6/2: The growing church

6/2: The growing church

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  1. Thank you Marian, what a beautiful Lift. I love this understanding that church isn't defined in numbers but rather the healing quality of thought, in other words the demonstration of the Christ. This is the direct opposite of what mortal mind tries to tell us by saying that there is strength in numbers. There is strength in the purity and quality of thought. It is the quality of each one of our thoughts that contributes to this atmosphere of love and receptivity to healing. It is with open arms that we welcome in the Christ and it is this Christly love that welcomes and embraces every sincere seeker of the truth. I always love to see the words,"All Are Welcome" on the entrance of the of the C/S Churches and Reading Rooms. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for this powerfull lift!!

  3. Thank you for this sweet reminder of the way we can take church with us wherever we go.

  4. Thank you Marian! Waiting to hear your lecture tomorrow!

  5. Marian, Thank you.

  6. Thank you Marian for the truly inspiring concept of Church supporting Mrs. Eddy's definition. The activity of the Christ. So beautifully presented.

  7. Thank you Marian. These Daily Lift pod-casts have been a lovely reaching out of "church" from the Mother Church's lecturers, that have inspired regular responses from people around the world - more than "two or three" gathering together. I hope the comment feature will still remain active if this summer there are re-postings of older lifts, so that sense of community is maintained and broadened. If this is not possible, I will look forward to what comes next in the fall, and hope to see current comments by regular and new posters in some new or renewed format that shares healing thoughts in a way that is accessible to so many. Thanks to the Daily Lift team and all the presenters and commenters for this valuable demonstration of "church in action".

  8. Lovely, true message. We take church "with us" and have it, to hand, 24/7. Thank you, Marian.

  9. “Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion” S&H 68:27

    Church grows gradually through action, and its’ first and most effective action is to rest in the powerful healing Love, divine Principle.

    This powerful action enables members to heal, not a building or numbers.

    "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" Matt. 18:20
    With Christ in the midst, there is the healing atmosphere that promotes church.


    “La Ciencia Cristiana presenta desarrollo, no acrecentamiento” CyS 68:29

    La iglesia crece gadualmente por medio de la acción, y su primera y más efectiva acción es descansar en el poderoso Amor sanador, el Principio divino.

    Esta poderosa acción es lo que capacita a los miembros para sanar, no un edificio o números.

    “Porque donde están dos o tres congregados en mi nombre, allí estoy yo en medio de ellos.” Mateo 18:20
    Con Cristo en medio de ella,allí está la atmósfera sanadora que promueve la iglesia.

  10. An absolutely perfect 'Lift' for The Mother Church Annual Meeting day. christianscience.com/annualmeeting Global greetings from Christian Science Torbay and south Devon. God blesses all.

  11. Thank you Marian,

    I so appreciate your Daily Lift. I love how you paused at the term "rest" which I interpreted as not just built on but that Church and the thought of church brings rest from mortal thought to an oasis of healing thought and purpose.

    If I were to lay in bed after a long day of work and complain about the day, about people and tomorrow I will not be at rest; rest therefore isn't about place, people or activity, it is about thought. Thank you also Martin (#1) and Ruth.

    "Where two or three are gathered.." (Matt 18:20) is also a passage I keep in thought a lot. A year or so ago I realized it could mean thought and not people; the gathering of the right thought and purpose helps us 'be' with Christ.

    When you think of a river or stream does the amount of water in it matter? Water may just need two or three properties to make it a stream or a river such as depth, width, movement (or substance, outreach and healing). A small stream can provide sustenance just as a large river may; the key being divine Source.

    Neither a river nor a stream is the true source of its water. Its source is even larger than an aquifer or rain or melted snow; but that river or stream does become a source of the divine Source to those in the Community just as Jesus always insisted he was here to do the works of His/OUR Father.

    We are adequately resourced; we reflect the substance of Divine Source.



  12. Annual Meeting thanks you.

  13. Many Thanks Marian for this inspiring lift for our growing church. Yes. "Where there is a healing inspiring atmosphere there is a loving welcoming growing church." "In atmosphere of Love divine,/ We live, and move, and breathe;/ Though mortal eyes may see it not,/ Tis sense that would deceive." Hymn 144.

  14. ,Thank for this great reminder that Church can always be with us.

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you for your Daily Lift and for your love and sharing of Christian Science. Ginnie, Albuquerque

  18. Thank you Marian, What a poised and grace filled message to begin the day, reminding us all that the Christ consciousness is not only individual expression,
    but is contagious

  19. Thank you Marian.

  20. We rest, work in the seventh day of creation without depletion. Man is not a part of God, but the reflection of God.
    Thank you for love in our hearts, the All-in-all is our creator.

  21. Dear Marion,

    Thank you for this daily lift. This is party day in all reading rooms across the world as we gather together to rejoice over our great church of Love. I am thankful for the Annual Meeting that Mrs. Eddy designed.

    In Sunday school yesterday, God showed me more gratitude and inspiration. He said after every line of The Lord's Prayer say "Thank-you. " I never thought of this before. But I did and it was pure

    Example: Our Father ( thank-you) Which art in heaven (thank you)
    Hollow be Thy name (thank you)

    Thank you Mother church for the Daily Lifts.

  22. Thank you, Marian, for your most encouraging words about church!

  23. What a great life, Marian! Warm and welcoming and dispels every suggestion of discrimination. Christ Jesus did value the two or three who stopped to listen and be healed. But where I lived for many years," one was often a majority." We lived a very long way from the last little outpost of society, so everyone came in just to make certain they were still in Australia! And we all ended up around our kitchen table to share whatever good was given from the heart. Even if only one came, that made two, or three, and then we were away! And love certainly makes the best foundation!
    Thank you Nate and the team; Annual Meeting at three in the morning and the Board will be up bright and early for those of us on this end of the world; and it won't be hard to recognize our Daily Lift family!

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Is it fair to conclude, "the church is where I am?"

  25. Thank you Marian, wonderful.

  26. Thank you Marian! You have reminded us that with divine Mind being all, certainly God's healing is an expression of ever present Love. A church edifice is not necessary for divine Mind's omnipotent presence.
    "In atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and breathe" (Hymn #144).

    Thank you lifters and The Daily Lift Team...

  27. I would like to chime in to #24's question and think that, yes, it is fair to conclude that "the church is where I am" right now..

    Thank you for this very uplifting message.

  28. El crecimiento de la iglesia, es el crecimiento de los preceptos divinos, sin ellos no hay Iglesia, no es mucha gente sino mucha espiritualidad, porque... ineludiblemente es un crecimiento del entendimiento, mayor espiritualidad, porque si tomamos la Iglesia como un lugar donde se ora y se trabaja sin darle la entrega adecuada, podemos confundirnos mucho, y hacer vano el esfuerzo de la tarea para hacer una real Iglesia, no en cantidad de gente sino en calidad de preceptos llevados a cabo, con Amor, porque esas acciones deben ser integramente espirituales, no dejándose atrapar por nada que sea ajeno al objectivo de que la Iglesia sea realmente un refugio de espiritualidad, donde sólo se encuentre a Dios, reflejado en todas las tareas. Un lugar de meditación, un anhelo sincero de acrecentamiento en el sentido exacto del mismo, multiplicar la espiritualmente, la iglesia por sí, es un lugar desierto si no la llenamos de Amor, aunque esté llena de gente. A la Iglesia no la hace el edificio, ni siquiera los servicios que allí se realizan si no está impregnada de Amor. La real extractura de la Verdad, Amor.

    "Tú no has sido como David mi siervo, que guardó mis mandamientos y anduvo en pos de mí con su corazón, haciendo solamente lo recto delante de mis ojos" l de Reyes

    "La historia se repite; el mañana precede al hoy. Mas los favores del cielo son formidables: nos llaman a desempeñar deberes más elevados" MBE

    Muchas Gracias Marian!!!

  29. So love each point of your remarks, and will love working with them. Thank you!

  30. This is so wonderful! So clear and joyful. You helped me so much. I will listen to this many more times!

  31. I love the real meaning of Church. Christ being active and right with us is the reason that church is not confined to walls, head counts, or denomination in reality. That Mrs. Eddy saw this grand church quite clearly yet rolled out the Christian Science organization might seem like option B. But which of us could imagine not having this community of Christ healing to turn to, either as a give or a receiver… or both?

    I look at it this way. As long as man continues to talk to man, there will be a church to acknowledge the scientific truth of Christ’s Christianity. I happen to believe that the Christian Science discussion dares to tell the whole truth. And as proof, the healing atmosphere is palpable!

    Plan A always has been that Man is conscious complete expression of God as Life, now and forever. We should always carry Plan A to church!

    Thank you Marian! Looking forward to more from you tomorrow.

  32. When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, she asked him whether God was in "their mountain" or was He in the temple at Jerusalem(as the Jews believed). His answer changed church forever: "He that worships the Father worships Him in spirit and in truth." In other words, God's not IN the building, OR in the mountain. A recent sermon I heard in a Christian church we attend occasionally stated:" God's not in the building, He's within you. You are a "walking church service" and you take church with you wherever you go"! Don't you love that? We live church, not go to church! Let's go BE church in our day: seeing the Christ in everyone we cross paths with! Beautiful lift, Marian, thanks ever so much!

  33. Thank you, Marian, for “The growing church … What makes a church grow? … Action … the activity of Christly love in individual hearts … every day … active love … with Christ in the midst, there’s a healing atmosphere … church.”

    The Truth - so beautifully shared!!!

    “CHURCH. The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle … which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out … error, and healing the sick” (S&H 583:12).

    I’m convinced that Mrs. Eddy, herself, committed to and consecrated her life by actually being just such a church, which then overflowed into what we know as the Christian Science movement – the shortest distance between a “mere mortal” and a “joint-heir with Christ.” Mrs. Eddy healed as Jesus healed. “… follow your Leader …” (’01:25).

    “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands” (Acts 17:24).

    “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? … all things are yours … And ye are Christ's; and Christ is God's” (I Cor 3:16, 21, 23).

    Strengthened to daily “watch, work, and pray” (S&H 367:21), I, too, follow The Way that Jesus proved and so I, myself, am "church" – alive and growing!

  34. Thank you Marian. So glad God supports us gathering together and growing together. Much love to you.

  35. I love the idea of Mrs. Eddy defining an active church. Thanks Marian.

  36. Thank you, Marian and everyone involved with the inspiring daily lifts!

  37. Thank you with all my heart. That word REST and the way you emphasized it put to rest my turbulent thoughts at once. I'm so deeply grateful for this beautiful lift and to all who make it possible.

  38. Thank you for these powerful ideas on the active church that grows and grows with each expression of the Christ love. This was so encouraging and helpful

  39. Oh I love this, thank you - each one of us is part of the heart of divine Science on earth.Bold steps come when we listen, and discern our way to being part of that growing church; I like to think of it as an effect of the daily active consciousness of Christ.Many thanks one and all for these lovely guest lectures.

  40. Resting on law with the powerful Christ love to create a healing atmosphere, is a wonderful discipline and opportunity to make a difference in the world and in lives, including our own. Einstein is reported to have said, "I desire to unite with the Mind of God. The rest are details."

  41. Thank you, Marian.

  42. The growth of Church has nothing to do with the bricks in the building of it, neither the amount of members it has or the number of people entering this building.
    The growth of Church has to do with the mental understanding of it.
    The receptive thought that is responsive to it's healing thought.
    The amount of persons becoming members or just visiting is based primarily on the receptiveness that is manifest in consciousness.

  43. Thank you, Marian, for this lovely message and prelude to Annual Meeting, as well as for all your healing work for Church. Gratitude, too, for these wonderful Daily LIfts, and for all the healing gifts of Church and to those who make them possible! In her article, "Church, A Living Power," L. Ivimy Gwalter, wrote, "... Church is not a place of worship; it is a state of worship..." So where each right living thought is, Church is! Thanks all for the thoughts and deeds of Church, blessing all!

  44. Lovely and perfect for today. Thank you! Will be tuning in for the Annual meeting live at Broadview, the LA nursing facility - we always appreciate this special time to witness and experience "the church triumphant and universal" described by Eddy in our church manual. Thank you for the Lifts which also reflect that big sense of church without a building! Much love, Tracy

  45. What a wonderful reminder, Marion, and thank you for those wonderful years of sharing our weekly Bible lesson with us so gloriously! We have decided that we ushers who atand the first Wednesday of each month at church services are our "First Responders" bringing their building of "Church" with them in advance of the service, shared with our community like the "leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations."

  46. Simply put - so beautiful. Thank you!

  47. Thank you for the perfect lift for today! A welcome spoken with your warm and loving voice (but firm), I would enjoy attending your church and expect healing! Y'all come!

  48. Dear Marian, Thank you so much for this inspiring lift. My church is no longer Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons on the internet. It is with me all the time and in everything that I do. I am so grateful for my early attendance at a CS Sunday school and a life time of knowing that God is always with me. As one of our family of Lifters mentioned one time that the Daily Lift is like Sunday school/Church as we gather and discuss healing ideas. Thank you also to Nate and his team. Words cannot express the joy and love I feel each morning when I listen to hear Nate's cheery greeting and that day's Lift. Thanks also to the Mother Church and the lecturers for providing our bread each morning to carry us through the day(s).

  49. Thank you, Marian, for this most uplifting Daily Lift. This is so uplifting!! I agree, this is the perfect lift for Annual Mtg. day!! and everyday. Maybe this one will be one of the "reruns" we will be receiving soon.

  50. Thank you Marian for such inspiring Lift on annual meeting day.

  51. Lovely Lift!...Thank You very much Marian!.....That Christ consciousness IS at the very "Heart and Center" of church!!

    Loving Blessed Thoughts to All
    Today and Everyday! : ) : ) : )

  52. Thankfully, there we find "a GLOWING church full of the warmth and light of divine Love" !


  53. Good Morning All! I would just like to add "Amen" to #7 Ruth's comments to the YDL team, a smile to #21 on Sunday School, which is exactly what we are learning in our class (must be one Mind at work here), gratitude to Marian for a Lift that is perfect for this day and happy anticipation for tomorrow's Shared Reflection, and gratitude and love for all members of our blessed Mother Church.

  54. Thank you all for this wonderful inspired Lift which demonstrates our church as active and energizing Truth and Love.

  55. I'm so grateful listening this Daily LIft. Many times I asked myself what is the real meaning of Church. I read somethings about it but never felt it. Today, I understand better in the way you shared it to us. I deeply thank you Marian.

  56. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the idea that we develop the Christly love daily in our thought - the ever-active love which heals and a Church's purpose is to heal.

  57. Thank you.

  58. Thank you Marian! It is so good to feel part of this great church family. There are times in our lives when we are far away from home but we know we are never apart. And when we come back it is great to hear that: All are welcome! Like the prodigal son in the Bible. Our Father is always there; not in a building but on the rock solid foundation of Truth and Love. Blessings to all.

  59. Gratitude. Simplicity. Awe. Ordered Steps. Correction. Hope. Expectation of Good. Patience. Present perfection. Rest. Commitment. Universal Love. Beauty. Ideas. Clear principles and laws of good. Self-will dissolving in the grandeur of God's Will. Forgiveness of myself and others. Resolve. Expansion. Laughter.

    I've experienced all of these during church services and also outside of them. It is a profound privilege to be a member of a Christian Science branch church serving in any capacity, because it makes one part of "the structure of Truth and Love."

    I also love the feeling of extending Sunday School beyond the church walls as I work with young people who are not Christian Scientists... I often see them experiencing the same things listed above, and I feel that this is part of the general leavening of thought that Mary Baker Eddy promises in her writings. Maybe it's a little like what John was able to do as he prepared the way for Jesus....promoting a general culture of morality and integrity. Every good parent is doing this, too.

  60. Thank you, Marian, for this active, expansive Lift.

  61. P.S.

    In connection with considering numbers of church members recently, I pondered the story of Gideon's army. He was led by God to actually downsize his troops before going into battle. His victory with a small number proved that God was the real power...not men, not popularity, not muscle, not even creative strategizing. "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty, to the pulling down of strongholds." What could be more of a stronghold than the popular belief in matter's substantiality?? What will pull it down?

  62. Thank you Marian! Muito Obrigado!

  63. El privilegio de haber sido guiados a la Ciencia Cristiana, y haber recibido demostraciones de la gracia que emanan del principio Divino, nos hacen reconocer que debemos de ver el Universo como la Iglesia.
    Los que trabajamos en las filiales de la primera Iglesia de Cristo Cientista, de Boston, Ma, sabemos que Dios nos eligio para ser sus embajadores......y debemos confiar en su Gobierno preciso.....y en su inspiracion, para llevar el Evangelio del Reino a toda criatura.
    Soy infinitamente grata por haber conocido la Ciencia!!!!!

  64. Our church building was sold. I attended our last Sunday and Wednesday meetings. Knowing that the "building" is no longer available to attend gives me great pause. I do love our TEXT BOOK and have loved it form my first reading of it. It gave me so much spiritual understanding of the HOLY BIBLE, of how Jesus healed and it explained my own healing and subsequent healings. From the first reading I wanted to be part of this Cause. Thank you Marian and fellow lifters for this spiritual lesson on Church. I will read and re read this, as it gives me such good hope!!!!

  65. Thank you, Marian. I have never experienced a church of active love where healing occurs; they have always been to me solemn places of earnest repentance and oppression. Do I dare to hope that there is active love without judgement in a church? Churches should welcome us with out-stretched arms, ready to wrap them around us in a hug so powerful that we never want to leave. They should be unconditionally inclusive of all, and make each individual feel that they are precious to them, not just in God's eyes!.

  66. Thank you so much Marian for this timely lift I have been talking to 2 non C.S. friends in the last month about this subject maybe they will grasp the message better now if I forward your wonderful lift and the above comments to them thank you all

  67. Thank you, Marian. I have attended church countless times, often more out of duty than desire. When I think of church, three fond memories come to mind.
    1. Sunday school picnics all singing songs in the back of a furniture van and egg and spoon races.
    2. A young curate at a youth club who would raise the children up on top of his shoulders and enter into all their games. My children couldn't wait to get there.
    3. Being personally and warmly welcomed into an episcopalian church on a visit to Boston.
    I am sure that in these three scenarios, active love was present and healing did occur. I pray that such healing may occur in all Christian denominations, and I give thanks to Christian Science and what it has come to mean to me as introduced by these daily lifts!

  68. Needed, timely and presented with such love and strength. Thank you, Marian! Look forward to hearing the whole talk on Tuesday.

  69. I'm EXTREMELY thankful for the Daily Lift. This lift today really takes a weight off of the world. How encouraging it is to know that we take church with us in every daily activity and thought, and that it is based on the (as you, Marian, so kindly and firmly put it) "this rock-solid foundation" of Christ healing.

    Thank you to every individual from around the globe for all the loving contributions that have embraced us.

    Much love, Sharon :-)

  70. What a wonderful lift, Marian! How marvellous to be present in a church of active love where permanent healing occurs. All churches should be like that! Recently, I was listening to a talk about really enjoying and embracing the situation we are in. If we all did this at church, maybe we would both give and receive such active love and "miracles" would occur!
    Thank you also to #33 nela reminding us that we are "the temple of God" and also #61 In Progress that God is "the real power".

  71. Thank you so much. How grateful I am for this great Lift. I also thank all others who participate in producing these pieces, and all who comment. Commenter 1 writes so beautifully. Thank you too to all who read and support the inspired ideas shared here. Wonderful!!


  73. I love this - thank you so much!

  74. Beautiful, Marian! Thank you. The Temple is within each of us, and each of us gathered together make up church.

  75. I appreciate the concept of resting all the more after rethinking the importance of "foundation" as explored during the Annual Meeting today. I want to develop the habit of asking myself what foundation I am basing my thought on. Am I resting or leaning on the sustaining infinite or am I basing a certain notion on a mortal notion that has no foundation in Truth? I love that we learn to stand porter at the door of thought and not let any chaff in, but I also love that we learn how to clean house mentally if some chaff makes its way in temporarily.

  76. Dear Marian, very well said!
    Thank you!

  77. Hi Marian, Thank you for your beautiful message of healing. Much love to you from Boston - Erika

  78. Thank you, Marion--- you provided an uplift for the day!

  79. Thank you for this message. It corresponds with the inspiring Annual Meeting today.

  80. Thx so much. There's a lot of good thoughts packed into those two minutes!


  82. Thank you. Fits in so well with Annual meeting ideas today. Church isn't merely a place to go and do your duty; it's the Christ idea in action, it's living as Jesus taught us and demonstrated. We manifest church.

  83. What a perfect lift to follow the message of Annual Meeting! Thank you so much.

  84. Thank you so much Marian we all love to go to church love listening to the service meeting up after with family and friends . We all so know we take our church with us how many times have I heard over years of people having healings knowing where two or more are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of thee . I am grateful for all I am learning and to the readers who give there time so that all may learn . Love to all on Annual Meeting Day . X

  85. Unselfed love is what Christ Jesus practiced continually and this is the basis for demonstrating healing -- knowing God as omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. This is Love and we express that love as we actively take part in our church services working always to know more of the infinite love that blesses and heals mankind. So church shows us how to serve our fellowman from an understanding of God as Love. As Mary Baker Eddy says, "More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go." (Science and Health p.6) Let us express gratitude for Mrs. Eddy's apprehension of this Christ- spirit that is ever-present . . ."forever here and near . . ." (Hymn 23 -Christmas Morn by Mary Baker Eddy) and take an active part in demonstrating "Church" wherever we are with a commitment to serve God in the way of His choosing.

  86. Than you very much Marian.

  87. Thank you dear Marian, for this lovely Lift! I feel so close to all Christian Scientists all over the world! I have been sharing Christian Science with my community here in Sandpoint - at a Catholic Christmas Eve Service, at a Presbyterian Easter Service, at a Unity/Religious Science Church, at a Christian Good Friday Celebration,etc. Truly church is the Love and Healing ideas we carry in our Heart and Thought and share with our community! I will miss all my Daily Lift Family during the Summer - you have all become so Near and Dear to me - truly a Sunday School and a Church of sharing online! I Love You All! Thank you to Nate and the DL Team and the Mother Church for giving us this beautiful expression of Church! TY also to #43 Christine for the link to a perfect article by L. Ivimy Gwalter on the living power of Church! Hope to "see" Everyone in the Fall! Meanwhile.....Onward and Upward and so much Love and Truth to All! xoxoxo

  88. Thank you. I just found my notes from one of your 2003 Maine lectures all about "message" in which you directed me to "original goodness, not original sin", and to include my neighbor.

  89. Thank You Marian for your Daily Lift! I enjoyed so much hearing you read the Bible at the Mother Church online Sunday Services over the many years! Your intelligence and understanding impart significant intelligent recognition to the Bible Stories and Christian ideas I would have missed. I also enjoyed listening to you on the Wednesday testimonial services. You were very lively, clever, and full of fun! It seems so logical that Action... the consciousness of Truth & Love, Divine Principle bring action and I personally feel that the Spirit sure did more me to get some significant yard work done yesterday!

  90. Thanks Marian for your wonderful clear description of church.
    I found it very impelling and motivating