6/17: Be-loved

6/17: Be-loved

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  1. Thank you Chet for this simple but profound Lift. This statement establishes the healing Christ in our consciousness now and for all-time. It paves the way for us to demonstrate healing and dominion over sickness, sin, and a belief in death. "Be-loved" calms the troubled thought and carries with it the peace and comfort of God's love for each of us, to feel the wholeness and infinitude of that love, or as you so eloquently put it the "full embrace."

  2. . . . and there is evidence of this Love each and every day!

    Thanks Chet.

  3. What a beautiful message. I love the use of the imperative, clear instruction. Thank you, may we all learn to do this and find peace.

  4. This realization of being loved will take me into this day to silently address everyone I meet with "Beloved, be-loved." No matter what the material picture. Thanks, Chet.

  5. Thank you.

  6. Lovely. Thank you so much, Chet. This is very helpful. We ARE loved, and sometimes I find that I tend to forget that. What a great reminder.

  7. thank you Chet-perfect.M.England.

  8. John, Jesus' beloved disciple knew how to communicate love. In 1st John, chapter 3, he expresses the full embrace of God's love:
    "Beloved, now we are the children of God”

    We are loved RIGHT NOW, we were even loved before we were thought of by our mom and dad, and we are still going to be loved even after our material shell is done with.

    Understanding this, our Christian Science Leader says, “"God is Love" More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go" S&H 6:17

    Juan, el discípulo amado de Jesús sabía comunicar el amor. En 1ra de Juan, capítulo 3, expresó el alcance completo del amor de Dios:
    “Amados, ahora somos los hijos de Dios”

    AHORA somos amados, fuímos amados aún antes de ser pensados por nuestro papá y mama, y todavía seremos amados cuando ya hayamos dejado esta caparazón material.

    Comprendiendo esto, nuestra Guía de la Ciencia Cristiana dice, ““Dios es Amor". Más que eso no podemos pedir, más alto no podemos mirar, más allá no podemos ir” CyS 6:19

  9. Such a lovely peaceful message.Thank you so much Chet."Beloved",my loved one,and "Be loved"you are lloved ,..and now...the everlasting NOW...so be loved forever..so comforting is this thought.love to all.

  10. Thank you, Chet, for this 'immediately' uplifting message which I so needed this morning. All the turbulent thinking has dispersed and peaceful thoughts are established.

  11. Thank you.

    Be-loved includes ALL mankind.

    TWLS (Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity),

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  12. A lovely message. "Be" always in the present tense, always Now, Always, Forever. Loved is what everyone wants to hear, believe and share. Thank you, Chet.

  13. Dear Chet, Just what I needed to hear this morning ! Thank you so much. To know that we are ALL the BE LOVED of God, our Father-Mother.

  14. Nice!

  15. Carol, Switzerland
    I'am just crying for joy and happiness, your daily-lift is so strong and so true.
    BE LOVED, everybody and everywhere at this moment and always, it liberates me from false beliefs, thank you so much dear Chet.

  16. Just a simple reminder that we can love and be-loved because God IS LOVE. Thank you to everyone for these daily doses of inspiration.

  17. I am so grateful for your clear, warm and inspired message which allowed to feel that unspeakable peace within.

  18. thank you Chet

  19. Beautiful, thank you, and beautiful music too.

  20. Thank you, Chet. I love the clarity and focus of today's Daily Lift. It's important that we realize this divine fact completely- that we are loved right now; and that we allow ourselves to be loved right now; and that we allow others to be loved right now - without reservation or condemnation, or putting this off to the future.

    And everyone that realizes this - that "has this hope" in God and His Christ, right now is purified - and becomes purified, even as he or she is, and has always been, pure. This is the pure nature of being loved, practicing and claiming this love, and always feeling and being "be-loved."

    What a great spiritual fact, status, and healing process - all wrapped in one. This was a wonderful next day "Fathers Day" gift "bestowed upon us." And as we pray the Lord's Prayer today, this adds emphasis to the love of "Our father which art in heaven..."

    Thanks, again, Chet.

  21. Many thanks Chet for this great reminder. "Nothing in Love's creation can be 'unloved' [despised, detested, hated, scorned (vocabulary.com)]. "When, free from envy, scorn, and pride,/ Our wishes all above,/ Each can his brother's failings hide,/ And show a brother's love." Christian Science Hymnal #126).

  22. Thank you very much. Particularly nice one for me to share with a friend.

  23. Such a great Lift to get this week off to a reassuring start. Thank you Chet. Such a comforting Lift for all to hold close in our consciousness. And good to hear Judy and Norm, the new Readers at The Mother Church. getting into their stride with the Sunday morning Service.
    Great music tonight Nate and the team, the Board of Lectureship and the every day-ly Lifters.

  24. .Thank you, that is just what is needed. Many more thanks.

  25. Thank you, just what I needed to start my day: be loved!

  26. Dear Chet, Just the right message for me this morning and I am sure many others as well. Many, many thanks!
    Love to all.

  27. Being loved by God gives us spiritual strength.

    Of my own self I cannot love, but as I feel God love, likewise can I love.

    Many thanks for the Lift and com-ments!

  28. Chet, thank you for this today's message "be loved". I have often thought of that idea in the words,
    belov-ed, beloved, be Love, be love, be loving, be lovable, and so on. In "Beloved, now are we the sons of God....", it certainly means that we are all loved by God, and it is like a divine title as in "Beloved Son Daughter Child Idea, just like someone's name. Many thanks, Nan

  29. Thank you..great lift!

  30. Thank you for a lovely lift, it was just what I needed this morning. Sometimes it seems everything one has loved has been taken away, but Be Loved by our Father lifts us right above all mortal sense into Truth's clear day.

  31. Thank you Chet also thanks to Martin #1 and to the other Lifters. The music was most calming, supportive and reinforcing of those quiet moments we so dearly need.

    Some years ago I was struggling with an issue and as I read from the Desk I John 3:1-3, the thought of Be! Loved! came to me and as I read it, I read it just like that. Be! Loved! To me it was a command to BE as in be what we truly are; God's perfect child, PERFECT. I had to BE Perfect thus demonstrate that perfection. LOVED! came as an affirmation of being loved by God thus I needed to allow my thought to be loved and see that love. The healing occurred right that second.

    There are so many different ways we can read passages from the Bible and Science & Health; even the introductory message has many messages of healing; we just have to unearth them.

    Saturday I attended a funeral; as I was leaving something fell from my pocket, but I had not realized. I was tempted to leave & cut my losses. Instead, I walked back to this large area filled with people and cars.

    Again I was tempted to leave. The angel thought came to me that I was loved by God and ought to feel the love. A lady nearby was rather angry because her car was tightly blocked in. I got the car out.

    As I was leaving a guy surprisingly asked me "did you find what you were looking for?" I said no. He asked "is this what you were looking for? It was. I thanked him & God.

    Love is the Liberator. Again, thanks.

  32. Many thanks to our beloved Chet, the God's beloved Chet.
    Thanks also for the comments (6, 11, 20 and all).
    Be loved you all

  33. Thank you Chet. Thanks #4, Beloved, Be-loved! AND thanks everyone for sharing. Malcolm, I appreciate how you always offer a hymn. The daily lifts are such a sweet addition to our morning prayers.

  34. Thank you for this profound Lift. If we obey this command today, to recognise ourselves as loved, we do the most radical thing we can do, which is to destroy the foundations of the belief that man amounts to fragments of struggling self existence. If we are loved by Love, God, we cannot possibly be self existent. The fact that we are loved is spiritually scientific. Our recognition of that scientific fact is revolutionary in that it expels the suggestion that we need somehow to arrange some love for ourselves, and frees us up to express what we already have - the infinite capacity to be conscious of God's love for us all.

  35. A nice reminder and great way to start the day! Thanks so much.

  36. Thanks Chet,
    I too loved working with this thought.

    God is love. He loves us. We are benefited when we accept divine Love (God) into our consciousness allowing ourselves to be-loved.

    And as his reflected expressions (His image and likeness) we also must "be-loving", to love one another without reservation.

    Likewise it is up to them if they choose to accept our expression of spiritual love.

    But just like God, the actions or reactions of others should not stop us from "being-loving", having our being in Love and never leaving it whether or not it is returned to us by others.

    Mrs. Eddy defined, "GETHSEMANE. Patient woe; the human yielding to the divine; love meeting no response, but still remaining love. (586:23).

    Today let's be-loved and be-loving

  37. "Nothing in God's creation that can be unloved" -- I will honor and cherish that idea today. Thanks, Chet.

  38. I loved the message. We are all worthy to "be loved"

  39. Thank you, Chet, for “Be-loved …”

    Inspired by your lift, today I will focus on thinking, speaking, and behaving as the loved of Love-itself! to enjoy the promise and prove as law, “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings” (S&H vii:1), knowing that “In the scientific relation of God to man, we find that whatever blesses one blesses all … Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply” (S&H 206:15).

    Have a blessed day, everyone!!! :-)

  40. Joan P. NJ

    Dear Chet. thank you for your heartfelt Lift today. It is exactly the God sent message that I received. Blessings. <3

  41. What a beautiful and inspiring thought to "Be- loved" by God. Thanks so much, Chet!

  42. Thanks for the warm and profound reminder that we are loved.

  43. Yes! What a gentle, sweet, tender rendering of God's eternal message of love to man, to every one of us. The music, Chet's shared inspiration and prayer, and the sign off. One clear calling through and through. It must bless and heal the whole world right now with its radiance of Love.

  44. What a beautiful thought to take into the day with us - thank you!

  45. Thanks Chet for a wonderful lift.

  46. No podemos separarnos del Amor divino, no seríamos nada fuera de El, "Si tuvieramos el mundo entre nuestras manos, si eso fuera posible, y no tenemos amor el mundo caería hecho añicos, pero el Amor nos salva, no podemos tener el mundo entre nuestras manos y menos sostenerlo, pero sí podemos tener el Amor en nuestro corazón y ese Amor sontendrá al mundo de caer.

    Muchas gracias por el mensaje hoy, Chet, todos los dias estamos recibiendo pruebas de ese Amor, reflejado en obras de generosa bondad, de todos los que se esfuerzan por demostrarlo, practicándolo.

  47. Yes so peaceful and just the right music to introduce - who is that - by the way?

    Daily Lift Team
    Click on this link to find out about Daily Lift musicians.

  48. Thank you for this gentle and at the same time strong message. It gives me new meaning and will stay with me.

  49. I was praying about some stray cats that needed some care. They wouldn't let me near them but then part of a line from a hymn gently nudged my thought. It was, "cared for, watched over, beloved, and protected...". I felt such peace as I accepted that even these cats were beloved and that our heavenly Father cared, protected and watched over them too. Their needs were quickly met and the situation resolved. I'm so grateful for this Daily Lift and to be reminded that all creation is beloved of God.

  50. Thank you so much dear Chet for this AMAZING and UPLIFTING message... BE-LOVED. What a beautiful way of seeing it. Much much love to you

  51. Many thanks, Chet. Truth is so clear and goes right to the heart - your answered prayer has blessed us all.
    Yesterday I brought a sheet of Gold Stars! to the 4yr old Sunday School class, I started right out"You know what God thinks?", "(students name), I LOVE him!!!" and I slapped a star on his shirt, I popped 'em on sometimes one after another, sometime with minutes in between, each time saying that statement. It brought great joy, and, as it was apparent the stars weren't going to stay on, he put each one carefully on a card and I wrote the words from God. Precious. One Mind. So grateful.

  52. Be loved, the loved of Love, love reflecting Love. We are loved. Rejoicing, praying without ceasing, and in all things giving thanks for we are being loved right here right now. Thank you, Chet, and contributors to the comments. I am very grateful to all who do what they do to make the Daily Lift available for inspiration and healing.

  53. Thank you, Chet, for this precious Lift for each one today and everyday.

  54. Oh, thank you for that, Chet. And thank you to the musicians...that light, reverent character of the music really helped to prepare my thought for Chet's message.

    Love to all.

  55. Thank you so much Chet, for your simple reminder that we are not, cannot be, separated from God's love, ever. Whether we remember it or not, as we go about out daily activities the Father/Mother presence is always with us.
    One of my favorite hymns, Hymn #39 in "The Christian Science Hymnal" says:
    "I walk with Love along the way,/and O, it is a holy day;/No more I suffer cruel fear,/I feel God's presence with me here;/ The joy that none can take away is mine;/ I walk with Love today."
    "Be-love" is all! Thank you lifters for your comments and The Daily Lift Team too. What a wonderful way to begin the week!

  56. A friend of mine told me about an epitaph written on a grave of a woman she had known. It said, "God blessed me as much as I would let him." The demand to "be loved" makes so much sense. Infinite Love is ever present and we just need to let it "be" in our awareness, let it "be" in our experience.

    So warm, soothing and comforting is your God inspired thought of "Be-loved." Simple, pure and powerful, it says it all. Thank you so much for bringing that peace into our day, Chet. And thanks to everyone for sharing their insights which make the love unfold even more. Every moment is now, full of love.

  57. Thank you so much for sharing this daily lift of inspiration. An absolute truth to start the day. Thank you again Chet.

  58. What a lovely lift! Thanks. It reminded me of a Sentinel radio program a number of years ago. As I remember it, a guest was talking about the need to be quiet and feel God's love. With a laugh but a firm tone, she said something along the lines of "Stop squirming and let God love you!" That has come back to me many times as a helpful reminder -- stop squirming, stop trying to dig myself out of some situation, and let God unfold the just-right answer.

  59. Wonderful! Thank you!

  60. 1st John 3: 1-3 is the correlative bases for "The scientific statement of being." Both read at the C/S Sunday Services. Both bring out the Love that God has for us. The complete perfection that God sees in us. The basic principles of our true being that we radiate from morning to night, lighting up the world of thought counteracting all hatred, discord and illness from the face of the earth. In fact as I write this comment I am invigorated with the Love and the Truth that it inspires. "beloved now are we the sons of God!"

  61. Dear Chet, I feel so Loved this morning. Grizz, my dog, woke me up this morning so I let him outside, filled his water dish, opened the curtains to let in the sunshine and I felt so grateful for who I was, where I was, and knowing that God provided all. Then I heard this morning's welcomed Lift.
    The music this morning really expressed the message delivered. Thanks to all who provide our Daily Lift. It is truly a message of being loved.

  62. Lovely lift! SO gentle and clear. Beloved, now are we the sons of God is what we hear at the end of church services in the Christian Science church. How I love the "now are we the CHILDREN of God".
    All of us included in that! Thank you, Chet and all involved in producing the Daily Lift.A grain of truth (a two minute lift) does wonders, so omnipotent is Truth!

  63. Oh to Be-loved. To be that child of God's own making
    Thank you for reminding us of the simplicity of the Christ. The reality of Love available and expressed in all of us. Thank you Chet!

  64. Thank you, a very good way to start my day.

  65. Thank You

  66. Just wonderful! Thank you.

  67. Thank you for the sweet, clear message to allow the Love that is ever present NOW and always to fill us to overflowing with Love...

  68. Thanks for the Love, Chet. And for serving as President of TMC!! Love back at you!!!

  69. Ser amado y amar es lo que nos está faltando.Nosotros sabemos, que somos muy Amados por
    nuestro Padre- Madre, Dios, por eso debemos amarnos unos a otros como lo mandó el gran el
    Profeta pero... lo hacemos?

    Gracias por el mensaje

  70. "Be loved - now." Thank you very much for this pure and simple message this morning.
    It is the key to solving problems.

  71. Chet, thank you so much for the warm and tender lift...Thank you also for all the other messages of love!

  72. What a beautiful message. It is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  73. Wonderful lift! So true. Think spiritually and feel that Love always!
    Thanks, Chet and all commenters!

  74. Love the simplicity and truth! Thank you!

  75. Thank you so much! Just what I needed to hear.

  76. BE LOVED NOW. I am reminded of the times I sent my children out to play or to a party and would say, -Now behave, be good. Now when I correct my two little grandsons, I will say, Now be -loved and accept love. I am anxious to see them and share this thought with them. They are Gods children and they are loved at all times whether they seem to be loving each other or fussing with each other.
    The lovely music seemed to fit the message so perfectly. My heartfelt thanks to all.

  77. Thanks so much Chet! I am sharing this with my family members and others who need to see that they already are so loved! to be the object of this total Love that is God set us in a path to express that same love to all! We all can absolutely LOVE being that expression!

  78. Thank you Chet for such a lovely profound prayer. I am offering it to the entire DL team and all the llisteners. BE LOVED all the world.

  79. This simple declaration touches my heart, and lifts and heals a burden. As I pondered this, I thought of another way that this word is sometimes pronounced, , ,in three syllables. . . be-love-ed. . and I thought not only are we to "be loved", so beautifully expressed in this daily lift, but we are to be love-ed or love-ing of and to others (each one and every one). . . .because as the verse continues "now are we" (every one and each one of us) the children of God. It's Love.
    Very helpful, particularly today.

    Thank you.

  80. This is so very comforting, encouraging and helpful. Thank you Chet.

  81. Thank you SO very much for this helpful idea. I forwarded it to my friend in Holland so she can be blessed with these ideas too. It is delightful to hear and to share. Much gratitude, Merry Ann

  82. Thank you so much for this today! This message of "being loved" is very powerful! It brings to mind one of my favorite Poems written by Mary Bake Eddy which is also hymn #30 in the Christian Science Hymnal. In one of the verses comforts us with "Thou to whose power our hope we give free us from human strife. Fed by thy love divine we live, for love alone is life. And life most sweet as heart to heart, speaks kindly when we meet and part.". Years ago a cherished Christian Science Sunday school teacher told our class "that is why we must never leave anyone with angry words, because we are loved by God and so are they!". I never forgot that! It's a powerful message to recognize the value of "being loved" and loving each other! Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  83. Thank you for that wonderful idea-- command, really-- and for all the ideas shared by lifters. It reminds me of another insight from Bible language. The word begotten is often used as in "this day have I begotten thee." Be- gotten. God says, I have got you. I have you. You are held and had and cherished. Such a lovlier concept than mere human birth. God has had us all along and we need only to be gotten and be loved to feel and know it. Love to all.

  84. Thank you Chet for this wonderful reminder, a good way to begin the week; and thanks to all who expanded on his ideas. Not only am I loved, but I can hold this healing message for all that I see today and for all mankind. I also appreciated the music this morning, it was a calming prelude to Chet's powerful message. Thanks again!

  85. Sincere gratitude for this heart-felt message of comfort and peace, be loved now.

  86. So grateful for this insight! I am reminded of a similar discovery when I saw a new insight from The Children's Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy. Early on, I learned to pray "Father-Mother God, loving me....";
    the realization came when praying "Father-Mother, God loving me!", a spiritual idea given once in a Christian Science lecture while sharing a healing.
    Thank you for your work,

  87. Interesting that perhaps others may have been feeling unloved today too. "Be-loved" was very helpful and will lead me to do more praying with this message today. I love how this beautiful thought came out of Chet's deep prayer to God. I'm grateful for all of the comments as well; they are very helpful. Loving those who have been unloving seems to be a challenge for many of us. I am reminded of Hymn 315: "Speak gently to the erring ones . . . perchance unkindness made them so; O win them back again." We are ALL Beloved! Father, Mother God, help us to feel that. . .

  88. Thank you Chet.

  89. Thank you for this loving message.Knowing we are loved dispels all negativity;fear,anger,resentment,hatred,loneliness,etc.....because Love is All.

  90. The lovely music at the end of the "lift" complements perfectly the inspirational message shared by Chet.

  91. Thank you, Chet. Such a tender, yet powerful truth to know that we ARE the beloved of God, now. We can be, and we are loved at all times and under all circumstances by our Father-Mother God. Really appreciating this new insight today. Again, thanks.

  92. Wonderful message, music and responses. Very centering.

    I have most recently felt that I and everyone will be loved forever. It tends to quell fear and get me back on track.

  93. Thank you. It has reminded me of a healing I had some year ago when I was at College. One Sunday morning I woke up feeling ill - the message came to go to church as healings take place in church. So I went. I listened as much as possible to the readings but kept waiting for the healing to come! When we were singing the last hymn I thought 'well is hasn't worked I still feel the same' but when the words from lst John were read I heard it as 'Be loved now' and I was healed immediately. I went back to college completely free. Those words have always meant a lot to me.

  94. Thank you Chet! It is very important that when mortal love is taken from you as a young child, that you don't turn inward and deep down think that you are unlovable! You spend all your life trying to convince yourself that you are worthy to be loved! When you realise that God loves you with a matchless strength and passion, that does not depend on how good you are, how pretty you look or even how loving you are, then things start to change and you begin to breathe deeply.

  95. Soooo great. Thanks, Chet!

  96. Thank you Chet!

  97. Thank you so much for this reminder; I needed it today........and it caused a realization too, of just how silly mortal mind is to listen to, about ourselves, instead of divine and universally permanent Truth about God and mankind. Made me chuckle and my heart lightened. So thank you! :)

  98. thank you chet

  99. Be loved - what a blessing to offer ourselves and everyone in our world. I appreciate the comments of No. 56 Alabama too !

  100. Thank you Chet!

  101. Wonderful message. So calming, so strengthening. Thank you Chet

  102. Chet, Your tender "Lift" conveys the tenderness and love of our Father-Mother so quietly, peacefully, simply. Gratefully yours...

  103. Uplifted! thanks Chet

  104. so simple yet so powerful! Thank you Chet for sharing this message with us.
    A word that has become trite yet it has not lost its essence.

  105. Simply and beautifully healing! Thank you, Chet, Daily Lift team and fellow lifters. I pray to think of all in this pure and simple light and whenever I read, pray, hear the beautiful passage from I John:3.

  106. Thank you. I companioned with this thought all day, and was protected from a sudden thunder storm in the the late afternoon, by listening to only good.

  107. "Be Loved. Now, are we the sons of God? And it does not, yet, appear what we shall be. But, we know that. When He appears, we shall be like Him."

  108. Thanks, Chet. So healing and comforting. To the Daily Lift Team - Thank you, too. The woman's voice at the end of the Lift is beautiful - flowing, loving, warm, and articulate. Much love, Gwen

  109. Loved this message, Chet! Melts all prejudice, inharmony between people(s), etc.

  110. Your soothing clear voice so filled with that inspiration which came to you, has touched me in such a profound way and healed my thought of so many issues. I have shared this lift and I know the peaceful, full of love effect it has had on me will also be conveyed to all who hear this. Thank you with all my heart.

  111. I Love it, thanks, Chet, it is so simple. Barbara

  112. We lack nothing because we are loved! As God's children, Father/Mother, supports and protects us in spite of seeming lack - social or financial or anything that appears to separate from that love. This truth is something I need to remember every day. Thank you!

  113. Thank you!!! While feeling very sad with the passing of a very good friend, I visited the Stockton, Ca church and this was how the 1st Reader read this passage, it healed all the many heavy thoughts I was having and even more. I really felt loved after that service and have read these same words from the desk in this way. Thank you, thank you, I'm grateful for this very valuable reminder of Love!!!!!

  114. What a joyous adventure it is, to discover new spiritual meaning in words we have said and thought of in the same old way for years! When I first began attending my branch church long ago, there was a dear woman (and wonderful C.S. practitioner) who read a familiar Bible passage from Job in a way that was new to me: "What is man, that thou art Mind full [mindful] of him?" This opened up the meaning of the word "mindful" in a way that has stayed with me ever since.

    Thank you, Chet, for this beautiful, peaceful, and comforting Lift.
    Thanks to the musicians for the wonderful variety of music that accompanies and complements the Lifts each week.
    Thanks to all who lend their voices to the signoffs - Nate, I particularly enjoyed how you signed off in rhythm with the music last week - fun!
    And thanks to all commenters who share their inspiration and prayers with one another.

  115. How simple can it get! Thanks, Chet.

  116. Thank Chet you are this piano used by him the player whom puts good music that make dance all
    Thank you again

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