they splash around and
    let their presence be known. What more can be said to add to the
    other comments already made?

    Who would doubt that there is a God and that He is omnipresent?
    All we have to do is to open our hearts and hear God breathe and
    Feel His still small voice of calm.

    I love our hymns and today have read no 49 in the hymnal.
    Words by James Greenleaf Whittier. Thanks to all who have commented today.

  74. Like as when a horse puts his nose at your ear. Warm, quiet, reaching out in trust and interest. How better can we describe God? SPIRIT (from Latin spiritus, literally, breath, from spirare to blow, breathe). He who breathes in our ear what we need to know. He who gives us the ear to hear.

    I love dolphins and have yet to meet a whale. Looking forward to that. Thanks Margaret for drawing a picture!

    Elevating Lift Elise! So well presented! Thanks for the extra pause.

  75. Elise, your lovely 'Lift' reminds me of several times early in the morning when all was quiet and a family member received inspiratlion and healing. Hymn 144; "In atmosphere of Love divine, We live, and move, and breathe;....; " has always been a healing message for this family. Much gratitude to you and the Daily Lift Team!

  76. What a beautiful message and helpful analogy. A sense of vastness, stillness and strength came through to me today in a way I needed. Thank you.

  77. A precious pause for listening, being with, and loving the great and only One and All. Thank you, dear Elise.

  78. Thank you Elise for this thought provoking Lift. A special thank to Nancy #73 for her comment "He who gives us the ear to hear." And others that shared the quote from Pulpit and Press and all other helpful ideas. It did lift me up today. (=

  79. Thank you Elise for that inspiring lift.

  80. Thank you so much Elise, lifters and the Daily Lift folks!
    I am a hiker/outdoor person, because in nature's perfection I find God reflected; and, yes, the sound of a whale breathing is the closest sound to the breath of God that I have ever heard. Many years ago when I heard the whale's breathing, I was struck by the incredible encompassing depth of the sound as a graphic representation of the power of everlasting Love. It reverberates in one's being as an arresting unfolding of God. Thank you Elise for reminding us that in prayer, we find the "profound stillness" of God. This is a wonderfully helpful lift: truly inspired!

  81. Two wonderful commands:Be still and Know that I AM GOD.Thank you for this reminder.

  82. Some holly thoughts to uproot the belief of a breathing problem I've had. I know it is false and this gives me the true sense of breathing. Thank you, Elise and all upLifters.

  83. Loving that breath of God and so grateful for it. Thanks, Elise and all contributors to this day's lift.

  84. So wonderful! Merri

  85. That was profound! I thought of an old Gospel song: "Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling, calling for you and for me." this resonates with me to follow the Christ Truth and just listen and one can feel the presence of God. Listening to this Lift stopped me from what I was doing. To take a deep breath and feel that all encompassing Love.
    WOW, thank you.

  86. Thank you Elise, for this beautiful lift, and to everyone for their inspiring comments. LOVE to ALL

  87. Today, from the reading room, I hear the church grand piano being tuned -- the tuner listens for harmonic overtones to balance the sound and adjust any sharpness or flatness. This lovely lift shares a moment of recognition, and contains sweet, harmonic overtones, echoed in others comments- opening out its richness and beauty, and offering space for contemplation. One uplifting, harmonious whole- in tune with God.

    Mary Baker Eddy writes (Sc&H 284: 28-31): "According to Christian Science, the only real senses of man are spiritual, emanating from divine Mind. Thought passes from God to man, but neither sensation nor report goes from material body to Mind. The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." Something to recall during times of silent prayer and receptivity... that we are not apart from God, sending out an S.O.S., but God's idea being expressed and inspired in listening.

    Hearing of the whale's breath moment brings to mind a moment of awe re the sound and sight of the wind in the tall grass on the open prairie, and what MBE says about WIND pp.597-598 in the Glossary of Science and Health, relating to the Greek "pneuma" ( wind, breath, Spirit).

    We cannot see the wind, or Spirit, but become aware of it by what it moves. See also John 3:5-8
    Thank you for the beauty of spiritual awareness, shared through this lift, and in the perceptive, attentive comments.

  88. what a beautiful lift, and thanks to all those who commented. I am so grateful for this daily breathe of fresh angel thoughts!

  89. I like it!

  90. Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments. There was inspiration in each one.

  91. God's breath has a creative or spiritual power attributed to it as when He breathed a portion of His life (?) into the first human being He created:Adam.

  92. Elise - Heartfelt thanks for sharing your so-special experience and the wonderful, uplifting thoughts it prompted. I'm also deeply grateful for the rich outpouring of inspiration from lifters touched by the thought of stillness and hearing God breathe. Listening to the lift, with its perfect stillness at the end, and then reading the many beautiful comments has been a holy experience for me tonight -- I feel bathed in love and peace and goodness. Thank you all, dear ones!

  93. Thank you so much this really helped me to channel my focus as I am finishing finals week in high school and I am trying to study tonight this truly was up lifting thank you.

  94. how beautiful - and touching. Thank you so much.

  95. Thank you so much Elose. Your inspiring ideas have given wings to my morning prayers.

  96. Elise, boy oh boy, if this just isn't the most lovely, peaceful and memorable image. Thank you SO much for sharing this treasured moment, which must have been immensely inspiring. Thank you to all other lifters which shared such incredible thoughts of stillness and prayer.
    Love to all...

  97. Thank you so much Elise! So refreshing to just shut out the 'world' and be at one with our Father/Mother God wherever we may be

  98. I re-listened and read Elise's Monitor article and was delighted to find so much of the Lift in it & sent it to my email! Having just finished reading the rest of the comments 34-97, I must express gratitude for them, especially #35 Michael, #40 Tina and #87 Ruth for providing some more profound images to work with. Wow.

  99. I read this lift late, but as I did, I heard God's voice. Thank you, Elise, for opening my ears.

  100. What a very moving image, Elise! Thank you.

  101. Each morning when I quietly read the lesson and think about what I am reading, I will now think of this Daily Lift. Thank you Elise. Tom Frazier St. Augustine

  102. Thank you for taking us to that beautiful scene. I went back to the image and idea throughout the day and throughout the week. - The Lift imparts an experience of the reality and closeness of Spirit.

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