6/12: Changing perspective

6/12: Changing perspective

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  1. Dear Shirley,
    Thank you so much for this 'Lift' - I love the analogy of looking out from the sun (or from the point of perfection) and seeing things as they really are - as God knows them to be.

  2. Soooo on!! Thank you!!

  3. Wow!!!, what a meaningful lift, thnaks a lot for it, I'll keep it in mind.
    God bless you all!

  4. I was leaving in a hurry and I said to the man, “Say hi to your mom for me”, he answered amused, “She is my wife!”
    My jaw dropped!
    She didn’t look old, but she looked mature (and I should have asked before speaking).
    My impulsive ways taught me a lesson: Things aren’t always what they seem to be.
    From God’s perspective there are not old, sick or bad people, there is only His perfect image, you and me.
    Yo salía apresurada y le dije al hombre, “Saludos a tu mamá”, sonriendo contestó, “¡Ella es mi esposa!”
    ¡Qué verguenza!
    Ella no se veía vieja, solo madura (y yo debí haber preguntado antes de hablar).
    Por impulsiva aprendí una lección: Las cosas no siempre son como aparentan ser.
    Desde el punto de vista de Dios no hay gente vieja, enferma ni mala, solo existe Su perfecta imagen, tu y yo.

  5. Many thanks Shirley for "This great awakening to the perspective of reality." Yes. "Good is real!" "Prayer with our waking thought ascends,/ Great God of light, to Thee;/ Darkness is banished in the glow/ Of Thy reality." (Christian Science Hymnal #287).

  6. Exactly what I need to hear. Thank you !!

  7. Thank you. What a great reminder to see things as God sees it.

  8. What a treat- the whole presentation of it, your clear cut beautiful words, Shirley, framed by the lovely music - thank you so much all the team !

  9. Love it, Shirley! Thanks! I always remind myself, when the opportunity arises, to get my thought - perspective - in check. This is major when doing my metaphysical work!

  10. Y\our thoughts and perspective are always enlightening and delightfully surprising. You bring sunshine to whatever you do. Thank you for lifting me this morning

  11. Thank you.

  12. God is the only power source of our life, our being. What a wonderful treat to look out from that source and see all the wonders God created.

  13. Wonderful reminder, Thank U ! :-)

  14. The day always goes better when I keep God's perspective front and center. Thanks, Shirley, for your comments in this Lift!

  15. Thank you Shirley - this lift hit the nail on the head of a problem I have been dealing with. what a great reminder, to look from God's view!!

  16. Thank you so much dear Shirley for this wonderful message in seeing God's perspective only. Good only!!!

  17. Thank you, Shirley! We are learning that human perspective results in human events, so to lift/shift the human perspective to God's perspective we become a healing presence in our family, community and world. What a blessing!

  18. Shirley, I loved your report at Annual Meeting! I had my nine year old son with me and he loved it as well. I was very moved by the report of the Roman Catholic nun and the relationship you are building there. My husband is Catholic and over the years we have built quite a beautiful understanding. As a compromise, my children go to Catholic school. I have built so many relationships there to the point where the children are very lovingly exempt from any discussions of disease, etc. they have even been exempt from certain parts of the health and science curriculum and have been dismissed from anatomical study. The school has witnessed great healing of my kids with the practice in the school of Christian Science. They attend Sunday School with me and CS camp every summer. So I was so grateful to hear the relationships being built. I never feel a division among other faiths, I always feel wrapped in Love and everywhere i go Christian Science comes up in the discussion.Thank you for loving your neighbor so much. With love, Heidi

  19. Thank you for this important lift. What a wonderful world this would be if everyone had this perspective you are talking about.

  20. This Lift reminds me of the quote attributed to Albert Einstein: "I want to know God's thoughts. All the rest are details." Why not see the best and enjoy all that God has given? Thanks to all.

  21. Thank you again and again, Dear Shirley,for the reminder to awaken to what is true by changing our perspective. When I questioned "but how?" I, like #5, found the music and words of Hymn 287 running through my thought: "Prayer with our waking thoughts ascends, Great God of light to Thee" and from the third verse:"Thus all creation hears anew Truth's call, Let there be light." ..... New fresh inspiration from an old friend that I have sung many, many times.

  22. It is our job to understand joyously that we are spiritual. Mrs. Eddy says, "the universe, inclusive of man, is as eternal as God, who is its divine immortal Principle." (Science and Health, page 554.) The importance here is that it is eternity, and not time that leads us to know spiritual existence and to prove it for ourselves and others.

  23. De acuerdo a la tradución, Cambiar según entiendo es dejar lo viejo por una nueva perspectiva en nuestro caso por la más antigua, la eterna y Única realidad.
    "Despojados del viejo hombre con sus hechos"Colosenses
    Al cambiar nuestra perspectiva y mirar la realidad divina no podemos menos que alegrarnos de que estamos siendo conducidos mansa y tiernamente por la poderoza dieztra a una realización de elevada espiritualidad, por lo tanto no temamos, cambiemos a la realidad espiritual y perfecta dejando al viejo hombre con sus hechos, y sintamos al nuevo al autentico y genuino ser.
    "La coherencia se ve más en el ejemplo que en el precepto" MBE y la coherencia nos dice que debemos cambiarnos a lo espiritual.

    Muchas gracias Shirley

  24. Hey Shirley Girl! Thanks for your perspective! Sometimes it does seem like a long journey from the Earth to the Sun. But, step by step, thru prayer, communion with God in our Hearts, study and contemplation of the Bible, Science and Health and other valuable and noteworthy writings which are so prevalent today - we can begin to get a glimpse of "Life from the Sun's perspective." Happy Journey to the Sun!

  25. 4 Elena - this happened to me. A worker at the local feed elevator said to my husband.. say hi to your mom for us ...(meaning me) I was slightly horrified, so I changed my perspective. This individual was sending thoughtful greetings and was slightly confused probably due to the immature shenanigans of my husband. OK, OK, blaming my husband is not the perspective change that Shirley is talking about.

    But the experience does show how we like to assign "cause" for what looks like a mistake. What a futile perspective that is! It is just not good enough. (Biblical, not an empty vessel) A God perspective accepts no personal, limited slice of being to be categorized and self-pitied. God's child is the ageless and eternal expression of Life. The spiritual perspective is the long range view and the instant view.

    I will just smile now if you think I am my husband’s grandmother.. or daughter. I am thinking of a different perspective.

  26. Thank you Shirley, absolutely lovely!

  27. Thank you Shirley, I loved your bright, sparkling Lift and the cheerful music that went with it! xo

  28. There is only God's perspective. Thanks for the reminder Shirley, Beautiful!

  29. Kalani from Eugene
    Dear Shirley,

    I can't think of anything that is more important than keeping the proper perspective, and seing ourselves the way that God see us. We have a particular challenge in our lives right now that is requiring just that, and so your thoughts and words were a wonderful greeting this morning..

  30. Thanks, Shirley, for the great analogy. Seeing things the way God sees them - the only real way to heal. Bless you, Friend.

  31. Beautiful! Thank you so much for such a complete message of the truth in 2 mins. So easy to share this with my non-Scientist friends.

  32. Like Heidi in #18, I loved your comments at Annual Meeting and the steps we all must take to see no barriers or conflicts among true Christians. That will take a major change in perspective, but as Christians and Christian Scientists, we have the opportunity to recognize the harmony that's already here. And Heidi and her family have proved it. And FYI, I treasure Shirley's thoughts about the invasive mustard seed plant that Jesus knew would take over as the kingdom of heaven in the garden of our thoughts.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Read about the invasive mustard seed plant in Shirley Paulon's article: “The Power of ‘Faith as a grain of mustard seed’,” Christian Science Sentinel, February 21, 2011, p. 18.

  33. Thank you Shirley, for this specific point of view, so necessary to our expectation for the day, Just check to make sure we do have God's perspective first, and then standing still with the right - spiritual - thought in mind.
    Thank you Nate, and the producers; the BoL and lecturers, and the Daily Lifters

  34. just what i needed, thanks Shirley!

  35. Terrific! I will keep this in mind as I go about my day. thanks.

  36. I so love this analogy. Such a great illustration of how the senses deceive us and how important it is to trust what we know to be is actually going on. Thank you dear Shirley!

  37. Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!!!!!!!
    Where have we heard that before? Thanks Shirley for the reminder.

  38. Excellent lift! I especially like that you pointed out that this spiritual perspective revealing good is not "naive" or "in denial" it is what God is showing and telling us through the spiritual sense.


  39. Wonderful, wonderful, wonder-full! What a different it makes when our basis of thinking is rooted in God/Truth. The change in perspective Shirley talks about reminds me of a comment I once heard related to the story in our CS Bible Lesson this week, where the disciples are terrified of the storm, wake Jesus and take him to task for apparently not caring if they all lived or died . . . the comment was that they wanted Jesus to enter their storm. Instead, he invited them to enter his calm. And we all know the end of the story . .

  40. Loved it!! A change in perspective. A good habit to develop. So useful and practical.
    Loved the conclusion:
    "It's not naive, and not a state of denial. It's an awakening to the perspective of reality where God tells us that good is real."
    Thank you so much.

  41. Hi Shirley. Big thanks for your perspective!
    Taking a bigger perspective results in some self-examination. What IS my standpoint? Oh, oh,
    here is something I need to change!
    And I agree with #24 Bev.
    Thanks to Nate, the band, the Lecturers, the Board of Directors at The Mother Church, and all the world-wide family who love these Daily Lift podcasts!

  42. Thanks, Shirley for sharing "Changing perspective...the way Jesus Christ taught us to do...instead of reacting with our physical senses or feelings...come over to...God's point of view...what's really going on...God's perspective is the real one..." I'll practice looking out from the Son today with the understanding that I can maintain and when necessary reclaim that Spiritual view. "For in him we live, and move, and have our being...For we are also his offspring" (Acts 17:28). Thanks again, Shirley.

  43. So appreciative Shirley for the thoughts on Spiritual perspective. Thanks. Being involved in interfaith work, I also appreciated your Annual Meeting remarks. And Heidi's example as well. Hazel, thanks for the reminder of hymn 287; indeed it's a lovely fit with these ideas. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  44. And to #18 Heidi, thanks for sharing your family story
    of living, worshiping and loving
    from the perspective of God's family
    " one God and father who is above all and through all and in you all" Ephesians 4 verse 6

  45. We as humans take in a perspective of a person the way one dresses, the amount spent on cloths, or the way one speakers. Why not change the perspective and see what God sees in an individual and stop this continuing destructive obsession of criticizing the persons mannerisms. Arguments and violence will diminish, solutions to personal problems will be recognized. Friendships will abound.

  46. ditto to Gary - Canada - 6/12/2012

  47. What a great Lift Shirley! It has lifted my thought from what matter sees to what God sees. "And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good."
    Thank you for this wonderful interpretive view.

  48. Thanks so much, Shirley. I, too, love the fresh perspective to see as God sees. It makes all the difference. Also, thoroughly enjoyed your comments at Annual Meeting. Your work with Ecumenical Affairs is most enlightening. I appreciate all the work being done in being and sharing the Christ-spirit.

  49. Thank you.

  50. thank you. I now know what my practice for today is. I appreciate the delivery of today's lift.

  51. This is a great reminder of 'my life has nothing to do with the earth going around the sun'. Thank you Shirley and daily lift organizers.

  52. Thanks, Shirl, for your inspirational Lift this morning. I always love hearing your voice and what you have to say.

  53. You stated this so clearly, Shirley. So important to see things from God's point of view. Thank you.

  54. Lovely thought to look away from matter and see reality. Liked #39's analogy of not entering the storm but accepting calm. What great messages....

  55. Thank you so much for this imessage. You didn't get through your second sentence before you triggered good thoughts. You said, "The ways things work in God's Kingdom" --- well, the ways things work in God's Kingdom IS the ways things work in God's Kingdom!!! And not just the "way" but the "ways" as there are always many wonderful ways opened to us when we listen and rely. Thanks again for opening this thought.

  56. Thanks Shirley. That shift in our view of things from the confining shadow of personal or physical sense to the open stellar light of individual spiritual sense in Christ supplied by divine Love is so wonderful in Christian Science.. I love the reminder.

  57. Thanks Shirley ! Your Lift is good for Kathleen : Dear #51 Kathleen yesterday 11 june : Your honesty is from God. Sometimes everybody is discouraged. I don't know what has really happened to your son, what his family did against him. But, think : "he is not in 'total abandonment' because I (his mother) am with him and I love him !" So, continue to give him your love and much more again. You need a "changing perspective" said Shirley. That event is not real (in God). It comes from human mortal mind and error. You and your son must deny it and say and believe that "ALL IS GOOD". Perhaps that situation will allow him to grow in love and spirituality, it will lead the way. "Love your enemies" (no hate, no spite or rancour), "Forgive them because they don't know what they do"... While a door is closed, another is opened. If that situation may be resolved , something will happen soon or late. If it is not possible, leave them and in your mind, send love to them. Your son will find others persons who will bring love to him. Perhaps too, he will go much more far, he will find his complete unity with and in God, and so, he will not need that kind of human love which is often disappointing. He will feel him full of love and of the water of Life which allows him to be thirsty no longer. I am not a great CS, I speak to you from my experience and heart. If it is not sufficient, you may ask a CS practitioner more able than me. God bless you and your dear son. Much love to you dear Kathleen

  58. Thank you, Shirley!

  59. Simple clear beautiful !
    And Maureen from Spearfish, thank you for the "invitation" to the atmosphere of calm..

  60. So simple, so clear, so helpful! Many thanks, Shirley

  61. Thank you Shirley for a strong reminder to see self & others, and all that takes place around us, from God's view. When I found Christian Science, we had wonderful results as thoughts changed, which fit Jesus' teachings. However, to consider dropping medications one child took daily, and the other (then) 4 children took frequently, with trips to Dr. for shots to bring down fevers, the scary thought came, "What if this is just a wonderful, miraculous experience, and though I was sent to find Science with a Voice (seeking His will in other concerns), what if I was mistaken and God only helped to end those problems, for which they no longer needed the meds or Dr. visits? What if I was confused, and God only wanted me to go this far? I prayed. The angel message I got, was God would not punish children for their Mother's effort to follow and obey what seemed right, even if I was mistaken. I was at peace. It is so vital that we strive to see how God sees, and it seems wise to at least try such a perspective. If it's right, it will prove itself, and if wrong, God will lead to what is right, because someone is trying to find Him, and obey Him. In spite of this beginning, and years of CS, I still need reminding to trade what appears to be, for God's pure view of only good. #18 Heidi, lovely testimony! #32 Joanne, Thanks for mustard reminder! #57 Michèle, What progress with Eng. & effort of love!

  62. A wonderful reminder to have God's perspective, rather than seeing through the physical senses, Shirley - trusting in what God knows as the only real truth. Thank you for this Lift.

  63. Such a graceful message!

    If one looks from the human, mortal perspective, we see the false view of God made in man's image, after his (man's) likeness. Now that inaccurate view would have no positive results.

    Loved the message, presentation and delightful comments.

  64. Thank you so much

  65. Yet another powerful and helpful lift! I only recently became aware of this venue, and I am thoroughly grateful for it! The messages are always relevant and helpful, and this comment forum provides the comforting sense that I'm part of an inspired, spirtual community working to affirm each day that "to those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings!"

  66. Just the perspective we need, Shirley!

  67. Thanks, Shirley, for this helpful lift1

  68. So true!

  69. Thank you Shirley. I liked this very much.

  70. What a wonderful lift! Clear in every way. Thank you for those great thoughts to carry with us when we feel things may not be going right. The right perspective clears that right up. Thank you!

  71. Perfectly Precise ! Thank u so much xoxo

  72. I was going back to Yesterdays lift and reading comments, one was a suggestion to revisit this "lift". I want to say thank you so much to no.57, Michele from France for your comments. You are so kind to send these thoughts. It means very much to me and I am so grateful to you. I believe in what you say, and I needed encouragement today. Bless you

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