6/4: God's orchestra

6/4: God's orchestra

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  1. Thank you Mary Alice for this great analogy. All of God's ideas working in harmony with one another is the basis of His work. The timing and perfection of this orchestra leads up to the crescendo of God's spiritual, perfect creation. Each musician lovingly expresses the perfect note and is forever a cherished member of "God's orchestra." Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 276,"Harmony in man is as real and immortal as in music."

  2. I love using art as a metaphor for God and His Thoughts!

    Thank you Mary Alice.

  3. I am a classical music junkie and as such , this Lift really "sings" to me. What a great insight! thank you!

  4. So neat to be reminded that I am not alone trying to squeak out a tune or a life and that God is doing the arranging and directing and I am happy just to be part of the whole orchestra of church. Thank you. Very appropriate music too!

  5. Great analogy. Reminded me of when I played oboe in a symphony orchestra many years ago. When I had a solo entrance - the conductor often would specifically point to me at the moment I was to begin, & as long as I was paying close heed to him all went well. How very much like listening to God and keeping our focus on Him as we go about our activities. He always sends an angel thought to guide us, and if we listen and follow His direction all goes harmoniously. Thanks again for today's lift.

  6. "The universe, like man, is to be interpreted by Science from its divine Principle" S&H 124:14

    If God is the conductor of this universal symphony, each musician and each instrument can only be of the higher standard, perfection must be its rhythm, and harmony its outcome. God is Spirit, all power, and His symphony must be spiritual.

    "In divine Science, the universe, including man, is spiritual, harmonious, and eternal. " S&H 114:27

    "El universo, lo mismo que el hombre, debe ser interpretado por la Ciencia desde su Principio divino, Dios" CyS 124:16

    Si Dios es el conductor de esta sinfonía universal, cada músico y cada instrumento solo pueden ser del nivel más alto, la perfección debe ser su ritmo, y la armonía su resultado. Dios es Espíritu, todopoderoso, y Su sinfonía debe ser espiritual.

    "En la Ciencia divina, el universo, incluso el hombre, es espiritual, armonioso y eterno." CyS 114:28

  7. Absolutely beautiful...including the music. How appropriate! Thanks so much, Mary Alice, for leading me into a creative day.

  8. It is very selected music attended .I saw this God´s directing in my life. Thank you .

  9. Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful concept of all that God created being actively engaged in contributing to the harmony of the whole divine creation. Mrs Eddy writes:



    15 in man is as real and immortal as in music.

    This is so true and this daily lift led me on to think of myself and others as individual notes of a tune. Each note may appear to be small but it plays such an important part to the harmony of the tune in making just the right sound at the right moment and contributing to, in Mrs Eddy's words in our Textbook: "changing chaos into order and discord into the music of the spheres." (Page 255)

    I often think of man in a similar way. I like to think of myself andothers as pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. We each contribute to God's complete picture of creation, and without each of us God's universe would be incomplete. I find that it explains to me the importance of each man and woman in the eyes of God.

  10. How beautiful! Thank you Mary Alice Rose.

  11. Mary Alice,
    Thank you

  12. Thank yoy, Mary Alice.

    Great analogy and music too.

    Everyone is needed and valued for this orchestra to be complete.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity to ALL mankind,

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  13. Thanks love it. We can never sing out of tune in our Father's band.

  14. Encore! and forever, encore! Thank you for a great analogy to keep in thought - bless you all!

  15. Thank You - Your analogy was very beautiful and very helpful and I've already put it to use in my thought. Thanks again, Steve

  16. Thank you - a beautiful analogy. The concept of everyone working in harmony is so helpful.

  17. Thank you Mary Alice for the beautiful harmonious thought.There is no discord in God's universe only harmony.

  18. Thank you Mary Alice for your lovely words!
    That is what I needed for today!

  19. Oh this is perfect - thank you. The harmony of the orchestra is led by the inspiration of the conductor inspiring the players to be as one, - each listening and blending with the idea of being a collective harmonious organisation of sound. Music like spirituality seems to be invisible, but holds within it the substance of being.We can each hear music and play it, whether it is written or not. I love to reflect that we are all musicians in the orchestra of God because we all express consciousness, that spiritual ability to understand, play and hear divine ideas as they unfold; to be them and to become them. Lovely analogy today - and lovely orchestra too.

  20. Thank you.

  21. LOVED IT! Thank you!

  22. Thank you for this wonderful LIFT to have this orchestra with us at all times.

  23. How I like your picture of the wholeness of Gods creating, of HIS whole orchestra! And nobody can take the place of another one. So there is no rivalry possible but only a together. Thank you so much, dear Mary!

  24. Many thanks Mary Alice for this vivid illustration of universal harmony, where "No one can take the place of another" within this atmosphere of ever-present divine Love." "Mountains and seas, great rising trees,/ echo the joyous song:/ Heaven is here, harmony’s bliss/ to everyone belongs." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  25. Dear Alice

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift

    One is reminded about a piece of music that was composed by Vivaldie that lay on a high shelf gathering dust for many years, know one knew about it.
    Then one day it was found and taken down and dusted off. But three things had to happen before this master piece could be played.

    It had to be found.
    It had to be practiced.

    3.Then it had to be performed and allow the whole universe to enjoy and appreciate it.

    Oh. how we are all so blessed with this wonderful Science that our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy has given to each and every one of us to dissect, use and make it our own.

    All have a wonderful adventure, NOW
    When you live in the NOW you have WON.

    Love in Christ


  26. What a spiritual message for today and always. I love music and all it gives us. Thank you so much, Mary Alice.

  27. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Mary Alice. What an inspiring way to start my morning!

  28. In perfect Alignment with the harmony of Source. Your Orchestra idea is absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

  29. I just love this concept of God's Orchestra and how vital and important each of us are in this orchestra. Thank you for this wonderful lift!

  30. So beautiful!! Thank you!

  31. Thank you for this wonderful lift, I shall cherish it all day.

  32. Long ago the thought of this analogy came to me and I related it to the infinite universe of Spirit and loved to hear how beautifully you put it put so all can feel that wonderful harmony of each one of being part of the whole. Thank you so much!

  33. As a Christian Science ever student I am grateful of your today LIFT. It makes me a big lift in my soul. But I must congratulate you, Mary Alice, because your message was too clear for me, a non english speaker.(and writer?)

  34. What a perfect message for a day that involves many hours on the road and many hours away from home. I will be playing God's perfect notes all day. Thank you, Mary Alice, and thank you, dear Mother Church!

  35. This is an inspiring and excellent "Lift" for this morning.

  36. And being a part of this divine orchestra entails -- as it does in any orchestra -- always being in your seat or at your station, alert and watching, obedient to the conductor's every direction. Many thanks for this reminder!

  37. Magnificent!

  38. Nice presentation Mary Alice and everybody . . . Finely tuned in an infinite blend of God consciousness.

  39. Thank you for this splendid note of harmony to start the day!

  40. What a great and truthful analogy comparing our lives in harmony with a great Orchestration conducted by God, being the Conductor.
    Giving God Good the praise brings us in sync with the harmonious rhythm of life just as The Boston Pops brings to a masterpiece of music such as George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.

  41. Thank you, Mary Alice, for a much needed message. I had anything but an harmonious day yesterday. It was very frustrating and somehow I couldn't find any peace of mind no matter how much I prayed. It was as though the conductor was missing and the composer's music very discordant. Nothing like the beautiful music accompaning this Lift. I played violin and piano early in life then concentrated on singing, and music has always been an inspiration and comfort. Today I will strive to see everyone as a member of God's orchestra, all playing in harmony.

  42. Just beautiful. And how much obedience is needed to reach the good result! To play as the conductor indicates and not when mortal mind would try to distract us from what is being played. I always think of this alegory and it makes me feel so good to be part of this great orchestra and to feel that I am never alone, never without company because God never leaves his spiritual concert hall. Love to all the family of Daily Lifters and to all the people who work for this.

  43. II'm taking a seat in the clarinet section, Mary Alice, knowing that I will be playing better today because of your guiding me to some wonderful thoughts and actions generated by the conductor. Thank you.

  44. Just beautiful your today´s lift, Mary!
    Majestically presented!
    Besides, your English pronunciation is so clear that you can´t imagine how good is, for a foreigner, to understand each spoken word!
    Thank you so much!

  45. What wonderful comments to a beautiful thought picture. I will
    now go outside to do a little yard work and watch the birds as they
    go about their morning routine. All the while I remember to watch
    and listen for God,s Song of the morning. How sweet it is! Maybe
    I will join in the chorus.

    Thank you, Mary Jane for such a beautiful way to begin the day.

  46. Thank you, Mary Alice, for “God’s orchestra … God as the conductor … and you and I, every living thing, every spiritual idea of the divine Mind … a member of this orchestra … His conducting keeps us in perfect rhythm, perfect harmony – united and guided, individually and collectively by His ever-present love …”

    The Truth of being is quite beautiful to behold, isn’t it? And you’ve shared it here, so eloquently! It reminds me of a time when I was faced with a daily traffic situation that felt very chaotic and extremely dangerous, as cars would come full speed at what seemed from every direction at a certain interchange. This same recognition of “God as the conductor” brought me a whole new view of the situation and changed my entire experience. I was freed to enjoy the “perfect harmony” of my daily commute – even and especially at that interchange.

    Just now, as I was appreciating how such “angel thoughts” take us from chaos to cosmos thinking and living, I recognized that I had been introduced to “chaos vs. cosmos” in a rather recent Daily Lift. When I checked, sure enough! – I found your April 13th Lift of this year, from which I highlighted:

    “We live in the cosmos … ‘the universe conceived as an orderly and harmonious system contrasted with chaos’ …”

    The Truth is always the Truth!!! Thank you again and again, Mary Alice, for your inspired sharing.

  47. Your analogy of God as the Grand Orchestra Conductor is so helpful. As the Grand Conductor and Choreographer, God really governs with such grace and beauty and harmony, every note of every player, every step and crescendo. At end of this Daily Lift, as the orchestra began to play, my screen saver started through my picture file, showing me the wonders of God's creation as the music played. It made me look at those pictures as never before, as the wonders of God's creation, with God's hand so apparent. Thank you for the good learning visual.

  48. Glorious analogy!!!!

  49. Thank you for this lift, Mary Alice. I love the idea of the orchestra and of all the notes blending together to make beautiful, harmonious music. The Bible says to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I've always thought of that as music, gratitude, love.
    I also liked #9, Tony's analogy of a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece fitting together to make the whole picture. One piece alone can't do it. We need all the pieces.

  50. All harmonious, all together, all one. Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiration, Mary Alice. It reminded me of listening to the musical prelude to Annual Meeting yesterday, watching the organist at The Mother Church play a magnificent toccata by heart, with the world listening together. God orchestrating all the elements.

  51. Sin duda las más bellas melodias surgen cuando los instrumentos dan el tono exacto, al unísono siguiendo al director de orquesta.Cuando esas notas se van sucediendo sin interrupción, van desgranando notas armoniosas. Y se dan, cuando son interpretadas por músicos inspirados en una sola expresión suprema, el Amor, esas notas se suceden en todos los tiempos y en todas las formas de armonía posible, porque expresada de esa manera las verdaderas notas, Verdad, Amor, Vida, inteligencia, sabiduría, paciencia, bondad, integridad, etc. etc. dan el tono justo para producir las más grandiosas melodías, las del alma inmortal, que no desentonan nunca cuando los músicos siguen al Director sumisamente, como así lo demostró.el más sublime músico, Cristo Jesús, que siempre dió el tono exacto, para enseñarnos como tocar para lograr armonía, siguiendo al Unico y grandioso Director de orquesta, Dios bendito.

    Muchisimas gracias Mary Elise, por el mensaje.

  52. As I listened to this the second time, I saw how the entire Lift, from the music before and after, to the tone of the announcement at the end, were a unit. Well done, delivering the message of God's perfect orchestration. Thanks to all.

  53. As we play our life in harmony with good, we'll find others spontaneously joining in, and vice versa.
    Thank you MaryAlice for starting today's harmonious lift!

  54. Thank you Mary Alice, lovely. What a joy to read the many ways everyone expresses gratitude and joy with each lift. Thanks DL team.

  55. This is a great Lift, Mary Rose. I seem to remember you gave us choir Lift at Christmas, with a virtual choir of 1,000. How wonderful to think of all of our Lifters, each playing a different instrument, but keeping in perfect harmony and unison, because God is our conductor. Well, certainly there is no doubt about that. And really - it does seem amazing that I can say this - God also keeps our families and friends in perfect harmony and unison. It seemed to take me a while to comprehend this. I think I'd like to choose the piccolo, because if there's a soprano on the scene the piccolo usually gets the best notes. . .
    I wondered why Bosede joined us for the Daily Lift yesterday. . . She'll be an excellent President. And congratulations to all the new appointees - you can expect busy times ahead. Or should I say rich and fulfilling times ahead. . .

  56. Thank you soooooo much for this Lift, the timing is perfect and the inspiration from it and from everyone's comments are are so uplifting. I feel very loved and supported.

  57. LOVED this, Mary Alice. "The music of the spheres," like Mary Baker Eddy shares in Science & Health. Bravi tutti! Grazie, Dio!!!!

  58. Dear Mary Alice,
    Best ever! And the music perfectly expressed the majesty of the message and of our role in the universal symphony. Thank you!

  59. How wonderful..... being a classical singer and teacher with a son a conductor,this has always been in our thoughts .. as God Divine Mind is always in control.... always the conductor... watching him conduct the production of Dido and Aeneas for operacaribe...we held to to the concept of the Divine Conductor... thank you for the inspiring and uplifting ... and the mussic

  60. Thanks! What a great analogy. It caught my attention because of all the beauty and harmony I have taken the time to see in nature while hunting in the woods for morel mushrooms, hiking barefoot up on the Sleeping Bear Dunes, xc skiing this past winter/spring....... - totally inspiring.

  61. I had a healing one time seeing that if a conductor didn't have an orchestra he wouldn't be a conductor. I so saw how if that God didn't have us to reflect Him, He wouldn't be God! That is how important each of us is!

  62. Delightful! Thanks

  63. A beautiful, practical idea that takes our identity out of the realm of personality and into the realm of infinitely harmonious Mind! Thank you, Mary Alice. Let's all play on...

  64. Thank you, thank you, Mary Alice for this wonderful lift. It truly met a need this morning! I love music and the harmony that it expresses. I played this lift three times just to allow the message to become more real to me; and I will be listening to it again!! Love the feeling of being apart of God's orchestra.
    This is one of my "keepers" for future listening.

  65. Thank you Mary Alice, so nice to know we are all part of this "universal" art. All Harmonious.

  66. It is so helpful to be reminded that not only are each of us valued for our part in the orchestra, but that when we each perform our part to the highes of our ability, the result is a beautiful harmonious piece of art! Thank you Mary Alice!

  67. Dear Mary Alice, Thank you for this message of God's orchestra.
    We're all in this together. Each of us needed for the whole concert --
    and no sour notes! I love the comments -- each person sharing their "notes" here,
    finding harmony everywhere, as in #46 at a confusing and dangerous intersection -- harmonized.

  68. It has always been so amazing to me that only seven notes represent and unfolds all of this beautiful harmony in music.

  69. Thank you for this wonderful idea and musical selection! Great antidote to the daily news reports!

  70. Thank you....listening to your clear message of TRUTH, brings peace and harmony to my thoughts.

  71. Such a beautiful thought and just what I needed to hear today. Everything you said rings true and the analogy of an orchestra is especially meaningful. Thank you.

  72. Thank you so much! Exactly what I need today. A beautiful reminder of my needed place in God's orchestra.

    Linda W. MN

  73. Whoops ~ My Note (ha ha) got wisked away, but I just wanted to thank you for the perfect
    ideas to work with young children on my last day in a language class, so I can help give
    the a "parting thought" about their individual uniqueness and their importance as notes in
    the orchestra of their future classes and life in general. Thank you so much!

  74. This is a very unique concept of Infinite Wisdom (GOD).The most magnificent orchestra (if not the only one)...Your analogy is "wonderful".......


  75. I always thought how wonderful it would be to play in a symphony orchestra...only to find now that I have always been a part of one. How perfect!
    Thank you #61 for that insight.

  76. Harmony is all there is and to identify with it, cherish it, and to express it is living! What a lovely affirmation, Mary Alice. I'll keep and use this lift. Thank you so much.

  77. Sometimes, my part in the orchestra is a rest, attentive to the Conductor and listening to the other members playing their part waiting for the Conductor's sign that it is my time to do my solo.
    I learned this lesson, to trust that each player knows its part, the One infinite Mind being in control of everyone in His magnificent orchestra forever.

  78. Wow! Your inspiring "Lift" make me want to shout "Bravo!Bravo! Encore! Encore! I feel it's message as I am carried along by it's spirit! Thank you for helping us see that we're all part of the piece, part of the orchestra of Life, with the Mistro our Father/Mother God!

  79. Thanks, Mary Alice. I have always loved the symphony analogy, as every member of the orchestra is crucial to the success of the work --- from the first violins to the triangle. And each of us, as individual spiritual ideas is a crucial part of the whole, or as Mary Baker Eddy terms it: an active portion of one stupendous whole.

  80. Brava!
    Just fabulous.
    Moderato; allegro; pianissimo; adagio!!

    Thanks Alice,
    susan collins

  81. Music, God's divine harmony of the universe,the only capable composer, arranger, conductor. I heard you speak of wanting to sing in the universal, virtual chorus someday. Yes, God is there too. How special. What a glorious experience. Thank you so much for this melodic lift.

  82. Mmmmmmm. I have goosebumps. Bravo!

  83. Thank You Mary Alice - Harmony of all - I like how you added that each musician and instrument are critically important and know one can take our place ! so beautiful that we are all worthy and needed to play in this Orchestra of life.

  84. Your Daily Lift is beautiful. We are all God's idea and express perfect harmony.

  85. Music, especially melodic and harmonious music, has always been spiritual for me. When there are rough spots in the road I most often first turn to the hymns for inspiration. Seeing God or Divine Mind as the Great Conductor just makes perfect sense! Thanks Mary Alice for sharing your thoughts.

  86. What a beautiful lift! I'm reminded of hymn 263 from the Christian Science Hymnal -- the second verse is

    Hymn 263:2

    As the stars in order going,
    All-harmonious, He doth move;
    Heavenly calm and comfort showing,
    Comes the healing word of Love.
    Who the word of wisdom heareth
    Feels the Father Love within,
    Where as dawn the shadow cleareth,
    Love outshines the night of sin.

  87. Thank you Mary Alice! Such a comprehensive analogy you explain here! As all beings reflect God "...Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love..." (MBE "Science and Health 465), your reminder for us, that we work together as a divine God's Orchestra" in an unfolding of joy, is truly a "Daily Lift".

  88. Mary Alice, this is so inspiring. I love the message and the forthcoming comments, each one delightful.

    4 Diane, you shined up my day with a laugh.

  89. Thank you so much, your pronunciation , your English, is so good to understand for me, thanks :–)

  90. Thank you for this message of oneness and harmony! Mindy Montgomery/Pure In Heart CS Church, Orange County California

  91. This was wonderful; makes me want to be a better "musician". If I don't practice, I'll be letting the rest of the orchestra down. I want to do my best. Thank you.

  92. THANK YOU! I loved it. The musical harmony of God's conducting, all notes ( we ) in the right place, at the right time engaging with other notes so effortlessly!

  93. Lovely.

  94. Thank you so much, Mary Alice, for this beautiful lift. I have been feeling a bit "disconnected" and this was such a wonderful reminder that we are all connected by God's great and powerful all-inclusive love for each idea in his creation. So comforting.

  95. What a wonderful concept, thank you!

  96. Mary Alice it was a beautiful analogy. Thanks a million!

  97. What a lovely message of hope and peace- knowing we are always connected, harmonizing right there with God and all of the angel thoughts.

  98. Inspiring. Thank you.

  99. I just loved this! What a good word picture of God never leaving the stage and all of us with our perfect part to add to the whole! The music was divine!

  100. Thank you Mary Alice. This is a lovely way to see God and each of his glorious ideas!

  101. Beautiful life and wonderful comments. Thank you, Mary Alice Rose and all contributors to this symphony lifting thought higher and higher. Praises to our ever-loving Conductor!

  102. wonderful! thank you

  103. Wonderful analogy - very thought provoking! How important for each of us to 'keep our eyes on God!' for this orchestra to stay together:)!

  104. Thank you very much, Mary Alice Rose! I love thinking about the idea that I'm in God's orchestra. Puts a smile on my face! What a morale booster. What a status position. It's really late. Now I can get some sleep.

  105. Dear Mary Alice, this is a wonderful and helpful idea with being a member of God's divine orchestra. And particularly He being a conducter who never leaves the stage. How very comforting!
    Thank you!

    Sorry, I am so late - I only just got this lift.

  106. I am returning to this Daily Lift comment area because this message came like a gentle gift yesterday morning. During my afternoon errands, in a quiet neighborhood, a school bus, who's driver just didn't see me coming along from his right, pulled out from a stop sign. But God's orchestra was in perfect harmony and the driver saw and heard my car in time for me to drive by and we both continued on our way with no interference whatsoever. I immediately thought of this Daily Lift from the early morning hours and felt a deep gratitude for that message. I thanked God right out loud with a buoyant sense of Love all around us. Precious!! Thank you!!

  107. The music made me feel I was sitting in the cinema waiting on a big production film to start that is what your lift made me feel Mary Rose I am part of a BIG production thank you

  108. Thank you so much Mary Alice for the comforting lift.

  109. Now that's what I call a LIFT!!!! Thank you so much for all of the Daily Lifts, but this one really touched my heart!

  110. This was a blessing and a lift!

  111. I loved the Lift...Thank you Mary Alice...
    The Conductor and Orchestra ...Perfect together...

  112. Beautiful thoughts perfectly expressed! Love playing in this radiant, harmonious orchestra!

  113. Thank you for the inspired analogy, Mary Alice! Very clear and helpful.

  114. Wow, if you only knew how helpful this Daily Lift has been for me, a music teacher at two schools, where I conduct Marimba Orchestras. I just had a Grade 5 class learn a song on the marimbas in a 7 part orchestra! It sounded so great to hear the harmony of all the parts playing together. It was so rewarding to watch the students keep in tune with their counterparts as they played. Also, a Grade 1/2 class learned a simple song on marimbas in 3 part harmony and even played to the beat! By working 1 on 1 with each individual student, it all came together so wonderfully. I am learning the lesson of playing my part in God's Orchestra, remembering to play my small but significant part and listening and watching my conductor, God, as he leads all of us in one accord. I am no longer the conductor but simply one of the many players. God does all the conducting. I am a witness to the continual harmony underlying everything. It is a yielding process, that wonderfully satisfies.

  115. Thank you Mary Alice.I keep coming back to this and re-listening many times over and over. Each time inspiring and helpful. The music accompaniment also lifting me/us up higher and higher. Thank you!

  116. Thank you, thank you for this beautiful lift! Thank
    you for all the others who expressed their ideas and gratitude.

    Does anyone know what the music is playing at the end of the lift? It too is so uplifting and sings of "perfect harmony and perfect rhythm"

    Daily Lift Team
    The music used for this Lift is "New Shores" by Bristow McKenzie.

  117. Great ideas, Mary Alice, for me as a music teacher!

  118. thank you mary alice

  119. Thank you Mary Alice! Wonderful message, wonderful Lift, and one that I shared with a dear friend who loves the symphony. What a lovely and higher meaning she will gain from recognizing the "orchestration" of divine Love!
    Much love,