5/9: Infinite possibilities

5/9: Infinite possibilities

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  1. Thank you, Mary - much loved and appreciated! - Jean, Perth WA

  2. Loved this lift! It reminds me of Mrs. Eddy's words in S&H, "God expresses in man the infinite idea, forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis." Like the little 3 yr. old you mentioned here, we can all do this!

  3. We limit God in our consciousness when (although we say God is infinite) we think the divine Creator can’t be with us in a dire situation.
    Jesus’ disciples learned the worthlessness of triviality, “His resurrection was also their resurrection. It helped them to raise themselves and others from spiritual dullness and blind belief in God into the perception of infinite possibilities” S&H 34:20
    God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from
    a boundless basis. 258:13
    Limitamos a Dios en nuestra conciencia cuando, (aunque decimos que Dios es infinito) aún creemos que el divino Creador no puede estar con nosotros en momentos desesperados.
    Los discípulos de Jesús aprendieron insignificancia de la trivialidades, “Su resurrección fue también la resurrección de ellos. Les ayudó a elevarse a sí mismos y a elevar a otros del embotamiento espiritual y de la fe ciega en Dios a la percepción de posibilidades infinitas” S&H 34:21
    “Dios expresa en el hombre la idea infinita, que se desarrolla eternamente, que se amplía y eleva más y más
    desde una base ilimitada” CyS 258:14

  4. Wonderful ideas, thank you!

  5. To accept that God is infinite possibilities is a wonderfull Idea, Thnak ou

  6. That was so lovely and spot on! Thank you so much, Mary

  7. Mary, thank you very much. Indeed, today is the best day I ever had, full of love and healing.

  8. This is a lovely Lift today, thank you. And the music so delicate - thank you. A lovely beginning to the day!

  9. Thank you, Mary, I loved this. What a joy each day brings if we remember that it holds infinite possibilities for good!

  10. How sweet, thank you - that will stick for many best days to come!

  11. Nate, what a cheerful greeting this morning! You are always so, but this morning seemed even more so. Thank you for sending Love via this Lift, to the thoughts of the world. There will be great blessings today. You have sent the Christ before us. thank you to The Christian Science Publishing Society for all that is done there and to my beloved Mother Church.

  12. This is a gentle healing Lift! "Infinite possibilities" is hope, freedom, joy!

  13. Many thanks Mary for this very enlightening lift. Yes. "Keep our thought wide open to fresh infinite possibilities of good." "The freer step, the fuller breath,/ The wide horizon's grander view;/ The sense of Life that knows no death, —/ The Life that maketh all things new." (Christian Science Hymnal #218).

  14. Thank you for this great Lift.

  15. Thank you so so much, dear Mary for this really uplifting DL - I do need it much - seeing the endless possibilities to express Gods qualities! And thank you Malcolm for your comment and the hymnal.

  16. One of my favorite thoughts is when I think to myself,"Be Aware!!" Indeed there are, and I've experienced them, so many possibilities of good just waiting to be expressed. Thank you Mary for this lovely lift.

  17. thank you

  18. Thank you Mary,

    "His Resurrection was also their Resurrection" helps remind that there are times we have to work out a problem or overcome a challenge to benefit others as well; those who are watching and seeing the healings. We never know who is watching. There are many "simple seekers for Truth" out there who are watching for the right signs.

    The way we live our lives and the healings we have help to radiate Truth. I think of all of the healings in the Bible, Science & Health and the Periodicals and how they help to elevate thought to the oneness of God. Just as a lawn can start with one blade of grass, change can occur with one blade of Truth, and help unlock those Infinite Possibilities.

    Thank you for this sweet expression of Truth.

  19. Some mornings like today, rainny and grey I get fooled by appearances and forget that there is a eternal sun and infinity of being right here, right now . . . The forecast for tomorrow sun and infinite possibilities. Thank you for the Lift.

  20. It´s true Mary, the possibilities are infinite. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  21. Thank you for that reminder...today, my day will be filled with infinite possibilities...

  22. A few months before we emigrated to the United States, my mother lovingly explained to me that the party she was preparing was not for me, a four-year old at that time. It was for my younger sister.
    She was teaching me about unselfishness. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, "Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love. It is unselfish, therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it." (p.57). Unselfishness has no limits of time or space. The Bible turns my thought in the righteous way when John writes: "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created." (Rev.4:11). Thank you for reminding me of one of my earliest home-lessons in right thinking.

  23. Thank you for the positive lift, and also thank you to all who have written with comments; they help me to see that I am among CS friends!

  24. Infinitas posibilidades, sin duda que las tenemos, porque que nos dice la Biblia: "Buscad el reino de Dios y su justicia todas las cosas os serán añadidas", ¿Que cosas, riqueza, salud, bienestar, confor? no obviamente no, sino las posibilidades que da el entender que nada existe fuera de Él, los bienes espirituales, que se manifiestan por medio de Sus atributos, Eddy nos dice: "Que sólo seremos capaces de sanar si estamos guiados por Dios" porque de otra manera la sanación es un remedo de la sanación verdadera que principalmente se refiere a sanar la moral que era según entiendo lo que hacía Cristojesús e ineludiblemente se manifesta en el cuerpo, y si se mantiene limpio el pensamiento se mantiene limpio el cuerpo.
    "Y esta es la confianza que tenemos en él, que si pedimos alguna cosa conforme a su voluntad, él nos oye" 1ª de Juan, y plenamente se cumple el dicho de que pedir y recibir es la misma cosa.

    Muchas gracias Mary, siento que el idioma no es una barrera porque cuando escucho otro idioma trato de sentir el mensaje en vez de oírlo, entiendo que no siempre lo logro, pero siempre lo procuro y eso lo hace posible, Sí Mary son infinitas las posibilidades Divinas y es grato recordarlo cada día.

  25. Thank you, Mary, for this sweet reminder of infinite possibilities -- our daily reality as God's child.

    "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." (Science and Health, vii:1)

  26. Infinite – there is a word that inspires me every time! How can we put a lock down on present good, or even pine over past good, when we are willing to gain some grasp of God (meaning good) being infinite? Where does infinite end?

    It seems our sense of good must expand, yes, even from the perfect birthday party. Did Jesus have his best day ever when he ascended? Infinite possibilities.

    Thank you so much for a rousing lift Mary!

  27. This Lift has felt so encouraging, thank you Mary.
    Since hearing it, I have been more actively looking to see the good, and Yes, it's all around.
    How good is that!

  28. Muchas gracias!
    El continuo cuidado de la Iglesia Madre por la humanidad, se refleja ahora en estos mensajes maravillosos que diariamente son expresados a travez del Daily Lift.
    Es una de las oportunidades infinitas de Dios para curar a sus hijos.
    Tambien gracias a quienes colaboran con comentarios en Castellano!
    Es muy alentador saber que hoy mismo el Universo se abre para mi con todas las expresiones de Dios.
    El Bien infinito

  29. Wonderful! Yes! Thank you, Mary!

  30. Thank you, Mary, from lovely Australia! And Hello to all the Aussies! How much Good can I accept today? Can I open wide to the Infinite Possibilities? Where do I set my own limits and say, "this far and no farther..."?? As a dear spiritual teacher and leader once said, "When it gets too Good.......it gets Better!" Stretching to keep my thought wide open today to unlimited possibilities for Good! Thank you to all the Lifters for sharing your unlimited ideas with all of us!

  31. Infinite infinity infinitely. Yes! Have at it! The music is so supportive of the thought.
    Thanks to the BoL who saw infinite possibilities on the internet. Aren't we all glad for that vision infinite!

  32. To #22 Robert: Your reflection reminded me of how on one child's birthday my mother would always give a small gift to the other child as well (the one not having a birthday). I think this was wise, because it helped us to rejoice and participate wholeheartedly even when we weren't the "star." God does that, too. No matter what is going on in our experience, God has us in Her sight. God, our Real Mother, is infinite, so She is able (really!) to bless everyone all at once.

    Of course, this requires us to leave behind our own logic and material measures and pray: "Open thou mine eyes to see wondrous things out of Thy law." Then we're leaning "not on our own understanding" but increasingly relying on spiritual sense. I know I'm still "in progress" on feeling safe when it looks like others have opportunitites that seem lacking in my experience. Mother's Day (celebrated in the U.S. this Sunday) can seem difficult for various reasons. It helps me to understand that we all have a mother (God) and we cannot be deprived of the opportunity to be mothers to others, as we express nurturing, tender affection wherever we are and whoever we're with.

  33. Beautiful! Thank you Mary what a great way to start a new day - with infinite possibilities!

  34. Thank you so much, Marie. My mother used to stand on the front steps as we departed (however reluctantly) for school, urging us to "lift our gaze to the hills, and remember our possibilities are infinite!" She, who owned nothing, offered heartfelt encouragement to expect "infinite possibilities." And certainly, starting with one spiritual grain of understanding and enlightenment, we soon start understanding more, and expecting more progress as we challenge each false belief that tries to steer us to a material sense of life and good.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  35. Thanks Mary. Gracias Mary. Obrigada Mary. Sim, em Deus e com Deus temos infinitas possibilidades de progresso.

  36. Gracias Mary....

    Dios es increible!!!!.... porque te hace escuchar justo lo que necesitas... with God every needs have to be met!!!...

    Thank you so much Mary!!!

  37. Thank you.

  38. thx so much

  39. Infinite good! What a need for today--and every day! And we HAVE it, if we claim it!

  40. thank you.

  41. Thanks so much

    INFINITE possibilities!

  42. Thank you so much, Mary. Infinite Possibilities!!! My favortie subject!!! Why stop at THREE??? :-)

  43. Right On! When you start with gratitude, the infinite possibilities arise. I know that I am so grateful to have Christian Science in my life, and the infinite ways today to see and express that " joy" are bountiful. That you Mary for sharing the Truth to the world and for saying that humor is perspective.

    I have been laughing and laughing last night and this morning at error's ways. They have become absurd and comical. And my gratitude is it has no power to sway my belief that Christian Science is a healing religion.

  44. Thanks, Mary, for such a heart-warming and uplifting message.

  45. Thank you!

  46. I asked my 3-5 year old Sunday School pupils what they pray about during silent prayer. One little girl said: "I pray about getting married." I mentioned this to her mother after church and she said: "Well Bob, she's been a flower girl in three weddings." Then she added: "I think she prays about marrying her grandfather."

  47. Wonderful!!!
    And thanks to #43 for laughing at error's ways, very helpful, too!

  48. Thank you Mary for this wonderful Lift ! It seems like many people today are looking for a reason to hope! As the Bible teaches that Christ came that we may have life more abundantly..by our connection to Christ we can start out at the beginning of the day knowing that our glass is not half empty, but is more than half full and getting fuller! May your day be filled to running over with the blessings of infinite possibilities!xo

  49. Right on! Realizing infinite possibilities makes for looking forward to great days ahead. Thanks

  50. Hello, good morning and thank you Mary Beattie for that sweet lift. Life is filled with infinite possibilities. My life is reflected by the thought models I cherish. As I lift my thoughts to God. the possibilities become richer, fuller, more expansive. My stability and basis is God. That is my foundation. As I place my thoughts there, in Spirit, my life does respond. I have so much growth needed with the ones I cherish most, my own children and to bring greater order to my financial life. What would life be without concrete challenges? We would flounder and wallow without purpose. I am grateful for greater recognition of my responsibilities and the will or inspiration to tackle what needs to be accomplished. The more that I turn Spritward the more stability or strength I discover. Thank you for the encouragement of the Daily Lifts and the provision for the responses. Good day.

  51. It is very helpful to consider infinite possibilities. Thank you for the reminder and inspiring Lift. .

  52. Wonderful lift and so many practical responses from people just like me.

  53. Thank you Mary. The sense of foreclosed possibilities I was feeling early this morning received an impulse toward the light as I consider your Daily Lift.

  54. I am so blessed by this wonderful lift and grand comments. Thank you all.

  55. G'day...thanks Mary for the reminder that there are limitless possibilites to them that love God, that there is always a very present help in trouble...!

  56. I am so grateful for this lift. The reminder of infinite possibilities. Much needed at the moment and every moment.

  57. In talking with a Bible class, the idea of not being able to pray in public school came up. I had to laugh when someone said, as long as we have to take Algebra there will be prayer in school. I had to agree. Thank you all.

  58. What a happy reminder
    that EACH DAY brings
    infinite possibilities - in
    "God's Kingdom ALL is soooo JOYOUS! ...

  59. I love that "possibilities" are not wishes, hopes, desires or chance-based experience. As I understand it, the "infinite" is the divine provision, the already-present kingdom of heaven in which we as God's perfect creation are embraced, breathing only the pure atmosphere of Spirit. Thank you for reporting our shared permanent "three year old's" insight. Today, the only "now" is "the best ever." How grateful I am for the perspective Christian Science gives us.

  60. Thank you Mary!

  61. Thank you for the Mindful presentation of this essential aspect of Truth that we need to be aware of, to avoid being fooled into stagnation by the deceiving comfort of believing there's nothing better to reach for!!

  62. Wow; I love pondering this message. Thank you!!

  63. Thank you, sweet Mary! I love this lift today...just what I needed...and remembered!

  64. I forgot to add that my late mother, in her later years used to say to me whenever I went out the door, "go forth rejoicing." I now have a quote from Mary Baker Eddy on my door where I can see it every time I go out: "Thus it is we walk here below, and wait for the full appearing of Christ till the long night is past and the morning dawns on eternal day."
    Thank you.

  65. What a spiritually delicious uplift. Thank you so much.

  66. As with each LIft, today's offering has brought me joy and uplift, and the 64 comments posted so far have wrapped me in such a sweet sense of God's tender love.

    Nate, I agree with an earlier commenter that your voice today, had a particularly wonderful sense of joy in it. thank you.

    Troy, #18--you caught me by wonderful surprise with your observation that we never know who is watching us while we are in the middle of working out a healing. I love that.

    Malcolm #13, I don't think I have ever specifically thanked you for your unfailing dedication in bringing us inspiration from the hymnal, every time you post. I just completed a Wednesday evening Lesson on singing, so I am at the moment especially sensitive to the healing uplift we have available, via singing.

    Thank you, everyone, for your dear participation in these Lifts. The "world-wide-family" aspect of them means more to me than I can say.

  67. Thank you for reminding me of infinite good/God and all the good there is yet strive for!
    Wonderful day full of Love!

  68. In reading the responses to the idea of 'infinite possibilities' they feel like counter facts to the upheaval in Greece and France at the moment over government budgets and their in-built limitations. Australia's national budget has also just been announced and in the face of talk about 'winners and losers' it is good to get perspective and remember the infinite good that is always available - as people have consistently expressed in their comments. What a treasure to be united in this thought when events on the world stage are as they are. Thank you so much dear lifters for this unity!

  69. Just great! Thank you so much!

  70. Thank you for the uplift, Mary!

  71. Thank you Mary. This sends me along 2 threads. One, the many times I hear or read, "It doesn't get better than this!", or "How good can it get?" Lazy before, now I'll be more alert. The other thread relates to Christ Jesus' resurrection, which I've felt was the greatest thing since creation. This Lift reminds me Jesus said the works he did, believers could do also. He added we'd do greater works (John 14:12). Greater?? Jesus mean it, or wouldn't have said it. I've heard some interpret it means more in numbers, not by comparison. Either way doesn't limit expectation I should daily have,. This Lift reminds me God isn't limited by that wonderful event. Each day, any time study or thought touches on the resurrection, I'll think of Jesus, and think still higher of his Source, to open thought to infinite possibilities. Because of this topic, I can't rule myself out of reaching that high, but even if I don't, it's wonderfully awesome to know the possibility, and eventual probability that such a level of demonstration, one beyond imagination, will occur. I can't do advanced math, but it's great it is there for those who can. That pales in comparison to this Lift suggesting wondrous things we'll do and behold, and MORE! It isn't just something wondrous will happen someday in the future, but each day I should expect infinite possibilities for little things and for those on a grander scale. Thanks to all. #'s 11,13,18,22,24,28,30,32,34, & 57, had special meaning for me!

  72. I really appreciated that. We can get that moment of divine consciousness today.

  73. Thank you Mary. So beautiful, and all of the thoughts shared.

  74. i love it - such a profound yet simple lesson -Thank you Mary!!

  75. Thank you very cute!

  76. Hi to Mary and all the great lifters. When my first child was about three, she loved to role play being characters. Imagine the charm of her coming into the room where my elderly grandmother was sitting, doing some knitting, and saying to her in a cheery voice, "now, Nani, you be the baby and I will be the mother." Considering that Nani was nearing being a century old, this was a delightful, innocent expression of infinite possibilties!

  77. Thank you, lovely lift!

  78. Thank you Mary. In Christian Science I have learned to accept infinite possibilities each day which is the opposite of mortal mind, so called, that says as we age, possibilites are less and less. With this Truth each morning I can look forward to what God, Truth has in store for me. Each morning the first thing I do is pray "let this Mind be in me that was also in Christ Jesus." Thanks, again

  79. Thanks Mary, for the nice message

  80. My Father was not a religious man but he made an interesting observation. "Why did it take man thousands of years to find Technology expressed in better travel, better communication, higher levels of thinking? At the time of my father's question, I was only 8 or 9 years old. It just came to me, just now, today, May 16, 2012. Today's technology came during Mary Baker Eddy's life, especially her discovery of Christian Science which freed man from limited thinking and allowing man's thoughts to soar to "Infinite Possibilitities" as this Daily Lift brings out.

  81. Thank you.

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