6/18: Barnacles removed

6/18: Barnacles removed

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  1. Thank you Rob for helping us to overcome the fears that try to attach themselves to us. When we face our fears we don't face them alone. We face them armed with our spiritual understanding of who and what we are; the image and likeness of God, the full expression. In this understanding is our divine birthright where fear and self-doubt are not only seen as a false sense of who we really are, but "will vanish into its native nothingness like dew before the morning sunshine." (S&H, page 365) P.S. I so enjoyed the lecture you gave in Sunnyvale,Ca.last weekend. Your public speaking skills are nothing short of superb!

  2. Wonderful. Thank you so much for the beautiful lesson.

  3. How lovely - the pure fresh water removes the barnacles naturally, as pure spiritual thought eliminates error.

    In atmosphere of Love divine, we live, and move, and breathe...
    Hymn 144

  4. Thankyou

  5. Love it!
    Thank you.

  6. ...okay, grabbing my S&H, dropping anchor...

  7. Thank you, dear Rob, for this lift. Now I understand better why you are able to express your healing ideas so articulately in your online lecture "God and health" -- you are fearless! Perfect Love has cast out your fear! In divine Science, all of God's children (including you and me and everyone else) are fearless -- that's how God has made us. Happy, fearless day to you, dear Rob.

  8. Thanks Rob. I do so enjoy your on-line lectures . . . have even adopted and used the ARK. A co-worker at an overseas assignment used to refer to certain ailments as just "barnacles of life". I never gave that much thought until this Lift. They're just error hanging on, claiming to be something real when they are nothing. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. Just like barnacles that attach themselves to ships, life’s negative idiosyncrasies slow us in our progress.

    The olden day ship captains outsmarted the barnacles by anchoring in a fresh water river, and the barnacles would fall off. (These days a coat of self-wrinkling material or a brush and blade does the trick.)

    Christian Scientists cleanse ourselves by navigating the river of pure thoughts from God where barnacles don’t stand a chance.

    Tal como los percebes o barnaculos, que se adhieren a los barcos, las idiosincrasias negativas de la vida nos retrasan en nuestro progreso.

    Los capitanes de los barcos de antaño eran más listos que los percebes pues anclaban en un río de agua dulce para que estos se soltaran. (Hoy en día se pinta el casco con una capa de un material auto-arrugas o un cepillo con cuchillas y listo.)

    Los Científicos Cristianos nos limpiamos navegando por el río de pensamientos puros de Dios, donde los percebes no tienen ninguna oportunidad.

  10. What a lovely and helpful metaphor - thank you!

  11. Having listened to some of your lovely lectures, Rob, who would have ever guessed you had once had difficulty in public speaking? ! Thank you so much for this helpful LIft showing us that the purity of spiritual thinking removes whatever obstacle, or " barnacles " might present themselves, and help us to overcome fears and uncertainty,giving us the victory over them.


  13. most thought provoking... thanks for that!

  14. Many thanks Rob for this inspiring lift. Yes. "We must all sail up the river of pur thoughts from Love." "Thy thoughts our lives enfold,/ And free us from all fear;/ All strife is stilled, all grief consoled,/ For Thou art here." (Christian Science Hymnal #371).

  15. Thank you for a fresh metaphor. Years ago helping a sailing friend with his boat, now I can cut through hesitancies in speaking on community issues, affirming God is guiding through negativity of others or and organizing ideas to express clarity in a vision.
    Your talks and lectures are very inspiring. Thank you for uplifting ideas in removing self-imposed barnacles, and weeds of self-doubt to expressing God-directed eloquence of ideas in commenities..

  16. As you began telling of the ship's captain, the image that flashed through my thought was the captain finding some hapless young ship's hand to dive under the ship repeatedly and scrape off the barnacles. This would be a terribly difficult and life threatening effort. But not so, sail up a beautiful pristine river, drop anchor and have a lovely time enjoying the days while the barnacles fall off. The captain never for a moment entertained the burdened idea that it was a hard, dangerous job. So, the burden of depression, fear, too many demands, stress would try to attach to thought and human methods claim a prolonged, agonizing effort to try to find a way to deal with it all. Scraping away at the problems would lower thought to that level of struggle. But with our Pastor at the helm, and Christ leading the way, we are lifted up in that river clear as crystal flowing in the holy city ( Rev. 22), and the dark shadows just dissolve. My day and week just became a lot brighter and more hopeful...and I do believe, even joyful. Thank you, Rob and TMC and our community of "Lifters".

  17. My heartbeat was almost audible, Rob, the first time I stood to give my first testimony. I could have written it, and let someone else read it for me, but for me to stand and speak was the most difficult challenge I had ever faced. I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and was determined to take my turn, but strong forces were keeping me on the pew. And yet I did manage to stand and express my appreciation and gratitude. It stands out simply because it was the first time, and fairly soon after I had returned to my church after an absence of about 10 years. All that I did in my life I learned the way through Christian Science. It truly is "the river of Pure Thoughts from God." But keeping free of barnacles is a lifetime job. . .
    Lovely music, Nate, and thanks to the entire team of producers and back up staff; and the Daily Lift family too, of course. Bravo!

  18. Another Lift used this analogy of barnacles some time ago - I can't find it, but it's a helpful analogy, much needed. Thanks for the reminder.

  19. Wonderfully simple - thank you Rob!

  20. Thanks Rob - lovely analogy and also Lynn (16). The same thought flashed through my mind as Rob mentioned barnacles but you have turned that thought around to extend the analogy. No, we don't need to scape away at the problems. Thanks both.

  21. I was feeling so weighed down by a very stressful situation. I had no idea when I clicked on this lift that it was like sailing to the mouth of that fresh water river. Now, patience to see those cares--awful barnacles--slip away...

  22. Thank you for this helpful Lift and important lesson on where we should be sailing. Barnacles actually cling by suction, which my dictionary describes in part as as the 'act or power or process of exhausting the air and creating a vacuum'. It is so important to do our prayerful work at the start of, and throughout our day, to replenish our consciousness of the atmosphere of Love, and a right sense of our activity which reflects that of the Divine Mind. As Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health p 519 "No exhaustion follows the action of this Mind" and on page 346 "There are no vacuums", so no negative states of thought, such as fear or hate or depression, can cling to us. They must fall away into their native nothingness.

  23. Great lift! Thanks, Rob. Also connected with#16 and #22.

  24. I recall Moses, who suffered a physical problem, learning that “I AM hat sent me unto you.” (Exodus 3:14.) Mrs. Eddy refers us to “unfoldment” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 68, for example.) So Moses learned his next step was to lead the Children of Israel out of bondage.
    Great example, great lift, great music, too.

  25. Thank you Rob, at soon as I saw the title of this lift I knew it would be inspiring!
    I also love your online lecture and was surprised when you said you used to have difficulty with public speaking. I had to overcome that too, firstly in order to give testimonies and then it became a natural thing to do in several areas of my life.
    We are so blessed to have these daily lifts and thanks to the team producing them and to everyone who adds their helpful comments.
    Dilys Bell

  26. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. We know that God is always with us and we can only do and express good.

  27. Thank you.

  28. This is just what I needed today, Rob. Thanks so much!

  29. Very fresh, if you will forgive the pun! Truth is inherently simple and profoundly deep. Just as a current in the river it's action may not always meet the eye, but it is powerful. Thank you for this wonderful example we can take with us into the day and feel confident of the effortless action of Truth lived. "Truth is always the victor."

  30. I am working on dropping a barnacle right now. This message is very helpful.

  31. Thank you.

  32. A wonderful example of a healing fact. Thanks so much Rob.

  33. The sound of your voice is calming yet flows with authority .Great Lift.

  34. Thank you for this analogy and it's inspiring thought.

  35. Thank you so much Rob for your inspiring metaphor! The "barnacles" of mortal mind do seem to attach themselves whenever we are not watchful. As you say #6, Christian Science removes those "barnacles" and permanently. Since "...God is the only real substance. The spiritual universe...reflect[s] the divine substance of Spirit" (MBE "Science and Health" p.468).

    And even though, our daily activities often allow the "barnacles" to attach themselves, all we have to do is immerse ourselves again in the "divine substance" of divine Love's clear waters, to keep those pesky barnacles removed.

    Thank you Rob, and lifters, and The Daily Lift Team.

  36. Thanks for the lift.
    It's the best premise to start with in prayer is with what God is knowing about man as His image and likeness.
    It is only the barnacles that would want us to start with the barnacles.
    I'm grateful for the angel thoughts that sometimes come in ways that I don't expect. These spiritual thoughts reveal what God is knowing and expressing in us, which isn't barnacles.
    "Angels are pure thoughts from God, winged with Truth and Love no matter what their individualism may be" Eddy writes. (from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 298)

  37. Spot on!

  38. Thank you.

  39. Thank you Rob. This is such a simple but powerful Lift. I like to think of the "fresh water" as Spirit, and as we stay in Spirit, knowing we live in God's kingdom, and hold that idea,, the barnacle's fall off.

  40. Love this thought! Will be dropping barnacles today. thanks!

  41. Thank you, Rob, for this great analogy to how fear tries to work. Fear is probably the biggest barnacle and tries to hold one far away from God, Good. But just that sweet sense of letting go in the fresh water of pure love removes thoughts all unlike God. Thank you for refreshing us,on what we know to be true. Leslie

  42. Sail away with Truth! Thank you Rob

  43. What a fresh analogy and so inspiring - and just what I need - to remove the barnacles of deformity. Your online lectures are certainly a source of fresh water. I am so deeply grateful!

  44. Realmente los percebe de nuestros pensamientos erroneos debemos removerlos, y cuando hemos permitido que se adieran a nuestro casco, la consciencia, si no volvemos a transitar por ríos de agua dulce se hará difícil escapar de ellos, hablo por experiencia, ya que he tenido que pasar por esa situación, y esforzarme mucho y solicitar apoyo para poder espulzarlos, por ello primero, debemos de procurar que no se adhieran al casco, consciencia, eso nos evitará tener que remar mucho y fuerte por el rio de aguas dulces, para remover los pensamientos equívocos y que sean expulsados, y para ello tenemos que navegar por aguas dulces de bondad para que nada quede que tenga que ser expulsado, y tomar pleno conocimiento que que no hay percebes, pensamientos erroneos adheridos a nuestra consciencia, porque siempre estamos navegando por ríos de agua dulce de bondad, donde nada se adhiere si el pensamiento está firme en la Verdad.

    Muchisimas gracias Rob, los mensajes son buenos removedores de percebes, sigamos apoyando para que nos inspiren a diario a elevar la mira, y navegar sin apuros, por el rio, en paz.

  45. The matter that seems to weigh me down, you have revealed only needs "clear water' (thought) to eliminate the unneeded baggage. Thank you for this message.

  46. Thanks, Rob. Being a sailor, your analogy really rings true. In addition to causing a lot of drag and slowing down a vessel, barracles add dead weight -- all of which saps energy and really slows progress. So, as you noted, all we have to do is sail into the pure river of Life, Spirit, and "let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run (sail) with patience the race that is set before us..." as it says in Hebrews.

  47. Hi Rob, thanks for this lift! I too had the same fear in high school, I would pray that I would be first to be called on to get it over quickly, or that I'd be last, maybe the teacher would forget me. This continued until my first testimony at a Wednesday evening meeting. Gratitude for Christian Science was my "fresh water", and that "barnacle" of fear was destroyed forever!

  48. Thanks for this helpful metaphor so easily pictured. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  49. Thank you, Rob, for “Barnacles removed … barnacles can’t live in fresh water … Whatever the problem, sail up the river of pure thoughts from God … Barnacles can’t survive there.”

    My first visualization of barnacles being removed was of laboriously scraping them off. The thought of just sailing up a freshwater river because "barnacles can’t survive there," is a real “wow!!!” for me. So, whenever I want to remove them, it’s as easy as changing course to where barnacles (unGodlike thinking) can’t survive and then staying that course. Pure spiritual thinking.

    Through Christian Science, there’s every opportunity for me (for us!) to stay in fresh water - to live there like on a houseboat - or an ark. What fun! I’ve got a big smile going on here. :-)

    This is great, Rob! Thanks, again.

  50. Thank you, Rob., for this wonderful analogy. I will seek "fresh water" today, to remove the barnacles that have tried to attach to my own thinking. Many thanks.

  51. While some people may wrestle with speaking in public, I often struggle with being silent and listening, tending to challenge things I don't understand, always seeking the underlying spiritual truth.

    Exposure to fresh water kills barnacles, but that alone is inadequate to make them fall off and it's their hard exterior shell that causes the real problem. Like error, when barnacles are ignored for a long time, we may be forced raise our boat (our material thinking) out of the water and scrape the hull, a long and tedious process in some cases.

    But this approach is a material solution, and we are fortunate to know divine love provides an instantaneous metaphysical solution to remove all vestiges of our mental barnacles and any evidence of their past existence.

    My experience has been that it is not how tightly the barnacle holds onto us or how hard we struggle materially to scrape it off. The real problem is how tightly we cling to our own barnacles (sense of error) for they will never release us as long as they are ignored and allowed to prosper in our thinking or on our hulls.

    The spiritual remedy is releasing them (removing them from our thinking) through the application of divine metaphysics and then staying in the freshwater, the kingdom of heaven or Sea (SEE) of Love, forever. It works every time.

  52. Thanks. It was a very timely reminder for me today!

  53. For a very interesting reason, I was thinking about the word 'barnacles' this morning....and low and behold you gave an excellent DL in how to rid ourselves of such weighty thoughts. Thank you ALL for your comments....so very helpful. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is indeed the RIGHT of way to end such 'dead weight' and flow into pure 'still waters.' So grateful for these DL.

  54. Today I am sailing into fresh water (Spiritual thinking) to rid myself of error's barnacles that seem to be trying to hold me back from accomplishing all that I can. Thank you Rob for your inspiring Lift.
    Thank you Nate and team for the beautiful music this morning.

  55. Thanks so much, Rob. This lift has given an active, fresh start to my day.
    Jackie -Sunnyvale, CA

  56. What a great analogy! You can be sure my Sunday School class will be hearing this one. They'll love it.

  57. I'm loving the simplicity of the message these daily lifts impart lately....or maybe I'm just becoming less complicated! Also, loved the message from Turkey above....Happy, fearless day to you!

    I'm so grateful, thank you!

  58. Wonderful reminder! I'm already sailing in fresh water, following your advice.

  59. Oh Rob, I can so relate to your stage fright about speaking. I had the same experience when I took speech class. Instead of getting the speech over with I would sit glued to my seat and finally have to raise my hand because I was practically the last student -- pure torture waiting until my moment and then it was as if my ears closed and I could hear this voice talking, delivering the speech as I hoped no one would notice my shaking hands. Barnacles indeed. I went on to teach school later and after the first week of presenting the lessons, all the fear and nervousness about speaking disappeared.

    Now I'm singing in a group with some neighbor women and have some solo lines, and the familiar old terror has returned -- but only when I'm singing a line by myself. I was rather horrified to see those "barnacles" again. It was an awful surprise that I hadn't expected. What's interesting though is that it is clearly the body's (mortal mind's) fear and not mine. I feel quite separate from it, which is a positive difference. Even so, I'd like to turn off the projector and stop that fearful barnacle movie from rolling forward. Hearing your lift about the fresh, pure water washing the barnacles away is exactly what I needed. Like Lynn #16, I imagined a task of scraping each barnacle off one at a time. Now that seems so silly. It's much better being surrounded by pure and absolute love -- immersed in fresh spiritual water. Thank you so much!!

  60. Great analogy! Thank you so much, Rob.

  61. Thank you for sharing this healing. No more barnacles for me!

  62. Wonderful. I loved learning about the barnacles years ago. How simple. As I've thought a bit more about the ship the idea occurred to me that the barnacles were never part of the ship. Not built into the plans. Also, a commenter talked about having a great time while the ship is in the river. During those times the crews would gather fresh water, fruit and what ever else they could use on the next leg of their journey. One more idea. Don't we always live in this "river of the water of life?"

  63. Just beautiful; thank you for a beautiful DL! This is one that I shall hold onto forever!

  64. Nice...

  65. Thank you Rob, that was great and thank you Lynn 16! To everyone else, your comments were all incredibly helpful! (As always)
    With love sent.....

  66. I had the same fear as you did about speaking in public. I found healing by studying how to read the Bible with an experienced teacher. We spent many hours working at bringing out the meaning of the Bible references in Lesson Sermons. This blessed me by assuring a deeper understanding of the King James Bible, and it gave me new assurance that I could impart it to others.. I then felt ready to let my name stand for Second Reader, something I would never have considered possible heretofore. After a term of Reader I have given several talks in public with no fear. I'm so happy to be free of that barrnacle.

  67. Thanks, Rob, for the fresh reminder!

  68. Thank you, Rob, for “Barnacles removed … barnacles can’t live in fresh water … Whatever the problem, sail up the river of pure thoughts from God … Barnacles can’t survive there.”

    My first visualization of barnacles being removed was of laboriously scraping them off. The thought of just sailing up a freshwater river because "barnacles can’t survive there," is a real “wow!!!” for me. So, whenever I want to remove them, it’s as easy as changing course to where barnacles (unGodlike thinking) can’t survive and then staying that course. Pure spiritual thinking.

    Through Christian Science, there’s every opportunity for me (for us!) to stay in fresh water - to live there like on a houseboat - or an ark. What fun! I’ve got a big smile going on here. :-)

    This is great, Rob! Thanks, again.

  69. Wow! What a lift. It certainly lifted my thought and now I am in the fresh water

  70. Thanks Rob. What a beautiful simple solution. In fresh water -- barnacles can't live! I had no idea of that -- and thought they had to be scraped off. What a powerful prayer-lesson .
    Our fellow-"sailors" have also seen those barnacles drop off. -- thanks for sharing your stories.

  71. Perfect illustration of letting Truth do the work. Error cannot abide in Love. The simplicity of the Christ, proven again as always sufficient for every need. Smooth sailing expressed in clear thinking and confident public speaking -- sharing God's Word for the world. Well done, Rob. Thanks for your sharing, the DL team for getting it out, and all the attentive Lifters for echoing their joy and gratitude. Bon voyage!

  72. What a delight to hear this Lift . . . I have long loved and learned from the lesson of the barnacles, and thank you to all who brought out different nuances, especially that the barnacles were never part of the ship . . .

    16 Lynn Eastin from Tenn--your comments echoed what I learned about the barnacles years ago, that you could choose to stay in the sea water that supported the barnacles, and scrape and scrape and scrape . . .or, you could choose to sail into fresh water, which did NOT support them, and let them fall away. How deeply true I have been finding it, that the thinking that causes a problem, will never be the thinking that solves the problem. I always have to sail into fresh waters for an answer. Oh, the years I have spent in the salt water, praying for answers there . . struggling and scraping . . . but I have finally heard the angel call to sail into sweet fresh water . . . ahhhhhh . . .

  73. Thanks so much Rob! I love this reminder to "refresh" our thoughts about ourselves and remove the "barnacles" of mortal minds imposition from our lives! Sailing in "fresh wates" getting a "baptismal" of hope, love, expectancy of good mentally, removes these peaty, limiting conceptions from us! I love to think of it like this each day as I study the Christian Science Bible Lesson sermon. A really great source of "pure, fresh cleansing water"! This was just what I needed today!

  74. What a great analogy...I'm headin' for that fresh water! I've got barnacles of my own to wash off.

  75. Thanks Rob and all who shared so far! This fits perfectly for me to and clarifies a sentence I read in S&H under paragraph title: "Will-power detrimental": "Human will-power is not Science. Human will belongs to the so-called material senses, and its use is to be condemned. Willing the sick to recover is not the metaphysical practice of Christian Science, but is sheer animal magnetism. Human will-power may infringe the rights of man. It produces evil continually, and is not a factor in the realism of being." Our trying to scrape off the barnacles while in salt water, their native environment, is like using human will to reach an effect with out addressing the change of motive needed. As S&H explains that: "The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind." When we find ourselves struggling to make progress in CS, can we stop and ask ourselves am I frantically aiming at a result or allowing a change of base to happen to me by a fresh sense of the Truth moving my thought through its power. I am so grateful for this clearer vision this morning, as I have been kicking myself mentally over responsibilities to a community project. This will help me to stop indulging in scaring myself about it and listen calmly. Thanks for the life saver!

  76. Thank you for this comforting message. I marvelled at how your lift applied so well to my prayerful
    work from yesterday. The Divine Mind meets the need so beautifully, and I am grateful
    to think about your lift today. It gives me hope and expectation of healing when I turn to God
    and keep my thought on spiritual truths.

  77. Even at the beginning of your lift this morning I was appreciating how clear and distinct was your every word, and how this clear expression carried through to the deep metaphysical concept of your message. Thank you Rob, and all those who comment.
    My fear of speaking to crowds was so severe my mind would simply go blank and I didn't know why. The time came when I realized I needed the power of the Science of Christ in my life, and I returned to the study of "the books" on a daily basis. A few years later while attending a "Reading Aloud" seminar, the instructor on hearing my first reading said "I can tell a lot of healing has taken place."
    I have since spoken in front of more than a thousand with confidence and humour, and the ability to think.
    Thanks again Rob for so clearly describing how to meet this much needed healing of fear of public speaking. It makes personal progress and freedom easier.

  78. Thank you, Rob, for a wonderful analogy and an inspiring Lift. Thanks to Lynn's comment #16 for applying it to challenges I can certainly relate to. Love this Lift series! Thanks to all who send it out into the world.

  79. THANK YOU! This is an excellent metaphor for the process of healing prayer in Christian Science. A refreshing perspective.

  80. Beautiful. Thank you Rob Gilbert. I enjoy especially lifts with spiritual metaphors that relate to things familiar in my life, such as sailing. I never knew that or did not remember that one was able to go into the fresh water to rid the boat of salt water barnacles. As a younger person I used to get into any body of water that I was near and always felt refreshed and awake, alive and appreciative of the moment. I think I am going to have to resume the old habits and awaken to spirit through natures bountiful offerings. Thank you for this lift and all the best for this summer's day.

  81. So helpful. Thanks a lot.

  82. Great message Rob. I too had the same paralyzing fear of public speaking. I learned in C.S. that there is no fear in Love, and perfect Love casts out fear. So, what overcame it for me, was to look at each audience member before I spoke, and express love for them, The fear fled, and I was able to conduct hundreds of C.S. services as first reader, and also presentations at work.

  83. Beautiful. A perfect message for me and for some teenagers I know. Thank you.

  84. Thanks~~~~!

  85. Good one! There are so many barnacles that have attached themselves to our mortal thought -- waiting for the fresh waters of Truth to wash them away and "kill them dead" as a familiar pesticide commercial touts.
    Thank you, Rob.

  86. Thank you Rob for this so inspiring lift. I am learning too, that no matter how long the barnacles have been there, pure, fresh scientific thoughts will remove them. Great metaphor, thank you.

  87. Thank you for a fresh perspective and an inspiring approach to so many of life's challenges.

  88. Thanks, Rob. I needed this today!

  89. Hmm. ... Maybe I'm not too old to get a drivers' liscence (sp?) after all.

  90. Thank you so much Rob. I know you speak clearly as I've enjoyed your lectures and messages.
    I'll definitely "sail up the clear waterways and drop any barnacles" that have attached themselves to me.
    And also I intend to pass this wonderful analogy along to new seekers.

  91. Wow! I like that!
    Thank you very much Rob, for your inspiration!

  92. Thanks for the inspiration Rob. I'm gonna try to sail a little farther down the river and see if I can knock off a few more barnacles.

  93. I couldn't get the right words out today, but gosh... this is such an important lift. The destruction of barnacles of fear must be halted by the fresh water of spiritual understanding. Then, we may scrape away all the crusty remnants, piece by peace. (yes, peace) There is no living power in them.

    I was really had a laugh by a familiar sounding statement of yours Rob "You don't need this. Just drop the class". Well, something needed to be dropped! We're glad you did not miss out on public speaking!


  94. This is a grrrrreat Lift!! Thank you!!

  95. Thank you for these fresh, new (to me)ideas. Outstanding!

  96. A very helpful Lift , Rob. Many thanks!

  97. Our family loves to sail and I thank you for the reminder of this analogy. It is so very clear and helpful in many situations. Peaceful gratitude. c

  98. What a clear message!

  99. thank you rob.

  100. Thank you Rob, great to be reminded of the availability of Gods loving guidance, always present.

  101. Thanks, very helpful!

  102. Thank you for reminding me of the clear river of spiritual life that can flow through us all if we let it.

  103. Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder to notice the barnacles, they can be sneaky, and refresh my thinking with Truth. I just love this practical image. Error can't live in an atmosphere of fresh thinking and love.

  104. I just dropped my daughter at school and realised she was being excluded from being with the girls she calls her friends. I spoke to the teacher about it and her advice was "encourage her to make other friends". My parting words to my daughter were, "Who is with you always?" She answered, "God". I told her "Then He will guide you". I wished I could stay with her or bring her home, but I realised after listening to this daily lift, that the barnacles of error will fall away as my daughters thought is always pure, no matter what comes her way, she manages to teach me lessons that can only come from a child's pure spiritual perspective. I'm expecting to see her happy smiling face beaming at me when I collect her this afternoon. In the meantime, I will try to keep my thoughts as pure as my daughters.

  105. It was extremely touching for me to read this beautiful healing. Public speaking has always been easy for me -- this healing story reminded me of the source of the skill.

  106. Carole, Royal Oak, MI
    Thank you, Rob. The pure water of spiritual thinking always gets rid of those nasty barnacles of the lies of mortal mind that try to attach themselves to us. Clear away with the Truth that God, Christ Jesus, and Mary Baker Eddy gave us. I'm so grateful for your ideas.

  107. Thank you for the good advice, Rob

  108. That was so helpful to me! Thanks Rob, the analogy was perfect. I too overcame the public speaking fear, but picked up some brand new barnacles recently. Time to give them a fresh water bath!! Good stuff and I appreciate it so much.

  109. Rob,
    Many, many thanks for this inspiring lift!

  110. The word barnacles reminds me of the word "CLINGING." Isn't that what mortal mind tries to do. The downward words, discouragement,
    Hate, fear, unsettling, discord, anger, frustration all seem to cling to thought, bringing us away from the clear innocent true thoughts that God has for us only as we listen for them. WOW! When we "listen for thy voice." As the hymn says, all those barnacles loosen and drops away.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Hymn 304 (words are a poem by Mary Baker Eddy). "I will listen for Thy voice,"

  111. Loved the message AND the music that went with it

  112. Such a good message with the perfect imagery for it.

  113. What a joyous message and delivered like one who never was at a loss for words of grace!

  114. I loved the whole tone of this Daily Lift: both the spoken words and the music were calm and reassuring, just like the message itself - clearing away any encumbering barnacles of fear. Thank you

  115. Thank you so much for this helpful lift :)

  116. Loved the imagery. Will try to keep my ship in the sweet waters of spiritual thinking so I can experience clear sailing.

  117. You?? fear of public speaking??? I recall your lecture on God and Health. God has certainly removed your fear there... Thank you for this encuraging lift - very helpful!!!.

  118. Thank you, Rob - this is such a good advice! Just go in the river of pure spiritual thought. Great!

  119. what a great analogy!

  120. I loved your lift. Thanks very much Rob!!

  121. love this idea that nothing fear based can truly attach itself to me.

  122. Loved this lift Last week when I first heard it and so appreciate again today.

  123. How inspiring, Rob! Thank you!

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