6/21: Bridging over intervals

6/21: Bridging over intervals

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  1. Vielen Dank für die guten Ideen , auch für den Film. Ich liebe den Jungel.

  2. Thank you Mary for this so very important Lift. Mortal sense tries to tell us that life is made up of peaks and valleys, high points and low points. This misconstrued view of life makes us at times happy and other times sad. It tries to convince us that we have good days and bad days.The bridges of spiritual understanding lift us high above this mortal sense, that is trying to deceive us,and serves to connect our path of spiritual understanding to uninterrupted Christ-like thought. This and this alone becomes our experience. A continual joy-filled journey.

  3. How absolutely lovely, not just the gorgeous scenery, but the comments explaining how we can bridge over the negatives that seem to come up in our lives.

  4. Dear Mary,

    A beautiful presentation and spiritual message. Thank you for sharing. It is meeting just what I need for today. The message will be shared with someone who does not have a computer. The healing message is there and it is going on just as your describe the beautiful bridge.

  5. Thank you, Mary, for “Bridging over intervals … God’s uninterrupted, tender, ever-present love makes a bridge … for everyone.” Great video! Not only were the bridges beautiful; but, you didn’t have to build them. You just journeyed confidently over them, enjoying them so thoroughly!!! Moving forward in the beauty of holiness. I love it! “The beauty of holiness, the perfection of being, imperishable glory …” (S&H 253:2)

  6. Thanksfor the inspiration , I had not thought about applying this concept to a broadened sense of problems before. .

  7. "One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity. This exalted view, obtained and retained when the Science of being is understood," help us stay on track, moving forward, over and around every apparent obstacle. S&H 598:23

    We need not doubt nor fear. To recognize that God's love is uninterrupted, tender, and everpresent love makes a bridge over our problem valleys.

    "Un momento de consciencia divina, o de la comprensión espiritual de la Vida y el Amor, es un goce anticipado de eternidad. Esa elevada visión, obtenida y retenida al comprenderse la Ciencia del ser," nos ayuda a mantenernos en el buen camino, avanzando, por sobre todo y alrededor de todos los obstáculos aparentes. CyS 598:23

    No necesitamos dudar ni temer. El reconocer que el amor de Dios es ininterrumpido, tierno, y siempre presente, tiende un puento sobre nuestros valles de problemas.

  8. Beautiful, Mary, thank you! Yes, bridges - the thoughts that keep us above the valleys!

  9. Beautiful true thoughts. Thank you.

  10. Thank you so much Mary. That was a beautiful helpful message to help us over the valleys.

  11. Truly beautiful. We can always bridge the gap! Thankyou.

  12. That was a beautiful and powerful message Mary. Thank you.

  13. Lovely. I have known of those who had crossed the bridge, and came back to share what they had learned on the other side, that it's all about Love.

  14. bridges - marvellous idea! Thank you

  15. Thank you Mary for the very comforting message

  16. Dear Mary, thank you for today's lift. A lovely metaphor...made me think of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge over troubled waters", not forgetting an earlier lift which made a huge impression on me...stressing how we must paddle our canoe through the rapids, face on. Thank you for your healing helpful words, one and all.

  17. Mary, This is so beautiful and so healing! Thank you also commentators, especially # 1 Martin

  18. Thanks Mary for the bridges and the track over casms of error. Thanks also for the lovely natural background bird sounds.

  19. Thank you for this lovely Lift and video. It is Divine Love which bridges over with compassion the gap between the belief of life in matter and the understanding that Spirit is All-in-all.

  20. Thank you for this very helpful Lift. God is always there to guide us.

  21. Many thanks Mary for this inspiring lift. Yes. "God's uninterrupted tender ever-present love makes a bridge for us." "We praise Thee for Thy goodness/ And tender, constant care,/ We thank Thee, Father-Mother,/ That Thou hast heard our prayer." (Christian Science Hymnal #374).

  22. Thank you, Mary! I loved this practical (and beautiful) message!!

  23. Thank you for this strong structure of spiritual ideas Mary ... while walking through the day I can feel, see, and ponder them. A beautiful bridge and surrounds to focus on.

  24. Beautiful!! thank you !

  25. That was tremendous and so unique. Your lift was such an expression of Soul! Thank you and it was also wonderful to see your lovely smiling face at the end!

  26. These bridges of divine Love keep
    us out of the valleys. Precious idea
    Thank you

  27. MY FAVORITE DAILY LIFT . . . .thank you so much Mary for the beautiful portrayal and message of Heaven on Earth . . .what a wonder filled way to begin a new day.

  28. Such beautiful scenery, Mary. AND what helpful, timely thoughts. Your lift reminds me of hymn 461 in the new supplement (Peter Henniker-Heaton) which has this stanza, "We cannot turn away from God because, whichever way we face, Spirit is there (building bridges, as you say). In every place, every direction, everywhere Spirit is there (having built bridges for each of us). "

  29. Thank you , Mary. The title of the Daily Lift turned my thought immediately to intervals in music. I thought of how a competent cellist, for example, would negotiate across intervals seamlessly, creating a sustained line of phrase. Like a bridge. The musician is always looking forward and moving towards to the next note, either stepping or leaping across the intervals. What fun to apply your beautiful image of the bridge to music!

    Thank you for taking us into the lovely Australian bush.

  30. Thank you Mary

  31. Beautiful in all ways. Thanks so much.

  32. Ahh, Mary ~~ What a glorifying Reassurance - to begin one's day (its 8:15AM,Fri/6/21 here).

    With loving regard to you/jim.

  33. Thank you Mary for your lovely metaphorical message. We only have to stand still and know that God will provide the bridges we need for navigating any rough terrain of mortal mind. Very inspiring words!
    Thank you also lifters and The Daily Lift Team for bringing us this forum.

  34. Indudablemente Dios, permanentemente está tendiendo puentes entre Él y nosotros, y sin duda esos puentes son espirituales, depende de nosotros cruzarlos con confianza, sabíendo que del otro lado está la realización de la totalidad de ideas que Él desarrolla para nosotros, dando garantía y seguridad al puente para que se manifiesten en nosotros, y esas ideas son los pilares que sostienen, la baranda que da seguridad y a la que podemos aferrarnos para no caer y para que el transito por él, sea fluido, reposado, sereno y finalmente a salvo, completando el cruce hacia otro tramo sin duda más gozoso.

    Es hermoso cuantas ideas se desarrollan y hacen posible tan bellas expresiones de mensajeros y también de la familia del Daily lift, los colaboradores, y los pensadores diarios que desarrollan ideas y nos las dan para que nosotros desarrollemos las nuestra.

    Muchas gracias Mary, muy inspirado para que aferrados al él, este fin de semana sigamos transitando por él a falta del mensaje diario.

  35. Beautiful clear message, and beautifully illustrated. Thank you, Mary, and to everyone who helped with this.

  36. Lovely, Mary! When we want to move forward, and it looks like there is a deep ravine before us, we must be willing to "step out" and trust that either a bridge will appear, or that we will sprout wings and fly!

  37. Often we don't notice the hard work that went into building the bridge. We walk over it without realizing it may have taken months or years to build this smooth transition. I'm thinking how this can be applied to our life journey. We can be grateful that God has given us opportunites to work toward harmony, joy, contentment, peace, etc. These often take diligent and persistent work to get to but that is what we can look forward to instead of focusing on the labor that brings us to these spiritual goals.

  38. Perfect. And such a lovely walk. Many thanks!

  39. Thank you for the lovely, reassuring and visible lift today, dear Mary. Your walk over the bridge at the fern tree forest brought back the joy and memory also the wish for anew visit of your great country again. Love is all what counts in life. Ye more we give, ye more comes back from the abundance of love received from our father/mother God. Blessings to all.

  40. I loved these ideas and will share them with others struggling with a loved one's passing. When crossing bridges I'll remember your metaphor of crossing over with divine Love. :}

  41. Thank you, Mary. This was an inspiring message. My favorite time of day is enjoying the daily lift each morning.
    This is no special weekend, but a weekend to accept all the blessings given to us from God. So, happy weekend to all and Thanks be to God.

  42. Beautiful and powerful. Deep thanks for this great Lift.

  43. Thank you Mary for this beautiful Lift and video. I had never thought of a bridge (love)carrying us over the lows of material thinking before, but will now always take the path that leads to higher thought.
    Thanks to all in the team that provides these Lifts and to all the commentators for another week of spiritual ideas

  44. Absolutely beautiful, Mary! The natural scenery represents God's infinite creation. Thank you! Also, I love the ideas shared in #2 and #19. So much appreciation for the ideas and inspiration shared by all.

  45. Oh Mary,

    I can't thank you enough for this. It is exactly what I need. Having the visual images in this case really will help me remember the concept, as my family seems to be facing a valley. Beautiful illustration of that passage from Science and Health...and your relaxed walk along the path will remind me of how I'm supposed to go forward...with peace, wholeness, and joy.

  46. Thank you for this beautiful Lift with its gorgeous walk in the Australian bush! Wow so lush. Thank you to all involved to bring this special Lift to us. Thank you Lift commenters. I always appreciate those who write out phrases of the Lift and I also enjoyed #29 Marie speaking of the bridges in music and #36 the work involved in bridge building that can represent persistent prayerful work. Look forward to reading the rest this weekend!

  47. Thank you, Mary, for your beautiful healing Lift.

  48. Perfect!

  49. The metaphors that the Daily Lift lecturers continue to come up with are really wonderful.

  50. Mary, Your Lift is a special gift to all of us. Thoughtful, gentle, loving, helpful, and enduring! Many thanks!

  51. What a lovely reminder Mary. Thank you. Your words will resound at the next valley in my life. Much love to you.

  52. Very comforting and love the scenery too...thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts as well

  53. No breaks in God's love and care for all His creation-I can remember a small bridge over a creek near our house and how several generations of kids used to love to follow the creek as it made its way under the bridge-you could wade in the creek at times although it didn't flow year round. But then you might be rewarded with finding a fossil in the rock-strewn creekbed-more of God's creation for us to appreciate? I think so.

  54. Thank you Mary. I am struggling to stay on track. I was feeling discouraged about my employment status and needed to be reminded that there are no dark pits to overcome, that I'm right on track and my right teaching employment is just on the other side of that bridge.
    Thank you.

  55. Wonderful encouraging ideas presented with a beautiful visual backdrop! Thank you~!

  56. Thank you so much, what a wonderful insight about the spiritual idea of bridges!

  57. Thank you for a PERFECT metafor,
    and MARTIN superb comments.

  58. Thank you Mary for your Daily Lift, one in unity comes to me.

  59. Thank you so much for this beautiful Lift! Marie's (#29) association with intervals in music reminded me (as a long-time student of language and communication) of the application to intervals in oral reading, which play such a vital role in listening comprehension, allowing the listener to make his/her own mental (and, at times, spiritual) contribution to what (s)he is hearing and get a deeper understanding of the message. Here the bridge does not take any physical form at all, simply the silence of listening to what is coming to one's own thought -- hopefully, from the divine source of all communication. In this Lift, the message was enhanced by the beautiful visual presentation accompanying the inspired text.

  60. Thank you - just what I needed to hear today!

  61. Excellent message, Mary, right on track and so practical. How nice to be taken through the rainforest, and to hear those bird calls, too.

  62. A lovely Lift, Mary! Thank you.

  63. Thank you Mary,
    I've never thought of bridging the valleys and peaks into one smooth path with God's love always there for us. It brought to mind the words of Isaiah:

    "Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:
    And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed,.." Isa:40.

    Beautiful scenic video as well. ( :

  64. Wonderful! Can I come and visit you for a stroll in that beautiful garden full of bridges?

  65. Thank you Mary. I have to write down these lifts to get them. They are worth the effort. I realize some people are scared of bridges. And they have no choice, God put a big bridge in front of them. Then Mrs. Eddy gently whispers, "step by step those who trust..."

    And the beautiful Christ walks hand in hand with you. Some people refuse to cross the bridge of spiritualized thinking, all the Christ can do is say "I am always here for you, if you trust and start moving your thinking".

    Some people can skip across. Those are the people thankful for the bridge, loving the Maker, happy to do whatever is asked. I want to be a "skipper".

  66. I like that your bridge is easy to see and has safe comfortable railings on each side, but not all bridges are easy to see nor do they look safe. One such bridge was built in the l950's near Bear Creek on Vancouver Island. It was a suspension bridge built by a logging company for single lane car traffic. Because it hung down on it's cables, you couldn't see it until you got to the very edge of the deep ravine. It's guard rails were simple ties. It was safe and there were never any accidents, but it was eventually taken down because some people were afraid to cross it and would take an alternate route requiring several hours of driving.
    It reminds me of the bridge in this lift described here as "bridging the interval of death". We may not see the bridge before we get to it, and it might not look safe when we see it, but the understanding of Science takes away our fear and saves us a long detour.
    Thank you Mary for taking us on your loving, beautiful safe walk over your bridge.

  67. All the daily lifts are great, but this one is incredibly beautiful and so simple to understand. What a wonderful way to stay "undisturbed amidst the jarring testimony" of mortal life. Sometimes it almost feels a 'must' to get completely involved in a human situation and to be seen to be doing something. It is good to know that the best thing to do is to stay on the bridge of spritiual thinking in order to experience healing and harmony. Thank you!

  68. Many thanks Mary for the bridging over intervals. There is a park in Town and Country, Mo. ( with the bridges and all) that looks a lot like this place and when we walk there I know that I will think of this inspiring lift. I will only know that we all walk with love each day on holy ground. Much love to all.

  69. Thanks Mary, for pointing to the best route forward. I was reading this morning in the Christian Science textbook that we must decide quickly as to the proper treatment of error, that this is the "first step towards destroying error". How helpful to know that Love's provision for our healing and progress is established and always open.

  70. Thank you.

  71. Thanks Mary, this really helped tonight as my Mum passed over this afternoon.

  72. I love this idea of "bridge" that helps us "walk over, not into or with" the material belief of things."
    I am so grateful for all of our Daily Lifts, and their comments. It's like a daily metaphysical meeting.

  73. Robert --Naples,Fla. HIS GLORY,GODSPEED!

  74. Really beautiful, thank you!

  75. Reminds me of Martin Luther King's speech about getting into the promised land. A Bridge already built by God that leads us from despair into Heavenly bliss. To paraphrase, he told the crowed that right now, we may not see it but never worry, it's there. He may have been thinking of what Mary Baker Eddy discovered, C/S, the bridge that connects us with the truth of our being.

  76. Thank you very much for your loving and creative thoughts. I enjoyed your encouraging message!

  77. Thank you , Mary. Your lift brought to mind the Simon & Garfunkel song,"Bridge Over Troubled Water".

    When you're weary, feeling small,
    When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;
    I'm on your side. when times get rough
    And friends just cant be found,
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down.
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down.

    When you're down and out,
    When you're on the street,
    When evening falls so hard
    I will comfort you.
    Ill take your part.
    When darkness comes
    And pains is all around,
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down.
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down.

    Sail on silver girl,
    Sail on by.
    Your time has come to shine.
    All your dreams are on their way.
    See how they shine.
    If you need a friend
    Im sailing right behind.
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind.
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind.

    "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

  78. Thank you Mary. Sometimes, when we let go of inner mortal negative self talk, we have a feeling of falling. God's gentle arms will catch us and act as a bridge to move us to our promised land, the fulfillment of God's plan for us! They will also act as a safe bridge when a second round of negative self-talk comes raging in, ready to drag us down. We can simply look down over the turmoil- safe on the bridge-it is not us! Thanks also to #68 about each day walking with love on holy ground. I had not heard that lovely phrase before and I am going to put that in action today! Also #69. I wonder whether when we recognize error, how do we destroy it completely? It can be so subtle and sometimes even enticing! God bless!

  79. Thanks Mary. Nice Thoughts. I love bridges. There is usually an exciting adventure on the other side.

  80. What a great concept! I will remember this Daily Lift from now on whenever I see a bridge. It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite songs "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Simon and Garfunkel.

  81. What a great concept! From now on, whenever I see a bridge, I'll think of this Daily Lift. It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite songs: "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Simon and Garfunkel.

  82. Very lovely, beautiful out door setting, powerful message, thanks!

  83. What about a bridge connecting all of us in love?!
    "Reach out and touch somebody's hand
    Make this world a better place
    If you can!"

  84. Yes! Yes! We can walk over the bridge of "what ifs" and "if onlys". We can stay on track. We can move ahead. This morning I woke wishing I had been prepared to help in a situation that seemed to spiral into a pit of discouragement. Now I realise it is not to late to offer prayer. Prayer designates the bridge that is there for each.

  85. Thank you for the new insight on bridges!

  86. Just the angel message that I needed to hear.

  87. Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water GReat daily inspiration

  88. Such a helpful, healing message - many thanks!

  89. I had never thought of spiritual ideas as being bridges, but how true! and how helpful. Thanks Mary.

  90. Looking back I can see that I have always been on a bridge.... how wonderful to know this for everyone ....forever! Thanks so much for this helpful view!

  91. That is such a reassuring thought thank you

  92. Thank you everyone for the recognition of God's continuous love no matter what seems to be going on. And dear Brenda (# 71) Spirit has a grip on you right now!

  93. Thank You for this lift.

  94. What a beautiful and reassuring lift. Thank you.

  95. In my childhood it was the large,long railway trestles (bridges) that kept whole trains above rough
    canyons and steep hillsides on a SAFE GRADE at good speeds that are remembered. They were
    very tough, squarecut timbers held together with metal rods etc,. Such good engineering feats are
    proofs of dedicated thoughts and practical ideals. Such good imagery with your garden bridge !!
    Yes, bridges keep things together... ON TRACK !! Thanks so much for this thought-illustration !!!
    ARN/ UK

  96. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. There are bridges over troubled waters and deep ravines that keep us from the material and let us stay with the spiritual. I thank God daily for this.

  97. Showing us this lovely, Australian bridge and splendid, emerald environs is wonderful and appreciated.
    Prompting us to discern our atonement with God can provide the spiritual connection to renewal is
    appreciated. Thank you Mary.

  98. Lovely thought and images. Thank you for this uplifting message.

  99. Beautiful

  100. Just sooo needed thanks a million, much gratitude.

  101. Thank you Mary. This was exactly what I needed today:-)

  102. You have used a passage from our textbook that I have been praying with for several years. Seems to me we should all be bridge builders by discerning life spiritually, like Enoch, Elijah and Christ Jesus. So today it is delighful to see that you and the Lift team have beautifully illustrated that idea. Thank you all!

  103. blz says, "You call that 'nice?" I call it wonderful!

  104. Thank you for the beautiful explanation of the bridge of Christ, by which we overcome evil!

  105. Beautiful scene of nature, too!

  106. Thank you so much. What a great reminder that where there is a valley in our path that God has already sent out His spiritual construction crew and built a safe bridge route for me. I just need to remember to seek his guidance and use his Love provided alternate route to life's valleys. I love it. Timing was perfect. I needed to hear this. Thank you again. God Bless.

  107. Such an inspiring message and thank you for sharing with us your part of the world.

  108. What a love-filled reminder that each one of God's children is dearly loved forever, including this precious moment. Thank you dear ones.

  109. This is extremely helpful - moving forward across the bridge of God's ever present love for us all.

  110. I was a bit late reading this ----it reminds me of the song "Bridge over troubled waters"----makes a lot of sense and surely give you the feeling that nothing cannot be bridged over---very constructive and helpful thanks for the thought

  111. Just what is needed, thank you.

  112. Thank you, Thank you, Thank youo
    Beautiful as are you
    Love to All

  113. Great work illustrating a powerful concept.

  114. Loved the graphic illustration with that wonderful bridge. Gentle Power of God

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