6/28: Circulating love

6/28: Circulating love

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  1. Yes, giving is LIVING!... thanks, Rob..... what great imagery...Galilee/Dead Sea -..inlet - outlet ;there
    has to be circulation.... like a public circulating library where all books move in and out of the
    reading public

  2. Thank you Rob for this thought-provoking Lift. Giving is the stepping stone to receiving more, to advancing spiritually. Demonstrating what we already know brings us closer to the understanding of the divine possibilities of absolute Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy's statement in S&H, page 79 certainly tells of Gods unlimited and uninterrupted supply of good when she says, "Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us."

  3. Well said Rob! Thank you

  4. Lovely; thank you.

  5. Thank you Rob, this was beautiful. Lorna

  6. Wonderful message. Thanks Rob!

  7. Thanks Rob for some more great ideas and a wonderful analogy of the two seas. How important it is to circulate the good that we are gaining through our study of Christian Science, and not just keep it to ourselves, for by example we can show others what blessings lie in store for each of us when the truth is applied to daily living. I was listening to one of your lectures, in the middle of the night, on the internet, for the fourth time last night, when I was needing to clear my thought of some error. I was able to go back to sleep and awoke much refreshed this morning!My thanks again.

  8. Thank you Rob for your message so true. Dawn NZ

  9. Thank you, Rob, for this important message! You are so right: giving more is the answer every time. How much more happy I feel when giving than thinking of lack, etc. What an excellent reminder!

  10. Thank you for the inspirations! Circulating love is about recognizing the Love we get and the one we give. If I give joyfully, then I can feel lighter, better and open the circulation of Life. My mom told me: "If you give what you have to somebody that needs this, you'll make place to new things". Circulating doesn't mean, that I always get back one to one what I gave from the same person who received something from me. I may give Love to somebody and feel this person doesn't appreciate it. On the other hand somebody is caring about me and I may not show my gratitude the way this person expects. Where I live there is a simple metaphor about the circulation of God's way thru people's lives. Snow melts after the winter, then rivers get full of water and in the case it goes to a lake and the water goes on. Love goes on in many way and we all get something, it may come from a different source from what we expected.

  11. Wonderful, true and worth remembering and putting into practice. Thank you. Gratifiying to see Rose there (No.7) I am not the only one tuning in for a late night lecture, which I do from time to time. Very effective !

  12. Thank you for this lovely message this morning, Rob, a continuous thread in each Daily Lift, I am so grateful for these daily blessings. The little person also makes me smile all day long with her greeting. Thank you Daily Lift team and for all the uplifting comments too.

  13. What an interesting concept. I never knew that about those bodies of water.
    The more you give the more you receive. Thank you so much Rob

  14. Thank you, Rob. Having recently been to Israel and Jordan with the Nancy & Olene Tour, I so appreciate your "history" and wonderful metaphysical message for all of us to put into practice.

  15. To me the key word that you used was APPLYING what you had been learning. It's tempting sometimes to just read or listen to inspiring thoughts, acknowledge their veracity with a sense of peace, and then go about our day without applying them to anything. That's like learning a math concept, but never applying it to a math problem. Once we have applied to ourselves the truths that God gives us, we can pay them forward by seeing how they are true for others as well. That way good is continuously flowing.

  16. Thank You

  17. In the Holy Land, the Jordan river feeds two seas, the Dead Sea o Salt Sea, also called “the lowest spot on earth”—and has no outlet; and the Sea of Galilee, with its high currents, boisterous winds an abundance of fishing.
    The Sea of Galilee (a fresh water lake) is productive because it shares its bounty with its tributaries left and right.

    As with these bodies of water, love and money have one thing in common, they need to be shared in order to be productive, they are meant to circulate and share their value in order to multiply.

    Our lives too are more productive when we share what we have with others.

    En Tierra Santa, el río Jordán alimenta a dos mares, el Mar Muerto o Mar de Sal, también llamado “el punto más bajo de la tierra”—que no tiene desembocadura; y el Mar de Galilea, con sus vientos bulliciosos y amplia pesca.
    El Mar de Galilea (un lago de agua dulce) es productivo pues comparte generosamente su Tesoro con sus afluentes de derecha e izquierda.

    Como estos cuerpos de agua, el amor y el dinero tienen una cosa en común, necesitan ser compartidos para ser productivos, deben circular y compartir su valor para multiplicarse.

    Nuestras vidas también son más productivas cuando compartimos lo que tenemos con los demás.

  18. Thank you Rob,for this "Wake Up Call" and most inspired.I was not raised in Christian Science. My dear mother even though a regular churchgoer was not permitted access to The Bible in the Church we attended, The Bible was only read by the Priest and in Latin [we did not understand latin].My mother was the most upright and caring individual.It was her sudden passing on that jolted my search for "Something"at the time I did not realize it, but now I realize, it was a search for God=Love. The passing of my mother had left a great painful vacuum of emptiness.After a very long search I was introduced to Christian Science by a patient in a hospital[I was a medical nurse] I shortly withdrew from the medical,and dedicated myself to the study of The Bible and the book Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. Many years later I left Africa to go and study the Spiritual art of Nursing instead of the Medical Nursing. Being abroad is when I was awakened to God as Love. I had never travelled in my native land of Africa,so being in a foreign country was at first most difficult,but as I grew in the understanding of Love and the joy of "unconditional giving and receiving"there was a great sense of peace,joy and purpose. I realized the loving kindness I had felt with my mother had not left me when she passed on but was ever within me.The "dead sea within me dissolved" and as I continue giving in serving others unconditionally,"the sea of Galilee" contiues to circulate in waves of gratitude.

  19. What a lovely comparison Rob, and a lovely example too Nomvula

  20. Thank you.

  21. Thank you, Rob, for this important Lift. There is so much in it. Many profound lessons. And thank you to all for the inspired helpful comments, especially to Nomvula ( No 18) for her clarification of the joy of unconditional giving and receiving and its link to the nature of the living sea of Galilee within.

  22. Many thanks Rob for this great reminder. Yes. "Our real need is to give more." "True, the heart grows rich in giving;/ All its wealth is living grain;/ Seeds which mildew in the garner,/ Scattered, fill with gold the plain./ Is thy burden hard and heavy?/ Do thy steps drag wearily?/ Help to bear thy brother's burden,/ God [Love] will bear both it and thee." (Christian Science Hymnal # 360).

  23. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. Yes it is wonderful to be able to give. Many thanks to all the Lifters have a great weekend.

  24. Thank you so very much for this timely lift Rob. A practitioner once said to watch out for the 4 C's. Complaint, comparison, criticism, condemnation. How easy it is to apply those to today's events and become as stagnant as the Dead Sea. Instead, doing as you suggest Rob and applying what we learn daily circulates Truth into the world affirming the 'sovereign ever presence' of Divine Love.
    Thank you Elena, #17, and Nomvula, #18, for your comments. They are most helpful to me today.

  25. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this nice message. Everyday, we receice from God, our dear Father-Mother, all what we need, so we can give too, circulating the thruth of Love all around us. God bless all the lifters, have a nice weekend.

  26. Thank you so much Rob this meant a great deal to me today. I have just signed up to have the weekly print edition of the Christian Science Monitor delivered to me, with a view to looking at the issues which I need to pray about in the world. I know that the Monitor will give me an honest look at the news and I shall be better informed. Nate Talbot alerted us, in his recent audio question and answer talk, to the need to address "currents of thought" while praying for greater spiritual understanding.
    Dilys, UK.

  27. Rob, this is so good, as all your Lifts have been. Thank you, thank you for your years of dedicated service to the Board of Lectureship. Love and best wishes to you!

  28. I also (as #15) feel that the concept of APPLYING what we know is important.
    This is a wonderful reminder that as we work for the world our own life experience is blessed also.
    Many thanks, Rob!

  29. AMEN.

  30. Thank you Rob and to all the those sharing comments. Very inspiring!

  31. Thanks, Rob, for this VERY inspiring lift. I can see how important giving is in our thought of church as well as for ourselves. Our spiritual sense of church is a living activity every day of the week in all we do.

    We are seeing all men as God sees them when we share and demonstrate God's spiritual laws . Our thought IS God and it blesses everyone as we bring alive our understanding of God. Knowing that God is blessing all is actively giving and opens ways we can do more for others in need. It heals all ills of the flesh as it lifts our thought to see God working everywhere blessing the world.

    Thank you so much for this lift!

  32. The Lift is great! And the darling message from the little one is just enchanting and healing.

  33. For we must share, if we would keep
    That blessing from above;
    They cease to have who cease to give:
    Such is the law of Love.
    Hymn 182
    Hands reaching out to give are open to receive.

  34. Thanks so much, Rob, for bringing out the importance of circulating love. I know I have referred to this before, but I just love what the "Welcome to the Christian Science Bible Lessons!" says on the first page of the full text Quarterly: "...as you actively live love day by day, even moment by moment, you can see the healing and benefits that result, helping not only yourself but everyone your life touches." I begin each day with the Daily Prayer as given on page 41 of the Christian Science Manual which ends with "and may Thy word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them." How wonderful to have the affections of ALL mankind enriched by God!

  35. Such a good reminding lift. Thanks so much. And what great comments. Numbers 18 and 24 particularly spoke to my heart this morning.

  36. Thank you for your lift. I had the opportunity to visit both of these bodies of water. The Sea of Galilee is surrounded by lush vegetation, a few towns and people. It is alive with activity and is the main source of fresh water for the country. The Dead Sea is surrounded by barren land with very little vegetation. The water from it is undrinkable. Swimming rather floating in it is fun but the swimmer must be careful not to swallow any of it and shower carefully after getting out of it. Even just being in it, leaves a salty taste on the lips. We watched the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee and the world around it come alive. The "Circulating Love" of the Sea of Galilee was a much more uplifting experience than the deadliness of the Dead Sea. It is appropriately named. Thank you again for this wonderful lift.

  37. Lovely, lovely! Thanks, Rob.

  38. In Exodus chapter 13 we read about "manna", the bread that was provided daily by the Lord to the children of Israel. But this bread had to be used that day. It could not be hoarded or saved else it would stink and breed worms. Only on the day before the Sabbath could they gather rations for two days. And there was also a daily allotment which was shared among the people, some gathered more and some less, but all were sufficiently provided for through this sharing.

    It is easy to relate this problem to the Dead Sea's lack of an outlet. Now imagine the Dead Sea with no inlet. We can't share what we don't first gather and it is important to share what we have while it is fresh.

    If we pray and receive an idea or inspiration from God we might be tempted to delay sharing or implementing it until later, but this is simply mortal mind's expression of fear and doubt. We should never be afraid of an impulse to express Love or any quality or talent we have received of God because we don't trust in our own abilities. We need only trust in His ability. Our "response-ability" is to share with those who have gathered less and at the same time continue listening for new inspiration in case a change of plan is necessary at His direction.

    And never be afraid to accept help from someone else. You're helping them fulfill their own response-ability. That includes not only giving testimonies in church, but encouraging others to share and listening to theirs as well.

  39. Just what I needed. Thank you so much.

  40. Rob, Another thank you. Reading the comments is such a treat. Thanks everyone. Thanks DL team for putting these on.

  41. Sin duda el amor debe circular, como en realidad circunda al mundo, desde todo alrededor, haciéndo posible que llegue hasta el más lejano rincón, si es que hay algún lugar lejano para Dios-Amor donde no esté expresado de alguna manera, que hasta parezca extraña, porque ésta no sea la tradicional y conocida, la que hemos aprendido a amar. ¿Quién puede negar tal posibilidad? En esa inmencidad infinita que el Amor divino se mueve y circula Dando ideas plenas de Amor, justas en su definición, para que las practiquemos en la misma proporción.

    "Él llena todo el espacio, y es imposible concebir tal omnipotencia e individualidad excepto como el espiritu infinito" MBE.

    "El que labra la tierra se saciará de pan. Y el que saciare, él también será saciado" Proverbios

    Dando como Dios da, también nosotros lo seremos.

    Muchas gracias Rob, un inspirado mensaje para el fin de semana, para reflexionar, si estamos cincundando al amor en su justa medida.

  42. Thank you, Rob. What a wonderful analogy the two seas. Thank you. I will endeavor to get more onto Love's circulation today.

  43. Thank you. That is an illustration that I can carry with me and use frequently.

  44. Thank you, Rob, for “Circulating love … inlet and outlet … like the Sea of Galilee …”

    Wow! When you decided to claim “world events” for God, it was as if, in that decision, you realized your holy purpose and committed to your healing ministry. Very inspiring! And so it is with each of us to realize our own holy purpose and commit to our own healing ministry. God is Love and we in that image and likeness can do nothing less than circulate Love in our own individual, unique, and incomparable ways.

    Freely received. Freely given. Love proves the harmony/heaven of the Truth of our being - always alive and well! By its very nature, Love has to be shared. If what comes to us as Love isn’t shared, it becomes a mockery of Love. But God does not mock, so we cannot. Today, with a renewed sense of purpose, I will be not as the Dead Sea but “like the Sea of Galilee” and circulate Love with deep gratitude for my Source.

    “Genesis i. 10. … and the gathering together of the waters called He Seas: and God saw that it was good.” (S&H 506) Also, the hymns and words “Christ My Refuge by Mary Baker Eddy” and “He comes to give thee joy for desolation” come to mind (CS Hymnal 252 and 412).

    No Dead Sea days or even moments!!! There’s Love to be circulated!!! :-)

  45. Great advice to start and remember thru out the day, Pass on the Love!

  46. Thank you Rob for this beautiful lift.

  47. "And Love is reflected in love." This assures us of endless love given to us, given by us, to all whom we encounter, to all upon whom our thoughts rest. And all this love originates with God, divine Love, so it has to be endless and pure. We are so blessed.
    ,Thank you, Rob. Thank you, dear Mother Church, for this daily blessing.

  48. Love the metaphor of the two bodies of water--perfect! Great for a Sunday School teacher!

  49. Thanks, Rob! Also, thank you for the lecture in Glen Arbor, Michigan last night. The staff and campers were glad to be there and enjoyed your inspiring talk. That love continues to circulate!

  50. This is a lovely reminder Rob. Instead of praying for more and wanting to get more, give more. Absolutely, that is the law. Share the gifts already received to bless others. "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure .... will be poured into your lap". Luke 6:38. It is good to hear you again, thank you and bless you.

  51. Thank you Rob, for your inspired lift! We cannot ever be afraid that in giving, we will run out. Like your Sea of Galilee metaphor, giving becomes getting and as I see it too, by giving we get more and more into our clearer, stronger, right sense of God in our lives and, by extension, for everyone around us. Life, Truth and Love are never in short supply.
    Thank you lifters; it's always a joy to read your comments.
    And thank you Daily Lift Team also!

  52. What a wonderful "uplift" to share with my young adult grandchildren. One just enlisted in the Navy. And by the way, this "Uplift" lifted up grandma, and made her realize that the steady flow of Love carries a God directed flow through our lives. Never thought about those two Seas and their difference. I will carry this with me through the day. I will share with the young man on his way to Boot Camp.
    Thanks, Rob. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  53. Thank you, Rob. I love the idea of inflow and outflow in my life. Only through daily study of Christian Science do I receive the true pure inflow and see it in my daily life. My outflow seems truly joyous and vibrant through my commitment to Church and the community. Only God brings me gladness in His world. No stagnancy here!

  54. This lift was hugely helpful for me -- it was just what I needed, without even knowing it. Thanks!

  55. Yes, giving more is good for everyone! Thank you, Rob!

  56. Thank you.

  57. Before C/S came into my life, I loved to give. I loved to see a person's expression on their faces of joy and thankfulness from my giving. The receipt that I got was much better than any material object that I might receive from them. After C/S came into my life, I learned that was the very attitude that the Bible brought out, "It's better to give than to receive."

  58. Loved it Rob! And thanks for your Lecture in Sandpoint several weeks ago! Thank you, #38 Michael for "....We should never be afraid of an impulse to express Love or any quality or talent we have received of God....." Yes, I'm working on making some wider and deeper channels for the streams of Love! Happy Loving Weekend to All!

  59. Thank you #47 Kathleen, Mexico, for the reminder, "And Love is reflected in love." When you think about it, reflection is a surface quality. It doesn't make any difference if the water is miles deep or a thin rain slick, the reflective power is the same and comes from God.

    I guess my point is we don't have to be deep thinkers or class taught to reflect God. Sometimes little children are the best reflectors. Our individual experience is more of a reflection of how deep and pure our own waters are and keeping ourselves refreshed from a pure source (divine inspirations) allows us to refresh others and ourselves more deeply.

    Water always seeks a balance. On one hand it is important not to let timidity or doubt restrict our sharing, but on the other hand we need to be watchful not to let ego get involved or begin thinking of ourselves as better metaphysicians or better reflections of God than someone else.

    We must be alert to those who are so impressed with themselves they become vain and hollow, living in the past on their old accomplishments and never growing higher through imbibing the fresh waters from the open fount of love.

    Always watch out for people who drink their own bathwater.

  60. The more you give, the more he gives to you; just keep on giving, it's really true, are lines from a Christian hymn I learned as a child. My mom reinforced those Christian values inspiring in me to help others, she said it would be good if I should become a nurse. This healing ministry was not employed until after raising my own children. I am so grateful for those years of nursing and one phrase that became rote from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy "The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable." Thank you Rob and all other commenters.

  61. Thanks, Rob, for this great Lift and the inspiring reminder to pray about issues as they come to thought.

  62. So good and so, so true. Seeing you can't add to to a vessel already full....it would seem that not much growth is going on either.

    Thanks! I enjoyed your lecture in Lynn, MA this past Sunday.

  63. Beautiful Rob, and a Lift to be remembered. Years ago I was given something and felt I couldn't give back to that person I was told that I should pass it on to someone else. Now that's exactly what I do when I can give to others I tell them they owe me nothing except to pass good on to someone else. The circulation of Love blesses the whole world and comes right back to us. The Daily Lifts are a wonderful example of this as they go around the world enriching many lives.
    Thank you Nate and team for your love expressed to all.

  64. Some of the comments following this wonderful lift seemed so directed to me. I had never heard of the 4Cs before. I'm going to make a list for today of some of these comments and try harder to show Love today without timidity. Are you guys sure you didn't just write these things for me?!

  65. Thank you for this Lift. It echoed the themes of an article I read last night in this week's, June 24th Sentinel entitled "The Moldau and the Dead Sea" by Patrick M. Collins. I love it when I get repeated messages - like God saying - "Did you get this message? I'm making sure you do!" No dull, dead thinking will do! Go forth and give!

  66. You hit a lightbulb in thought for me. Give more prayer to current events so there is an outlet. That is a calm approach. There are so many issues, that I just do blankets. Abortion issue- God you are Life. Gay issue- God we are all wedded to the Christ. National security issue- God you are protecting all mankind.

    The outlet approach seems more detailed, thoughtful and calming. I will try it. Thanks Rob.

  67. Excellent!! Thank you Rob!! Audrey

  68. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr. Gilbert for this idea gift!!!!! - i so needed to hear this!!!!! And thank you to all who make these Daily lifts possible - I am so grateful for the ever flowing of right ideas that fill every moment of every day with purpose !!!!

  69. Thank you so much, Rob

  70. Sincere gratitude of peace and sharing that each one is giving freely, with inspiration from Rob.

  71. Thanks for the wonderful message this morning!

  72. What a life-affirming lift! Thank you, Rob!

  73. Just what I needed to hear. Right to the point. Thanks you Robert.

  74. Ron,
    Appreciate your comparison of the Dead Sea and that of the Sea of Galilee that has both an "inlet and outlet" to our personal life. Thanks!

  75. Wonderful. Thank you for the healing message.

  76. This is wonderful. Great reminder we so appreciate.

  77. Great example. Thanks!

  78. Wow! Thank you Rob! I love this "Lift" and it is so true, "we must give to get"! It reminds me of Hymn 182in the Christian Science Hymnal. One verse sings "For we must share, if we would keep that blessing from above; They cease to have who cease to give: Such is the law of love.". It's been my habit for many years after I've bought something to find one thing, or more to pass along to someone I know wanted it or would be blessed by it! It's a great way to keep out over stocking too! Gods law of equity I call it! Thank you for this great reminder today!

  79. I never thought of giving as part of a spiritual circulation system although it's obvious our material consumer society works on both buying and selling. So our spiritual existence works on both giving and receiving. Taking it a step further, letting go of material beliefs makes room to receive spiritual ideas, and that circulation gives life. Thank you Rob for this spiritual idea. Now what do I need to let go of?

  80. Thank you.Your gentle delivery permitted the great truths of this lift to shine brightly and inspire.Thank you again.

  81. What a simple, clear, insightful, and healing idea. Thank you.

  82. A perfect messge for me today Thank you for this inspired thought.

  83. Great concept Rob. Makes you think.

  84. Thank you for this lift! and thank you too No. 18 Nomvula from Cape Town, South Africa.

  85. I tell my grandchildren not to be stinky like the Dead Sea, but be fresh and lovely like the sea with an inlet and an outlet. Receive love and give love. Thanks

  86. I read these wonderful words a long time ago.
    The Art of Giving
    We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the heart:
    Love, kindness, joy, understanding, sympathy,
    tolerance, forgiveness.

    We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the mind:
    Ideas, dreams, purposes, ideals, principles,
    plans, projects, poetry.

    We give of ourselves when we give gifts of the spirit:
    Prayer, vision, beauty, aspiration, peace, faith.

    We give of ourselves when we give the gift of words:
    Encouragement, inspiration, guidance.

    Emerson said it well:
    "Rings and jewels are not gifts,
    but apologies for gifts.
    The only true gift is a portion of thyself."

    From The Art of Living
    by Wilfred A. Peterson

  87. Luke 6:38 New International Version (NIV)

    38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

  88. Nice.

  89. That was VERY helpful Rob! Thank you :)

  90. Thanks for an excellent analogy that we all may apply in our daily lives.

  91. Great point, plus it's fun to see Youtube's video on the Dead Sea and find pictures of the "Holy Land" and Galilee sea.

  92. I enjoyed the presentations every single day this week, not to say that I absolutely love them all of the time. But this week was somewhat different. The sweet little voice wishing us a great day at the conclusion is so very darling. I could just hug the precious one. Thank you for allowing this and for the inspiring "Daily Lift" series.

  93. Thank you, Rob. I love lifter's humorous insight about drinking bathwater. Well, there is one thing to start praying about - our municipality is about to start 'recycling' our drinking water. Also, when our self-esteem is low like low waters, remember the famous canal that lifts water with gates for safe passage -- it's like our God-given dominion raising us up above the fog to melt it fearlessly.

  94. Outstanding.
    "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

    So good.
    Sincerest thanks!

    Susan Collins

  95. And what a great example you are in giving. Your lectures are full of helpful ideas and your humor keeps us vibrant.

  96. Thank you for praying for the world.

  97. I love these lifts. Thank you.

  98. Always thought provoking, uplifting, & healthy Lifts that you share. Thank you❗

  99. Dear Rob,many thanks for your beautiful lift today. I have read every letter in response...testament to a powerful topic, (personal for me.) I have been blessed in my life to live amongst people who truly gave of themselves..choosing the best fruit,vegetables, grains, meat and fish to gift to family, friends and strangers. This huge lesson of humility and love lives on, powerfully in me. I will never forget; and strive to keep it alive in my life. Give the best of yourself and God will smile, I reckon. Loved the letters today!

  100. Thanks Rob for a wonderful reminder that we are here to circulate LOVE and GIVING!!

  101. A lovely lift and wonderful comments from everyone. I must just express my gratitude - also to make sure that the comments reach 100!!! It is really comforting to know that all this love is circling around the globe and is dispelling everything unlovely. "Love is reflected in Love". (MBE's spiritual interpretation of The Lord's Prayer.) As it is circulating, it must come back to us again in ever increasing circles with everyone's love added to it, all reflected from the divine source. How wonderful is that!

  102. Love your lift and the relevant analogy. I've always loved the Monitor and made an effort to keep abreast of the times; but as you say there is more required of us. May I be more astute in following your pathway.

  103. Thanks, Rob! It is so important to give of ourselves and to forgive, too. I have to keep reminding myself to think of both of these! It makes all the difference in the world!

  104. Thank you Rob for that inspiring lift--what a wonderful comparison using the two bodies of water. The concept of ideas coming in and healing thoughts going out to the world is so vital to remember each day.
    And thanks to #86 for the poem, The Art of Living. Very powerful.

    Thanks again!

  105. A beautiful thought, thank you for sharing. None of us want to be a Dead Sea with out the prospect of sharing.

  106. I am very grateful for these especially the one about stone mt

  107. How grateful I am, that I was able to read this DL. They're always so healing. That little one closing the program is such a joy to hear. Precious child of God, as we all are. Thank you Rob for such an enlightening DL today, and thank you to all the "lifters" who shared.

  108. this wonderful lift, sometimes so hard to take in, how grateful I am to have the help in life ,when things become difficult ,to see a so called problem in a different light, and to give in whichever form it takes,life is all about giving. Thank you.

  109. Wow that was great!!!!!
    Thank you so much...

  110. Wonderful direction for our lives. Thanks.

  111. Thank you, for your lift.

    RE: Inlet and Outlet
    Breathing In - One with God, Pure Love, Perfect Spirit
    Breathing Out - releasing/letting go of mind/mortal thoughts
    Each Day reflecting - How Can I be more giving, more loving, more selfless, reflecting the love of God and Jesus, less of mind, less of self centered and self serving

    With Love to All

  112. Loved what you said about circulating love. In and out, the atmosphere remains fresh. Like breathing. If its only one way, ther's death! Thank you so much Couldn't help smiling a big smile at the enthusiastic and charming voice of the little one at he end of this lift!.

  113. Thank you, Rob -- I always enjoy your lifts,

  114. Thannk you Rob for another great Lift!

  115. I've just come back from a river cruise through Ukraina and found your lovely lift. Thank you. It' s so iimportant not just to receive but also to give and so to prove that life needs both elements. Thank you for the beautiful metapher of the river Jordan.

  116. What a great analogy, thank you so much, and what a great lesson. This lift is booked marked for me to remind me. Sooooo meaningful, thank you.

  117. Thank you Rob for this wake up call to circulate love. For those interested, this concept is expanded on in the August 2013 CS Journal article " Christian Science 'practitioner-journalists' " by Keith S. Collins.

  118. Yes, Rob. Thank you for the lesson showing how to balance the "true" or "real" equation of spiritual mathematics by practicing with only kindly/loving thoughts or ideas, forever known.

  119. This Daily Lift resonated with me. Thanks, Rob!

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