6/20: Fearless days

6/20: Fearless days

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  1. Thank you Ginny for this wonderfully comforting Lift. As we become more aware of God's presence and power in our lives changes begin to take place. Our lives become more purposeful, our relationships more harmonious and health issues fall away. We begin to see ourselves and others as a vital part of God's creation, not simply existing but witnesses to the power and enormity of divine Love-not only meeting all our needs but the very source of all good. "Fearless days" are indeed a present possibility. In this we rejoice!

  2. All right ideas from my ever-present, orderly Father rout the radio static of fear--I really love that! Thank you, Ginny!

  3. Thank you, Ginny, for “Fearless days … God has given us all right ideas …”

    A long time ago, I heard that the opposite of Love is not hate, but fear. So, I began to challenge myself with, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear …” (I John 4:18). No matter how fear appears in my experience, I’m practicing with increasing success, to detect it and then with Christianly scientific certainty, “perfect Love” fear away. This to the best of my understanding, which keeps growing as I continue to take each opportunity to “exercise this God-given authority!” (See S&H 393)

    And so, I can prove with increasing success that, “We walk in the footsteps of Truth and Love by following the example of our Master in the understanding of divine metaphysics. Christianity is the basis of true healing. Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power” (S&H 192:27).

    “Jesus said … Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law” (Matt 22:37-40).

    I’m looking forward to experiencing increasingly “fearless days!” Thanks again, Ginny!

  4. Oh Ginny, you always come up trumps! Great Lift ... 'today is big with 'blessings'.


  5. God is forever present and complete in our lives: nothing negative can enter. What a wonderful way to banish fear. Fear has no place to reside! Thank you, Ginny.

  6. Very reassuring, thank you Ginny. We have but to lean on that sustaining infinite to receive that blessing.( For full quote see S & H Vii;1 by Mary Baker Eddy)

  7. Fear is only a suggestion of evil to get us sidetracked, so we will not trust and make us doubt that God will care for us.
    But a suggestion is really nothing, it doesn't even have power to touch us. Is like static on a radio, just noise that doesn't let you hear the good sound.
    ...or like an overcast sky that all it can do is to temporarily hide the beautiful universe... and nothing else.

    We have a God given power to tune out fear.

    El temor es sólo una sugerencia del mal para desviarnos, para no confiar y dudar que Dios cuidará de nosotros. Pero una sugerencia es realmente nada, ni siquiera tiene poder para tocarnos. Es como la estática en una radio, es sólo ruido que no permite escuchar el buen sonido.
    ...o como un cielo nublado que lo único que puede hacer es ocultar temporalmente el hermoso universo ... y solo eso.

    Nosotros tenemos el poder otorgado por Dios para sintonizar fuera el temor.

  8. Thanks just what I needed, as always. Lisa

  9. I spent much of today imagining that I was a little child in God's arms. I could feel his hands placed gently on my head and He was blessing me. I felt really good.

  10. So gooood to have the guitar back again, enhancing our lovely
    Daily Lifts!

  11. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring lift. Yes. "Today we can feel joy and power and Love's presence caring for, lifting us, and healing us." "All true being one with Thee./ Sinless, fearless, whole, rejoicing,/ Now and through eternity." (Christian Science Hymnal #175).

  12. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear Ginny, this is a great healing message. It is exactly what I need today, and from now
    every day, many thanks.

  13. thanks Ginny I listened to this article on the Sentinal Radio lately and found it very helpful.

  14. Thank you for this most inspiring Lift. ' there is no fear Love perfect Love casts out fear'

  15. What an excellent and wonderful spiritual "gem" for today. Handling fear is what recognition of error is all about. Thank you, Ginny.

  16. Thank you Ginny for this comforting "lift"..t

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you Ginny

  19. Thank you Ginny for your inspired, uplifting message. I love when you say, "fear is a bully". I hadn't seen fear from this perspective before. Mrs. Eddy says on p. 280 in "Science and Health": "All things beautiful and harmless are ideas of Mind." And on p. 151 she says, "All that really exists is the divine Mind and its idea, and in this Mind the entire being is found harmonious and eternal." So with fear being a "bully", all we need to do is rely on divine Principle, God, to insist and understand our rightful place in freedom and harmony. Thank you again.
    And many thanks to the lifters messages and The Daily Lift Team also!

  20. This is the day God has made (for us ALL), and your lift it a gentle reminder. Thank you.

  21. Our shower the first practitioner Jesus started his treatment at heaven never started on heath.Heaven means God with us or goodness with us.The inhabitants of heaven are angelswe can see and feel this heaven now even what seeem to be is bad we are with our Father his law never fail.
    Love is too boig than our fear.Fear is the absence of light. God is light.Good thought abide all time with us or angels .God is the sum total of universe as says our leader in her bood Msc.writings page 105..
    We all one as Jesus says I and my Ftaher are one.
    Tahnk you Ginny.

  22. Perfectly and solidly reassuring! Thanks Ginny. And what beautiful accompanying music too.....thanks team!

  23. As someone who experiences severe anxiety and panic attacks, I can say just saying nice things like this does not work. When the attack is severe, it hinders hearing God. Talks like this are like it the book of James it says "Be warm. Be filled..."

    Panic disorder is not helped with just a few nice sayings and looking at the stars. It is an ongoing battle. The Word of God does work, but it takes persistent on-going application.

    This talk might help the occasionally fear one encounters, but for a severe panic disorder, one has to go deeper.

  24. Just what I needed this morning as I prepare to fly to Southern California for my annual Christian Science Association meeting. Last year my first flight was delayed causing me to miss my next flight which caused anxiety as the terminal in San Francisco was full of people who had missed their connections. I arrived at my destination very late and very tired. As soon as I awoke this morning I declared "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." (Science and Health, page vii) And then, "ALL things work together for good to them that love God." All leaves nothing to chance and I certainly do love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength." Your inspiring message reinforces this idea that there can be no fear in the kingdom of God where I live every moment. Nothing can separate me from God's Love. Thanks so very much!

  25. Great message Ginny. .. .so pure, so simple, so true and well expressed in your god consciousness.

  26. Sin duda el temor es el mayor flagelo al que nos enfrentamos, porque puede desviarnos, y no darnos cuenta de ello. He pasado por esa experiencia y hasta que no me di cuenta cual era lo que me estaba confundiendo, no comencé a corregir el error. ¿Había perdido la confienza en Dios? NO, pero me había ido desvíando el pensamiento hacia otra parte, que eso es lo que hace, no puede separarnos de Dios, pero si puede confundirnos y alejarnos si no estamos atentos y lo expulsamos antes de que nos atrape, y aun como en mi caso y pienso el de todos, con pruebas maravillosas del poder divino, el Amor, que se hace imposible contarlas y ennumerarlas por la cantidad de respuestas justas y bondadosas ante nuestras necesidades.

    "Para remediar esto, debemos primero volver nuestra mirada en la dirección correcta"
    "A veces somos llevados a creer que la oscuridad es tal real como la luz" Mary Baker Eddy CS
    Y olvidamos que, "El perfecto Amor hecha fuera el temor".
    "Cuan grande es tu bondad, que has guardado para los que te temen" Samos.Entiendo el Amor nos ha guardado para que no temamos.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, elevemos la mira hacia la Verdad que destrona al temor, de su pretendido reinado.

  27. Thank you Ginny. I have been trying to cherish the "perfect peace"
    hymn 93. God keepth Thee in perfect peace. We sang it at church last night.

    What comes to me as those booths at county fairs, where you try and hit a duck or something with a baseball. And 3 in a row you get a big stuff animal.

    You hit it, and it goes down. But no effect because next person comes and tries his turn to knock it down. So fear, guilt, hate, selfishness, false responsibility, any emotion, no effect because God doesn't throw things at you. He keeps you in perfect peace.

  28. How beautiful and powerful. Thank you and I love the music you selected.

  29. 23 The Word of God is not just words. It is The Word, the power, presence, and goodness of God expressed by us and in us as Jesus taught and demonstrated. As we follow the Master Christian we, too, express that spiritual presence and power. He is indeed the way, the truth, and the life, the only way to the Father. Welcome to the Daily Lift. We know that you will be and indeed are lifted out of all fear. God's Word.

  30. Thank you Ginny! Even when we can't see the stars, they're there. Even when we can't feel God's love for us, it's there.

  31. "Moses answered the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord
    will bring you today. The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still." Exodus 14: 13 "Stand" to
    today. 14 Thank you Ginny

  32. Thank you, Ginny! And to #23 Dennis R.: Yes, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Anxiety and Panic Disorder need to be addressed in Christian Science as claims of malicious animal magnetism, a lie. But the lie needs to be recognized and exposed to be proved powerless. Through Christian Science Treatment we learn how to effectively deal with the malice of mortal mind and not to fear it, but to neutalize it through the all-powerful divine Love!

  33. Gods Power and Presence and Peace, always with us, shutting down fear. thankyou Ginny.

  34. Thank you Ginny.

  35. What a wonderful lift. Thanks so much. Great comments too. We in western Maine remember and appreciate your recent great lectures here!

    The lift reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy's poem "Mother's Evening Prayer", which is in the Christian Science Hymnal with a variety of tunes (including hymn 207). The opening lines of the first verse are

    "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power;
    O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour,"

  36. Thanks Ginny - an excellent lift from you as usual!

  37. Ginny, I'm at the airport waiting to go to Christian Science camp. Very inspiring. Thanks for the lift!!!!

  38. Thank you, Ginny, for this extremely comforting and perfect Lift for today.

  39. Nice.

  40. Just as clouds do not prevent "the order of the universe," or, "the rolling of a world," so fear and worry do not prevent the spiritual fact that we "are composed of all right ideas," or the Unfoldment of His grand plan!
    All quotes from writings of Mrs Eddy..

  41. Thank you Ginny! The stars do teach us the most beautiful lessons when we are willing to look up . It's the understanding behind the words that heal. The understanding that we are held ,governed, and embraced by this infinite power . We can't mess that up any more than we can stop the sun or knock a star out of its place! God has us under perfect control and we can let that understanding free us from fear, anxiety, or panic of any kind.

  42. What an eye popping statement from Ginny Luedemen in today's Daily Lift, "Fear is a BULLY!" The news media is constantly bringing up bullying in classrooms, children committing suicide because of bullying. Isn't Ginny's statement a wake up call to rid our young from being bullied? Does God punish? That very thought of God punishing produces the very fear that produces the bullying that we want to expunge. God is LOVE, and there is no fear in LOVE, therefore there is no Bully. Wonderful Daily Lift for today.

  43. Thank You Ginny - Your the BEST - Lots of stress today and your message clears the path to knowing II'm not in charge, but to call on God and listen to his clear sound Angel message. See you soon. Love to you and your new class -

  44. thank you for your comments on fear. the analogy of it being a bully is spot on. I feel bullied and bruised when I am fearful. thanks again

  45. Yes indeed Ginny. Fear is a bully grabbing our attention and telling us that something else can exist besides God's perfect love and goodness. Whether a fearful moment or in the grips of a panic attack, it is our divine right to reject, turn from and turn fear into love. When you turn fear into love you're truly overcoming evil with good. It's not our nature to be fearful. The Bible, 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

    Nela #3, thanks for your insight about fear being the opposite of love. That's so true. I also think love's opposites can take on many emotional forms -- all very low and depraved. Apathy is another one, quite insidious in its resignation to evil. I've noticed too that hate is based in fear and is a response to a perceived threat. The truth is that God creates no threats and hating or fearing means you have already bought into the lie that a threat exists.

    Thanks so much to everyone for your insights and to Ginny for the purse sense of calmness, warmth and love you brought to us today through this lift.

  46. Thank you Ginny, for a comforting and heartening lift!!

  47. Thank you for that wonderful reassuring message! The person stating the "sign off" message has such a calming, warm, and reassuring voice...full of love. Thank you, again, to all the people who comment on the theme each day. I have gained a lot from these daily lifts.

  48. Thank you for this Lift. As someone who knows the debilitating and, in my case paralyzing, nature of the claim of panic attacks, I would say to Dennis #23 that stating "Truth is affirmative and confers harmony" (S&H p 418) can be taken as 'saying nice things' or it can be seen for what it is, which is the truth about God and His relationship to Man. Panic and its constituent fear, is never the truth about us, however real it seems to be, however much it claims to dominate and take over our sense of life. As Ginny says, fear is a bully. Bullies are cowards. James says 'Resist the devil and he will flee from you' (James 4:7) He didn't say the devil 'might' flee from you. Do we temporarily know something true about ourselves which God does not know? The human mind would insist on the temporary reality of unreality, its own false perception that it, itself, constitutes something besides God, the All-in-all. Let's stand with Paul when he says "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we look, not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen..which are..eternal" (II Cor:4:17) You will be healed of fear and panic because the real you already doesn't include them.

  49. Thank you for the PERFECT message this morning, on which I seemed to be robbed of my peace and filled with concern about my tenant. It had come to me suddenly that I had a right to challenge both fear and a sense of (helpless) responsibility and go about my activities. One of the first was to open this Lift. Wonderful ! God, Good, does own each 'waiting hour'. Thank you !

  50. Thank you Ginny, for this great morning lift, it helps to help all we come in contact with.

  51. Dearest Lift supporters, thank you for your comments and thoughts. They all add so greatly to these lifts.
    This lift experience was only one of many opportunities I had over a number of years to yield to the power and presence of divine Mind's healing power.
    My healing of severe panic attacks and the fear that seemed to accompany them was deep and prayerful. It required persistence and study, and lots of listening prayer.
    The journey was not quick or easy but it was full of God's protecting power and angel messages, of which this lift was one.
    After each battle with fear and self yielding to divine Love, I experienced a sense of God's grace that over the process of this healing grew and grew. In the presence of that grace the panic eventually lifted just like a fog in the persistent sunshine. I actually knew the moment that the healing happened and it has been permanent and wonderful so much so that I can now go to sleep on an airplane often before it takes off. I can lecture in prisons, travel all over this wonderful world with a sense of love and peace etc.
    I'm deeply grateful to know that there is a power in the teaching of Christian Science that heals and restores lives.
    God is always with each of us in all of our ways and we will know that reality and be free. Jesus' life brought that truth to us and we are blessed in Mrs. Eddy's discovery of the Science of Jesus' words and works.

    Love to each of you,

  52. Thank you Ginny, that was so beautiful & comforting.

  53. A big thank you Ginny for your outstanding message!!!! I feel your love!!!
    And to Lori #24~~ have a pleasant flight!!!
    Love to all

  54. Thank you Ginny for this spot on lift. It touches a chord for me as my son years ago had experienced this also . Pretty scary and overcoming the fear is the key. I am very grateful for a strong upbringing in Christian Science thought. As a very young teen my family and I were in Jamaica. I stepped on a sea urchin and my foot was throbbing, red and I was afraid. When the local kids on the beach said that they would pee on such a thing, all my fear was gone and immediately the swelling went down and I was able to let go of all fear and forget about any potential harm. This was a good example to me early on of the power of fear and how to overcome it, by rendering it harmless, powerless, nothing but a conjuring of my own imagination. I hope this example will be helpful to some reader out there. I find good help from you all and try to contribute as well. Have a great summer and thank you for this lift.

  55. Thank you Ginny.

  56. Wow. Thank you so much for this gentle and powerful lift! I look forward to the new day to put this into practice.

  57. Yes! "Today can feel joy" Thank you. And we want ALL!

  58. Thank you Ginny for touching on an important need - bringing the Comforter to human fear. The tendency of human fear is to blame it on the material world around us or the fleshly body we inhabit, which only increases the fear.
    But by "listening for God's love...right ideas...the orderly perfect consciousness...we wake to this consciousness...expressing gratitude and joy...." (from your lift)
    These ideas are so helpful. I have found comfort this morning working with the idea of "I kiss the cross and wake to know a world more bright." (Christian Science Hymnal #253 & Poems by Mary Baker Eddy) Thanks also to the many comments. I notice a thread of deep sincerity in them.
    Like a bad dream that gets so bad we have no choice but to wake up from it, so we can wake up from our daytime (or nighttime) fears, to "a world more bright" today.

  59. Thank you Ginny. I feel so blessed to hear these inspiring lifts each day. Gratitude and thanksgiving to all comments as well.

  60. Thank you so much for this wonderful Daily Lift. So very timely. To know and apply the idea of today is big with blessings is to know proof of God's presence in every inch of the day and our thought! And where God is fear cannot be created, nor any of the false names fear that can be substituted form fear; apprehension, doubt,mistrust etc...Super! Will share and continue to listen all day!

  61. Thank you, Ginny, for the lift and comment number 51. I have heard this all before and have been as I am now reassured and comforted by the message as error screams while Truth lifts its voice higher and higher. Regardless of the form and degree of intensity it seems to take, it is nothing nothing nothing and that is ultimately revealed by the grace of God. Healing only seems to take time and toilsome effort in the dream which can seem so very real. Blessings to you, Ginny, and all who stand compassionately with all dreaming and seeking to know truth. The waking from the dream reveals Life as eternal and infinite, a spiritual understanding that knows no limits. Each glimpse of such an awakening is precious, unspeakably joyous to the recipient of such grace.

    Thanks also to all commenters and all who contribute to making this Lift available for those of us blessed with Internet access.

    Love, joy, and peace to all mankind now always!

  62. Dear Dennis (23) I can't say that I know how you feel only you know that, but having gone through depression many years ago I do know that error is indeed a coward and never to be trusted. "He was a liar from the beginning" so be ready for him, try turning your thoughts immediately he tries to "get at you" and after a while (no it didn't happen all at once for me either,it took persistence!) he will leave you alone..."WITH GOD" Thank GOODNESS for Christian Science, as discovered by Mrs Eddy who has shown us that we can be free from much negative thinking .It does take persistence but the prize is worth working for...as I myself have joyfully found!
    . Love to all and many thanks to all involved with the Daily lift.

  63. Thank you so much for that beautiful thoughts, it's very uplifting and inspiring.

  64. Big thanks Ginny!
    So good to have this reassurance, while dealing with excess rain, and "environmental" destructive forces.
    Thanks to all who shared your inspirations!

    I love the music this week!


  66. Thank you. This message spoke to my heart today.

  67. "Perfect consciousness Now." And receptivity. Thank you, Ginny.

  68. Beautiful, Ginny, Thank you. We live in the "now" and God is fully present! Excellent way of reminding us of the beauty and fullness of Divine Love ever present with us always.

  69. Wouldn't it be wonderful, if, when a person is experiencing a severe negative attack of any kind, he could hear our collective calming Christian voice softly, but continually contradicting.
    Ecclesiastes 4:9
    Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.
    Let us remember that in Gods' world nothing negative can enter, as all spaces are filled! Let us “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

  70. Your loving message certainly casts out fear...thank you very much!

  71. Thanks be to God!

  72. Thanks Ginny AND Gary for your your
    insiteful comment of WAKING TO A WORLD
    MORE BRIGHT soo comforting.!

  73. Wonderful message that fear is just a bully, and disapears as we love it away.

  74. Thank you, Ginny! I loved your description of how you knew all was there, even with a dark sky!

  75. What I like about this lift is that no matter if you are an experienced CS or a newbie, or someone like me who loves CS - this meets your thought right where you are. I look at this lift as Ginny waving to me to come on over and see what she has found. Something like walking on the beach and seeing her find treasure and wanting to share the goods. Sharing is a wonderful thing. It is God's infinite Love for each of us shining through each of us. Sometimes no matter how simple the message can have profound impact on our lives. God works with each of us as we work towards our goal to express the perfection of Devine Love. Do not under estimate the power of Love, it completely renovated my life. And if if can do that for me, it can do it for anyone. Just always start with Love and forget anything else.Let go of any negative emotion no matter how wrong you feel you may have been treated. God owns the past and it is not the past that mortal mind tries to tell us is ours. Love is ALL past, present, and future.

  76. Thank you Ginny and all the lifters for sharing ,love and hope coming from you all

  77. Ginny, Thank you, of course it is just want I need now. I am keeping this lift in my inbox and listening to it often in the days to come. Thank you for your wonderful words and thoughts.

  78. This lift is such a wonderful and immediate reminder of the priceless promises of our all-loving Father-Mother God -- one of my favorites of which states: "Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not afraid; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." (Isaiah 41:10) I can't count the times that just this one passage has calmed my thought and enveloped it in the warmth and blessing of divine Love -- and whatever fear I've had has simply melted into the nothingness that it really is. And just think how many more of those promises await our embrace on a moment's notice! Thank you, Ginny, for another gentle prod -- I needed it!

  79. Thank you, Ginny, and thank you to our wonderful Lifter family around the world for such inspiring comments. It is so easy to get caught up in the me instead of the big picture "the Thee" of God's omnipotence in our lives. To just be still and "know that I AM God" is so reassuring at times when mortal sense may see it not. God is always 100% in control and we need only to yeild to His power and goodness and to fear not! Sometimes mortal mind would make us think we are alone and battling the unknown and not feeling the Love of God. But He is always there, guiding and guarding and governing. Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder that any other fear is just a bully trying to pursuade us of a power other than God's infinite good surrounding us 24/7.

  80. Another "keeper" Ginny. Thanks for this lift. With so much fear thrown at us each day, it is a reminder to know that God is and in control. Ann Botts, Banning.

  81. Thank you Ginny. You are a wonderful person filled with God's love. Through that love, anything is possible. My prayers are with you always.

  82. Thank you, Ginny. So up lifting!

  83. Simple but timely reminder thank you!

  84. Thanks Ginny - an excellent and essential lift - especially in a world of overwhelming media that
    seems based on spreading fear.

  85. Wow.. A message I so needed - Thank you so very much
    Blessings to All

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