6/15: Peace offering

6/15: Peace offering

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  1. Wonderful Thank you.xx

  2. Thank you Norm for this lift!!!... It make us think differently about the interaction with others... and make us feel peace...

    Thank you so much

  3. Loved that idea of the hand open to give is also open to receive. Thanks Norm for the clear and vivid illustration of a truly genuine peace offering.

  4. Thanks so much.

  5. Thank you, Norm, for getting me thinking about peace from a slightly different perspective. And what a beautiful sculpture in a perfect setting to bring out its poignant message. Being open to receiving peace as well as offering peace is making peace - what a beautiful thought. The Christly presence is known in the Bible as the Prince of Peace. Imagine the kind of peacemaking and healing effect that will occur globally when we choose to "behold the perfect man" (the Christ ideal) in each one we meet in our daily walk, whether on the internet or face to face. Then the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. Let's do it!

  6. Well done, wonderful, thank you!

  7. That was just ... beautiful! Thank you.

  8. What a lovely way to start the day, Norm. Thank you for that inspiring lift.The opening of the hands reminds me of Jesus healing the man with the withered hand. He told him to stretch forth his hand, thus opening his thought to receiving healing. Greetings from Cape Town !

  9. Muchas gracias Norm, por esa maravillosa idea de las manos no solamente de paz e integracion ,ademas desarrolla un sentimiento de union y protecion .

  10. Great, this message is so needed. Thank you!

  11. How true it is that the hand open to give is also open to receive! Peace begins with me. When I practice acceptance I am also practicing the 10 Commandments, I am opening the way for dialog and letting the Christ come in between us.
    Peacemaking is really peace affirming.
    In Jesus words: "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God" Matt. 5:9
    ¡Cuán cierto que la mano abierta para dar también esta abierta para recibir!
    La paz comienza conmigo. Cuando practico aceptanción también estoy practicando los 10 Mandamientos, estoy abriendo el camino para el diálogo y dejando que el Cristo venga entre nosotros.
    Pacificar es en realidad afirmar la paz.
    En las palabras de Jesús: ““Bienaventurados los pacificadores, porque ellos serán llamados hijos de Dios” Mateo 5:9

  12. Norm, Yes what lovely sculpture that is, a wonderful interpretation of keeping our thought open and peaceful. Dealing with people (sometimes the seeming opposition) face to face is the best way forward but we need to keep our wits and wisdom about us adn drop the sense of personal or personality that we all too often insist on dragging around with us. An inspiring lift, thank you.

  13. Hi Norm I love your message and the stretched out hands of peace. I also find it fun to talk to strangers in my London village and share ideas on peace. I talked to a lay outside a cafe last week who turned out to be a Buddhist and she and I had a wonderful exchange on the subject of peace and we found much in common! Thanks again Ann K london.

  14. Love the video message of peace delivered by you augmented by the thought-provoking sculpture you included. No lamentation of technology here, it has only enhanced all of my connections w people, face-to-face, and otherwise, including your wonderfully-delivered Daily Lift!

  15. Norm, the hands are also giving peace and rest to the one who gave us this wonderful Lift. Thank you for your blessing. It reminds me of "Like brother birds, that soar and sing, And on the same branch bend." CSHymnal 30/32, Words by Mary Baker Eddy. They are wonderfully strong but tender hands, and absolutely everyone who spends whatever time there would leave in peace and quiet. Tonight those hands will hold all of us,every single one of us, wherever we live.
    Thank you, Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the peaceful Daily Lifters.

  16. Lovely . have you thought of sending this 'Lift' to the sculptor? He would really appreciate that you so completely 'got' the message.

  17. I love what you say about balance and peace. Clear imagery. Fresh inspiration. Thank you.

  18. Beautiful comments about Love. Also enjoyed the sculpture it's thought and beauty. Your message radiates hope, peace and joy. Thank you for a "Lift"

  19. So beautiful. Perfect in fact for a conversation about peace, and sharing one's hand of compassion.Love it. Thank you Norm, and the Team so much for your vision, creativity and artistry.Truly a moment of Soul.I wonder if we may all as contributors one day share pictures too? I have a beautiful carved wooden chair in my garden in the shape of a hand which catches the direct sunlight that I would have loved to have included in today's responses!

  20. thank you for this view on the sculpture, talking eye to eye which each other. I like that the dove is included, because the dove always knows the way back to his home. The thought came to me, that this symbol for the Holy Ghost can us show how to talk to each other to bring peace.Thank you again.

  21. I am grateful for the technology that enabled me to see here in the UK, this beautiful thoughtful piece of sculpture and to hear a wonderful clear message of heartfelt communication from Norm in the US.
    I also loved the idea of the open hands both giving and receiving, as well as, in this instance, providing a wonderful place to sit and talk and appreciate the river and the sky. Thank you so much everyone for the Daily Lift.

  22. Thank youfor this lovely Lift' Peace to all.

  23. Thank you for this lovely lift. There is so much in it. The clenched fist which cannot give, cannot receive either. Neither can clenched thought. Thank you to all for inspired comments, especially to no 20 Dorette, for the idea that the dove always knows its way back home. How lovely to think we will be led back home by a sense of peace.

  24. Blessed are the peacemakers for they are the children of GOD! What a wonderful thought to begin my day, THANK YOU!

  25. Thank You Norm. Very clear. When you think of the symbolism of the actual structure saying that Peace can bring you together and carry the weight of your troubles (because you can sit on it) and like a dove, carry you to new heights of understanding and love.

    Sometime in the future I have to engage an individual that has done many wrong. Just this week I told myself that it is time for peace. I had been thinking of the weight of that past and the weight of what people say about the individual that I need to drop off in order to reach new heights of my individuality. I have been working to let go of the past and embrace more of Love.

    Earlier this week I mentioned someone hitting my car, well yesterday I had to visit with the Police and I went with expectation of harmony. When I arrived I was immediately greeted with warmth. After a while I shared with the Officer my desire to donate some pictures to them.

    In summary I met one of the Chief's who asked why I was there, and I said someone had hit my car and I came to show my documentation. He said "you know, you were God sent. We have just started a project that needs a lot of photography and we have few."

    We exchanged cards, and he said he will share with me special events that I can photograph for them. I responded by saying that I am beginning to see that there is healing in EVERYTHING, to which he agreed.

    The rest of the day was filled with love from all. Thanks for this DL. Starting with Peace is key.

  26. A wonderful lift; thanks Norm.

  27. At one time in our recent history, master ship builders used to search the woods for tree trunks, branches, for the exact shape they had in mind for making ribs, knees and such; the materials used to make schooners. They had to already have in mind the giant shapes that they needed.
    That was a good idea at one time, but it has its limitations as we know, since there are not enough trees in the forest for perpetual ship-building. What I love about metaphysics is that we can turn to the God-principle that enables us to "prove all things." I Thess 5;21.

  28. Oh to stay on those upward wings! Oh to feel that balanced peace! Thank you.

  29. Fabulous ,,, thank you ! :-)

  30. Alan from Boston
    A terrific lift and thank you. The view is beautiful and the message is vital. I especially like the idea of making better peaceful communication with others, despite the overwhelming non face-to-face communication in our world today.

  31. Thanks for this wonderful lift - so appropriate for our environment today! It would seem that as our elections here in the US (and elsewhere) draw closer, there becomes less and less room for compromise, and we find a totally 'polarized' environment. In the sculpture of the dove in this video, is found our answer, which you pointed out. Thanks again!

  32. Norm , Thank you, I have sat in those hands many times, as I live in Exeter and visit Newburport occassionally . Your message was heart felt as I sit with people face to face all week long in my counseling office and listen to stories of how those face to face peace offerings are missing in personal lives. Then Gods spirit enters , hearts open and relationships become all they were ever meant to be. . . .reflections of that one love. Peace be with you and all the Daily Lifters.

  33. A friend once said, "be a moving center for peace." OK -- I will. Today I can offer peace to whatever comes my way. Great message, Norm, and what a beautiful setting. Thank you.

  34. This inspiring lift and the video by the river brought to mind Hymn 276. The first verse concludes:

    "Peace that speaks the heavenly Giver;
    Peace to worldly minds unknown;
    Peace, that floweth as a river
    From th' eternal source alone."

    "Peace to worldly minds unknown" is my prayer for all of the troubled spots around the world and the people seeking peace.

  35. What a great sculpture for a jumping off place to peace. It got me thinking about “face to face” which led me to Mrs. Eddy’s article in Miscellaneous Writings “The New Birth”. Here she speaks about conflict resolution or rather, a specific resolution. She says “Here you stand face to face with the laws of infinite Spirit, and behold for the first time the irresistible conflict between the flesh and Spirit.” and rising upward, “With the spiritual birth, man’s primitive, sinless, spiritual existence dawns on human thought..” In this dawning we find we lay off “material appendages, human opinions and doctrines, give up your more material religion” and so forth. Concluding, she speaks of –well –the peacemakers “With this recognition man could never separate himself from good, God; and he would necessarily entertain habitual love for his fellow-man.”

    OK, just rambling out loud today, but don’t you love “Here you stand face to face with the laws of infinite Spirit”? – or maybe sit on the wings of a dove.

    Thanks Norm. Have a peaceful weekend team.

    And just reading upon posting this. Troy #25, great update.

  36. I love Troy's comments in #25 about a blessing came out of a car accident. That certainly illustrates peace and comfort when a thought is not upset or angry but looking for a blessing. Someday I hope we can see some of your pictures as they tie in with DL. I just love all the comments and the video. I also love the train bridge in the background as we are dealing with bridges.

  37. Excellent

  38. ¡Qué bello y sanador mensaje de Paz!!! Muy agradecida Norm por tu magnífico Lift . Nos lleva al corazón del Cristianismo - Paz y Armonía entre los hombres. Me encantó la escultura de manos abiertas y al centro la paloma- símbolo de paz . Es muy cierto que para ser pacificadores y ofrecer paz a los demás- debo empezar por mí misma- expresando en todo momento esta elevada y maravillosa cualidad divina.

    Mrs.Eddy escribió en Ciencia y Salud : ' Paloma:un símbolo de la Ciencia divina; pureza y paz; esperanza y fe. ' (p 584).

    Jesús , el amado Maestro y Fundador del Cristianismo expresó: ' La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy; yo no os la doy como el mundo la da. No se turbe vuestro corazón , ni tenga miedo' ( Juan 14: 17) .

    ' La paz es la promesa y la recompensa de la rectitud ' .
    ' Dios es el Padre infinito, y esta gran verdad, cuando se comprenda en su metafísica divina, establecerá la hermandad del hombre, pondrá fin a las guerras, y demostrará en la tierra paz, buena voluntad para con los hombres .' mrs. Eddy ( Miscellany p 279).

    Agradezco mucho las ideas y comentarios previos .
    Un abrazo grande y mucha Paz para todos, Ma. Cristy

  39. Thank you for this beatiful lift. It really made me felt so at peace, such a good feeling that all is well. I loved the idea of how we pray about this in Christian Science, "peace affirming". I will take this with me to the office and repeat it along the day. Once again, thank you and to all the people who are working for the DL´s.

  40. Lovely thoughts exemplified by a beautiful three dimensional manifestation by the artist. Deborah's

    16 suggestion carries on the giving-receiving message by letting the artist know how far around

    the world his/her inspiration is traveling. As an artist, I know how meaningful it is to have feedback
    about my works as the viewer is often struck by elements I never considered. I have shared the lesson of hands open to give and receive for many many years. It is so simple and so profound. Thank you
    for the view of the boats and water, even the rusty trestle bridge.

  41. Thanks Norm, I really like the idea of making peace is really peace affirming.
    There's also something very different about this video from the others. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it is really nice. Maybe because the first half is almost like a art critique, then you get into the spiritual message.
    Great job.

  42. Wonderful and inspiring message! Thank you so much dear Norm. Muchas gracias :-) Love the video and the panoramic view :-)

  43. All points well-taken! Peace-making as listening and confirming what the heart knows to be true about each other and not limited human opinions must be the way to a happy harmonious universe. Even the feeling of a closed fist feels unloving and hard and the expression open-handed seems so generous and outreaching. It's how I always think of you. Thanks as always, Norm

  44. What a beautiful sculpture and such a peaceful message. I don't believe I've ever heard the phrase "hands that are open to give are open to receive, and it touched me deeply. I love to give but sometimes am embarrassed to receive but that's wrong thinking as God blesses us all in different ways. If there are not grateful receivers we would be depriving the givers of their joy in giving. Thank you Norm, and all who contribute your comments and to the wonderful Daily Lift team who gives us our "daily bread" which in turn, we pass on to others.

  45. Thanks so much Norm. As we are about to welcome hundreds of alumni back to Principia College for Reunion, it's a wonderful reminder to know that a hand open to give is also a hand open to receive. By returning for their reunion, alumni are giving of themselves and in return receive the wonderful bounty of renewed friendships, new friendships, and shedding of past burdens or misconceptions. We love witnessing this during each reunion! And even for those not able to be here for face-to-face conversations, the wings of the dove are open to them as well, and embracing each and every one. I'm reminded of Hymn 218, verse 2: "From hand to hand the greeting flows, From eye to eye the signals run, From heart to heart the bright hope glows, The seekers of the Light are one."

  46. Thank you Norm, for this wonderful message on peacemaking!
    And I also thank you for the oportunity you give us to realize how God´s creativity is so clearly expressed through that symbolic sculpture showed in the video, and indeed communicating an excelent message about friendship, peace and love.

  47. Right on, Norm. Peace is more than the absence of war!

  48. I don't think I'll ever look at a dove the same way now that I have an enlightened sense of what peace can mean. Fabulous Norm:) I am connecting the 2 open hands with the 2 words that Christ Jesus said after the disciples woke our Great Master up during a tumultuous storm at sea. His first word was "Peace"...and to me, Jesus was sharing how safe he was, even during a storm and was emphasizing the idea to his disciples that by trusting God, they too could experience this same "peace" at any time. It didn't fluctuate. The 2 words he said after peace, were "be still". I now have an image of the sculpture w/ open hands that represent these 2 words. When you're engaged in conversation w/ someone, one needs to be listening...."be still" while the other speaks. I just love this new, inspiring image of "peace" that you have shared with us:) Thank you!

  49. I am forever approaching the many tourists I spot in Santa Fe, asking if they know where they are going or does it matter. It's a walking town and folks are always so open to talk, visit, and ask about things. I want them to feel welcome and to enjoy our beautiful city. Thanks for sharing yours, Norm. Loved it! And the message of peace "at hand".

  50. Yeah, great idea #16!
    And great hymn #34!
    And #35, yes, being face to face w infinite Spirit is awesome!

  51. Nice!

  52. This is my first response, ever. I just had to say thank you for this touching, sensible, well-thought-out video message of peace--both within and without. What a beautiful gift!!! Many thanks,

  53. Beautiful spiritual lesson, especially in today's political climate. Thank you!

  54. Loved it. Thank you.

  55. Wow, ought to send this to every elected official in Congress!

  56. Loved the quiet message today, Norm. How I wish every news broadcast...or panel of pundits...or op eds..or talk shows...would just stop for a moment and listen to this. Wouldn't it change the nature of the programming to follow. Maybe a few red faces (with any luck).

    Peace to all Lifters.

  57. Church-building=God-revealing=peace-making=Manual-obeying: Golden Rule, Christian fellowship, no gossiping, CS nursing/healing, motives/acts, constant prayer, no objectionable mental pictures, alert dutifulness, blessing not malpracticing, confidentiality,... Matthew Code again and again disciplining/disciple-ing own thought.

    Matthew Code= silencing personal sense, listening to God, sacrificing mortal opinions humbly replaced with divine truths, empathic listening to other's experience/feelings/needs to find the divinely loving way to meet everyone's needs (spiritual qualities-- safety, belonging, communion, appreciation, integrity, trust, joy, beauty/harmony, growth, inspiration, autonomy, shared celebration, clarity/being known, meaningful contribution, ...). Private direct 1:1 active listening/loving; then if needed, mutually-trusted interpreter/mediator for win-win; then if needed, collective church prayers helping all listen/love/learn/progress as Jesus. No complaining, gossiping, avoiding/shunning, manipulating, exaggerating, discounting, jumping to conclusions, mind-reading, generalizing, emotional reasoning, personalizing, tunnel-visioning, passive-aggression, hypocrisy, taking offense. Matthew 18:15-17 twice on page 51, implied on every page, Jesus' instructions in context of describing heaven, each child equally loved and required to humbly forgive, the hell of false accusations, heaven of joy returning lost sheep, united prayer, paying grace-debts, thanks.

  58. Just beautiful, Norman; I love how the sculpture was tied into the subject.

  59. And to all of us "peace lifters." That's what we are being asked to do, isn't it: lift it higher than human negotiations... Thanks to Norm and to all the commenters. It was very helpful today!

  60. This is great... and so timely to me personally and of course to the world. The sculture is awesome.

  61. Thank you, Norm. It reminds me of God's unconditional Love that is freely given and received. Thank you again for this peaceful lift.

  62. Thanks, Norm, for "peace offering...the position of the hands...weighing both sides...a hand open to giving...open to receive...speak face-to-face...find what they have in common...most effective peace making is really peace affirming...harmony is a natural and normal quality built into every one of us as ideas of God..." Wow! I LOVE the Lift with its great pro-active examples! And I LOVE the bench! I’m alerted to getting up off my bench, more quickly and purposefully wherever / whenever Love calls me onto the playing field. I’m convinced that “peace on earth” is a Christian mandate. I believe that Jesus gave us the “how” in, “Love one another.” There’s no “if” clause for this greatest commandment / Christian-living requirement. Years ago as I was riding home from school on the bus, a then-popular song, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” was playing in my head. Suddenly, the song stopped and these thoughts came: “Oh dear God, if peace on earth has to begin with me, the world hasn’t got a chance. In fact, it’s doomed!” Peace on earth begin with ME? What if? I’d have to pray to find a way. I searched my own personal history and couldn’t even remember one entire day, when I felt at absolute peace. Peace as a way of life??? It took two weeks of wholehearted “prayer and fasting,” and daily practicing, until I consciously began to live a “no-if-clause-Love.” Jesus must have had great faith in us to “Love one another,” as true Christians, truly living in peace.

  63. Thank you.

  64. I've always loved this little poem found in "Idea on Wings" published by The Christian Science Publishing Society:

    William B. Lynch

    I want
    the words to flutter
    around you and land softly
    on your shoulders in peace.
    I want you to hear them
    tell you of heaven.

    Stand still
    and they will gather.

    I've taught peacemaking with children and how wonderful to see them sit face-to-face and work out their differences. They gain self-esteem, responsibility for their own thoughts, and a great sense of love and respect for others.

    Thanks Norm for this peace giving video, and thanks to the DL team and all who contributed with peaceful thoughts.


    This poem can be found at http://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/1976/11/78-48/doves/%28language%29/eng-US

  65. Beautifully done! Thank you so much! All these ideas are a blessing!

  66. Thank you, Norm. Loved the visuals. And the wonderful message to me as an individual, and in reaching out to the world.

  67. Lovely thought of peace and oneness. Thank you.

  68. A wonderful healing message! Reminds me of the old popular song "He's got the whole world in His hands". Thanks to the Board of Lectureship for all these Daily Lifts.

  69. Wow! Just loved this Lift! Thank you so much Norm, and as always the wonderful comments.

    Judith from Reno NV

  70. Great lift, as always, Norm.
    Keep them coming!

  71. Great Lift, as always, Norm
    wonderful scenery, too
    Keep them coming.

  72. Thanks, Norm, for sharing this beautiful sculpture with us together with your great message.

    Grateful thanks as well to the Daily Lift team and all the responders. Have a great weekend everyone.

  73. I loved the lift and all the comments. I'm so glad you included the picture of the bench with the hands. What a beautiful sculpture!

  74. Thanks for the video! I love the definition of Dove on page 584 in Science and Health, "A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith." Spiritual truth and inspiration is universal. It reaches us when we are open!

  75. Thank you Norm, the DL team, and commenters, especially #48,61, & 44 which were especially meaningful to me. (=

  76. Thank you Norm. This is so lovely. The highest form of art is inspiring, thought provoking, instructional, not self-indulgent. Thank you for highlighting a piece of art I have loved but hadn't taken enough time to really appreciate. The ideas you shared certainly share those attributes: inspiring, thought provoking, instructional. So helpful and uplifting.

  77. Beautiful :) Thanks so much Norm....I love that it is a comfortable spot to share with another face to face....wow! So well said...you give much to ponder and think about :)

  78. A beautiful connection between art and religionl.

  79. What a wonderful way to start the day. The sculpture is such a great visual with the dove and open hands facing outward to go give and receive with the message of that face to face communication that reinforces that honesty and love. Many thanks.

  80. Norm, that was terrific. I loved how the sculpture connected with your topic. Thanks.

  81. This video message is a KEEPER! It offers me an answer to prayer this morning concerning an awkward situation at church. So grateful for your inspired and inspiring message straight from God. Love answers our needs!

  82. Absolutely beautiful, and very uplifting. My heartfelt thank you.

  83. Thanks Norm, "affirm peace now" will be my mantra today.

  84. M.K. Gandhi said."You must be the change you wish to see in the world." From a Charles Wesley hymn, Mark the wonders of His hand; Power no empire can withstand. The beautiful sculpture is so appreciated. Love and peace to all.

  85. "To value another's opinion even as you're advocating your own." - keep reminding me. Thanks for the uplift.

  86. That was perfect.

  87. Jane from Laguna Hills
    Norm that was so good. Thanks so much/

  88. Such a beautifyl peaceful message, presented with such understanding and harmony.
    Thank you so much Norm.

  89. Loved it Norm! Yes, this LIft did have a different tone to it, as a previous commenter said. I think maybe it feels more universal, more "out of the box" of Christian Science or Religion and more World-Embracing! I have a friend who comes from more of a Buddhist-Meditation orientation and she said that at her last Meeting they were discussing this issue: "How does one take a Pro-Active stance for Peace and speak up and speak out when there is a perceived injustice and at the same time not lose one's Center of Peace within?" This is an issue I have been dealing with lately and am still in the process of learning how to put the two together. This video and Lift are so helpfu! Thank You! And thank you to all of the Lifters for the many inspiring comments! Happy Peaceful Weekend to All!

  90. Thank you Norm. I took this daily lift to heart and called up a person. I said, "would you like to do the daily lift?" In my world, people know I love the daily lift. They said, " I don't know what that means?" I said, "today it means sitting on a bench together".

    From there they invited me to dinner. I think daily Lifters need to be aware that you can't outline, how the bench looks and feels. It could be breakfast, dinner, or a walk. Only God knows.

    And thank you for sharing the sculpture, as I want to actually see it someday, if it is God's plan for me.

  91. Thanks for the video, Norm, as I just couldn't quite visualize that bench. Yes indeed, it is the perfect position from which "to value another's opinion even as you're advocating your own." Reminds me of the promise in Hymn 136: "I yet shall know as I am known And see Thee face to face. . . . Thy presence ever goes with me And Thou dost give me peace." Lovely!

  92. Thanks, Norm. I posted your peaceable offering on Facebook.

  93. Quite a hand offered in peace! Thanks, for a "peace - full" Lift, video, & bench picture. Sound or not, the video was good. We've a "hands on" Lift assignment to work with! Norm, you've given much thought to purpose, opportunity, obligation, and blessings of hands. A bench held the hands for all the good you've found in people using them. One definition of bench is: "To sit on a seat of justice." Chase "justice" down and it gives: The principle of rectitude and just dealing of men with each other; also conformity to it; integrity, rectitude; - one of the cardinal (basic, main) virtues. Rectitude means: Straightness. Undeviating adherence to moral standards; uprightness.`The sculptor, Michael Alfano, certainly captured the true essence of these definitions, and all you gave to us in your Lift. Intended or not, he embraced much of Christian Science teachings. It would be interesting to know the thoughts of all who see the sculpture, and see how close many are in thought, regardless of religious backgrounds. I may never get there, but if I do, I'd want a first hand look at the bench (pun intended, but seriously written). Not just hands, this Lift centers on what true peace is, part of everyone, their connection to God, and thus to each other. #5 Rosa, Amen! #15 Margaret, Tonight, held with all of our Lift family brought tears. #16 Deborah, great idea! #25 Troy, Awesome! #52 Blanche, see you again? #62 Nela, honest & inspiring! #64, Thanks Bea & Moderator! # 90 name, so sweet!

  94. Thank you Norm for your 2 minute lecture "Peace Offering." It surely brings out how easy it is to peacefully bring a non-agreeable discussion to a peaceful end without condemnation or violent confrontation. Reminds me how Jesus must have felt when faced with Pontius Pilate as he was being accused. He hardly responded but was quietly praying secretly to God to know how to answer Pontius'es questions. Sometimes that's what we should do, instead of speaking out too quickly and maybe getting our selves into trouble. Leaning 100% on God always solves the biggest problems.

  95. Wow! Once again, a Lifter offers a kernel of an idea; and the Lift Community nurtures it and makes it grow and flourish -- lifting EVERYONE as a result. Thank you all for expanding the idea of PEACE for today.

  96. Goes something like this? "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me"...

    Yes, there was a different tone with this Lift...deeply inspiring, healing, filled with quiet gentle Love and shared naturally and beautifully!

  97. What a perfect message of peace. Your inspired thoughts have reached my heart very deeply. I love that sculpture with open hands. Thank you Norm, very , very much.

  98. Beautiful! Thanks so much, dear Norm.

  99. Thank you.The peaceful and beautiful background ,plus the most appealing sculpture,strengthened your
    important message of peace....and how to attain it!Very inspirational and educational for me.I appreciate the visual and your direct and loving delivery.Thank you all responders and DL producers.

  100. Thank you, Norm. That's a lovely sculpture and lovely thoughts from you about peace.

  101. Thank you for this lift. I was reminded of a place out in the State of Oregon, a beautiful Peace Post, and when my girls and I visited the site, we held hands around it and looked up. I think that the only way, we can have real peace is if we" look up" together, while holding hands.
    thank you name no.90 for your comment and Anon, no 91 but also to everyone who comments.

  102. I missed Troy from Barbados's when reading comment, before. I am glad I went through comments again. thank you for your comment. Isn't Peace the whole idea and for me, wanting to put the past to rest, your input today meant alot.

  103. This was such a delight in every respect. Really complete.
    There being One Mind, by gaining peace within, there isn't truly a "without".

  104. Thank you for this wonderful lift, Norm.

  105. Thanks again for this lift. It turned a good day into an extraordinarily beautiful day =:)

  106. What a treasure. Thank you Norm.
    This Daily Lift program is such a blessing to so many of us. We all look forward to it and frequently friends at church will say, Did you hear the Lift today? Wasn't that great! Yes they are great. Keep 'em coming!

  107. Bea, sharing Mr Lynch's poem, Doves, is beautiful, what a GREAT poem!!

  108. Thank you! I appreciated seeing the photos you attached.

  109. One day last spring, I visited a Christian Science reading room for spiritual help. That day's attendant asked me to show him what I did with my hands when i prayed. I intertwined the fingers of both hands together. "Look, you are clenching your fists," he said. "Open your hands as you place them together, palms up."
    It felt to me that I became open, "receiving at the fount where God pours forth more than we can ever receive." Since then, I've been praying with palms cupped and open, whether hands are together or lifted in praise. In church, during readings, I often do the same open hand gesture of receiving the wisdom and understanding of that day's readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. I find it comforts and sustains me. Want to share this good idea with all Lifters worldwide.
    May abundant blessings overflow in all our lives. Great Lift, Norm.

  110. Beautiful! Thank you.

  111. Thanks. XOXO

  112. God bless you, Norm. Thanks for this important and wonderful lift.

  113. Thank you very much, Norm! This is a great lift and such a wonderful and meaningful sculpture.

  114. Wonderful message. I love how Jesus, when entering a room where His disciples were gathered said simply, "Peace be unto you." What a powerful message that carries, and even so today. Thanks Norm.

  115. What a poetic analogy! The dove--peace--cannot "fly" (fulfill its purpose) unless the two wings are functioning and in sync.

    To me peace is the sweet presence of Christ and the assurance that God is in control of the universe, from the farthest star to the nearest feather. Peace within. Peace heart to heart.

  116. Loved the ideas shared in your Lift. Wouldn't it be great if others could share some sculpture in their area that represents the same type of idea? What a collection and reminder that would be of God's Love caring for us all! In comment to #64 with teaching peacemaking to children...wouldn't it be great to share some of these sculptural examples and then let them design their own with clay.

  117. Translate to english Nº 38

    ¡What beautiful and healing message of Peace!!! I am grateful Norm for your excellent Lift. Leads us to the heart of Christianity - peace and harmony among men. I loved the open hands sculpture and the center-dove, peace symbol. It is true that to be peacemakers and to offer peace to others- I must begin by myself -expressing all the time, this high and wonderful divine quality .

    Mrs.Eddy wrote in Science and Health, 'Dove: a symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith. '(p 584).

    Jesus, the beloved Master and Founder of Christianity said: 'Peace I leave to you, my peace I give unto you . I don't give as the world gives. Don't be troubled your heart or afraid "(John 14: 17).

    'Peace is the promise and reward of rightness'.
    'God is the Father, infinite, and this great truth, when understood in its divine metaphysics, will establish the brotherhood of man, end wars, and demonstrate "on earth peace, good will toward men.' (Misce p 279).

    I appreciate the ideas and previous comments.
    A big hug , much peace and love for all, Ma Cristy

  118. This was awesome, even if I didn't get to it on the day it was offered.

  119. Thank so much Norm for the very nice lift.

  120. Thanks Norm for this Daily Lift! It was lovely!

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