6/12: It's never too late

6/12: It's never too late

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  1. Thank you Lorenzo for this Lift that is filled with the light of hope and faith. It is filled with the assurance that man can never be less than what he is right now. Phrases such as "I can't do this or that anymore", I'm past my prime", or "it's too late for me to change" are bold face lies that mortal mind tries to tell us. Who and what we are is found in our understanding of God. An understanding that knows no lack or limitations, or sense of passing years, an understanding that finds us forever safe and secure as the perfect image and likeness of God.

  2. Lovely.... thanks, Lorenzo...... strengthening words.....

  3. Thanks so much Lorenzo! Such a great message, that now is the only time, we are never limited by the past, but infinitely expressing all of God's individualized qualities with each unfolding moment! What a wonderful moment to be in! :)

  4. Thanks ! Lorenzo for this great left , it is never too late to do things the right way .


  5. Thank you Lorenzo for reminding us that it is never too late to be what we actually are - the spiritual idea of God - and despite what we are seeing humanly, God is always holding us in the "Now" of His presence.

    I find it helpful to replace a mortal sense of time - past, present and future - with the advancing understanding of the spiritual "Now". In this "accepted time" our eternal perfection is not affected either by past generations (heredity) or by the unhelpful mortal suggestions we dealt with yesterday.

  6. A great comfort, Lorenzo, to know that it is NEVER too late to correct thought, and to accept that NOW is the only time. Right now we are God's perfect reflection, and as it says in this week's Lesson "The divine Mind that made man maintains His own image and likeness" Science and Health page 151:23-24
    Always held at the point of perfection. thank you for a great Lift. Love to you and all Lifters !

  7. Thank you, Lorenzo.

    Now is the time.

    This moment is all we really have.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  8. Thank you so much Lorenzo for reminding us that it is never too late and that now is the moment.
    Dawn NZ

  9. Lorenzo,
    Thank you

  10. Nice one Lorenzo! Thank you for the lift and the gentle reminder!

  11. Many thanks Lorenzo for this great reminder that, "Its never too late to be what we should have been...'behold, now is the day of salvation' (II Cor. 6:2)." "His might thy heart shall strengthen,/ His love thy joy increase;/ Thy day shall mercy lengthen:/ The Lord will give thee peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #77).

  12. Thank you. Sometimes you get to a certain age and think this it, there's nothing more I can do, the die is cast, my life is set in concrete.So thanks so much for your Lift. It's reassuring to know that change is infinitely possible no matter what your age. That's liberating! Thank you. Lisa

  13. This Lift certainly brought a smile!! Also, love the words from hymn 77 as shared by Malcolm in #11.
    Again, we are soooo blessed to ave these healing Lifts!!

  14. Everything is possible: “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” 2 Cor. 6:2

    We say, “That’s how I am and I can’t change”, but that is not true, we can change if it’s to better ourselves!

    We are God’s perfect expression, and our Father-Mother renew us day by day.

    “For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” 2 Cor. 4:16

    Todo es possible: “He aquí ahora el tiempo aceptable; he aquí ahora el día de salvación.” 2 Corintios 6:2

    Decimos, “Así soy y nada puedo hacer para cambiar”, pero eso no es cierto, podemos cambiar si ésto es para mejorarnos a nosotros mismos.

    Somos la perfecta expresión de Dios y nuestro Padre-Madre nos renueva constantemente.

    “Por tanto, no desmayamos; antes aunque este nuestro hombre exterior se va desgastando, el interior no obstante se renueva de día en día.” 2 Corintios 4:16

  15. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. Yes, we can always change and do better then we did yesterday.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Absolutely! This is so true... "Now, is the accepted time". Thank you for this needed reminder!

  18. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to constantly change for the better -no matter what our age is. God sees us only as he created us and this is how we need to see ourselves too.

  19. Thanks so much! I've been thinking a lot about past, present, and future in the last few days - and this was just what I needed. A wonderful gift!

  20. "Putting off the old ways" 'taint always easy. However, your reminder that we can, in fact, CHANGE is a wonderfully refreshing reminder! "With God, ALL things are possible!" Thank you, Lorenzo, and good day to all and LOVE to all:-)

  21. Thank you for a perfect lift.

  22. Ahh! Thank you for that, Lorenzo. Just what I needed to hear today!

  23. Gracias, Lorenzo siento que los brazos del Amor divino nos rodea y llena nuestra conciencia de fe,y esperanza.

  24. Thank you for this great Lift. I so appreciate it. Also loved Lorenzo's great lecture that I attended several months ago.

  25. Thank you Lorenzo for a rather timely Lift.

  26. Oh! Thank you very much Lorenzo for this fresh Lift. I am retiring from my job at the end of the year and people keep asking: What are you going to do? You are going to miss all this. And I keep answering: I will be actively working for God. I am ready to be obedient each day to His command. My mom has turned 95 and she never says she is too old. She never complains, she is happy when you give her something to mend and I love to hear her say: It is never too late when you are happy. (Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena)."Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty and holiness" S & H P.246:25. Our promise is intact. We live in the eternal NOW.

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These ideas really help lift the guilt of the past. Thank you!

  28. Thank for this timely lift. You may have heard, "It is what it is" as a half hearted comment that accepts a human condition as real but when we lift or challenge such suggestions, this condition can be reversed! God made us good, perfect and strong. We are never old; we can only be new every moment. That's how we honor God as we face down any opposition to our completeness, RIGHT NOW.

  29. I LOVE this thought you shared. I feel I'm pretty adept computers, but I've found myself thinking that I know what I need and why should I learn more since I can get by. What a mistake to limit what God knows about me! As the reflection of divine intelligence, I'm capable to let it shine through me in its fullness. That goes for everything else in my experience. Living and moving and breathing in God makes me unlimited, whole and free to be that expression all the time.
    Thanks! for making me think in can limit God's expression of every quality as to what I can express naturally.

  30. Ageless being is the fact.

  31. Wonderful! Definitely feeling lifted! :)

  32. I totally agree it is never to late! THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL THOUGHT!

  33. Well it can never be too late if you are trying to keep up with changes to our computers! We have to be very up to the minute, and God will show us the way. Recent changes to the eBibleLesson have caused a few scary moments, but showed me the way, and it was sorted very quickly. No need to ask "What went wrong?" Just stay with all that is right.
    Thank you crew of the Good Ship Daily Lift; lecturers and Lifters too,

  34. Thank you Lorenzo
    It is also applicable to healing. It's never too late, even after the passing of a long time. Expectancy of healing or any kind of betterment and progress are never to be overcome by despair, hopelessness.
    Like the man by the pool in Bethesda, after 38 years he was still there, waiting, and the Christ came to him, fulfilling his needs.

  35. Thank you, Lorenzo. Thanks for the encouraging, positive comments from everyone.

  36. Thank you so much, Lorenzo. It is exactly what I needed to hear today!!
    I retired last year and have had to overcome many anxieties about the next stage of my experience including those connected with new technology and health issues.
    I have heard many inspiring ideas which are helping me as well as all those comments above and am now confident to go forward and dedicate myself to learning more about my relationship and everyone's relationship to God.

  37. The difference between yesterday and now is far more than 24 hours, isn’t it? When we look back and think “darn, I didn’t get that right”, we have pretty much re-introduced painful sense to today. This sort of thinking disturbs and confuses us. But, good news, even chronic confusion is curable!

    “Truth will at length compel us all to exchange the pleasures and pains of sense for the joys of Soul” S&H390:9

    This exchange is different from holding on to chronic beliefs regarding age, history, or limitations and simply adding the joys of Soul. It is never too late to make an exchange! And, for each "joys of Soul" exchange, there is a VERY firm no-return policy!

    Great Lift, as expected, Lorenzo. Thank you.

  38. Thank you for the convincing delivery of this encouraging message.

  39. Thank you so much for the "now it's possible".

  40. What a powerful and inspiring lift - thanks so much!

  41. Great, Lorenzo! As time is only a concept of matter, the passage of time -- a material belief -- has no bearing on God's reflection -- His always spiritual ideas. "Material beliefs and spiritual understanding never mingle" (Science and Health, p.276).

  42. Great lift amigo!

    Keep it coming!

  43. That's my kind of music, so joyful and lively and appropriate for this message. It's never too late to be joyful and lively. Never too late to improve your memory, to love your neighbour more, to put God first.
    I notice the term "last resort" is used in three of the testimonies in the chapter Fruitage in Science and Health. We can turn to this last resort today, and every day.
    Thank you Lorenzo, and everyone on the daily lift.

  44. What a timely and needed Lift for me today. Thank you Lorenzo. Lately I've been finding myself thinking "I can't do that anymore", but when I listen for God's angel messages that say God gives me power and strength to do what I need to do I realize I can do it or the way opens up to find the way to have it done. We live in God's love so there is no door that is not open to us.
    Much love to all in the team that puts on these inspiring Lifts.

  45. Not only never too late but always striving and reflecting clearer and clearer God's perfection!!!!

  46. Perfect. Thank you so much.

  47. Wow! NOW! Thanks, Lorenzo I needed that reminder. "Now" in connection with God's care has always been a favorite reminder to me. The reminding we all need from time to time.

    Reminding is an interesting word -- hmmm -- and we all know that divine Mind is always NOW and needs no RE --minding.

  48. I suppose this means that this old dog has to learn how to do the financial reports for the Reading Room here in town. Oh my! How many times have I said I can't do math. I never could! Even in High school.
    II guess the time has come to face this lie and conquer it...with God's help Thanks Lorenzo.

  49. Thank you Lorenzo!

  50. Dear Lorenzo

    Many thanks for your inspiring Daily Lift

    May one ask all to get a piece of A4 size paper and with a marker pen right the word NOW!
    Go to a mirror and what does it read WON.
    When you live the NOW you have Won.

    All have a wonderful adventure.

    Love in Christ


  51. Thank you, Lorenzo!

  52. "It's never too late." New to mortal mind but old and infinitely established in the divine mind. Case in point, ME! I am 76 years old. In the last 2 years, my outlook on life has completely changed from a EH! attitude to a WOW! a attitude. And I owe it to a in depth study of C/S. I always wanted to be a writer, and it was last year, on Fathers Day that my son bought me an I-PAD, and I got on to the many C/S web sites that enabled me to work on my skills as a writer. The Daily Lift and Spirit View, even the New York Times, I wrote comments and saw them posted. Who ever said, it's too late?
    No! Improvement goes on infinitude.

  53. I loved this Lift. Right to the point. "Now" is something that belongs to each of us and cannot be taken away. And "now" is always there. Thank you for this reminder, Lorenzo. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  54. Now! Never too late! That takes care of any old guilt about what should have been. No "should" hanging around!
    Thanks Lorenzo and all the comments!

  55. Now! Never too late! That takes care of any old guilt about what should have been. No "should" hanging around!
    Thanks Lorenzo and all the comments!

  56. Lorenzo, you have reminded me to focus my thought on what is the real. Thanks.

  57. Mille grazie! It is NEVER too late. Why not NOW?!!!

  58. Thank you Lorenzo for everything you have said.

  59. Gracias por decirnos la verdad de nuestro ser,no importa la edad humana, que no tiene autoridad, ni efecto verdadero en nuestras actividades. Nunca es tarde, en efecto, todo lo que tenemos es ahora. Y "ahora" no tiene edad.

  60. Thank you -- something I have been confirming and affirming for myself. And then voila, here is a Daily Lift to help support my thought of NOW, that not more time, it is more Spirit, more of the Christ, more awareness of God is the ticket to right now and all the Good of the now.

    Thanks again.

  61. Thank you Lorenzo for this apt reminder! For a definition of time MBE says on pg. 595 in "Science and Health": "TIME. Mortal measurements;...". And on pg. 520 she adds, "...growth is the eternal mandate of Mind." As reflections of God we are always growing into a more perfect understanding of ourselves as God's children. Time is the construct of mortal mind.
    Thank you lifters and your/comments. Thank you also to the Daily Lift Team.

  62. Great lift, Lorenzo! I've been thinking about "It's never too late recently." I was grumbling that my parents hadn't allowed me to take piano lessons when I was a child, when it struck me that I don't have to wait, it's not too late." So last night I went to sign up. It's never too late to express the beauty of Soul.

  63. Thank you, Lorenzo.

    We don't need to argue for our own or anyone's limitations, past, present, or future...just rejoice in the goodness of God and the Christ that is making known to all the ability to reflect all goodness here and now, including compassion and humility and patience.

    The minute we start expressing a new, more-perfect behavior or attitude or skill, we can also stand up to any temptation to regret not having done so sooner. We didn't REALLY have those limitations, even in the past, but perhaps we weren't able to see that, then, and so we want to be compassionate toward ourselves and others. The danger of regret is that it turns us backward, when we so want to go forward...to be like Lot, who was pulled out of a bad situation by angels, rather than like Lot's wife, who looked backward and turned into a pillar of salt.

    If others seem stuck on old stories, we can apologize wholeheartedly, if that is appropriate, ask them what they need from us now, and let them know that we rejoice in their progress, too. We can cherish unity and gentleness along the way, even if the angels seem to be dragging us along pretty fast.

    Hymn 148 is helpful, as is Mary Baker Eddy's article, "The Way" (Prose Works). I'll be praying along these lines and reading all the comments with care.

  64. Such great promise these truths bring.
    When someone finds out about someone else's faults and is disturbed by the disclosure, the hurt from the disclosure can be healed.
    Many years ago as I got to know a friend's family better, visiting them often, one one sibling of my friend told me that their dad treated the older brother, the oldest child in the family,very badly when the older brother made mistakes. Further more I was told that the dad never laid a hand on my friend, the younger brother. This news was quite disturbing to me. For one thing I had gotten to know the dad. He was always courteous and kind to me and to all of us at gatherings. After the disclosure I did not want to meet up with my friend. I felt my heart had broken. As I went about my work the morning after hearing these things from the sibling, I prayed to find peace. The sibling had said that their dad would never change. As I prayed the light came in my thought. The truth was that the dad did not need to change; he was God's perfect loving idea already. The hurt and sadness lifted. When my friend and I met later that day I was at peace and could enjoy our time together.

    When I began visiting the family, the older brother was had been an adult for a while. He was a a pleasant family man and had been well employed with a valuable and long-standing company. At family gatherings the dad and son were good to each other. Greetings and conversation were warm and respectful. Evidently the difficulties were over.

    Yes, now is the accepted time. Now we are free to see the of perfection of everyone and to be joyful.

  65. Many times little children are asked; "How old are you?" Then years later older adults are asked the same question. Here is an acronym that I have found helpful;

  66. Terrific! Such a good reminder to nip defeatist attitudes and get going - learn that new skill... take that dance class...write that testimony...love that difficult person.Thank you, Lorenzo, for making it so clear we always have the eternal now to change negative habits and accomplish any high desire. #37 Nancy and # 43 Gary, today your comments especially resonated for me, but, as always, I appreciated everyone's sharing & expressions of gratitude.

  67. I saw a condo I liked in Montreal on a Saturday and went to Human Resources on Monday to file the
    paperwork. It was past the date for the group retirement process but I still had access to a generous buy-out package. I was the last one. It was never offered again. It was a shock to friends and colleagues after 28 years and I was changing countries too. I had no intention of making such a
    decision but in helping a friend find accommodation I asked at a building I had always loved. The condo I could afford meant a tremendous downsizing but the agent negotiated a $15K downpayment to add to mine a potential buyer had forfeited. I had no question that I was listening to Divine Direction and had noted Montreal seemed to be coming out of an economic downturn. I bought and moved to three condos in that building in 12 years before profitably selling and moving to a larger rental I found by helping another friend find a relocation site. "Work" wise, I have been busier than while working full-time. It's all God's work and his rewards, anyway. Thank you for this timely Lift and comments.

  68. Thank you so much for this encouraging Lift and to all for the inspiring comments, especially Nancy #37 for stating that chronic confusion is curable. We don't have to accept even momentary vagueness or 'don't know what to do' thinking as being ours. God owns all the Now there is and He is Mind and we reflect His clarity. It is never too late to know what to do, if we turn to God.

  69. AMEN!!! Thank you for "lifting"me above the false beliefs of time,age etc.This is a great wake-up call.

  70. Oh my, I really needed to hear that. Thank you Mr. Rodriguez!

  71. Thank you Lorenzo for this wonderful Daily Lift. I'm grateful that all of our Sunday services have this reading at the end of the service before the benediction:
    I John 3:2,3
    Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him: for we shall see him as he is.
    And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

    We don't have to wait to find this out, we can realize that it is true right now that we are the perfect reflection of God .We can do what we need to do to express God in our daily life regardless of what we have done in the past.

    It is an inspiring Daily Lift and I appreciate all of the remarks by the Daily Lifters.

  72. This is so helpful this morning and meeting a need. Thank you, and thanks to all the previous posts!

  73. What a good point and has met my need today. Thank you.

  74. Wonderful! Thank you, Lorenzo. This Daily Lift was so refreshing!

  75. Belatedly sent! Wow, what a wonderfully spiritual fact stated! Thank you, Rodiquez. No matter how long we have been in this experience, called "earth."

  76. Wow - thank you for this. Over the last several months, I have been personally struggling with what I believe to have been an incorrect career choice made 25 years ago based on self-will and turning away from what I now believe God's will is for my life. It was just recently (within the last few weeks) that I have taken action to correct this. This Daily Life is exactly what I needed to hear at this time. Thank you!

  77. Thank you Lorenzo for this timely and important message. It not only applies to us as individuals --but to all aspects of life--our governments, the environment, whatever needs to change. Now is the time and as we truly know this fact, we will see needed change, improvement and growth in the right direction.
    Thanks again for the reminder!

  78. O that's absolutely lovely! "Its not too late to be what you should have been" And that NOW is the accepted time! I am 66 and have great plans for my future, a big project in the pipeline and your lift has made me sure that it wont be a daunting task! Thank you ever so much! God bless

  79. My major drawback is my negative self talk which unfortunately defines me.As I type this, I realize that this is not true and that I am the perfect reflection of perfection - God.My mortal barrage of defence mechanisms fades and I am joyous again. If only I could accept this truth as freely and as lovingly as God bestows it! I am a secondary teacher, but only studied English for one year at university. I am tutoring students English at a weekend college and preparing them for scholarships. I am doing a good job and have been employed there for quite a number of years. However sometimes, when I feel really happy and fulfilled doing this, the voice of my conscience tells me that I am not really qualified, that I should not have this success! Then I feel ill and anxious! Is my strict conscience right or is God's will for me right? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  80. Thank you Lorenzo, It's a humble view to know, it's never too late. And good work #52 !

  81. Such a wonderful uplift for everyone of us today from Lorenzo. Struggling with my seemingly slow grasp of TRUTH some years ago I said out loud "Lord I take 3 steps forward and 5 backwards! and at once this thought came tome "What does it matter, you have Eternity in which to learn". "Eternity" I thought Oh "that's a long time" and then in the silence that followed I suddenly knew what it meant, "The time is now" just as Jesus told us, and it will always be NOW! So, to one and all connected with this wonderful Daily Lift many, many thanks! and LOVE to ALL.

  82. Thank you Lorenzo for this lift. You have allowed the use of the word "never" when the cliche says: "never say 'never'." So wonderful to hear this used is such a positive way. Thank you again.

  83. What a great Lift! Thanks Lorenzo.

  84. Thank you, Lorenzo, for “It’s never too late … ‘now is the accepted time …’”

    Mrs. Eddy wrote, “… I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science. God had been graciously preparing me during many years …” (S&H 107)

    After reading that for the first time, very many years ago, I became very inspired as I realized that it’s true for each of us. God has been and continues to guide and graciously prepare each of us for our unique, individual, and incomparable sacred journeys, as we learn and live and learn and live our holy purpose.

    I heard recently that Mrs. Eddy had told her staff something to the effect that nothing can interfere with our holy purpose!

    In calendar years, it takes as long as it takes. I am so grateful that Mrs. Eddy stayed her course. I understand she was 54 when Science and Health was first published and 87 when the Monitor was first published. What a great “never too late” role model!!!

  85. Thank you, Lorenzo, and fellow Lifters for thoughts ranging from health, happiness, prosperity, to purpose. Mortal Mind tries and tries to have us question the "NOW" - the am I doing the right thing, or could I do/be better? God truly does have it ALL under HIS control, and we simply need to yield daily and not second-guess ourselves or Him. We have been trying for the past three years to sell some real estate and reposition ourselves to a simpler, more purpose-driven Life. The property has not sold, and we find ourselves questioning whether we are doing all that we can - making those right decisions regarding price - and wondering why it is taking so long. From all the comments above, it is clear that the timing - the NOW - is progressing as HE wills it to. I love that "now" read backwards in the mirror = WON! We will all have won if we don't doubt and simply place our trust in Him, in whom we really do live and move and have our being. This is fact and this we can rest assured on and trust in His will to be not only perfect but complete.

  86. Thank You so much Lorenzo, just what I needed at this very moment...Blessings.

  87. Way to go, Lorenzo ! Perfect !! Love it - and so needed it ! xoxo THAT IS ONE BIG A-MEN !

  88. Thank you, Lorenzo. And Joanie, I like this: "I am the place where God shines through for God and I are one not two. He wants me where and as I am, I need not fear nor fret nor plan. If I'll just be relaxed and free, He'll carry out His plan through me."

    Enjoy a peaceful today.

  89. I came back to visit all the new comments (thank you, fellow Lifters!!), and I want to reply to #79 Joan:

    Sometimes we do feel a nudge to solidify our skills or credentials in the field in which we work. The negative self-talk might be masking a call to awake and listen to God for fresh ideas. I love the parable of the wise virgins who kept their lamps full of oil.

    God is the best Teacher, and will give you an answer of real peace...in my experience, this is usually a very do-able step...a baby step that makes a big difference.

  90. Luke 15 says: (24) “For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.”

  91. 79, Joan, when that internal negative diaglog kicks in - remember - do not stand aghast at nothingness, because that is all it is, nothing. You deserve and have God's limitless supply of all that is good, as we all do, we just need to claim it as our own! You sound so very accomplished - and need to turn away from the negativitiy - it is not a part of you and never has been!!!

  92. Thank you. This message was much needed today for my response to what was meant to be an age limiting comment.

  93. I'm learning that the reason we CAN change is because we already ARE that pure...spiritual idea of God as taught in Christian Science. We don't have to BECOME it...it's already true...and NOW is the accepted time to know it...and PROVE it. It's NOT a theory...it's a SCIENCE...a spiritual fact...and there is NOTHING that can stop us knowing and understanding this. Man...made in God's image...has NEVER been material...NEVER sinned...has NEVER been guilty of displeasing God. God sees and knows ONLY perfection...so...right NOW...that's what He sees...that's ALL he knows. We come from God...so that's all WE can see and know. As we stay focussed on this...inspiration flows...things work out...get better. It's called HEALING...and it's simply the outcome of our unity with one MIND. This Mind...is infinite Love itself, There's a beautiful song that says..." I am holding you...I am knowing you...I am minding you and causing you. I am blessing you and cherishing you...my own image...expression...reflection so true" That's the NOW...right NOW!

  94. 79 Dear Joan, how wonderful you are tutoring. Practically speaking, as long as we are truthful and the university you are tutoring at knows your education and they are okay with it, they must feel you are qualified. God's will for us can only bring us joy. So if the voice of discouragement has knocked on the door of your consciousness and you have let it in, just let it out the back door! (=

  95. Thank you to #88 and #90 for your very perceptive comments given in spiritual love. Much obliged!

  96. That's such a great illustration of the truth. Thank you so much for your really good insight. I appreciate knowing that "Now" is all there is and has ever been.

  97. Thanks for your insight. It is a great reminder that "now" is all there is. I am so grateful you brought the truth to light in such a grand way.

  98. Thank you, Lorenzo, for this uplifting Lift. How did you know I needed this? God was speaking through you!! Many thanks!!

  99. Lorenzo, your lift made me joyous. Thanks!

  100. Thank you Lorenzo, just the message I needed to hear yesterday, when I listened again today, and I'm going to be listening to this one every day to keep reminding myself. And thank you for that idea from # 50 - NOW = WON - I'll remember that!

  101. a thought provoking lift for me thank you

  102. Thank you for this wonderful, helpful Lift and comments! I just love the thought of each of us being "new every moment" ( Comment #28) and Comment #88. Thank you, Lorenzo, This is a wonderful treatment!

  103. So beautifully articulated.

  104. I hope it is still OK to respond to #79 Joan.
    Moses had no "qualifications" or "degree" or "training" to lead 600,000 men plus the children and women out of Egypt.
    He went through his doubts, but God assured him "I will be with you."
    So it is with you Joan.
    God is the One Mind -- of you and your students. He equips you.
    Enjoy! No guilt!!!!

  105. Thank you, Lorenzo and Harry from Sydney---you make it very clear!

  106. Thank you, Lorenzo. I especially needed this message today in my prayers for self and for the world. Your message speaks directly to the claims of chronic, difficult or even "incurable" conditions.

    Very needed; very appreciated!

  107. Thanks Lorenzo. Good thinking. I guess I have no excuse. I guess I better clean up my act.

  108. Thank you for the encouragement, Lorenzo!

  109. I thank you so much Lorenzo, for the very intructive and helpful message.

  110. I really like your topic. I have had many times where I have thought it is too late. Having studied Science and Health, I have learned that one can do anything when you include God in your thinking. (My English is not so good )

  111. That is beautiful Lorenzo. Each day we can be renewed and ready to follow our dream
    no matter what age.

  112. Such a great truth! I felt it was too late for a long time. Then I found Christian Science, and my studies have helped me to see that "now IS the time." I live each day with the knowledge that being the reflection of God's perfect image enables me to always learn and love and grow.

  113. Thanks Lorenzo, we've got the message. We can change our thought right now.

  114. Bev - Gold Coast, Australia....thank you Lorenzo, just what I needed to hear, have been struggling big time for a long time with being God's perfect idea in my work area and have experienced great distress and lack so I claim Now the Truth and Divine Love of your inspired words....i so love these recordings and reading everyone's comments, I have only recently come to Christian Science and am like a sponge and feel there is so much to learn....thank you to everyone...in loving oneness and friendship

  115. Thank You for this lift

  116. My youth was divided between the Christian Science Sunday School & another. A friend joined the CS church and I the other. Many of the CS ideas stuck in my mind. I went back to the CS church from age 40-45 with she & her husband. Now at 60 she, a devote CS, tells me it is to late for me to become a CSer. Your message makes me feel ecstatic!

  117. What a wonderful message - and so helpful!
    Thank you so much!

  118. What a wonderful message! There is always time to make things"right". Desire is prayer and prayer can move mountains!

    Daily Lift Team:
    "Desire is prayer" is a phrase Mary Baker Eddy used in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" on page 1 line 11:
    "Thoughts unspoken are not unknown to the divine Mind. Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds."

  119. Lovely - full of confidence and assurance

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