6/13: Eternal roots

6/13: Eternal roots

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  1. Thank you Kari for this very helpful Lift. The spiritual understanding it imparts gives us true freedom and expression to be who we really are-the infinite expression of the one Mind. What a beautiful inheritance this is and the spiritual power that accompanies it. Our true being is not of a gender or nationality, but, rather of God.

  2. Thank you! That was just what I needed to hear.

  3. Thank you!
    How freeing to know - our real nature, our real "roots" are spiritual, immortal.
    D ivine
    N ature
    A ffirmed

  4. The world famous Trio Los Panchos, a Mexican and Puerto Rican trio whose fame extended form mid 40's and going... wrote the unforgettable romantic song, The Vagabond, or wonderer , it begins with these words: "It's not important to know who I am, nor where I come from or where I go."

    We know we are God's children, does it really matter what our DNA says?
    Our DNA is spiritual, period!!!

    REMEMORANDO... http://www.eltriolospanchos.com/


    El mundialmente famoso Trío Los Panchos, un trío formado por gente de México y Puerto Rico, cuya fama se extiende desde los años 40 y sigue... escribieron la inolvidable canción romántica, El Vagabundo, que comienza con estas palabras: "No importa saber quién soy, ni de donde vengo ni a dónde voy."

    Sabemos que somos hijos de Dios, ¿importaría saber que dice nuestro ADN?
    Nuestro ADN es espiritual, punto!!!


  5. Kari,
    Thank you

  6. "Rooted and grounded in love" Ephesians 2;17 Thank you for you precious message Kari

  7. this also applies to the roots of Christian Science. Some think it can be traced back to one philosophical system or another, or from centuries ago, but no, it just came from God, it is just rooted in God.

  8. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. Yes, we ARE All the children of God.

  9. Many thanks Kari for this great reminder. Yes, we are all the perfect reflection of divine Love. "We reflect Thy radiancy./ So may deeper consecration/ Show Thee forth in healing's sign,/ Till through joyful self-surrender/ We in Love's pure likeness shine." (Christian Science Hymnal #109).

  10. Thank you, for a lovely reminder of our true nature and essence!

  11. THANK YOU!

  12. What a good reminder of our real source. In her recent lecture in western Maine, Ginny Luedeman spoke of DNA as "does not apply"!

  13. Kari, thank you so much for this at-the-moment Lift. As very young girl I suffered from migraine headaches. After I returned to Christian Science they improved, but I was still put out of action until I decided "Enough!" I refused to give in, but stayed on my feet, praying constantly until such time as the headache simply dispelled. After some months the headaches stopped altogether. Recently a cousin has been very ill from a similar illness and was told there was no cure. When I heard that I told her I used to have these headaches, but through prayer in Christian Science they were healed. She was inclined to be sceptical, but another cousin who asked for prayerful help for her sister has told Mary to "Get Margaret to pray for you." So called hereditary problems cease to be problems when healed with prayer.

  14. "our eternal roots are in God" Like it . Thanks.

  15. I loved it! To know what God is, is to know what we are, because we are the expression of His nature. Then we understand that we are able to live and move as His children, expressing love, health, honesty, intelligence and all that our Father-Mother God has given us to be. So, the more we learn about God, the more we learn about ourselves. Great! So we are set free to live all these qualities daily. Can we lack love? health? honesty? intelligence? No! These are ours by reflection. Can our neighbours lack these qualities? No! Can our politicians lack these qualities? Once again NO! We all have the same eternal roots. "Your influence for good depends upon the weight you throw into the right scale. The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable" S & H P.192. I love all this great family around the world.

  16. Thank you Kari for this important reminder. To start right is so important. A great lift!

  17. I like how K in Ca. #3 put it "Divine Nature Affirmed" as well as the familiar "Does Not Apply." It breaks the dream of inherited physical affirmaties, something I'm struggling to demonstrate. I know that my roots are in God as his beloved child. Knowing and demonstrating, though, are entirely different things. This is a work in progress.

  18. Dices muy bien Kari, que somos reflejo divino, imagen del amor, por lo tanto, no existe ADN, no existe algo que tenga preponderancia sobre, el verdadero, el origén espiritual, y otro no hay, entiendo que creer en el ADN, es falsear la realidad es como hacerse trampa en el solitario. te falséas a tí mismo, lamentablemente se ha generalizado esa creencia y podemos y debemos contrarestarla con la Verdad, la realidad del ser, el origén espiritual, otro no hay, y esa es la confianza que tenemos, y es también nuestra fortaleza, los atributos divinos, el amor, paciencia, tolerancia, honestidad, integridad,asidos de ellos, podemos enfrentar toda pretención erronea, y estar a salvo.

    Muchas gracias Kari por el mensaje.

  19. Thank you Kari for this great lift...to remind us of our true heritage and where our roots really lay.

  20. Thank you, Kari, for “Eternal roots … we are rooted in God … in Spirit, not in DNA …”

    This is the Truth of our being. And we can challenge, overcome, and remove every demographic barrier to health and happiness, as we claim and live in accordance with our spiritual roots. One way I find guidance is through the seven synonyms for God in the glossary of Science and Health (587:5). I make my claim and live in accordance, as I scientifically apply to my daily experiences, Christian qualities derived from the synonyms e.g. If God is Love; then, I am (in that image and likeness) loving - kind, respectful, helpful, grateful, forgiving, etc. We are rooted in God and nothing can uproot us!

  21. Thank you so much for this meaningful and timely lift on this very special day, my birthday!
    Certainly, it will be the most substancial gift l´ll get!

  22. Thank you, Kari. What a beautiful thought to begin the day.

  23. Thank you for the reflection of God.

  24. Thank you Kari

  25. This is a great lift. I have heard DNA meaning Does Not Apply but now a positive one is Divine Nature Affirmed. Thanks commenters and Kari for these uplifting thoughts to take through my day!

  26. We cannot be reminded too often of how good we really are. The world denies the Christ continually and it is our job to affirm, insist, and demonstrate the divine reality every day. Thank you for this beautiful clear summation and for the emphatic musical YES!

  27. Thank you Kari for this very good reminder and thank you Marita K.(15) and all the commentators . Much love to all

  28. Thanks Kari and those who have shared. A phrase from one of Mary Baker Eddy's poems has this line, "As deeply rooted in a soil of love...." The thoughts shared today heal suggestions of digging into one's so called human history or genealogy for answers.

  29. How purely simple . . .and simply pure: when we know what God is, we know what we are. Amen. And deep thanks, Kari.

  30. When Abigail, the retired warehouse cat, jumped on my lap, what I was typing disappeared. Apparently she did not hit the “send” button although what I had typed disappeared. But I found myself looking at her realizing that she was not in the least concerned about roots. ..or my typing.

    What I was recalling in the previous remarks was the wonderful story about the gypsy boy who learned that he had been stolen as a baby from the king’s castle. He was not too happy about this change of identity, but eventually realized the good he could do as the King’s son and nothing was lost. (where did I read this great story?)

    It is not always easy to let someone else be the King’s child when we thought they were solely bonded to us. It is somewhat easier to start by seeing ourselves as a true child of God. Then it dawns on us that we may have tried to steal the King's baby and must let them off the hook. We accept our roots and find the good we can do as the King's child.

    Important lift. Thank you!

  31. To know for a fact who our Mother and Father are is indeed a blessing. To know that we are the very image and likeness of God eliminates the idea that we are not perfect. The spiritual man can never ever be without His loving guidance and protection, from infancy to
    Adolescent and adulthood. Thanks for an inspiring idea to start our day.

  32. Thank you Kari. Those very words that you used in this lift I have used many times to put down erroneous suggestions for myself and my family. When we know we live, move and breathe in God, as the Bible tells us, we are safe, perfect, peaceful. God is Life, therefore we live in Life and Life is everlasting. This knowledge eliminates fear. We live forever in God.

  33. Thank you so much for another perfect lift!!!

  34. Thank you Kari!
    And thanks for all the comments. #3 and #7 as well as all of you!
    Thanks to The Mother Church for putting this spiritual breakfast on the table so folks around the world can gather together for the meal. A dear meeting place.

  35. Thank you for your loving reminder Kari that we are rooted in God and as we look in the mirror, we see His reflection. Such divine privilege brings with it our obligation to live and move by his rules and obey.

  36. C/S is the only system that explains all of our questions; "Where do we come from?" Answer, "We are created by GOD, so we come from GOD." "Does Matter play a role in this creation?" Answer, "A resounding NO!, Matter has no intelligence nor substance to create anything." "Where are our roots, USA, GERMANY, IRAN, INDIA?"
    Answer, "We are rooted and grounded in God. We get all of our attributes from God. Persons, places or things have nothing to do with our roots. Such a simple explanation and Mortal Mind's desire is to complicate it. Spirit, God is our maker and controls all of our being and that being is perfect.

  37. Thank you.

  38. If we know where we come from, and if we know where we're going, we gain courage and a sense of dominion and abundance that cannot be gained from the material sense of DNA or atomic origins.
    We can let the limitations and fears of the material body go.
    I love the description found in the Bible in the book of John:
    "Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went to God; He riseth...." (John 13:3)
    It reminds me of Christine's lift earlier this week describing the harmony of the heavens, and I thought of the promise to Abraham to compare his destiny to the number of stars.
    Our origin is good and our destiny has no limits, no encumbrance, no fear.
    Thank you Kari for this reference to our true origin.

  39. ARN/Salinae,UK... wow! rooted and fed by One God...what a great future of growing in grace!! We are
    tenderly watched over by our Father-Mother Mind, Our One Great Creator!! amen

  40. Thank you for this fabulous Lift!!!

  41. I have also heard:
    D ivinely
    N atural
    A tributes

    Thank you, Kari, and all participants!

  42. Thank you Kari for this wonderful lift. It is great because I have struggled for a long time with this issue. I hear all the time from individuals that their ancestors are from Germany, Ireland or other places in Europe. Being of African descent, I have felt so out of the conversation, because I never knew exactly where in Africa. Your lift is uplifting to actually hear that my roots are with God and we actually all share that brotherhood, fatherhood and motherhood.

  43. Thank you very much, Kari!

  44. Just lovely. Thank you for the inspiring lift

  45. Thank you Kari for your important message! I love the previous commenters comments about "DNA" also. MBE says on pg. 262 of "Science and Health": "The foundation of discord is a false sense of man's origin." And a few lines later. "Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of Existence." Of course we all know we are the children of God, but often we are called to reaffirm our divine inheritance. God knows us, so we too, as reflections of God, know our divine substance. Thanks to all!

  46. Thank you, this knowing that we are the reflection of God (good) is what sets us free from mortal belief and just what Jesus meant when he said " You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free".This understanding is indeed "The pearl of great price" and it never ceases to amaze me that one woman i.e Mary Baker Eddy was so spiritually minded that she understood (through much prayer and dedication to finding TRUTH) precisely what Christ Jesus was teaching us. LOVE to ALL.

  47. Our negative self-talk fades into nothing as it drops away from our real essence, our spiritual DNA. The feeling I got, when reading the helpful advice of lifters yesterday, was like having the whole universe open up and I could feel God's love and purpose for me! The fact that He wants me and loves me is where I am living at present. I have God's DNA inside me!

  48. Thank you!!!!

  49. Indeed a superb reminder.

  50. Thank you.A great explanation of our real foundation.All is Spirit and spiritual.

  51. Oh my goodness, this could not have come at a more perfect time, I thank you so much

  52. I love considering root and reflection. I had not thought about it in just this way. Wonderful message. Thank you.

  53. Thanks 34 you are named right. You reminded me to be grateful for my morning friends at our spiritual breakfast ( Give us this day our daily bread) it certainly feeds the famished affections. Kari your explanation of reflection has helped me so much. Thanks to all for your inspirational comments. God Bless

  54. Great message, Kari! I love where Jesus says of the Christ and our relationship to him, "I am the vine, ye are the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing." (John 15:5, KJV). With humility we can all let go of the false claim that we have an origin and life apart from God, Spirit, or that we are independent thinkers and doers (that is independent of
    God), and abide under the shadow of the Most High. And thank you also for the fine lecture last week!

  55. Thank you Kari for the mirror analogy that needs constant reminding. Just as this weeks lesson says, there can never be a moment when man is not expressed or reflected by God.
    Always good to hear your insights.

  56. Thank you for this needed Truth reminder.

  57. What a beautiful thought to take into the weekend! Thank you for this timely and important reminder. When we understand who we truly are, divine love fills our every moment with wisdom.and compassion. Thank you for the beautiful lift!

  58. I appreciate this very much..taking it higher to eternal roots, divine inheritance, everyone connected and included in God's great Love.

    Thanks Kari

  59. Oh thank you Kari. This really lifted me up--right from the true roots. It helped me see why we can never be separated from God. We just wouldn't exist if God weren't real and ever-present. There would be nothing for us to be the image and likeness of. So we can have no other inheritance. Also loved the idea of planting ourselves IN Christ. WOW!

  60. THANK YOU!!!!

  61. Lovely Lift. #30, The story you referred to was in a lecture by Herbert Reike,CSB. The King's son was abducted by Gypsies, and raised by them. When he was grown, one of the King's court saw him and recognized him as the son of the King. He had to be convinced he was really a Prince, and heir to the throne. He was returned to the palace, and resumed his right heritage. (paraphrased).

  62. Thank you for this great lift!
    Just in the last days I was thinking about who we really are.
    This is so helpful.

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